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1 Introductions on Thu 19 Mar 2015 - 2:50

Introductions this is the place you start up.
Please Tell us a little about yourself. What brought you to RP?

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2 Re: Introductions on Thu 19 Mar 2015 - 3:44



Well as everyone knows i am Anaya, a bit about me, the real me, well there is not much to tell, i am 4 foot 11,have a amazing boyfriend, am 23 years old and live in ottawa canada, i own large reptiles and aim to start reptile and small mammal educational programs next year or the year after for the area i live in as well as the surrounding areas.

i run this role play group as a part time hobbie cus well i love role play and the people i have met in it have changed my world and made me smile so brightly it has made the real world people in my life ask why she smiles so much. and i respond every time with "you know what happened today in the role play!" they laugh at me and go naaaa what happened cus they know i will go on about it and only smile more.

i love to help people, i love to brighten others days and in doing so i brighten my own. i can also be harsh, crule, and strict but in the end there is reason behind it. i aim to have this page this year look better then it has bin, get back on my happy horse and put effort back into this page and the role play. and if i am not around well there will be people i trust to help even me, cus no matter who you are sometimes everyone needs a helping hand.

That is about it for little old me, there is not much to tell if you get to know me you will figure out my iguana is the thing in the world i love the most, i can take about him for hours he is my big dork. but really if anyone wants to know anything else just ask my skype is some were in here so all can add and ask.

happy rping everyone and i cant wait to learn that little bit about you

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3 Re: Introductions on Fri 20 Mar 2015 - 22:58

I'm Ashe.

I like long walks on the beach, Patron is my drink of choice, and i enjoy horseback riding and rootin. I have lotsa animals and live on a biiig ranch in Eastern US. I literally live the dream, most days.

To be continued.....

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4 Re: Introductions on Sat 28 Mar 2015 - 14:31

hey all names Nevaeh im 22 now my birthday rl was march 24th . Ive been on IMVU now 3-4 years i love rping and used to be a DeLaRose and if it wasnt for Anaya bumping into me again today id have never come back i miss this family and glad to be home .

ok real life me i said my age i love to horseride , sing , art play chess a huge gamer Runescape is my main game then RP.

my chrachter is a 19 years old mixed race call her a shifter she can change she has some powers not yet learnt her abilities she can fight but only does it to goof around and train or to defend herself if needed her backstory she lost her parents at a young age never knew what happened to them

may add more later if you do wish to know what i missed off ask ill answer it here

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5 Re: Introductions on Tue 28 Jul 2015 - 16:51

Hello, I am Sara and I'm pretty much into gaming, roleplays, reading, and overall relaxing after long days at work. I began to role play at a very young age because my mom was involved in a community service group and they would often run events which we would participate in, playing as monsters or cute elves... I use to write stories and daydream about what people were thinking about while they were sitting in class.... Eventually my household finally got the internet and from there I began to do RP site posts and was introduced to IMVU in 2007 and I've been a member ever since. I look forward to meeting everyone and hope my character will get to know yours soon

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6 Re: Introductions on Wed 29 Jul 2015 - 2:02


it is a true pleasure to have you hun, add me on skype as soon as you are able anayasindelarose <--- skype name, and we can add you to the ooc group and get you involved in the story lines.

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7 Re: Introductions on Sun 9 Aug 2015 - 13:08


I am Raymond. Also known as Saigium. I am a Chef and physicist. I love all things food. And can disect a computer than any of you can read the Morning newspaper. I have a small habit of learning all things. I read 2 to 3 books daily. And on the verge of solving a mellenium math problem.

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8 Hehehe on Sun 30 Aug 2015 - 5:11


Hi I am Sah... the bastard to the uber bitch dragon know as anaya. Need to know more about me ask unless you are not privy to such information. E.i. too personal.

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9 Re: Introductions on Mon 18 Jan 2016 - 9:56

My name is Tsu, I'm a Scorpio, I like long walks on the beach, and frisky women...

