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Times of Change

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1 Times of Change on Wed Jan 25 2017, 00:55


Anaya: The guards at the doors looked at the animal boy fellow and seeing clearly this thing was not a threat in any way so they allowed it in slowly opening the door to it, it looked male so one softly patted its little head and allowing it to crawl inside.  In the kitchen Samuel Softly he put his arm around his adopted daughter and held her to him as they walked over to the back of the kitchen. “you know my dear Ana I do truly wish to spend time with you, get to know you, all of you, we could be grand friends you do know but I do feel within you there is fear of me, or some sort of disdain for me, and I truly do not know the case of it. I care for you, my daughter, and more than my daughter, I do hope you know how much I do faun over you, I would never wish harm upon you” he said softly as he walked and turned with her over around the table to the door leading back to the kitchen. “please go see your mother, you have not seen her much, I have had a gift made for you, I will leave it in your chamber room upon your bed, I am sure you will enjoy it. Handcrafted all the way from the south. ” Sam opened the door for Ana as he allowed her to go, enjoying the fact he could assert his place upon her showing her he could have her if he so wanted. Anaya looked over to the kitchen door and smiled at Samuel as he gave a polite smile back and gave Ana a light tap on the backside as she went on her way. Anaya looked to Ana and nodded her head as she picked up the leather book and flipped some pages “miss Raven...” she paused for a moment taking up a necklace out of the pages of  the book. “if I remember correctly this was your mates, he had it around his neck at the coronation. We thought he left with you and the rest of the guests but it seems a body was found in the dungeon, found with gold in his fingers and this around his neck. I am sorry but the spiders got to him wall he seems to have tried to steal the crowns gold ” she moved and got up slightly taking the hands of miss Raven and placing the necklace into her hands “I am sorry my dear but this was all that was left of him. The panther can come with you if you wish, I am sure she will be a needed comfort” she nodded her head. “he will rest in peace in the beauty of death” she moved back to her throne flipping some more pages, the floor was to be waxed this evening, carpets cleaned, castle cleaned, and kitchen stocked and Sam and some guards were to go hunting for fish and meats, it was listed boar. putting the cuffs on without question and she picked up the bag by the handle “a slave does not need earthly possessions, you can get it back once you have served your time here. But what is in the bag you seem to want it so much”

LilDolly: *Ana didn’t know what to do as Samuel guided her small frame with ease. She didn’t fight him. She let him guide her. She listened as Samuel spoke, nodding to him. She knew that if he wanted he could take her and there wasn’t a single person who would stop him. He didn’t need to remind her of this. As he speaks of a gift she nods again before she speaks up, “You didn’t need to get me anything, but thank you kindly Father.” As he pushes her through the door she looks towards her mother, trying to make sure the fear in her eyes didn’t show, and attempts to move away from Samuel as quickly as she can. She nearly trips over the hem of her own skirt as she quickly makes her way to her mother’s side, cursing in her mind not wanting to make herself out to be a cluts, bowing as she gets closer, still trying to keep herself calm even though it felt like her heart was going to rip through her chest, to show respect. She takes her place at her mother’s side, falling as still as a statue until she was to be dismissed by her mother.*

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Anarial quickly nodded to her mother, coming before her she bows, not fully processing what was just being said. That she was being shipped off to a foreign country, to take it over and rule it under her mother’s banners. She straitens herself and speaks up, “Of course Mother, your will my hands. I will leave at once.” She caught what Samuel was doing out of the corner of her eye and she had a very odd feeling that it was due to her being sent off so far. She also now had the command to take a mate and she wondered if that was part of the reason for Samuels sudden mood change.  She moves too quickly remove herself from the room, not acknowledging any of the others in the room. She knew she could easily pay for the rug the new slave had ruined and taken the slave boy with her, possibly saving him from becoming a dragon’s meal but she wasn’t sure if she should or not, it was something she would have to think on. As she gets her set of rooms she pauses and looks around, it was all finally hitting her. She couldn’t run anymore. She couldn’t hide. She was to be a Queen. She was to rule and take care of an entire land. She wastes no time, she wanted to get to port before the sundown. She starts to quickly pack away her belongings. Putting her clothing in several chests she then moves on to packing away her weapons, everything from the collection of poisons, her throwing stars, her bow and arrows, and her collection of daggers. She then pauses as something catches the corner of her eye, the gift from Samuel, she steps over to her bed and picks it up, it was a beautiful handmade jewelry box, she gently strokes her fingers over it, admiring it before she ever so gently packs it away, making sure that no harm would come to it. She then sets about finding all of her hidden chest of gold. She was rich of her own accord, having spent years doing contract kills and rescues to raise her own money. She then pauses the thought of the new slave crossing her mind again, she knew Samuel may try to use that slave like the last male slave which would lead to his death. She sighs, hating having a conscience she now worried about the boy. She finishes collecting everything from her room having all but two of the medium sized chest of gold taken out to be loaded onto her carriage. She then has one of the guards come to help her take the last two chests of gold down to the throne room so she can speak to her mother. The idea had crossed her mind, she was going to a new land, one with new threats, people she didn’t know, and people who may want to kill her. She wanted to take a handful of people with her to assure her safety long term but she would need to make sure her mother approved before she left with them. She walks into the throne room with her back straight and head held high, figuring it’s better to start sooner rather than later to start acting like she was of the royal family. She walks up to her mother, bowing before she speaks up, “Mother, it’s come to my mind that I should need to take help with me. Ideal I would like to take a cook, and a handful of slaves. I would like to buy the new boy as well. I have enough to pay his debt for the rug as I am sure you know.” She then motions for the guard to step forward with the chest she speaks again, “You’ll find between the two chests one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins. It is my home that this is enough for all that I ask.” She glances towards the new slave, partly wondering how he would take to the fact that she was about to take him far away from these lands and across the world. Then she guessed he should consider himself lucky, not many slaves ever got to travel that far or see half the things he was about to see.


Anaya: Anaya stopped as she looked to her daughter, the one child like boy had gone to the kitchen to eat and was now fully out of view with the other guards with him. And there was Samuel standing a way back he had paused form his want to go to the kitchen as it seemed he wanted to overhear matters. And there he was standing only feet behind Ana, hearing everything and now glaring to the new slave boy and breathing down Anas neck. “i will take care of this my sweet you have some paper work to handle” Sam said as Anaya looked at him and lifted a brow. “she can take the slave boy if she is willing to pay for him Samuel, you do not get to fuck the life out of something another wants, you can take the coin to the hold” Sam was girting his teeth hard, Anaya was a bit away and could not hear it but it was sure with the fact he was right behind Ana she could. Samuel's green claws moved to Ana’s shoulders as he griped a little harder than one would want him to. “for sure… My” he said as the hot breath and heat coming off him was rising. “I simply want to wish our daughter well and see there safe depart, and I will take the gold as instructed to the hold” Anaya nodded her head and moved to go to her study along with the children that had already left them all and bashed into the doors and left. Samuel moved and turned Ana around looking at her his green eyes bright. “you have sealed the slave boys fate” he moved and wrapped his arms around her as his lips were only inches from her ear. “the boy will be dead before next month. And I will see you the next time I go hunting” his voice like that of a snake. But his words were not of anger, but he was hurt, he wanted her to himself but now she wanted a male slave, he saw it as compaction, a clear object he had to remove from the equation, not now , but in time, the next time he was to go hunting to the sea for fish he could detour the trip and go see the other land mass, he had been there a couple of times already and held a hidden base there that only he knew of. He looked into her eyes as he let go of her form the embrace “but why him?”
PestControl: The slave looked at Ana with his enormous, strained purple eyes. “Uh, yeah. Yeah, I’ll go with her. I’ll need my clothes, though.” He’d turn to his pile of clothes he’d just left on the floor before he even got an answer. “Still wear the rings, right?” He immediately bent down for his goggles to put them on first. He was visibly much more comfortable with the dark lenses over his eyes. He turned back around when they started talking about his… fate. He didn’t interrupt or anything. Just raised a brow. When Samuel closed in on Ana, the slave gritted his teeth and turned his head towards her mother. He’d accidentally made a habit of looking to her for approval, or just to get a read on how normal these situations were. What did this young Pest Control specialist get himself into this time? Interestingly, he forgot all about retrieving his clothes. He was just listening intently – oh, never mind. They were whispering. The slave turned merrily around back to his clothes while the savage was bragging to his daughter about how he was going to brutally murder him. The timing was really, really perfect. He missed the whole thing. By the time, Samuel asked, “why him?” he was putting his earrings back in. The slave was still naked, even as well-endowed as he was.
As Samuel came up behind her she keeps herself strait, well as straight as she can as Samuel’s hand grips onto her shoulder. She swallows hard and winces as he tightens her grip. She had a feeling she knew that her mother knew what she was attempting to do with paying for the boy’s debt. She nods to her mother as she walks off towards her study. As Samuel turns her around she tries to keep her face as plain as she can. She looks up to him with her soft eyes, she then swallows hard as he whispers into her ear her gaze flicks over towards the boy she had just bought, confident that she was doing the right thing. Once he finished speaking, she speaks up in a hushed tone, “I believe Mother will notice if your gone to long, and with me being so far away, it will be awhile before you make it out that way. As for why I am taking him with me, partly because I need servants that I can trust, ones that I don’t have to worry about trying to betray me. But the other part of me is taking him so he doesn’t become food here, for the little ones.” She left out the part about Samuel attempting to sleep with the boy and how that would kill him. She then smiles and speaks up a bit louder, acting as if Samuel had not just threatened the boy’s life, “besides I would be happy to see my Father once I’m settled in.” She completely dismissed the threats still as she looks over to the boy and speaks up as she moves to take a step towards him, “You, boy, what is your name? I can’t go around calling you slave. And for the love of the gods please put your clothing on.” So long as Samuel let her take her step away she would move to walk towards the boy, if not she would be stuck for the moment standing in Samuel’s grip. The guard setting down the two chests of gold before heading off to do his rounds.
Anaya: Samuel could see the slave moving and with a move of his hand in a very rapid single motion he took a claw slit his wrist and a shoot of acidic toxin shoot from him and landed right on his pants and top. The acidic unknown toxin eating the fabric like it was candy floss in water “you get nothing slave boy, walk in the cold with nothing on your ass, let’s hope the frost bites that pecker of yours right off” Sam gave a laugh as his bright green hues shimmered in the touch light. Black hair slung over his face as he looked to the slave, if his disgusting rod touched the sweet peddles of his Ana he would make sure the whole realm would see the insides of that vile peasant slave. As he stood beside Ana still holding her for a moment by the waist line “I will see you in three weeks’ time, about, I told Anaya i would be gone for a long hunting trip months ago, I never set a date with her, now I know the date” Samuel could not hold his temper at all at this point and letting go of his daughters hip he on mistake ripped her clothing, but thank the heavens he did not break her skin. He turned around as he allowed his wrist to bleed onto the floor the drops eating into the stone before he walked past a curtain ripping the side chunk out of it and wrapping it around his hand. As he vanished and went on his way he went outside, dropping down to his knees in the snow after walking a bit away from the castle its self the snow around him would melt. As he let out a war cry his skin being stripped from his body as the war cry changed to that of a beasts roar. Within moments Samuel who was once a man was dripping green and covered in scales as his red-hot hide shimmered in the snow. The back legs of the 80-foot-long red Wyvern pushed himself from the ground as he smashed his head into a old watch town they never used anymore, the stone being sent flying as one of the trolls screeched and ran from the frenzy of pissed of Samuel. He shot himself up into the air his massive wings pumping as he vanished to go blow off steam in the mountain ridge eating and burning everything he could see.

PestControl: The slave looked at his new mistress who’d just told him to put clothes on. “Oh, uhh…” He took a moment, clearly making up a name off the top of his head, “Kuuu… Kul’ich. No, I don’t know…” He shook his head clueless before bending down to grab his pants off the floor, only to see his pile of clothes covered in acid. His pants, boots, belt and socks melted right there on the spot. His coat, though… the acid rolled right off of it. Shrugging, he looked at Samuel with a cheeky grin. “Fire resistant and hydrophobic. Gotta love the feathers of a Fireduck.” What the hell a Fireduck was a question probably saved for another time. He picked up his jacket off the floor, his earrings eyeing Samuel like a hawk. The slave didn’t know what he’d done to piss this creature off, but the time had certainly passed for playing games. The lingering smile on his face, though, told a different story. “I’d like to think I’ll be keeping myself too warm for my ‘pecker’ to freeze off.” He looked at Ana. There’s no way to tell whether he did or not, but I like to believe that under those goggles, when his life was in as much jeopardy as it was, he took that moment to wink at her. Just to piss Samuel off when Samuel had just literally caught him with his pants down.

*Ana winces as her clothing was torn, grumbling softly as her dress was now going to need to be mended but she would save that for once she got to her new home, the sooner she got the boy out of the castle, the better. Once Samuel had walked off Anarial walks over to the boy, pulling the cloak off her back and puts it over the boy’s shoulders, over his jacket to make sure the boy was full covered and sighs, “Do not freight, Samuel will calm down in time and here soon we will not be here, as for your name, we will come up with one in time, don’t worry over it. Before we leave you need to go speak with the other servants and get yourself some new clothing, once you’ve done that make sure to get food in your belly and get a drink or two. But be sure to be ready to leave in a bit, if not, you may become food for my father.” She turned to head off towards the stable after she spoke, leaving the threat of him becoming dragon food linger, figuring it was enough that the boy would be ready and waiting for her.

Anaya: One of the children coming out of the study Noki trotted down the hallway looking for her dad, she gave out small chirps but he did not come. And form the sounds of outside he was out for a bit, Noki grumbled more, as she let out a high-pitched screech Anaya coming over fixing the glasses on the bridge of her nose as she flipped some papers in her hand “what, what is it my dear” she said not even looking up as Ryu was still in the study. She looked out a window seeing Samuel vanish into the distance as she grumbled “guess something angered yours father my dear Noki, he will be back later and i will get him to play with you, he is to take you and your brother out to play in the snow later and he knows that it is a date he can’t miss.” she moved and ran her fingers along Nokis large proud horns. “you will be so beautiful once you grow, a true gem” softly nuzzling her cheek against her daughters she moved and grabbed a guard’s helmet right off his head with a light laugh taking it in her hands and tossing it to the baby dragon as Noki jumped up and grabbed it in her jaws crushing it. The guard laughing as he watched his helmet get played with like a ball. “she will have a good bite my lady for sure” “as long as her brother does not beat her to her meals she will grow up mighty fine Gustave” Anaya said to the guard as she smiled and then walked on past him. Noki still playing with the helmet and rolling it along the floor Anaya did not want to fully sit down so just sitting on the edge of her throne wiggling her bare feet on the stone floor she went over her papers and fixed the glasses on her nose. “maids roll up the carpet will you” the maids around all at the same time with giggles in between responded with, yes, my lady then went to work rolling up the carpet, three maids doing the job to roll up the massive thing laided across the floor.

PestControl: “Right,” he said, bowing his head to let Ana get moving. Once she was out of the room and the lady Sif had entered, he’d nod his head back to her as if he didn't hear her objectify him. That's when he made his way to the kitchen. When he arrived, he realized he wouldn’t even get a chance to clean it. He laughed quietly to himself while he fetched himself a bucket of water. Now that he was here, he realized he was completely dehydrated. He poured the bucket onto his face, spilling --… very little, surprisingly. He drank most of it in one gulp, with only a bit spilling down his beard, neck and torso. He still wore that blanket as a cape over his jacket. At least he still had one thing to his name, right? Out of breath, he put the bucket down. “Give thanks he didn’t rip it to shreds,” he said to himself, alone in this kitchen. He dropped his head because he was a little tired. It was only then that he realized the chainmail on the jacket was partially melted, anyway. “Oh, damn.” He’d have to stop by an armorer to get it repaired. Maybe he could pick up some other tools, as well. The slave swatted at his inside breast pocket. The coin purse he carried was, indeed, still in there. “Oh, yeah. I’m going to have to make that errand.”

After she finished handling business with new slave she heads to the kitchen, packing her own baskets of food. She planned to take three, filled with fresh bread to try and make it last as long as possible, a large array of dried meat, anything from dried boar meat, deer meat, and some dried fish. She then piles so fresh fruit into the baskets, sealing them up and having them sent out to be loaded onto her carriage. Once she was satisfied with the kitchen she heads out the back door to the stables to get her beloved clades dale. She nuzzles her face against him before she speaks up, “Get ready my beloved, it will be a long journey and I doubt you’re going to enjoy this one. But I will not be departing from you, I swore long ago to never leave you behind and I need you with where we are going.” She gently pats his head smiling softly before she goes about making the stable help, help her pack enough oats, hay, and sugar cubs for two months, just in case something was to go wrong. She has them take those supplies to the carriage as she sets about packing away her riding gear, his brushes and the oils for his coat into a chest, locking the chest before she carries it to the carriage herself with her beloved horse following close behind her. As she gets to the carriage, she puts the horse’s things up onto it, securing them into place before she starts to go around the carriage, being heavily paranoid as she double and triple to make sure everything she needs is secured onto the carriage and nothing was being left behind. She makes sure the slaves were secure, they were all riding in a second carriage, she didn’t need any of them falling over dead on this trip so she planned to take care of them. She didn’t bother to make sure that the newest slave was there, if he wasn’t there he was left to be a meal for Samuel. To make sure they had enough food, water, and rest so they wouldn’t fall over dead on her. She locks the carriage the slaves wherein and moves to climb up into her own carriage, pausing to look back at the castle she had learned to call home. She was going to miss it, miss her freedom to come and go as she pleased. She knew this change was for the good as much as she disliked it at the moment. She suddenly felt a flood of emotions but she keeps her face straight and plan, not letting the emotion show as she feels the urge to cry. She slides the rest of the way into her carriage and shuts the door, the signal for the convoy to set off for the coast. She closes her eyes and starts to breath, it was still cold outside, a bit nippy for her liking so she tugs her cloak around her small frame to keep herself warm. She had chosen to ride alone, wanting to think. The ride to the coast was bumpy, rough, and overall uncomfortable, she hated to travel in a carriage but it was the easiest way to get everything she was to take with her to the coast. She fidgeted with the hem of her dress as she gets lost in thought. She wondered what this new castle would be like. It was on part of the world that hadn’t really been explored yet. It was foreign to her, and so where their customs. She knew she was about to step on a lot of toes and that she had to make it known she was not to be messed with right out the door. She was going to be close to one of her Mothers biggest enemy’s so she would need to watch her back. 

She was lost in thought as they arrived at the port town and she cursed as she realized it was too late to leave port on a ship. She grumbles and heads to the ship she seemed to like the best, a smaller ship she knew would make the trip faster. She speaks with the captain, securing her spot and her staffs spot on his ship come day break. She pushes several extra gold coins into the captain’s hand as she discusses not letting anyone know who was aboard the ship as well as for him to take the quickest route he could across the ocean. Once her business with him was settled she headed to the Tavern, taking her handful of help with her and pays for them all to have a meal. The Tavern Owner was thrilled to have one of the Queens children in his Tavern and had no problem keeping the drinks and food coming for her small company of people. She didn’t allow any of them to have mead, she needed them all up bright and early at daybreak for their departure. She has them all turn in late, heading up to their set of rooms. Anarial lays in bed, tossing and turning for most of the night. She manages to get a few hours of sleep but was up before daybreak, waking up everyone to get downstairs. They all eat bowls of porridge before she hands the Taverns owner a large bag of gold, knowing it was more than her bill but she figured he could use the extra bit of gold, after that they set out to the ship. With the help of the ship’s crew her belongs and that of the slaves were on the ship in no time. Just as the sun starts to slide up she was making sure that everything she brought with her was now on the ship, and she made sure that the help she brought with her had a room beside her own small room. Once she was happy she made sure that the captain knew she was ready to depart. Her mother’s men stayed with the carriage until the ship had left sight and was well on its way. They then rode hard back to the castle to inform the Queen that her daughter was on her way, and that they had personally made sure she was off. 

She had never been on a ship before and it was horrible to her. The first week one the ship she spent mostly in bed, sea sick and restless. She wasn’t use to being stuck in such small space. No matter how sick she became she made sure the servants with her had enough to eat and where at least semi-comfortable.  During week two she got over her sea sickness and was now moving around a lot more. She was clearly restless and she could swear she was losing her mind. She tried reading, playing cards, and sleeping but very little helped to relieve her boredom. During the third week, she became extremely moody, very snappy, and ready to rip people apart with how restless she had become. But just as the week ended the coast was in sight, she had finally arrived. 

Once the ship was docked she was pacing about, and so was her beloved horse. They were both going crazy and wanted to stretch their legs. The ships crews as long as her own help quickly worked to unload her belongs onto the docks. She then has final words with the captain, giving him extra gold for how quick he got her here. After she finished speaking to him she got someone to agree to loan her two carriages and had all of her things quickly loaded up onto the carriages. She takes the time to go into the ports Inn, changing her attire to better fit what she was about to do. She slides on a floor length black dress, her black riding boots, her jeweled arm bands, she locks her choker around her neck a large emerald now dangling just above her chest. She then brushes out her hair, sliding her head circlet on, she preferred that over wear a crown on top of her head. She then takes several moments to braid her hair, letting it hang over her shoulder before she slides her heavy cloak on over her head, hiding her small figure from everyone. She then steps back out from where she had been changing and looks to the Innkeepers, speaking out bluntly she says, “Your new Queen thanks you for allowing me to use your chambers.” With that she turns and walks out, leaving the couple dumbfounded, their jaws on the ground. As she gets back to her company of people and the carriages she nods and the banners of Iron where unraveled. Causing many people to suddenly turn their heads suddenly confused. Her beloved stead then walks up behind her and she smiles gently patting his head before she climbs onto his back, causing her to tower over just about everyone, including the carriages. The hood of her cloak falls down onto her back, her elven ears showing now. She glances around to the people of the town before she clicks her tongue at her stead heading off towards her new home. Towards the castle, she was to take over. She knew she had made an impression on the port town and word was going to spread like fire about the new Queen’s arrival. 

It took four hours to arrive to Stoivania, and Anarial was quite annoyed at this point. She had kept perfect posture the whole way and she wanted it to be over.  As the castle comes into view she inhales deeply, it was beautifully, it was more than what she had wanted or expected. As soon as they get inside the gates she jumps off her stead and pats his head, she orders her things to be sent to her new chambers. She turns to the rest of the people, demanding that they leave her stead alone, she would handle him herself. She heads into the castle, swing both of the doors open she quickly makes her way in and is meet by the head guard. He was a tall and muscular man, his skin was dark causing his pale blue eyes to stand out and Anarial couldn’t help but stare a moment, her mother’s words to gain a mate running through her head now. She shakes her head to bring herself back to the present. She orders him off to collect all of the servants, cooks and guards. She then heads to the throne room and takes her place on the head throne, causing many whispers as they wait for her  to speak up. She takes notes of the two other head people, Alice, the head of the servants. She was a short and fat women, ill-tempered and Anarial had a filling that she would be taking the women’s life soon. Then the head of the kitchen comes to her, his name was Oliver, he was a short fat man who stuttered and quickly darted off to hide behind other people and tries to keep out of sight. Once they were all there she would speak up, standing before them all. She holds up the papers she brought with her, stating that she was now the ruler here. Once she finished speaking she looks about and flat out asked if anyone has issues with her claim. Seven people shouted out in outrage. She glares at them but keeps her cool and then speaks up, demanding the two maids and five guards be taken down to the dungeon in shackles to be dealt with later, she’d come up with a creative way to handle them as well as make sure anyone else who had issues would be punished as well. She then sets about to make the castle her home, demanding that all of the old king’s belongings be taken outside and burned, she had the former mate of the king’s things packed up to be taken back to her Mother’s castle. Once she set everyone about to do what she had demanded she heads to the center of the castle and takes a few seeds out sighs softly she plants them in the soil there, whispering a chant in her elven tongue above them that would cause them to grow into a full tree of her homeland before the night was over.  Once she was happy with everything she headed up to her chambers, unpacking her things and calling it an early night. Crawling into bed and deciding to handle the rest of the issue tomorrow. She knew the servants she brought with her would need a day or two to adjust and she would too. Easily drifting to sleep in her new massive, four post bed.

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*Anarial yawns as she gets up, she was still adjusting to sleeping in such a large bed. Since she had started sleeping in the bed she kept finding herself waking up on the wrong side of the bed, the first night she woke up on the foot of the bed and today she woke up on the floor. Apparently, she rolled out of bed. She grumbles below her breath, “Why do people need such large beds?” She was sore and stiff and now grumpy. She then gets up off the floor, stripping herself of her sheer night gown and tosses it on the bed, figuring a maid would be through to clean the room, make the bed, and would put the gown up. She heads to the closet and grabs a lavender dress figuring it would make her silver eyes stand out. She slips into the dress with ease, leaving her feet bare as she slips on her jeweled arm cuffs and her head circlet. She lets her hair hand down around her shoulder freely, the heat making it frizzy and she didn’t feel like fighting with it. She then heads to leave her set of rooms and at the door she was meet by the head guard Avery. She smiles brightly to him before she speaks up, “Good Morning to you Avery, what brings you by so early?” She could swear she caught a slight blush spreading on Avery’s cheeks as he then speaks up, “Good morning my Queen, I thought I would come to escort you to breakfast.” Anarial nods once and moves to loop her arm through his and they walk towards the dining hall in silence, both slightly flushing.

Guest_PestControl: In a chamber in the dungeon, the slave in black’s bright purple eyes popped open as if he’d been having a nightmare. Without hesitation, he sat up. His head turned to his half-asleep colleagues, all flailing for the match box in the perfect darkness. “Gentlemen,” he said, before leaning down and picking his goggles up off the floor. He fitted them over his eyes as a slave with a Mohawk hairstyle lit a match. “Dammit,” started the Mohawked slave, “why’n the hell can’t we be upstairs with the rest of the staff?” The slave in black got up after pulling on his pants. “I don’t know,” he responded, automatically. That’s when the slave in black pushed the door open. Every other slave in the dungeon was already upstairs. “Well, we’ve got another late start to the day,” he calmly said, as if it didn’t certainly mean lashings from the driver. The Mohawk slave shook his head in shock. “Are you joking?” The slave in black leaned down again, his scars on his back showing. He picked up his jacket, looked back and nodded at the slave with the Mohawk. “I’ll see you up there. If you get caught, tell them to look for me.” He started upstairs. For god’s sake, the queen was probably already eating. The horse was going to be unfed and furious during her morning ride. He gritted his teeth as his pace quickened. This was going to equate to a lot – A LOT – of lashings. He didn’t know why, but he decided to stop into the kitchen to help serve the queen. Since the new ruler had taken over this castle, the whole thing was getting sparklier and sparklier. Especially the kitchen and the horse barn, where the slave in black spent most of his time. The chef tossed him a plate the queen would be eating off of this morning. The slave in black scrubbed it for a few seconds and afterwards, it was like looking into a mirror. The plate was almost glowing. He gave it back to the chef and patted him on the shoulder. “You going to the fight after dinner?” He asked the chef while he wiped down the glass she’d drink out of. “No, no,” he said, probably anticipating the loss of his shirt when they bet. “Well, I’ve got my money on the one with the goggles.” Said the slave in black, who, I’ll remind you, was wearing goggles. He put the glass on the table before throwing the towel at the chef, playfully. “Well, I’ll see you around. I’ve got a royal hoof to kiss.” He left the kitchen, deciding to cut through the dining hall as a shorter route to the stables.
Anarial smiles, feeling like a teenage girl with a crush as she was escorted to the dining hall by the guard, her mind pausing for a moment as Samuels threat to show up suddenly bounces through her mind, the time to where he was supposed to come was quickly approaching and she knew she needed to keep the boy out of sight. A soft sigh escapes her lips causing Avery to pause and look towards her, speaking up in a gruff voice, “Is something the matter my Lady? You seem troubled.” Ana takes a moment to debate on telling him, finally settling on telling him the short details as the finish their walk to the dining hall, her chambers seem to be as far from the throne room and dining as they could be in this massive castle. She tells Avery about taking the boy with her, and how it had enraged her adoptive father, about his threat to come and make sure the boy died. As they get to the dining hall the guard pauses at the door scanning the room to make sure that there were no threat and that’s when she spotted the slave she brought with her, near perfect timing. “You, boy.” She cursed herself, wishing she had a name for him but she went with what she had. “Why are you in here? You should have been out to the stables already. Your to be out there before day break, wither its storming or not. The horses all get pissy when they’re food is late.” She was trying to think of the best ways to keep the boy out of sight and that’s when an idea hits her. “Also, I’ve decide I want the stables completely cleaned out, including the empty stalls, and freshly painted. Clearly with the storm you can’t start the outside but you can tend to the inside.” She realized how demanding she sounded, but frankly she didn’t care at the moment she was trying to keep the boy alive.
TheLadySif: Diliria stood, leaning against the frame of the kitchen door, watching the hustle and bustle of the early morning duties. In her hand she turned over and over a stone on a chain as her eyes glazed unfocused into the room, back to the dining hall. Everything had gotten so exciting once the new Queen arrived, and she had hoped to get on her better side. Unfortunately she was unable to get close to her, not even having seen her yet. Her mind turned with her thoughts, she had come to be a guest at this castle due to her own maneuverings of her husband, but her goal had yet to be achieved. She shifted her gaze to the floor, thinking of the sister she had trailed this far. A sneer crossed her features for an instant before her soft features calmed back into the sweet expression she usually wore. She had everything under control at the moment, her husband still foolishly let her roam under the belief that she played a part in keeping the Arctic Elves in peacetime. As a concierge for her people, she had been only the second ice elf to leave the North, second to her twin sister. Just the thought of the wench escaping sent a chuckle to her lips, causing her to roll her eyes and turn, still leaning on the door jamb and trail her eyes into the dining hall. She sat up, interest in her eyes at the woman she saw off near the entrance and smiled lightly.
Guest_PestControl: The slave boy simply nodded as she spoke. Good thing, too. He’d had no idea it was storming out. The queen would not be seeing her horse for a ride today, so he might be able to get away with a lie. With a straight face, he explained, “I was just stopping in for… water. More water for the horse. I’ve been up since dawn.” His eyes were obscured by his dark lenses, but that’s when he looked to Avery to see if he intended on ratting him out. He looked back to the queen, his voice starting to let out a sentence. He knew Samuel had threatened him, so he wanted to ask about that whole fiasco just beyond the horizon. He’d ask about Samuel’s likely method of attack. He’d ask about potential strategies for counterattack. But it was no topic for breakfast. “Very well, your highness.” He bowed his head, letting out a sigh as he brought himself back up. He turned, then, to head back onto his path toward the stables. He thought while he was on his way whether he needed to feed Avery’s horse. Sure, he had to… but did he HAVE to? He’d put his hands in his coat pockets after he scratched behind his ear nonchalantly. “I think there’s already paint out there…” he said as he made his exit. When he made his way outside, he pulled his jacket over his head. The water pouring down bounced off his coat, not getting an inch of him wet. Finally, he was in the stable. Now he’d get to work, safe and sound.
Anarial partly wanted to doubt the boy’s words, he was new to slavery and seemed to have a way about him that needed to be broken. She would have words later with someone who handled the slaves in regards to having him trained properly. She leans up and gently kisses Avery’s cheek, her own flushing softly, “I hope to see you again soon Sir Avery.” With that she had dismissed the head of guards and turns to take her place at the head of the dining hall. Her long elven ears flicker softly as people start to pour into the hall, to get their breakfast and start the day off. Anarial didn’t have to tell the help what she wanted for breakfast, it had been a smart idea to bring a cook from her mother kitchen to here with her. Once she had settled down in her chair her bowl of porridge and a few slices of bread had been brought to her she quickly sends the maid back to the kitchen to fetch her a fresh cup of tea. She starts to pick at her porridge, her eyes drifting over everyone in the room, the slave boy now out of her mind for the time being. Her eyes catch the elf and she does her best to not stare granted she wasn’t used to seeing another elf’s all that often, she would make sure to speak with this one later. Most of the people in the room where staring towards her, they had only seen her once before today, and that was her arrival day, she was used to being stared at, but she wasn’t use to the whispers about her that seemed to be floating around.

TheLadySif: Lifting her chin just a tad, she caught the eyes of what she had easily deduced was the Queen. A light smile played over her lips as she let her gaze drape over her. ‘A young, slight thing. Very pretty. How… interesting.’ She crossed her arms over her chest and leaned her head back against the frame, laughing lightly before pushing off and sauntering slowly across the room. As she passed, she nodded to a maid in passing greeting, ran her fingers down the hair of another then winked to one of the manservants at the opposite side of the dining table. They each, in return lowered their gazes, a couple with blushes. She did so enjoy that endearing quality that she had instilled in a few of them. Switching her gaze to her target, she slowly walked up to Anarial’s chair, casually walking past and around it. She let her fingers play along the top edge of the chair before settling down in another seat close to her. She did not eat much as a female ice elf, but moved some food around on her plate with a fork anyway. She smiled down into the meal then swiftly moved her eyes to Ana. The sweetest of expressions, innocent yet with a cool type of mischief in her eyes. She lifts her chin to look at her directly and speaks. “Our lovely Queen graces us with her presence, how has it been these past few days?" Her voice was light but the other chatter lowered a bit as she spoke enough for just the Queen to hear

Anarial watches over the room as she picks at her food, the elf moving towards her catches her eye but she does not blatantly stare. Her ears flicker slightly, making sure to observe how the elf interacts with the servants, suddenly getting a bright idea about the new slave. She pauses midair with her spoon as the elf takes a seat beside her. She was still working to learn names and ranks of the people here, she had never really been good with name but she at least tried. She nods to the elf as she speaks before setting her spoon back in her bowl, takes a small sip of her tea and then speaks up in a hushed voice, “I have been well, attempting to adjust to the new castle, unpacking my things, and working to study what I can about this place. I don’t mean to seem rude, rather I’d like to be blunt. I noticed how you were with the few servants on the way over here, are you any good at training them? Or.. well breaking them?” She had a slight hope that this female may be her solution for the boy, maybe if he was trained by the time Samuel showed up, and she showed little to no interest in the boy perhaps he may end up living. As she waits for her answer she takes another sip of her tea before setting the glass back down on the table, moving to fidget with the skirt of her dress.

EreshkigaI: A loud crack that mimicked the sound of a whip ripped through the whole forest, perhaps even being heard through the castle and the nearby village. It seemed as if something had torn through the thick fabric of dimensions and realms soon birthing a woman onto the muddy ground. Her attire was queer looking aside from the fact that it was now soiled with mud and a bit of dry dirt. She was adorned in fiery red and obsidian black drapery, beautiful silk crimson ribbon's wrapped around her upper torso, a corset tightened against her chest, she loved the pressure but at this time it didn't make it any easier for her to breathe, swirling through a vortex of time and space meant no air for countless amount of time, and even if it were second's it sucked the air out of her lung's and pushed her through the ripped hole in midair, then slapping "Mother fu-" she stopped talking for a moment as she sat up on her bum, pulling rocks and sticks out of her raven black hair glistened from the rain drop's that interlaced themselves within the strands. After picking through her hair and pulling out every piece of rubbish out of her hair, she pulled her dress up by the waist in which was pointless for her at this time, she moved quickly through the forest. Raindrops threw themselves against her face, her eye's swirled between a light strawberry daiquiri color and a marbled white, many thoughts ran threw her head before she found herself on a road or at least what use to be a road, it had now turned into river that's clear water was corrupted with mud. "Seriously?" she scoffed as she walked through it
TheLadySif: With a raise of her brow, her smile widened. She leans back slightly and looks over to the maids and manservants moving around. As one comes to pick up her plate she looks back to Anarial as she grabs a hold of the young man’s wrist. He freezes, letting go of the plate and slightly shifting his eyes from the elf to the Queen before dropping his gaze, as though he already knew how to act, She turns his hand over, palms side upwards. “Training, breaking, playing, it is all a game to me. I feel that… “ Her eyes faded from the sparkling green to a more subdued blue color as she ran her other hand into the palm of the manservant. His body relaxed as he looked directly to the ice elf. “they are easy to control if they simply relax.” She tosses his hand away and shoos him with the flick of her fingers. He turns and walks away unhurriedly. She smirks as she watches him walk off then leans over to the Queen, whispering as her eyes glowed back to their usual green. “But not to worry, I would only touch you with the deepest of care. If you need anything….” She winks with a devilish smile. “anything. I can do it.” Her smile faltered as a crack in the air rippled through the castle. She looked upwards, wondering about the sound, furrowing her brow but soon writes it off as lightning.

Anarial can’t help but flush as she watches the elf interact with the manservant that came up to them, her idea so far was going well. She waits until the manservant was dismissed but before she can speak the crack catches her attention causing her to look up towards the windows, figuring it just had to do with the storm and dismisses it, bring her attention back to the elf. “I seem to have found myself with a slave. Normally I wouldn’t take one due to my own past but I felt the need to save this one from becoming a toy for a dragon. He doesn’t seem to know how to behave or act and needs to be… trained.” She said the last word lightly, pausing before she speaks up again, “His only to be enslaved long enough to pay off his debt to me. The faster he works the quicker he can be freed.” She falls quiet again, the flushes of her cheeks finally fading before she speaks up again, “Forgive my poor manners but I do not believe I caught your name.” Meanwhile, towards the entrance of the castle the guards where suddenly on alert after the cracking sound, most of them grabbing their weapons and scanning the horizon to make sure there were no threats coming towards the castle.
EreshkigaI: She'd lean forward, looking closer at one of the guards. Curiosity now being the only thing that filled her lung's, when Eresh was in a deep thought she held her breath. Eventually lack of breath would wake her up. The male guard that stood before her blocked the view of the people who she could hear talking. "Move you big lug!" She screeched as she tried moving her head around him but every movement she made he copied. This action of his angered her, so she reverted to yelling over this tall man. "MM, HELLO?! Can you move this ugly oaf please!" She shouted, jumping up and down flailing her arm's. Eresh had the personality of a aggressive child and the attitude of a scholar adult. She shoved at this male some, not using her full force but enough for him to move back at least a little.

