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What the Merfolk are really like and how they live.

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Introduction and general nature

Merfolk, or at least the merfolk race used in this Role Play, were created by the higher gods of Valaria for the express purpose of aiding the Punisher of Evil in Valaria, the Lesser God known as the Leviathan. They were created with an inner nature perfect for being the people of the sea, and the sea being much like hell in Valaria. It is Valaria's dark abyss, it's oblivion, it is where souls are lost forever never to return from a watery grave.
By inner nature, merfolk tend to the aquatic animals, punish evil, have little material possessions, use no form of currency nor value gold beyond a simple shiny thing, do not recognize slavery, and full fill the purposes of the divine in their own way as the gods intended. They live with little or no hierarchy or system of governance and abhor the idea of any form of rule over either themselves or other merfolk apart from their own parents and teachers. Even the Leviathan, whom the merfolk recognize as their lesser god, is not worshiped by them. Rather, he is but an infinitely wise, albeit rather dark, guide and teacher. Apart from the commands he gave to them when the merfolk first met the Leviathan, he assumes no more authority over them understanding them to be chaotic in nature. His commands are not hard or difficult for the merfolk to follow as the type of life prescribed is perfectly in line with their inner nature. For his part, the best offering any merfolk could offer is to live a life consistent with the intensions of the divine. Merfolk live a uniquely harmonious existence among themselves. There are no possessions or territory to fight over, food is abundant, and their minds are quite set on the fact that to prove oneself one does so by finding and punishing evil. The three things merfolk most enjoy would be raising and teaching the young or family and village, the advancement and abundance of aquatic life in all it's forms, and punishing evil for which they have a particular lust to do unique to them. They are a rather violent and bloodthirsty race, such is necessary if one is go about destroying the Valaria's most wicked. However, they are naturally cautious about it and slow to develop blood lusts but even then it must be triggered. it is an evil and selfish nature in others that arouse such things within them and not something that continually haunts them. They can enjoy visiting violence and punishments upon those deemed evil greatly, and also greatly enjoy hearing of other merfolks exploits in the matter, or better yet witnessing such events. It holds much fascination for them. Towards one another they are never aggressive, and generally ignore any threats or ill words from another merfolk should that happen. They simply are not interested and would much rather swim off together and visit any aggression upon evil doers together irregardless of what ever offense the other merfolk may have done to them. The Merfolk mind and psyche instinctively channels aggressive thoughts towards evil doers, while they are still in control of their thoughts, it's more or less automatic and this makes it difficult for them to direct aggression towards another merfolk, or for that matter, an innocent land creature. Not to mention there is a natural seduction at work, it is pleasurable for them to do violence to evil, towards an innocent or merfolk, this pleasure can not be known.

With the Dragon having fallen from grace and murdering the Sky Keeper and the world above falling to madness and chaos, they have grown cynical of everything outside of the sea, seeing far to much evil on land and the opportunity to indulge in their bloodlust everywhere they look upon it. While they were specifically created to punish evil and be the Leviathans people, they recognize that those upon land were never meant for such things. Their knowledge and wisdom would only bring more chaos upon the land. Such was told to them by the Leviathan from the beginning. To never explain themselves to those who dwell upon land, to be unanswerable to them is considered a virtue among merfolk. While the evil on land gives them ample opportunities to indulge in their blood lust, the widespread chaos disgusts them and does not please them. While they are unable to share any wisdom with other races, they can try to influence good among them. This is the motive for merfolks collecting sunken treasures to give to the most kind hearted among those of land races that they meet. Mostly common people whom they believe won't be corrupted by the riches they bring them. Even blood thirsty merfolk share in the desire for a better world. As one might imagine, merfolk are most adept at seeing evil in other races with remarkable accuracy. The subtle movements of the eyes, and lines upon the face, the energies of their souls, it does not take long for a merfolk to see what lay in the hearts of others. Combined with a wisdom far greater than any race upon land could hope to be taught, and they can quickly determine who and who not they should punish…. or on rare occasions, bring treasures to.

How evil are the merfolk of Valaria?