But seriously, my name is Sadie, and I have been RPing actively since the early 2000's from media outlets such as Gaiaonline, and MSN groups. I deviated to the deviantART and Kongregate RP servers before returning to Gaia, and inevitably ending up on IMVU in 2012. My roleplay interests vary on the spectrum from medieval RP to sci-fi and modern based stories. I can work in any RP environment, and love to teach people what I know from my times both running and being run on the circuit.

My RP history on IMVU began as the Head Dancer for a club called "CC's Gentleman's Club" before I opened my own, a club I still run when my VIP is renewed, "Bombshell Burlesque." I worked in a variance in clubs, whose names elude me, but most notably, "Enchantica" and "The Cats Meow".

From there, I migrated to the Alaric Family as a guard, and followed up by joining DeLaRose from there. After a cloying series of events unfolded, my two characters, Lunaria and Delilah, were pegged off, and I meandered lost for several weeks before creating the Fegari Family, and seeking out as many people as I could to train me in the arts of T-1 and its familiars with a hope of tearing down the ones who killed my characters off, and ended up being the cause of my son, Sandor/Zane's death.

I learned the T styles from Carrendar and its affiliates, and after rejoining DeLaRose, Fegari fell to the side. I continued to learn, creating a new long term family in a closed world, Valtierre (2013 - ???) and continued learning from users such as SlappyKinkaid, ArchangelUriel89, CharlotteCarrendar, AngelusAeric, 1ND3X, Captain227 and a plethora of others, who in varying resources drew me into varying crowds, and groups to both RP and learn how to fight, write and interact with the big leagues.

In 2014, after a long summer with the Valtierre family, after a heinous IRL breakup with a member of my RP, Valtierre stuttered and took a short break, where I rehauled the entire plot, character basics, as well as timeline and history of the world it took place in. In this time, I met the user Bellphegore, and entered a relationship, with his brother, FatherLavrenti (IvanVonVinditus) as my father.

In 2015 we formed the Trifecta of Nex Messor. With Bellphegore in charge of Bellum Reus, Lavrenti in charge of Nex Messor, and myself in charge of Lazarus we made a group which unravelled a great deal of peoples RP's and psyches for the sake of laughs. After my break up with Bellphegore, I returned to working on my RP, as well as Lazarus (A Seven Sins Rp with my character Evadne) Denali (A Mafia RP) Giovanni (A Branch Off of Another Mafia Group with my RP character, Amelia) Zorander (Where I played Lunaria, rebuffed with her daughter, Delilah) and a handful of other RP's at my disposal, from roles offered by friends and the like.

As it stands I am a proficient T Style fighter, though I specialize in T-1 PC fights, however I can branch off to fight in T-3 to T-5 when the time and interest suits me. I love teaching and learning new techniques as well as developing my own styles when it comes to fighting in general.

Out of character, and in the real world, I am a mother to a beautiful daughter, with six cats and a beautiful husky girl named Tango. I love reading and listening to music, as well as watching television shows on Netflix as well as putlocker. Vikings, Game of Thrones, and Supernatural are my go to's.

If I haven't scared you off yet, feel free to ask me for help and I will see if I am able to assist. I am currently working on a Weebly for all my character biographies, for those of you who are curious. My other websites are public viewing, just ask.

I also play TERA, and League of Legends, so HMU if you're interested in playing on of these hot minutes.

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10 Re: Introductions on Wed 11 May 2016 - 23:53


Oft times I find myself at a loss of what to say in such things as 'tell me of your self'

I dont think there is much i can say that cant be learned by getting to know me, and my writing. Then again since we rp on imvu there not much real life of me anyone will learn of me.

Especially since i play a slave with in the group.

I play the part of the girl known as Winter. A winter Elf.

I do enjoy role-play and by large hate ooc. I feel it has no place in a room there is rp going on.
If this makes me stuck up then i suppose i am.

