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The 'We're Pregnant' Debate

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1 The 'We're Pregnant' Debate on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:15

'We' is a pronoun, used as a personified expression. To say, “We” is to say, that both are equal parties in the action, or expression of something. “We went out for ice cream.” “We went to the mall” “We are working on a project.” We is to say that both parties are equal in the expressed action. To say, “WE're pregnant” is essentially saying. “Both my wife and I are pregnant.” But wait, the man is part of the equation. We is a way of saying more than one person. We is two. We in this case is myself (the wife) and my husband. However, in all intents and purposes, who is the one who is pregnant? Certainly the husband was a part of the process. the baby wouldn't be there if it wasn't for the man in the first place. His contribution (even if its not directly assimilated by coitus) is necessary in the production of a baby. Without sperm, and without an egg, there would be no baby. However, that is where his scientific use within the entire equation ends.

Man is necessary for sperm. However this doesn’t make HIM the pregnant one. He leaves behind his genetic DNA and that grows into a child within the woman. thousands, if not MILLIONS of women have proven that following a males contribution he is further unnecessary in the equation of pregnancy itself. while a man may be with you throughout. may adpt the duties necessary to keep the bearer of his seed alive and fruitful, HE IS NOT THE PREGNANT ONE. His USE in the legitimate production of sperm to egg is over and done with. If he so chooses to stay he remains active in the upcoming arrival of the child. HE. IS. NOT. PREGNANT. His WIFE is.

Its not about, “Well who is carrying the baby” “I ave to undergo the birth, nine months of agony, and losing my body for this” or the idiotic argument “Who is the one sticking by you all this time dealing with this.” Its not a cock wagging contest about who is suffering more or less. in scientific terms, THE WOMAN is the one who is pregnant. I see no animal latched and leeching to the life force of the male post ejaculation. So by saying “WE are pregnant” you are essentially saying you yourself are also in maternal tier with your partner.

HOWEVER. By no means am I saying the man is not a part of the process POST ejaculation either. Just as he was pre, he is necessary in the nurturing following that comes with his seed boiling within his partner. They together are taking a journey down the road to parenthood. Both a learning curve, and a emotional one as while the wife endures the growth of their offspring, the man must watch on without knowing the experience first hand. He glimpses into the intimate situation and endures his own version of the stresses that come with pregnancy. He is however, NOT pregnant himself. He is there as a conduit to all emotional, and mental stresses his partner endures throughout the experience. He takes in hand the fragile extras that come with being the giver of life. While his partner will host and furthermore birth the child, the male in the equation undergoes his own change throughout, should he and his partner remain together through the process.

He undergoes a different process entirely. This is not pregnancy.

instead of saying, WE are pregnant in the future, both to men and women, I hope that instead you choose to say something like, “WE are going to be parents.” indeed each of you is going through something entirely different from what the other is experiencing. Both are intimate, both are difficult, and both are valid in their own ways. But pregnancy by definition is “the condition or period of being pregnant.” Gestation even more directly involves, “the process of carrying or being carried in the womb between conception and birth.” The man provided the sperm, the woman provided the egg, the woman conceived the child within her womb. The woman carried the child to term, the woman birthed the baby, the man and woman together raised the child. They became parents together. They were not pregnant together.

So there is that argument out. Both sides are valid. Men cannot be pregnant, woman are not validated by saying a man isn’t part of the equation (unless he himself is gone from the equation, in which case he or she does not apply to this situation.) Both are valid, both sides are stupid for saying the other is not valid. In English terms, by definition, gestation and pregnancy are one in the same in regards to conceiving a child. both are different, and that’s okay.


Stop fighting about it already.

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2 Re: The 'We're Pregnant' Debate on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:22

Buahahaha... Thank you for that. I just almost pissed myself laughing.

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3 Re: The 'We're Pregnant' Debate on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:29

I nearly had a conniption fit when I watched the video on youtube, with Mila Kunis.

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4 Re: The 'We're Pregnant' Debate on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:32

I agree. I can't stand hearing that shit either. Like he should get any of the credit anyway. No, I carried that baby, not him. Sheesh. For a few minutes of work, he gets to claim all of my hardships and rewards.

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5 Re: The 'We're Pregnant' Debate on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:34

I think its just a slip of the tongue.
Men can be really stupid. But as I said, "We're expecting a baby" is acceptable to me at least.

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6 Re: The 'We're Pregnant' Debate on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:40

You're probably right.

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7 Re: The 'We're Pregnant' Debate on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:44

Its not as a negative... Or an attack. Its moreso like... Its a general statement, which seems better than "Oh hey I spooged in her and shes carrying the evidence, we've pregnant~"

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8 Re: The 'We're Pregnant' Debate on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:46


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