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The History of the Valarian Merfolk

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1 The History of the Valarian Merfolk on Thu Oct 20 2016, 05:23

The Leviathan was grand and terrible, larger than either the Dragon or the Sky Keeper was. But the seas were vast and well beyond what even the mighty Leviathan could manage on his own, for the creatures of the sea were not intelligent and would not know to seek the Leviathan out to keep themselves in balance. To make matters worse, the Dragon upon his mountain no longer guided the peoples of the land, their souls knowing that they would descend to darkness and madness, would soon find themselves drawn to the sea when the Sky Keeper refused those who were unworthy. Which, how could any of them be worthy without the wisdom of the Dragon? But the Leviathan was a punisher of evil and a devourer of the damned. A cleanser of the world, and not it’s guiding light. The creatures of the land must never walk his ways. Their path lay not in the dark abyss but upwards, it is to the skies they must be destined and not to the treacherous seas. More powerful and even wiser gods had set such things to be.
That was when the Merfolk came. They were a wise and magical people with grand powers, and unlike the peoples of the land, their place was in the seas, a people destined to walk in the ways of the punisher of evil and devourer of the damned. Besides their grand powers over the seas and a few powers of other elements on rare occasions, they had powers to aid in the evolution and development of the creatures of the sea, and to keep them in balance with each other and the world around them. They had powers to counter, divert, or alter the course of magics. Surely a people with wisdom  would find the Leviathan, and finding themselves in an unknown world would take council with him and his great knowledge and wisdom, dark though a knowledge and wisdom it was, as to how to manage their new aquatic world and how to keep the foolish and self enslaving peoples of the land at bay along the countless miles of shores and at the vast stretches of ocean surface and waves.

As the Merfolk swam the vast seas of Valaria, they delighted at what they found and played in the vastness of the waters among the creatures of the sea. They soon discovered they could influence the creatures in mysterious ways, and marveled at the newly found variety and abundance of life, and wondered at the darker aspects of the natural world that they found.For fish would eat fish, and rather than destroying their world, it only enhanced the numerous schools and created a delicate balance of life in the vast waters.Why was it so in this world? Above them was the Sky and the sun, they could not ascend to it to explore the wonders of lights and clouds. Together they might bask in the sun upon rocks, and wondered that they were kept to the depths. A very treacherous depths, covered by the surface which was sometimes peaceful, and sometimes riddled with destructive waves as if signaling to those above to beware the watery abyss they found themselves in. They wondered what it all meant and spent much time debating that question among themselves.<br />It was not long after that they encountered the Leviathan, who had been watching them from the rocky depths. News of the discovery spread quickly about such a large and magnificent creature, one that every Merfolk must soon behold, and talk among themselves about the meaning of such an aquatic behemoth.