My avi screen name is AlitaFray

and if you see me online and i do not reply its due to I am most likely making things for my shop.
I am a mom of four girls in real life so if i suddenly seem like i am not paying focusing well its due to im not, and i am doing so to one of my real life children.

I will not pc with anyone. If i am on i am on to rp with in the halls that my chara has been approved for. I do not muli rp on this account as well. If i want to rp another chara i go to a different account. No i wont share what those are.

Now that i have made the best worst first impression  ever!  :lol!:

I love to roleplay, not a fan of sex in roleplay. However i am not silly and think i dont understand the difference between being slave and being free. I will rp to the fullest the role i signed up to do. I just ask you dont treat me as one in ooc. You will find a very different approach given to you in ooc. I am always respectful, however if i am disrespected i do tend to treat that said person in the same manor back.

Most the time other slaves do not like my chara, due to she will correct them when they are alone. She will correct them not due to her thinking shes better than they are, but due to she knows THEY can be better than they are.

I do answer summons into the rp room, however if your not permitted to touch my avi i have no problem rp'ing a guard beating you silly. I chose to play a slave as i adore the chance to be more than just a throne warmer. I enjoy the amount you must be active and moving around. The chance to play the inner struggle of wanting to talk back or say something but remaining calm and collected. There is so much more to a slave then spreading her legs, and i thrive to prove this is the case in rp.

well i guess thats me!

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11 Re: Introductions on Thu 12 May 2016 - 1:58


Hey, well-done hun i love knowing that little but more about my Winter behind the screen and it helps me in knowing what you want and what you don't want to do in rp and in ooc, you don't have to worry about anything you don't want to do, if you don't want to do it oocly just say it and we all respect you and will follow your wishes as a role player and as a typist. no one here will force anything upon you and if they do (cus new comers can be dicks at times, and old members can have bad days) you are allowed to npc a guard in rp or in some cases just leave the chat and come inform me and it will be handled properly. you have control over everything, even rape is a 2 way street in rp, both people say yes before it is done. (unless it is with a npc)

but if you need anything just message me as you know.

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12 Re: Introductions on Thu 26 Jan 2017 - 20:23

Hello everyone. My name is Payne, Payne Zile Queen. And most of the time, a Payne in the ass.

But in all seriousness. Hi peeps, I'm Justin. A Dutchie who does enjoy RP quite a fucking lot. I started RPing on IMVU in 2011, and now. 6 years later. I still RP and I've got to say that my experience in it has been quite a lot.

I often RP as a superhero. Yes, do judge. I do Marvel and DC RPs as well as I RP Fantasy. And I mostly main as a Demon.
I am still developing my character, but I am going for a Half Elf. (Still thinking what the other half would be, maybe I will go for a human who is posessed by a Demon. What the Elf part of me is able to control? Feedback is always welcome :D)

The name of the character would be Damon Salvatore, a stuck up person who is able to handle the element of fire. And this is as far as I got with this particular character. So yeah, I do have a little while to go before my character is final and ready to RP.

I'm a friend of TheLadySif. She introduced me to The Iron Dynasty, and I think I will have quite a lot of fun to RP with you people!

Now back to the real me. The Justin. The Derp.. I'm 26 years old, love long walks on the beach, staying up at night watching the stars, and I love to make my love feel like she's the only one. So.. Did I get to the second round?

I am a bit of a hopeless romantic, but not particularly looking for someone. I live on my own, and sadly I do suffer from PTSD and Depression. So if I am suddenly not that super active, please do not fret because I will return! 

Also, timezones are a thing. I am a welder by day and Batman by night. So I'm extremely sorry if my schedule doesn't always add up with that of other people. Since most of my friends do live in the US, and well, 6 to 9 hours difference. Is still quite the difference.

I'm an old school rocker, but I do like a LOT of music, and I'm a hardcore gamer. Main game of the moment is Minecraft, since I am quite the creative person, it helps flow the juices to create new things. I do stream from time to time, but lately not that much anymore. Maybe I will again once I have a better PC, who knows.