And now to answer the question everyone has………….
…………… are the Merfolk evil?
The short answer is yes, yes they are! But keep in mind they are of a chaotic alignment, and like a chaotic evil character, their evil is not based upon self interest but rather more principled or philosophical in nature. Unlike the typical chaotic evil character that sees good and evil as opposing forces to be kept in balance, or sometimes as evil being good and good being evil, or again simply for the fun of it, the merfolk are simply punishers of evil. Just, sometimes they enjoy it… a lot. Whereas some chaotic evil characters seek to spread evil, the merfolk seek to stop it. In many cases, rather abruptly by rather devious or violent means.  They are 'evil' or sometimes 'neutral' by design, and strive to fulfill the purposes of the divine to both rid the world of evil and also to give other races a push towards ascending to goodness from the dark corners of their mind and psyche. They are an evil made to devour evil, both evil individuals, and to devour evil out of the hearts and minds of the residents of Valaria by their devilish presence and influence.They have absolutely nothing in common with demons, in fact merfolk consider demons unworthy, selfish and pathetic creatures deserving only of destruction. An insult to the very nature of Merfolk.  Technically the merfolk's alignment  would be chaotic neutral in most cases, mainly because they are more of a force of nature doing what they were designed to do by the gods and nature as opposed to wishing to see the world burn per se. In fact merfolk generally wish the world to be less evil and more good. But they could certainly also be chaotic evil depending upon the individual character in question. The Merfolk, being free of material wealth concerns, or concerns of life long love affairs, or of most sources of temptation or shame, are very difficult to corrupt or seduce in anyway. One seeking to tempt them will find that they have little or nothing to either offer or cracks in their character to work with. Sins that other races would stop at nothing to hide would be considered nothing noteworthy to the merfolk. The gods specifically made them that way because of their role as divine punishers. As a sanctioned race of punishing evil, it was seen to that they were reasonably incorruptible and safe from most forms of manipulation to ensure they would not stray from their intended boundaries and purposes and be as impartial as possible. It would be contrary to the will of the gods for their sanctioned punishers and devils of the watery abyss to run amok after all.

Matting childbirth and education

Matting among the merfolk is quite simple, it is done much like dolphins and they are live bearers to usually one child per pregnancy. Forms of long term relationships or marriage between mates is unknown among merfolk. They simply find a mate to mate with until pregnancy  is achieved and part ways.
Merfolk fathers spend much of their time making rounds visiting their children they have with various mermaids in differing villages and are often the ones tasked  with finding appropriate villages to further a child's education, education normally being the foremost concern any good mer father has for their child. When they come of age youths are sent to a village of a different type of merfolk to be further educated, and when that village is satisfied with their learning, they are sent to yet another village of the last remaining type of merfolk so that each child spends time learning with every type of merfolk. It is not considered odd to send ones pride and joy off to a strange village, nor it considered a burden to receive such children among merfolk. It has been a long standing tradition from their early existence. No merfolk would consider mistreating such a youth and consider it not only their duty but a pleasure and an honor to be considered worthy of the fathers selection. After the final village is satisfied with the youths education they are sent to the Leviathan and after the Leviathan has spoken with them, they leave his presence as an adult.
The type of mer a child is to become is not determined by heredity but rather by the type of water the mother spends the time of pregnancy in. Warm costal waters or a coral reef will produce a Gold. Open waters or cold rough stormy and rocky shores will produce a Blue. Dark waters and most notably the deep abyss will produce a Black. Mermaids usually always return to their own village for this and thus it is normal for a mer child to be the same type as their mother regardless of what type the father may be. All merfolk, regardless of their type are the same exact breed and species. An individual mer's genetics inherited from their parents determine how their bodies respond to the influence of the water type. Their fin conjuration, specific color patterns or strips or markings, all can differ between individual merfolk apart from the characteristics of the merfolk type.
Merfolk are sexually aroused far less frequently than other races, and most of the time sex while pleasurable is done for breeding. That said, it is not unknown for them to engage in sexual behavior merely for pleasure. Such instances are never a source of embarrassment or shame for them. They do not marry or have life long mates, there is no one for them to remain faithful to and thus promiscuous sex is considered nothing to be ashamed of among them as there is no basis for any virtue in abstinence or fidelity. Because of their devilish nature, the gods made the merfolk unable to cross breed with other races, fearing the devious and violent nature so carefully balanced within the race would surely become an abomination if mingled with more corruptible races never meant for the purposes the merfolk were created for. Because of this, merfolk wishing to engage in sex solely for pleasure can resort to mating with other races as a means of eliminating the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. Such a practice is not considered degrading in any way, it is however considered foolish as while among merfolk they understand it is a very temporary thing, other races have a notion of falling in love and life long romances or worse, marriage. While merfolk would never be jealous of each other, should a mate from another race entice them into a sustained relationship the results can be disastrous should the merfolk in question develop an attachment or fall in love. Merfolk in such cases can be rather vindictive and most unforgiving should the mate from another race break whatever promises they may have made, often resulting in the death of the merfolks mate.

