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The Leviathan's Quest.

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1 The Leviathan's Quest. on Mon Jan 16 2017, 03:47

This log is where we shall make our posts to earn the ability to do banishing and binding for our merfolk characters.
In this quest one must do to the Leviathan at his biding. He will test your character somehow, and for each merfolk character it might be different. He will then have you go to a crystal in a cave to the east as the sun rises in the spring and touch it. it will unlock these abilities but at a price, for inside that crystal is a phantom that will cast darkness upon the merfolk. The merfolk must then use their newly unlocked abilities to bind the phantom and banish the darkness lest they be subverted and destroyed by the phantom desperate to escape it's fate of imprisonment. Each post must be a minimum of 1,600 words or forty IMVU lines long.
before you can do this quest you must complete a bio for the merfolk you are doing the quest with and that bio must be accepted by Daya Autum.

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2 Re: The Leviathan's Quest. on Mon Jan 16 2017, 03:48

-At the bottom of the sea, in abyss near Ylla the black merfolk village lay the Leviathan in a long gorge in the floor of the abyss. He was the mighty punisher of Valaria, but now he lay brooding as he has done since ancient times over the treachery of that first dragon when he murdered the Sky Keeper and took her wings for himself thus plunging Valaria into mayhem. From the behemoths nostrils great streams pressed through the lightless waters with his agitated breathing. He could sense a mermaid was coming and it was hardly a surprise to the great Leviathan for he had sent for Vexylla as it was high time she expanded her powers. He kept his eyes shut with his head upon the ocean floor as she swam near "Vexylla, grand daughter of Morgylla. They say that you do well in your patrol of the seas and that there is little that will stop you in meting out punishment for those in need of it. But I know differently Vexylla, there are things that would easily confound and overcome you. Tell me what do you have against darkness or phantoms? If an evil phantom troubled our seas what could you do?" Vexylla came to the maw of the Leviathan and spread her fins lowering her tail. Her momentum through the water braked and she steadied herself in the dark waters of the abyss before the Leviathan. He had questioned her greatly, his scrutiny was, unfair. But he was right in his evaluations and she knew it. But Vexylla was not so easily pinned, nor her will so easily broken. - I would do as we have always done Leviathan when our own methods fail us. Seek your council of course! You are our teacher and ally. So it was from the beginning as it was meant to be and such is your charge and promise to us.-The maw of the Leviathan stretched into a malicious grin and his great head lifted from the sea floor and the sediments of ages swirls in the dark waters beneath the great scales of his jaw. His enormous snake eyes opened with wide eyes to gaze in the pitch black at Vexylla. "I am pleased with your spirit and will Vexylla. You are not so easily brought low." The Leviathans large eyes draw close to the black mermaid adjusting and focusing on her and her patterns so much like a barracuda. "Your patterns fit you well for you have been a predator of evil and it is time that you became stronger and more powerful to go after greater prey." The long saber like teeth lined the breach between his jaws, even the smallest of his teeth dwarfed Vexylla and he raised his head yet higher and he gazed at her with both eyes. "You must learn to be able to banish and bind such things Vexylla, and even darkness and immaterial evils shall be your prey and you shall be even their terror and dark shadow from the sea that they dread and you shall rid Valaria of these violations." The Leviathan nods once lifting the sediments he had disturbed earlier as they slowly descended to settle once again upon the sea floor. "I have a quest for you Vexylla. It will give you this power That I wish for you to have, but there is danger. Once you start, you must complete it lest you be corrupted and destroyed and not only that but let loose a terror upon the seas that I must then hunt and bind. I know that you will accept Vexylla, is this not so?" The Leviathan challenged Vexylla, but his challenge was not simply to accept his quest, he was purposefully attempting to bully her. He would not have his most powerful merfolk so gullible and easily manipulated! She must thwart him. That was part of his testing.-You are so certain I shall accept whatever terms you have without hearing them first? I know you Leviathan! You are dark yes, but unwavering. You have for long ages kept true to your charge from the Divine and I do not believe that you will falter now by being evil to one of us. Nonetheless, I must never be a fool. Until I know all I shall never accept such a thing.-Vexylla's words well pleased the Leviathan. She passed his test well and he judged her ready. His grin broadened exposing most of his enormous teeth and his eyes stretched wide. "You are correct Vexylla, grand daughter of Morgylla. You would have been a fool to accept my quest on such terms. Had you done so I would have sent you off on a fools errand and counted you a disappointment. I could offer you only partial knowledge of this quest in attempt to yet ensnare you into a situation only a fool should attempt but I am satisfied. In a crevice due east as the sun rises in the spring there is a cave and in the cave a crystal with a dark phantom within it. Touching the crystal will release the phantom but it will also teach you to bind and banish. You must rebind the phantom to that crystal and you shall have the powers I mentioned. Will you accept?"