Further questions? Well. You are free to ask them, and if you're willing to Skype, you can add me @ winchester00789 for only 5,99!

Have a nice day, or afternoon, or night. Depending on when you're reading this. And I hope to talk to you guys later

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13 Re: Introductions on Sun 29 Jan 2017 - 6:38


I debated for a while if I should edit my last post I had done in May, or if a new one was needed. I feel a new one is very important as to prevent confusion later down the road. 

As I wrote about before with my OOC info is all still very true, and held very strongly in place. 

However I have changed the role I do play with in this RP. This being from real life reasons. I am respecting my real life husbands comfort zones, he is not comfortable with me rp'ing as a slave. As such i have instead chosen to do a rewrite of who I play. 

I have chosen a race i have always craved to play, and for some reason never got the chance to. I shall be playing a Gray Elf. Also known as a lighter skinned Drow. (Same race, but found to be less respected due to their lighter skin color. This due to blood mixing with their counter elfs, aka light skinned elves.) 

I shall be playing a free female instead of a slave, and I thank our lovely Admin for approving this change. I am very excited about coming back in and writing the best story yet to be told!

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14 Hello All on Wed 1 Feb 2017 - 4:57

My id is chastesubboi, my name is Bob and i live in the B.C. Interior, i have many interests - old motorcycles, reading, music, etc. but what i am fondest of is that i serve Anaya - She can tell you more if it pleases Her. i am VERY new to all this and still learning how to navigate and enjoy the site but will catch up as quickly as i can. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, advice, etc.

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15 Re: Introductions on Thu 2 Feb 2017 - 17:02

Well hello there,
This is all something I'll have to catch up with and explore and learn. Being on a forum roleplay hasn't happened for many years but I oh so look forward to joining in on the fun!

Well let's see I am twenty three and live with my ffiancé who introduced me to roleplaying. I've experienced fantasy to modern, futuristic, and scifi with characters ranging from animal to humanoid even aliens and zombies! I have been trying to come back into forum roleplay and I hope to join this wonderful community and be part of the fun and fascination.

P. S.
If I have spelling errors forgive me this does not work so well on my phone.

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16 Re: Introductions on Sat 1 Apr 2017 - 18:00

Hello Everyone, I'm Everest, Most people call me Eve but you all can call me whichever one fancies you.


Now Just a little briefing about myself. I am Eighteen years of age, Some found it hard to believe by my facial features; some said I was Twenty - Twenty One. I found it quite hilarious for some other reason. Anyways, I have been Roleplaying for about ... Three to Four years now ... My memory is like a goldfish in the mornings. (I'm writing this at 10:40 am. I'm still very tired.) You can still say I'm vaguely new to IMVU hence the reason I only started it in 2014, But before that, I used to Roleplay online with another program (I really can't remember the name of it haha.) Even thou in my younger days, I always had a very ... Outrageous and creative ... Mind, So I was told. I remembered when I hit High School, (God I hated that place, I always called it Hell or even Prison.) For our creative writing, Normally we had to right about 500 to 1000 words ... Nope ... I wrote about Four pages ... Front and Back ... Every time I did that, the Teacher called me into the classroom before the break bell rung (Recess) ... Oh boy, I thought I was in shit again, Like usual haha. Anyways, The Teacher told me to sit down and now he took out my papers; I felt my stomach turning because I wanted to laugh. "Oh Miss Bosman, Does this look like 500 - 1000 words to you?" Then I gave him that sassy look. "Do you think I count the freakin' words? I just write til my brain farts." And there it was, a Failed sign on the paper and almost a detention slip. I mean really, They want us to be creative but when you show your full potential you get a bloody F on your paper. Anyways, So as you can tell from that little story, I'm very creative haha. Apart from that, I love fighting and wrestling (I used to play rugby with my cousins and Brother. My Father; who I hate, was a wrestler and bodybuilder. So he taught me a couple moves, didn't end very well when I tried it haha, ended up twisting my wrist while practicing with him.) I love to bake/cook and Braaing (Another form of barbecuing) I used to model when I was younger, I'm actually thinking of going back to modeling since I really enjoy it and the people there are absolutely amazing.


