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History of Rose Lake

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1 History of Rose Lake on Thu Dec 29 2016, 01:01


as revealed by the words of Morgylla, renowned of the merfolk, Grandmother of Vexylla, 
to those merfolk youths in Ylla Village, in the Great Abyss near the gorges where the
Leviathan broods, sent there by their fathers to the Black Merfolk of  Ylla for the
furtherance of their education and preparations for their first meeting of the Leviathan.

"You have heard of the world above, and it's history and fall from the will of the Divine, and how it saddened the Goddess Lorraine. You have been taught how evil and foul and even arrogant those wrenched dragons and their worthless offspring have become, even, even to slay their own who would do good and might resume the Divine will and council those upon land that they might become worthy. From these wrenches such a dragon has emerged and evaded the murderous attempts of his less noble kin. He now resides among the royal family of Rose lake in the Konti Isles. There, he gives them wisdom which that family records and spreads to the people residing within those Isles, and to as many who visit there who will give listening to them. Their story, is one that I know. I was there and bear witness to those events and I shall tell you. But we must never reveal what I say to you today to any not of our kin. For though the Sky Keeper has fallen, and those upon land have nowhere to ascend now, some dim hope, some meager assemblage of what was meant to be from the founding of Valaria is now forming upon the Isles of Konti. They do what we can never, and must never even hope to do for we must never teach those upon land. Should those ignoble dragons learn of this, that dim hope and rare good would surely be severely endangered.

Grontis, is a fae Dragon. Not one of mighty powers, nor one of any meaningful stature. He is no larger than a tuna. He is however adept at camouflage, not only of sight, but he can change his very scent as well and alter his sounds. He is cleaver and tricky. Grontis studied much, and in his studies wandered far and wide. He had a particular taste for studying the Divine and most desired what scraps and pieces of Divine Wisdom he could salvage. As he studied and acquired knowledge, wisdom was not far behind and he began to think that perhaps dragons rather than ascending, have fallen short of their true glory. "

"He began to pity those upon land, and began to teach them and council them as best he could. Among other things he taught them an incantation, a prayer of sorts he was most fond of from the bits of Divine Knowledge he managed to salvage. It is rather weak in power, but helpful in the lost world above and most importantly can be done by anyone sincere regardless of magical ability or learning. It creates a faint Aura of sorts, a holy one that helps to dispel darkness and invites light and understanding within them. It clears away greed and madness from the mind allowing the people upon land to see more clearly. His work was discovered however by his belligerent kin and soon they tried to search him out to destroy him as they have done with all dragons whose will is to be what they were meant to be by Divine Will. He easily tricked them all, none could find them. Their keen sense of smell nor their eye sight could avail them. But one dragon, a particularly evil and loath some black dragon of some considerable size and power which he used nefariously to no good ends, who we have latter learned was named Vorrok, found a way to follow him. In his fruitless search for Grontis he happened upon a poor family holding hands and reciting the incantation Grontis had  taught them. He knew only Grontis could have taught the people something that would have the effects of this incantation. He was enraged and maddened, and in his furry bathed that family in his acidic breath melting them to the bone. He could see the faint aura of Holy Light, and easily found all who had said that incantation to slay them. He formed a murderous trail of blackened bones that could only lead to Grontis."

