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Rant On Gorean Role Play on IMVU

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1 Rant On Gorean Role Play on IMVU on Tue Apr 15 2014, 18:25


So i am having a rant moment, and this rant moment is to cover 2 things that grind my gears on imvu.

First thing like it is have to be one of the worst thing in my books and i noticed from a pulse a friend of mine put up about it and wow was i upset about what i saw, like really are people becoming so stupid, i swear to god he is getting evolution backwards with some groups.  Ok so this point here was about Gorean role play on imvu, it is failing HORRABLEY like to the point you want to vomit at it from just walking in the doors. So lets cover what Gorean is

Beauty in Binding.

Gor is based on a fantasy world where laws are made and broken with the sword, honor is held higher than one's own life and when a man desires a woman, he claims her, and quite usually enslaves her as his property.   Let is suffice to say that if you are a man, and playing a Free Man of Gor, you are expected to act like a Gorean Man, confident and strong.   Unafraid to take a woman by the hair, strip her clothes off, a collar on her neck and call her your slave.  If you are a woman staring your role-play as a Free Woman or a slave, you can expect that if you aren't careful a Man will do exactly that to you in the scope of his role-play, and then you are expected to behave as his slave in every way while in the chat room.  Gorean role play groups hold the book to be high and valued, one must read the books or know the basic  concept of them to be a valid and good knowing part of the role play. Some things like honour, respect and care are set forth and held higher then ones life, most Gorean men only have 4 or so kijira (slaves) to his name and to his collar, he does this to keep his knowing of each one and keep them individual and care for each of them as they are his prize possessions.
That said, it should be blazingly clear by now that Gorean Role-play is not for minors.  This is an adult theme and adult role-play in every aspect.   It is not uncommon to see graphic language and actions within a Gorean role-play room.   If you are offended by explicit scenes of violent or sexual nature, then this isn't the kind of chat room you should be in.  
Gorean Quotes =

"It is one thing to own a woman, and it is another to have her within the bonds of an excellent mastery." 

Page 465 - Magicians of Gor 

"The Goreans, often so cruel to one another, tend to have an affection for wildlife and growing things, which they regard as free, and thereby deserving of great respect." 

Page 238 - Captive of Gor 

"The Perfect Bondage" is said to be one man and one woman, the complete master and the complete slave, ideal and perfect for each other's needs." 

Page 442 - Slave Girl of Gor 

"Goreans care for their world. They love the sky, the plains, the sea, the rain in the summer, the snow in the winter. They will sometimes stand and watch clouds. The movement of grass in the wind is very beautiful to them. More than one Gorean poet has sung of the leaf of a Tur tree. I have known warriors who cared for the beauty of small flowers." 

Page 119 - Hunters of Gor 

Ok so now that that is nicely covered, in this you can get an idea of what and how the Gorean world is to be ruled, then why has imvu role play forgotten this so very badly. Yes Gor is about slaving woman, it is about collaring them and making them your own but is that the whole of it? Is that the spot that you can say well that is the end i have done it all now? NO  Gor is about so much more then so many forget, it is about life, nature loving what you have even if it is just an object, for a man it is to be a man to be strong and prideful to be powerful against your fellow man, to share salt with others and to be brothers in arms, it is about war and victory about honour and festive feasts of grandeur, it is about so much more then fucking the first whore you see dressed in silks.

Gor on imvu has forgotten this, forgotten its very roots to be Gorean, and forgotten how to hold respect and be a man among men, so what is Gorean role play on imvu you ask, well here is the sum of it. Gorean role play on imvu is simple, have as many woman you have just so you can fuck them and have them, they dont do combat of any kind, there is no fights, there is no feasts and fun for the kijira (Gorean world for slave girl) no dances and no enjoyment for them other then to wait around at masters knee and beg to be boned. So what about combat on imvu for Gor? Well they do one thing -walks up slits Persons As neck walks away- -boots person A from the room- <---- now how in the hell is that fighting of any kind let alone honourable, all you did was prevent person A for doing anything and then kicked them before they could stand up for there self. In my own eyes this is sad for anything to do with combat of any kind, most Gorean role players on imvu dont know the fun they could have, they don't know the words linked to Gor and they dont know anything that they can do in Gor, what are some of the things they forget?