Now just a little backstory about myself in real life (Issues-wise.)
My Mother and Father were only married for Four years; Had me a year after their marriage; then got divorced because of his abusive behavior and his short-temper, (He threw things around, breaking stuff etc.) and because of his unfaithfulness and disloyalty towards her (Meaning he cheated a lot.) Once they parted company I rarely saw my Father in my growing up years... He never remembered my birthday, never messaged me on Christmas, But he did visit a couple times on some Christmases... Only to sleep and get drunk... Anyways, I was always bullied from early years of schooling; I wasn't the prettiest or the nicest. I was troubled in other words ... My life started to take a turn for the worse ... My uncle passed away when I was 10, I didn't take it well; I was heartbroken ... But I couldn't shed a tear ... But my Mother... Was completely shattered, (You see she was adopted when she was 2 weeks old, I hardly knew my blood family, and I once wanted to meet them but they said no.) Well, technically, my mother was never a happy person since the divorce... The only time she smiled was around me ... Anyways, a year later after my uncle died ... My mother died too ... That's when my life changed completely, I shut everybody out, never spoke about how I feel, stayed in bed. That's when the depression kicked in; it was extremely mild... I mean, I was young. After that, I was the naughtiest and troubled girl in school, I said: "Fuck the rules." Got detention a lot, got grounded and shouted at a lot. Then eventually I said; "Fuck this shit, I'm leaving." So I called my Father to come pick me up on Christmas night and I'm coming to you. (BAD DESICION) Alright... Skipping two weeks, Christmas comes. Father comes, Grandparents crying themselves sick and telling me I shouldn't go, I always yelled at them saying that they kept me from my father. (I see why now.) Anyways, I leave on Christmas night; I didn't even say goodbye to my Grandparents, I just hoped in the car and left. I was mad ... Furious ... That was a build up of depression and it got worse every quickly. SO we drive off to my father, Faaar away from my grandparents, the further I was, The happier I was. So I get to the house with my step-sister and Father. ( Yeah, My step-sister came along, I love her so much, still do. ) My sister stayed for about one month and then she left... Well my God Fathers ... My father changed dramatically ... He was a monster ... He always beat me physically (I have scars on my back because of me.) He always degraded me, belittled me... Told me to my face at the age of 13 that I should have died with my mother in the car... I couldn't believe my ears when he told me this... This one day he broke down the entire house; throwing everything around, breaking paintings and glass with his fist... Tearing a fan apart with his bare hands... Throwing coke bottles at my face, luckily I ducked. I just ran... And ... Ran... He went looking for me... Telling me to come back 'home' (It was more like hell.) He acted all nice when I got there... Smiling ... Laughing ... blood dropping from his fists... God, he looked like a psychopath... Everybody in the complex heard ... One of my friends saw me... He looked at me and I looked at him.. Crying like a baby and saying to him that I was fine... I could see he didn't believe it... Anyways ... Skipping time ... He negotiated me... He made me suffer... Told me that GOD that him to do this to me... I could hardly believe anything he said to me... He broke me... No ... He shattered me into pieces... And a couple years later ... I'm still trying to heal ... He not only damaged my intake of things ... But he poisoned my mind ... Filled it with lies and crap ... Anyways ... Welfare came to my school one day and removed me from his care ... Happiest day ever ... Cried with joy ... My Father was furious, though ... I can tell you now he didn't care. He not only abused me but my Mother, Brother, Sister, Step-mother. No-one will go back to him ... Everyone will see who he truly is... Anyways... I went back to my Grandparents... And they saw what he had done to me... Because Before I left to move to my father, I was actually happy within my last year of elementary school. They saw the mark he left. Now... I had to go to high School... That was hard because my time staying with my father... He just shoved me into high school, Not helping me or anything... SO, I went into this High school; COMPLETELY disorientated, Know no-one... Until... I saw my best friend; Courtney... Known her for 7 years.. (11 years now.) I was so happy... I cried... Only good thing about High school was, I made friends later on.. Good Friends... But then... Bullying happened of course... Sent my depression sky high, I mean, I JUST came back from an abusive father, and now they do this... I couldn't cope at all. I started to self-harm (cutting) I started to drink, smoke, sex... I was only damaging myself more... Because I was TOLD that I wasn't worth anything... (Which is False.) I tried to commit suicide a couple times, then I was told to cut the cord once and for all by those stupid seniors... I started to ignore them... Moved on... After three years of high school, I left and went to college... Studied nails, Become a nail technician. Got Six certificates because of my hard work. My depression eased, I started to feel happy. But that pain and hurt is still there and will always be there. My entire life, I was always pushed aside and felt unwanted. At times I do... But Ana makes me feel wanted, And I thank her for allowing me to become an Alliance with the DeLaRose, but also... Becoming a friend... So thank you Ana. And also I'd like to thank my Brother, Dante for making me the happiest little sister alive.


