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Were Do I Go? and What Do I Do?

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1 Were Do I Go? and What Do I Do? on Wed Mar 18 2015, 22:59


Are you a noob? new to the whole thing and kinda lost and overwhelmed, yes it happens to trust me I know we all were noobs once too. Well here is your Guide to what to do and where to go first.

Step one

-learn what the profile tab is and does.
click Profile at the top of the screen in the tabs bar, you will see a bunch of icons you can click on they read.
Information | Preferences | Signature | Avatar | Friends and foes | Notifications | Topic(s) being watched | Favorites

the tabs that are useful are information, signature, and avatar. the rest you don't really have to worry about. fill out the info, then find a pic from google or even one you made from imvu it does not matter, save it to your computer and upload there you have done part one of being a fully active part of the group.

Step Two
-Were do i post?
When you start you go to Index, and omg there is a ton of stuff there is so much I dont know what to do. it is just too big!
"whats what she said XD"
But really there is a lot there, I know, I typed most of it. it is alot to take in so take a moment and breath and relax and dont freak out. step one scroll down slowly make sure you dont miss anything, see everything first see what is right there infront of you. now you can go to the topic marked "Our Role Play Laws. OOC" now once you are in there you will see some topics listing from top to bottum.

Our Laws in Our Role Play -Read And Sign Your Name
OOC black list
How to Complain
Rules for Visitors/Explorers
We promote CONSENSUAL Roleplay

now start at the top and click and read then post and mark your name. tart there and that brings us to step three

Step Three

- How Do I Post On A Topic
first once you are done reading the rules let say, at the bottom when you scroll all the way down you will see this button

that button there a lows you to post a reply as it tells you, hit that button and a new page will pop up showing this screen.

now let's explain some of the parts on the post Reply screen so you understand them and what they do.
We will start from the top of the page and work our way down, first you have the subject bar there empty, for a reply to a topic you can leave that blank and put nothing there as you don't need to put a subject on a post that is a reply the main topic post already has a subject it will fill in the blanks for you. just leave that blank.

Next, we have the area where you have the ways to change and add things with text in the large white text box. let's start with part A, it looks like this (see part cubed in red)

So right there you see the area in red lets start with the first box there, the Letter B, Letter I,  Letter U and S with a line in the center of it.  they do what I just had shown here, B = bold, I = italic, U = underline, and S with a line in it = strike out.
beside that are your placement keys, so place things to the

and the Justify key
To be truthful Justify does flipping nothing in my eyes I never use it I would ignore that one. but that is that line, you want something there just likes the other HIGHLIGHT the text you want to stay to the right and then hit the right placement button, you want that text to be to the right and bold hit the right then hit bold as the text is still in highlight, if it un-highlights its self re-highlight it and then hit bold.

now for the next line under your bold italic, underline and strike out buttons. there is an H, a large A with a red arrow up  and down, a color box, an A slightly on a slant and A on a slant with an orange dot beside it.
The H makes a format header, a header is a large box at the top of the page that reads the heading (I never use this but it is what it is lol) this button here help you make one.
The A with the Red arrow is fount size it helps you make fount larger or  make it smaller this helps if you want to add size to your text as you can see.
Next is the color box it is font color so if you want to go rainbow with it you can.
Next little box there the A on a slant, this is called fount name so as you can see here it allows you to change the font type to what ever is in there, it does not have many options but hell it has comic sans!
Last little box in this section is remove font formatting,i never use this as it is always grayed out for me anyway, but this removes any formatting you have done to things like removing a header or what not, i never use it so you more than likely will never have to on here.

So next full section so right now we have a picture! this area is for bullets, numbers and the horizontal rule

So this one is super simple, first you have bullets

  • they
  • do
  • this
  • to
  • your text

and next you have numbers

  1. who
  2. does
  3. not
  4. like
  5. numbers

So when you post just highlight the text and you will see this show up
[*]so you now how the word [list] and some
[*]s so copy the
[*]and past it behind every word you want bulleted or numbered till you come to the end witch will be marked with the same [list] but with a / in-front of the L, i am sure you will figure it out.  

this one is a little harder as it shows things like spoilers and quotes.