"The humans Grontis was teaching at the time were family members of a Royal house tragically displaced by war. The royals were desperate, not only for their own fate but that of the few still loyal to them and they clinged to Grontises words and wisdoms he taught, feeling strongly that this was the basis of a Kingdom their followers and their descendants deserved, and one that somehow would stand above the madness of the world they lived in and invited Grontis with them as they reestablished themselves on the uninhabited Isles of Grontis. The Isles were even then, a place we merfolk gathered around and the people and even dragons feared them. But those Royals, Fenstien by name, became convinced after hearing the true history of the world, that they need not fear us should they avoid repeating the treacheries and misguided ways common upon Valaria. That we would not seek them for destruction. Grontis, on his part felt that those Isles would be avoided by his kin and he would have a safe place to study and hide as he continued his studies and meditations, and a people to impart his wisdom too wanting to be more than what his vile kin had become. And so, they journeyed to the Isles picking up such disenfranchised people as they came across along the way. They did  make it to the Isles of Konti without trouble as they were too many for common robbers and the most feared robbers, that is the Kings, Queens and Rulers were all too happy to be rid of unwanted people who sought nothing but to banish themselves upon what they called cursed Isles hoping they would all perish and they would be rid of them. To the contrary, we merfolk were curious as to this people and did not disturb them. They worked hard and were fair one with another, not one was abusive or exploitive of another and they built wisely under Grontis's guidance. They commonly had that aura about them from the incantation upon those Isles. We Merfolk found no opportunity to punish. The Fenstiens were right in their assumptions, we bothered them not. Such a rare sight, I myself hearing of it went to see for myself not being far from those Isles. But I  was not the only one journeying to see them. Vorrok was trailing them madly, and soon he laid a path of the desolation of those who used Grontises incantation to the very shores of Firedore, and across the channel to the isles was the only path Grontis could have possibly gone. I was there in that channel watching from the beneath the waves as Vorrok spread his leathery wings, and grinned madly with arrogant malevolence at the Isles with his acidic saliva dripping from his rancid teeth onto the crashing waves of our sea from a high cliff."

"Oh what a sight he was! I could see and feel the evilness of the energies of his wrenched soul and my desire to punish him was awoken and great. In my own journey to the isles, I had spotted a particularly large and strong kracken we know as pain killer, for he had once crushed an overly large and belligerent demon specializing in inflicting all sorts of unspeakable pain within his tentacles, the one with the whitish cross shaped scar over his right eye from the same battle with the demon calling itself pain. I summoned him in anticipation and waited for Vorrok to land in a more, opportune place. His desire to terrorize and kill was upon those of the Isle, it was written upon his face and the energies of his soul were diabolic and set upon those Isles. The air was charged that late day as a storm was passing to the north, there was so much electricity in the sky above, just waiting for me to call it down. As he took flight I prepared to call the lightning, such as I had never done before and swam beneath the fast currents of the channel. He out paced me  as he flew and set the stench of his acid breath upon what ships the people were building melting and sinking those in the water and even upon those being built dissolving the wooden structures into rooting black pools upon the soils. He obviously meant for there to be no survivors as he left them with no way of escaping the isle. Circling above he flew back to the cliffs facing the channel and landed there  for all to see. "What have we here? Loath little mice scurrying for their lives! Is there not a dragon to defend you? WIll Grontis leave you to die by my claws? Did you think that you could set a new order contrary to dragons being above all? Fools all of you, behold my might and know you shall all die!" That evil dragon said to them antagonizing them and instilled them with fear. He must have known that Grontis could still possibly evade him, and if he failed to kill Grontis, his words and actions would crush his will and leave his soul broken. But Vorrok knew not that I had my desire to slay him! Nor that a kracken had just arrived and his tentacles were waiting to drag him under. He had not seen nor sensed my presence and I had him perfectly in view and was ready to slay him! I let loose with all I had, and a lightning bolt flashed and for a split second out shinning even the sun. A single trail of electricity flashed from the sky down upon the black horned head of Vorrok even as the pain killers tentacles were emerging from the sea."