TheLadySif: Hearing the yelling, Ria smirked slightly, an eyebrow raised. Looking to the door she laughs lightly “Looks as if you have your first visitor of the day.” She rises, then turns as if not even the slightest interested in the visitor. It was not her concern, her new concern was finding this slave and beginning her games. If she was lucky, she would get a little information out of the Queen, and even get to play with her. A soft smirk plays over her lips and she’d saunter through the kitchen out through the back of the castle unless Ana asked otherwise. Her gaze lingered to the food on the table for a moment. She looks up to one of the maids, who immediately lowers her gaze. Ria gives a sweet innocent smile then pretends to accidentally knock over an entire dish of vegetables and gravy. She leaps back with a gasp, only to look back to the girl and tilt her head. “Clean it up, and do come see me when youre done, i know it may be tiring work all this mess. And it is my fault, ill make it up to you.” She smiles sweetly and touches her chin before walking out.

Guest_PestControl: The slave came back in as lightning cracked behind him, totally unaware of the goings on at the time being. He held his face, which was now sporting a perfect horseshoe-shaped bruise. He held his goggles in his hand other hand, the lenses shattered. His eyes were closed, with blood dripping from around them. “My queen,” he started, knowing he was in the dining hall… although, not entirely sure that the queen was still there. He obviously hadn’t seen the woman she was talking to about training him. “I need to get new lenses,” he said, shaking his head as he blindly walked in a beeline towards the table, stumbling until he reached it. He put the hand holding the broken goggles on it, acting a bit casual about the wound he’d endured. “Soon as I got to the stable, there was a boom - louder than lightning. The horse took its surprise out by rearing up and – well…” he pointed briefly at his face. “I don’t need medicine or anything. Just – is there a maid who can lead me somewhere? Somewhere dark?” He put his hand back on the table, biting his lip, seemingly out of frustration. “Sorry for the inconvenience.” The boom was a while ago, then. He’d still been out there for a short while. Blinded. Wounded. When the queen would go out later to check on her horse, she’d find that the whole stable looked like it had just been built. No dirt, fresh paint, fresh hay and grain for the horses of royalty, lords and all the knights. The wood holding the place together had even been treated. But he’d only been gone for a few minutes. This slave, as undisciplined as he seemed in demeanor… had just done the whole job with his eyes closed. At this rate, his debt would be paid off in no time.

Anarial nods as the elf heads off to look for the slave she asked for help in handling, just as the slave came in. She takes one look at him and sighs, lowering her head a bit and shaking it before speaking to herself, “Dear Gods what have I done with saving him.. I hope this won’t be an everyday thing.” She then pauses and speaks up to the boy, “I just finished asking someone to show you the ropes, I’ll be handing you over to her for the time being.” She moves to get up from her chair, pushing it back and leaving her dishes and cup of tea for the servants to clean up. She moves to walk off towards the entrance to go and see what all of the commotion was about. Pausing to speak to one of the younger servant girls, “My dear, please, go fetch me a cup of sweet mint tea, speak to the girl I brought with me from Iron, she knows how I like it.” Once the girl darted off to get her the cup of tea she makes her way the rest of the way to the entrance, pausing a few steps back as she looks to the female who was now before her, huffing softly before she speaks up to the guards, “Take her to one of the spare rooms so she can freshen up and clean herself of the mud and rain. Once she’s freshened up, I will be in the throne room, and the next time I hear of you keeping guests stuck at the door we may be having stern words.” Once she finished speaking she quickly turned herself about and headed towards the throne room, taking a deep breath as she gets to it and pauses to take it in, Her eyes smiling as she sees the room was empty for the moment. She heads up to her throne, and as soon as she got settled into it the servant girl comes rushing in with her fresh tea, setting it beside her before rushing off. For the moment Anarial was left in quiet until the guests began to poor in.

TheLadySif: Pausing just past the maid, she sees the slave walking in. Her expression changes to one flat, cool glare. The nerve, walking right in and asking the Queen for something? She almost laughed at the idea. She took note of his wound and sighed. Still looking at him she reached to the table and grabbed a table napkin. A sweet smile brightens her expression while her eyes sparkle in the light. Walking over to him, she uses her ice magic to cool the napkin, icing it over slightly. “You poor thing, here, let me.” She wraps the napkin over his eyes and ties it at the back. “I’ll have to take a look at that.” With that, she sneers and reaches to grab his throat, ideally squeezing and frosting his neck while pulling him so he drops to his knees but letting go immediately after. She would then snap her fingers to a manservant and ask for the bucket of water he was cleaning the floor she messed up with. Snatching it from him she would pour it over the slave’s head. “There, cleaning it up is the first step."

Guest_PestControl: His brows lowered momentarily when he heard the unfamiliar voice speak patronizingly to him. “Ah-…” he wasn’t prepared for her to start dabbing his eyes with an ice cold napkin. He began to feel relaxed when she tied it around his head. Strangely, he trusted her… until she grabbed him by the throat and pulled him down. He jerked his right leg forward so he’d only be on one knee. He let out a surprised “Agh!” but for now, to her, he only spoke in noises. He didn’t even know what she looked like, yet. He brought the hand that had been covering his eyes to his neck. Why was it so cold? Why did it hurt? Was this… oh, right. He’d just been told that someone was going to deal with him. This was discipline. This was an authority figure, apparently a mage of some kind, trying to assert authority. It almost slipped his mind that he was a slave, sometimes. ‘Right,’ he shrugged to himself, ‘let’s get on with it.’ He heard a snap, then a bucket being picked up off the floor. To him, this could only mean one thing. He put his fist to the ground to prop himself up, hanging his head to hide his smile from his new ‘teacher’. He’d take the bucket. It was just another – he jerked his head up, still unable to see. Of COURSE she was going to freeze the water. “Shit,” he muttered, as he was doused. He’d have resisted, but he figured he could only run for so long while he was blind.

TheLadySif: She tosses the now empty bucket to the side, staring down at him. For a moment she looks at him then begins to walk around him, analyzing his form as he knelt. “Hm.” She looks away and comes to stop next to him. “Get up.” When he stood she would turn her head away and look to a maid while still speaking to him. “I can tell you work hard, and I admire that in a creature such as yourself.” She smiles to the maid who blushes lightly, obviously one she had played with before. Ria looks back to the slave and softens her voice, lightly touching the top of his head then running it down his neck. She walked to the front of him, her hand still traveling downwards then stopping at his chest. Leaning forward, she speaks to the maid. “Clean him up and tend to his eyes, I cannot rightly train him blind now can I? After, bring him to me, I will show him how best to repay his debt.” She smirks although she knows he can’t see it then cups his chin in her palm. “Let us play together. Every day. You by my side. Understood? Good.” She gives him no time to answer before turning and walking away, deciding she made the maid already in her room wait long enough. She could show her strength but she knew better than to show her true cruel colors in front of the other servants and people of the castle. For now she would perform her best skills in the confines of her chambers, where she did all her best work on the staff.

Guest_PestControl: The slave kicked himself up off the floor as soon as she bid him to do so. He smiled and nodded in thanks as she complimented his work ethic. When she touched him, he flinched a bit, just curling his lip in annoyance out of anticipation for his whole body being covered in a thin layer of ice to needlessly teach him a lesson. He loosened up a bit as her hand traveled to his chest, but he always anticipated her pushing him by the solar plexus to the floor, or something of the like. When she said they would play, he nodded in silence again, his smile disappearing. Those words, in the slave’s experience, were never good. Finally, when he was handed off to a maid, he spoke. “I don’t need treating. There’s just a little glass in… around my eyes. What I need are dark, dark lenses.” He turned his head to the maid and put his broken goggles in her hand. “Get those to glassman for me.” He opened his eyes slightly, then shut them again. He didn’t seem to sweat the wounds he’d suffered, but the light hurt too much. “Come on, just deal with it…” he said to himself, as he opened his huge, gorgeous purple eyes to the horrific light, even in this poorly lit dining room on a stormy day. “Just need to look at the floor,” he told himself, “the blurry, terribly bright floor.” He put his hand at his brow to minimize the light he’d receive. “Maid, where do I need to go?” He asked her, unsure whether he should report to Queen Ana or go to his ‘teacher’ in her chambers.

Ana sighs, clearly the girl was not going to come back anytime soon so she raises up from her throne, a hush falling over the people with in the throne room. She quickly walks down the stairs that lead to her throne and heads out of the room, walking past everyone with in the room, her dress sweeping over the floor as she walks, her frizzed snow white hair bouncing off her back as she walks. Every person she passes bows and speaks out “My Lad,” But she pays them no mind. Once she hits the hall she quickly makes her way to her study, leaving the door slightly open so if she was needed they could be let in. Avery, the head guard that had taken a fancy to Anarial decided currently the best place for him to be was directly outside of her studies door, to make sure she was safe. She wasn’t aware that he was out there she was too busy studying over most of the documents before her, studying everything she could get her hands on about this land, its people, and how the people of this realm normally functioned, to figure out the difference between here and her home land.

TheLadySif: The maid nods, “O-ok, I think this will take a day or two considering we don’t get these sort of things all the way up here on just a servants request. B-but I’ll see what I can do since Lady Goan asked…” The young woman sighed and looked over to Diliria’s retreating form. She then turned and grabbed the arm of another maid, and gave the instructions, once the name of who had ordered it left her lips, the other woman’s eyes widened slightly before she went off to put the order in. The maid then turned to him and pointed in the direction Ria had gone and began walking. “Her bedchambers are this way, i can only assume that’s where she wants you.” Lowering her eyes to the floor she took his arm and walked slowly. As they near the door, the maid can see it opened just a crack, even though it is open she knows better than to walk in, she even hesitates just to knock, staring at the door with a strange expression, one seeming of jealousy but also desire and fear.

Guest_PestControl: “Lady Goan,” the slave repeated under his breath, “alright.” He stood in silence while the maid handled the lenses situation, his eyes very slowly adjusting to the light. The maid guided him, he wasn’t sure where. All the slave knew was that Avery wasn’t bombarding him with questions, so they probably weren’t anywhere around the Queen. When they got to the door, the slave couldn’t help but feel the maid’s pulse. “What’s the matter?” He whispered, concerned. It wasn’t clear whether he was concerned about her or himself. He looked at her blurry face, unable to see her facial expression. In his head, he was thinking that he should have asked for an extra pair of lenses or even an entire extra pair of goggles to be made. After the maid’s response, whatever it may have been, he’d push the door open and say, “hello?” Damned if he did, damned if he didn’t. Whatever would come would come, regardless of what he did. In his condition, he couldn’t help a thing.

TheLadySif: The maid wrings her hands together, not answering then steps back with a gasp as he barges in. With one glance at the scene in front of her, she turns and runs off down the hall. In the room, Ria has the manservant on the floor on his knees, his back to the door. He had been stripped down bare and had his hands roped together behind his back in a complicated knot, the ropes themselves frosted over. Ria stood in front of the young man, his chin in her hand as she bent over, looking deep into his eyes. As the door swung open and she heard the hello, both she and the man looked back towards him. She raised a brow but smiled, intrigued at his audacity. The man on the floor looked over his shoulder, eyes heavy with lust and breathing erratic with Ria’s lipstick smeared across his mouth. Ria straightened and licked her lips, sighing and gesturing lightly to the door. “Leave.” At the word, the manservant’s lust-filled eyes filled with irritation but quickly dissolved when he looked back to her, nodding and getting up from his knees. He walked off into a separate room that also belonged to her. She turned to the slave and lifted her chin. “I see you heal fast. But you still seem blind as a bat… and loud too.” She was slightly annoyed that she was interrupted, wanting to relax a bit before having to deal with the Queen’s dirty work. Looking him up and down she raised a brow, he wasn’t built so bad but he was a slave. She preferred to torture the slaves and keep the servants, but she would need a different approach to please the queen. Without a second thought she walked swiftly past him and slammed the doors shut, dropping the lock on them before slowly turning around. Leaning against the door she set her eyes on his, focusing. Her power of empathy was always one she hated, therefore she chose to learn how to control it. Spending her entire life controlling it, she had learned to mold it into a manipulative technique. She was able to bend the will of any person, some took more work than others but she had it down to a perfection. And thus far it had not failed her completely. If she were to force herself to train him, she would do it the fun way. She would break him.

Guest_PestControl: “Hey, wait a minute,” the slave said, sarcastically, after she commented on his eyesight, “This doesn’t seem like a regular training program.” His head turned as she rounded him, then his body turned. Though he was relaxed, he decided he’d never have his back towards her. Even though he still had his coat and pants on, he knew what happened the last time he did that when he was in this – almost – exact situation. The second she locked the door, he quietly said, “I was wondering when this slave thing would get weird.” He said, as if he didn’t love that he’d gotten himself into this mess. His life had been one weird adventure after another. Here he was, across the world from his destination, a slave in a castle about to have some woman torture him into submission. Hell yeah. This is a tavern story if he’d ever heard of one. “So how’m I supposed to repay this debt?” asked the slave, smirking confidently as he… well, he didn’t exactly eye HER up and down… just her blurry figure, beyond his squinting eyes.

TheLadySif: Diliria stepped up to him, taking a moment to look at him, tilting her head slightly. She blinked once and looked away “Hm, purple eyes.” She then laid her hand on his shoulder and came to stand directly beside him. Due to his inability to see, she chose not to school her expression. A dark glare darkened her eyes, turning them a deep blue shade. A smirk played on her lips, one of mischief and dark promises. At her fingertips, frost began to form, soon spreading across his clothing. “My ice is traveling very slowly at this moment, I suggest you discard this little rag you are wearing unless you prefer i peel it from your bones after i have frozen you into a slave-sicle.” She spoke so calmly, it was almost sing-song.

Guest_PestControl: When she mentioned his eye color, they closed. He needed to relieve them of this stress, if even for a moment. When she put her hand on his shoulder, he accepted it. When she threatened him with freezing, he regretted having a fire resistant jacket. Freezing magic. That was one thing he had no defense for. Before her ice could spread too far along, he shed his coat to the floor, revealing his tattooed arm which had not yet been exposed and his shoulders, also inked up. His torso wasn’t hugely muscular, but very defined. Toned. He had the strength, just not the bulk. He preferred it this way. Slave be nimble, slave be quick. On his back, there were dozens of scars from lashing that hadn’t healed yet. The ones that bled had barely even scabbed. He’d been lashed as recently as the day before. Maybe even before he went to bed. In fact, that was what kept him up all night. The slave driver. Still, this slave had no pent-up rage. This was all just part of the job. Soon enough, it would be over. For now, he went with whatever she said. Soon enough, it would all be over. He wouldn’t resist. He’d let her have her fun. He’d let her think she could break him. Soon enough, it would all be over.

TheLadySif: “Good boy.” She glanced at him then walked around to behind him, hand moving from his shoulder to his arm, trailing the tattoos then back up and into his hair. She gripped tight and yanked backwards, so that his head leaned back against her. She continued looking straight ahead for a moment, simply holding him in the uncomfortable position before sidestepping and kicking him in the back of his knees that would cause him to drop down to the floor again, but she held onto his hair. She would look down at him with disdain. “Look at this poor slave. Pathetic. Half the creatures of this household could chew you up and spit you out if so willing. You are hardly worth my time and yet here we are.” Ria leans down, putting her mouth to his ear and whispering as she drags her nails down his chest then up to his neck where she grips tightly. “Just what do you expect to achieve here? A debt erased? And what do you think you’ll do after that? Listen to me sweetheart, I’ll make your debt disappear. I’ve got the key to your shackles,” She kneels behind him as well, pressing up against him, “and I know just how to turn it…but oh look, it seems you won’t be doing much of anything until your goggles come in. But that won’t be enough to keep you out of the yard. Hm…” She swiftly shifts her hand from his throat to his chest again, her eyes turning from blue to a lighter green than usual. Her words would sink into his mind, forming with his thoughts to make him change what he thought he wanted and what he thought he needed into what she wanted him to need. And that was only her. Her every word would beckon to him, deep in his soul her venomous and icy magic delved. She closed her eyes, a snowflake-shaped symbol showing up in his skin on his chest as she worked in her magic.

Guest_PestControl: Once again, he jerked his leg forward so he was only on one knee. He started breathing heavily through his nose, his eyes still closed. He quickened his heart rate. She reminded him of his frailty. She reminded him of the beasts around him. She reminded him of his helplessness. She reminded him of his quagmire. She reminded him of his debt. His debt was a tenth paid off. It would be almost paid off by now if that damned horse hadn’t kicked him in the face. If he didn’t have to do this – get… TRAINED, if the queen seriously dared to call it that. While her words echoed through his mind, he shook his head, his scalp sore from her pulling his hair. He tried to calm himself down. Soon enough, it would all be over. He’d made it this far. He just needed to be able to see. He needed his goggles. He needed to be night. He needed to go to the dungeon, where it was dark and he could relax. No. No, he needed to work. He needed to work off this debt. No, he needed her. He needed Lady Goan. Wasn’t that her name? He needed her. When the snowflake formed on his body, his eyes opened fully. He looked up at her blurry face. “Please, please let me...” He didn’t even finish the sentence. He was salivating.

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TheLadySif: She releases him from her grip and stands, leaving him to kneel there for a while. Ria takes a handkerchief from her nightstand and wipes at her eyes, a small trickle of blood running down like tears. She’s only ever able to turn one person’s will a day at the very most. With a sigh, she walks back to him then lifts her foot. With a sneer, she presses her heeled boot into his back then suddenly shoves, kicking him over to his hands and knees. Leaving her foot upon his back, she tilts her head and softens her voice. “There is only one thing you can do for me, worm-like slave. Crawl through the dirt of this castle and dig up a bit of treasure. I don’t intend to spend forever here, I simply have one task I care for… aside from playing with all the lovely toys.” She says this while glancing back towards the other room attached to hers where she can see the manservant watching through the cracked open door. She winks at him and he turns his glare away from the room and closes the door. It amused her to no end the jealousy she could cause between the servants and slaves. Turning her attention back to him, she freezes the tip of her heel and presses harder, intending to leave an imprint. “Find out all you can about the neighboring kingdoms, i wish to hear about any elves controlling my element near here. If they are an elf of ice, i want them. And you… stay like this, it will please me. If you dare to clothe yourself even from the harshness of the outside elements… I will not be happy. Understood?” Removing her foot she places her hands on her hips and repeats it but in a separate language. “D’accord?"

Guest_PestControl: He didn’t kick his foot forward to defend himself this time. This time, he needed to be convincing. He needed her. He needed her to believe her hypnosis could distract him from his work. From his ultimate goal. She and her magic were going to be useful to have on his side. When she barked her orders, one after another, he bowed his head and submissively said, “yes, my lady,” to please her. He knew it was wrong. He’d had a task written for him. He was just working off a debt. Soon enough, it would be over. Now, he couldn’t shake the idea that he needed this woman. He couldn’t get the image of her naked, exaggeratedly busty body out of his head. His chest felt cold, so he reached a hand off the floor and felt it. Dammit, it really wasn’t hypnosis. It was all part of her magic. No wonder he felt these sexual desires he hadn’t before. When she pressed her frozen heel into his back, he could barely even hear the task he was being given. He was overwhelmed. She was touching him again. ‘Dammit. Snap out of it,’ he thought. When his mission was clear, he excitedly sprang up off the floor. “Going to dig up treasure for you, my lady!” He said. He still knew what he had to do, it was just… harder… now that he had to complete all these meaningless tasks for the chance that maybe – even MAYBE – his mistress would let him masturbate in front of her. Wait, what the – the slave shook his head, trying to get these thoughts out of his mind. Sex was just a distraction. He’d have to meditate on it when he went to sleep that night. Maybe that would get him back.

TheLadySif: She runs her finger along her deep red lips and tilted her head back. She then licked her lips and looked away. “You are free to go, be gone from my sight for the night.” Looking over to the closed door, she gestures towards it then walks off to the next room where the manservant waited. With a smirk she pauses and glances over her shoulder. She then reaches back and unclasps the top of her dress and drops it to her feet, standing bare naked but her back to him. Winking, she opens the door and walks through, not sparing another glance before shutting it behind her. After a few seconds, a deep male groan could be heard from inside.

Guest_PestControl: The thought occurred to the slave to kick down that door, grab the manservant by his wrists and beat his sorry ass to death with his own hands so he could have the lady all to himself. He blinked his eyes, unable to get the image of her naked body out of his head. He was bound to go insane. “Oh!” He had just realized that since he had no other appointments, he could go back to his dungeon. Not to please himself to the thought of the witch, but for his earrings. He’d forgotten to put his earrings on that morning, of all days. Slowly, he started down the hallway with his eyes closed again. It would be a while before he got to the slave quarters. No matter. When he got those earrings, with their disturbing, twitching, enchanted eyes… he’d finally be able to close his eyes and see again in comfort. “How could I forget those things when I knew I could get kicked in the face by that damned horse…?” He was worried he was getting soft. He could kill a fire demon with a broken sword, no matter how dull and rusty… but if he was rusty himself, he was as good as dead. Especially with the storm that was yet to come. Besides, how could he impress his mistress if he was soft? She needed a man who was hard. So hard…. Alright, maybe he’d do more than grab his earrings when he was alone in his dungeon, after all.

Toxies: Anarial had lost track of time, between receiving the letter a black raven had brought her, along with two wolf pups she had taken her sweet time, drafting up her response to her mother, quickly sending a response back. She glances up towards the slightly cracked window of her study, noticing that it was well into the afternoon now. A soft sigh escapes her lips and she closes her eyes, leaning back into her chair she taps her fingers on the edge of the desk. The two newest members of her house hold, the pups where playing at her feet, nipping at each other’s tails and chasing each other about. She was more than happy to accept the gift from her mother. After a few more moments Avery sticks his head in through the door, clearing his throat to get permission to enter. Ana glances up and waves her hand to him, tell him to come in without speaking. As soon as he stepped in the study the wolf pups locked onto him, charging towards him only to run face first into his legs causing them both to laugh. Avery squats down, petting the wolf pups on the head as he speaks, “My lovely Queen, there is food being served in the hall. Would you rather I fetch you a plate to eat here? Or Would you rather go to the hall?” Anarial pauses and consider the options for a moment, she wasn’t sure she wanted to see the people of the castle again today. She was severely home sick and still on edge, waiting to see if Samuel made good on his threat. “Avery, please, have a plate sent up to me, I will dine in here and go over more of the records. Please make sure they send me up some sweet wine with it and some raw meat for the wolfs.

TheLadySif: Once she had untied the servant in her special room, her games had begun. After a few hours of biting, scratching, slamming, moaning, shoving against the wall and the like, she made her way back downstairs. The manservant followed silently behind, staring at the swaying of her hips, pretending to have his eyes cast to the floor as she had trained all her playthings to do. His hair was disheveled and multiple scratches and lipstick marred his neck and face. Once in the open hall, he went towards the quarters and she to the kitchen. Inside, she leans over a counter, curling her finger to a maid. With a wink she explains slowly a simple request: a slice of pie. The way she explained her interest in pie made the woman blush deeply, staring at her in shock. Ria had yet to play with this one so she took her time, playing sweet as she dips her finger in whipped cream and licks it, green eyes to the maid’s lighter green ones. Her attention was drawn slightly as she heard the order to have the Queen’s food brought to her. Her eyes glinted a bit in mischief as a thought occurred to her. Smiling widely, she quickly weaseled her way into bringing the food up herself. Walking with the tray and a bright smile, she sashays off to the library. Once in front of the doors, she looked to Ana, knocking lightly on the door frame and offering a wink.

Guest_PestControl: In his dungeon, the slave was finally able to open his eyes, wide and comfortably. It was perfect darkness. He stretched for a moment, looking at the ceiling. “That was too much.” He shook his head, then bent down to his sack that lay on the floor. He retrieved his earrings and popped them into his lobes, one at a time. The eyes in the jewelry spun for a moment, getting re-oriented with being in their proper place. They couldn’t see anything in the dark, so they kept spinning. He could have probably cleaned the kitchen, then. That’s what he would do. “Alright,” he patted the pockets of his j- his jacket. It was still in the witch’s room. “Fuck,” he said to himself, knowing that if he really was rusty, that jacket was his only chance against any enemy that wielded fire or fluid. But the lady had told him that he wasn’t to wear clothes. That’s when the snowflake on his chest flickered for a moment. “I need that damned jacket.” He clenched his fists in defiance, closed his eyes and walked back into the lit hallway. The eyes in his earrings spun no longer. They were set forward. The ice witch in his head would have to wait until night. The real one wouldn’t have to wait so long, as she was right down the hall from his destination. Oh boy.

Toxies: Anarial had pulled out a severely poorly drawn map from a stack of paper, a map of the lands she now watched over. She sighs, realizing how poorly put together any information on this land was and she rubs her temples. She was going to have to hire explores to redo this maps, and to figure out what all she was dealing with in these lands. Her ears flicker slightly as she hears the knock on the door and before she has a chance to speak up the two wolf pups perk up, glaring towards the door the female, the smaller of the two let out a growl well her brother simple stared, his ears strait up and on alert. She smiles as she looks to the pups, wondering how much trouble these two wolfs where going to be. After a few moments, she speaks up, “Enter.” Was all she said, part of her hopped it was Avery coming back, trying to not show that in her face, nor her disappointment as the Ria came in. “Oh, it’s you. How have things gone today with the new boy?” Before she had a chances to answer she would speak up again, “Also, if you can find some way to keep the boy out of sight for the next week or so it would be amazing.” She waits until Ria came farther into the room, the wolf pups sniffing at her, before she would push a small sack across her desk towards Ria. “There’s 500 gold coins in that sack. It’s my thanks for handling the servants, especially the boy. If you wish to take over the position and keep all the servants in line I have no issue making sure your pockets stay full.” She knew that it was a lot of gold coins, but to her, right now she needed someone to help her keep the peace until she got her baring’s about her.

TheLadySif: She refrains from biting her lip as she laid eyes upon the oh-so-sweet looking Ana and continues into the room. She doesn’t miss the slight disappointment in her eyes and sets down the tray of food. Ria sets upon the desk and presses one hand to it, leaning just barely towards her. At the question she smirks. “He seems to be a bit more headstrong than the others but I have no doubt I can turn him in my…” she coughs “your favor my Lady.” At the request and the ridiculously large sum, she tilts her head. She opens her mouth and raises her brow before laughing lightly. Ria puts her finger to the desk next to the sack and slides it back to her, leaning closer as she did so. Her white hair that she kept pinned up tightly still slid to the side and almost hid her face from the view from the door as she moved her face extremely close to Ana’s. “If you want the slave out of sight he will be my personal ghost. If you want the servants obedient they will be my dogs. If you want me to do your bidding…I’m yours.” With a seductive smirk, she takes the Queen’s chin in her hand lightly, letting her fingers play over her cheek. Her sparkling green eyes stared into hers, her head tilting ever so slowly as she raised a brow. “Your wish is my command my Lady."

Guest_PestControl: In the other room, the slave picked up his jacket off the floor. He looked with his right earring at the chainmail on it, which was still melted in part by Samuel’s poisonous blood. He sighed with only the knowledge that Samuel would be coming for the queen. His head turned halfway to the door, his left earring jerking to point at it. That was all he needed to convince himself. He was getting answers. He walked briskly back into the hallway, passing by a couple guards who asked where he was going. The slave bumped into the slave driver in the dining hall on his trip to the library. “And whe’y’ the FACK do ye think yo’h’ goin’, ye lih-uw bawstid?” Said the driver, reaching for his whip. The slave dove for his belt. He grabbed the whip first. He lashed the driver to death, right there in the middle of the dining hall. There were no witnesses and he’d been wearing gloves. When they were counted, later, the driver was said to have at least fifteen lashes in a perfect line across his throat. The slave never stopped walking. Probably half a minute later, he would say a casual “’scuse me,” with a knock at the library door. “May I speak with you?” He’d had no idea that the witch would be in there. His tone was all off. She would definitely know something was amiss.

Toxies: Anarial’s eyes flicker over Ria’s frame as she comes in, the pups making their way back to Ana’s feet, curling up below her chair. She ignores the tray of food for the timing being, watching as the large sum of money was slid back towards her. She frowns slightly but her frown quickly fades away as she looks up towards Ria, her cheeks can’t help but to gain a slight, light pink flush. She clears her throat to make sure that her voice is clear, “I thank you, for your help but I do insist that you take payment. I would feel bad for taking your time and giving nothing in return.” Her pale gray eyes stare up towards Ria, admiring the shade of green in her eyes, almost getting lost in them. After a few moments, Avery comes walking in causing Anarial to snap back to the world. She clears her throat again and moves to sit back, breaking her gaze on Ria. “If you won’t take the gold I will have to think of another way to pay you for your time.” Her hands move to brush her lap off, taking a moment to reach down and gently stroke the male wolf pup below her. Avery had made it half way into the room at this point, pausing to bow before speaking up, “I came to make sure you got your food and wine my Queen, and to make sure everything is to your liking.” She nods lightly, before speaking up, “I have not touched the tray, I will be doing so at some point in a bit. I’m sure it is fine though.” Just as she finishes speaking the new boy came into the study, glaring at him as he simple walked to her room, this boy really needed to learn how to act. Even if he was here only for the time it took to pay her back, she was trying to be as understand with the boy as she could. She sighs and rubs her temple again, Avery coming over to stand beside her. She glances up towards Ria before she speaks, “What is it? I figured you’d be resting by now.” She kept her gaze up towards Ria as she spoke but once she finished her eyes flick towards the boy, her stomach begin to growl and she knew here soon she would become short tempered due to being hungry.

TheLadySif: Withholding her glare from the interruption, she let go of the Queen’s chin as she leaned back. Closing her fingers slowly, she sighed, closing her eyes. What she wouldn’t give to lay both Ana and Avery over the desk and simply defile them in this moment… but she was calming her icy fire as the moment passed. But an instant passed once she regained her composure that the slave walked in. Just hearing his voice stirred her ire. At the Queen’s stare, she knew she needed to fix this hiccup. In a sudden motion, she slammed her fist into the desk she sat upon, splintering it where impact was. Ria spun her head towards him, setting her now deep blue gaze upon him. Her expression was blank as she spoke almost in a sultry voice but also demanding and stern. “Slave. I truly thought I said not to show me your face for the rest of the night…” She laughs lightly, almost crazily. “and did you really disobey me and fetch your clothing?” Standing, she takes a deep breath and puts on a breathtaking smile, curling her finger. “Come.”

Guest_PestControl: The slave breathed a bit heavily when his earring caught a glimpse of the lady who’d bewitched him. He was just about to ask a question when Ria became enraged. Of COURSE he didn’t want to disappoint her. It was just that – he really had something important to say to the queen. “Oh, this?” He pinched the shoulder of his jacket, searching his mind for an explanation. “Uh,” he started, before shaking his head and pushing past so he could address the Queen. Her spell was still strong on his heart, but he had been programmed from birth to complete tasks. He’d had this one on his mind since they got there. Now was his chance. He had to spit it out so not to inconvenience the queen. “If I wanted to kill Samuel, how would I do it? If Samuel wanted to kill me, how would he do it?” It was the only pair of questions that ever mattered to him. For his entire life, he had been asking clients those same questions of demons, giants, spiders… he killed things for a living. He just needed to know how he would do it. He survived encounters with invasive beasts for a living. He just needed to know how he would do it. Curiously, he barely acknowledged Avery. In fact, he didn’t even know Avery’s name.

Toxies: As Ria slammed her fist into the fist, splintering it she didn’t flinch, in fact, it didn’t faze her. At this point she was frustrated. This slaved seemed to be testing all of her buttons and she was about fed up. The pups, however, jumped and started to growl after Ria’s fist hit the desk, they started to dart around the desk trying to find what ever made the noise, eventually giving up and returning to Anarial’s feet they let out whimpers and she reaches onto the tray of food, grabbing a couple pieces of the meat and starts to feed it to the pups. She wanted to know why the boy had been so daring as to come into the study, to bother her. The servants made it their mission to stay out of her way, she wasn’t sure how the king had been to them but clearly, they all knew their places well and stayed out of the way.  She knew she still had the seven servants in the dungeon to deal with, to make it known she was not to be crossed. She had considered killing them for speaking out against her taking the throne, it seemed like something her mother would do. For now, she was still debating, perhaps she would write her mother about it later, to get some advice. As the slave pushes his way to her and starts to speak she raises to her feet and glares at him. Her hands balling into fist, causing her nails to start biting into her fists. “If I wanted you to worry about Samuel I’d tell you this things but alas you do not need to know about them.  You have ONE job to do. That is to do as your told until your debt to me is cleared. IF you have an issue with doing that, I’m sure the mines could use another soul to put to work. You will learn you place, if you EVER need anything you go to your handler, if it is important then, and only then, your handler will bring it to my attention.” Just as she finishes a maid comes bursting into the study causing a slight growl to escape from Anarial’s throat, but before she can say anything the maid bursts out in almost a scream, “H-His dead, one of the slavers is dead..” Suddenly it flashes into Ana’s mind about how rushed the boy had seemed when he busted in here and she suddenly glares at him, having half a mind to think it was at his hand someone had died.

TheLadySif: As he passes her, she stays where she is, lowering her gaze then raising her chin and looking up. That was it. She had played nice, and now she was simply irritable. Not only did she not get the Queen tonight, but there was a weakness to her magic on this slave, and now there was some disgusting rotting body somewhere. The look she shot the maid, only seen by her, caused her to squeal and run back whence she came. Ria didn’t turn around but simply spoke softly. “Did you say a week my lovely Lady Ana?” Reaching back, she gripped tightly to the slave’s arm, immediately drawing a sickening cold at her touch that would freeze straight through is jacket sleeve. In an instant, she would be dragging him from the room by his arm, straight back halfway across the castle to her room where she would pull him directly into her special second room where she broke and played all her servants. She would kick the door shut and let him go to reveal a room that was frozen solid on the inside, the door not even being able to be opened for it was frozen over. The only warmth even a degree over -85 below freezing would be her and the poor soul inside with her. Her back would remain to his form, awaiting his next reaction.

Guest_PestControl: In the time between the queen yelling at him and telling him he was only useful to pay off his debt and the panicked maiden bursting into the room, the slave smiled an open-mouthed smile, amazed. “Yeah,” he threw his hands up in the air, just as Ria went to grab him. “Gimme a minute.” He didn’t move his head when he addressed the witch. Only an earring. One of the twitching, bloodshot eyes was aimed right at her. “The slaver? That was me. You want to do something about it, beefcake?” He leaned his head toward Avery, then back to the queen. “If I spared him, I’d never see any of you again. I’d be in the fields until tomorrow. That’s too much time. I’ll be DEAD before then. You want to send me to the mines? It’ll take years to pay off my debt. I’m not trying to WASTE that much TIME.” One earring would be fixated over the Queen’s shoulder, pointed at Avery. The other to Ria, in case she tried anything. He leaned in, painfully opening his eyes to look at her, still smirking wildly. “Just why do you think I want to kill your father? For my health?” He paused and looked her up and down, not seeing a goddamned thing except all the light a mind could ever imagine. “The first time I ever saw you, he was groping you. You were terrified of him. You must hate him.” The slave didn’t know about the box she kept, or her true feelings about her father. “When I kill your father, your HIGHNESS,” he… he dared to be sarcastic, there, “my debt is paid. And don’t think I don’t see that pouch of gold on that desk. You’ve got the gold to make this whole show worth the weeks it’s taken me. The labor, the carriage rides, the goddamned ship. Tell me at LEAST what weapon I would have to use. If I fail, the slaver will get his justice. If not, I save God knows how many slaves from death-by-raping.” He paused. That was when he turned his full attention to the Queen. An apt opportunity for Ria to grab him to drag him to that chamber, if she still so chose. (Sif Y/N?)

Ana clenches her jaw as he dared to keep testing her. She balls her hands up more, digging her nails even farther into her hands, drawing blood, letting it slowly drip down onto the floor. She glares harder at the boy, and speaks in a very calm voice, “First of all, I am not scared nor do I hate my adoptive father. Second of all, I do not know how to kill or even harm Samuel. I have never bothered to check. If I was scared of Samuel I would have disappeared when I gained my own freedom from my own collar. This being said, you are to go with her,” She jesters towards Ria, “For the time being until I decide what to do with you. You seem to forget yourself and I believe I am about to be out 100,000 gold coins.     I do not want to see you again until I call for you. If you do not obey, you won’t ever have a chance to see Samuel’s face again. I would highly advise you to stop crossing me.” With that she looks to Ria, waiting for her to drag the boy out of her study before she snaps. She was sick of the boy and now more than ever regretting saving the boy’s life. Once Ria and the boy where out of her study she would un-ball her fist, sighing out loudly as she leans against the desk, speaking up, “Well.. I fear my want for food has expired. Avery, do me a favor, make sure that boy doesn’t come near me again until I call for him. If he so much as tries to take a step towards me his to be drug to the prison and locked away under 24-7 surveillance.” Avery nods to her quickly uttering out a “Yes my Lady.” He quickly moves out to the hall to stand guard over her study. Anarial collapses down into her chair again, glancing at her hands she sighs, she really had done a number on them with her own nails. She shakes her head, letting them still trickle a bit of blood out. She glances at her tray of food, the sight of it nearly making her sick. The wolf pups pick up on the scent of her blood and they lean up and starts to lap at the palms of her hands, cleaning away the blood. She closes her eyes and simply sits there, trying to calm herself down.

TheLadySif: After a dark glare, burning a hole into the back of his head, she sighs at the Queen’s words. She couldn’t care less about this Samuel person or whatever it was that the slave was after. Her plans were taking a hitch due to him and she was fed up with his antics. What sort of slave acted this way? As she dragged him, she kept stewing over just the thought of it. On one hand, his crazed disobedience turned her on. No one told her no, but damn it kind of felt good. Reminding her a bit of her younger days. The thought sent a flash of a memory that paused her steps just as she stepped through her freezer torture room door. After a breath, she turned and laid her eyes on the slave she had drug with her. Her eyes were unusually a calm green. But… for the next few hours, she would beat him with her whips and tie him to the frozen walls with her chains, bringing him to the edge of a blissful release only to leave him wanting and halting just before the end. Her eyes twinkled with glee as she watched him bleed and beg, taking a moment after each lash to lick slowly across his bleeding lips.