So the first in the area in red, there is a little speech bubble like thing. this is called the Quote button. the quote button alows you to quote another persons words in a nice little neat box example.

The Bible wrote:"Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain. And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, and threw him into the pit, and shut it and sealed it over him, "
see how it nicely and neatly quoted my bible words yes i used bibles words even if I don't believe in the catholic god, why, cus fuck you that's why lol so when you put your quote text down you highlight it and hit the button, that will open up a box reading author you type the name in there like I typed in "The Bible" then just push the insert button and it will nicely do the rest for you.

So the next one their code,
Code is very helpful when pasting code you want to share with other people, like HTML coding for the forum page, example =

now you see there that mass of code up there, that is the same code used to past the image overhead in, but there is no image there, now if i would have pasted that code down without the code button selected after highlighting my code it would have just plopped the image down, if you have the code button on the text it shows people the code, not the image or what the code is for, it is helpful for sharing image coding, YouTube video coding and other things like a layout code for an imvu home page or music code. but code is for more advanced users you will not have to worry about it if you are just starting, but if you want to know more about code come ask me, Anaya I will help ya.

So the next box here Spoiler this places in a spoiler so here let me do an example once more for you.

Behold, a day is coming for the Lord, when the spoil taken from you will be divided in your midst. For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city shall be taken and the houses plundered and the women raped. Half of the city shall go out into exile, but the rest of the people shall not be cut off from the city. Then the Lord will go out and fight against
Click to view the rest:
those nations as when he fights on a day of battle. On that day, his feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives that lies before Jerusalem on the east, and the Mount of Olives shall be split in two from east to west by a very wide valley so that one-half of the Mount shall move northward, and the other half southward. And you shall flee to the valley of my mountains, for the valley of the mountains shall reach to Azal. And you shall flee as you fled from the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah. Then the Lord my God will come, and all the holy ones with him. ...

now that there is a spoiler it is a little window the reader has to click to view the rest or whole of the text it is great for placing in windows for text that is 18+ so the reader is warned before opening, it is good for hiding little spots for readers to have some fun to click and view, and just great for adding that bit of fun to a otherwise wall of text.

our next box, Hidden it is the white box with a black slash in it

now one thing is I don't know if this box hides text to everyone else or just keeps it in this little box cus well I am me and I can see it but can anyone else see what is so called hidden, met me know when you figure it out XD I never use this button so I don't think you ever will have to.

next one Invert Table
really there is no point in this one cus it still to this day confuses the crap out of me, it is supposed to add a table but when you see it there is no table there and it jumbles your letters, never use this one unless you have figured it out, I don't know everything this one has me stumped cus I never use it lol.

Here you will use the most often things like insert image, insert YouTube video and insert link I use this every day i am on the forum page so it is a good thing to learn and remember.

first, there is the Host image button, I never use this, moving on to next one.

then there is the insert image button, this is to insert images like I have been doing. now you can put an image in here 2 ways. one with the button and one without the button

go to google, find an image you like, click it, hit the VIEW IMAGE button DO NOT go to the web page the image is hosted on. so now you are on the view image page, copy the web browser code at the top, then hit the insert image button there and past the code with or without any size requirements you want, if you put size it will size it to the numbers put, you don't it will put it the same size the google image will be at. example

With sizing of 300 to 624

Here is without sizing

see what i mean on how that works VERY HELPFUL when you want to past images on the web page, so second way to do this is just as simple, go to, make a photo bucket and then upload your image on there, it will upload and bring you to its image page then will give you a giant line of coding down the side, you want the [img.] code for the image, this is called the image code, copy that, past it, and center it. then you have a image posted.

so next thing is insert a link, speaking of Photobucket this will flow together nicely. so first click the button it will open a prompt, then you paste the link there and add some words for it, or leave it blank and it will be simply the web address there for others to click and go. see like this,
here is photo bucket

your next one is a really fun one everyone will love, add YouTube Videos. this one could not get much simpler it does all the work for you, go to YouTube, find a video you like, hit the button, paste the web address of the video, then hit insert. and bang video, then center it and be done with it.

