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What is Raw Logging? (not dirty cus we all know you thought that way)

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We all know you are going to giggle when I say it so get it out of the way right now first, Raw logging, to want to Raw Log, to need to past a Raw Log and to have no choice but to past a Raw Log. ok now that you are done giggling lets start.

So I was asked a couple days ago what a Raw Log is and what is Raw Logging? and the best part was what came after and I am not kidding with what he said.
MalePlayer: "Anaya what is a Raw Log and what is Raw Logging, I think it is something sexual and with Fruit, and I really like fruit so I agreed to it with no questions asked"
ok this is not a joke I laughed my ass off when I was told this so I had to say it here and have to open up a part for all to see for i do place Raw Logs on this group page so I thought well people should not agree to this for they think it is something to do with sex and fruit so I made this topic.

Raw Definition
Unprocessed. The term refers to data that is passed along to an I/O device without being interpreted. In contrast, cooked refers to data that is processed before being passed to the I/O device

And a Log is well we know a chat log we place in from imvu or another chat or talking program that holds accounts and more than one player, Example

player 1: ((We do not have a crest as yet. Just a picture I use for our HP. Will that be acceptable?))
player 2: ((that will be fine, just change it when the time comes up, and oh when the light rp alliance form gets typed up I will inform you, we hold different rules for light rps that come into our rooms ))
player 2: ((if you want i can explain them))
player 1: ((I think I signed correctly lol))
player 2: ((i will see, would you like me to tell the light role play difference and rules for alliance members?))
player 1: ((It would be interesting to hear))

this would be a Log and it is also a Raw Log so it had no changes at all in it, there has bin no type, grammar, order, or anything added or taken away from it, each plater tells what their words are one after another and it just goes on. this is a raw log so I hope I gave a tad bit of light on it so it is not shocking when you read RAW LOG and think it has something to do with taboo things or anything to do with fruit.


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ROFL i just had to laugh at the beginning thing but thanks for explaining it

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3 -Nods- on Mon Mar 30 2015, 22:20

Thanks for explaining that and making it clear.. I had to laugh at the beginning too

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