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Much Love to Anaya DeLaRose

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1 Much Love to Anaya DeLaRose on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:27

When it comes to running a roleplay, I’m about 99% sure Angela has it down pat. And I’m not saying this to kiss up, because you all know that isn’t the kind of girl I am. Put simply, I think it comes to all of us as a whole to keep the RP running, and despite not being around very long, I’ve seen this RP go through many stages, and in all these stages, Anaya has received grief for her roleplay, by either her members behind her back (as I fucking know who you are, I’m not stupid) or by the community. This girl puts her damn heart and soul into her work, and it never receives the respect that it overall deserves.

As someone who has known Angela for a long time, I think its fair we cater to her as a roleplay group and do our best to make her shine in the community. Who else would stick around through all the bullshit to see the sun shining clearer? Anaya knows exactly what she wants with this RP and it’s up to us to help her achieve it. Not start in character fights and schisms and just being general shit heads.

As a long standing old fart member, I want to see the lot of your milk drinkers get up to par and don’t fuck it!! I know things seem hard for awhile, but that’s just the way that RP just has to go sometimes… Its balls, its not always fair, but we deal, and that’s what makes Angela one of a kind. She faces the insults and adversity and stuffs a finger in everyones face and moves on.

Maybe we should add our fingers to that fray.

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2 Re: Much Love to Anaya DeLaRose on Sun Mar 29 2015, 09:30

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3 Re: Much Love to Anaya DeLaRose on Thu Apr 06 2017, 14:16


I just looked over this again and oh god it still brings such a smile to my face. it is amazing how far we have come as a group and the kind words that make my day so much better time and time agein, no matter if it was the day this was made or now over a year later. Tsu you have been with me since darn near day one of DeLaRose and you are still with me now, ups and downs ins and outs no matter what you have been there and I could not do it without you, I truly could not, my heart is in this rp and it still is and always will be. as long as I have you, as long as I have the people here in this rp with me, we can do anything.

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