So that's my story folks haha, Under all that shit I've been through, I'm still alive and I'm becoming the happy girl I used to be. Sometimes I just need a slap on the wrist to wake me up. But if any of you who would like to message me or contact me, Send me a message on skype or here.

Enjoy your evening/morning everyone!

Everest xxx~

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17 Re: Introductions on Mon 1 May 2017 - 13:23

Hello everyone!! 

I've only just tonight jumped into a single RP on IMVU, but so far the stories, and characters have dragged me in, so I'm going for it.

My name is Joleen, I am nineteen years old, and I live in Colorado. I've been roleplaying since I was ten years old. And like many who are drawn to the roleplay community, I've had a not so spectacular life. But that's all personal and such, so I'll just leave that from here. 

I left the IMVU roleplay community around the age of fourteen when I got a full time job and just didn't have time. Around sixteen I was being pulled away from home (In a good way) and I started to do more larping on a regular basis. Then, when I moved out at seventeen started DND. I tried getting back on IMVU to rp here and there because I missed it but I kept running straight into drama. And as much as I love roleplay, real life comes first now. 

That being said, I wont be online every day, and most definitely not all day. I'll be as active as I can be with my daily life, of course, but I do sometimes have very busy weeks. 

I work a lot. With my actual job, as well as my non profit Harry Potter interactive show thing (Basically a school like hogwarts you get to attend for a weekend with houses, classes, storyline, etc) called Avistrum. I also do acting, modeling, and a lot of charity stuff. During the summer I work weekends at the renaissance festival, making and selling chainmail and chainmail jewelry. I'm completely self educated because my parents did absolutely nothing with my homeschooling, so I'm working on my GED so I can apply at an actual adult job! I'm halfway through, and have just two more tests to go. 

I love making art. Sculpting, carving, drawing, painting, costuming and sewing, you name it. My favorite color is green and I'm stupidly obsessed with dragons. And I'm huge nerd in love with anything and everything super hero, scifi. DC, Marvel, Starwars, Disney (Yes I know, those are one of the same) And I love cosplaying.

I have an amazing man by my side who fits me like a puzzle piece. And that being said, any romance that happens in the rp, stays in the rp between the characters. And that's that. 

I'm sure there is plenty I've forgotten but if you wish to know more feel free to contact me!

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18 Re: Introductions on Tue 27 Feb 2018 - 11:53

Well, there is much I can put on here but I do believe a simple introduction will do for now. So here it is 


I am Lady Aezvyra Isador Valke or well let's just say Isis as many older members of the Rose will know me by. Yes, before you all ask I am back :3 I am the demoness of the shadows after all. I have been roleplaying since I was 6 years young... started out on the standard D&D after all with my parents. Found web forums at the age of 12 or so and finally IMVU back when it was merely in Beta.. 

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