One by one they all came to marvel at the mighty creature and even wondered if this creature too, was under their domain. They swam his length and eventually came to his maw and he began to speak. “Did you think that I too am under your power little ones? No, I am Leviathan, The punisher and vanquisher. You have come to this new world, and now you must wonder at it’s meaning. Have you not wondered that we are at the bottom of the world? You are in it’s grand abyss, the dark places and here you shall be it’s people. We are not of the skies above, nor of the land where they should rise to the skies. No, for you it shall be to dwell in the belly of this world and to keep it, even to follow me in my ways and together, we shall be the terror of this world, the force that drives them to their destinies. But to those foolish or wicked enough, the force that gives them the destruction that they have chosen for themselves, whether they understand it or not. I know that you must have many questions, and I shall answer them all in turn and council you and be your guide. But know this, that while it was given that those who walk on land also have a beast to council them that those who become worthy should rise to the skies, something is wrong. The beast of the Land, the great Dragon is becoming inwards of late. Finding himself dissatisfied with his people and mountain he is now jealous of the Sky Keeper. Instead of guiding the peoples of the land, he loathes them. I fear the world is in peril for without guidance the peoples of the land shall descend to madness and foolishness. Such shall not be your fate, the seas shall endure. You must keep these rules I have for you. You shall not envy the land nor the skies, you shall not value their wealth but be satisfied with the abundance granted you here. You shall never seek dominion over naught but what has been given, especially not over one another, nor over me. You shall not consume one another, and shall together share and enjoy the great wealth of the sea. You shall take no possession for yourselves other than what you can carry, and never value such possessions. You shall never marry or restrict a mate, but mate as it pleases you only be mindful of yourselves not to provoke one another or over populate the seas lest it become needful to reduce your numbers. You shall be one anothers keeper, and fail one another not. As for the world above, shun it. I have seen what is happening and fear worse is yet to come. Those whom are worthy can secretly be rewarded yes, and doubtless rare few shall find their way in the trouble that is now brewing but be wary. You must in contrast learn what I have for you. Have you not seen how creature devours creature? Let what lessons you learn from this guide you to keep the creatures and life in the sea in balance and bring it to even greater abundance. Let it be a lesson to you, for that shall be similar to how we shall deal with those who dwell on land . We can not be their teachers, we must not show them our ways nor let them walk in our paths. Their ways and destinies must be different from ours. I shall instruct you further when we I see each of you again. You will know when you are ready, and when you are, come to me. For now spread across the seas, multiply and fill our oceans. Watch over the creatures of the sea and guide their development. “ The Merfolk watched and listened in wonder at what they were told. When the Leviathan had finished he rested his head and closed his eyes, leaving them to wonder at his speech and talk among themselves. After much discussion the Merfolk did leave, and spread across the oceans.The Merfolk spread across Valarias vast sea, and as their young were conceived their development was influenced by the type of waters the mothers inhabited giving rise to the three types of Merfolk found in Valarias waters. Some to the dark abyss of the seas and became the Black Merfolk, and the ones most like the Leviathan in his inner nature and are the ones who raised the Kracken from the tiniest of cephlopods no larger than grain of rice to the greatest predator of the seas, even rivaling the Leviathan in size. Their scales and fins became predominantly black and their shape began to resemble the predators they raised they were the most fearsome in appearance.Their hair and eyes became black.They could call creatures of the oceans deepest depths and the inlands murkiest water as well as any apex predator with whom they most closely associated.They had powers over whirl pools and funnels and spouts and could call storms and also lightning. Others spread to the warm waters and soft shores and became the Gold Merfolk and grew wondrous coral reefs and become comely in appearance. There fins and scales like gold or the colors of fire and their skin tanned to a bronze in the sunlight waters. Their hair and eyes became fair.They had influence upon the creatures of these waters and with creatures of poisonous or unusual defenses. They had powers of the undertow and could manipulate the clouds and skies to focus the sun upon any point in sight to create hot temperatures and cause fires. They also had power to call forth the red tides, killing all within with poisons no living could withstand. Still others to the open and cold waters, and to rough rocky shores, they became the elusive Blue Merfolk, and the most aquatic in appearance. They were the ones to adopt simple land creatures and take them to the seas to become dolphins and whales, Sea turtles, seals and sea lions and such mammals that make their homes in sea. They have influence over the creatures of the open waters, among whom are the Orcas, a creature most coveted by the Black. Their fins became blue and green, and sometimes purple or indigo. Their skin would sometimes resemble human skin as other Merfolk, but have more scales. Other times it could be blue green or aqua that was misty and dark. Their hair likewise could be these colors or be darker but rarely solid black. Their eyes were darker shades of blues and greens. They had power over the waves and currents of the seas.