Guest_PestControl: The slave’s attention totally glossed over the queen after she said she didn’t hate her father. Of course, he would get no answers. More torture. More time spent as a slave, away from home. Away from mother’s cooking. Father’s stories. Fighting with his brothers and sisters. Wait – he noticed something. Over the next few seconds, his train of thought trailed into unfamiliar territory. He was paying close attention not to the queen, but to the head honcho, Avery. He was clueless. While the slave was completely tuned out of the queen’s rant, Avery hung on every word. The queen had clearly depended on him more than was usual, too. The slave thought he’d have to have been a fool not to have noticed, until now. He remembered how he knew Samuel wanted to kill him, with that jealous look in his eye. That was it. Avery was the key to his success. Dragged out of the room, the slave saw his friend with the Mohawk. “I need ten spears!” He shouted to the fellow slave. Only a few rooms away, the body of the slaver was being examined by a doctor. Guards scoured the premises, expecting to find the murder weapon. The whip was missing. When the slave was shoved into the room down the hall, he took one glance around it. “HELL no,” he said, despising the cold already. He turned to her, releasing the bundled-up whip he’d kept hidden up his sleeve, now wielding it by its grip. “Get the fuck out of my way.” The snowflake on his chest would start to fade, then. He’d take a couple careful steps toward her, dragging the whip on the floor behind him, the fresh blood of the slaver leaving a steaming trail on the frozen ground.
With the slave now out of her hair, her door shut, and her thoughts to herself again Anarial simply lays there in her chair. The wolf pups kept laying at her feet. She closes her eyes and her body shakes slightly, she was flustered, fed up, and suddenly wondering why her mother picked her for this role, she had no experience being in charge. Anarial sighs and shakes her head and raises to her feet. The pups follow behind her as she heads off to her chambers not bothering to say anything to anyone as she walks. She gets to her champers and then shoves her doors open. She then shuts the door behind her, in Avery’s face as he takes up his post outside her door. Ana strips her clothing off at the door, leaving a trail of clothing as she walks towards her bathroom, climbing into a piping hot bath, rose peddles in her water and all over the floors. She closes her eyes and sinks down into the bath, attempting to let go of her stress. The pups end up running over and pouncing onto her bed and curl up. Ana figured that the slave was being handled now and she had no reason to fret about him for the time being.

TheLadySif: She raises a brow, her devious thoughts of relieving her frustration slipping from her mind at the slave’s response. With a smirk, she tilted her head, not saying a word. Ever so slowly, she began walking closer to him, step by step, letting her hips sway slightly. She soon changed her direction and simply walked around him, facing him the entire time. She could have frozen him from the head down in that place but had a thought. It occurred to her that she didn’t give a shit and he was more trouble than she cared for. Ria had plans for Ana, and this slave was not one to play with her. With the same smile upon her face, he would come to notice that he was now in front of the door himself and could simply walk out if he wanted. Once standing where she wanted, Ria crossed her arms, looking to the nails on one hand as if she had forgotten he was there at all. If ever there was a time to distract the new ruler, it would be today.

Guest_PestControl: After circling the room for what seemed like an age and a half, he turned his head, one eye in his earring now fixated on the door, the other at her. She had listened to him. His goddess. Was she serious? Did she really not want to catch his wonderful hands? She didn’t seem to want to fight. He’d burst through the door without a second thought. He didn’t suspect for a SECOND that she was up to something and wanted to trap him. At least, it would seem that way. Once back into the hallway, safe and sound, he’d open his eyes a little bit just to seem to look her in the face while he said, “good girl.” The snowflake on his chest would vanish as he turned, not back toward the queen, but to the royal armory. He – STRAIGHT UP – BOOKED IT down the hall. He had spent enough time distracted. That, and he didn’t want to give the ice witch time to change her mind. The slave would coil the whip back up, so not to alarm anyone he passed on the way to collect the weapons that ‘the queen desperately needed’. This would be a… complicated transaction with the castle blacksmith.

Toxies: Anarial keeps relaxing in her bath, her mind far away at this point. The warm water washing her worries away. Avery was at her rooms door, keeping everyone away from her before she hit her breaking point. The scent of mint and rose filling her room, covering her soft flesh. After a bit of time she pulls herself from the bath, grabbing two towels she wraps her body in the large of the two, and then wraps her hair with the other. She heads to her large bed and climbs up onto it, laying down and closing her eyes as she simply breaths, keeping her mind clear for the time being. Her stomach was growling but she was ignoring it. Meanwhile, off at the other end of the castle the blacksmith had left his station for the day, having gone towards town, and no word of when he would make it back, and all of the weapons he worked on locked up tight. A magic barrier keeping anyone from picking or breaking the locks. This had been done on her say, she didn’t want people who didn’t need weapons to get to them. Something she had done on her first day here.

TheLadySif: Her smirk widened as he burst through the door, following suit casually but at a normal pace. She stopped just at the inner entrance of the room, one finger in her mouth. She bit down lightly, eyeing him down then back up to meet his eyes. At his words, she winked then turned on her heel and stepped further into her room, laughing low. Just as he disappeared around the corner the maid from earlier walked up, carrying a tray. She hesitated, then stood where the door was opened. “M-miss Lady Goan… I-I…” Ria smiled, her back to the woman. “shhhh. come in. close the door.” The woman looked on, transfixed with curiosity and stepped in, swinging the door closed behind her. Perhaps a few minutes after that there was the sound of the tray hitting the floor and a soft chuckle.

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DarkDelaMorte: -A slow moving creature moved through the trees. The ground was moist from the damp nature of this land which added to the creatures speed, yet it still seemed as though the creature was not used to this sort of biome. As such when it moved a soft sound could be heard coming from the creatures neck and arms, it sounded like a flock of birds singing in harmony which elicited a response from other creatures in the woods. The creature nodded as in moved slowly through the trees once more. The whistles were quite calming as it seemed to play a sorrowful tune. As if the creature was lonely and was asking for company. A small bird floated and landed on his shoulder, at the moment of contact the creature’s body seemed to wobble a bit than grow stiff under the weight of the bird allowing it to perch there as the creature whistled happily and asked it some questions. The bird chirped happily towards the creature and flapped away showing him the way to his destination. The creature followed now quicker as a small stream of water was moving down next to him and simply touched the water seemed to make him go as fast as the bird could fly. The creature's body was an interesting makeup, when it was on land it seemed to switch from a solid to a liquid over and over keeping its shape in a sentient form for the time being. Yet the moment it touched water the creatures “feet” which usually looked almost like roots, would turn into a liquid and move across the waterway at an impressive speed. The creature stood a good six foot six making him quite a large being as he seemed to be comprised of roots and water. On his back were two interesting objects, one was a largely white staff, the other was late that seemed to be in fine condition and crafted by hand. Both of these objects were odd for such a creature but it did not seem to mind as the bird landed on the creature’s shoulder once more chirping and indicating towards the large castle in close proximity. The creature whistled in happiness as the sound echoed through the air, a harmony of happiness and joy that could be heard and almost felt by those who heard it. The creature began moving towards the castle as he saw the bird fly back to the forest from which is came. A small sound of sadness whistled out almost like a goodbye of sorts for a good friend. The creature moved towards the castle more noticing more people as they talked about the creature not seeming to realize he could hear them. His body began to whistle softly once more sending out a somber tune as people blinked and watching him move on, some of them even tearing up a bit as the whistles were telling a tale of sorts without the need for words. The creature reached the doors of the castle and began to play a tune of greetings of sorts a small happy tune seemed to dance out of the creature's body but the creatures odd navy blue skin, and lack of a face, outside of piercing blue eyes, would more than likely put the guards on edge as the creature did not speak to them simply whistle along in glee. The creature tilted its head and whistled a bit more and held up its hands making some gestures as its fingers glowed. It suddenly began writing in the air in different languages finally one of them being common as it  simply said ‘Hello I am White Tree’-
TheLadySif: The scene in front of her was the last thing she expected. The slave stood there, looking as if he wished nothing more than to run right past her. The look alone in her eyes was enough to halt his motion. He stood as frozen as the heart beating slowly in her chest. Her icy blue eyes, glowing, scanned his appearance: covered in blood, and a bruise forming at his jaw. A slight glance downwards revealed bloody footprints from his dungeon cage just a few feet away from where she saw what really set her on edge… the dungeon guard, one of her favorites to play with, lying dead in a blood puddle of his own making. Ria set her eyes back upon the slave and smirked. Of all the things her fury would reveal first, it was a sadistic smile. “Well.” The word was simple and nothing more was said as shards of ice dropped from the ceiling all around him, caging him once again. The ice melted together and closed him in on all sides, soon freezing solid as Ria walks past him. She spared no glance back as the ice continued to move and fluctuate, creating a continuous casing of ice. Her footsteps were silent but caused the stones of the floor to crack with the suddenly dropping temperature. Kneeling down next to the dead guard she sighed. Touching his forehead lightly, his eyes glistened a light blue before fading as she drew back in the touch of magic she had laid upon him. Standing, she rubs her temples and walks from the dungeons, leaving the slave in a solid state of cryo.
DarkDelaMorte: -The guards at the first gate were flabbergasted, to say the least, a strange creature had suddenly appeared in front of them writing words in the sky and standing a good bit above them. They were even more on edge from the odd sounds it made, sounding like a song of sorts while also seeming to touch them emotionally made the guards weary of the strange being.- “White tree was it?” –the creature whistled in agreement- “Right then…well, I don’t know exactly what you are doing here but…” –the guard looked at the other guard who looked at confused as him- “Just let him go in, the queen can deal with it…also it will be watched by everyone” –while the two guards bickered White Tree noticed a few children staring at him. He could not smile at them like he wanted to so instead begun to whistle a jaunty tune as the children began laughing and dancing around the White tree as the guards watched dumbfounded by the creature's actions. As one of them spoke coughing a bit- “Um…well than you can go in…mind yourself” –he said not sure what to do as the creature knelt down and rubbed the kids on their heads as they laughed amazed by his body as some parts were see through and others were not as it seemed to shift with the wind, sun, and time as White Tree moved into the gardens and looked around a tad confused as to why these walls were needed for plants. His whistling tune could still be heard which seemed to keep the animals from bothering him while the guards simply watching the creature not understanding what it was. The creature finally reached the castle and tilted its head unsure of what this device was; it looked to be wood in design yet was dead. The creature tilted its head as its staff and lute were brought into its body as it slipped through the narrow crack of the door coming out on the other side in full form. As if his body was made of water of sorts. He shook his body a bit as the guards outside simply watched not even knowing how to react as the guards inside might have passed out standing up as many had never seen this creature known as a Tevi. As White Tree moved forward it began to play a soft tune as if searching for someone to speak to, the tune was soft and inviting calming the nerves of those around him as he would stand in the middle of the room simply whistling tunes from his body seeming to examine the architecture around him-
TheLadySif: She swiftly walked through the halls, passing other servants on her way. As she passes, she snatches a hand towel from a passing servant and wipes the blood from her hands. She lifts her chin and tries to calm the scowl on her face. Her image in this castle was important and she had to be sure not to look unpleasant. Her form moves coolly past the main hall and she almost continues on towards the Queen’s chambers before noticing the visitor. With a slight gasp, she pauses and turns, hand to her chest as she looks at him. After a moment of blinking and analyzing him, she remembers having met with these creatures before. Although very strange to suddenly see one here, she dismisses it. It was rare enough for her to be there at all, especially with the rising temperatures so who was she to judge. Ria straightens and clears her throat, looking around and seeing that there was no one to greet him. With a sigh, she considers going on about her business but decides there's always time to play with something new. She prided herself on her connections and chose to never let a potential ally get away. Placing a sweet smile on her face, she saunters into the room and up to the creature. “Welcome. Tevi.” With a slight curtsey, keeping her eyes on him. “I am Diliria Goan."
DarkDelaMorte: -White tree looked to the woman and tilted his head examining her a small whistle of greeting was heard before a jaunty tune was spread throughout the room feeling as though a musical was being played as the whistles from White tree where at different pitches to one, greet the woman, and to examine her as he had never seen an elf like her. After a few moments, the song stopped as some of the guards clapped a bit having enjoyed the music. Magic began to swirl around White Tree as he would make some hand gestures that looked odd but to a magic user, one could tell he was casting a spell as his fingers would suddenly glow with strong magic and began to write in the air in elvish ‘A pleasure to meet you Diliria Goan embrace of Elves, I am White Tree Embrace of the Ocean’ he wrote in the air as the words seemed to float in the air for her to read as after she would have recognized each word they would disappear leaving to return to the user's fingers to be used again as the Tevi played a tune of happiness to have met a new person after being along for so long as it moved a bit closer to the women his blue and white eyes seeming to examine her from a face that had no nose nor mouth as he wrote in the air once more in elvish ‘you are not normal elven embrace, what may I do for you for information of you?’ he wrote in vague terms. Tevi could write in almost any language but nuances of the language would be lost of them and thus they wrote in simple terms as to not confuse themselves or others. As he waited for a response his tune would start playing again causing the sounds to move throughout the castle seeming to create a melody for all to hear.-
DarkDelaMorte: White tree looked to the woman and tilted his head examining her a small whistle of greeting was heard before a jaunty tune was spread throughout the room feeling as though a musical was being played as the whistles from White tree where at different pitches to one, greet the woman, and to examine her as he had never seen an elf like her. After a few moments, the song stopped as some of the guards clapped a bit having enjoyed the music. Magic began to swirl around White Tree as he would make some hand gestures that looked odd but to a magic user, one could tell he was casting a spell as his fingers would suddenly glow with strong magic and began to write in the air in elvish ‘A pleasure to meet you Diliria Goan embrace of Elves, I am White Tree Embrace of the Ocean’ he wrote in the air as the words seemed to float in the air for her to read as after she would have recognized each word they would disappear leaving to return to the user's fingers to be used again as the Tevi played a tune of happiness to have met a new person after being along for so long as it moved a bit closer to the women his blue and white eyes seeming to examine her from a face that had no nose nor mouth as he wrote in the air once more in elvish ‘you are not normal elven embrace, what may I do for you for information of you?’ he wrote in vague terms. Tevi could write in almost any language but nuances of the language would be lost of them and thus they wrote in simple terms as to not confuse themselves or others. As he waited for a response his tune would start playing again causing the sounds to move throughout the castle seeming to create a melody for all to hear.-
TheLadySif: Quirking her brow, she smiles lightly, intrigued by the method of communication and music. Her eyes follow his hand movements and for a moment, she goes on guard, as is her instinct. Her muscles relax as he introduces himself clearly in her native script. “Beautiful skill you have there my dear White Tree, the pleasure is all mine of course…” She hesitates as he gets closer, shifting her weight to face him completely. As she looks into the creature's eyes she tilts her head questioningly for a moment, fleeting thought through her mind. She shakes it off and focuses on his next words then smiles brightly. “Oh, many would love to know.” Ria clears her throat, reminding herself to hide that part of her and be more pleasant and innocent. With a soft gaze, she shrugs up one shoulder. “I am a very friendly individual, I would be happy to…inform you… as much as you wish. But for now, I suppose you should be meeting our Lady of the house.” Ria takes that instant to nod to a close by handmaiden, waving her hand in a gesture towards the direction of Ana’s chambers and supplementing it with a wink. The maiden blushes and bows her head as she turns and hurries down the hall. The rest in the hall would rock slightly or smile in passing to the tune echoing throughout. Ria thought if not awake by now, such a sweet song would surely wrestle the Queen from her dreams. “Come now, let us get you acquainted, shall we? A few of the servants and I shall grant you a small tour of sorts.” Turning halfway, she holds out her hand to White Tree and tilts her head again.
Toxies: Anarial sighs as she’s awoken, she just wanted to sleep in like she used to be able to. She was a bit of a foul mood today. The day Samuel was supposed to come was fastly approaching and right now, she didn’t want to deal with the moody dragon, the slave was enough of a handful and at this point, she was convinced she had wasted her money in saving his life. Anarial mumbles under her breath, shaking her hand at the servant girl, sending her off, she hated being helped by them. She then drags herself out of her large fluffy bed and stumbles over to her balcony, the one that overlooked the garden, she didn’t care that she was bare currently, the fresh air felt amazing against her soft skin. She waits several moments staring out over her land, every day she woke up to this, she had to remind herself that she was now the queen of this land, that this was hers. She decides to take her time and stumbles into the bath area, her personal servant girl had drawn a warm bath for her and she sunk into it, letting the rose peddles in it brush against her flesh, getting their scent all over her as she tries to wake up. Figuring, if it was something important enough, Ria or Avery would come fetch her.
DarkDelaMorte: -White tree blinked a few times unsure as to what she was doing exactly. He examined her hand a moment then reached out his own, at first his hand enveloped hers with water for a moment cleaning out her pores of her skin as well rejuvenating the skin a bit until a he realized what she was doing as he lifted his hand up a bit as it reformed into a hand as he took her and used his other hand to write in the air- ‘After you’ –he wrote in elvish once more as he nodded a few times all of his mannerisms and actions had a good nature feel behind it, he never seemed to be planning something nefarious as he walked next to her and examined her as he whistles out a tune that would be used to cheer someone up as he wrote in the air- ‘Smile hiding something’ –he wrote once more in elvish. Tevi’s had an odd affinity with emotions, because of their lack of facial features and focus on the knowledge they had met creatures that only speak through written language and their faces as such, White Tree was well versed with those who were forcing something. As well the Tevi were naturally curious people who sought more knowledge than most other species, this was for several reasons but the main one seemed to stem from a wanting to know of their own past which was lost to them, they may live for up to almost four thousand years but meeting other Tevi was rare and getting along with those that were of other biomes made it even harder as those not used to a biome could get sick easily if it did not match their affinity.-
TheLadySif: Ria couldn't help but chuckle at his initial reaction then nodded and took hold of the now solid hand, beginning to walk through the halls, taking her time on her way to the Queen’s quarters. She knew the maiden had woken her, so she would be aware enough to be spoken to. And she did so love to visit the queen, the thought of it brought her smile to more of a smirk. She felt the magic in the air as White Tree wrote, and turned to read it. As her eyes traced the characters, she paused, her smile cracking. She soon recovers and laughs lightheartedly, placing her other hand over his that she was holding. “We all have our secrets, I assure my smile is in place for good reason…” She looks at him, her smile only a soft one now. With a deep breath, she looks away, “Shall we meet our grand Lady Anarial?” Letting go of his hand, she gestures to the chamber doors in front of her, ordering the manservant to push the doors open. The servants stand a few feet from the door after that, and Ria moves to go in with only White Tree. Whenever she would come before this, she would only go alone, not wanting the servants crowding her. She glances back and offers a smile to White Tree before continuing inside, expecting him to follow.
Toxies: She was fully submerged in the tub now, the water felt so good on her soft flesh. She had made notable changes since she arrived here, her pale milky skin was now tan, caramel like making her blonde hair stand out even more. She sighs, she figured she had been in the tub long enough now, it had been awhile. Her bathing area was within eyesight of the chamber door, and she had forgotten to tell the guard to keep people out until she came out, figuring no one would need her this early in the day. She stood up in the water, letting it run off her as she takes a towel from her servant girl, working to dry her hair, her whole front of her body facing towards the rest of the room, her nipple growing hard from the air hitting them. She was still drying her hair when the door suddenly opens and Ria came walking in. She was frozen, her face was now a bright shade of red, she drops the towel into the tub, her mind was screaming at her to drop back into the water but she just couldn’t move, her eyes locking on Ria.
DarkDelaMorte: -White Tree nodded letting it go for the moment letting out a small sorrowful tune of worry as it seemed this one was guarded quite heavily…she reminded White Tree of the Grey-elves or the Snow elves both of whom seemed to fear to let their emotions be seen by others. He would continue to follow her his body reacting to the presence of water and steam in the air as he writes in the air- ‘Someone has fruity water’ –he wrote in elvish as he would whistle out a tune of waiting as he followed the one called Diliria as his whistling seemed to be getting jauntier once more as the presence of water made him excited as he loved being around water. As he was fallowing Diliria he noticed someone coming out of the bathroom as he would tilt his head seeing the nude body of the queen as he writes in the air- ‘Do your people prefer nudity?’ –he asked completely serious as he would ignore the nude woman instead eyeing the bath as tilting his head at it as he nodded and let out a tune of happiness from his whistles as he clapped his hand together in glee as he now noticed the woman once more as it seemed her body temperature was rising. He would stick his hand out and let some cold water splash onto her body as he tilted his head once more and used his left hand to write in the air once more- ‘she was overheating, it is not good for a body to overheat’ –he wrote in common seeming to be oblivious to the current situation at hand instead seeming to keep looking back towards the bath with interest as to how they made it smell so odd and fruity than regular water was.-
TheLadySif: Silence filled the room for what felt like a long time, Ria simply standing there, having out one arm across her middle and the other bent at the elbow. She had her hand on her chin and a devilish smirk on her face, eyes glowing a light purple. She uttered a phrase in Ice Elf tongue that would be the equivalent curse word of “Damn.” Eying Ana, she did not read the words of the Tevi and instead was jolted from her thoughts by the splash of cold water being thrown onto the Queen. Ria drops her arms and remembers herself, flinching at her loss of control. She makes a slightly pained expression and slowly looks to White Tree, catching his next words. With a sigh, she puts a hand on her hip. “Well put dear White Tree, although I believe the only one overheating was I, indeed not good for my constitution, so I thank thee for putting the Queen in a cooler state.” Looking back to Ana, she tries not to laugh and clears her throat, the heated look back in her eyes. “Should I offer a hand, my Lady… or two?” Her gaze shifts to the Queen’s personal handmaiden for only a moment but long enough to halt her motions to help the Queen.
Toxies: Ana didn’t know what to do at this point, no one other then the help had ever seen her unclothed before and now there were two in the room seeing her bare. The sudden cold water snapped her back to the situation and she clears her throat, her arms reaching over her frame to hide her now rock hard nipples. She shakes her head as Ria spoke to her and she clears her throat, finally speaking up, “No no that won’t be necessary. If you give me a moment to dress I shall be with you both in a moment.” Hoping Ria took her hint and lead the male back out with her as she moves to step out of her bath onto the waiting towel on the floor and her servant comes rushing over to her with a towel. The whole situation had set her into a worse mood and she backhands the servant girl, sending her to the floor with the force behind it. “You should have moved faster than that, This towel should have been offered the moment that door open.” The servant girl was left on the floor, clenching her cheek and muttering out apologies. It was unlike Ana to raise her hand to a servant but this situation was one she had never been put in before. She then quickly heads towards the closet where her clothing lined the walls as she flips through them trying to find something to wear.
DarkDelaMorte: -White trees hand turned into a water form once more as he let out a whistle of confusion and wrote in the air- ‘do you need a spray as well? Or is nudity not common?’ –he wrote in common tongue as he would tilt his head back and forth examining the Elf as he whistled with astonishment and wrote as an added bonus in elvish- ‘so that’s what it is’ –he wrote as if he had a mouth it would more than likely be smirking as he looked back to the Queen, as she was called…it reminded him of the indigenous people of the eighth sea as they also were all nude everywhere they went…then again all of them were in possession of three genitalia so the need for clothes was a bit odd, especially when they spent most of their time under the sea. Only reason White Tree wore pants was so that in the ocean his bottom half would not become one with the ocean, it was always so hard to find himself afterward. White tree was then confused by what came next it would seem this person was in a place of power of sorts, although he could not see why to his eyes everyone here was pretty much on the same level in terms of powers as it seemed the more powerful one was the elf who seemed to want to mate with the one called queen. He let out a whistle of complete confusion as the door slammed and after a few beats, the sound of a slap was heard as White tree blinked and narrowed his eyes as he wrote in the air- ‘Who was just hurt? For what reason?” –he inquired to anyone who was able to answer as it seemed now for the first time White Tree was annoyed. By their nature, Tevi’s were kind and good natured, but not adverse to balance, especially when they witnessed it without understanding it. They were protective species of nature and viewed all creatures of the same stature, as all one time or another came from nature. As such he let out a whistle of annoyance that sounded a bit like a screeching bat as many would have to cover up their ears showing the mood of the Tevi to have changed dramatically in a few moments- ‘Violence is bad, war is bad, people hurting is bad’ -he wrote in the air- ‘if someone is hurting then they need help’ –he wrote and looked to Diliria for answers his white blue eyes now completely blue with black pupils as it seemed with his mood change his body changed as well.-
TheLadySif: Refraining from rolling her eyes, she places a hand over her chest and kneels a bit in an elven way then backs from the room. A little annoyed at not finding her that way alone, she tugs at White Tree to pull him from the room. With a sigh she keeps her back to him, letting her expression relax into one of annoyance. After the sound of the slap, which she didn't actually care about, she turned back to the Tevi. At his screech, she grabs her ears and crouches low, having an extremely sensitive sense of hearing, and being caught off guard. She gasps as the screeching ends then stand abruptly, clenching her fists to keep from lashing out. “Ah, averse to the more gruesome factors of life are we?” With a glance to the door, she shrugs, “I will be sure to soothe that poor maiden personally later on. Though our lady is hardly one to get physical.” She smirks slightly before replacing it with her gentle smile, now noticing the change in his eyes. She reels in her own emotions quickly, allowing for her own eye color to deepen into a more subdued blue.
Toxies: Anarial sighs and tosses on her mostly revealing silk dress. She leaves her blond hair a mess, letting it hang loosely around her shoulders. Most of her tan skin was on display in this dress but she didn’t care. She tugs on her silver and jewel armbands onto her forearms, slides her choker on and sets her headpiece on before she gently strokes the lovely box her adoptive father had given her, making her miss home all the more now. She sighs softly and walks over to the girl, crouching down her gently strokes over the girl's cheek before she speaks up, “Forgive me, dearie, I lost my temper and that was unfair to you, let me see the cheek I struck.” The cheek had a red hue to it but no damage, and it was not going to bruise. She then pats the girls head and helps her to her feet, “Go to the kitchen and ask them for a sweet bread. Tell them the Queen allowed this.” With that, the girl squeals happily and darts out the door, darting straight towards the kitchen as Anarial then moves to the door heading, the sudden noise that she could only assume was the male made her wince and cover the base of her long elven ears, cursing in elvish tongue before she collects herself again and moves to step out the door and towards the two, her facing having returned to its normal shade.
Anaya: It had been about an hour of flight and Sams claws were holding a dead whale and he was starting to struggle with his flapping, with jaws open and his black tongue hanging out the side he spotted where he needed to land there was the castle down there and there was a large area of trees and he could plop the whale down there and maybe even steal a fin off it, it had been a while since he had eaten, and fish only filled his engine for so long and even more so when it was not even overly large fish. And whale blubber pound for pound had more calories than other proteins. As he moved his wings to get him a stable glide he moved his feet over the spot where he needed to drop it, and from about 20 to 30 feet from the ground, it would make a bang for sure. When he got to the right spot Samuel opened his claws and let the massive whale go, the giant dead animal feel like a rock to the ground smashing into trees and making a rather large bang. And with a bang like that, it would scare away any wilderness so they would not come back to half their kills missing or wolves or bears eating it and having to fight and kill them off too. The exhausted Samuel hit the ground next about fifty or so feet from the hill landing very bumpy and weak, his legs did not feel very good hitting the ground and he almost faces planted into the dirt. He moved his wing to allow Sif to get down safely and he plopped his belly to the ground so she would not have too far to fall to. His head hit the ground as he drooled and snorted tired from hauling the whale this far, the trip back to the castle was going to be hell and there would have to be many stops along the way to refuel and rest. And he needed to rest for a moment so he could complete the task he had to do here, it put a grin on his face and a shimmer in hit green eyes to know he was going to be able to kill that slave boy today, and see Ana, see how she was doing all the way over here alone and without him or his mother's guidance. Samuel moved his head to look at Sif to be sure she was ok on his back and if she was ok getting off his back.
DarkDelaMorte: -White tree shook his head and wrote in the air- ‘Enough death as it is, I feel enough of it’ –he kept it quiet as he looked down ashamed of himself for a moment as he rubbed his own arm and did not let anyone see his eyes as he wrote in the air once more- ‘Nature more gruesome than anything mortals can conjure’ –he wrote in common as he thought to himself quietly. One of the most horrific duties of the Tevi was their watching duty. Disasters were common in this world as nature had to cleanse itself every so often yet sometimes it would not work as well as it should, sometimes the flood may not finish the job and some may start to investigate why. As such Tevi had the duty to watch disasters as they occurred, and if it looked like the disaster would not finish, they were forced to intervene and finish the job. They would have to interact their bodies with the disaster at hand as part of the nature pact meaning a wind Tevi would attach itself to a hurricane or tornado making sure it was finished to a T, but a Tevi’s body is what they connect to as such everything that the disaster does they feel the emotions of the elements as well as the people destroyed by it. As such the kind hearted Tevi were forced to watch countless lives being slaughtered their minds stuck in a state of finishing their duty but also experiencing the lives they took sticking to them until they separated from the element. This left a mark though on any Tevi who experienced such things, as such they had grown heavily adverse to violence in their lives depending on the personality of the elemental of course. This caused the major issue in this case of the steam and wet surroundings of the area connected to White Tree with some ease, as such while not a perfect sync he still could feel bits of pain from the servant as well the emotions of the Queen, both of whom left impacts in his mind and soul making his express his annoyance and anger by letting out the screech that was just heard so he would not go crazy by himself. He waited a moment as he had also felt some of Diliria’s emotions and wrote in the air- ‘My apologies’ –he wrote in elvish for this one as he stood quietly with his thoughts. He noticed the servant girl run out of the bathroom but she looked happy as he was confused. He tilted his head back and forth as some of the mist began to collect into his body before he shook his head and let out a whistle of relief as a his whistles began to play a soothing tune once more as if to calm not only those around him but himself as he reached onto his back and pulled out his lute as he tuned it a bit before beginning to play a soft rhythm to match the whistles he was producing-
TheLadySif: Her smile became a more real one as she looked upon the Tevi. With a nod, she turns to see the servant girl run off and the Queen standing before them. “Goodmorning my Lady. Even more of a pleasure to see you in all your glory today.” She winks then steps forward, casually touching the Queen’s hair very lightly before gesturing to White Tree. “Have at her my dear, our Lady Ana, this is White Tree. It would seem he has stumbled upon us.” She steps to the side to allow for them to speak to each other, slightly anticipating getting her hands on that servant girl, oh how she loved to play with them after getting them in trouble. Better yet, she couldn't wait until she was alone to handle the slave that had killed one of her toys, he would remain frozen solid in the dungeon until she had a moment to do so. — Outside, Sif sweeps hair from her eyes as she lays them upon the beauty of the kingdom. It was much warmer than she would like, but she had dressed light since the ocean. Thinking of it had her happy that Samuel could not see her from her perch on his back. As they landed a bit roughly she makes quick work of hopping down and going up to his face. “Are you well Samuel? I hope the travel did not put too much wear on you. Do you need rest? Shall I go calling for the Queen and fetch you thereafter?” Her questions fell from her lips, her rambling being the most she ever really spoke in the castle. Once noticing this, her expression softened and she went back to her cold and stoic demeanor, clearing her throat and bowing her head slightly.
Toxies: Anarial smiles to White tree, tilting her head forward down some in a sign of respect before she spoke, “Ha na- an honor na govannon- cin herder,” it was in her elven tongue but it roughly translated into English “It is an honor to meet you.” She straitens herself and resets her soft silver eyes on the male, a soft smile spreading on her lips just before Ria reached out and touched her. She knew she would be taunted later in her office for what just happen but she pushed that from her mind for the moment. She waits a moment before she speaks again, “Shall we get out of the hall and head to the throne room good Sir? Oh, and Ria, would you mind going and making sure the chef gave the girl a sweet bread? I promised her one and want to make sure she gets it.” She would wait a moment more before she heads to walk past them both and head towards the throne room, one of her favorite rooms in the castle, she had been making massive changes here and the throne room now had massive amounts of windows that let in the warm sun, plants lining the walls and the sides of the room. Anarial loved nature and she was a calm kind spirit and it was becoming more and more clear to those in this kingdom, making peace settle around the land rather quickly.
Anaya: Sam looked at her his eyes getting all soft and he almost had a blush on his scales, even if dragons could not blush they were able to glow a little. He moved and wanted to nuzzle her to just touch her with his nose but he did not as he did know better. “you are so beautiful when you are happy lady Sif, yes I will rest a moment, go on inside miss Ana should be there and I will join in later, if you find a boy that is a slave to the house he did not have a name, don't let him out of your sight, I wish to, talk, with him” Sam kept his head on the ground as his big green eyes looked at her. “the cargo was just a lot to hull, I will be alright, how are you it has been a while without food, i am sure ana will have much inside, if she does not she would be a shit ruler” he gave a chuckle as his foot moved kick at the saddle strap to get it off, with a couple good weak and floppy kicks the strap clicked and the saddle tumbled off and he let out a large breath and ugg like sound. His body as if deflating as he breathed slowly. “I may even eat a fin of our cargo before I enter after you. Or get a drink as well”
DarkDelaMorte: -White Tree tilted his head looking confused at the woman called Lady Ana as he looked to Diliria who seemed to be enjoying herself quite profusely as he blinked quietly for a moment before turning his attention back to the one called Lady Ana his blue eyes seeming to be a few shades lighter than his skin examined her as his body whistled quietly in thought before returning to music once more his fingers playing the lute to distract himself of what had just occurred. He would stop playing the lute as the one called Ana spoke as he titled his head back and forth for a moment examining and listening to her a moment before using a free hand to write in elvish- “Pleasure is Mine Lady Ana Embrace of Elves, I Am White Tree embrace of ocean’ –he wrote in the air as he paused for a moment trying to understand the word she had just used- ‘honor such an odd word’ –his body whistled in a jaunty tune as he followed Lady Ana and looked back at the one called Ria his blue eyes narrowing at her as his body whistled a bit more in a sense of contemplation before shaking his head as he examined the nature around him. He began to write once more his letters floating to where Ana could see them- ‘Nature is good to have, you treat them well’ –he wrote out the words dissipating and returning to the caster as Ana would recognize them. As he thought once more- ‘So nudity is not common in your kingdom?’ –he inquired through writing as no one had actually answered him yet and he was now curious as to why she had put on clothes when before she was nude-
TheLadySif: Ria lifted her chin to White Tree, nodding towards the Queen with a smile in good luck. Once they had both walked off, she relaxed, her eyes and expression becoming colder. “Ah, that one he sets me on edge. But how fun will it be to tiptoe around an obstacle such as that.” She smirked to herself then threw her hair over her shoulder, sweeping a finger under her bangs to clean up her appearance. She loved to meet the staff looking her best. She made her way casually in the other direction to the kitchen which was just across the entrance hall. — Sif nodded deeply, letting her hair fall over her face to hide her amused and content smile. “Of course my Lord… ah, Samuel.” She rehooks her spear to her backstraps and heads up to the gate. Having already seen Samuel fly in, the guards had stepped aside to let her pass. Her mood was the lightest it had ever been, she had flown, seen the ocean, and become closer to an individual even though it may be wrong. With that thought, her smile faltered and her expression sobered. But what she saw next as she walked through the halls stopped her completely. Sif stood there frozen, barely breathing at the sight in front of her. A woman her height, build, age and everything visually matching had stepped down the hall she now stood. The woman paused, narrowed her eyes then turned to face her entirely. Both women’s expressions were empty of emotion. After a moment, a single tear falls from Sif’s eyes as a smirk appears on the other woman’s face just before the woman spoke. “My my, have you grown to be so pretty with my face… dear Sister."
Anarial made her way up to her throne, sitting atop the throne. She adjusts herself quickly and a servant girl, almost as if she had been waiting comes running in with a warm cup of sweet mint tea and sets it beside her. Anarial gestures to the rather poofy couches and chairs around the room, “Please, make yourself comfortable. “As he mentions the nature within the castle she smiles softly, “I am a forest elf, I do not feel myself without the plants and forest near me, it is my hope that even this little bit of nature I may feel a peace, like having a piece of home with me.” She flushes softly as she speaks but she was quiet, until he asked about nudity and she shakes her head rather quickly, the flush staying on her face. “No, no, it is not a common thing here, Mostly we stay covered, my apologies for meeting you like that.” As she finishes speaking a guard comes running in, yelling something about a dragon landing not to far off and a growl like noise escapes her lips uttering a simple name, “Samuel…” She knew it was him, it had to be him. Avery comes in rather quickly and takes up a post at her side, she reaches over and gently strokes his arm, she had become fond of him, he made her feel… and odd way. Anarial shakes her head and turns her attention back to the male known as White Tree and she speaks softly, “Unforently, it appears I have an unwanted guest, one that wasn't supposed to be here but, I suppose I should greet him myself. Please make yourself at home, feel free to wonder about I shall call for you later, I wish to hear of your travels and how you came here.” With that, she would nod her head and climb to her bare feet, slowly, reluctantly heading towards the courtyard.
Anaya: Samuel got up from his spot as he shifted down to his human form being nude and standing in the brush. Walking over to the saddle he had kicked off he almost was waddling as he leaned over and picked up one of the saddle bag flaps and grabbed out some human garb that was a bit dirty and trashy but worked as he was just going to take it off later anyway. He pushed his black hair behind his ear and pulled a small clay pot out of his saddle bag opening the top of the leather and clay top and drinking the continence, there was not much seemed the pot had cracked from his careless flying with the cargo and some if not most of the water inside had seeped out the side. Samuel hissed softly as he tossed the cracked jug on the ground and then turned pulling on his trousers and starting to walk topless to the castle way. The guards spotted him and intently pulled up their weapons “come on I am father to the ruler” the guards kinda looked at each other and then went on their way. He was not at the doors yet but he was getting there. Leaning on a tree he wondered what he would do. He could go inside see Ana right off the bat or ring around back and look for that kid. Both plots were good ones and he had no idea what to do at the moment “hmmm what to do what to do” he said aloud as he lashed up the strings on his pants.
TheLadySif: 'Her breathing is erratic, how cute.’ Ria stood there appreciating her sudden fortune. Years she had been sending out agents to find her worthless runaway of a sister and there she was. Had walked up to her of her own accord. Her day was finally looking up. As Sif stood there solid as ice, Ria walked up close to her, almost chest to chest. Blue to blue, they stared at each other, but only for an instant. Ria raised a brow and Sif dropped her gaze. Walking around her slowly, as if stalking her prey, Ria swept her gaze over her doppelganger. Sif couldn’t move, the shock still held her still, but she knew what this meant. The moment she had been running from for years and she had stepped into it. Why did she come here? Was she so foolish to think she could be carefree for even a moment? Her expression shut down as did her thoughts… just like all those years ago when she has locked away. Ria smiled brightly as she saw her sister’s reaction. then stopped in front of her. “There she is… now…. how do we treat the royalty of our people? Or have you forgotten, delicate Sifrella?” Letting out a breath, Sif drops down and kneels to Ria in the same manner as she would Lady Anaya or Lord Samuel. Feeling the most pleased with herself, Diliria sneers and rolls her eyes. She lifts a foot and presses the heel into Sif’s shoulder then roughly kicks her to the floor. “Good, You do remember…” At that, she looks up to notice a servant coming down the hall. Crouching down, she pretends to help her up and whispers. “You are lucky in this moment dear sister but remember you are mine again… shall we meet this land’s Queen together?” Smiling she rises, Sif following silently but her eyes cast downwards again. As the servant passes, she inquires the location of Ana currently and heads that way, Sifrella in tow.
Anarial was not stopping for anyone at this point, there was no way in hell she was going to let Samuel run freely in her lands, she would make herself out to be a Dominate of sorts, even if that meant she was challenging a dragon. A hand full of guards were trailing behind her, she was basically growing under her breath, her hands balled into fists. She knew Samuel would sense her before he caught sight of her. Her caramel flesh on display against the white silk that wrapped around her body. She wondered if the sight of her dressed like this would catch him off guard, instead of her normal head to toe leather she uses to wear at home. She leaves the courtyard, walking straight up to Samuel with a small arm of guards behind her now, she had relaxed some. Her hands no longer balled and a fake smile plastered on her lips before she speaks up towards him, her eyes glaring towards him, “Father, it feels like I just saw you yesterday. Does mother know you’re here? She failed to mention it in her letters. Letters that seem to travel faster than you.” She meant the last comment as a jab at him, yet her voice was soft and caring. Her blonde hair waving around her shoulders in the breeze, Avery stepping up to her side, and just to see what Samuel would do she leans up on her toes and places a soft kiss on Avery’s cheek, at the corner of his mouth.
Anaya: Seeing Ana Samuel walked up top his daughter “well don't you just look amazing with your gown, guards, and alright sized escort. And no she does not know I am here, surprise trip seeing I was down fishing with miss Sif this way. So we thought it would be nice to stop in and see you, or well I thought it would be nice, she was in it for the sea and fishing” he gave a brisk chuckle and started to walk past her and looked back at her “lets see your castle my dear daughter come now we have matters to talk about, don't be so harsh and fickle with your old man. how has that boy been doing my sweet, that slave you bought, well we can go on about that later, and oh i dropped a whale in your yard, I will pick it back up on my way out, had to drop it seeing I had to land after I was doing my job” he walked past her and got up to the doors tossing on his shirt brown and dirty from the saddle bags, it made him almost look like a present but at the same time the glow to his bright green eyes showed strength and stature, and if you truly looked close enough even his shit clothing garb was made of very fine fabrics. As soon as he walked in the doors there was Sif “Sif...” he looked at her as she was on her knees before someone who looked just like her, and also who was not Anaya, and was not him, Sif did not in anyway need to be on her knees before anyone who was not him or Anaya, and even more so Anaya would not require a guard to be on its knees, only slaves were placed in such a degrading post. “and who the fuck are you” he scolded as he looked at the other woman walking around Sif like she owned her, just because you look like another person does not mean you own them. “Sif, knees are no place for you, only slaves fall to their knees, and there is no chain around your neck, we shall get a meal you and I wall we are guests in my daughters home” he at that point did not care he was a guest, Sif was being treated in his view wrongly and that would not fly. Samuel walked over to Sif and kneeled down holding out his arm for her to grab, he put himself on her level showing her he was putting himself as her equal and offering his arm “come on my friend, lets get a drink and something to eat” if she did, in fact, take his arm and raise with him he put his arm around her shoulder his clothing preventing his skin from touching hers and his clawed fingers hovered over never touching her but still being there to hold her the same.
DarkDelaMorte: -White Tree stood up and turned off the water his eyes looking annoyed as he would look towards the door. He could feel people gathering there as he sent out a loud whistle that would cause anyone within a ten foot radius who didn’t have good hearing protection to become sick or disoriented as White Tree left the room his body absorbing any moisture as his eye went back to Dark blue with a black pupil once more as he looked down towards the two servants who were in pain clutching their ears as he shook his head pushing aside his emotions for a moment as he felt like he was about to cry for a moment. He would walk towards the entrance interested in learning more from the Ana and Ria as he noticed a new person fallowing her. They looked close to one another except their body language was off; Ria seemed to be in a more dominant position than her look alike. As well her mask was off for a few seconds as he sent out a small whistle of contempt for a moment before letting out a happy whistle as he had noticed new people and began moving forward to greet them. Then noticed more people coming in as he tilted his head as sounds of concern and intrigue whistles out of his body as he began writing letters in the sky to go towards the two newcomers as the words ‘who are you’ flew in front of Sif’s and Sam’s faces as White Tree stood there silently his whistlers playing a soft tune as he moved forward towards the group once more as he wrote in the air in elvish and sent it towards Ana- ‘lovely water apologise about your snooping staff’ –he wrote as it seemed he was rather blunt in his explanations as to what had occurred as he stood there quietly his navy blue face and blue eyes shining through the sun that shined in as he heard mentioning of drink as he blinked at the word wondering why there was such a large event over getting a drink of water-
TheLadySif: Ria crosses her arms and chuckles lightly, soon laughing in earnest. Sif flinches and closes her eyes, hating that laughter, the voice that matched her own, the sound of all that had crushed her in her childhood. Looking to Sam abruptly, she began to rise, hoping to keep him from becoming as low as she was. The moment she rose to one knee Ria sent her a scathing glare. It lasted for all of a moment before she schooled her features once again at the newcomer. “There seems to be a small discrepancy here.” Her expression was cool but the usual smile she placed there was gone. Her niceties extinguished at the sight of her base goal. “This one…” She placed her hand on Sif’s head, keeping her down. “belongs to me. I…” Ria and Sif both look up at the same time to the words floating in the air. Ria sighs and Sif furrows her brow and wonders what the hell is going on. Her utmost concern was ensuring that the King did not reduce himself to her level, as well as resolving to her fate under her twin. Ria sets her gaze back to the man next to Sif and immediately gets irritable. She lets go of Sif’s head with a shovel. “Get up dear sister, you’re embarrassing your… friend?” With a smirk, she crosses her arms. “My Lady Ana, you shall meet my sister here, we seem to have many guests. I must admit only this one being a wanted one. She looks back to her sister, whom she continues to call ‘this one’. Sif lowers her head so that her hair covers her expression, slowly rising to standing. She says nothing and doesn't move as Ria steps close and twirls some of her hair between her fingers. “Sifrella must have caused you all kinds of trouble, don't worry I am the only one who knows just how to punish her."
Anarial seemed to have a mess on her hands now. But she was going to defuse it as quickly as she possibly could. She notice’s White Trees words and it puzzles her but she sets it in her mind for later. She shakes her head and speaks up in a loud voice, demanding everyone's attention. “Ria, if you would go to the dungeons and fetch the boy. My father will want to see him… alive. You, she motions to the female kneeling. “Rise, you are a guest here not a servant in my lands, and Ria, if you have an issue with it, we can speak in private. As for everyone else, how about we all head to the dining hall and get food and water before we all become grumpy and do something we regret.” Her voice was demanding, it was not a request in the slightest. This day had turned to hell and she hadn’t even been awake an hour. With her last comment she pushes past them all and leads the way to the dining hall, Avery glued to her side with his hand on his sword just in case something even remotely started.