So the next two I never use as I don't use daily motion or flash, so if you use them I am sure you can figure them out as I don't want to start figuring them out cus I never use them.

The other ones are the more button, which opens some more buttons i never use and more than likely never will use, you have the insert date and then insert time which do just that, they place the date and time on the post for all to see
Just like that you hit them and the date and time are pasted there for you. next is past text, just use ctrl=V it is simple and better anyway to past what you have copied. and last you have the open editor mode so you can see what is there so far,images instead of code and all the things a person would see viewing your work, but the preview button works better so never bother with that one.

the box is that one just click and that puts them in the text box. so that is how you make a post in great detail.

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2 Re: Were Do I Go? and What Do I Do? on Thu Mar 19 2015, 14:35


Step Four

What is a forum anyway, what do i do here every day?
Well to start off what is a forum

Full Definition of FORUM

a : the marketplace or public place of an ancient Roman city forming the center of judicial and public business
b : a public meeting place for open discussion
c : a medium (as a newspaper or online service) of open discussion or expression of ideas
: a judicial body or assembly : court
a : a public meeting or lecture involving audience discussion
b : a program (as on radio or television) involving discussion of a problem usually by several authorities

There are a couple different definitions of forum but all of them hold truth (other then we don't have anyone from Rome yet playing but some may be reading, hi people from Rome lol)but all and all it is a group of which is open to the public to talk and discuss topics, problems and anything else inside of it, and in our case role play. if you want to know what role play is, there will be a topic in the new comers area for that as well.

So what do you do here every day? Talk to people, make friends, post on pages and join in on games, story's, tell us about yourselves, and read our story's and other people's story's and bios and give your input, your input matters to people and it matters to me. I LOVE seeing what you think of my own and other people's work, what do you think of the forum, did I do a good job? am I missing anything you would like to have here? do you have anything to say to me in matters with the forum? you can ask me or anyone else any questions you want, I love to know and I am sure they love to know as well what you have on your brain, there is no question you can't ask.

and if you are not on the forum today say it is a more imvu day for you and you will do your posting tomorrow. we are on imvu as well, do you want to hold a room with the DeLaRose name on it? do you want to be a person in charge, run a kingdom under us or even a part of us? or do you just want to rp as a player in one of the games, well there are rooms made by us on there for that? just go on and first look up my account Anaya it is a simple name no numbers or anything just Anaya and you will find my one or more than one room. then it is simple to find the one you like by reading the room describe and then hop in and join the Rp. we have many kinds of rps from anthropomorphic (walking talking animals on 2 legs) to assassin fantasy and modern 2014 Russia were it is cold and the ice is getting to us and we are trying to find food and not die. and right now on this date 2015-03-19, we have our modern assassin guild up and starting White Raven Assassin Guild, modern day but with some twists. come see and maybe you will like it.

Step Five

We are getting to the end of the starter steps. it is not to complex to post here i try to keep things as simple as I can and bright and nice to read. all you have to remember is where to go first so you can read the building blocks to how to grow here. I will give you some links starting here on this topic to where you go next, think of it as your road to start on, you started here now here is where you go.

You earned it, that Fun it feels so good after you are done all the long drawn out reading and crap I type out lol now you can hop around and read and join anything you want to, be it random meme posting to make everyone laugh or just a meme targeted at me saying hey Anaya this is for you! join in the fact or fake game to see if you can learn something or teach others an odd fact they thought was a fake. and remember here your say means as much as mine does, so if you have something to voice say it don't hold the words back. if you have something to voice it and I will hear it and do my best to make your wants come true here. thank you so much and I do hope you enjoyed my guide for what to do in the forum. post here if you liked it and tell me if you want guides to do anything else.

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