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Rant on Ladybugs

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1 Rant on Ladybugs on Sat May 03 2014, 21:25



My Rant, well today I have a good one, and god does it make me angry like crazy level angery, and it has NOTHING to do with imvu, games, or anything with the internet or interwebs, this is a real world problem that HAS TO STOP in my life or I am duck tapeing my home and it will never happen again. Sooo the problem is LADYBUGS!! yes you can read right the problum I am having is flipping lady bugs well better but asian beetles that look like lady bugs but are a lighter shade of orange.

Ok so lets break this down a bit to what they really are asian beetles or Harmonia axyridis is a large coccinellid beetle. Its colour ranges from yellow-orange to black, and the number of spots between none and 22. It is native to eastern Asia, but has been artificially introduced to North America and Europe to control aphidsand scale insects. It is now common, well known, and spreading in those regions, and has also established in South Africa and widely across South America.
It is commonly known as the harlequin ladybird (because it occurs in numerous colour forms). It is also known in North America as the multicolored Asian lady beetle,
When the species first arrived in the UK, it was labelled in jest as "the many-named ladybird", because among the names listed were: multivariate, southern, Japanese, and pumpkin ladybird.
This species became established in North America as the result of introductions into the United States in an attempt to control the spread of aphids. In the last three decades, this insect has spread throughout the United States and Canada, and has been a prominent factor in controlling aphid populations. In the US, the first introductions took place as far back as 1916. The species repeatedly failed to establish in the wild after successfully controlling aphid populations, but an established population of beetles was observed in the wild near New Orleans, Louisiana, around 1988. In the following years, it quickly spread to other states, being occasionally observed in the Midwest within five to seven years and becoming common in the region by about 2000. The species was also established in the Northwest by 1991, and the Northeast by 1994, aided by additional introductions from the native range, rather than just reaching there from the Southeast. Reportely, it has heavily fed on soybean aphids (which recently appeared in the US after coming from China), supposedly savingfarmers vast sums of money in 2001.

Ok and just so you do know I did get that info from Wikipedia if you want to look up more on the topic, I dont think you do but still I put it there. Ok so this guy first brought over soyabeen aphids to Canada and the Us from china, THEN oh my god they got out of hand and we had to bring over the blasted flipping lady bugs to go eat them and then omg they have gotten out of hand this is a big scar people and what is next I bet it will be snakes god I bet it will be then oh maybe they will get out of hand, and well the best word that sun up this problem is well from the Simpsons.

Well, I was wrong. The lizards are a godsend.
But isn't that a bit short-sighted? What happens when we're overrun by lizards?
No problem. We simply unleash wave after wave of Chinese needle snakes. They'll wipe out the lizards.
But aren't the snakes even worse?
Yes, but we're prepared for that. We've lined up a fabulous type of gorilla that thrives on snake meat.
But then we're stuck with gorillas!
No, that's the beautiful part. When wintertime rolls around, the gorillas simply freeze to death.
The family head back to the car.

So now what brought this up to rant about well something happened the other day that made me so mad and so grossed out I had to rant about it. Ok so I was having soda a wonderful can of 7Up and I was fully enjoying it, got to the last drop and popped the can on the table, then I went on the computer for an hour or two and was like oh there is another drop in the can, so I tipped it up and took the last drop and what was there with it, a fucking ladybug!! oh dear god it was gross I spit it all out all over the place ran up to the kitchen and then had to wash out the crap drink a glass of milk to get the taste out and it still was not gone so I then had to brush my teeth. Then at long last the gross taste was gone, but the memory was not now when I have soda I look into my can before every sip. And to top it all off the next night I go to sleep ok I was sleeping well and then something woke me up I HAD A LADY BUG IN MY EYE!! yes it was in the corner of my eye and I ripped it out of there and that goo stinking crap was in my eye and oh it stunk and burned and I hated it I had to have a shower. Like typing this rant RIGHT NOW there are no joke a good 20 to 30 lady bugs in my window and more crawling on the floor and ceiling, they are EVERYWERE this is the worst year yet that we have bin over ran with this pest that is driving me batty and I hate hate hate them.

Ok so I did some reading you know that the beetles can make blindness in babys, and as well as in small puppy's and dogs. I did not know this till I looked it up, there have bin over 100 cases of blindness in baby's in the Us as of last year from ladybugs going into there eyes at night and of corse the baby cant grab it and rip it out of there, the bug eats the juice from the eye and gives off its wast witch will make the child blind in that eye. THAT IS CRAZY like a baby can go blind form a flipping lady bug, it is wrong and I hate them more knowing this,so I kept reading and found out it is best for new born baby mommys to take plastic and cover the windows of the rooms so they cant get in as well as place netting around the crib is your home is infested. so there is another reason to hate the stupid bug and want them to go away. But that is my rant and I know it means nothing but god it feels good to get it all out and well it can give a good group of people a good giggle and maybe open some mothers eyes about the stupid beetle from china, like really that guy that thought of the idea in the first place needs to be shot, like really in the face shot.
And that is all

From Anaya

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2 Re: Rant on Ladybugs on Sun Mar 29 2015, 10:29

I like ladybugs

Sorry <3

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