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OOC black list

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1 OOC black list on Sat Aug 10 2013, 15:20


Ooc Role plays we do not associate with

What is a black list and why do we have it?
what is it? A blacklist (or black list) is a list or register of entities or people who, for one reason or another, are being denied a particular privilege, service, mobility, access or recognition. As a verb, to blacklist can mean to deny someone work in a particular field, or to ostracize a person from a certain social circle.

Why do we have it? we have a black list not to ban or flame others, but to simply inform others inside of this role play who the admin and this role play will not allow to be valid due to past problem, current problems, or simply they bring problems with them that are not wanted around and it is better to not have them to avoid said problems or make more. this black list is not to be mean or cruel to players as everyone reading it now can take it as they see fit, you are not informed to block, bash or hate on any player or group listed here, just are informed that the players or groups listed here are not welcome in the DeLaRose role play as a whole, if you do not wish them as friends to avoid problems your self that is fully up to you and you alone.



EmpIvanVonVinditus / Bellphegore – and anything to do with Nex Messor or his Role play

VampingWolf and anything to do with there light to med role play - Ran by SamaraOpaVampinWolf 

Shadow Empire or anything to do with SE or SE1.

DragonHawk or anything to do with it – we just don’t deal with the people here

Truth Family – Will not deal with meta-gamers and bashes, rulers Jilly Truth and Ares Truth

BloodLust - Will not deal with a light rp family that is only meta ruled. also will meta kill you if they find out you are linked to DeLaRose

Dayas Vampire Lair

DeathWynds – Ruled by MelodyDeathWynd - will NOT deal with any DeathWynd simple as that no being pulled into that never ending drama

Gray Family/Trinity Blood - Ran by HGESebastianGray & HGEWonroseGray ((Anyone found in their rooms will be talked to and can end up in IMMEDIATLY blocking/kick))

Deadly Assassin Clan - Ran by DanaliethJoeHunter – sometimes a past needs to stay in the past

People we don’t deal with OOC and are not allowed in the role play IC

or Magnus as we once new him
Bellphegore is with Ivan will not deal with delinquents
ContortedNightmares or cyan/Verita/Gem as we once new her
(she also has the account FrozenGuardian)
SykoWolf, Razhul, MiaRelentless - all the same woman just to much drama and stress to handle
ArchangelUriel89 - control freak and tried to take over the role play
GHEmpLeoStormDragon - Stalks girls from Canada, and is a harasser.
AzraelDarkOrder - or anything to do with the Dark Order, JUST NO if you are found in the Dark order you will be talk to and can end up in you being banned and kicked with very little questions asked. he randomly invites people via spam email do not take this email or it may cost you your DLR or linked role play.

If you have any ooc names to add to this list feel free to place them under in a comment.


-Edited to place changed names in the lists, have to always keep it up to date lol if you wish any info on why the players listed here are on the black list of who we do not deal with please come to the admin(Anaya) and she will help you.-

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2 Re: OOC black list on Thu Dec 26 2013, 21:35


New names we don't associate with

The Osiris family ruled by HighEmpLordOsiris
Venture family and role play, as well as the Venture vampire race, ruled and created by DayVenture
BlackWolf Clan ruled by XJadeBlackWolfX
Pallas Role play group ran by HiGoddesElunaPallas

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3 Re: OOC black list on Mon Jul 14 2014, 12:46


Lyric Fayth has bin removed from the black list of DeLaRose, lets let the past rest and give our second chances. thank you all for understanding.

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4 Re: OOC black list on Sat Mar 28 2015, 02:59

i read and understood whos on the blacklist

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5 Re: OOC black list on Tue Jul 28 2015, 04:35

Read and understood

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6 Dayas Vampire Lair on Wed Mar 29 2017, 06:52

I suppose it is high time I explained why an RP that bears my name is on the black list. It comes from a time when I was a noob RPer, I made the mistake of having someone in that Lair and close to me I never should have. This same person we shall leave nameless lied to both myself and Anaya, playing us one against the other. In the end I had closed my Lair and both myself and Anaya had realized the deception and had become friends and allies.
For sentimental reasons I asked Anaya to leave 'Dayas Vampire Lair' on the black list as it is the last reference from that time that the Lair ever existed. That RP room meant a lot to many people and I still have friends from that Lair. When I saw it listed there, I didn't have the heart to see it removed and so it has come to pass that ironically it is Iron that carries on the name and final reminder of the Lair in this fashion.

Daya Autum

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7 Re: OOC black list on Tue May 02 2017, 11:18


Lyric has been readded to the blacklist a while ago, as well as
-IsisRainValke she runs Valke rp
-anything to do with Dark order, and all accounts to do with Dark Order

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