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Unacceptable Convention Behaviour

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1 Unacceptable Convention Behaviour on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:12

This is me.

This is me, less than two months postpartum after delivering my daughter, Madison. Totally hyped to go to my first convention since I got pregnant. I wanted something simple, yet elegant, so I went as 'Megurine Luka from MAGNET'... A vocaloid video... And to be completely honest, I think I did a pretty bitchin' job.

It was January of 2011… And I was two months postpartum having delivered my daughter. There was a convention in my city, that I desperately wanted to go to, as I hadn’t been to a convention in a lifetime. So I cosplayed as Megurine Luka, from her MAGNET video. Simple to make, and was able to hide my belly beneath the beautiful dress I bought.

My boyfriend and I went to the convention. Him holding our daughter and leaving me with the stroller while he went to get something to eat in the cafe within the convention center. I was left to sit and wait, so I stood by the doors quietly, arms wrapped around myself because of the cold when a guy came up to me and started chatting about my cosplay.

First he was impressed with the headphones, and I politely explained to him about the process I used to make them… The next thing I know he said something I asked him to repeat because I was so shocked he had said it.

"Your breasts look lovely in that dress, would you mind if I touched them."

I am a stranger, in cosplay sitting next to a stroller with carseat… I looked at him and just shook my head, before walking away, when he tried to pursue me I stopped him in his tracks and had a few choice words.

It took me a few minutes to get over my rage, before I went upstairs and found my boyfriend and daughter, before bursting into tears and requesting we go home. We’d been there less than 30 minutes, and I couldn’t stand to stay any longer… Upon exit of the building and entry of the bus, I explained the situation…

When did the cosplay world become so-…. jaded to me? From a simple comment I had recieved many times before and just shrugged off. The fact that someone came to me and so bluntly announced it was humiliating to me. The fact he was so perplexed that I was angry about it is even more baffling…

I viewed the cosplay community I had associated with under a negative light and in that moment saw everything wrong with it. Girls wearing costumes they are proud of and getting hit on and mocked by men and women in the centers. Men approaching young women and enquiring about sexual interaction. Inappropriate touching, hentai panels. Strangers groping strangers for the sake of a picture… To me in that moment everything that had seemed normal to me became unacceptable. And I lost total interest in the community I had been a part of for so long.

I am 22 now, and seriously considering joining my friends League of Legends group. I desperately want to cosplay again…

This time, I know I will be better equipped….

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2 Re: Unacceptable Convention Behaviour on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:28

I never been to a convention but I would like to go, one day. But idk if j could be oaky ith anyone groping me.
They might get a punch in the sex biscuit. HARD.

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3 Re: Unacceptable Convention Behaviour on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:33

Right in the whisker biscuit >:l

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4 Re: Unacceptable Convention Behaviour on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:33

@FallonRage wrote:

To be honest they can be fun. Its the only one I can remembe rhaving a bad time at to be honest. Which makes it all the more sour I guess :/

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5 Re: Unacceptable Convention Behaviour on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:35

It was also your first time. first appearance always leaves A bad taste in someones mouth.

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6 Re: Unacceptable Convention Behaviour on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:36

I don't blame you though.

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7 Re: Unacceptable Convention Behaviour on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:37

I'll manage...
I hope I get that interested again. It'll take some time of course.

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8 Re: Unacceptable Convention Behaviour on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:40


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9 Re: Unacceptable Convention Behaviour on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:42

It can be such an artform. Even if you don't got to cosplay you should definitely go in and see hw you fit, just to see if its your cup of tea, you know?

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10 Re: Unacceptable Convention Behaviour on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:45


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