In time, the Merfolk would seek out the Leviathan and find him in gorges deep beneath the seas. He accepted them and taught them about not only the seas but what he knew of the world above. He taught them to see into the hearts of humans and elves, and to bring them to their abyss when needed. He taught them songs in a language none would understand about returning to the divine. The song would haunt any land race who heard it and without fail draw them. But to actually sing the song not all Merfolk could, but those that could became known among those that walk the land as Sirenes. The song is commonly used to this day to draw land creatures in their ships to perils, to crash their vesles and perish in the seas. Either letting their kin drown and eat the sailors flesh or to let the creatures of the sea feast upon them. He would educate the Merfolk, teaching them of gods and goddesses and of creation and of other races. As those who dwelt upon the land became more and more perverse, he warned them of their ways. Teaching them to be free, and to avoid following their ways. He even applauded their work with the other sea creatures, and showed them new creatures and ways to expand upon what they had already done. As new Merfolk were born,their home village would teach then all they could, then they were sent to the other parts of the sea to also learn from the other types of Merfolk. To a village of a different type they went, and when that village was satisfied with the youths education thus far to yet another village of the last remaining type of Merfolk so that each Merfolk youth would learn from all types, and be well familiarized with all. When the final village was satisfied with the youths education and deemed them ready, they sent them to the Leviathan to hear his words and wisdom.Such was how the Merfolk raised their youth. They feared not to send their children to strange villages, it was the custom to receive strange youth and considered it an honor. So it is until this day, although today the Leviathan broods in his dark gorges, and rarely sees anyone outside of education the young, and matters of education.<br />It was no secret when the Dragon slew the Sky Keeper, it shocked the world immensely. For the Merfolk it was disturbing, but they expected for the world above to fall. The warnings of the Leviathan had come to pass, and it seemed to the Merfolk that the world must be turning upside down. Theirs was the only place that remains true to any sort of will of the divine now. Albeit they were the underbelly, the devourers of those who become evil and not of those to ascend to the skies or follow the light per say. What was above had fallen, those parts of the world would be left to their madness. Surely their place in the sea, following the ways of the Leviathan, would be a busy one now. The Leviathan in turn after cursing the Dragon for what he had done returned to his gorge, brooding over the loss of the Sky Keeper, and the fall to foolishness of the wise Dragon. His curse would ensure that the Dragon nor any of his offspring would ever enter the seas He was never seen outside his gorge, nor took part in the seas again. But he kept his word to the Merfolk, and did not leave or ignore them as the Dragon did with those who walked the land to descend to madness or foolishness, but continued to teach and council them to this day. Only the Merfolk know his whereabouts, they will not tell someone if they inquired of him or for that matter confirm if he even still existed. <br />After the fall of the Sky keeper the Merfolk began their campaigns of ridding what members of the world were intrusive to what went contrary to the common good. Sometimes by luring ships with Sirens song to crash upon the rocks. Sometimes by use of their powers of storms waves or whirlpools or by lightning or burning with the gold’s power of focusing the sun with the clouds. Sometimes by means of summoning the seas great monsters or sharks. They earned a questionable reputation about the land.<br />But the Merfolk were not always treacherous or murderous. They favored simple folk, people who seemed to find their way in the troubled land forsaken of Divine Wisdom. Mostly common fisherman who might pay head to their warnings of taking to much from the schools of fish and listened to their advice. They were rewarded with knowledge of the fish, when and where was good, and when and where was not. Whether the time and place would be empty or the fish needed in the seas. Such fisherman despite their restraint brought an overall greater bounty by cooperating with the Merfolk and spent far less time toiling.The Merfolk in turn used such rare fisherman to reduce the numbers of overpopulating schools of fish. In some cases, were they found a particularly good and honest heart, whom they believed worthy and would remain so should they come upon wealth, they were rewarded with the treasures that were found in ships sunken beneath the waves. The Merfolk preferring that such people either lived free of the exploitations of those narcissist fools who commonly came to power and wealth, or that they despite the ways of the wicked world above came into power themselves. While the Merfolk did not value gold, they understood well that upon land, the wealth of gold was power.

If human and other land creatures are viewed with sharp cynicism and the Merfolk cull their numbers at will, darker creatures devoted to evil are intolerable and likely to be destroyed upon sight. Not with standing, if it is discovered or known that such creatures have rejected evil in pursuit of something better, such harsh treatment would normally be suspended. However they will judge the matter as one of what is in the best interest of the world at large as opposed to individual rights.<br />The darkness that the Leviathan and by extension the Merfolk represent, is vastly different than what a demon commonly represents. The Leviathan is sanctioned by the Divine as the punisher, the Merfolk are there to aid in his work and walk in his ways. Their role is to complete the balance of Valaria in cooperation with what is good, even at the cost of never ascending themselves to a higher plane. In contrast, pure evil seeks to destroy good and fulfill selfish interests. The two are vastly different and irreconcilably set against one another, anything pure evil will become the target of punishment and destruction. In all of the seas history, the sea were well kept from harboring true evil of invading dark creatures, and the Merfolk kept the ways given to them.<br />They would serve the seas well, and the world as best they could offer, even if their ways would be far beyond what the peoples of the land, especially humans, would or even could understand.

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