"The people screamed in terror, not only from the dragon but they did not understand the purpose of the lightning and feared it also.  The sound of the thunder was such as even I had not heard before and rattled the rock and waters. The kracken's tentacles wrapped about Vorrok's body after the lightning had struck, they had found  what they had sought and pulled him from the cliff upon which he had landed into the sea.  As he struck the water I swam to his head and leaped upon face so that he could, if still alive see me. Oh how I wanted him to know it was I who had taken him to the deep! I thrust the end of my trident into the corner of his eye even till the fork prevented it from going deeper and pounded him between his eyes as they rolled back into his head and the tentacles of the kracken dragged him beneath the churning surface of the sea. Some of the braver of the new islanders ventured to the cliffs edge to see what they could. I heard them shout from above that it was the merfolk. I wondered if it was bravery, or foolishness that they came to see. Whichever it was, I decided I would not judge. Vorrok's bones still lie at the bottom of the channel to this day, a testament to the arrogance and stupidity of such evil. Grontis and the people were now free to pursue their desires, no other dragon had the knowledge to follow the trail Vorrok had make. As far as I can tell, the other dragons consider Vorrok to have gone mad not being able to find Grontis, perishing in the sea in his insanity. As for their search for Grontis they have surrendered it and probably think him to have died. 

Over the years the residents of the Konti Isles prospered, and continued in ways wiser than others upon the land. They are friendly to us, and the first merfolk to walk among them came back telling that they revered us, he was given blood to transform his legs and a cloak to wear while he walked among them. The dragon taught the true history of the world, and of true gods and goddesses. The Royals relayed the wisdom Grontis taught, but not of his existence. Nor of how Vorrok was slain. It is only recorded in pictures and statues the royals had made by the local artists, a record and reminder for those who understand the symbols kept in the castle and at the Epipton Sea Watch Tower. They built fine ships, and rather than ravage and use up life in the sea and on land, they integrate it into their existence and keep balance with it. A special water was discovered on the isle, they use it for healing and for insights uncommon for humans. 

Apart from the worship of gods and goddesses two cults have sprung up basing their beliefs upon the history of the world. James Epipton formed the Epiptons and built the Sea Watch waiting for the day when when they believe the leviathan would rise to slay all the evil dragons heralding the return of Lorraine to restore the Sky Keeper and ascension to the skids above. From the common workers and docks a belief was circulated that humans could become one of us, a merfolk, if only they could be deemed worthy and solve the mystery of why we are able to punish evil doers without spoiling our souls. I need not tell you how misguided such a belief is, but nonetheless they have refrained from following the ways of the Leviathan and have even been among the most noble on the isles. They are called the Sauritons and no matter how we deny such things they will never believe it, nor understand that we were created to follow after the Leviathan while such things are forbidden to them and all those who walk upon the land.
The Kontians began to trade, and make fine arts and crafts, collect pearls and silk to sell for the goods they themselves need. They are now respected among the vile nations, and recently many have come to visit them. And so they should! Let them come and see what wisdom they can learn, let them return and perhaps other nations will be inspired to seek their knowledge. The world above has no better hope."

"As for us, we also visit them. They have even made a building upon the lake easily accessible to receive us where they give us blood to sprinkle on our tails so we might have legs for awhile to walk among them and they give us cloaks to use. They will aid us and set us on our way should we seek to find evil upon the land to visit the Leviathans ways upon the evil, even giving us transportation and intelligence. We watch those isles and that channel closely, many adventurers patrol those waters waiting for any who would destroy those people and their tiny dragon. We have made that channel impassable for an invading army. Those on land have written agreements for what they call an alliance. Such foolery! We have no such contract, but benefit those upon those isles naturally, and they benefit us. They still value gold and wealth and lavish vain things, they are not a people who have achieved true worthiness, but they are by far, learning to follow the order prescribed by the Divine. Any who dare to spoil such a rare thing in such a monstrous world must eagerly be sought out by us and be destroyed. Keep the secrets of Grontis and the royals young ones, never betray that secret lest the wrong people or dragons learn of it. Do not speak to any not of our kin of the true history of the Konti Isles. No not even to a royal. Only to Grontis himself should he ever make himself known to you. Should you be adventurous and have powers, take head to patrol those waters every so oft and ensure that channel is impassable to those who would harm the islanders or their clandestine dragon. Should you walk the ways of the Leviathan and seek punishment upon one hiding upon the land, go first to Rose Lake, they will give you aid and council and needed knowledge of where to look and how to get there, of the people where you must go."

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