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Sat Aug 25 2018, 19:52 by Anaya

OOC Only Alliance Agreement for The Iron Dynasty

  1. All alliances are to be respectful to one another no matter what happens to the other party. If bad blood is made there will be a court with a non-bias judge ruling over the acts, this judge must be of a third is not biased and will not pick sides. DeLaRose will not involve themselves in affairs that do not affect them. UNLESS asked to be involved.  

  2. You as an alliance here …

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Xaei and Relo's Side Story [ 18+ caution ]

Sat Jun 09 2018, 13:39 by EchoPandemonius

Silencie: Xaei sighed heavily as she scrubbed the floor with a rough sponge and bucket of soap, reaching her hand she rubbed the back of her hand against her brow. "You missed a spot!" The cook screamed, punching his fist into a bowl of dough, making flour puff up into the air and land around the floor. Xaei snarled quietly, but said nothing, the dragoness couldn't afford to show her true nature. So, she continued on with her job and was dismissed sometime later, the sun was set and …

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Goodnight Rage

Thu Jan 04 2018, 18:21 by Zidourn

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Rage followed the the singular direction given to him. It took him just over a day’s journey to reach a massive arena like dome. A single entrance before him with massive golden runes above the archway. The path hazy as if looking through a curtain of water. He took a deep breath and pushed his way in to see someone sitting on the other end in a large stone throne. Once inside the archway collapsed leaving no escape. Despite having no …

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From Within the Mind

Fri Nov 03 2017, 19:24 by Zidourn

Rage sat in silence as his mind focused itself on his purpose. As the runes of his body began to shift to allow his body to heal, his mind found a way to occupy the spirit of the warrior. He began to question the bindings on his hands and wrist. Why were they present, he knew he did not always have them, but when did he put them on. Why could he not remove or destroy them? His mind raced backwards of his life.

First he saw himself as a mere child, his arms free and his runes still …

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Black House and Church Incident

Fri May 12 2017, 22:10 by Darkvoidoflight

The following is an excerpt of the great magi of the white cloud, formerly known as the sage of white cloud, as such many of the writings are out of date but give a detailed look into the Dragon Oath Keepers who were both banished by the Oligarchy.
A grey elf’s life was bound by many tenants and regulations, their taboos could mean certain death for even minor offences and every day it became harder and harder to figure out what exactly was the point of said society. The Matriarchy …

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