Anaya: Sam stood their arm around sif and his green eyes were getting darker, that smell of dead things and toxin was starting to seep from his body, but he was keeping a hold of it, he could not let things get out of hand inside the castle if he changed here he would rip the roof out and he was sure Ana would not enjoy that. But this action from this random female was unacceptable, purely unacceptable and he was in no way going to handle it. As he took one step forward his body a foot away from the other woman, his bare foot came up hard and he Sparta kicked her directly in the chest point blank to send her flying across the floor. There was no way a person could have moved fast enough, but in the end, it was an elf so it could have with the fast reflex and all it could be avoided if the woman had shut up long enough to notice, but it was fully out of the blue and abrupt. Samuel looked at Sif and then back at the woman “no, she is NOT yours she is mine, loyal guard of the crown and I am the emperor that owns that crown, she will get no punishment for any reason by you, she shall get a meal, and a drink for her belly as she has been a needed friend and complain to me and my mate, the golden dragon ruler of all of Piros, if you hold a problem with this, take it up with me outside and we can deal with it. I am Samuel Tyberios DeNure Elder Red Wyvern, and lady Sif belongs to me and no one else” Sam gave a scowl as he looked to his daughter “were is the dining hall, my dear, I am famished” he just noticed she had said to go there and was showing the way “wonderful, come my dear sif lets go, I want something sweet, how about you” he smiled at her as his green eyes stayed dark waiting for something to hit him in the back or his daughter to yell at him for being well himself, she had to have seen something coming and the other lady earned it being so very rude. But the good bit was things were handled even if not for overly long and it may start something else later. “so that boy my dear daughter, why is he in the dungeon? Did he ruin his friendship with you already”

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DarkDelaMorte: -White tree’s head would turn rapidly side to side watching the violence as he began letting out a squeaking noise from his neck as if worried about what was occurring. He would hold up his hand and write a small note in the air sending it to the one called queen as it says simply ‘Ears cover now violence bad’ it said simply as the Tevi’s body began letting out a loud noise like a screeching sounds that was on a decibel used to make images woozy and sick, as well those with more sensitive hearing, such as elves or dragons from his experience, would be more than rendered hard to move from the sound as Tevi could not stand to see violence as to them it was simply not a means to an end. As the sound blared out sending out waves of compressed whistles from the Tevi’s body his hand began to move wildly magic words bursting out towards the fighters as the words ‘NO VIOLENCE, VIOLENCE BAD, STOP VIOLENCE, HURTING BAD’ the words would fly towards the three people currently in an altercation as the Tevi’s body would wait a few moments before the sound died down, his watery body slowly moving back in forth in his bare stomach showing his body to have an odd make up, a plant like stature yet his composition was like water, constantly moving through his body making it hard to tell what he was outside of the blue eyes of a faceless being, and the holes of which now produced a sound of sadness that would seem to now be feeling remorse and guilt from its actions as it watched what was occurring in front of him. White Tree was an odd being for sure to those not sued to the Tevi as most were revolted by its sights and others simply tried to kill it. Yet if one could see it was a peaceful being it was quite a helpful being as it would serve multiple purposes outside of simply whistling depending on where it came from. White Tree was ocean embraced, and as such tended to do extremely well with water, even to a point of absorbing water from around it and using it against others, yet its main weakness was, of course, its natural enemy, now what that was would be for someone to find out as it would be quite obvious from looking at the water and plant-like creature where it came from.-
TheLadySif: Sif winces and looks up abruptly as the small part of her hair that Ria was gripping was ripped from her head with the jerk. Ria took the kick to the chest with a surprised and pained cry. A wall of ice abruptly rose behind her, both slamming her to a stop and keeping her from an incredible injury from being sent across the great hall. She slides down her ice, it melting immediately, her eyes glowing the bright blue. Her eyes glimmer back to their normal color as both the color and anger fall from her face. She looked even more pale than usual as she slowly rose, gripping her chest. “Th- you- ” Her eyes dart back to her sister with a dark glare. “You dare give yourself to another when I have always been all you have? You ungrateful coward of a…” Her ramblings were cut off by Ana’s words and she turned on her heel to go anywhere but where she had to look at the face of the man who had taken her sister away, thoroughly annoyed that she had been caught off guard but knowing she would have a plan in place before dessert, meanwhile, she would go see about the slave boy he asked about, frozen in the dungeon. Sif blinked once, everything spinning in her head, following with Samuel as she was pulled along. Just as she was getting used to a real family, she was thrown back into her past. A sister who treated her like a dog after stealing the position of the queen from her, and had trained her like one. But with Sam by her side, she felt just a little bit stronger than she was back then. Once White Tree’s screech hit their ears, both sisters hit the floor, Sif gripping her ears and Ria gripping her head, all former thoughts dropping to the background as their sensitive ears were ringing, Ria’s beginning to bleed from already being exposed to it once before within the hour.
Toxies: Anairal was beyond annoyed at this point. How dare Samuel show up here. How dare they fight. She didn’t care what their backgrounds were, she demanded peace here. She demanded obedience. As Samuel speaks towards her she snaps her head towards him with a glare, making a mental note to drag him to her office a bit later. As soon as White Tree’s words pop before her face her hands dart up to her ears, covering them as best she can. She still gets slightly impacted by the screech, her elven ears twitching some and causing her to wince. She leans into the wall to keep herself upright, waiting several moments once he was done before she removes her hands from her ears. She glares at the lot of them, her mood now even worse before she speaks up, “ We are all going to the Dining hall, eating, drinking, and going to get along. I will not allow violence like this in my home. If ANY of you have an issue you bring it to me you do not attack each other in the halls.” With that she spins herself on her bare feet and heads towards Ria, glaring down at her before she speaks again, “Ria, go to the Doctor and make sure you're ok. Then I expect you to fetch that boy for me.” Before Ria has a chance to answer her she makes her way off towards the Dining hall, not really caring if they caused more issues, but if they did she’d have to have her guards handle everyone but Samuel, remembering his toxins, she’d have to handle him herself, but for now, she keeps walking.
Anaya: Samuel cringed as that sound hit his ears as he glared at the eleven woman that he had sent to the floor, but without thinking out his own ears he took his hands and covered Sif’s ears from the sound holding his hands on top of hers caring more about her than he did himself, which was something rather large seeing Samuel was well Samuel and he never cared about anything more than himself. He cringed and was trying so very hard not to cripple under the pain of his head ringing. His now on fire green eyes bright and anger filled turned on the one spitting letters into the air and snarled “” he hissed as he snarled and started to walk to the dining room hall, he wanted food, needed food and he was going to get it even if it was going to be just him going there, well him and sif, she was not being left behind, she would never be left behind. He helped her back to her feet still covering her ears and snarling as he was more than angered at the moment with the events, but he would keep himself somewhat proper seeing it was not his home and he was sure his daughter would have different rules and junk then back home. He looked over to his daughter “yes food would be good” he snarled more so glaring back to that being over there as he bit his lower lip and grumbled something under his breath, calming himself and looking to sif “are you alright Sif?” he said softly as he uncovered her ears as the sound stopped beating their heads into a pulp. He took a breath and walked with Sif over to the dining hall and putting his arm around her shoulder “are your ears ok” he asked truly feeling about it and being as real as he could be, even watching him and Sif he knew that someone who knew him could tell he was not being himself he was being tender, sam was never tender. His eyes scanned over to a maid as the maids were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. “maid, get some wine in the dining hall ready at the table, be sure it is chilled and there is more than one goblet I do think we all need some” the maid looked over to him then looked over to her ruler and how angered she was and in her own mind it was a safe assumption that wine was going to be needed and miss Ana said drink to “yes sir will do, wine it be” she rushed off to do the task as swiftly as she could.
DarkDelaMorte: -White tree tilts his head towards their words and writes in the air- ‘Violence bad’ –he sends to the man- ‘Using it will be bad, enough death and blood see I, any more and ground will be sad’ –he writes in the air for all the see as White Tree keeps tilting his head back and forth his neck as he suddenly walks over towards Ria and the ice and examines her ears as he whistles softly as if apologizing as he writes for her to read- ‘sorry pain’ –he would put his hands out, hovering by her ears as his hands begin to turn into water and cover her ears for a moment leaving a bubble around her ear canal itself. The magic begins to pulse through his body as suddenly small balls of light begin floating towards her ear as these were nature spirits. While rare for many to witness those of the oceans embrace specialized in healing and water magic, as such their lineage gave them the ability to use parts of their body to heal others as it was a tad hurtful to their health but to them it was better to lose a month of life than see another hurt as after a few moments with the flow of magic being felt through the air, White tree moves back from her as the bleeding would have been cleaned up a bit along with the pain on the outer ear and any damage to the inner ear, the pain in her brain was for her to penance on though as such he could not heal that. He looked to the ice and placed his hand on it for a moment as the ice slowly began to insert his hand as he was tasting Ria’s ice as suddenly a loud sound of happiness as he enjoys the tastes and writes in the air- ‘good water’ –he would then turn his head around to look at the ones called Sif and Sam as he tilted his head at them examining them as he looked between Sif and Ria for a moment now confused- ‘Two Ria’s?’

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Toxies: Anarial was beyond annoyed at this point. She strived to keep her castle calm, free of issues and in just the arrival of her father her home had turned to the start of a war zone. She wondered why Samuel had bothered to follow her, didn’t he have things to handle at home? She knew that he was well aware that she could handle the bastard slave herself and if she couldn’t she would sell him off or kill him. The fact that Samuel seemed to see her as a child made rage burn inside of her but for the moment she quickly dismisses it, leaving it for something to be handled at a later time. Anarial quickly walks into the dining hall, the doors being thrown wide open in front of her with enough force behind them that they slam into the walls leading to a crack forming in the right one. Anarial quickly makes her way to the head table, the one that sat just above the rest of the tables so she could watch over everyone else in the room. She takes her place in the middle of the table and sends a few of the servant girls off to fetch a chair for Samuel, as well as some water, and sends a handful of other servants to fix up a spare bedroom for both Samuel and his knight, making sure the rooms were connected so he could watch over her seeing as he seemed to have some level of care for the female. The first set of servants come rushing in rather quickly with chairs for both Sif and Samuel, setting them down beside Anarial before they set the spots up with pitchers of fresh spring water, warm honey butter rolls, and pitchers of milk. Anarial was brought a warm glass of spring mint water and she simply sips on it as she waits for Samuel to take his place and Ria to return with the slave. She knew she wouldn’t let Samuel leave with the boy and if he insisted she would have Ria slit the boy's throat. Anarial has learned in the few weeks of being here she couldn’t afford to be sweet and nice to everyone if she was her rule here wouldn’t last long nor would it be remembered so she had begun to grow a thick skin with most. For the moment, she was fine with sipping on her water and letting everyone adjust and find their places.
Anaya: Samuel moved along the floor putting an arm around sifs shoulders as they walked into the dining room seeing Ana so hot and bothered put a smile on his smug face. "You look so much like your mother you know. Sitting there even with the mint drink at your side you are the image of her even now with your own lands to fully make things your own. It has come a long way since you were a feeble slave moping the floors Ana." He smirked and pulls out the chair for sif allowing her to sit first as he could hear the moving of footsteps far off. The slave was on his way up for sure and sam would have to grab and go, stay witch he did not want to do there was a dead whale outside in the sun and he should not be late to get back to iron. Or he could kill it here then have to bolt as he was sure Ana would not enjoy that done in her knew hone. But he would figure that out later and did enjoy spur of the moment actions.  "So enjoying the new castle Daughter?" He asked as he sat down and with a claw carefully moved that white hair from sifs face and smiling at her his big green eyes looking I to hers for a moment and within his eyes, he knew she could see that shimmer, that I am going to do bad things give away shimmer. He turned his gaze back to Ana as he gave that crocked grim.
DarkDelaMorte:: White Tree watched the goings on and nodded to the people around him unsure of how to deal with the people around him he followed the small wood queen towards the dining room. He saw everyone rushing about as he was tilting his head at the devices at the table. He moved around one of them trying to figure out what this was as he shook his head in confusion and moved the chair back as he had no clue how it worked. Tevi did not have an easy time sitting in chairs as it were, their bodies would accidentally eat the components at times as well as for an Ocean embraced Tevi the wood or stone seats would cause a Tevi to cry as the act of turning a part of nature into a niche patio furniture was against the Tevi thought process and way of life. Puffing sounds of thought seemed to flow from White Tree as he saw the pitcher of water and let out a happy tune, the sound was soothing to the ears and was reminiscent of a ballad that even bards would weep to as it was the song that accompanied the tale of the tragedy of the River kingdom, the only kingdom to be destroyed by exploration as a whole and leave no evidence or people behind. Even the Tevi knew not of this tragedy but its song was that of hope for finding a new day from what was a tragedy. His ears perked when he heard the Dragon male speak of offspring as he looked between the Wood Queen and the Dragon male tilting his head and began writing in the air “Related you are? Looks do not match….” He wrote not having a subtle bone in his body…or having any real bones at all as Tevi by nature were plant-like being least of all an Ocean embraced Tevi as they themselves were simply made up of mostly water, and unlike mortals, it was literal water, not pasty skin water. Still, White tree watched the commotions and people move around as he seemed to be bored for a moment his whistling sounding like waiting music of sorts
Lady Sif: Sif blushed a bit, not being able to hide it this time with Sam staring directly at her and having moved her usually concealing hair to the side. She quickly composed herself regardless of the unusual heat rising to her face once she caught the look in his eye. Of course, she would stand by him no matter what debauchery he would commit in Ana’s Queendom but she was worried nonetheless. Her expression cooled and she looked to White Tree, choosing to remove herself from Royal conversation. Sif was used to doing such things as a Knight, wanting her attention to be cast to the surroundings. Raising a brow at the writing in the air she tilted her head. “Quite a bold manner of addressing your observations.” Sif soon paused her comment, feeling her sister before she even made her presence known to the room. — Ria smirked as she walked into the room, her personal guard carrying a frozen block of a slave. She had allowed him to mostly thaw so his small body was shivering in the grasp of the large guard. His limbs would undoubtedly be numb from not only the cold but the lack of circulation from the guard’s grip. Poor thing had turned all shades of blue, his eyes darting from Ria to Ana to Sam, getting wider by the moment. Ria, however, was more interested in her twin, moving to sit on the other side of her. Ria gestured to Ana while looking at the guard, “Do deliver the little insect to my dear lady Anarial, my pet.” The guard nodded, his eyes almost glued to Diliria’s as he all but dragged the boy in. Ria let her attention drift back to Sif, reaching out and curling some of her long hair around her finger then tugging. “Sweet Sifrella, have you missed me? It would break my heart to think you did not miss me after such a sneaky little trick you pulled all those years ago. Sif remained stoic, looking down as Ria pulled her just a bit closer to her hair and whispered so low to where Sif herself almost missed it… almost. “Wait until our idiot of a King sees you.”
Toxies: Anarial sighs as Samuel talks towards her, keeping herself from responding as he mentions how like her mother she was. She shakes her head slowly as White Tree speaks towards her, it takes her a moment to process what he stated but she speaks up, first to address White Tree, “We are not blood, White Tree, it is a long story that at a later time I am willing to share.” After a few moments, she turns herself in her chair to face Samuel and speaks up again in a calm steady voice, “I am well aware how alike my Mother I am, she has rubbed off on me and I don’t see it as a bad thing. I have been enjoying my new home. There is no violence, at least not until this morning. It is peaceful and calming.” She catches the look in Samuel’s eyes and it turned her stomach but she shows no sign of it. As she waits for Ria to come back with the boy she turns towards White Tree again and speaks up again towards him, “White Tree, is there anything you, want or need? Food? Water? Tea? Anything?” She still felt bad for what had happened earlier in the day and the fact that she had not been able to appropriately address her guest. As Ria enters into the dining hall with the half-frozen boy, her eyes graze over Ria and then the boy but she doesn’t respond to it, keeping her face and body language emotionless. Once the boy was several feet in front of the head table that held Samuel, Anarial, White Tree, and Sif she raises a hand signaling for the guard to hold the boy in place. Anarial then turns her attention back to Samuel as she speaks up towards him again in the same voice as before, “As you can see Samuel, the boy is still very much alive, even if he's in a weaker state at the moment. Now that you’ve seen him believe it’s time to return him to his cell before he gets his energy back and makes attempt to become a pain again.” With that, she waves her hand so that the guard would quickly drag the boy back out of the room before Samuel had a chance to get anywhere near the boy. She was determined to show Samuel he had no control here, he did not rule here. Her mother put her in charge here and she ran it the way she felt was was correct. She made a mental note to write to her mother in regards to Samuel’s visit, finding it annoying that he seemed to feel the need to babysit her. She figured Samuel would have something to say about the boy’s state and about the fact she was so quick to dismiss him from their sights so, she waits for his response to it all.
Anaya: Samuel smiled softly as he watched her and the annoyance of white trees words fluttered around his face. With a waved hand he looked over the words and then shooed them away and then made the choice to not say a word to a white tree, as in his own mind if you were unable to talk you just did not need to be even noticed. He looked to sif and nodded his head giving you hurt her I will gut you glare at her sister Samuels' teeth grinding together softly. As he turned his green-eyed gaze to the guard and the slave boy. With Samuel s speed, he left the chair tilting back and forth as he was at the guards back before anyone could even think about reacting. It was seconds after and had said for the guard to be going and the guard did not even get the chance to turn around. Samuels long barb ended tail had come from his backside and was pointed to the guard's chest as Sam's elongated clawed fingers were resting on the shivering boy's shoulders a green sheen to the claws as they just hovered over the boy's skin "have not been taking good care of castle slaves now have you miss Ana.  I think it would be best for this slave to come back to the castle with myself and Lady Sif. Seems he would have a better-suited life at the castle, and if I remember right my dear daughter you took him to give him a better life, you want the best for him I am sure." Sam gave that smile as his green eyes looked right dead at his daughter. Sam was far from above killing the guard his barb was pointed at. Abd at the same time that barb with lighting speed should be launched at any target in the room then reloaded once with the backup stinger before it took time for another one to grow in. There was a flame inside his eyes, this green glow that screamed evil,  and with his teeth grinding, claws resting on the slave's shoulders and his tail pointed to that guards chest he wondered how much his daughter was willing to lose to keep this slave boy from him. "I would hate for your kingdom to become very chaotic just because of this cheaply bought slave boy, my dearest daughter"
DarkDelaMorte: -White tree did not mind the dragon man’s attitude, correction, the tiny dragons attitude, as his presence and actions were heavily overconfident something a full dragon would not have to do in order to show its power. As such it was a moot point to expect the male to even take the time to notice the words as white tree wondered if the man even could read the words. White Tree whistled something that sounded like a laugh and then carnival music to match the oddly surreal moment that was occurring in front of him. He would look to the one called Sif and begin drawing in the air- “Boldness is in the eye of the beholder one called Sif, status is quite irrelevant to someone who spends their time primarily in nature” -he stated bluntly and shook his hand for a moment then continued- “As such I would ask you the same question maiden of ice, why do you choose to follow royalty when the original elves did not have such a structure?” -he wrote and if he would smile he would as his neck bellowed a soft tune that reminded one of a calm spring day. He then turned to the wood elf queen and tilted his head at her questions- “I only require water, thank you” -than hearing her comment on not being related by blood his head tilted complete one-eighty degrees as an ocean embraced Tevi did not have much neck bone to speak of.- “Blood relatives….so he is but an imposed parental figure?” -he inquired once more as he watched Sam’s actions with the slave boy as his head went back to its normal upright position as he let out a whistle of worry and squirmed a bit as he wrote a few words- “he is to be killed than” -he said bluntly once more as he absorbed the water from his glass and let out a sorrowful tune. Then turning his head to Ria he was curious about the king she mentioned. Tevi explored quite a bit and as such, it was not odd for them to meet people all over depending on their location, an ocean embraced Tevi could not exactly meet the lava people of the Black Isles. As such it had been roughly 400 years since his last visit to the ice elven lands and he was interested in hearing an update sending Ria a note once more- “What king currently sits upon the ice throne?” -he inquired as he waited for more water to be delivered-
Lady Sif: Ria rolls her eyes at Sam as he glares then winks at Sif who was staring at her with an expression that neither confirmed nor denied her unease of her sister's words, having missed the Tevi's response. Only now did she realize what Ria was really threatening. Things would get very complicated if the King decided he wanted her to return after she had run off. Her gaze quickly drifted back to Sam as he went to stop the guard. Ria glared darkly and stood, about to pull one of her small dart knives from her skirt. She'd be damned if that asshole dragon killed her prey instead of her. Unfortunately, before she could draw it she glanced down. Her eyes traveled from the shining blade of Sif's spear to Sif's face, an expression now of anger set upon her face. When Ria rose a brow at her, Sif's face went back to its cool and blank state. Directly after, Sif noticed the words floating around her head and read them before looking to White Tree. "The kingdom of Iron has done more for me than my own people. As an elf of strong morals..." She set her eyes back to Ria who smirked, "would follow such a beautiful family until the end." Ria then tilted her head but casually sat back down before answering White Tree but continued looking Sif over. "Oh, our current King is such a suitable ruler I would say. He wisely tossed aside this traitor of a sister I have an obviously more reasonable mate. King Malcome Oridian will be very excited to see her again."
Toxies: As Samuel made such a movie he touched into Anarial’s anger. She quickly rose to her feet as silence fell upon everyone inside of the dining halls. The servants quickly disappearing off to the kitchen and out of the way. Anarial glares towards Samuel before she speaks up in a rather loud voice, “Samuel, I will not take your disrespect. You do not rule here and I will do with my property as I see fit. The boy is mine, I paid for him and brought him here. Are you so petty that you would risk angering me and Anaya by crossing something I have stated? The boy’s life means very little to me, the fact that you attempt to disrespect me in my own home and in my lands is what this is about. I have opened my home to you. Offered you my food. My wine. And a place to rest, yet you spit in my face Samuel. If you have an ounce of respect for me as your daughter, you will return to your place at the table and we will speak of the boy in private at a later time. If you can not do at least that much then I’d suggest you leave and not return to my lands. And have a very upset Anaya to return to as well.” Anarial kept a blank face as she speaks, her eyes glaring at Samuel, making it very clear she would not be backing down anytime soon. She knew that when it came to Samuel, sometimes it was best to throw her mother's name in it, so she hoped that Samuel would at least listen to her reason. She would hate to burn the bridge with him, however, if that’s what it took to keep her head and respect as a ruler that is what she would do. She notes White Tree’s question and remark, making a note to address him once she regained control of the situation she was now in. The guard keeps his grip on the slave boy, waiting for Samuel to move so he can do as he ordered. Anarial had begun to note Ria’s temper so she hoped for the moment at least, Ria would contain herself and allow Ana to handle this. For the moment all Anarial could do is wait for Samuel to do as he was requested, meanwhile the tension around her could be cut with a knife, She refused to sit back down, ready to react to Samuel at a moments notice.
Anaya: Samuel could not keep his mind on the current, his green eyes looked at sif worried for her safety even over his want to kill this stupid slave boy. What was the matter with him why did he give so much of a care for a guard. He blinked his eyes and for a moment there she was, Kadence oh she looked amazing white hair blowing lightly in the draft she was smiling at him her eyes so bright and blue. He missed her every day he was breathing it had been hundreds of years now since he last touched her face,felt her claw in his, rolled in the snow drifts with her, held there child, there beautiful girl. But then he blinked and she was gone she had faded away and his eyes turned to such sadness, but there was sif there looking at him. He must have looked like such a fool. But Sif mattered to him and the love of his life was gone, and she had been gone for a very long time now and no matter how much time would go by he would never forget her. He could hear what her sister said, it sounded like the king.. Was maybe family to sif, was the guard really a royal, he was unsure but it did not change how he viewed her how he was growing to care for her. Sam’s attention snapped out of that vivid daydream as Ana had grown some balls and snapped at him in such a way he could not ignore. Now the boy no longer mattered he could kill the little shit in the middle of the night and make it look like a maid gave the shit food poisoning. No no no now and was the topic he had his eyes on his darling little daughter trying to be all big, dumb elf was going to get herself killed one day. Within a blink Sam was before her. His towering body there breathing hot on her as he leaned down his lips to her ear. “ Anaya gave you this castle do to her brothers death. Which we still don’t know just who did it. “ he clicked his teeth together softly “ what if, it was just, taken back, my poor girl would have to come back home with mother and dear old dad. “ his. Reath made the hair on the back of the neck stand on end “ I can kill every guard you have in under an hour, every person in this room before you can draw a blade to stab me, and I can take that head off your shoulders before you ever get to make the letter to mommy.” He looked at her pulling his head up a bit from her so his snake green eyes looked at her “your dear mother is castle locked from the snow back home. In the end what do you really think she will do to help you. She tossed you out here to get rid of you, if I would not have shown up you would have no connection to family at all other then your letters” he leaned back down again to make sure for sure no one would bear him” I will back down to make you look good my little dove but I wont do it after. You have made it so my games are over, you know your place Ana, and you know you are to respect the people that turned the worthless slave into a ruler, it can be taken back as fast as it was given” he pulled his head up and a hiss came from his lips as he talked loud enough for others to hear at last “ fine, you can keep the boy and I shall sit with my knight. We shall stay one night and nothing more and be on our way at dawn. I am glad to see you have come so far a father could not be more proud of his little dove.” The kicker was it was true he was very proud of her, she was at long last acting like a real ruler, she would just have to learn to respect her elders a bit more is all. Sam gave a light chuckle as he turned his back to her and walked down the steps back to his table beside sif. If you knew dragon culture the back was never a respectful thing to show a person. And ana knew all he had said to her. He took a arm and put it around sifs shoulder.” I could use wine right about now don’t you think” his green eyes turned and looked back to his daughter wondering her next move in this game of chess.
DarkDelaMorte: -White tree puffed out an odd tune as if laughing as he wrote in the air- “Ah so Little Oridian has finally come with child, this is a good day” –white tree proclaimed in his written words as they flew around the room with vigor and odd movements as white tree calmed down letting out a week of happiness. - “I would like to know what woman gave him child, he was quite perplexed with a maiden not long before I left him last we met”- He stated with his written words then watched all the goings on between the dragon whelp, the elven queen, Ria, and the iced meat slab. He tilted his head as if it was the start of a bad joke as he rubbed his chin a bit his hands going into his chin as they were both water based enough to combine. He let out some whistles of being in thought as a soft melody played for the hall. As he listened to the conversations he poised a question writing it in the air- “if speaking of elders in this abode would it not be keen to turn to the old?” –he wrote in rhyme as he tilted his head. Tevi had unnaturally long lives, outliving even the dragons in this sense as their primarily lifespans were between 2500-3000 years they had quite a while to explore the world and learn new things in order to pass it on back to nature and thusly the next generation. As such while Tevi did not show their age White Tree was on his way to turning 1300 in a few years, which to a Tevi is roughly 50 years as time is quite irrelevant to them. Yet none with brains would ever think to kill a Tevi, for nature was kin to these beings and such an act could reap curses on that bloodline for generations to come. As with the Isle of black oak this long ago killed a Tevi for its whistling noises as a trophy for their liege. This act wrought damage and destruction to the aisle as the islands were flooded in a week and the crops died before that, ships were unable to reach the isle and animals were burned to coal before they could be harvested for food. Buildings would not stand and people were sick constantly as finally as the week ended three natural disasters destroyed the isles leaving the treasures of old hidden beneath the waves as the Tevi himself was returned to his home.
Lady Sif: Sif lowered her spear from Ria's neck and relaxed a bit, the fire in her eyes calming and turning back to the passive cool. At Ria's words on the King, she barely contained the shift of her gaze. Even still, she knew her sister had caught the hesitant discomfort in her posture. Ria looked far too pleased with herself but then caught the gaze of Ana. As Ana conversed with Sam, Ria couldn't help but sneer a slight bit. She was annoyed with Sam's presence and the complication of his attachment to Sif. As if she would let him leave out of this castle with her precious sister. The one who she had so much caught up to do with. Ria soon looked back to Sif who had raised a brow looking down at her hand. Ria glanced down too and noticed she had crushed a silver spoon into dust with frost chips all over the table. Clearing her throat, she set her chin in her palm and looked at the words floating from White Tree. "Well, luckily the smitten Oridian fathered a very capable man. I find him satisfactory enough to torture. Although he finds torturing me more desirable." Ria smirks and gets a surprisingly genuine happy look in her eyes. Sif tilts her head a bit in confusion, her sister couldn't have possibly stolen him away for more than the position of power. As Sam put his arm around her, she stiffened then looked over at him. Perhaps things like that changed for done people. She relaxed a bit but returned to her usual stoic demeanor and took a drink from her glass. This gesture also pushed Ria's ire a bit more. Every time he got close to her sister she retained more and more annoyance, plotting just a bit more what she could do to drag Sif by her hair back to the Ice Elf lands. "So! Dearest sister, when you are prepared to return home ill be sure to escort you personally. Wouldn't want you running off like all those years ago, the King may assume you do not respect his orders if I am to tell him that... Don't you think so?" Ria left no time for Sif to answer as Sif suddenly spit water all over the table in shock.

Anaya: Samuel left Ana to ponder what they had talked over as his eyes moved to sif and her sister, that sister of hers was starting to be a problem and he could see it in her that she did not like him all that much, when you lived a life were the world did not like you it was easy to feel it in people. Sams' arm got a bit tighter around sif as he held her and in his own way without words to her told her he was not in any way letting her go. As his bright acidic green eyes looked to Ria his words came out stern and powerful "sif is my knight and she shall be coming back home to the castle with me she will not be going back to a king in the ice elven lands" he meant it there was nothing that could take his elf from him and if the sister tried anything he was far from below sliting her nice little neck all over this table. With the beautiful thought on his mind, Samuels' fingers twitch softly and on his hand that was not around sif small little green drops formed at his claw tips.

