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Lets Give Her A Reason.

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1 Lets Give Her A Reason. on Sun Jan 05 2014, 17:45


I dunno if this spot is new or something, but I'm  surprised no one has made a post here yet. Though this account on here is new, I have been on this Forum since it was first made by Anaya, and I must say she has really made this place snazzy.

She has done a great job on the layout, and the forum itself. I feel bad that it took until now for me to get a wake up call and start making posts on here. I have fun Roleplaying with all of you that I have had the pleasure to meet, and I hope soon this place starts to grow back to where it was, but that everyone begins to post. Anaya, and even all of us, need this. A place to go outside of IMVU, for those that RP on there, and to not worry about all of the bullshit.

I don't know how many of you have done Forum RP before now, but I promise you once they start up they're addictive to stay in. The new start has begun, and so let's give the owner of this Forum a reason to even stay on her computer. We all are serious RPers, so lets begin showing how serious we all are. Making fun posts is great an all, but sharing our RPers, and playing here is great as well.

Good work, Anaya and to everyone that has been doing their jobs on here (Isis and Justin in particular alongside Anaya of course.)


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2 Re: Lets Give Her A Reason. on Sun Jan 05 2014, 22:25


i thank you very much Yushi for all you have said and your kind and thoughtful heart. over the time i have bin rping on imvu it has bin hard to deal with everything there, so yes i made thie page for the mass of our group to post on a simple way to get away from the imvu crap and get on with our role play lives and have fun in this pastime that is text bassed role play. i have bin gifted the wonder of meeting you as well as the others in this role play and some outside of it that have bin a blessing to myself and our group.

i thank you all for posting here as it brings a smile to my face to see every letter on the screen and every work of art you all submit. i want to have this place grow, and tonight i will be starting my work on the frozen role play setting and story line starter, so cant wait to have that up and running.

thank you all again


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3 Re: Lets Give Her A Reason. on Sat Mar 28 2015, 19:57

I wish I'd been around for the Frozen setting. To be honest it seemed like an interesting concept. Regardless, the site and overall crispness of this forum is awesome, I know you've put a lot of time and energy into it, and I hope you can only add to it in the coming months with the regrowth of the Empire and story :3 - Luna

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