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N00B of the Day

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1 N00B of the Day on Tue Mar 31 2015, 10:12

We've all come across these people before. Guest_ accounts, and the truly unfortunate owned account, with someone, who is literally too stupid to insult. Often asking stupid questions, begging for gifts or credits, or asking for gratification of the sexual variety. People who may, or may not be in their early 30's to late 40's, with NO idea how to interact with humans on a general level, and who are so beyond the social norm, leaving you wondering, "Were you dropped on your head as an infant?" as they are speaking. Often, we come across the shameless neckbeards, and bootilicious Jersey Shore broads, who go out of their way to appear desperate, whiny, needy and overly dramatic in order to get your attention. Should this fail? They will either run away, openly insult you, or your avatar, or shrinking violet themselves elsewhere with their tails between their legs.

Here is an archive for all your noteable n00b experiences.

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2 Re: N00B of the Day on Tue Mar 31 2015, 10:16

Guest_Zarfour has joined the chat
Beelzbub: Welcome.
Guest_Zarfour: Hi what is this place
Guest_Zarfour: may i come in
Beelzbub: This it the RP hold of the Iron Rose. You may enter.
Guest_Zarfour: ty
Guest_Zarfour: quite a place very creative
Beelzbub: I am sure the leader of the hold would be pleased to hear her handiwork is enjoyed so thoroughly.
Guest_Zarfour: may i come closer
Beelzbub: You may?
Guest_Zarfour: k ty
Guest_Zarfour: u come here often if u dont mind me asking
Beelzbub: I am the head guard of the Iron Rose, second hand to the Prince of the Family, Jeff Lyvix DeLaRose.
Beelzbub: So yes, I am here fairly frequently.
Guest_Zarfour: u seem different from most others
Beelzbub: Pardon?
Guest_Zarfour: i dont mean that in a bad way
Beelzbub: I was meaning in a curious manner. What exactly do you mean?
Guest_Zarfour: well u are quite an intregine women
Guest_Zarfour: not sure thats how its spelled
Guest_Zarfour: sorry
Beelzbub: I'm a cell to cell transmembrane receptor?
Beelzbub: Integrine?
Guest_Zarfour: what exactly is receptor?
Beelzbub: A receptor is a protein molecule usually found embedded within the plasma membrane surface of a cell that receives chemical signals from outside the cell.
Guest_Zarfour: does this enanable u to do certain things?
Guest_Zarfour: enable
Beelzbub: -She sighs- What exactly are you getting at here, if you aren't able to tell I'm openly mocking you for not knowing how to spell 'interesting' at your age.
Guest_Zarfour: maybe ur not any different
Guest_Zarfour has left the chat



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3 Re: N00B of the Day on Tue Mar 31 2015, 10:19

Beelzbub: “Killing him won’t be necessary.” She responds, as the offending male kicks back against the solid iron of her armor, knee unscathed due to its positioning as without a word, he snaps his fingers and his change of garb adjusts to something even more gaudy than what he had worn a moment ago. Her grip had released as he adjusted, but was picked up again as her tail whipped back and forth in an annoying matter. “Such a pathetic little protozoan… Focusing on the carnal desires he harbors within his wanting little body with all his might… I should cut off your hairless little prick before you even know what its for…” Long ice white tendrils tucked up into an out of the way twist, the set armor of her garb was not to be taken lightly. Wearing a tight body suit, she bears a simple bracer set along her arms and legs from elbow to wrist, and from ankle to just above her knee.. A tight to the chest breastplate hooked with leather and kept locked in place with the metal plating of straight hammered titanium cupped to her body in a fitting way to keep her body entirely kept as overall thin and aerodynamic as possible. Her nose wrinkles with disgust to the stink of smoke clinging to his form, as those entrancing ruby eyes settled on his for a moment. . “If you were anywhere close to the position you claim your societal conduct would have been decidedly better… As it stands you are simply a sorry excuse for a meat suit, with bad taste and a little man complex.” His daring wasn’t taken seriously. Weaponless, but carrying an astute set of skills, Lunaria’s tail twitched from left to steady right with amusement. Very deliberately, she pointed towards the door, claws glistening in the meager lighting, and hand falling to her hip as she leant lazily to the side, already growing bored. “She is far less forgiving than I am. You have potential for someone of greatness, but the attitude of a street rat, and thusly, it’s where you will go. S either you can leave on your own, or I can carry you. The choice is your own, but I suggest you make it quickly, as I really don’t have time to waste on people like you.”