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Sifrella: Diliria Goan. Tall and slender figure laid across the chaise in her personal chambers. Her lower back length hair was being brushed out by one of the handmaiden's she liked to keep. The maiden had a lovely fiery deep red mane of hair with eyes as green as poison from a dragon's fang. Ria liked to call her Poison, one nickname for each of her favorites. Ria laid on her stomach, looking over at Poison as she concentrated on her task, eyes only on Ria's hair as she studied her. A good girl, Ria only allowed them to look directly at her when she was teasing them mercilessly at her whim. Only a few feet away from them both was her last plaything, a very young slave boy. He was bound, gagged, dripping, and whimpering in a chair, squirming a bit as his eyes held the dim blue glow that marked Ria's magic. A touch here and there and one could be hers for the taking. She couldn't help but feel pleased with herself and the feats she had accomplished in this foreign land away from the Arctic Elves. This land, dynasty, of Stoivania was going to be her home for another good while.
Is Rage:  The hooded figure shuffled along the path. Through lots of coin and rumors, he had heard of the possibility of mages being needed. He only wanted the coin to be worth the trouble. He wore a dark cloak that fully concealed his features. All he carried was a thick black leather-bound tome. He moved slowly through the gardens as he was stopped by a few guards. Quickly he announced his intentions and found himself now being led inside to the thrones. He was ordered not to move as three guards went to find an appropriate head to speak to him.
Sifrella: Hips swaying with her steps, heeled shoes sounding loudly against the marble floor as she walked alongside the guards. Diliria Goan fingered the pages of the book in her hands lightly as she came to a slow stop in the throne room. “So, I hear tell that we have a visitor. As our last visitors were both very irritating and enjoyable at the same time I can only expect this visit to be just as entertaining…” Ria snapped her book shut, handing it absentmindedly to the side, expecting and receiving a guard to take it from her. As the Queen was away, for the time being, Ria was the next to be taking care of such matters. She set her cool blue eyes upon the man, looking him up slowly from feet to face. His cloaks were heavy and dark so she did not find anything interesting about him just yet, so she stuck to business. “What can Stoivania Castle do… for you?” Ria raised a brow and crossed her arms ever so lightly around herself in a position that made her seem fragile and cold. Her slight figure with rounded eyes and face feigned an innocence only broken by the wide curve of her hips and breasts coupled with the unmistakeable devilishness in her smile.
Is Rage: Though his appearance remained hidden behind his robes his motions were easily noted. He made a similar gesture of examining the woman who he now assumed was some form of the head, or at least someone who was the stand-in for such. "Well if we are speaking of payment exchanges, access to tomes and scrolls, trinkets are fun to play with, and I like rooms to experiment in. " he gave a soft laugh as he brushed the tips of his fingers along his book. "In return, I can share my current and future arcane knowledge with you."
Sifrella: The expression on the lovely elf’s face remained passive to the point of almost revealing her disinterest and boredom with the man until he finally spoke something that sparked her attention. With a smirk, she crossed one arm across her middle. The other arm elbow rested in her palm as her hand rested on her chin. “Hm, arcane he says.” She chuckled and glanced at the maid that was at her closest side. “Well, what are you waiting for, do treat our… guest,” Ria glanced towards him briefly before turning her back and sauntering off, “with the utmost care. And shut that door would you, you’re all warming my cool mood.” Ria spared another sly glance over her shoulder and smirked, “Welcome to Stoivania, I am called Ria."
Is Rage: He smirked as he noticed her sudden change in demeanor. "Some water would be quite nice" he tightened the grip on his tome as the maid passed by. The focus moving too the book. "I am known as Vincent Kaos. Three gifts of the arcane knowledge have been passed down to the first born male of my family for generations. Though most were far too short-sighted to put it to good use. Became complacent with base tricks. " he moved the hogs revealing the left eye of deep violet hue and the right a brilliant blue. The magic in his blood seeming to brighten them. Hid skin pale as if he couldn't even explain why sunlight was. "My main ability aligns with elemental types, but I did learn basic summoning. And I do not use any types 'holy ' magic. " He held out his right hand and slowly moved his fingers. The left eye flashed as a small symbol appeared in place of a pupil. The ground twisted until forming a chair out of the floor and he says himself. "Pardon, but my legs are rather tired. " He moved so the obsidian hair blocked the lefty eye. "I'm sure you have many questions, yes?"
Sifrella: Ria paused, then half-turned and smiled sweetly. "Well, of course, I quiver with anticipation at all the juicy information you will surely provide for me. But what's to rush, let us discuss it over dinner. And hopefully, you will soon meet the true queen of this castle..." To herself, she thought in addition, 'and play a valuable part in its restoration.' A maiden stepped past, coming to a stop next to Ria with a water tray in her hands. Ria faced her more, taking a step closer and moving her hand to the girl's face. She brushed the soft blond curls from her cheek then grasped her chin. "I do hope you'll find all company pleasant." She then removed her hand slowly, gesturing to the man, the maiden nodding slightly and moving to offer him the water.
Is Rage: He rose his hand causing red water to levitate and float to his palm. His fingers curled around the cup. "I'll be glad to share a good portion of my knowledge, but do remember us magi do crave our secrets. " he sipped the water and ran his tongue over the pale lips as they curled into a smile,"I'm sure company is fine, in small doses. " he tilted his head as he studied Ria. "Do you already have a room dedicated to arcane works or will I have to handle that detail myself?"
Sifrella: Diliria smirked and thought to herself, ‘Show off, should be the utmost of fun playing with this one.’ She placed a hand on her hip and shifted her weight, almost swaying side to side as he studied her, discreetly making sure he got a good look. “Arrangements will be made of course, though it will be a full night before it is ready.” She tapped her lips in thought then leaned down towards him, her eyes glowing a soft purple before fading back to their natural blue. “Shall I accommodate you personally for the night? I am a wonderful host and would be happy to give you a grand tour personally…” Sure, it was a lie, the castle was still young and there were many rooms available that would only take a few hours to set for him. But she hadn’t had a new plaything in a while and leaped at the opportunity to find this man’s worth.
Is Rage:  He nodded his head, "Sounds most agreeable. I accept the tour as well." He rose slowly to dismiss the summoned seat as he replaced his hood, "Such hospitality. You don't intend to harvest my energy for some strange machinations, do you? Such things are so barbaric. " he jokingly waved his hand, "Besides, I'd better help to operate." His hand moved onto the tome holding it close to his side, "Please, lead on. Sure there is more than this one room."

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Toxies: Anarial sits in her office, going over the papers in front of her. Reports on guard training, hunting reports, storage reports, etc. She rubs her temples and sighs but reminds herself she would rather handle these things herself so she can make sure that they are done correctly and so she knows things are as they should be. She pauses for a moment and decides it is also time to handle Samuel and lets out a groan, not wanting to handle it but knowing it needs to be done. She shakes her head and looks up to the guard currently inside her office and speaks up, “Go fetch my father, would you? I need to have a discussion with him and handle these current issues so I can get him back home.” She pauses for a moment and taps her fingers on the table before she speaks again as the guard was turning to leave, “Make sure it is just my father, his guard doesn’t need to come with.” The guard nods and darts off to find Samuel and Ana wait in the office, petting one of the wolf pups her mother had sent to her and tries to decide what was the best to do at the moment. Her long blond hair hung down around her shoulders and she was still in her nightgown, a very short silk gown that showed her legs off and her large chest so she fixes her hair so it hangs over her chest in attempt to hide her chest and slides her legs below the desk to keep them hidden from his sight as well, returning to the reports as she waits for him. *
Anaya: The guard came up to him as he brushed his black hair behind his ear and turned his head from talking to Sif. “upon the request of your daughter she wishes to see her father” Sam smiled at the male's words as he got up and nodded to sif “stay here, and if anything happens scream or turn the whole castle into an ice shelf” he saw Sif nod and then turned to walk along with the guard “it is so cute, she called my father” he gave a chuckle as the guard was rather stone cold to him, but he guessed Ana was the same as her mother and enjoyed her guards to just do and not talk. They got to the doorway of the room and was in as he gave a smile “you called for me Daughter” he said with a grin on his face as he walked up and pulled out a chair sitting down in it as his bright green eyes looked at her. She covered herself like a scared woman, hiding her body from the big bad wolf, he could not help but grin at the idea “so what is the reason to call me over here, what is it you are wanting, I am sure it was not just to say hi daddy”
Toxies: Ana glances up towards Samuel as he comes in waiting until after he has sat down and the guard had left them be, securely closing the door behind him and then listened as he spoke before she speaks up in response to him. “We seem to have an issue at the moment. I have something you want, and you’re hell-bent on causing issues until I give you what it is you’re wanting. So, we need to come to an agreement of some kind. I am willIng to give the boy you so seemingly want, as to why you want him I fail to understand, but if I give him to you I want you gone seeing as you challenge my authority here every time I turn around.” She sets her pen down and sets the reports to the side, raising her head up to look towards her father as one of the pups jumps into her lap and she settles into petting it well she waits for his response. Her soft eyes staring directly towards him.
Anaya: Sams eyes looked at her and then looked to the wolf pup, it would grow up strong one day, much like Alpha back home. “well you give me the boy and I will be out of your hair, why I want him well that is simple, you made the choice to take him, and you know fathers protective we are” he gave a laugh. He turned his head and looked to just be sure no one was around, it was for sure that there was a guard on the other side of the rood but still not like it would stop him from doing what he wanted “you know Ana I only challenge your authority as I like to see you fight a little for what you want, a fighters heart is inside of you, but at the same time” he moved in his chair leaning over the table his elbows resting on the wood as his green eyes looked at her, right at her, right into her “I loved it when you were a slave, on your knees cleaning the floors, what I would give to see you on them again and do exactly what I want” he gave a smile and was all knowing that Ana would get the innuendo of how he wanted to fuck her dry on the cold floor of the castle till her legs could not move. “so the boy, yes, hand him over and Sif and I will be on our way, your mother must be worried sick you know how she loves me and all that trash”
Toxies: As he mentions her time as a slave her gaze goes from soft to a glare and her taps her fingers off the desk. She pauses for a moment to think about what she will say never breaking her glare at him. “ Take the boy, he should be back down in the cells, I’ll send the guard with you. Before you fetch him, please, take time to eat breakfast and hydrate, it is a long trip home. As for mother, I highly doubt she know’s you’re here and so long as you cause no farther issues for me I won’t bother mentioning your little visit to her.” She keeps her glare at him even after she speaks, completely ignoring his comment about her as a slave, part of her life she preferred to simply ignore and he knew that. After a moment or two of pause, she speaks up again, “So if the boy is all you came here for it seems we have fixed that little issue. They should be serving breakfast soon and I’m sure you want to rush back to that guard and make sure nothing has happened to her.” After that, she waves her had at him as if dismissing him so she can return to what she had been doing.
Anaya: So fast to push him out of her life she was, he smiled at her trying to be all powerful, a cute little elven girl who in the end could be snapped as fast as looked at, but he did respect her want to be something so grand. Sam had his gloves on still so as she moved her hand to wish him away he got up and took her hand in his, pulling her off the table and into an embrace. His feet moving as if dancing with her softly “you know when you were a slave you were so much more beautiful then you are now, now you just remind me of your mother way too much, which has its good things and bad. If I stayed a little longer we could have fun you and I, and the guards here look at you the same way I do” he held her in his arms for a moment knowing full well she would yank away as soon as she could. But he did like a fighter it would be no fun if they just gave him what he wanted. “you know, if I kept your mouth closed no one would know. And i would be gentle you know Ana, keep my gloves on” he gave a chuckle as he looked at her holding her to his chest, if he had nothing on his top half she would feel the burn of his skin but he had his garb on but he was all knowing that if he did take Ana here on the floor she would not last the encounter, she would be gone and melted down before it ever ended and he would be thrusting into elven soup. “bedding down to a Wyvern is a once in a lifetime experience, one day Ana I do hope we experience it together. I am sure things will happen in the future to make you a bit more, accepting to my advances” he smiled a wicked thought twisted in his mind as he held her waiting for that brisk pull away he knew was coming and a possible call to the guards.
As he catches her hand and yanks her from behind her desk a surprised yelp leaves her lips and she goes wide-eyed. As he keeps her against his frame she felt so tiny, she was already small and his giant frame made her feel even smaller and weak. As he spoke of her slave days yet again she can’t help but let out a growl of sorts and she tries to push herself away from him, even though she knows his a shit ton stronger then she was. As he speaks of taking her she shakes her head, trying even harder to push herself away from him as she speaks, “You know that will never happen Samuel. You are with my mother. And if that isn’t enough, you simply touching me would kill me and we both know that.” After a moment longer, she would return to trying to twist away from him, trying to keep her silk night-gown in place. She wasn’t sure why Samuel constantly wanted her, she was untouched to males and she planned to keep it that way for as long as she could or until she was wedded.
Anaya: He let her go just enough so she would feel like she had a bit of power over him, but as he only let her go so far, he moved and got down to her eye level his green hues looking into her own. His gloved hand moving up to touch the side of her face as the scariest words imaginable left his poison lips “One day Ana, one day i will take your elven body on the floor of whatever keep you hold, one day I will shove myself inside you and break every inch of spirit you have left, and on that day, it will be the last day you have and I will enjoy hearing the words leave your lips to cure you just so I can do it all over again, over and over till you are a puddle on the ground under me” he wanted Ana but the fact she kept refusing his advances only made him want her more, and what was want now was not in a tender I love you way but in I will have you and be the last one to have your way. What was once love now was lust and Samuel no longer cared if it killed the elf girl or not, he just wanted it, and would do cruel things to gain it. He let her go so she could pull away and yank and almost fall back into her table and chair. He stood back up an evil glare to his eyes as he looked back at her “you are hot when you demand power” he gave a laugh as he moved to the doors softly “I will go get the boy and you will see no more of me. But be careful my little Ana bad things will happen in your days ahead, and oh don’t let your mother know of our chat, I would hate for bad things to happen faster than planned. I like a slow progression it is more fun that way” he paused a moment to hear her response, in the end, if she just accepted him it would not be so bad for her but now what was done was done and said was said. “the dungeon right, it is you locked up the poor thing”
Toxies: A growing flush grows on her cheeks as he speaks to her but refuses to partake in the conversation. As he releases her it was at the exact moment she tried to yank away so she falls to the ground causing her silk gown to expose even more of her thighs to him. She lets out another growl but moves to grip the desk and pull herself to her feet, wincing a bit as she puts pressure on her ankle. She stands before him glaring and still refusing to acknowledge the conversation or his advances, “As I stated, please, go re-up on food and eat before you leave. Once ready I will have the guards go with you to get the troublemaking boy. And one day Samuel, you will learn not to threaten me. I do not cower before you like others. I am not afraid of you.” With that she spins on her left foot, limping back to her chair where she wraps herself in a blanket and pulls the reports back out, making it clear she was done discussing these things with him.
Anaya: His eye turned so just one bright shining green orb looked at her, a face only the most foolish would not head a warning from. “and the words you said here and now are what will be put on your gravestone Ana, the people that fear a Wyvern are not foolish or lacking bravery, they are just smarter than the bones that line our cavern walls. Fear is not a handicap it is a show of intelligence” he gave a grin teeth in his mouth getting longer as they gifted together giving that grin a sinister appearance. “you look beautiful on your back by the way and the limp adds charm” he turned back to look at the door as he opened it a crack so the guards outside could hear “you are to kind Ana the food and drink will be much enjoyed ” he gave a smile and walked out the door like he did nothing wrong at all shutting the door behind him to go inhale the given meal and wait till the guards came to fetch him and Sif to go get that boy in the dungeon witch Samuel already had plans for.

Anarial sighs and rubs her temple, the meeting with Samuel had not gone as she had planned it but at least it was now handled. Ria was not going to be happy about the boy leaving with Samuel but at this point, she didn’t care she wanted Samuel to leave. She now knew that Samuel was plotting her downfall but she knew she should be safe until he returned to her lands, he wanted her so she doubted he would let just anyone take her. So, for the time being, she just had to figure out how to get Samuel before he got her. Anarial tells the guards posted outside the door she didn’t wish to be bothered at all today she needed to handle things, not to mention she didn’t want to have to come up with an excuse as to why she was limping about after her slight accident. She spends about an hour getting the reports in order, sending out orders for the local farmers and wine suppliers for what she wanted, making sure to add to what the kitchen has asked for. She went over the reports of the new recruits for the guard staff leaving that to the head of guards to handle. She eventually runs out of things to keep herself busy with and she groans shaking her head and gets to her feet, heading to limp out of her office, making sure it was securely locked behind herself before heading towards her chambers surrounded by guards, for the moment, she was still on high alert and didn’t want anyone near her. Once she gets to her chambers, several guards post outside the doors and she heads straight to her bathing chamber, asking the girls to draw her a large hot bath with flowers to perfume it. She needed to unwind and recompose herself. She hated the way Samuel got under her skin so easily. She wanted to write to her mother, tell her of Samuels threats but at the moment, that seemed like a poor idea. Before she heads to the drawn bath she opens the door and sends a guard off to take Samuel to the cells to take the boy and leave her lands.

Anaya: He had been eating and having a good time with Sif he was not the joking kind but he was in good spirits so he had a nice sized smile on his face. After eating yet another chicken leg and tossing the bone in a pile of about thirty he got up as he saw the guards. Sif walking behind them and staying silent as normal she for sure had things on the mind after the events here. They got to the dungeon doors, Samuel turned around looking at sif “now you hold post here, i will fetch the boy then we can depart” she nodded and stood post as he with the two guards that came with him went down into the dungeon. It was a little dark but sams eyes could see very well in the dark so he was sure to spot the cell with the boy in it from a distance. The boy looked weak and had not eaten well seeing he was down here in the damp spider covered walls “he is here Lord Samuel” one guard barked out as they walked ahead getting to the doors, the other guard good to just reduce both to nothing but human coloured unlocked the cell and the boy recoiled to the back fearing they would harm him. He was in the right to fear it all. After the doors were unlocked sam turned to the guards and looked around. There was nothing down here but them, everyone else was up a couple levels, it was silent here. It was perfect. Within seconds sams claws slashed forth and he dug both hands into both guards eye sockets, his claws going in the eye sockets and then some coming up and stabbing up into the lower jaw clamping both men's mouths shut. Sam gave a moan of pleasure as it felt so sludge. But really it did not matter what race the men were the ending result was the same and both were in to close range to react. As they struggled Sams muscled arms twitched holding them both still as he pumped bucket loads of toxin directly into there faces. The skin on there faces melted in seconds and there brains within a minute stopped working leaving them both twitching masses on the stone floor. “shhhh it is alright now you both can sleep” he said softly as he pulled his fingers from there melted faces and his green eyes that now lit up the dark looked right to the shaking and cowering boy pitted ageist a wall. “” he stuttered out as Sam walked around the doors gate and into the cell his hand reaching out to crush the lock so even if it shut behind him it was unable to properly lock. “yes i did, it is a message, were you are the last letter” he walked over to the boy that had no place to go, no place to hide or run he was stuck between Samuel and a wall. “i get we don’t see eye to eye you and me, my little lamb but think of it as you are a message, a last letter to my daughter before i depart, i was never going to take you away from here i need not a slave in my castle, even more so not one that wanted my daughters ass. But that will end now” he said as his hand moved to the center of the boys torso, a claw starting to slowly dick into the boys belly button, a slight scream came from his lips as sams other hand like he did the guards jammed up into the boys lower jaw clamping his mouth shut and even getting him to bite off his own tongue that fell to the floor flopping. “cant having you give away the message to soon my little one” he said softly as he reached his hand in grabbing the boys insides and pulling them out the newly made hole. He dropped them to the floor as he spun the boy around his face held up to the wall as Sam humming to himself the whole time cut with his claw out of the boys back the boys 'wings' riping down his spine and cutting out the skin on both sides of his back he pulled out the boys lungs, the boy still alive and the lungs still pumping. He hung them up on the wall making the boy hang like a suspended angel from the stone. “there we go, a work of art” he said with a smile on his face as he turned his back to the wall decal and walked away back up the steps, cleaning his hands as he went. As he got back to the top he had the smell of death on his clothing and a bit of blood in his hair “alright Sif things have been handled now back home we go” and with that they left leaving his daughter to find the parting gift he had left for her down in the dungeon and the missing guards. He knew Ana would not tell her mother what happened here the past couple days, it would be a fools choice to do that, and he also knew that Ana would be in the knowing that this was only a message a way of saying the great game has started, and we would see who is standing at the end.

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AzamiCore - Yuki Kanji a beautiful white Kitsune with blues like ruins taking in her soft warm coat decide to venture into a warmer territory for her 2 weeks brake delivering message form the God and goddess. The warmer weather had made her shift into a human women with luxury white hair her skin pale and her clothes soft, wight, and sexy. Her silver eyes sparkle when the light would hit. She moved quickly going from shade to shade of any plant or rock like forms. Till she saw the castle ahead. 'Now this could be a good place to get away from the heat of this scorching sun.' her mind then wonder what mischievous things she might be able to get away with. Her smile widens as she approaches the door to the castle. Seeing the guards. She sways her body teasing their eyes- "May I come in to cool off from the heat please?" -The close proximity of the guards to her they would feel cooler yet their eyes would look upon the lovely young lady as she fans herself, her staff hidden behind her back. She licked her lips deliberately. Pretending how chapped her lips are-

Sifrella - The guards would look down upon the lovely figure of a woman, one tipping his helmet up a bit and licking his lips. His partner next to him elbowed him in the ribs. “Ah! What in all Hells?” The partner cleared his throat, though still very obviously interested in the woman. ‘Woman, what do you want here?’ Another of the guards who stood on the other side of the gates called over, his partner keeping his eyes on the surroundings. “Ya two quit yer gawkin’, did the ice lady not tell ya to just let beauties like that pass? Whadya thinks she’s gonna take, the only thing she can hurt is one of dem slaves or servants. Get yer heads on.” He sighed, shaking his head before turning back and keeping watch as he was supposed to. The two guards in front of him looked at each other than to her, after another long look, they stood aside. The one who did the most leering pushing the door open for her. “Right, please enter, a Lady of the home will greet you… and do not worry. She will find you.”
— Inside, DIliria had shown the man his room for his things and had already made it to the study. “This room, in particular, will most likely be where you find interesting things, though my personal library has more detailed information than the most valuable of books here.” She ran her fingers along the spines, looking up at a shelf above her. A servant boy followed her every step, the only other person in the room with the two now. The boy was a human, just past puberty, one that she kept because she thought he was adorable but too sweet to taint with her ways. Therefore she kept him in her sight almost every moment. He was like her pet, and as she turned back to Vincent she laid her hand on top his head, lightly ruffling the black curls.
Rage - He examined the collection of books and nodded, "I will be satisfied here for a time. " his hand would reach out with a soft twist of his wrist and a gentle whisper that seemed to echo out causing one of the books from the top to levitate from the shelf before slowly descending to his open hand. The cursed eye flashed as he flipped through the pages. The book seemed to be an actual story, though his eye glowed as it took in the knowledge none the less. "Do you have bestiaries here? Those are often hard to come by for me." He glanced up at her and the boy as he sent the book back.

AzamiCore - Yuki Was accustom to the gawking looks. As the one guard licked his lips. He will be easy to toy with latter if she chooses to have him wrapped around her tails. She listens to them with her ears to hear the other call him forth she pretends to look away and look at the details of the building. Her thought process of slaves and servants that the guard spoke of- ' hmm more fun.' - she thought to herself.  She then watched as the one guard leered more and open the door she gave him a quick wink- "Thank you, sir." She blushed and turns away. She sways her hips knowing he would be watching her walk inside. Yuki paused only to look at the tapestry or painting that was on the walls of the hall. She then saw a servant or slave women dusting items not far from a chair. Once the servant or slave was done she sat on the chair. She would think of her nice cold home waiting to see who was next to approach her.-

Anarial -  Anarial was soaking in her rose scent water bath. Happy that she was able to send Samuel off, even if he had brought up her past and threatened her. She figured her mother had not a clue about Samuel’s little trip and for the moment she was content not mentioning it. Halfway through her soak guards burst into her chambers freaking out and Anarial could hardly piece together what they were saying. Once they were calm enough to wait for her in the hall she climbs from her tub and gets to her feet, toweling off and sighing, “I was rather enjoying that bath… I wonder who I have to thank this time…” She slips into a very loose cream-colored silk gown and steps into the hall to follow after the guards. They lead her to the cells and before she even gets around the corner she guesses what has happened. The guards refuse to get too close to the mess, praying to their gods and trembling. Anarial steps around the corner, pulling the skirt of her dress up to keep it from getting to ruined. She stares at the mess her beloved adopted father left her and her face turns red in anger. She balls her fists and bashes her right fist off the wall, wincing slightly in pain as she dislocates her pinky finger and causes severe scraps on her hand causing blood to start to pool on her pale flesh. She shakes her head and spins around glaring at the guards, “Find me Ria and get the damn servants down here to clean this mess, if you breathe a word of this to anyone I will have your head. I don’t need this getting out.” The guards nod and dart out of the holding cells, tripping over each other as if they can’t get away fast enough. Ana stands there, letting the blood drip from her fist as she glares at the mess before her before she speaks up in a hushed tone, “So the games begin Samuel, may the best beast win.”

Sifrella - Ria smiled softly, her hand nudging the boy to run off as she watched the book replace itself with the others. She then raised her hand and casually pointed off behind her a bit to the left. “Do take your time, have fun.” Before she could comment anything sly, she noticed a set of guards march in and pause at the door, looking anxiously over at her. One looked less anxious and more hungrily, but stayed at the back of the small group. This made her a bit uncomfortable, her power over a number of the guards and staff led her to always know what was happening or at least know the warning signs of when something hadn’t gone her way. She glanced at the men, letting her gaze stop on the guard she had set her spell on. A nod of her head and he was walking towards her. Ria stepped past her current ward and leaned close to the guard, turning her head and calmly awaiting his words. It took only a few words whispered in her ear before she was pushing him to the side and sauntering through the group that had come to beckon her.
Lady Ana had summoned her; she had no other thing on her mind than going to her. A sly smirk crept on her face as it had been a while that she had been to see that sweet little Elf. The guards followed at her heels, barely keeping up with the long-legged stride powered by the interest of an Ice Queen. She hadn’t even listened to anything from the man other than ‘Our Lady Anarial wishes to see you…’, but soon regretted her haste as she got closer to where Ana was standing. Her smile fell slowly, followed by an expression of annoyance. She had not forgotten the mess the wyvern king had left, but she damn sure was trying to… and she would be punishing the servant that had not cleaned up the mess soon enough. Diliria paused a step, waited a moment, then continued towards her Queen, smiling softly and looking around as if it was nothing to worry over. She wrapped one arm around her middle, shifting her weight to lean a hip against the wall, waving nonchalantly at all the blood and body bits with her free hand. “Is there a problem here my sweet Ana?"

Rage - The mage bowed his head and moved to the back, stopping briefly as he watched Ria leave. "Interesting..." His eye flashed and he turned and moved to collect several books. After grabbing his sixth book he moved to a table. He waved his hands over the books, allowing the pages to slowly flip, remaining in synchronization. His left eye glowed as he fervently stared the information of the pages rapidly. His hands remained lifted to maintain the magic he spun on the books. Here he would remain until disturbed.

AzamiCore -Yuki saw the slave move again to dust a vase and startled her. The vase knocked over almost crashed but Yuki flash stepped and scoops catching it before it crashed on the floor. The fear in the slave's eyes was fun to watch- Yuki places the vase back on the table and patted her hand.-  “This place is spotless. Why don't you go fetch me a plate of fruits.”  -the servant relaxes to see the vase safely back in its place, nods with a curtsy and scurry away. She soon brings her back a plate of fruits.- “Come sit with me, and conversate with me until someone shows up that is in higher authority.” -the maid seems apprehensive but then sat on the floor. Yuki offers some grapes but the maid shook her head no and spoke- “It is one thing to entertain but another to eat with you” Yuki smiles and ate the grapes. They discuss the weather and spoke of the one guard at the door Yuki teased. But the slave spoke very little not wanting to get into any type of trouble-

Anarial - A slight wave of relief comes over her as Ria comes around the corner and she shakes her head slightly leaning into Ria as she stood next to her. “Unforently, I apparently am not strict enough and I don’t want this mess,” She gestures with both hands towards the blood all over the cell and hall, “that Samuel so graciously left us getting out. The fewer people who know the better and the damn servants refuse to get near the mess to clean it, despite me yelling at them to do it. Forgive me if you were in the midst of something but I was hoping you could get them to clean this up and to keep silent.” Anarial lets out a long sigh and reaches up to rub her temples after she speaks, “I still need to figure out how to deal with Samuel at the moment on top of this and all the reports that just got delivered.” Anarial was starting to wonder why her mother chose her for this job, there where better-prepared people but Anaya had picked her and she would be damned if she was going to fail.

Sifrella - Ria smiled sweetly, indiscreetly eying the woman as she came closer. She would nod and sigh, finally taking her eyes off of Ana to assess the scene once more. "Of course my dear, consider it done and nary a word was spoken thusly." Noticing the stress radiating from the young Queen, Ria sighed, thinking to herself how such a pretty thing got thrown into such a mess. She liked Anarial and had been procrastinating immensely on her reason for being there. So many interesting creatures passed through, more to play with that in her own kingdom.  The time for wasting time had ended when her quest had come to her. Now she had a new obstacle, one in common with Anarial: Samuel. She sneered simply thinking of the cocky bastard dragon. "My dear Ana, worry not over the trivial, simply worry over your queendom and I shall get these small things handled." She gestured vaguely to the bloody mess, ice beginning to creep from the walls and freeze it all solid. "I shall have a few of the slaves come with picks to clean this up and dispose of it... Then I shall dispose of them. This whole nasty scene will be behind us." She leaned towards Anarial, running a hand through Ana's hair then lightly touching her cheek with her fingers before lifting her chin. "I am here for you my Lady."

AzamiCore - Yuki grabs a strawberry and ate it like it was so succulent teasing the slave and making her mouth water with the way she slowly ate it.-  Now you really should try to eat one with me. Just take one little bite. it's not going to hurt you to have one bite." -Yuki put the strawberry by the slaves mouth.- I tell whoever catches you eating that I asked you to eat with me. You are a slave and should do as you are ordered? Please eat with me." - soon the slave broke down and took a bite of the strawberry.-  "See they are so delicious." - the slave nods as she took another bite.- "So tell me, slave, you have a name? How did you become a slave to this establishment?" -Yuki wanted to know as much as she could about the castle and the people who run this place. Why they had slaves. -

Anarial - Anarial was thankful she had Ria to turn to and as soon as Ria states she will handle the issue she nods, “Thank you Ria dear, I need to go get into better attire and finish some reports before I head to handle the guests I keep hearing whispers about.” As she spoke of her attire she motions slightly towards the nearly see-through nightgown she had tossed on to come running to the scene. Her bit of modesty she had before she got here was slowly starting to fade away, her mind was always in a million different places so how much of her soft pale flesh was showing was becoming less and less important to her. She leans up softly, placing a soft kiss on Ria’s cheek before she spins on her heels and moves to head out of the dungeon, heading back towards her chambers to get herself dressed and ready for the day. Her mind was racing, she wanted to write to her Mother about Samuels visit, his threats, and the game he was now insisting on playing but his words ringing in her mind. She didn’t know what she was doing as a Queen, she had no idea why her Mother had picked her to take this over but she’d be damned if she would fail. She would not be defeated someone would have to kill her before she would disappoint her Mother. She never dreamed she would be in this situation but she was trying her damnest to prove her Mother made a good decision.
As she reaches her chambers her head was still racing but she quickly strips herself down and finds one of her favorite outfits, it was hot today, hot enough she wanted to hide in her cool office all day but she knew she had things she needed to handle. She tugs on her white silk skirt, slits running all the way up her legs causing her long slender legs to be shown off with every step she took. She then takes the top, a bit of white silk that she wraps around her chest, leaving most of her stomach and above her chest on display. She would have never dreamed of wearing an outfit like this back home but unfortunately, her new home sat in a rather hot area and she was attempting to adjust to not just the people and culture but also the temperature. She pauses and looks at herself in the mirror, her soft gray eyes scanning over her slender frame as she reaches up to adjust her long silky blond hair. She takes a deep breath and moves to head out towards her favorite of the many gardens on the grounds with several guards trailing behind her, where she would have Ria fetch the guests for her once the mess in the dungeon was cleaned up.

Rage - The mage rose up as the last of the books closed. He reached up placing his hand on his cursed eye. "So much knowledge available. I should be able to reach my h further heights serving these royals. " he rose from the table and lifted his arms, a whisper echoed from his lips as arcane energy swirled before him. He would begin scrying through the castle. He stopped in a messy room and listened to another speak to Ria.  "A good Chan e to show my talents more thoroughly. " he began to whisper again as a deep smoke enveloped his form and dropped in the center of the destroyed area, "Through clairvoyance, it loomed less severe." He gazed about beneath the dark robes, the cursed eye giving a violet glow from its shadows.  "No matter," he began moving his hands, his fingers bent in various ways as his whispers began to swell around d the room, the rapid incantations sounding as if the were being spoken all at once without end. Energy began to grasp any broken items and mended them as liquids pooled together into a single massive orb. Another line of energy moving things into neat stacks to be rearranged as desired. The trash and debris began collecting around the liquids. He pulled back his right arm violently as he pulled open a small black hole to remove the waste and instantly fading once done. He sat himself down, feeling drained from using so much energy at once after a heavy reading session. He exhaled slowly, "That part is done." He forced himself up and shuffled along to the queen's location, using more magic to track her. He flopped onto the ground, clearly drained and exhausted. "I...mage.." His head dropped, "" He began to snore lightly...
Sifrella - Diliria smiles sweetly, not bothering to gaze upon the small Queen as she had already thoroughly enjoyed the view up until now. With a slight nod of her head, she watched Ana walk off. The moment she was out of the room, her expression turned sour. Her eyes almost burned holes into the guards and few servants nearby. “Where are the idiots that I sent here to clean this up hours ago? Hm?” Ria’s smile was sweet but her glare told the truth of her rage. She took a deep breath, “Tell those that I spoke to earlier to meet beside my chambers, lined up against the opposite wall. If even one is to refuse… kill them on the spot.” Ria rolled her eyes and waved her hand, sending them all off to do as bid. She looked upon the mess and rubbed the bridge of her nose. The moment she looked up again, a mysterious form appeared. Dropping her hands, her eyes lit up in bright blue, frost rising from the ground around her until she realized who it was. Quietly watching as he tidied up the entire mess, Ria smirked. Once he had disappeared, she laughed, running a hand through her long white hair. “Well, one less useless guest for once… I’ll have to reward him somehow later…” Her glare returned but this time with a devious smirk as she thought of those receiving the opposite: punishment. With that thought, she turned on her heel, sweeping out of the room and down the hall towards her chambers.