-Hook and knife contest for slaves
-Panther slave
-Dance contests for slaves
-get togethers
-home stone
-the world of Gor DOES have ice in it
-the animals of Gor and the ones you CAN tame and ride, Bosk it is a cow you eat it, Giani  small panther like animal, Kaiila this is a very large animal that eats people they come in many types and are all over the world of Gor,Tarn you can tame this large bird and fly it, Tharlarion  this is my fav thing in Gor it is a giant lizard you can tame and ride like having a flipping dinosaur you can get to eat people with MANY Gorean role play groups on imvu have no idea what this is.
-Food and drink named, bosk, Larma juice, Black whine, Bazi Tea ,Arctic Gant Eggs   Black Bread  , Bond-Maid Gruel  ,Falarian Wine, Ka-la-na, i no joke went to a place were they did not know Gor had butter, so much more.
-and there is SO MUCH MORE so many people dont know about.

So imvu Gorean role play is this the end of its twisted and tormented suffering dimise to the crap heap, NOPE on there is more and more and more crap it has like i have not even gotten to the peek of the ice burg yet.

So men on imvu Gorean role play groups, what they want out of it, as said over head they want sex lots and lots of pixel cyber sex, the best way to put this is to quote a man i will not name -cough- AkNaKon -cough- with this line “I only keep females on my friends list who I want to fuck, own or both.” <---- ewwww and how is that honourable in anyway. So that makes it clear on what that guy wants but you say well that is only one guy how can you judge a whole group due to one guy? Well trust me if you will but i have seen it all first hand if i had not seen it all first hand i would not have this much crap to type about on it.  3 quarters of Gorean men want this, and it does not always stop at Ic or in role play sex, i went to a Gorean role play room NO JOKE that asked me for my skype so they could add it, AS WELL as give it to ANY master that found interest in me, and they said that if i was hot in the real world (witch i am just saying XD) i would get more masters interested in me. And i asked just for the fun of it ”why?” and what did i get back NO JOKING HERE “so they can have sex with you on cam of coarse, if you are lucky you can find one in your area and they can come see you” like OMG really!?!?! why in the hell would i want a random ass stranger online coming to my home to have sex with me or like even if it is online like really i am playing a role play and in that word is the word ROLE i am playing a role, the people here have no idea if i am a man, if i have kids, if i have a man in real they know nothing about me and they want my skype to see how hot i am so they can get people to cam fuck me? Like wooooow paedophile alert stranger danger moment.

So ya that really does happen in Gorean role play, and i have not even gotten to the Gorean girl faults in it yet.

Ok so what do the slave girls want, well to be a slave girl you are well a slave, what you SOULD want is the story line the respect and the care and love and the sex yes you should want it but want all the other things in it as well, and over all you should want the ART of typing. To be able to type out a serve of a meal or type out a dance to make another player want to see more, to make them have a jaw drop moment and to make every move you give graceful and blissful. But what do they want, sex, that is it. Most woman in the world have a single fantasy, to be raped, hard cored 3 to 5 men gang banged with no say in what to do or what hole it is going in, even if your woman will not admit it she had thought about it it is true. Soooo with role play you can get this without being really gang banged or beaten to an inch of your life or taking any of the mental and physical pain and stress and scaring it does give, so they want it and in Gor they can get it. And sadly in most Gorean rps on imvu the text skill you have to have is this -humps to match yous- mmmmm you do good sex mastr <----most of the time they even spell words wrong and that sentence is not grammatically correct at all. Ok so that about covers womans wants for there is only ever one thing they want, sex that is the one and very true reason a woman wants to be a slave, to be bound gagged, pined down, striped collared and banged like no tomorrow, doggy style on a bed of furs, like hell i am a woman and i want that sometimes but i am not going to do rp JUST to have it lol

so i guess i am going to make this Rant about one thing, for to be truthful the next topic is just as long. And i dont want to type any more so know here and now my next rant is about people who rp hit people and dont give any room for them to hit back AUTO HIT and KILLING, will be the next rant so stay tooned for Anayas rants they always make me giggle like a school girl so i hope they do the same for you.

Gor is made to be a beautiful Art form, stop forgetting about that IMVU

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