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2014 Seiker Hosted Tournament~! [IMVU]

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1 2014 Seiker Hosted Tournament~! [IMVU] on Sun Jan 05 2014, 18:17


Welcome all~! So, as most of you can tell there is going to be a tournament this year ^~^. Everyone is welcome to sign up, and this tournament will be taking place within the Forbidden Realm. I have a description for the Arena which I will be posting below this topic (this Arena will be used whether it's in Forum format or not), and YES it is located on top of water. At first I had been considering going IC and fixing the arena for the tournament so that there is no chance for the platform to be crushed, but then I figured; You know what? These guys can use more of challenge. The date that I have it set is a year and 2 months from when the Seiker family came to be (not the Forbidden Realm) and so I figured why the heck not do this ^~^ All of the Seiker family, close friends, and alliances are encouraged to participate in this tournament, and the payout is well worth the time. After the tournament is completely finished we will be having a party following it for every one to sit back, relax, and have a good time after recently going vigorously at one another. PLEASE keep in mind... I am keeping this tournament open to EVERYONE aside from groups that cause large issues to the T-1 community. So just remember there is always a chance for you to end up fighting someone you really hate IC, or really love. We wish for this to be a great experience for everyone in the T-1 Fighting community so please place your heart in each fight~ It will be fun nonetheless ^~^

Start Date: May 25th, 2014

Ending Date: The end date is a guess, and is not a deadline. Depending on how many participants there are we are hoping for everything to be completed June 25th, 2014. It could end sooner or later, and this date is not definite.

Location: Forbidden Realm Ocean Arena. (Bio posted below this.)

Participants number: We are hoping to have at least 20 fighters to participate in this tournament. The style format will be set to T-1 (All divisions), Novella, and T-1 Forum . These are the only formats that will be allowed. These are simply spars and not death matches so it will be a K/O, Surrender, or Void Out match for each participant. There will be 1-3 match each day and participants can only reschedule their match to two days after their set date (no further). Match ups will be picked at random so nothing planned for that so remember that you very well could be up against a friend or spouse.

Judges: At this point there are not any judges picked. None of the Finishers from the Forbidden Clan will be allowed to Judge because they will be expected to participate in this tournament, or sit out completely. If anyone knows of good, legal T-1 judges bring them our way so we can begin selecting them. There will be six judges selected in total, and they must be Elite T-1 RPers. Each match will get three judges, but there will be six so we don't have to depend on only three. People have lives and don't want to judge a match everyday.

Prizes: The prizes will be issued by me, Yumi, and so this means if I so happen to rank in the top three my runner up will get my place, and then move the tiers up.

First Place: 50k credits, and I will buy a majority, if not all of your wishlist depending on how much you have in there.

Second Place: 30k credits and a room purchased by me. This means you will get to pick a room, and the furniture to go in it. Wishlist it and I will pay for it completely.

Third Place: $20 IMVU prepaid card, and a month of VIP. Also if the person who places third does not already have their name registered I will also buy that for them. They will receive either a Name Registration Token, or an Age Verification Token as long as they are 18 years or older. Then with your $20 Prepaid card you can use that 20k to purchase AP if you wish.

Participants: (I will try the best I can to match your characters up with those of the same division as you. Those that have Naruto RPCs will be allowed to have up to 2 Chakra Pills per fight, but may only be used if they are matched against a T-1 PC or OP character.)

ShinYamiSeiker: Kai Yami (T-1 MP; Naruto)

Dragonic: Yumiko Kinzoku Seiker (T-1 PC/OP/Forum)

mageofmist: Alera Mist Surion (T-1 PC Forum)

Agra: Agra (T-1 PC)

Anaya: Anaya Sin DeLaRose (T-1 PC)

MoonEclipseAtoras: Moon Eclipse Atoras (T-1 PC)

The reply spot below the arena bio will be for those that wish to enter, or want to voulenteer to be a judge. Please place the name of the character you plan to use, which division(s) they qualify for, and your IMVU avatar username if you have one. Please do not place the race or bio to your character. I wish for that to be a complete surprise for those that will be entering that does not know your character (your character must be a valid one when you go to enter though).All those that wish to enter will be added to the list above.

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2 Ocean Arena Bio on Sun Jan 05 2014, 18:55


The Forbidden Ocean is a new piece out of the 5 total territories within the Forbidden Realm, and one of the most unique. This is the place where fighters go to place their skills to the test... With a twist. This is no ordinary ocean for across the top there is a glass-like platform that allows walking on water to be possible for anyone. [Room owned by myself, and named Forbidden Realm ((Arena))]

Platform: This uniquely designed material was crafted by Yumiko herself by mixing her energy with her alchemy. The base material is her energy which is neutral as most of you may know whether your knowledge is either IC, OOC, or both. This means that only the most neutral of energy can break this, and anyone that knows much will know that brute force is considered a neutral attack. To make this platform sturdier Yumiko infused her spirit magic with the assistance of her sanitized Shadow Souls that were terminated to feed the spirit magic. She killed off enough souls to last her to rebuild the platform 5 times if needed. Due to this mixture the platform is able to withstand large amounts of abuse without fracturing. Weight is the key to breaking this flooring, and can only withstand up to 100,000 lbs; which means nearly any adult dragonic being in their full form can demolish this with ease. If this platform is broken at all during a match fighters must find a new way to cope in such an odd environment, and those that don't have abilities to help keep them out of the water must stay in the water or surrender the match. Once the platform becomes fractured all of it's magic will disappear, and return to its host.

