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About IMVU and Being "Bullys" and other Rant Worthy Shit

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You know something and that is the truth, i hate people, like lagitly i hate people so much, you spend ages working on something so hard on this stupid program and then oh a person saw it and goes oh that looks cool and is like oh now i will make it mine, they do a couple clicks and oh bang it becomes there's and now all you have done is for nothing, i have no idea why i let it bug me so much, why i even bother being that “bully” or that “bad guy” hell i should not even care. People like Carrander, Thorodan, DeWynter, Ookami, like larger names names us rpers know and there are many others i don't know that i know would feel the same if they found another room or hell like i did multiple rooms that held what they made and have had for years they would go ape shi*t and want so badly for that to be removed they may even contact imvu but in the end all they get is “if that person took a product of yours we can do something other then that block and ignore we don't handle role play matters” imvu does the same thing for harassment, unless you cuss, say uou have stolen or hacked a player or are pretending to be staff imvu will not do a bloody thing to help you, in the end it is all on the harassers “good nature” if they want to stop harassing you , change there name even if they have stolen your work, or take a image or product down even if it is very clear they just took it form you to piss you off.

Now the thing is if you want to go against people like this you have to file papers send your signature into imvu and do a crap ton of work to in the end ya have imvu take what ever it is down but then you know something the person can put it right back up the next day and say oh they are lieing. And then imvu sends ya a thing back saying talk to your lawyer. One if you have a lawyer that is not getting a lot of work and has to lower himself over fighting for a single image on a online gaming program then sure good for you. But really the law and lawyers cost way to fucking much and i have way better things to spend my earned income on then a lawer to deal with imvu crap when really the lawyer would look at me and go dude, in reality imvu owns this as it is on there thing. Like has anyone really gone over the TOS of imvu, do you know in there it reads imvu holds no respectability for anything that happens on its client. So with that said if worse comes to worse and you do go law on a person imvu can just say well sucks to be you don't go on the internet anymore if you are that scared of strangers.

But then agein lets view it form the harassers point of view as i have bin called this way mroe then once this week, yes i can harass a player non fucking stop on not my Anaya account but hell i could do it from all 20 some of my noob accounts or hell make a new account just to harass you and in the end imvu will just tell ya to block me that is great for me i can go around that, go to your friends rooms, harass your friends to piss you off, change my info to mimic your own to even larger piss you off as i go around and slander you to everyone i can see saying you are trying to killme to stupid people who will sit there and believe a noobs bull shit. They may even go out of there way to “attack” you witch will more so piss you off, god it sounds like a lot of fun being a harasser and that is only the tip of the ice burg of what i can do. I can steal all your stuff cus well it is a noob account why do i care if it gets kicked of imvu, reset the router change the ip address and go nuts again on another account, like it does not matter what you “own” i am learning this fast, a name is worthless, Thorodan, DeWynter, DeLaRose Carrander things like this on imvu are worthless off imvu they matter, i have my own web page that i hold the ownership for i have the paper and i have purchased it, but on imvu it matters very little what you edit, make, or anything people can mimic, copy or just out right take it away from you and claim ownership of it and really do you have the time to go lawyer over a single image that took you maybe a hour to make, i know i have better things to do in a day that matter more.

But you know the great part like the really great part, you may be able to do it to me, but you know something i am very much so able to do it to you as well, i can call you a lier when you report me for stealing i have the right to harass the fucking hell out of you on grunt accounts on the fucking internet cus well it is the fucking internet and it is fun to do so you may have the right to report me but i have the right to not give a fuck make a new account and do it allover agein. I have the right as a person of the internet to on purpose piss you the fuck off as much as i want, block me, i will find you, report me, i will not care, in the end your claims matter as much as mine do witch is bull shit to imvu.

So from here on out i don't care if others pick my name on imvu, but i will harass the hell out of them on grunt accounts not my own account but you know accounts i don't give a shit about cus it is fun. Cus as said up there there is so much i can do that goes around imvu even knowing it is me, hell you will not even know it is me. I may not be around today, maybe not tomorrow but give it a week or 2 or 8 and i will pop up one day. Just wait for it.

-Rant over-

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