-No I will not-Vexylla remained unmoved and folded her arms before the Leviathan as the Leviathans grin yet broadened. "The danger then is that this phantom is very powerful, and will before you are able to bind it cast darkness upon you. You must banish this darkness as well and not surrender to it. The Crystal merely unlocks this potential and cannot teach you to use the ability. To use this unlocked ability you must within your will command the phantom into the crystal to bind it, and command the darkness to oblivion. Both visualized as if it were a land creature that you drown in the water. Pull the phantom down into the crystal and the darkness down to oblivion while commanding them as you are of the sea and the greatest gods made you with this authority. You do not even have need of the name of this phantom or his darkness and it is better if you knew not. Can you understand what you must do to succeed Vexylla?"-Vexylla gazes at the behemoth and nods with her head slightly tilted and her fins swaying against the ebb and flow of the abyss's dark currents.-Yes I believe that I understand now. Has there ever been a failure in this quest?-The Leviathan's grin relaxes and his head lowers into the gorges bottom. His eyes larger than Vexylla hold their gaze upon her. "There has. There bones lie along the sea floor beside the crystal of which I speak. For this reason I put a spell upon that crystal that none but those I send can unlock the phantom. I believe that you will succeed Vexylla, I would never send you if I thought otherwise. But I would be lying if I said it was not dangerous and others have not died. You must go alone Vexylla, it is the only way. I cannot be the only one to be able bind and banish as you know. I tested you,  attempting to deceive and manipulate you just now to be certain that you have not gone weak or foolish. This phantom is evil and will attempt the same but not to test but to destroy and corrupt. It will stop at nothing Vexylla as you are the first thing that stands between it and escape from the prison it is in for our purposes. You have all that you need to know now, and if you are willing to accept the risk, then go and gain this power. If you are not willing I shall not think less of you nor forsake being your guide and you may depart freely and return when you need to."-Vexylla paused in the water slowly sinking as she weighed the risk against the gain.-I shall go to this quest and either succeed or perish-She turns keeping her gaze upon the great Leviathan as he nods and closes his eyes. With no rebuke or further words she knew that the Leviathan was content that she would do well and headed for the cave of the crystal of the dark phantom. At the cave Vexylla paused and gazed upon the crystal. She could plainly see the evil energies emanating harmlessly from it. Energies that if unbound would certainly not be so harmless for it would be free of the Leviathans imprisonment. It was tormented there in the crystal, such a sight for a mermaid too see! The leviathans own hand in punishment of such an evil creature, such a tale! But now she herself must face this evil and to do so do a magic she had never done before. She glided through the dark water of the abysmal cave to the crystal and placed her hand firmly upon it. She felt nothing inside her, no changes, and doubt began to fill her. The phantom however escaped the crystal before her eyes and manifested as a flowing black shadow before her, immaterial and menacing. QUickly the cave became darkened. It was dark before, as a darkness only found on Valaria in the seas depths. But this was different, cold, but also, seductive. Why was she here in the sea? Why risk her life hunting evil? Could she not take what she could? On land she could be counted a goddess! Indeed, the darkness within her was swelling. This was not her way, nor the way of the Divine, not her purpose nor the path for her. Her desire is upon this foul thing for it sought to use her to do evil. Her desire to punish this strange, thing, was growing and countered the thoughts and desires this phantoms darkness was attempting to seduce her with. She willed this phantom back into the crystal dragging it to it torments inside. The darkness screamed and shrieked and was no more but in the crystal. She however felt the same, but she looked to the crystal and knew that the phantom had hoped that it's darkness would seduce her to free itself. Such foolery! She was merfolk and greatly desired to see this evil thing pine away there, suffering because it could not destroy what was good. She visualized the darkness that the phantom placed within her and dragged it to the oblivion the Leviathan spoke of and it was no more, banished by Vexylla, grand daughter of Morgylla, as the Leviathan had hoped for her. At his gorge, the Leviathan could feel the darkness slip away and he knew that Vexylla had succeeded as he had predicted and inside himself, chuckled at the thought that this foul evil had been tormented by seeing it's chance at escape thwarted. It's chance was just within it's grasp, and it had once again slipped away.

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