AzamiCore - Yuki enjoys the plate of fruits. While the slave told her that her name is Olivia. That she has been a slave since she was 8. Her family was in debt. She chose to help them keep their home from being a bond servent.-  "Is all slaves are like you Olivia?" -She didn't say much. Only that was not information that she was allowed to discuss.- "Are you treated well here?"  -she thought about that question. Before she spoke. "It is better to be here than the brothels." -Yuki nods her understanding. Any time is better than the brothels.The slave scooted closer to her.- "May I ask how is it that being near you is cooler as hot it is today?* "I am capable of regulating the air around me. It is easier to do so without the sun heat on my body. Eating foods such as fruits is a very good way for me to keep my energy very high. Soon when the sun goes down I won't have needed to keep my body regulated.-She wonder what was taking so long for someone to see her. She also hopes that her gift would be a way for her to stay until she was done on here vacation.-

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Toxies: Anarial had just made it to the garden as the male appeared before her causing a startled yelp to leave her lips which in turn causes the guards to jump to her sides, hands on their swords. If there was one thing that Ana did not use too it was people appearing from nowhere. She manages to catch what the male says before he passes out and it then takes her a moment to fully understand what he said and to regain her composure. She nods once before she turns to the guards, "Please remove him and take him to one of the guest rooms in the left wing, make sure he is comfortable." As soon as the words left her lips the guards quickly scooped the poor male up and rushed him off to a room to rest. Ana shakes her head and takes a deep breath, using her fingers to gently brush some of her silky blond hair into place over her long ears. "Now, I understand there was another guest that is needing to see me. now to just find her.." She quickly heads off, knowing Ria was busy with that.... mess she needed to handle this one on her own. Ana takes several moments but she finally finds where the female was and quickly makes her way to the female and she clears her throat before she speaks up, "Good Afternoon, my name is Anarial and I heard a whisper you where wishing to speak with me." The slave appears nervous at first as she hears Ana's voice but was quick to calm down once she realized who it was just before Ana addresses her, "Child it is just me stay calm, Ria is busy at the moment but you know how she would react if she caught you being still. I understand you need breaks." Ana then turns her attention back to the female guest, noticing the cool air that seemed to float around the female she quickly speaks up again, "Do you happen to need to move to a cooler area? There is a garden here with flowing water and lots of shade, it tends to be several degrees cooler than the rest of this place." Her long ears flicker slightly as she tugs at her dress trying to keep it in place, clearly disliking the fact she was in a dress.
Kaos: The mage didn't move much while carried. However, once he had been laid down he shot awake. "Solutions!" He stared at the guard then cleared his throat. "I would like some water please." He sat there and struggled to pull his feet over the side. "And if one is available, a walking stick. I can't be laying around. There is still much to see and learn before I can rest." He reached under the hood and rubbed along his left eye, "A headache is starting up again." He grumbled,  "I assure I will be fine and I won't be wandering from here soon." He lifted his tome from his side and opened it just past it's middle, "Once the queen needs me I can be found in the library. There are still many pages to look over." His fingertips then ran over the pages, his words muffled as he blindly spoke to himself about various spells and ideas. His concern no longer being on the guards, only his work.
Azami: -Yuki heard a throat being cleared and the introduction made. She smiled as she listens to the Lady of the castle. Until she finishes speaking to the slave. Once she was done speaking then Yuki spoke- "Yes, I would like to speak where it is a little cooler. It is my fault for keeping the slave. It was nice to have someone to speak to while I waited." -she would follow the lady lead to the garden. If any male was around she would bat her long eyelashes at them with a smile. Then spoke to Ana - "I am on break and would enjoy staying and getting to know your cultures. I also have something that you may be interested in."
Sifrella: As Ria walks in from outside, one after the other, servants and guards sidle up to her. “My lady, I have the paperwork from the north for you.” “Miss Ria, your chilled tea and frozen grapes.” “My lady Ria, we have escorted the group to your chambers, a guard is outside the door.” She sips and nods as she peruses the documents sent from her husband then suddenly stops. The gaggle of people around her stop in time with her steps and stare at her before she looks up, almost lost in thought. Ria glares over at the one who handed her the documents, her eyes aglow in a sharp blue. “Do you think this is the sort of thing I wish to see when I’m in such a bad mood?” His eyes widened when he looks at the page in her hand, visibly shaking. “M-my lady I didn’t know, I—“ Ria smiles as her eyes fade from glowing, pushing the letter into his chest and folding up the rest of it. “Take this with you to my chambers, will you. Have the guard let you in.” She spoke as if it wasn’t a question nor a request. It was as if she was telling the future with facts. “Set upon your knees and devour this problem, and it better be gone from my sight when I return. Begone all of you, you bore me and heighten my ire.” With a sneer, she drops the teacup and flips the platter of fruit as she steps past them all, storming off past the library away from her room that she had been heading for in the first place. Just as the tails of her dress pass the doorway of the library, she pauses. Turning on her heel, she goes back and looks inside, seeing the mage. “Hm.” For a moment, she ponders the note she had been sent and leans against the door frame, arms lightly folded across her middle and blindly watched him.
Toxies: Anarial nods after the female spoke before she extends a hand to help the female to her feet. “We all need a rest every once in awhile and some forget that. I am sure they enjoyed your company as well.” Once she helped the female to her feet she would start to lead the way to, wards one of the more central gardens. It was filled with flowers and running fountains. She leads the way to one of the center benches where she would sit and motion for the female to also take a seat. She would listen to the female and nod softly before she speaks up, “You are welcome to remain within these walls as long as you wish and we will try, to accommodate, you need the best we can. I will make sure to have one of the cooler rooms made up for you and once she makes herself known, Sifrella I’m sure would be happy to make sure you have everything you need. If she can not be located I a,m normally in my office or in one of the many gardens.” After she spoke she motions to one of the guards near her before relaying the message to have one of the cool rooms made up for their guest. “I will make sure someone comes to get you when it’s ready, is there anything else I can do to be of assistance?”
Azami: -she smiles smelling the aroma of all the different beautiful flowers, still listening to Ana As she spoke.-  Thank you for letting me stay. Oh shame on me, My name is Yuki. And here is a gift. - she hands a mall sachet and pulls the string it opens as she sees a light gray powder-  "Now this stuff is potent you only need less than a pinch of this sleeping dust, either to sniff or a pinch to blow into the face of someone you wish to sleep hard. The effects are only 3 seconds. It will last a full 5 hours or more. even for someone large is 5 hours. Someone small 8 hours" -She ties it up.-  "You can speak to the person that you blow on. Some may be able to sleep talk but most you can have them to believe in rather it is good or bad. - She stands up.- thank you for your time. I shall go unless you wish for me to show you how this powder works?"
Kaos: The mage shuffled along the paths between shelves, his heavy robes dragging behind him. Each step he made and even the groans as he stretched to grab a book he had levitated into reach made him appear so old. A few books hung suspended in air as for coming back. Unaware he was being watched he pulled he k his hood, revealing the long strands of midnight black hair trapped over his face. He pulled the strands into a tight ponytail uncovering his face. He couldn't be far past his early thirties really. His head turned giving a gli.pse of the deep purple left eye. No distinction between iris and sclera. He suddenly stopped in front of the texts humming to himself as he read each tome in mind. His fingers drumming on his ch8n as he sought some answer to an unknown question.
Sifrella: With a smirk, Ria moved away from the doorway towards the middle of the room, walking past him and absentmindedly fondling a few pages of an open book. “Good to see you’ve made yourself at home. It seems you’re quite comfortable with the tomes.” Glancing over her shoulder, Ria had felt her sour mood lighten slightly by the distraction. She figured it would be fine to allow the maiden a few moments to digest the letter that she had sent her off with. Turning around, the ice Queen slid up on the table to sit, crossing one leg over the other and interlacing her fingers over her knee.
Kaos: He turned his head as Ria spoke, "I am a fan of them. And your collection is so grand. I am sure to expand my knowledge of the arcane while serving." He kept his hood down as he still moved as if he were aged and frail. "Though still nothing that tells me the one skill I truly wish. The first is the only who mastered, and I aim to surpass." He flicked his wrist allowing the books to close and stack themselves neatly. He sat down across from her and folded his hands, "I also have begun feeling more refreshed now. So if there are any other tasks I need to see to I am well able now " The left eye flickered and he instinctively moved his hair to conceal it. "I'd feel like a burden if all I did was study. " he reached out his hand causing a light frost to consume the table she sat on. His eye glowing brighter as he cast the spell. "Too many of my bloodline wasted away in a book never using their power. "(edited)
Toxies: Ana smiles softly as Yuki hand’s her the gift. She nods her head slightly in thanks as she listens to the explanation of the powder. She gently shakes her head after the offer to show how the powder works before she speaks up, “There is no need to show and I am sure it will come in handy at some point. I thank you for the kind gift. I shall let you go off to rest, feel free to find me or send a guard for me if there are any issues that arise.” With that Ana gets to her feet and gives a soft bow before she spins and heads off towards her office. Once she gets to her office she dismisses her guards, sending them off to patrol as she heads towards her desk. She locks the powder in her top drawer before she movies to the windows off her office with a book in her hands. Opening the large windows she climbs out the window and sits on the roof just outside her office to drift off in her book, deciding she no did not wish to deal with reports for the moment.
Azami: -Yuki was glad Ana enjoyed the gift. She hopes that one day that gift was used. She also knew that she would be using that powder soon for the guard who came to escorted her to her room was the same guard that seems to take a liking too her. She flirted with him as the walked down the hall. When he got to her door she smiled batting her beautiful eyes" So when are you getting off?" And would you like to escort me to the tavern for some drinks and fun? " The Guard said he would be done in five hours.  "give me 7 hours and then I'll be ready. She opens her door and waves goodbye "See you soon" she went in and closed her door. She took off her moon staff and played it by the bed. Happy to shapeshift back into her Kitsune body and rest curled up on top of the soft bed. She would sleep till the guard would come to knock on her door.
Sifrella: Diliria glanced at the table as it cooled to comfort with his magic. “Hm.” Ria paused for a moment then looked at him and smiled softly. “Actually, this is such a…” Looking around the room, she gestured vaguely by waving her hand, “…new, dynasty. Our sweet little Queen is still building an empire.” With a sigh, she looked back to him, “I wouldn’t say there is much to do just yet around this castle… But.” She made an expression as if she had just thought of an amazing idea then tapped her chin in thought, “I could use a representative for a voyage I will have to make soon. Simple visit back home, nothing too complex.” Ria shrugged up one shoulder, picking up a book and flipping through the pages without specifically asking him to go with her. If she could bring him to her side of things, his talents would not go unappreciated.
Kaos: "I am quite familiar with travel. And if there isn't anything here to do for me but study,  I certainly wouldn't mind going along." He bowed his head. "I would only need to prepare myself a traveling attire, this wouldn't take but an hour to do so. " he rose up slowly to stretch out his limbs, " If my company isn't unwelcome as such that is. This would also help me in seeing more of this empire, and I do enjoy a learning experience. " he gave a soft smile behind the threads of dark hair that draped over his face.
Azami: She sleeps for a good 6 and a half hours. She shapeshifts back into a human.  Tonight will be so much fun. All the mischief she could get into at the tavern.  Her long white hair spills upon her back. Her white dress, she enjoyed wearing. It flowed easily for movement and running. It wasn't long like most formal wear. It flowed just below the knees. The way it cleaved at her breast showing it ampleness. The dress still beautiful. When the moon shines over it shimmers like silver dust. She grabs her staff says a magic word and it shrinks to a Cain size. Then a knock on the door as she smiles to know it was that handsome guard at the door- "Reddy" She spoke happily after opening the door. The guard almost drooling at the sight of her. He thanked his lucky stars. He presented his arm and she took it. They walked through the hall as the staff clicks the floor, and out of the doors of the castle. She waves to the new set of guards at the main entrance. The two headed to the tavern-
Sifrella: “Perfect.” An excited gleam in her eye was the only giveaway that she had gotten her way and had expected it. Ria twirled a stray piece of her white hair between her fingers. It was all still pinned up, as usual, a sign of her need for control. With a sigh, she feigned a pout, “I do have some urgent business in my bedchamber so we will have to postpone our small vacation for the morn. Have the servants gather anything you may need…” With a smirk she looks back at him, sliding off the table slowly. “And do see me, personally, for anything you may want.” With a tilt of her head and a raised brow, she stepped past him, lightly laying her hand on his shoulder as she passed him to the doorway.
Kaos: He felt a comforting chill at the touch. He bowed his head, the distinct magical glow of violet and lavender dancing under his hood. "I shall keep so in mind, Lady Ria. " Once out of sight, he flicked his wrist, teleporting himself into his own room. He laid his own, tome upon his bed and reaching into his robes grabbing a small pouch. He pulled out a few tiny crystals an,d laid them down. He flipped through the pages and studied over his own notes. Once time had passed, he replaced everything in its own place and would rest himself until he was needed and awoken.
Toxies: Anarial lets out a soft sigh as she glances up towards the sky. The sun was setting, and the hunting party should be returning shortly. She had sent them out to find a good fest for tonight. She had several guests within her walls and she wished to let them meet and mingle with the rest of the castle. Ana marks her spot in her book as she watches the sun start to dip down before she speaks out loud, “I do hope Samuel made it home in one piece… I must find a way to handle him before he becomes the death of me…” Ana lets out a soft sigh before she moves to climb back in through the window and back into her office. She sets the large book on her desk before she hurries off towards her chambers where she has one of the girls help her get ready for the night. She realized she hadn’t been dressing the part of the leader, she still dressed as if she was going to go running through the forest. So tonight, she would make a statement and she would make it a loud one. She had one of the girls brush her snow-white hair out, perfectly straighten it so it would hang around her shoulders. She then had the girl fetch a dress she had custom made for her, one that reminded her of her mother, It was long, floor length and would drag slightly on the ground, the skirt of it decorated with small jewels that would sparkle and black as night feathers. Around her waist was a tight fitting solid gold belt. As eyes would wander farther up her thin frame they would realize her breasts where fully on display, just barely being covered by thin strips of black silk fabric. She flips her hair down over her shoulders before she dawns her choker, a solid pure emerald dangling from it. She then dawns her headpiece, another emerald resting against her forehead before she slips on her solid gold armbands that twisted around her arms from wrist to elbow on each arm. She leaves her feet bare below the dress and allows another girl to come and apply thick black eyeliner to her eyes before she heads off towards the dining hall. She assumed those that would be attending would already be within the dining hall when she arrived. She pauses outside the doors before she speaks below her breath, “Mother give me the strength to rule as you do…” With that, she nods to the guards who throw the doors open for her to enter the dining hall. Lining the tables would be nothing short of a feast. Fresh baked breads, roasted root vegetables, elk, deer, beef, chicken, and duck. She made sure there was plenty of wine for everyone to get drunk and then some. There was enough food within the walls to feed an army. In the kitchen, Anarial had requested that there be extra food to feed her servants and slaves as well. Since her arrival, they had done their best to learn her ways and make sure the castle was to her standards. Anarial knew that this feast was a statement, she was here, and she had no plans of leaving anytime soon.

Sifrella - After a few hours, Ria stepped from her room, happy with herself. Two slaves had come to fetch her for the feast but froze in place at the sight of her, more than usual. Diliria stretched her arms up above her head, rolling her neck with her eyes closed. She slowly brought her arms down, running her hands through her hair as she did. Her fingers were stained with blood, streaking her hair even more with the darkening essence of her poor victims, lying lifelessly in her chambers. Each of them nude, and a couple pinned to the walls with ice shards. It was apparent that she had not been wearing her current clothing during her ministrations as they were spotless. A flowing white sheer skirt that swept far past her feet sparkled with the dim light of the hall. The long ends were cuffed to her wrists where her puffed princess sleeves ended. Her top was the same fabric, a deep swooped neck that almost reached her belly button with the loose fit of the clothing. Instead of the pinned up look, her hair flowed freely, light streaks of blood adorning and framing her carefree and satisfied face. Her clear blue eyes set on the slaves. “M-miss Goan, the feast is set… uhm…” Their eyes dropped to the floor in her presence and they shook with the small glimpse they had caught of the room. Without a glance at them, she walked past, “I suppose I should go wash my hands for dinner then? Take care of the little mess in my room. Not a speck when I return or…” She paused and looked at them over her shoulder, seemingly sizing them up. After a breath, she smirked and kept walking, “or I’ll have to make a bigger mess.” Ria entered the dining hall not long after, hair damp but clean. She waited for the Queen to arrive, grabbing a few grapes. Before one could reach her lips, she stared in awe at the arrival of Anarial. A slow smile graced her features, “Well good evening…"

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 Azami -Once the sunset the night cooled off quickly like most deserts they can become very cold. But this evening seems jus cool enough to where she didn't need her powers to change the temperature around her. The guard would be the gentleman and open the door for her. As they enter the tavern, many eyes would fallow her even though she was in the arms of the guard. They would find an empty table and sit. She batted her silver eyes at the guard when the waitress showed up. The guard ordered an ale and she chose wine. The guard spoke to her, "I get this feeling that there will be trouble for you and me if we stay here."  -she smiles as her thought was more than happy to have caused a stir problem in him already- "But I never been here before what kind of problems will happen?" -He nods his head but then whispers in her ear- "See those three men there they have not stop staring at you since you walked in here." -she whispers back into his ear her hand on his thigh and softly squeezes- "That's why you are here with me. No one would dare try anything from the castle guard."  -she then kissed his cheek and kept her eyes on him-  "I am not interested in them anyways. "

Kaos - He fell deeper into the slumber, finding himself in an open field. A covered wagon just a short walk from him. Silence surrounded him, no sounds of nature. A few guards by the wagon and Ria waving him over. Was their trip already started? He took two steps and the scene darkened. The sky black and the sun now glowing a deep shade of eggplant purple, a lavender hue consuming the lands. Ria and the guards faded into dust as a voice whispered on his neck, 'Kaos...the debt..'. He would turn to see a creature just over ten feet, it's body thin and blackened. The head was oblong, no facial features, minus the numerous violet eyes. "Begone beast, I have no business with you!" It reached slowly for him, 'Kaos...the debt must be paid.' Kaos couldn't move, "I owe nothing, be gone demon. Plague another." 'Kaos...its time to feast...' it grasped his shoulder, "Back into your hellfires," He grabbed it's wrist just as it touched his shoulder and sent wild along its body...As the guard screamed he awoke to find himself not fighting a demon but rather incinerating a poor guard who had tried to awaken him. He ripped off the blah let's and tackled the guard to try and help put him out while muttering incantations to help the flames die out, "Shit...shit...I need a healer in here!!" He shouted loudly, "Don't thrash,  it will make this worse...oh damn...I can't be removed from here yet, I like the books.."

Anarial - Ana pauses at the entrance to the dining hall for several moments as silence settles over the hall. After another moment or two, she moves to step in, two guards following her, one at either side a few steps back. Her black dress brushes along the floor as she makes her way to her spot at the head table, directly in the middle. The only noise that could be heard was of her dress against the floor. As she gets to her spot she does not sit, instead, she raises a goblet filled with wine and speaks, “I toast to a lovely night filled with drinking and food. Eat to your heart's content, drink until you can drink no more. And do all of this in my name, your Queen Anarial. Enjoy yourselves and be merry for tonight is the start of a rich future.” With that, most of the people in attendance would shout out before they all slammed back a drink of their choice, for Ana, a strong red wine made from the best grapes money could buy.  After the toast, she sits down and motions for the musicians to start there sets. Music quickly filling the air causing some to get up and dance well others started to devour the food, all the best as she had ordered. Ana’s eyes watch over everyone as a smile reaches her lips. She was homesick but she felt she would make her mother proud if she could see this. Ana picks at her food, occasionally feeding the wolf pups at her feet scraps of meat from her plate. She loved the vibes of the dining hall, how happy everyone seemed. If she kept them happy they would be more likely to do as she wished. And what she wished was a strong army, her people to not go hungry, and to make her mother proud. After a bit of time had passed she motions to one of the servant girls, one that seemed to be stuck to Ria before she speaks up to her, “Fetch me Mistress Ria if you would, I wish to have a word with her.” With that she motions the girl off, leaving it to her to bring Ria to her.

Sifrella - Diliria stood, back up against the wall, watching the crowd be merry and drinking her own glass of a dark mead. The wine wasn’t her style, oddly enough, but the men at either side of her? Very much her style. One whispered in her ear the things he would let her do to him while the other sat on his knees in front of her and let her play with his hair. She glanced up as one of her girls walked up shyly, bowing her head. “The Queen would like for you to go to her now.” Inwardly sighing, she shot a look at either man and left them there, moving behind her girl and then shoving her in the place Ria had just been. “Keep them company for a moment. Don’t say I’ve never been kind to you.” Smirking to herself, she sauntered across the room to Lady Ana. Once standing in front of her, she smiled, looking at her feet to her head then bowing her head. “My lady, looking as glorious as a Queen could ever. You make the Goddesses jealous I’m sure."

Azami - Yuki with her silver eyes only glance at the three men every now and then to see if they were still watching her and they were. She also kept eyes on her special guard that sat next to her, he was quite handsome her hand softly would touch his thigh letting him know that she had her eyes on him more the would speak of things, but when he asked her where she came from all she told him was from up north where the cold snow never stop falling. Then one of the three men would get angry from having the wrong order, Yuki would watch and see the tavern wench beg for mercy and the man pushed her down and kicked her, now this is one thing she hated is how the strong care less for weak.  She scooted her chair back with a smile on her face even though her eyes would change color to a blue, she hid her anger well and the guard tries to stop her, grabbing her hand. She turned and he saw her eyes.  He could tell she was different, as she pulls her hand away from him. Then her body got colder with her rage, her smile still there as she moved forward and faced the man that hurt the wench. Her staff always in her hand as she looks and points the staff to the man . she spoke a few words and the man left, walking away and hung himself at a nearby tuning.

Anarial - As Ria approached her she raises a glass at her, she glances down at her own frame as Ria comments to the way she looks before she lightly shrugs, “I am in a bit of a good mood today in case the feast didn’t highlight that. I asked for you because I want to organize a hunt for the morning. I haven’t left this castle since I got here and I figure a good hunt would do us all some good. I trust you have some servants in mind that could be of use and of course I would expect you to join me.” With that Anarial takes a sip of her glass, almost expecting Ria to try and back out of a chance to escape the castle for a while. Ana knew she needed to stretch her legs, this is why she partly hated the fact her mother had sent her here to rule over the castle, she couldn’t escape overnight and just got be with the wild. She knew it was short notice but, screw it she wanted out of the castle for a bit.

Kaos - He looked at the poor guard, he was muttering his wishes to live on and not die here. Kaos let his lips curl into a smile, "That I can regret" Without warning, he slammed his hand into the man's chest and sent out two sudden burst of energy. The guard rose slowly stood and groaned,  "Yes well...they will notice the smell soon...go..outside and do guard stuff. And wave, look alive." The now zombied guard groaned and shuffled out. Kaos walked behind him until they reached the main room with the others.  The thrall stopped before the queen, waving foolishly. Kaos pushed at the guard harshly whispering for him to go outside quickly. He fixed his own robes and gave a nervous cough, "Your Majesties." He bowed and quickly made his way I to a corner. Scribbling in his tome and muttering.

Azami - Yuki would help the young lady up off the ground when the man walked away she placed her hand on the area the wench was kiked at and her body glowed as she heals the young lady, her eyes pearced at the other two men and the left the tavern also, I hope this will help you, mam -the wench was surprised as there was no longer pain- "Thank you M'lady"  She smiles and nods picking up the glass off the floor and placing on the wenche's tray and hands it back to her' Try to be more careful, I may not be in this place again to save you.-she then turns and head back to the guard, the guard asked: "What happen to the man that left the place he seems to be in a daze as he walked out of the tavern?" He will soon meet his death. No man like that should live. -he spoke in her ear again- 'Shall we take a room upstairs?" -she grins and nods-  Yes we shall.

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Anarial- Just as Ana was trying to come to terms with the little green men another guard comes running mentioning a naked woman to which Ana decides is more important. Just as she rounds the corner she notices the naked women Ana’s jaw drops before she shouts out, “Go get her a blanket, now.” To which several guards come running after her with a silk blanket to offer the girl to wrap up in. “fetch food and water for her.” With that Ana moves to step forward to the girl, offering her the blanket and moves to offer a hand as well to guide the girl inside.
XaeiDeLaRose - When Phe saw another woman, her mind was set at a slight ease, she stumbled toward her and took the blanket from her, wrapping it tightly around her body, while her gaze searched through the eyes on her. "Th-Thank you." She muttered, still feeling a bit intoxicated. "I am sorry, where am I? I was... Somewhere. Drinking. I don't remember the rest." She gently took the woman's hand and followed her, as she walked into the large building. Her ember eyes searched her surroundings, looking at the scenery before her. She'd never seen anything like it, to her memory, which was often terrible. There was one sight that did catch her attention, Goblins? Or something like it at least. And to the bananas that covered the floor, someone was probably going to slip on those later. Their songs were charming and said something to her, what that was she wouldn't understand yet. Hmm, curious. Their joy made her smile, while she was guided down the hall. Oh, the water. "Umm, about the water. I am afraid I cannot drink it... For reasons, but I do thank you for the offer though." She managed to say, a slight slur in her words.
Anaya -  The two goblin men ran over to the people holding out a bunch of perfectly eatable bananas. They wiggled them in the air softly "want gruit one silver good deal promise for the things" they said in a happy voice and tone a shimmer of that they would be upset in there eyes if the gift they brought was said no to.
Azami - Yuki had given the nude guard in the bed a dose of her sleeping powder and spoke into his ear. Believing he had made love to her. She knew he would dream all this from her very words and wake up fully satisfied even though she never could make love to one that is not her kind. She smiles remembering the guard was jacking off while in his dream. She was back at the castle, had her sleep And now shifts into a human to start the new day. She had at least 6 more days left before it was time for her to leave to go to work for the God's again. She plans on enjoying her time off here. She went down her staff shrinks into a can again as she walked towards the main hall. She stops shortly watch the guards. Her guard was dressed and handsome in his uniform. As he had a blanket in hand he gave her this satisfied look as she smiled watching him move quickly to the doors.  The castle seems lively now. She leaned against one of the podium staying silent as her mind rolling with some mischief thoughts-

Ana - Anarial leads the poor girl to a bench and sets her down there just as the little men come running over to her. She knew that it was probably Samuels doing seeing as she had yet to see any goblins since she got here. Ana glances at one of the guards before she speaks up, “Buy up all of their banana’s, feed them and send them on their way. Have the kitchen staff do something with the Banana’s.” After that, the guard nods and moves to lead the small goblins away before Ana turns her attention back to the girl in front of her. As she mentions not being able to drink water just as the water and some bits of cooked meat, crackers, and cheeses arrive for the girl. Ana shakes her hand sending the water off before she speaks up, “Please eat then, and is there anything you can drink? Wine? Mead? Also” she turns her attention to one of the servants,” Go make up a room for our guest, make sure it is fit for her please, and have some gowns placed in it as well, come to me once that is done.” Ana turns her gaze back towards the girl wrapped in a blanket and gives a soft smile. Screaming on the inside but doing her best to handle things and appear calm.

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Xaei (Iotah)05/22/2018
Phe followed the woman closely, and she sat down on the bench that was presented to her. The young pheonix watched as the woman spoke to the guards, a maid and all the while remained quiet, eating the plate of food that was offered to her, quite quickly in fact as she was hungry. The meat was delicious, the cheese was creamy, it was perfect. "Wine, please." She replied, though she had never tried wine herself, it sounded delicious. Phe smiled as the woman asked a servant to set up a room for herself, it had been a while since she'd slept in a bed. The night before, Phe still struggled to remember, she recalled drinking something that had an odd taste to it, then she felt dizzy and unsure of what was going on. The drinks were strong. The next thing she remembered, was waking up in some woodland area, her mind went blank for a while after that, and she was in front of a castle. If this was a hangover, she wasn't enjoying it. The food helped though, sleep on a comfy bed would help as well. "Thank you, for being so kind. You did not have to do all this for me." Phe said to the woman. "May... May I ask your name..?"

June 5, 2018
"happy sell happy sell gold gold all around buy banana buy them all!" the one goblin yelled out as he looked to the door way another goblin hoping and skipping and hauling a cart along behind him filled to the rims with bananas "will queeny be kind and eat banana here and now, treasured goods from the gods above, treasured they are yes yes yes" the little green man ran up to the one known as Ana and handed out a perfect looking banana to her on his open palm out of respect, or well out of as much respect as a goblin had. the others looked at it all wanting to know if there goods were going to be taken in and they would not be tossed to the floor and disrespected.(edited)

June 9, 2018
Anarial bites her tongue to keep from sighing as the goblin mentions eating a banana. Ever since Samuel’s visit she had been on edge. She shakes her head slightly, “I prefer my banana’s baked in bread, however, I will have a servant eat one for you before we pay. I am not one for things to go to waste so I assure you, they will be eaten or cooked and eaten.” With that Ana beckons one of the more annoying servants to her side to have her eat two of the banana’s for the goblins as she turns her attention back to the girl, hoping this response would appease the goblins. As soon as she mentions wine Ana’s hand shoos one of the servants that trailed after her like a lost puppy off to find one of her good bottles of wine for their guest before she responds, “My name is Anarial, if you like you may call me Ana. And I meet with all of my guests personally and see to it what needs I can meet are meet. I know the struggles of traveling for I had to travel a long distance to arrive here myself and it was not the easiest of journies, that being said, if there is anything, and I mean anything, that would make your stay here easier please inform me or one of the servants and I will do my best to accommodate you.

June 11, 2018
-she was far enough away to watch but noare enough to ease drop, and lesten to the lady that was nude now wraped in blanket. She also giggled at the goblins with their bannanas. Too her opinion they were too ripe for her to eat. Yuki liked hers more on the green side. Every now and then her eyes would rome to her guard on post. Strangly she never got his name but she gave him the most alluring smile with a wink once,, that alone put a little rose on his cheeks. Her eyes scan back to watching them all the goblins so silly with wantng coins for their bannana and the intriguing young lady. She wonder how did she end up nude here in the first place. Maybe she had to much to drink. Then something dawn on her Maybe she could have been druged and sexualy used. Now this Idea has Yuki steaming inside, If she was sexualy used and abouse. This could tip the balance of finding the person who may hove done such a crude act.-(edited)

June 15, 2018
Xaei (Iotah)06/15/2018
Phe watched the goblins intently, at their show of business, in the desperate need to sell the bananas they brought, so many that there surely wasn't enough mouths to eat all of them, not before they all went off anyhow. Phe's mouth started to water, at the mention of banana's baked in bread, that did indeed sound very nice and she would have to request it at a later time, as there would undoubtebly be enough to share around the castle, and then some. The phoenix's gaze returned to the woman, her kindness might be intoxicating, to someone who wasn't Phe, but it was pleasant and it made the woman feel welcome. "My name is Phe, and I thank you for your hospitality. If I may rest for now, I would be grateful, and after we should talk about how I can repay you." She didn't want to leave room for the woman to protest, however she was a Queen, and Phe didn't know where to go, that she might hide from her words of refusal. The phoenix would play her part, pay back the generosity, no matter what, this was her life's pledge. Phe bowed while keeping the blanket wrapped around herself, after expressing her vow.

June 17, 2018
the group glickered to themselves for a moment as what looked like the leader the one that offered the treasured token to the ruler pulled it back and popped it into his own mouth pealing and all "see ruler lady miss it good nanna nothing wrong with tit but we nunderstand but give them as gifts anyplace all place yay banana" he pulled out the stump of a mushed drool covered pealing mashed banana and held it up into the air before hoping happily over to a wall and jamming the smashed thing into the stone "Banana all places peeps ready go!!" he called out as the other two goblins grabbed a crate each and started running all over, this way that way on the stairs all over the tree, all over the place and witch such speeds. the guards grabbed them but goblins were slippery people at the best of times and all grabs wound up with slips and laughter from the group. they took there as they called them happy nannas and jammed, shoved, and ground them into the walls, floor, in and under objects, in the plant pots and smashed into bark and even shoved a couple in and around the throne area making the hole place smell of over ripe smashed banana. the leader ran over to the windows and with a happy giggle he grabbed the base of the window lifted it up and owned it to let the outside air it, it seemed a little
dry as all the windows were closed for some reason. the horrid stink of the outside came inside with vengeance and within seconds the whole place stunk to high heaven of rotten whale, bugs both living and dead, fecal matter from the large beetles now living inside the putrid rotten body of the orca whale outside, and that beautiful smell of over ripe smashed banana. "ohh ohhh ohhh lady got lots of cleanen to do now now now hehehehehe" the leader gickered "me likey the small it good for the skin really helps the nose" as he talked he took a hand lifted it up and shoved a finger in his nose, as he did that his coin purse slipped and tumbled to the ground, black coins with a single green eye on the cover of them tumbling over the floor and making a clinking sound as they ran into one another "nope nope nope no shiny lost good pay" he said in a odd tongue (if it is not stated on your bio that you understand goblin you only hear gibberish) as he picked up the coins about fifty in all and shoved them into his pouch yet again.

Anarials attention was drawn back to the blanket wrapped female and she nods, “We shall speak of repayment later if you wish, for now, however, please, go rest and find clothing the suits you.” As the words left her lips the goblins begin to make a worse mess of things causing Ana’s blood to boil. Gods did she hate messes, and she had a gut feeling she knew who to thank for this mess, Samuel. She grits her teeth waving her guards of the goblins, there was no point in trying to catch them, she figured they’d be gone as quick as they came once they finished their annoyance. Ana stands like a statute after things quieted down and the entire castle goes cold silent and still, almost as if every person and living thing had died. With her blood boiling Ana lets out a scream of rage. She HATED dirty things. Samuel knew how to push her buttons, and even if he wasn’t to blame for this he was still getting the blame. Mother…. Mother needs to put him away… was all she could think to her self. Once the goblins had their money Ana speaks through clenched teeth towards them, “Be gone before your fate changes. You have done what you have done now BE. GONE.” She screams the last words before the guards quickly get to work trying to shoo the goblins out of the castle, afraid the Queen was about to start murdering people off if things didn’t get done. Once the goblins where out of her sight and the stench of the whale was now in the room Ana’s gaze turns towards the servants as the gem on her wrist glows as she starts to gather up power. “Ever. Servant. Reports. Here. Now.” As soon as the words left her lips the servants in the room run off to gather every single servant they could find and they all come running in.
Ana waits for them to all pile in before she speaks in a very hushed, annoyed tone, “Noone eats, no one baths, no one sleeps until every once of whale and banana is out of this castle. I repeat, no one does ANYTHING until its done, so get it done NOW.” Most could tell that she was at her limit and didn’t push it, quickly they gather what they need and start to scrub away what they can, finding as much of the banana’s and mush as they can to clean it away. Ana storms outside towards the dead whale. She grabs as much of it as she can, along with the guards and drags it far enough away from the castle to where she could do what she wanted without harming the castle. And that’s when she summons the bow from her wrist, a slight hum can be heard from it, as she pulls the string back she speaks up, “Mother Tree guide me and bless this arrow with fire.” It was spoken out loud, on purpose, so the guards could hear her as well as any other, she releases the arrow and sends it flying into the smaller pile of whale and within a few seconds it bursts into flames. She summons a second and a third arrow, sending them into the fire but these where different. Several seconds after the arrows hit small fire golumes burst out of the flames and she turns to the guards. “With the help of those two small golmes I want that whale BURNED. Start small piles, pile it all into one fire, I don’t care but it is to be GONE.” The guards quickly nod and get to work using their swords to break apart the dead whale and drag its remains to the fire, the smell of burning fat filling the air, however Ana knew it would pass in a few days. She remains outside, overwatching the whale, knowing the servants would do as commanded and clean away the bananas.

June 18, 2018
Xaei (Iotah)06/18/2018
"Yes, your Majesty. I'd very much like that." Phe said with a smile and would leave with the guidance of a servant, to lead her to a guest room, before the chaos had began. All she could hear was the faint sound of someone yelling, and suddenly rushed footsteps of several people running throughout the castle, the servant that had shown the phoenix to her room, was summoned alone with the rest to join them, to do what Phe didn't know, but it was safe to assume it was by the Queen's orders. She figured she had not been here long enough, to intrude on what she thought might be something important, and while the smell on the castle, of rotting flesh it was likely that. The door was shut behind her, so now was a good-a-time as any to rest, and she hadn't realized how tired she was, for as soon as her head hit the pillow she was asleep, dreaming of fire and wine.

June 21, 2018
-Yuki still staning by the piller watching and laghing on the inside. She enjoy watching the mischif of the gobllins causing such a rukus. Part of her wanted to approch both Phe and Lady Anna, though she stay put chosing to enjoy being amused by the speed of them running, one putting a smashed banna into a stone while they chatter and laugh. This made Yuki day, as the goblins had mash bannana on floors, under objects and just making a mess. She could see Anna fustration as lady Phe being escorted away from the chaios. She try to hold her laughter in but could not help but to laugh loudly at the goblins. This brought a story that the Moon Goddes told her of her kind running around and mischeviously. Causing some truble. Though Kitsune did clean up after themselfs if they made a mess. Once the goblins started to leave Yuki went to the dirction where the new gust was led. Apperently her room was not to far from her room. -

the goblins watched the queen flip her shit all over the place and give orders, the one seemed scared and dribbled a little on the floor "no pee pee bad" said the larger one as he giggled and then ran and grabbed the scared ones hand "it ok she only big, bad man said that she just acts big but inside she smush " the scared one looked happy with the words from the other one and it giggled to and then hoped around its feet splashing in its own mess a little making the mess go a bit all over the place. goblins were not clean people and this was common knowledge some tribes even eat there own dung and made there homes from it and this group was from places unknown. the stink from everything would surely take weeks to fully go away and that was ok. "we go to cart grab rest of stock you pay good good coins for and place at front of castle for miss queen lady yes yes yes" the one goblin that was in the back had smashed a banana in his hand and looked super happy for a second then ran over to the queen, grabbed one of her hands in his and slammed a gross banana covered hand with a coin in it into her hand. "mesa almosta forgot, dis for you, he said you find out what it is for later" he pulled his hand back to show a note smashed in with a single coin and a bunch of over ripe banana.
The note reads: what has six legs and loves ripe fruit, what eats golden piles but has no stomach, what will come see you but you may never see. find out soon, Love the Black Dove
The goblin gittered and ran back to its group "comes no me give her black coin with green eye on it and note note from man, we go back later we get coin from him to, ok off now" the others looked happy as the one jumped up and down splashing in his own mess that much more before leaving and hoping out the door. the leader goblin taking one banana and really smashing it against the wall at the door getting it mushed into that crack in the stone work really well before hurrying out with a massive fit of laughter.

October 6, 2018
3 days later the castle was quiet. After the goblins visit. Yuki had her fun teasing the guard that comes to her room every night. Tonight is her last night here. So she took advantage of it. She places the guard in a sleeping spell. Dreaming of his sexual affair with her. She bound him up to the bed nude in a very humiliating and awkward position. She wrote two notes one she left a note telling him how much fun she had with him. Closing the door behind her. The other note thanking Ana for taking her in. She placed that note in the hand of the servant. She walked to the main door if the castle. She then whispers to the guard's ear. Go to my room two hours before Marcus shift begins. He is all tied up in my bed." -she giggles and winks to the man. That guard would get a good laugh to see him in the position she placed Marcus in. She then ran towards the borders of the kingdom and teleported up to the heavens of the gods-(edited)

It is now mid-autumn. The temperatures are still rather hot. The whale and bananas are long cleaned up. The area has been peaceful and uneventful for the six months for the most part.

Ana sighs and looks at the pile of papers on her desk. Why was she doing this again? Oh right her mother shipped her off to a foreign country to rule over it to make her grow the fuck up. She sighs again and rubs her face. Her desk was covered with reports, training reports, crop reports, crime reports. Gods did she miss the freedom to just sneak out the walls and run with the wilderness. She suddenly sends all the papers from her desks to the floor with a scream. It had been months since she heard from her mother. She knew it was Samuels fault. Praying wasn’t working either. She was at her wit's end and it was starting to show. She was snappier in the past few months. More likely to dish out punishment to those deserving of it then to forgive them. Less likely to take people in and rather send them to the ends in town then keep them in the castle walls. She needs to run, she needs to feel free, even if it was just for a bit. After a few moments one of the guards stationed outside of her door sticks his head in to check if she was ok, he timidly asked for fear of being yelled at. “You’re Grace are you ok?” “I’m far from OK, I need to be snuck out of the castle for a few hours. I need away from people, arrange it, now,” she says with a firm voice.
She knew her mother would most like disapprove of her ways. Of her sneaking out to breath rather than just being like, fuck all of you I’m doing what I want but she didn’t want to be bothered by the staff of her castle. Within an hour she was dressed in a long skirt and a hood over her head, sneaking out the back door of the castle and into the wilderness with her loyal black horse. She climbs onto her horse and she kicks his side, letting him lead the way and run through the wilderness without the guards have even a chance to keep up with her much to their dismay. Ana lets the hood fall from her head as she heads towards the forest and into it. She spends the next several hours on her horse, darting about the thick forest until the horse needs a break and she lets him rest by a creek as she climbs the trees nearby and runs about before finally swimming through the creek. The guards finally catch up to her at this point and she sighs. She knew she needed to go back but she didn’t want to, her free spirit screaming to be free. She decides she must obey her mothers wish and she fetches her beloved horse before starting a slow trot back towards the castle.