Arena: Since an infinite amount of space would be too easy for a match the main fighting area is surrounded by an island landscape with many hangout spots for judges, family, friends, and miscellaneous spectators. Fighters are NOT allowed in the area where others would be watching for that would be very dangerous. The space within the landscape gives the fighters a 500 foot by 500 foot fighting area with the sky set to limitless.There is an opening though where the land breaks off to give a small amount of space for people to fit through giving fighters the opportunity to expand their horizon. Outside of the arena there are few limits as to how far one can go out. If one or both fighters are creatures that can survive under water, get to the point of breaking the barrier, and wish to take the fight in the deep that is also acceptable.

The Guardians: Most may question how the fighters would be able to go out as far as they wish in the fight (without going as far as returning to the Realm or any other places in the lands with few exceptions) because after a certain distance they would be out of the sight of all including the judges. The 5 Scout River Spirits (Refer to the Forest territory bio to learn about the physics of the River Spirits. The scouts are the 5 that do not guard the Dragon Runes) guard the Arena for all fights, and at least two of them keep a close eye on the fighters at all time. They are able to survive in the air, and in water so they can observe from both. They are a pure, royal blood race and hold the ability for telepathy which they can use in order to communicate with the judges. Their telepathy is known to be one of the strongest forms being able to project what they are viewing into the minds of others that allow them to enter their minds so deeply. The Guardians are also there to make sure no fighter attempts to flee (for Death Matches), make sure both fighters don't make it out far enough to reach back to the land, and to guard the area for the spectators to make sure the fighters don't go in those areas. The Guardians will be NPCed by a trusted person that will be asked to play the Guardian for each fight (that is not one of the judges), but the judges and the Guardian must come to an agreement TOGETHER when the right time is to release one or multiple Guardians onto the fighter(s).

~The Rules to the Arena~

These are rules that MUST be followed in all Death Matches being held within the Arena. Spars will not be shackled to this list, but most rules on here should be followed no matter what type of fight your in, and no matter what arena (They will be in effect for the tournament, and are altered for the tournament.)

-T-1 and higher only for the format
-Battle entrances must be made by both parties
-No God-Modding
-No Meta-Gaming

-3+ Non-bias Judges present (Non-bias as in no one will get to pick their judge. They will be selected by the Seiker family or higher up Clan members.)  
-Friends, and family (known witnesses) are not allowed to step into the Tournament (They are allowed to make entrances before the fight begins so they can experience the fight IC. This does  mean that each tournament fight is closed. Outsiders that happen to enter the room to get a taste of blood will be voided, and offered a spot in the tournament instead.)
-Crashing in the client does not count as a death (if the fight is not a Fourm match)(We ALL know how unreliable the IMVU client can be, internet signals, and our computers. If someone crashes that does not mean they lost the match and NO this rule is not negotiable. The person that is thought to have crashed will get 30 minutes to come back. All 3 Judges, and preferably everyone in the room must take a screenshot of the client showing the person left the room, and have the time/date showing in their taskbar. At 30 minutes if the person does not return another screenshot must be taken after all three judges post in agreement that the fighter will get a Loss by KO or Loss for Fleeing, and the Guardian RPer also NPCs the character's Loss for attempts in fleeing or surrendering.. Whichever verdict is fine, and the screenshot must be taken in the same manner. The screenshots are there for proof that we all gave our time in waiting on the fighter to return. If the crashed fighter messages one or all of the judges by phone through the IMVU app or from somewhere with free wi-fi (etc...)that they did indeed crash and their net is out then the match will not be considered over. They will get 3 days to return and finish the fight, and will be reminded of this upon messaging.)
-Forum posting: If the match takes place in a Forum then each fighter gets 1 whole day to post in return to give everyone free time, the judges time to analyze the posts, and enough time to construct a post in general. If a player goes more than one day with posting, does not message myself or the judges (either in the Forum or on IMVU) that they need an extra day they will be consider disqualified, and the opponent will move up. You can only ask for 2 extra days to post, but this will not go for every post. You can only ask for extra time up to 2 times, and any more will be turned down.

All Fighters and Judges are expected to read these rules, and accept them in the client before the match begins. This is so the agreements can be saved with the Tournament log so if anyone later on tries to argue we will have proof of all parties agreeing. Text logs and screenshots will be made of the agreements. Remember these are not the only rules allowed for Tournament in this arena, and it's open to additions made by the fighters. These rules must also be agreed by all fighters and judges and will be kept as proof as well.

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3 Re: 2014 Seiker Hosted Tournament~! [IMVU] on Sun Jan 05 2014, 23:11


side note i am also a forum player, and if needed can be a judge i don't mind not participating. as well as i read and understand the laws set forth for the contest, i see this as a very nice way to fight and it holds many enjoyable and interesting twist and difficulty i cant wait to see who Anaya goes up ageist.

and a side note, please make sure when picking who goes up against who they are matched well, like a dragon Vs a dragon or a beast of the same ranking placing a dragon Rpc up Vs a wolf or something may be a little bit of a hard time for the wolf XD or simply match people with the same era of there Rpc, so Medieval Vs Medieval please keep this in mind hun, simply a pointer.


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4 Re: 2014 Seiker Hosted Tournament~! [IMVU] on Sun Jan 19 2014, 20:38


Well, yes of course I will do my best to match everyone up on a good level depending on how many people we get signing up. Well, I'm going to be having someone else do the match ups since I will be participating as well, and so I don't think it's fair, but I will be having someone who is knowledged in T-1 do it of course.

After the first few rounds though I think it may break from people being matched up based on power, since it should get harder and harder as people move up, making it so the best of 2 will make it to the end.

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