The Villages

Merfolk villages are often small, the largest one might be two hundred including  children. The smallest population for a mer village might be thirty. If a village even has elders at all they would simply be a collection of the oldest merfolk at the time and of the most preceding generations. They have no homes other than small caves or crevices where they sleep, often pushing a rock to block off the entrance. A 'fancy' home would be one with a rock that fits the entrance really well and has a nice level sandy bottom with no protruding rocks. Sometimes such quarters are communal and shared by siblings, or a family, or even by an entire village. Other times they are solitary and each mer will have their own crevice. Some villages will have a favored area for meeting and socialization, or commonly an area ideal for children to play. Villages can move from time to time, however most times will stay within a generalized area. Merfolk do not make edifices or buildings, the most they might do is remove uncomfortable stones from where they sleep or match rocks to entrances, at the very most chip away at the rock for an entrance for a better fit.  Most merfolk spend less than half their time in their own village, but rather prefer roaming the seas, sometimes visiting the seas wild life to both enjoy the wonder and beauty of it and to care for it's well being and enhance it's evolution. Sometimes out on an adventure to punish evil or to solve difficult problems or challenges the merfolk face. The most gifted among them, that is, those who are fully accomplished in at least one ability and can summon at least one powerful sea creature, but most often two of each, are usually the ones urged to do the work of finding and punishing evil or resolving challenges and problems the merfolk face, while those less gifted often find themselves making a career of advancing the abundance and variety of sea life, evolving the sea creatures in new ways and constantly perfecting them and keeping them in balance with the rest of nature.


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   Merfolk do not cook their food in their own environment. They most commonly chase down a tuna and stab it with their trident or spear or pry open a few large oysters for meat. They are also fond of eating edible plant life and even leaves and seaweed. The oceans of Valeria are abundant with food, more so than earths oceans. They are pristine and from the coral reefs to the vast open waters to the abysmal depths life in may forms are abundant and offer a variety of food ready for the taking, and Merfolk partake of it raw. 
  On land Merfolk will readily eat raw fruits and vegetables, and generally prefer meat to also be raw. Some will eat cooked foods when it is offered to them while some will abhor it and consider cooked food ‘ruined’. Raw foods do not present the dangers of parasites or disease that they do with other races. Any parasites or diseases will have their evolution autocratically be subconsciously altered by the Merfolk in who’s body they have come to inhabit becoming weak and harmless within seven generations. Parasites if able to be a threat without reproducing generally get attacked by the natural normal flora within the Merfolk’s body, able to be adapted to handle whatever parasite might invade. Raw foods being richer in needed proteins and nutrients than cooked foods appeal to the Merfolk far more than even the most delectable of cooked foods.
   Merfolk when they wish to feed guests not of their race while on land may roast food simply by piercing it with a stick and roasting it over a fire. They may also use fragrant and savory herbs, wild onion, salts, pepper, and roots like horseradish. Their senses naturally are able to detect what will go well with what as it cooks and they have a profound sense of balance for flavors and smells. Their motive is to make the food ‘less ruined’ and the results are often surprisingly tasty for most races palates and can easily compare to even the best cooks even when it is a Merfolk’s first time trying. Thanks to their natural sense of smell and balance, provided of course they have savory herbs and spices growing  nearby to work with.

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