October 17, 2018
Cunt Uncle the Third10/17/2018
In a small pond a group of bubbles rise to the top of the water, seemingly the bubbles did not top as after awhile some of the locals were curious of what this was. As the locals watched a small round blueish white ball appeared at the top of the pond as an odd-looking creature began to look about at the people around it whom in turn stared back. Seeing himself being watched the creature known as white tree began letting out a small whistling sound that seemed to harmonize as other parts of his body rose out of the water and began to join into the chorus. At this moment the creature was not known to these people well as they had heard of an odd creature in the area that seemed to let out a sorrowful sound with each passing day, yet none could find it. Yet this creature now suddenly appeared in front of them without warning as he pulled himself from the water and began walking across it looking a bit odd as his legs became infused with the water and thus made him more slide across the water than walk. As he reached the land though he became slower as the crowds dispersed each moment odd sounds of whistling and humming coming out of the creature as upon closer inspection the creature had no visible eyes or mouth just two slits on the upper part of the face as the creature raised its hand causing the onlookers to become worried for a second as the creatures finger lit up with magic.
Suddenly though words began to appear in the air in different languages each saying one phrase “how to get to stovania” he wrote in the air as he looked around for a moment not realizing he was still in the said land of Stovania but had drifted from his original place in what seemed to him to be a lake. One elf came forward and pointed towards the castle- “you ae not far sir…whatever you are” -the creature wrote- “I am white tree and thus is me” -white tree said letting out a small huff of sounds from his arms as he began to slide across the grounds leaving wet marks across the grounds as white tree made its way through the village and consequently to the castle of this lands trying to remember who was in charge as he looked around for help all the while letting out his whistling noises causing some of the children to chase after him along with small animals.

October 18, 2018
“There... she goes...” Warm eyes stared blankly as the young Queen trotted by slowly a few yards away. “Yes. I see her. And?” Cold eyes trailed along the Queen's body up to her hair, eyes, and set of her shoulders. The cool one smirked and turned to the comrade, that had just spoke, “What.” She snapped, crossing her arms over her short top as her hips cocked to one side, causing the thin skirt material to shift and reveal the high cut up either side. Her comrade stared back at her for a long moment before tilting her head. The stray wisps of her dark reddish brown hair swayed with an unseen wind, falling around her face and hovering past her eyes in an otherworldly manner. Her voice came out soft and low yet seemingly far away. “Go... we are here... for her... Diliria Ansel... betrayed one... broken one... lonely one...” Ria rose her hand to stop her, sighing and tucking her now much shorter white hair behind her ear. It now came to just above her shoulders, a small change that paled in comparison to the rest.
A charm around her neck is what kept her from absolutely expiring from the weather. But it also left her at a disadvantage, unable to use her love magic lest she counteract the temperature magic. Annoyance laced her words as she turned towards her own steed, a black stallion that shifted impatiently until she laid her hand on its head with light petting. “Fine. Please refrain from going on with your incessant blithery. Anything to get rid of you, I'll owe you nothing when this is over, Yaima. The creature, in response, closed her eyes slowly in a nod. The trees around them seemed to bend towards her, albeit very slowly, the feeling was there. A sense of pressure, of nature attempting to embrace her. The large horns from her head almost matched the wildness of her hair, draping and folding upon itself like the roots of a tree. Her yellow eyes changed to orange then green then back again in an unending cycle. Her expression was as stoic at a mountain, her motions as smooth as the wind. Once mounted upon her horse, Ria spared no glance back as she led a steady stride behind Ana. Yaima would disappear and reappear again in random places in and out of Ria's peripheral vision. Silent but very much there.

October 19, 2018
Months had passed days gone on things seemed to settle and nothing odd had happened around the kingdom in regards to Ana's father's antics. But then when she was in the woods there was something hanging from a tree. As she slowed down from her run in the forest something was hanging from a branch a string with two things on the end both wooden little trinkets one of a black scaled wooden rock in the center with a green eye and the other was a small carved wooden bannana. It hung from the tree so simply as if placed there only a moment before but why why would it be placed there no one knew the ruler would have an out burst and bolt off into the woods. Unless she was being watched by something or someone.

November 1, 2018
Gya has descended among the lands in which laid dark before her eyes. The cold air kissed her face gently as she walked through. She saw signs that directed towards this town she’s heard of, Stonovia. Light dispersed from her hand as she walked to feed light into the darkness. Her eyes wandered the lands in front of her, being aware of the unknown lands and what lurked before her. “Such a dark place, interested to see what these people are like”.

November 3, 2018
There was laughter from the side of a tree. "No he told you to do it, I was not told that you are just da wrong guy. Big boss told us not to leave lands till it was all planted. Need every seed planted to call big bady here. No I dont smell like dirty socks.....ok maybe a little" then the sound of hysterical laughter but only from one voice....who the voice was talking to who knows. A single goblin walked out from behind the tree seeing a perdy lady there (Lady Gays character) it did not seem to notice the lady till it ran face first into her leg "oh skit skit sp worrys was not looking on oh oh you from castle or going to castle" it said as it put its hands on her pockets its fingers gripping into the sides holding on "me gots something for castle and if you going wana save me the trip"

Ana lets out a soft sigh as she heads back towards the castle and her responsibilities. She didn’t want to go back, she wanted to be free, to be wild like her spirit called for but she owed her mother so much after all her mother gave her the freedom that she had thought it still felt like she wore a collar of sorts. Ana suddenly got an uneasy feeling in her gut, it felt like she was being watched but she doesn’t give off a clue she feels it. Her long elven ears flicker slightly, trying to pick up any signs that she was being followed but other than that she keeps the same slow steady pace heading towards the back door of the castle to sneak back in through the back door.

November 7, 2018
The one goblin looked at the woman as he took his trinket back”nope you look funny looken, not good enough for sparks, we gona do it ourselves ye” he said with a skip to his voice and a happy tone. He hoped over to the band of goblins as they were planting seeds in the ground. “guys guys!!! we gots to go now got to plant one more seed like bos man said, he gona show up soon and we gots to do this or he is gona kill us!” they all looked scared as they stood up and started to run towards Stovania castle, it was nice in the woods a warm day. Then out of the blackness of a shadow of a tree a arm lashed out grabbed a goblin by the neck and it went limp insistently. Snap, his neck flopped side to side as the arm tossed the body down to the ground, two glowing eyes moved out of the shadow of the tree “you are all worthless, goblins i do not know why i hired you for such a sensitive task the clan would be so ashamed” the goblins stood there shaking, the one on the end even peed a little as they looked up at the man “we sorry big boss man we did not get done faster but all the seeds are planted in the whole land, took us months but did it, should have done it faster don't kill us like you did sparkys” the man gave a snoart as smoke left his nose and he left the shadow fully. Samuel was now right outside of his adopted daughters castle “I left Noki at the inn for the night, she had to come along with as her mother ordered, two of you go play with here there, and keep out of sight, i will do the ritual to place the plan into motion.
Did you plant the main seed in the centre of the castle as ordered?” one goblin slowly nodded “yes ums sit we did we did did it” Sam nodded then waved his hand to send the little shits off to do as said, two of them rushed off and it left one to be his punting bag here. And he needed something to bleed anyway, something alive and still warm. He walked with the little thing into the middle of the woods grabbed the poor thing by the neck taking a claw and silting it from its under jaw down to its belly button and spilling everything inside of it onto the grass. Its insides tumbled down into a already drawn ring of what looked like white chalk but was something else an alchemical powder for sure. The ground seemed to grow as the blood hit it, like it required sustenance. “i call forth the dead to wage upon this land, i all forth the ground to bring root to the dead, cover and grow children of seed, cover and grow to make a enemy out of pure
greed, come forth my new children come forth and steal back what i crave, take the gold, take the castle take the woman take it all, down to the last fork spoon or knife take it all, black scales and green eyes mark the way. ” he then took the pendent from that dead goblins hand, turned and whipped it right at the castle in the distance, the force behind it sent the trinket flying into a castle window with a shatter. It hit the floor of a bedroom and started to melt into the foot, staining the stone around it black. Sam smiled as the seeds planted would started to grow, a army was growing out of the body's of dead things in the ground, dead animals dead men dead anything now were turning to walking timbers, growing to march very soon on a castle that would be his in no time. “well Ana if you cant have me out of love, lets make you have me out of hate and slavery, in no time at all the castle will be mine little one and i will get your throne” he took a vile out of his pocket and smiled as he looked at the glowing purple liquid within “and one sip, and you will be mine even if you don't want to be” he could not help but laugh as one of his timbers started to grow right beside him and stand at his side some others coming up behind him just to stand. There would be hundreds of them, all around the castle all around the lands, the goblins had done well planting the seed bags. He had spent a lot of coin to make this happen and so far the future was looking very

(All Npc states are Tree ent from DND and there are a couple hundered of them and each can summon 2 trees to fight along side it, so the minions get minions )
Info on Tree Ent/Timber Minion NPC:

Huge plant, chaotic good

Armor Class 16 (Natural Armor)
Hit Points 138 (12d12 + 60)
Speed 30 ft.

23 (+6)
8 (-1)
21 (+5)
12 (+1)
16 (+3)
12 (+1)

Damage Vulnerabilities Fire
Damage Resistances Bludgeoning, Piercing
Senses Passive Perception 13
Languages Common, Druidic, Elvish, Sylvan
Challenge 9 (5,000 XP)

False Appearance. While the treant remains motionless, it is indistinguishable from a normal tree.
Siege Monster. The treant deals double damage to objects and structures.
Multiattack. The treant makes two slam attacks.
Slam. Melee Weapon Attack: +10 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 16 (3d6 + 6) bludgeoning damage.
Rock. Ranged Weapon Attack: +10 to hit, range 60/180 ft., one target. Hit: 28 (4d10 + 6) bludgeoning damage.
Animate Trees (1/Day). The treant magically animates one or two trees it can see within 60 feet of it. These trees have the same statistics as a treant, except they have Intelligence and Charisma scores of 1, they can't speak, and they have only the Slam action option. An animated tree acts as an ally of the treant. The tree remains animate for 1 day or until it dies; until the treant dies or is more than 120 feet from the tree; or until the treant takes a bonus action to turn it back into an inanimate tree. The tree then takes root if possible.

Ria took her time following far behind Anarial, procrastinating on approaching until the whispers from Yaima finally annoyed her enough to speed up. She didn't attempt to hide her presence, calling out her name once in human earshot. Ria could only assume she'd already been noticed by now. Yaima had disappeared without a breadth of a trace once Diliria had spoken. “Good...hurry...” Rolling her eyes, she strolled her horse up alongside the Queen if she had stopped. If she continued towards the castle, Ria would pursue a casual stride while looking straight ahead. “I thought I caught a glimpse of those lovely eyes my Queen. I know I left quite a while ago and never sent word after my initial letter...” Ria paused and looked to Ana, biting her lip before looking down. “I also know that I have a lot to explain...” She had changed, maybe still the saucy attitude, but gone was her bravado, confidence, and most of her viciousness. It may be temporary, but what sat atop the steed that day was an Elf half of what she used to be. What exactly had happened in her absence was a mystery for now, the shiftiness of her eyes and fidgeting of her hands on the reigns revealed a woman of desperation if not an unknown fear.

As Ria made her presence known Ana started to relax a bit. Ria was of little threat to her at the moment, she raises her hand and motions for Ria to move closer just as the world around them seems to shift and change into that of a nightmare. Ana doesn’t give a second glance to her guards or Ria she kicks her horse's sides and heads to the back door of the castle, what little distance was left at neck-breaking speed. Once she was inside she jumps off the horse’s back and storms farther inside the castle before she screams out, “SAMUEL YOU CLEARLY WANT MY ATTENTION AND NOW YOU HAVE IT.” She was fuming and she KNEW he was here. She could smell him at the root of this. Ana storms towards the throne room of the castle, she was still covered in sweat and mud, dressed like how she used to at home when she’d come home from being gone from days on end in the wild though today had only been a few hours at most. Samuel would pay for this. Who did he think he was? This was HER home. Not his. She didn’t belong to him, and if she could help it she’d keep it that way even if she had to lie and say she would find a mate elsewhere, though Samuel would probably ruin any mate she found. As Ana gets to the throne room, she kicks the door open with her heeled boots, guessing Samuel would be waiting there for her she screams out his name again, “Gods be Damned Samuel I will murder you for ruining my land if mother doesn’t do it first.” Her normally flawless white hair was dirty and tangled with twigs in it, dirt-smudged under her eyes on her tanned checks. Her body was no longer thing and frail, it was more trim and fit. She was dressed in black riding leather pants and a black leather wrapped top to keep her breasts covered and tucked away but let her shoulders and back tan in the sun. Her eyes would scan the throne room and as she realizes he's not there she spins on her heels and screams out again, “SAMUEL WHERE IN THE BLOOD HELLS ARE YOU.”

Sam could hear her from his distance in the tree line, the smile on his face was flawless “start killing guards, take the woman maids out back and root them to the ground, slaves to the whole lot, i want no one inside other then Ana when i go in there to meet her. All guards are to be dead or rooted to the ground, start the root take over of the walls as well” he said in a soft and calm voice to the larger tree timber beside him, it gave a nood and a large bellow echoed from the gord it had for mouth. In that moment the trees that now had foot on the ground started to advance upon the castle, screaming guards trying to fight them were met with trees and branches, some guards burned them with fire causing them to wither and screech but soon another took the place of the dead, and in no time minions had minions and many of the guards were falling on the ground dead only for the earth to do as it did before and take there body's and turn them into more timber men, it felt so fast that men were just being speared with branches and placed on sticks to hang and bleed out. The Timbers started there assault on the castle this process would take a while, sixteen Timbers on each side and three at the back and front there legs rooted firmly into the ground as there arms reached over there heads and they started to grow, like nature taking back what it saw as its. Other timbers hurtled around them guarding the pillars of what was being made killing off and running threw any guards men that dare try more dead body's to be turned into tree men, it was a never ending ring of the dead turning into forces for the opposing army, like a zombie hoard assaulting a castle filed with a food
source. Timbers were breaking into windows, even smashing side doors to get inside, fighting woman screamed as they got dragged out back and rooted to the ground, alive, but rooted in a cage stuck to the ground like cement. The woman screamed for there ruler to save them, only to be muffled by branches and leaves covering there mouths and being watered by there tears. Sam was going to remove everything be it a show of force for nothing but bravado or it held real reason Ana would not know for the time being, he watched from that tree line out of view, every Timber holding his stink so he could not even be located by dogs.

Ana heard the start of the fighting outside and she knew her magic would be of no use to help fight. She was no match to Samuel in a fight and she knew it, however, if this was Samuel’s doing she knew she wouldn’t be hurt either. Since there was nothing Ana could do at the moment she figured the only thing she could do at the moment was to try and hide as many in the dungeon of the castle as she could rather than let Samuel kill off all of her staff. She directed as many of her guards and maids down to the dungeons rather than out to fight and she figured Samuel knew she would do that. She wasn’t stupid nor was she a fighter, she tended to go the peaceful route in everything, so why Samuel made the decision to do an assault on the castle confused her but for now, she could not question him. She runs about the castle, gathering up as many people as she could and directs them down to safety and away from Samuel’s minions. The doors to the Castle where blocked off to try and keep the trees from getting in but Ana knew Samuel had other ways into the castle. Once she had everyone to safety she herself heads back to the throne room and takes her seat on the head throne to wait for Samuel to make himself known, sitting alone, unguarded, in silence.

The trees had finished killing off whoever was outside, ones that did not die fled or hid witch was fine they could be let go. The timbers on both sides of the castle were the size of horses, branches covering the roof and walls nature covering the castle, once it was covered by a good amount of trees and the sky light on the top was blocked out the trees stopped growing and the bark on them started to harden like stone. Not even fire would burn this way now now it was like the castle its self was in a cage all taken over and only able to breath. Sam started walking the large timber beside him taking up the back “almighty then, lets kick in the door shall we” he said softly and calmly as he troted up to the door way “break it down” the timber let out another large below as it slammed its fists into the doors, it took more then one swing but with a couple large crashes the door boardings failed and the doors crashed open “hold the doors, no one gets in, kill or root anything that try” his voice was stern that time as he walked in he could see her siting there all alone on her little throne “oh look how you have grown up, it has been a while yes, arnt ya happy to see dear old dad, but ya got a tree problem ya know to much fertilizer in the ground from what i hear” a smile crept over his face as he walked into the main area about twenty or so feet from her throne he stood there, looking at her, with that smile as he tilted his head his shimmering green eyes picking up the touch light.

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As the darkness sets in around Ana she doesn’t flinch, she wouldn’t show weakness, not when he was so close. The torches around the throne room set themselves ablaze until there was a dim light around her. As Samuel makes his way in, making remarks and smirking she glares towards him before she speaks up, “You aren’t coming on peaceful terms Samuel so why should I be happy to see my stepfather? You are here to make good on your threats of the last visit so speak of what you want, let us get straight to the business side of this so you can be on your way and I can go back to fixing MY lands.” She made it clear she was not happy to see him and that she was no longer the child that hid behind her mother. She would stand on her own two feet even if it meant she would be dead by the time he left, granted if he killed her she was sure he’d have to answer to her mother for that one. Her calm silver eyes lock onto her green hues, refusing to break his gaze as she straightens herself on the throne, waiting to hear what it was he wanted from her.

A part of the man was proud of his little welpling being all strong and trying to stand up to him it was a respectable acthion trying so desperately to not show fear, to bad he was not a moron and did not spend a good part of the girls life along side her that fear was all over her little try to hard inoccent silver eyed face. But business was business and she wanted to get right down to it and he was fine with it. "Well no playing around then I get that, as you see I have taken over your castle by force, this was not a show that held nothing behind it, this was a grand show i do say but it has reason, your lands are not yours anymore my little Anabell, your lands are now mine and if you dont agree to said terms I am going to take it put you back as a slave tethered to my hip and have you watch as all the maids and all the people fully inoccent from three towns over and oh a nice little nomadic tribe that weaves baskets all die right in front of you. You see I have been thinking and messing around in your mother's necromatic arts books and there are some super cool rituals like the one to call forth tree people I did. And i want to try out one large one very spastic with your right little body as the leading role and another woman i have chained up in the bottom of your mother's castle. It will be great once all done i assure you." He walked up the steps of the
throne podium and stood about five or so feet from her leaning forword his green eyes looking into hers "we both know you are no fighter Anabell and from my last visit you have not gained any real combat force to make this fun and your guards well they are all dead and turned into trees. So let's make it easy shall we, you agree to the terms before you and I will send word to mother you are all well and dandy and dont worry she will get the raven my scouts only stop your ravens not mine. And we can go on with our day and life together you and I in blissful health and wellness" he gave that grin that seemed to go ear to ear as he looked at her cute little face.
"Oh and one thing before I forget aswell, you are going to have an heir to our throne I cant bed you dont I have a man very interested in it"(edited)

Ana grit her teeth hard as Samuel spoke to her. She didn’t have much of a hand left to play and she wasn’t sure what he really wanted from her. One option was to play along until she could get word to her mother of what Samuel was doing and hope her mother would stop him but then again her mother was another story and might not, saying she should have had a backbone. But there was another issue, Anarial had fought her way out of chains once before, she would not be a slave again. She would not be another property again, the simple thought of being a slave again brought terror to her mind that she quickly wiped away before she speaks up in as calm of a voice as she can muster, “What are your terms, Samuel.” She had a feeling that it was him that had been keeping the Ravens from her mother, she hadn’t heard from her in months and that was out of the normal. Samuel wasn’t playing games right now and Anarial was starting to wonder if she had half a chance to run away before he could catch her if she could make it to her mother before he could. Her mind was racing, trying to find a way out of the current situation and finding very little hope.

"Terms are simple. Move that backside of yours and take a sit on daddy's lap in his new chair" it was all he said that look on his face as if you were making a deal with fhe devil or worse. "It will be Easier to talk if we are both comfortable dont you think"

"The only way you're taking my throne from me Samuel is by force." Was all she stated as she glares towards him with a stone cold face.

"You know a struggle is more fun anyway and your terms " he moved forword his gloved hands reaching out to grab her by the shoulders, she was right inground ov gin and clearly not going to move and if she was to fight back he was just going to grab the hands she hit him with to grab her up with them in a more uncomfortable manor. The choice was really up to her on how this went. But he would pick her little elven body up like it was nothing turn around and plop his backside into the throne and wrap his arms around her holding her "see now we can talk like father and daughter"

She would move to duck his touch as he reached for her shoulder, moving to knock his arm away as he went to grab ahold of her arm then but the third grab at her would land and cause her to yelp out slightly as her frame squirms as she tries to pull away from him. As he takes his place in her throne and wraps his arms around her, trapping her in his lap she tries to squirm herself out of his arms, pushing the palms of her hands against him to push herself away from him as a growl like sound escapes her throat. After several moments of her failed attempts of struggles she settles down slightly, glaring at him as she speaks up, “Your terms, Samuel, before you get too comfortable.”

He let out a chuckle as he looked at her "my terms are simple you have lost you know this if you had any hope of winning you would have not even asked terms. I now live here with you this castle is now mine, your bird boxes for messenger birds are already being killed and ripped apart no messages will get out but mine, my men and the goblins have already set up shop on all the rides and forest areas between so there is no leaving your land for anyone but my people. No one will get out without my say so but I will let strangers in as that is useful and we will need supply's in due time from passing merchants, and you will play the best role yet, an inoccent ruler allowing dwar old dad a place to hang his boots. And if you dont play that card Anabell I am going to kill one person every time you try to fight me. And the real cherry on our cake will be the first one to go. Your sweet little sister came with me on this trip." He leaned in to whisper into her ear "you say one word, try to escape once I will string her little goldem dragon scales from your rafters like fuking castle decor"

Anarial swallows hard as he speaks but as he mentions the little dragon her stomach hits the floor and the color drains from her face. He left her no choice and he knew it. If her mother child died in her walls she would be put to death herself in one way or another and her mother would make sure it would be an unpleasant one as well as every person in the lands here. Ana was raging made she wanted to cry. She grits her teeth as tears built up in her eyes as she glares at him, “I have heard you demand Samuel but I need to know why Samuel, why, answer me that, why this and I will agree to these demands.” She had to know. He was taking her land by force, and right now she was blinded by anger and could not see his end game, she could not see what he aimed to gain from taking this from her and trapping her here, by trapping her people here. He killed off all her guards, for the most part, leaving mostly his tree minions for a defense unless he planned to raise an arm of a different kind here. She was more confused and hurt than anything at the moment and needed answers.

He moved a gloved finger and ran it over her cheek one of the sweet little water filled eyes leaking a little as he wiped it away. "Why, once upon a time I gave you an offer to be mine to have the world at my side to have anything you dreamed of and even the kindness I have in my heart. I made you that offer and you tossed it back at me and turned your back then I gave it agein and you picked here and made your choice to chalange me. I have learned that you can place souls of other beings in the bodys of other people and you look just like her" his face held a scowl as his eyes dug into her own "you know why I made the choice to take your castle your home and your freedom away from you I made the choice due to you turning down the choice I gave to you. Actions hold repercussions Anabell now daddy needs a bath" he gave a snort and stood up from the throne not even stopping the girl from falling right off his lap hard into the floor "Timber make a scout in every room every word said in this building and out of it I will know about. If they try anything purge the hostages outside in the cafes. Send word to the inn for Noki my daughter to join us in the morning. Have the grounds cleaned by then. This castle is ours name make it look the part" samuel was a ruler that much was clear in many ways he was stronger in the sense of leadership and order then anaya was. He gave Ana one last look as his green eyes burned into her own silver hues "run your castle like you would any other day my dear Anabell today your world changes today our story starts" he gave that cocky smile and left to go to the bath house as a large tree man took place right beside her throne, others walking in from outside to take root one in every room of the castle.

Anarial remembered clearly how many times she had turned down Samual and this was his answer, to strip away everything her mother had given her. She swallows hard, trying to stuff all the emotions back down. She had to remain strong for her people's sake. As he gets up, sending her to the floor she lets out a yelp and winces and the floor makes the world come back to her. She watched as Samuel walked away, remaining on the floor as he walked away before she gets to her feet herself and then runs, not walks, runs to her chambers. Once there she sends one of the maids that had been hiding there to tell those that were hiding in the dungeons it was safe to come out. Once the maids left her room Ana locks herself in her chambers and throws herself on her bed where she finally allows herself to cry, letting the tears flow freely as what just happen sets in. Samual might as well have slapped her back in a slave collar with the terms he had given her, she was confined to the castle, and unable to tell anyone what was going on. After she cried to the point she no longer had a voice and the sun was starting to set she pulls herself from the bed and draws herself a bath to wash the dirt from her flesh before dawning a gown and crawling into bed for the night, praying she’d wake up in the morning and Samuel would be gone and it would have all been a bad dream.

and there in the corner stood a tree, one in every room

November 8, 2018
That morning same woke from the bed with a smile on his face and a evil sort of happy in his heart. He had a full king sized bed all to himself no Anaya harping at him no being not himself he did not even have to hide anything here cus Ana could not say shit about anything. It would be a beautiful day he thought to himself as he would set up plans for the next steps of his master plan, get the ritual underway to kill that one female that was chained in iron get his wife soul back and place that in Ana’s body. Then start plans to use Ana’s body to kill Anaya and take over all the lands and then relax in bliss with his wife and start a bran new life free as it should be. He sat up in bed looking over at the rooted tree in the side of the chamber room "report on what happened after I turned in last night" the timber looked at him "the lady Ana went to her chamber sir she cried many tears and screamed loudly. She also sent word to the captives we have found in the dungeon. There are a dozen or so guards and maids left but none are seen as much of a threat so far. If needed they can be taken care of" sam shock his head no “no don’t worry about them let her keep what she has left of we take everything away to fast she may fully break down and become useless to us a damaged body is not something we want. We want her in tears all the time that much if fine but we dont want her to wish death. And a letter I had it made last night send it off to Anaya aswell yo report back to her. Is there Anything else to report them, have you placed one of yourself in every room as ordered?"(edited)
the letter shall be sent sir, and yes sir we have there is one of us in every room even the queens bedroom all is going as planned sir, there is not much more to report as the day is still young scouts have been set up at all road blocks the land is locked down for anyone leaveing and we are sending timbers into the town to keep the people controlled and prevent a revolt" sam nodded “wonderful news oh and Noki did you send word to her to come here and see her sister and I?" the timber nodded its bulky trunk head “ yes she will be here within the hour there was word from her guards that they have just left the inn and are on there way" sam lifted his naked body from bed and tossed on a black robe and some boots" amazing now time for some food, you know I hear the fruit here is sweeter then it is back home. I think I am going to go get a good taste" he gave a nod to the tree and walked out of the room walking down the hall way to find the doors to the dining hall. The castle layout was not much different then home so the kitchen was not hard to find. He walked in like he owned the place….well he kinda did now. The cooks shock and some of the left over Maids retreated to hide in the back room but he picked up a platter plopped some fruits on it and some meat and eggs and tossed himself down into a chair with his feet up on another relaxing in well his new home.

A Raven was sent out to Anaya at the Iron dynasty

[/i]Dear Anaya I hope all is well at home, Noki and I have gotten to Ana's safe and sound and Noki is enjoying time with her big sister. It turns out the ravens here have a sickness that has killed many it is the reason why you have gotten no ravens at home. There is work on cureing this but it does not seem helpful and the birds keep dieing. Ravens to you will be slow but do not worry I will only be here a couple weeks if needed and if i need to stay longer i will be sure to send Noki back to you via trusted friend. Ana sends her love and is sorry for worrying you, she and the castle are in good hands here and she is running things like a true ruler. I will send word of anything changes.
From Samuel[/i]

**letter sent to the iron dynasty via sickly looking raven. It was seen by goblin scouts at the land border and it passed check point to be delivered**

The whole incident happened too quick for her to really process. Trees rose from seemingly nowhere, Yaima was nowhere to be seen and Ana disappeared to what Ria had assumed was safety. So her mind was not worried over her and mostly bubbling over with fury. In no condition to take on so many foes, she had been unceremoniously dragged and tossed into the dungeon among the rest of the women. Ria sat in a corner, all eyes trained on her as most remembered her from before. Some were looks of relief, some looks of concern, and others were looks of confusion. After a few moments, she let out a frustrated scream, then called out, “Yaima show yourself this instant! By all the goddesses I will find a way to kill you, you foul creature!” Nothing but silence and stare answered her. She stood slowly, rolling her shoulders back and calmly walking to the door of the dungeon room. “Fine, if that's how you want to treat me, I will not hold back.”
The temperature was already fairly chilled in the dungeon, but dropped to an unbearable cold in an instant. No sooner than her eyes began to glow, did the floor itself shake, cobbles separating just outside the door to reveal a sapling. The sapling grew quickly, transforming into a female figure, and eventually the voice of Yaima floated from it. “I am... here... don't...” Slamming her hands to the door, she glared at her and began whispering, “Why did you do nothing, are these creatures not of your element? You dare leave me behind, what exactly where you doing!?” Yaima stared back at her calmly, blinked once, then twice, “Behave... find the... Queen.... before Sifrella.... finds... you...” Her voice repeated like an echo in her head as she suddenly fell to leaves at the door. Before the leaves had fallen, one of the lumbering oafs came to release them. A castle couldn't run without servants of course. As the group left the room, Ria took her time flowing with them until they had all spread out enough to where she could grab any random plate and head to Ana's room. She saw the state of what was once a mighty and luxurious home, made one with nature, becoming its own crawling thing. Stepping over roots, pushing aside vines, she didn't bother knocking and shoved the door open with her shoulder. “Queen Ana!”

November 10, 2018
Ana had barely slept the throughout the night but she had shed many tears. She was weak, that much was now very clear. Her mother would be ashamed of her. She backed down the moment Samuel had threatened Noki’s life for fear of what her mother would do. She did not know what Samuel’s end game was here nor what he wanted but for the time being, she had no choice but to go along with it or see herself dead or worse, thrown back into shackles. Ana felt weak after her night of crying, after her night of fighting with herself over what to do, she felt sick. She failed her people and now many of them were dead, what use was she to the people that were left. Maids tried to come and raise Ana at sunrise but she waved them off, refusing to leave her bed as she stares out the open double doors and out towards freedom, away from the castle, something she had no idea when she’d be able to grasp again. Ana was at least cleaned up from her ride from yesterday, her tan skin was once again flawlessly clean, her hair brushed and scrubbed clean but below her eyes where dark circles from her crying and not sleeping. As she hears a familiar voice speak her name she doesn’t speak up but she raises her head up enough to look towards Ria, wincing slightly at being called a Queen since she doesn’t feel it fits her any longer.

November 11, 2018
Sam moved at the table as a maid gave him that sour eye, he liked there horrible looks there awkwardly pointed gaze, the fact so many ran and hid or stuttered when he ordered them to do things. He gave a smile to one as she did have a nice set maybe he would enjoy himself a little later on that nice hunk of lambs flesh. He popped a hunk of bread in his lips as he finished his plate and waved another maid over to get it. The girl almost dropped the platter as she hurried off and stuffed it behind the counter then rushed off taking some of the younger girls to hide in the kitchen with the cooks. He stood up brushed his hand over his black hair and walked out fo fhe main area. It was almost like home but more earthy and had elven vibes witch he did enjoy a good bit so would not change that, walking up to the throne area the large tree man standing at the flank "news timber?" The tree gave a grunt "a new card has shown its self sir, she is skilled in ice and cold she is in your daughter's chambers at the moment. The tree within is keeping tabs. We are one sir we will hear all that go on and report it to you right away" "good if they try to harm any of you and revolt inform me and I will deal with the elf myself. Her and I have met before and whispers on the wind she would be the one that knows were someone very valuable to me is being kept, I want her alive if it can be helped" the tree gave a grunt as sam placed his legs over the one side of the throne and relaxed "oh we are also going to need to have another throne crafted I am sure my daughter will reject being on my lap all the time we have to rule some by side" the tree almost chuckled that one seemed a bit smarter then the others but it was larger and maybe that was the reason. The tree did not say anything back it just nodded and grunted and sam went to his thoughts on what to do with that elf that was the sister of his dear sif.

The moment she stepped in, her eyes fell upon the broken woman she had both admired and conspired against initially. Her shoulders dropped, her arms flopping at her sides and letting the tray hit the floor. She looked upon her with pity before noticing the tree guardian watching their every move. Of course the damned wyvern had eyes on Ana at all times. Keeping her gaze on the root creature, she calmly walked over to Anarial, sitting down on the edge of the bed. Ria cleared her throat, “M-my Lady... let us not rot beneath the heavy feet of this fool dragon. You are stronger than this, all of this!” Ria laid her hand on top of Ana's head, letting it trail down her cheek then gripped her chin and stared into her eyes with a whisper. “Your kingdom needs you, as do I. Get up. It shall be one of the most pathetic undertakings if you remain weak. And the mightiest reclamation, if you remember who you are.” Her eyes shifted between Ana's eyes and the guard before she let go with a slight push of her chin. Ria rose, looking down to the Queen and put her hand out to her. “Shall we receive the King with a lovely good morn?”

November 12, 2018
AnarialLast Monday at 2:45 PM
Ria seemed to be shocked by how broken down Samuel had managed to make Ana in such a short time. Ana knew she couldn’t speak to Ria about what was going on. She couldn’t make Ria understand why she was so defeated but Ria was right, the people needed her now more than before which lead to a low but long sigh leaving her lips. Ana had more or less sworn herself into being silent to keep from giving Samuel a reason to harm Noki, there was only one person on this planet that she feared and Samuel brought a key with him that would unlock the beast that she feared. Ana pulls away from Ria’s hand as it was offered, sliding across the bed she heads to the far side and gets up, still not speaking as she stands and her full figure goes on display in the well light room since her nightgown was made of an extremely thin silk. She heads to the wardrobe not bothering to check to see if Ria had left or not she strips the gown off and dawns on a simple black that hugged her hips and wrapped silk around her chest to make a bit of a tub top. It was already set up to be a warm day and she aimed to keep semi-cool. Ana then reaches into her jeweled box and pulls out her crown. Her eyes nearly water as she stares at it, wondering why she was bothering to pull it out but she does so anyway, neatly setting it on top of her head before she turns to the mirror beside her and starts to fix her hair into two braids that dangle down her shoulders and keep the crown perched perfectly on top of her head before she turns to head towards the door and off towards the throne room, towards Samuel and what was left of HER people.

AnayaLast Monday at 10:07 PM
Sam sat there his legs up on the arm rest of the throne as he now held the castle log book in his hands, he was going over the pages with a nice fine tooth comb to see all the castle and his daughter had gotten up to since his last visit here. He flipped a page as he could not help but chuckle at the whole whale thing, took them months to clean that mess, no wonder the goblins complained the grounds smelled of rotten blubber when they first started scouting it. He looked up a moment to see Ana in that nice black dress as she walked down the hall way, he stayed in the main throne. “well good morning there Anabell, and don't you look wonderful in black” black the color of a greiving woman, a grieving woman that had lost everything and now was going to struggle for every breath she took, a woman that would in due time learn to love the lump in her neck that never went away, love that cold sting in her chest that soon would make her heart as black as that dress, a woman that maybe one day would dare try to do something against him, he wanted that to happen, it put a smile on his face at the thought “the cooks this morning made a sort of light breakfast. I will be hiring you more staff later today to, and did you have a good sleep?” he still smiled as he already knew how her night had gone, his green eyes shimmering in the light as he looked at Ana.

SifrellaLast Monday at 10:13 PM
She wasn't satisfied with Ana's silence but she felt a bit resolved by the fact that she did get up. Ria lingered for just a moment, eyes soft as she watched her Queen head to the wardrobe. A glance to the repulsive tree still watching, and her gaze changed. Gone was the worried and nervous Elven Princess, and back was the cold glare, fluid and relaxed motions, and slow tuck of her hair behind her ear. Ria smoothly left the room, going off to clean herself up enough to look like the former Queen that she was. Translucent hair draped around her shoulders. It had gotten quite long in her time away, her image mirroring her sister's more than her usual style. A thin and simple dark blue dress that plunged down the front and back and reached her ankles that she had luckily found in her old things was good enough. Her eyes didn't glisten with the soft yet strong stare of her twin's, it glowed with a vicious strength, that alone differentiated the two when it came down to it. Diliria Goan, Ria, she finally remembered who she was and how she used to be. The castle was a completely different place now, and she had changed just as much. Not exactly for the better, but she had Sif to blame for that. “ Do not... see... the King.” She didn't need to look, to see the phantasm-like creature Yaima walking beside her. A few of the root monsters they passed by, froze in place as they laid eyes on Yaima, but instantly after, it seemed as if they only noticed Ria. Raising a brow, Ria chose not to seem as if she was talking to herself, and made a mental note to ask about that later. Not as if the strange nature woman ever answered her questions. Ria paused, thinking of listening to the creature, but instead boorishly walked to the entryway of the throne room. She leaned a shoulder to the wall and watched over Ana from where she stood.

Xaei (Iotah)Last Monday at 10:19 PM
It had been a while since Phe resurfaced again, the Phoenix had kept out of the way for the most part, exploring the castle and the lands beyond it, keeping a watchful eye on the comings and goings. A man had arrived, one of great power and it disturbed Phe greatly, his control and dominance over the Queen was troublesome, and would likely cause trouble some time in the near future, that much she did not doubt. She had decided to go for a red, somewhat revealing gown, showing a moderate amount of flesh upon her curvy yet slim figure. Her fiery red hair was left down and it fell to just below her waist. She decided this was the time to make an appearance, to find out more about the man, as she had never seen him before, and to meet the Queen once again, their first meeting having been brief and... well Phe was naked, probably not the near first impression. The Phoenix had a job to do, and she could not to that by keeping a distance. A scene seemed to be developing in the throne room, so that was where she would go to, and just as expected, the Queen and the male were both there, as was another woman. She would stand quietly, yet visible to the three with her hands clasped together in front of her.