FoTwunEe: -He smirks at her shaking his head and says "Carry me darling.."-

Beelzbub: Eyes rolling skyward to his rebuttal, she lets out a low, ‘do I have to’ sigh before forgoing her fealty for a moment and growling outwardly with annoyance. A damn waste of her skills, dealing with gods gifts without so much as a ‘Oh hey Luna, I can handle it, you go do something worth the talents you possess. Like… watching paint dry, or watching your maternal clock tick.’ While no… She was forced to take out the trash, and thusly, with this inconvenience, she was going to make it as obvious as she could how utterly disgruntled she was. Reaching for a candelabra facetted to the ground with little effort she dragged if from the stone floor by the shaft and using it in a manner to hoist him from the floor. The single swooping motion quick and easy with no room for seeable error, as she walked, hosting the male on a pedestal- for once in his life, I might add- and heading towards the gates, her gloves abstaining from any physical contact with either himself or the iron between them. Reaching the main door, she, with a hardy oomph, kicked it open, and launched the iron out the open door like a pole vault into the nothingness of the rain outdoors before closing the door.

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4 Re: N00B of the Day on Tue Mar 31 2015, 12:12

Guest_OmniscientScourge has joined the chat
Beelzbub: Welcome.
Guest_OmniscientScourge: Greetings.
Beelzbub: How may I help you this morning?
Guest_OmniscientScourge: -Omni enters with intent to kill Beelzbub
Beelzbub: ...
Beelzbub: lol.
Beelzbub: First of all. Beelzbub isn't a character, its my username.
Guest_OmniscientScourge: Smart girl.
Beelzbub: Second of all you have no business being an assassin if you're incapable of even managing a proper entrance.
Guest_OmniscientScourge: are so mean.
Beelzbub: And finally, its not being smart. Its common sense. If you have NO idea about anything about the person/character you've come to kill, you seriously need to update your priority and find another hobby.
Guest_OmniscientScourge: No, I like messing with babes like ya.
Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose has joined the chat
Beelzbub: ... -rolls her eyes skyward- Are you damn serious.
Guest_OmniscientScourge: Yup.
Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Fuckboys being Fuckboys, dear?
Beelzbub: A stranger entering to kill me and is wholly incapable of distinguishing between my username and my character name.
Beelzbub: Heaven help me, I'm so scurred.
Guest_OmniscientScourge: Anyways, I don't have the time to post a proper entrance, but maybe I will get to see you again, probably at that time your ass wil shake in fear.
Guest_OmniscientScourge: -winks and runs away
Guest_OmniscientScourge has left the chat

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5 Re: N00B of the Day on Tue Mar 31 2015, 17:07


omg laughing so hard this is great XDDD

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6 Re: N00B of the Day on Mon Jan 09 2017, 11:55


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7 Re: N00B of the Day on Mon Jan 09 2017, 14:58


best inbox i have ever gotten due to kicking a person, this is amazing i laughed so hard i cryed XD

Bitch fuck you. You think you all that but you ain't shit. Fuck you old want to be Barbie bitch ass. Old big Nicki Minaj Squidward nose. Old big black as midnight trying to rock that platinum looking ass hair. Bitch you sleep. Old big lelelelelel. Old big Patrick Star IQ having. Old big "Who ever is the owner of the white sedan. You left your lights on." Looking ahhhhh. Old big Donald Trump looking ahhh supporter. Old big Micheal Jackson thriller meez Avi looking ahhhh. Old big "Is mayonnaise an instrument" looking ass need to go somewhere. Bitch let me introduce you to combo scaler.

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