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Rant on Ranting!

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1 Rant on Ranting! on Thu Apr 07 2016, 17:58

Runs into a room that says ranting is now allowed, then starts ranting cause YOLO!!!

Okay, so I have ranted all my life, I am a ranter I hate ranting with a passion, ranting is basically your way to get everything off your chest with speaking about a subject and speaking about a subject over and over! So here I go with my rant on ranting!

Ranting has been in human culture since culture happened, so ranting has been around forever, so why do we rant? Well it is just how we divulge on a conversation or on something we do not like. So to why I am ranting about ranting? Well, ranting I have done since I was 10 years old! I am totally sick of ranting, so I am gonna stop ranting... But I am doing it now!

When I rant, I become very focused on my rant and ignore everything around me, I enjoy ranting, but it's a curse on me, as I rant daily about little things, like... Justin Beiber or How metal is terrible now. However, when I rant about something serious I turn into Rant Hulk, because I will rant till I am literally tired of talking, or typing up about a rant, like my fingers are starting to crush as I am typing this and hammering my keyboard like a jack hammer.

People, if you rant, rant proud, but hate ranting, I want to rant but at the same time, ranting sucks! I LOVE IT, BUT IT'S LIKE MARMITE AND NOT EVERYONE LIKES MARMITE! SO my rant about ranting is finished... Not quite, so let's begin on the core process of a rant. A rant will have a start, you will explain what your ranting then, you have a giant middle, but... It has no planned ending because half the time we rant and have no clue how to stop, because we are so annoyed by the subject. Like I am now about ranting. HOW ABOUT A WAR ON RANTING! NO, because a war on ranting will cause more damn RANTING! SO RANT ON MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, RANT TILL THEIR EARS ARE DEFEANED, AND THEIR MENTAL WILLS ARE BROKEN FROM YOUR VOICE ALONE!

Bows to the annoyed people about his ranting. Before he sticks on a bad man driving tune and walks out flipping the bird.

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2 Re: Rant on Ranting! on Sat Apr 16 2016, 01:50



That is all

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