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Magena Channing -Rpc not in DeLaRose just a bio i made-

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Magena Channing Biogrophy

Full Name:  Magena Channing
Shortname/Nickname:  Mag
Age: 424
Age appearing: 32
Status: Queen, but mostly plays more a Fighter and Guardian.
Occupation: Guardian and side ruler, Governs the area, keeps the peace and lays out the Law.
Race: Lycanthop
Embrace: Lycanthropy
Elements: Earth
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Married to Kane
Current Marital Status: Married to Kane


Allignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: None stopped worshipping gods when the moon exploded.
Allies: Wolves and Forest dwellers
Enemies: the Fay

Father: unknown
Mother: unknown
Siblings: none
Children: none
Spouse: Kane

-Physical Description-
Height: 5 foot 6
Weight: 175
Eye Color: Yellow

Hair Color: Long black hair
Distinguishing Marks: A large scar over the outside of her left upper leg


Human Self: Mag is kinda tall not overly tall but taller then most, she has long back lanth black hair and light tan skin, her torso and chest are nicely worked as she spends alot of her time runing as that is what she truly enjoys. her butok and legs as also lightly formed as the runing is a wonderful work out for her hole body. most of the time she has one a dress or armor, or when out in the forest area she enjoys paiting her face with crushed dirts and fruits along with roots and water to add texture and for color then putting on greens and browns as well as her leaf outfit made of large sun leafs and tree bark and vine to hold it all together.

Wolf Self: In her Wolf shifted form she can walk on all fours or stand on two as a biped or quadraped. she holds a black coat with a single white right paw, her hair for her coat is long and waves so when running it looks like she has a long mane flowing down her back all the way to her tail. in full wolf form she stands a wooping 17 feet at the shoulder and 30 feet long with her tail.

The shift, to change from one to the other.

-Other Traits-

Phobias/Fears: fear of drowning and water that you cant see the bottom
Likes/Obsessions: likes licking the inside of tires for unknown reason, will go crazy for strawberry s, likes mountain dew
Dislikes/Peeves: Annoying people, people that don't do as told, stupidity, arrogance and a over-sized ego.
Common Spoken Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, wolf, can talk to animals.
Uncommon Spoken Languages: Drow, Elvish, Dwarvish, Draconic,  anything other then listed over head.

Physical: shape-shifting into biped wolf and quadraped wolf, advanced power, advanced speed, advanced senses, good with hand to hand combat.
Mental: none, only a physical fighter.
Spiritual: no magic powers
Auras: Aura of fear

Weapons/Armor: claws, scale armor she stole from a red dragon back when she was only a pup, two small daggers of holy on her back she has on her body at all times.

Personality: charming, simply to get along with in human form but once angered the yellow eyes get brighter and her anger simply takes over showing a side of her persona that most do not live to tell about, the wolf side is not like the human side, it is out going, bitchy, argumentative, hate filled as the human side is calm , relaxing , soft spoken, and nice as well as peaceful.


overly hard bones so it is hard for her to break bones, draconic scale armor when she puts it on, as well as bonr speed she also uses as a get away defense.

Getting head cut off
Not breathing

Lycanthrop aka Werewolf

Character History:
-to come-

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