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Rant On Stupid People

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1 Rant On Stupid People on Wed Dec 21 2016, 10:39


Rant, Stupid People

Rant of the moment, I have to say I am rather angry at this whole ordeal. So as many know I am a developer, being a developer puts you in this group of people, some call it to like minded people but in truth, it is a new can of worms of stupid arrogant people who think everything is off them and off their back.

So to break things down, lets start a long time ago, back in the day when I started developing I was a nice little noob, right out of the box developer starting to learn, and as some do we mess up, I did some bad things and mimicked others work simply to learn and figure junk out made some things that looked like already in imvu things and yes even if it was wrong and I know that as it is stealing ideas off people it did help me learn and as I got better I stopped doing it. For the longest time, no one really gave a shit lol then one day a friend of mine gave me some “custom” display images saying all I needed to do was pop my name on them. So I did that popped them up things were great.

Turns out the display images were made by another artist and I had no idea I thought they were made for me by my “friend” that week I got a nice chunk of hate mail from multiple people. I contacted the main person they were stolen from saying “hey I am sorry they were from a friend and given to me I am sorry I will take them down asap did not mean to offend.” He then told me I was a worthless human being and I should be hit by a bus. No joke that is what I got from him (nice people eh). And then he sent me another thing saying all you have stolen from us will be posted on a public group for thousands to see how much of a thief you are. <- that is no joke the textbook definition of a blacklisting which is bullying and wrong in so many senses. And now since 2013 that has been nicely tethered to my back as the known thief Anaya.
NOW it has yet happened again another massive misunderstanding that has gotten me a short straw and it pisses me off. So years ago, YEARS, I made some dragons based off a developer I respected, I did it when I was growing as an imvu creator, but they were not the same, alike ya sure depending on for how you look at it. But stolen hell no, first off you can’t steal from the person seeing things are set to not derivable and if you can I don’t know how to do it XD so as people do they filled their papers shit got taken down and now I have filled mine to counter it all and get my things back up. But the thing that angers me is why can’t people just talk to each other like adults BEFORE they go ham on things and start slandering people they don’t even darn know.

Now I know I was young I did stupid shit a lot of the things from way back when in my shop I changed replaced or hid so I would not have stolen junk for sale or I edited it to make it fully different. But for sure some things I missed or I did not think they were alike enough to matter. Like I get it when something is yours it is yours but really is something is alike to yours you should not care so what it is imvu and the internet shit will look kind of like your shit every now and again. It is like years ago I made a black wolf pet, so am I going to go to every mesh from that that is black and say hey you stole my black wolf I am the only one! NO, a person does not do that, wolves can really only be made in a couple colors and one of the main ones are black and white, so if you made a black or white wolf you don’t just go around and report and DMCA every bloody black or white wolf because it is black or white and so is yours.

It angers me to unimaginable measures when a person can’t just come talk to another person, and then ONTOP of it all they go on there darn Facebooks and slander the name saying that imvu should toss this person without knowing anything about anything. Now if you see your EXACT texture, catalog image, mesh, everything, on a person’s account, send them an inbox saying hey this mesh texture and junk is mine can you remove it, then if they don’t report them for sure and get it removed at least you can say you tried first to be civilised and talk things out. But after it all, after imvu has removed it, shits done, end it darn there, don’t go to your people and blabber to everyone with ears on how bad this person is, on how they have no life and should be hit by a bus or worse say on how all your friends should inbox them to say how bad they are. People have KILLED THEMSELVES over imvu shit like that, and then the day comes around when you the hater gets people doing the same to you and you cry over it or get all hurt over it, and magically karma has made you feel the other person’s pain but for sure you will not connect the dots on it
NOW once my counter is done over this bullshit and imvu puts back up my things that the person took down on me, I am going to KINDLY still after all this crap, send him an inbox saying.

Greetings -name here-

I am Anaya, and recently you popped in some DMCAs on my dragons, I would like to explain something kindly to you. When I first started developing years ago when the said dragons were made yes I mimicked my dragons from yours as yours are levels beyond my skill set and I wanted a challenge to learn, no textures of yours were stolen, no meshes were stolen, all I did was the same that you did with your product evil dragon, make something that is like minded to another person, you made the Mona Lisa and I made the cheaper one that is like it but far from the real deal. Out of respect for you I will hide what imvu gave back to me after I countered your DMCA, I wish to have it as I did in fact hand make the textures there and with the loss of my last computer I lost them and would like to keep them due to memory value and to help with future deviations. If you would like to talk more about this matter you for sure can inbox me or even PC me to a chat room privately and I am sure our conversations will be in good faith between us.
Thank you for reading


Out of it all, I will still be an adult and we will see if I yet again get an inbox saying to get hit by a bus, or some threat saying they will sue me and they never do. The hate mail people send is ridiculous, and a lot of it is not even from the main hater, it is from their stupid friends that just blindly follow not knowing yet a thing just like the hater. Yes, I know some people make real pocket change from imvu and from junk but this guy doesn’t, and if he does it is legitly that pocket change, I have seen his Facebook and the slander, it is a joke and I am not having it, I can’t wait till my counter notice goes through and passes and if he wants to go farther then imvu his lawyer can contact me my details are on the counter-notice.


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