AnarialLast Monday at 10:47 PM
Anarials cold gaze falls onto Samuel as he speaks before she speaks up, “I can handle hiring my own staff. This is still partly my castle Samuel.” She wasn’t sure what all she had left to lose other than her life and she was doing a half-assed attempt to stand up to Samuel. She steps farther into the throne room, her bare feet making next to no noise as she moves across the stone floor. She moved forward until she was just a few feet away from him before she speaks up again, “And if you’re going to insist on staying in my throne I’ll make sure to have a better one made for myself.” Anarial glares directly towards Samuels green hues, clearly making her stance known that she wouldn’t stay down for long.

AnayaLast Monday at 11:00 PM
"it is alright my dear, the staff will be hiered from down in town, and i already have one on the way, a advisor, you will really like him" he gave a smile as he ran his hand down the throne and he snaped the pages of the log book closed "and my own throne is already being made so you wont have to worry about me siting in yours much longer Anabell, but you can always sit on daddys lap like you did last night, it was rather nice, but it would be better with guests" he gave that smile and turned his gaze to Ria "sister to Sif, pleasure to see you once agein we had harsh words last time, i would like to talk with you once you get a moment, in privet" he then turned his eyes to the new face as his eyes scaned her up and down, a nice little red woman there, he could sense flames within her, old flames, ones he had tasted before. "fire bird right? you smell of ashes and your home lands, been there a couple times, to the mountin, i am Sam, father to the queen here"
"oh, and Ana, your little sister will be here within the hour "

AnarialLast Monday at 11:07 PM
As Samuel mentions Noki again her jaw tenses as she grits her teeth and swallows hard as her glare towards him gets rather hard for several moments. He really knew how to manipulate her and he was pulling her strings like she was nothing more than a puppet. She figured Ria would be reading her every move so she quickly composes herself and calms herself before she puts a bit of a smile on her face and moves to step forward, if he wouldn’t get out of her throne, she’d take her spot anyway and sit on his lap like he seemed to want, without letting anyone really see how bad it made her wince to let him touch her. Ana climbs into his lap, placing her arse down against his lap before she crosses her legs at the knees and straightens herself, holding her head high and refusing to cower in front of Samuel or anyone else. She does not bother to speak up in response about the advisor, she figured she didn’t have much say and trying to fight Samuel in front of people was pointless, it would wait until they where in her office or alone elsewhere.

SifrellaLast Monday at 11:14 PM
Ria visibly snarled from across the room, her eyes glowing cold blue as he related her directly to her sister. She rolled her eyes as he demanded to see her privately. It made her sick to see the damned man in the first place, but she was at the disadvantage here. She settled her gaze back onto Ana, watching her carefully. She expected nothing less from the small Queen. A small smirk flickered at the corner of her mouth briefly before returning stoic as Anarial barked back at the dragon and even boldly took her throne by whatever means necessary. Lifting her chin a fraction of an inch higher, she crossed her arms, looking even more smug and comfortable than before... a believable facade. Her firey Queen was just the thing this kingdom needed. Ria did notice the lovely woman who entered, taking a moment to admire the beauty, but made sure to return her attention to the tense moment.

Xaei (Iotah)Last Monday at 11:20 PM
Phe blinked softly at the man's words to her, her bright orange gaze resting on his face, she bowed her head. "Hello, your majesties. My name is Phe. I... am A Phoenix, yes... But I, am not aware of where I come from." She held her tongue on wanting to ask more, of what he knew, this was not the time nor place, and considering the Queens manners with him, it did not seem wise to seek the male's council. Samuel, wasn't he the Emperor of the Iron Dynasty? What was he doing so far from home. Phe held back a sigh and would simply smile on. "You mentioned hiring staff? I could not help but overhear. Do you think there might be a position for me somewhere? I want to pay back my debt, for the kindness and hospitality shown toward me. It is in my nature to... well, help nature, to protect it. I feel as though I could be of use here, I hope. I do not wish to out stay my welcome, and I must contribute the the Kingdoms success and prosperity." The words she spoke, yet the figure she stood in front of them with, young and barely out of her teens, might seem wise and aged. In The corner of her eye, she caught sight of an elf looking in hee direction, she blushed under her tanned cheeks and would give a smile, before looking onward toward the Queen and her father once more.

AnayaLast Monday at 11:37 PM
As she moved and got onto his lap he leaned back so she could really get a good seat. He warped his arms around her waist line, god she had the body of a woman now, it was so nice to just touch just to feel. His hot breath was in the back of her neck, oddly he did not smell of dead things but he did smell of sulfer like normal, all wyverns did it was the backlash smell of there toxin, he rested his chin on her shoulder and relaxed with her on her lap, just like old times just as he enjoyed his little girl on his lap before she found out he was a monster, but it was not like he had to hide it here, the only one that did not know that int he room was the new face and he was sure she could sense that tensions were high. But the girl seemed Innocent and sweet around the edges and most fire birds were such unless you really angered them and a lot of them had a short fuse. But it would not be bad to have it work for them, it would not be seen as a threat it was not like flames of any sort could harm his hide and she was in cahoots with nature and he had a tree army. He said not a word and would let Ana rule as she wanted to and do her hiring, then after he would do his dealings with her and with that other one, tie up the lose ends he still had to tie. He moved a hand and ran his gloved fingers in Anas hair softly playing with her platinum locks as he enjoyed her company more then he would admit, but he was sure she already knew about.

AnarialLast Monday at 11:48 PM
It took every ounce of her strength for Anarial to not wince away as Samuel touched her. Ana remembered Phe and as much as she hadn’t wanted to employee ever person who came across her home Samuel had killed off most of her help. As Samuel remains quiet she takes it as him allowing her to run her kingdom as she sees fit and she thinks for a moment. She glances towards Phe before she speaks up, “Allow me to speak with the Advisor in length once he gets here so I can sort out where we are in need of the most help and I shall inform you what we are in need of and see if there is anything that a lines with your skills. Perhaps there will be an opening in the cleaning or kitchen staff but later on, in the day, I will be taking full head counts of what is needed since the… an incident of yesterday…” She winces slightly as she mentions the massacre that happened the day before. She knew she would need guards more than anything but she was not sure how many of her maids and cleaners were killed off in Samuels attack of the castle. Ana reaches up with her right hand and rubs the bridge of her nose and lets out a soft sigh, realizing how big of a mess she had to clean up because of Samuel’s attack.

SifrellaLast Monday at 11:51 PM
Ria made a mistake, not her first and definitely not her last. She stepped forward suddenly, but stopped in her tracks. She couldn't leap to action like that, it would reveal weakness. No matter how uncomfortable Ana looked, no matter how Samuel touched her, no matter how she squirmed, Ria would have to watch. She drew her shoulders back and continued her steps into a casual stance, leaning her weight into one hip and turning fully to Phe. It would almost seem as if she was simply turning her attention to the new toy in the room if one wasn't watching too closely. A playful smile and an easy gaze drifting up and down the young girl's body would give Ria the image of carefree mischief. She played with the ends of her hair, but flinched as she saw Yaima appear next to the phoenix. She simply stared at her, tilted her head, then slowly looked over to Sam and Ana on the throne. Her gaze and expression were impossible to read as usual... but the hair hanging from her large horns shifted and fell slightly. Ria couldn't help but glance over to the two, wondering if she was visible at the moment to anyone else. The only other thing that was not of nature that could see Yaima other than Ria was her sister... -A memory drifted into her mind, looking up at the blood-covered face of her twin, a sword glimmering and pointed directly at Ria's eye, a mere breath away from losing it. Sif raised a brow, swiping one finger across her own lips then licking it, “Sister... your reign is” The last words had been whispered with a smirk.- Ria snapped back to attention, turned on her heel and left the room, her breathing rapid as she moved to find something that she had really come for.

November 13, 2018
AnayaLast Tuesday at 12:17 AM
His eyes moved to Ria as she took a step foreword, his hands griped Anas arms a little harder then one would want he could spring and use his speed in a instant and clearly he was always on his toes, and he was sure ana could feel that simply from his moments. He would have no choice but to deal with Ria, he would have to share words with her, figure out were Sif was being stuffed away, and make sure he figured out a way to keep her silence and service, witch he had a idea, an idea were the gloves came off, but that was only one option he had much to think about. He once she left relaxed a little his grip on Anas arm leaving red marks but not breaking skin, it may bruise but nothing really bad. He let out the breath he was holding and relaxed a bit more in the chair his black hair flopping behind his head as he pushed it against the throne “the adviser should be here tomorrow around high noon, he is a good man, met him a couple years back, he and i don't see eye to eye at times but he is a good man he will hold our court well, have his eyes on only the best for the castle” he ran his gloved hand along her arm were he had grabbed her “i am sorry for that i am a little on edge, i can get healing for that i am sure”

AnarialLast Tuesday at 12:24 AM
Anarial tenses as Samuel clamps down on her arm. As he keeps his grip on her arm until Ria leaves she remains still and it takes every ounce of her strength to not yank herself away from him. As he releases her arm and relaxes himself she relax herself. She nods as he speaks of the advisor if they didn’t get along then perhaps it was someone else that she could use to her advantage against Samuel. “I’ll meet with him and get together with what needs to be filled. Ria was in charge of the slaves before, perhaps she will be willing to fill that slot once again I will speak with her about it.” She wasn’t sure that Samuel would go for Ria having a role in the castle but she would push for it anyway. Ria was like her right hand, she was someone she trusted and she wanted Ria here.

Xaei (Iotah)Last Tuesday at 12:31 AM
Phe bowed once more. "Thank you, Sire. I will await your verdict and hope to hear back again soon." The Phoenix was just about to turn away, when the other female in the room turned to face her, and she blushed again, not know what to say or do, she opened her mouth but no words came out, thoroughly confused in the woman's trail of thought. Instead, she quickly bowed to her and backed away, a few steps before hurrying down the hallway back to her assigned chambers. Things were getting to awkward, to heated and Phe couldn't be around it for too long, before she'd likely end up doing something stupid, and get herself into trouble. Again. Oh, how she craved a strong drink. At the nearest moment, she requested that a maid bring the strongest liquor the castle had to her room.

AnayaLast Tuesday at 12:37 AM
“yes she can have a place here as the Slaver, but i do wish to have words with her before hand, her and i have had harsh words when Sif was around but with Sif gone i am in need to know were Sif is, and what Rias stand is against me, and some other matters that can be handled in privet” his words were stern but at the same time soft. He placed his head on Ana's shoulder once more “you know Ana if you were not so strong willed like your mother we could be great friends” he moved his eyes up to look at the guest hurry away, clearly the girl was a soft soul indeed and that would be useful if it was needed in the long run, he learned about everyone and everything that was here, and most of all he learned who would be an easy target and who would be a challenge to have to move around. With everyone scattered now and it was just them Sam smiled as his arms moved around Anas waist line holding her as his head still rested on her shoulder “you know i could still give you the world if only you would stop being so bull skulled”

AnarialLast Tuesday at 12:42 AM
Ana nods as he speaks of Ria having a place, “I’m sure she would be willing to speak with you when the timing is right. Ria has been nothing but helpful here and has kept the slaves within these walls in place.” As he moves his arm around her waist again and speaks about giving her the world again her eyes turn cold and she glares towards the floor, dropping her glare towards the floor, “You know as well as I do my bullheadedness is the reason there is no longer a collar around my neck and instead there is a crown upon my head. I got myself my crown on my own Samuel, I do not need someone to give me a world I can get myself.” Ana grits her teeth after she speaks glancing about the room slightly to make sure no one over heard her comment about her ever being in a collar.

AnayaLast Tuesday at 1:00 AM
As she talked about getting it all herself Sam got firm and moved his arms to hoist her up like she was a doll turn her around and sit her back down on his lap so now she was facing him. He looked at her “who do you think convinced Anaya that night she let you out of chain and give you a chance. Who do you think got the ice queen that kills every slave she gets a hold of why do you think you got to live when so many others got to die by her claws and temper. The night she gave you that freedom you surely worked for, i stood for an hour in a back room going over lists with her of what slaves were worth keeping, i was the one that pulled your file from the pile and moved it to her and whispered the words to let you free due to your honest work and loyalty to our family. Your file got placed in freedom Anarial due to my word, be it Anaya's choice to make you our daughter it was my choice to take the steel around your neck. Much went on behind the doors in your life that you know nothing about, Anaya does nothing for free” he moved his fingers to hold her hips and then lace his fingers just on the swell of her lower back “when you got this castle, when that fool was stupid enough to try to rob our family i was over joyed, i pitched to Anaya that one of the children should get the castle, our eldest and seeing Jeff was de....vanished, you were the eldest child left in our line. You have gotten nothing without something happening behind doors you did not even know existed.” he took a finger and moved some hair from her eyes and face “i get it i am a monster Ana, but why, why do you hate me so much, other then the fact i want to mate you but am not a dick enough to take it and render your life gone, witch we all know i could do but don't.”

AnarialLast Tuesday at 9:52 AM
As Samuel moved her about like she was nothing more then a toy doll she lets out a displeased growl of a sound. But the words that started to leave his lips a moment later started to shatter her world. They couldn’t be true. He had to be a lie because if he was telling the truth she owed him her loyalty more then Anaya. Emotions flooded her, rage for not knowing that Samuel’s hand had been in every turn of her life, sadness because now her loyalty to Anaya felt torn, fear because she still knew the monster that both Anaya and Samuel could be and she felt that she was still to be a pawn pinned between the two. Ana had no way to know if the words that Samuel spoke where true and for all she knew he could be trying to poison her against her Mother but at the moment so many emotions and thoughts were flooding her she felt like she was going to be sick. She knew the color had drained from her face at this point, there was no way to hide his words had plagued a war inside her head, her heart was racing. She couldn’t answer him. She wanted to scream at him that the reason she hated him so was because of how easy he seemed to think it was to slam her back into the life of chains. How he teased her so, knowing how she fought to keep herself pure for the sake of being able to possibly get a marriage worth a shit, how could she not see him as a monster when he threatened to kill his own daughter to bring the wrath of Anaya down on her? She was starting to think Samuel didn’t always think his threats through when he made them or he didn’t care, which it was probably the latter. Ana couldn’t speak, she felt that if she opened her mouth she would get sick and it was taking every ounce of strength she had to not cry and throw up at the same time.

Xaei (Iotah)Last Tuesday at 1:42 PM
Phe got drunk, is now naked... Again, because apparently that happens when she drinks, and is passed out half laying on her bed, half... not

AnayaLast Tuesday at 2:53 PM
Sam looked at her, he looked right in her eyes as his gloved hand moved and ran over her cheek “everything i have ever done i have done so your life is perfect, even this take over of your castle, you don't see it but there is a game that is played in your lands, i know i am a monster to you Ana, but i am a monster that has always been in your court” he stood up with her in his arms, this time not alowing her to drop on the ground harshly like before “Noki will be here anytime to see you, she will be very happy to know you are alright, i did not just bring here here as a trinket in the cheese game we play but also to see her big sister. I will get the order forms and documents put together to be able to get more staff ordered, i will get them done and then you can go over them to give them the queens seal” he softly turned and placed her back down in her throne there without him under her “you don't get it Ana but in the end of every game, the only one in chains here is me” he had a fire in his green hues, one that made things edgy but also made things unstable. “i will go to the library i have turned it into a study for myself a privet room i wish you not to enter for any reason, i will be speaking to Ria as well. I will get a maid to fetch her” he waited there to see if Ana would say anything say something to him after everything, or just as normal push it all off and go for the next point.

SifrellaLast Tuesday at 4:41 PM
What used to be her bedchambers was now a mass of roots, shrubbery, and a few flowering plants. Suddenly, a section of the wall began pulsating, the plantlife there seeming to crawl away from what was revealed ot be her old bookshelf. Looking around, Ria's eyes landed on Yaima. She nodded in gesture towards the shelf. “Of course you would help where it benefits you...” Diliria rolled her eyes and quickly moved to the shelf, using her finger to search the book she used before for her specialty magic that gave her the power of seductive slavery. Having used it on her sister and failing, she needed to review it. She must regain power over Sifrella in order to survive... – Not far from the kingdom, a caravan moved swiftly through town. Inside, a low yet melodic voice, that of a native Ice Elf male guard spoke out. “We are near the kingdom ruled by the daughter of Anaya. Our brethren have confirmed there is no where else for Diliria to have gone. We will have her, my Queen.” Bored, and calm eyes trailed from the window to settle on the guard. His eyes remained down, not daring to look directly into those eyes. That gaze drew closer, one hand reaching out to raise his head to look at her. A soft smile played on her lips, a cold and sharp look rising in her gaze. “Perfect.” Her hand dropped languidly as she leaned back again. The cool and vicious aura that circulated inside the small space was almost suffocating as the regal Sifrella gazed back out of the window. – “M-miss Goan...I'm sorry but... the King, he is ready to meet you.” Ria flinched at the statement, looking down at the book in her hands. She slowly put it down, glancing over only to notice Yaima was long gone. Pulling her shoulders back and chin up, she brushed past the maid nonchalantly and headed down the hall, the maid hurrying to return in front of her to lead the way.

AnayaLast Tuesday at 4:49 PM
At the border to Anas kingdom at the roads gate was a blockade “only murchents are to pass!” yelled out some burly goblin, he looked like he could handle himself and along side him were two very large slobbering wolf hounds and a large tree man standing post seemingly rooted to the ground at the side, a set of eyes seeming to be the only thing that were active on it, little brown and green slitted eyes. The dogs growled as the goblin gave a wave and they went silent and sat down, fully obedient to his orders “who be you cart, only ones selling goods are to pass, what ya got to sell, orders of the king. ” it muttered as it eyed the cart and the doors stayed siting but watching. The goblin walked around to the side of the cart avoiding the horses and looking at the cart to inspect it “everyone within remove yourself from the cart and it shall be inspected for goods”

SifrellaLast Tuesday at 6:50 PM
The moment the cart stopped, Sif shot a dark glare to the guards sitting across from her. The one sitting beside her nodded to the other two and they all three exited the cart instantly. One stood on either side of the cart, blocking the windows to see inside as the third walked up and spoke. The one on Sif's side stared back at the goblin with an annoyed expression. “We are not merchants, yet we are delivering precious cargo to the...” The guard hesitated, then looked back towards the guard standing on Sif's side of the carriage. He raised a delicate pale brow, the other guard nodding and leaning towards the carriage. “My Lady, we were unaware that a King reigned, we were only told of the small Queen....” There was nothing but silence as Sif had sat up straighter and was looking down into her lap deep in thought. She looked up and tilted her head, eyes lighting up slightly with a thought. “Well. I don't have time for this really... and if I have to leave this carriage I will be visiting the kingdom alone...” A soft and almost sweet smile graced her lips as she waved her hand, “Do you understand, my boy?” At that remark, two guards stepped from where they stood and walked up to the hounds and tree creature. All three pulled long jagged shaped daggers, mirroring the kind that Sif would always carry. They faced off the opponents in front of them, eyes glowing white, poised to attack.

AnayaLast Tuesday at 7:04 PM
There were three guards with daggers against two wolf hounds a massive tree ent known as a Timber and a bulked up goblin, and who ever was in the cart, and from the sounds of the voice it was a female, “if you are not merchants you are not able to enter unless you are willing for a search this land is under Wyvern rule as of the take over the day before.” the goblin took out of his side coat a long green liquid coated dagger, the hounds snarled and got up from there siting post and the tree ent in the background shoved its roots into the ground and called forth 2 lesser minions that looked like exact copy's of its self. “if you attack this road block that tree tells the hundreds of others at the castle and you wont stand a chance in hell, stand down!” he yelled as he griped his dagger tightly. The hounds moving to his flanks one on the left one on the right, they were a road block, not an attack force but they would defend themselves if threatened and that tree ent was the strongest out of everyone and now it held two minions made form the earth and wood around it that were almost at its level.

SifrellaLast Tuesday at 7:17 PM
A long pause stretched on as the guards were stone-still. They only awaited a word from Sifrella, but the mention of a linked awareness between the tree creatures was surprising. After the brief moment, the opposite side of the carriage slowly opened. The driver of the carriage half-panicked and hopped down, going over to the door and standing beside it as Sifrella stepped down and out. Her steps were light as she walked barefoot, her still thigh-reaching hair was fluffed in a wild manner, floating in waves as she walked around to the front. A long draping robe was all she wore, letting it fall off both shoulders and crumple at her breasts. It trailed a foot behind her as she stepped in front of her guards. They all dropped to one knee, also half-panicked that she had come out. With a soft sigh, Sif glanced around the lands, “So noisy.” She set her eyes on the goblin, “Very well. I'll settle with you since I've misjudged your seriousness. If you send word to the King and Queen that I am here and they turn me away we will leave right this moment without another word... however...” The sweet smile returned to her face, “I WILL see the former tyrant Diliria Goan before I go. And that is by hell or high water I will go through you, I can promise this.”

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In Samuel's Study

Sam sits behind his desk going over papers, the door is open a crack and not latched, the air seems warm and almost welcomeing and everything in the room smells of sulfer.

SifrellaLast Tuesday at 8:56 PM
The maid had bowed then scuttled off to safer space, leaving Diliria standing in front of Samuel's study door. Samuel was seen clearly enough from the small opening, the sulfur tickling her nose in a soft burn to her sensitive senses. She sneered and rolled her eyes, this damned wyvern had already claimed a private space away from an entire kingdom that he'd occupied. Annoyance settled in her chest heavier than the subtle fear, knowing that she stood no chance once she pushed the door open. An inkling of a different nervousness ached at the back of her head as well but she couldn't grasp what it must be. Brushing it off, she entered when allowed to. She had gone barefoot to feel the cool dirt under her feet as well as traverse the rough and natural state of the floor. This made her seem smaller and more fragile than usual as she was always stepping with gentle and sensual strides. Her confidence was still palpable as she stared directly at the King. “You, beckoned... your Highness?” Ria raised a brow as if she had no idea what he could possibly want from her. One hand played along her ear and down the draping earring from the pointed tip as she played dumb.

AnayaLast Tuesday at 9:19 PM
He looked up from the book and papers that seemed to be all over, mostly guard papers and staff order forms and some papers regarding goblins and how to go about buying them. “hmmm the little ice elf twin right, last time we met i remember your face at the end of my teeth we shared some harsh words you and i, so what are your feelings about everything and don't play Innocent or cute or anything but the monster you are, you cant play pure to one that is worse then you are” his green eyes looked up from the table as he moved his non gloved hands move the papers as his green tipped claws taped on the wood, he with a foot pushed out a chair on the other side “please sit down” the door behind her closed with a bang as you could hear a click from the other side no one was getting in and she was not going to get out. The room was rather nice in all reality a little turned over and a lot of tree and plant life sticking in windows and lacing around book shelves. And in the one side like in every room a massive Tree man rooted to the floor with two green and brown silted eyes watching everything. It stood stoic and off to the side and it did not seem to talk, at least not right now but it did have a mouth it could talk and it had done so moments before anyone had entered the room with Sam and it. Sam moved his hands and pushed the papers to the one side picking them up and packing them down into a neat pile as he folded his lands like a good peaceful person everyone knew he was not, and waited for her to take a seat and give response.

SifrellaLast Tuesday at 9:36 PM
Pausing for a moment, she tosses her hair over her shoulder and crosses her arms, “Well I know for a fact that I am extremely cute so...” She jumped in spite of herself as the door slammed and locked. Her shoulders stiffened, her teeth clenching as she sighed. “And I would prefer you not relate me to that bitch of a sister... I do have a name you winged bastard...” Her eyes glared coldly at him as she boldly walked over and rounded the chair. She made a show of plopping in the seat and crossing one thigh over the other, facing him head on. With a brow raised, she lifted her chin and spoke through a tight jaw, “What in seven Hells do you want?”

AnayaLast Tuesday at 9:47 PM
Sam let out a breath, he expected as such, arrogance that needed to have its wings clipped, a little ice elf that needed to be melted. As Sams eyes got brighter the room started to get warmer, one thing he had learned from many days with Sif was little ice elves did not like the heat, it made them sick and this one was a twin to the other one so what he once dwelt with with her he would learn from to adapt it to his means. He stood up at his desk as his tan skin shifted so one could see the outline of scales under it “i don't like rude people, at least if you are doing to try to be a tyrant at least have class with it” as he stood there out from behind him raised a long whip like tail, one much like a scorpion with a large green barb on the end. “i asked you what your feelings about this whole thing were. You are as stupid as you are deaf girl” he looked up as his eyes were on the table, they were glowing green as the black slit in them was dark and pungent. The room was getting hotter, hotter and hotter till the air started to wave back and forth and all he did was look at her, stair at her, watch her reactions, watch her suffocate under the heat watch her struggle, even to a human not affected by heat this would be a hard thing to breath in he wondered how hard it would be for an ice elf.

SifrellaLast Tuesday at 10:01 PM
The castle was already too warm for her liking, the increase in temperature in the sealed room had her wilting like a defiant flower in a volcano. Ria's breathing was heavy, she grasped her throat, sweat on her brow as she slumped in the chair. Blinking rapidly, she lifted her head to still glare back at him. Stubbornness and pride were her top qualities, which is why she found herself in such situations constantly. The room began to swim as she squinted to focus her eyes, seeing the barbed tail rise from behind him had her no longer smirking. Her gaze dropped as the dizzyness got stronger. Her hand reached out to grip the table for stability. “Class... how boring...” Despite her extreme disadvantage, she held her tongue a moment more before her eyes began to water and she looked up at him pleadingly, “E – Enough... I...” At that moment she furrowed her brow, she could feel her... Sifrella was close. “I support this kingdom's decisions... I stand by Queen Ana... no matter what...” Her words came out as barely more than a breathy whisper, her next word coming as a soft gasp, “Please.”

November 15, 2018
AnayaLast Thursday at 6:29 PM
Within a blink Sam had jumped over the table his tail smashing into the wall as he picked up the chair from under Rias backside and flung it grabbing the girl by the shirt and hosting her up to pin her against the wall (not harmful in anyway, just abrupt, if not welcomed i will redo to remove the auto grab) that tail smashed into the wall right next to the girls head “if you go against me, or try to oppose my actions here i will skin Ana alive and make you eat her flesh off the floor. I am not here to make friends with you or to hear your arrogance and pride, i will make you melt from the inside out if i even sense a lick of opposition from you” his hand moved as his green tipped claw just skimmed over her face, one touch, one touch was all it would take for that toxin to seep into her skin and make it so she would die there on his study floor there was no anti toxin here at this castle and nothing could be made in time anyone even nicked by his talons was doomed and he knew this all to well. “Diliria a
female child born along side Siffrella of the Goan family, last time we met teeth to face i took the time to look into you, your mother is a looker, her name, hmm yes Jezel Goan  i think. a hard life you had and i know you can feel her in this castle just like i can” he leaned in his lips near her ear “the sister that took it all from you, the sister that loves me” a smile crept over his face as he looked into her eyes his bright green eyes glowing as at last the heat in the room started to brake like a wave was washing over it. He was lowering his heat but still keeping a hand just hovering over her cheek “your first task is to keep an eye on that sister of yours,
why is she here, other then maybe you, find out for me, show me i don't have to threaten your hide every time i see you to place you back in line” he moved his hand as he let her go, a good couple foot drop to the floor would surely be abrupt. “you may stand by the queen Ria but if you want the good of this castle to last you will do as i tell you as well. Last thing i want is to be cutting my own family's fingers off and flicking them at you”he let out a snarl standing over her as he looked down at her there “you can keep being the slave master here, they will be the only things you are the Master over” he could see the look in her eyes when she said how she stood by the queen, that look, that helpless look he craved, that look of, vulnerability plastered over her silken pale face “you are beautiful on your knees” he said with a smile over that twisted face.

SifrellaLast Thursday at 8:06 PM
One hand shot to her chest, a reflex considering the ease at which her dress began to tear. Ria struggled in vain and with little energy as Samuel pinned her. A flicker of light came to her eyes but to no avail, as she was far too overheated to activate her ice. She closed her eyes calmly as his tail stabbed the wall, she could feel the heat right beside her temple. Ria kept her mouth shut and slowly opened her eyes with a glint of attitude as he leaned closer and hovered his poison over her face. Having showed enough weakness, her reaction to his threats on Anarial's life was empty. She dared not move, but stared him deep into his eyes, until he mentioned her mother. As he went on, a disgusted expression crossed her face, she began struggling again, lifting her face away from him as much as she could without being scratched by his tail or claws. 'the sister that loves me' was the last thing she wanted to hear, even though she couldn't make her sister love her, even though Sif wanted to destroy her, the last thing she wanted to hear was that sentence. Ria screamed in his face in frustration, as that was all she could do. A sudden look of panic answered him as he told her what he wanted her to do. Definitely not prepared t be let go, she crumbled to the floor, staring down on her hands and knees, not even bothering to look up let alone move to stand. With a deep breath, she ran a hand through her hair to push it back and sat up, eyes slowly drawing up to meet his. Tears streamed down her face, her chest heaving with rapid breath, nothing but pure fury in her eyes with a snarl as the first response to his final statement. "Whatever you say... my Lord." Her words dripped with venom, every fiber in her being mirroring the hatred she felt for this man in this moment.

AnayaLast Thursday at 8:21 PM
He watched her crumble onto the floor the anger was clear the hate was clear the pain was clear, he watched her Ashe looked at the large tree man in the cornor “open the girl out she has thinking to get done” he said sternly “and i have papers to get done aswell”he moved back to his chair wedging his long tail out of the stone wall and whiping it back behind him like a scorpian would let its tail rest in that nice curve above there back. He sat down in his chair and moved some of the papers over his desk, one had bold print that he pushed under another before unneeded eyes could spot it, not like Ria would care she surely had other shit on her mind then his desk work. From the floor came a long tree root that waved up and opened the door for her to exit his study and be on with her way. "tell sif i say hi will you" he gave a chuckle as he looked up at the girl and leaned on his desk waiting for her to exit

SifrellaLast Thursday at 8:49 PM
The shift in the room's temperature was a great relief considering Ria was a moment away from collapsing. On unsteady legs, she pulled herself up. Her shoulders were set and her jaw tight, fists clenching and unclenching. Her eyes dropped to the ground, slowly taking a step back and even slower turning around, as if thinking deeply. She paused, her personality was a curse as she glared over at him. Had there not been any risks to Ana, she would have thrown her life away in that moment just to conjure up enough power in her spirit to stab him one good time. With a sigh, she released her tension and was about to walk out when his chuckles alone rose her hackles all over again, "You--" "My lady Ria, my Lord Samuel... the Queen requests your presence as we have a visitor..." The meek voice of the woman maid broke her from her thoughts and made her blood run cold all at once. Blinking blankly, she jerked her head to the maid then rushed past her. Though unstable, she could sense her sister, and she knew she would be in front of Ana right now. Regardless of her initial plan to hide, Ria had to be present before Sif said something wayward.

AnayaLast Thursday at 8:55 PM
As the girl Ria left the room and pushed that maid out of the way the door shut behind her. sams eyes turned to the tree who was looking at him in that odd sense “what is it Timber there is some stupid maid outside the door wanting in so make it fast” he asked. In a low voice the tree gave response “the woman, Sif is a queen of frost elves in location unknown, she wishes an alliance for the people here and to see her sister so they can rule along side one another. They wish your attention to go over Alliance proceedings. Also the roots under the castle are in place form the large trees, the castle is being turned into the fortress as planed, we will start turning tree to golum stone, as well as the wall around the castle has started being made, there will only be one way in and one smaller back tunnel exit out the back for privet matters, it will be complete in a suspected six days time” Sam nodded at the Timber as he stood up and picked up his black gloves off the desk table slipping them onto his hands “so she ran away form her post at the castle and became a queen of her own land, without even a word to the ones that cared for her, i guess we all make our choices now don't we” he let out a sigh and pushed any feelings he had deep down so work could be done for the good of now his new home and his new plan. “good, keep work on the wall going as fast as planed i want it done before six days time, i will get to work on the needed things to turn the tree guards to stone golums and increase there strength. Then we can start underway on getting the slave from Iron sent over once the wall is
complete” Sam pulled that paper out from under the other papers it was a order notice for a crate of river water, simple clean river water, in big red print, why was that paper so bright. He pulled out another folder of thick paper with the word Anaya on the cover put that order form into the folder and then put it into a drawer with some other sensitive papers and locked it up tight taking the key on a small silver chain and putting it around his neck so it hung down on his black tunic. At that point a woman ran into the room pushing open that door that had been shut in her face, and repeated what she said before that seeming just Ria payed attention to “", my Lord Samuel... the Queen requests your presence as we have a visitor..." ” the girl was shuddering a little now and stood there as as surely down the hall way at this point. Sam walked up to her with his not fully gloved hand put a claw to her cheek as small black lines moved form that point of contact as the woman's eyes got large and the color from her face faded almost instantly and then he moved to pull her into his room before she could make a peep and then lock the door leaving her in there to literally rot. He let out a sigh gave a laugh and then walked his way up to were the throne room was. Fixing his black hair he walked up to the throne area going beside the thrones not bothering to sit down or move Ana, if he needed to react he was wanting to be standing already. His green eyes locked with Sifs hues as he wondered what stupid goblin grunt he would have to kill for letting her past the blockade “nice to see you again Sif much has changed i see” he said as he moved a arm to softly move behind his Ana, his hands gloved fully to not touch anyone he did not need to, even if sif, was only one of three people in this whole land, that was immune

Back to the Main Hall and Road Block

Anaya: At the road block at the starting of the castle lands the goblin moved to search the cart, it did not take overly long he skimmed it at best he was a goblin after all (if there were any weapons or iligal items they have now been taken and the goblin does not seem to give a shit about them he just took them) the goblin finished his search and nodded his head taking a nice gem to place in his pocket “alright ya seem good other then this couples stuff, go in and see who ya want to see it is about an hours trip up the path still but ya will get to the gates, once ya get there tell them Brutus allowed ya passage to see the king and queen of the castle, but note that if you have some crazy fantasy of taking down that person ya say is a ex tyrent whatevers ya gona get tossed out all over agein, whole place is taken over, but hey never know maybe convince the king to do shit for ya, never know” he gave a hickup as he moved back to his post and snaped his fingers and the wolf hounds moved out to the side to let the group pass on by.

Xaei (Iotah)Last Tuesday at 8:43 PM
Phe is still passed out, waking only to pee in the chamber pot under her bed

SifrellaLast Tuesday at 8:49 PM
Sif gave a bright smile and wiggled her fingers in a wave, “You lot have a nice day.” her three guards stood stiffly behind her, dropping their gazes to the ground as she turned around. The driver had already hopped back into their seat and took the reigns, ready to set off. Sif's expression had blanketed into a slight scowl, enough to be felt like a burn in their chests. She walked straight ahead to the caravan, the guards parting to let her pass. As she passed them she uttered one word and climbed in the buggy. “Walk.” And she was off again towards the castle, a bit of excitement welling up inside her. Having made the single carriage she rode in up their speed, she was there within the hour, the rest of the caravan not too far behind. Sifrella found herself waiting to be announced and enter the throne-room, to meet the other object of her twin's affection for the first time since both women had become Queens. ((posting for Ria in the study))

November 15, 2018
AnarialLast Thursday at 6:08 PM
Anarial was still on the throne when Sif arrived. She had regained her color and composure but was still lost in her mind about what to do with the knowledge Samuel had given to her. She wasn’t sure what to believe anymore. When she was told she had a guest she was expecting it to be Noki but instead she was informed it was someone else so she nods and quickly agrees to meet with whomever it was that had managed to get through Samuel’s blockades. Clearly, they were determined so she would hear out what it was they were in need of or wanted.

SifrellaLast Thursday at 7:54 PM
Sifrella waltzed in with a soft smile on her face, opening her arms wide as she greeted Ana. "Greetings my Lady, you are even lovelier than the last time I saw you." She waved one hand and glanced over her shoulder as the gifts she brought were ushered in by elven youths no older than a century or so. Their footsteps were light, their expressions in awe as they looked around. Once setting everything down, they shuffled off back outside. Each reached out and touched the edges of Sif's clothing as they passed, in a small gesture of acknowledging their goodbyes. Lowering her arms, Sif bowed deeply with one hand over her heart. "I do apologize about the entire whale dilemma but it seems you had no issues with redecorating. The lands look in wonderful shape... though the help... is questionable." She looked pointedly at one of the tree creatures staring at her from the corner. Lifting her head up to look at Ana, she shot a dazzling grin and straightened. "I know this is abrupt as you are a very busy woman but... have you happened upon my sister lately?"

AnarialLast Thursday at 8:08 PM
Ana smiled softly as the gifts were brought forth. It was something she was still adjusting too. Gifts. She disliked them but she was forced to accept them or forced to seem ungracious. Ana’s eyes dance over the elven youths that bring in the gifts, it was very rare she saw those of her own race and she took the time to study their movements at every chance she got. As Sif mentions the whale Ana winces but was brought back to the matter at hands before she speaks up, “The whale was a bit of a mess, but let's let the past be the past. And yes, my help is a bit lacking at the moment thanks to Samuels… arrival.” After the pause and Sif asks of her sister Ana’s demeanor seems to change and gets a bit more defensive or protective. She was found of Ria and the questioning was a bit uneasy already, “Your sister is inside the walls of my Castle yes. Might I ask why you seek her? She holds position here and is a protected member of my staff.”

SifrellaLast Thursday at 8:17 PM
The soft smile dropped slightly from her face but returned a bit with a roll of her shoulder. "Is that so," Sif chuckled lightly, "Allow me to clarify..." -What Sif wants to say- 'I am here for my sister. She knows what I want her for. If she continues to play this game with me she will not like the results. I like to think I've allowed her to trollop for long enough don't you think?' -What Sif actually says- "I simply miss my sibling, is it so wrong to wish to visit my twin? We had been estranged for so long. After the unfortunate demise of her husband she was distraught, ran off to her true home which is here is it not? I've taken the burden of Queen for the time being but I wish to rule beside my beloved sister. As you say the past is in the past, I would wish no ill on this kingdom nor your staff... including Diliria." Sif's warm gaze was like a pool of honey that had been chilled, not quite right but could be chocked up to her cool nature and nothing more. "If you don't mind of course my Lady. And I would also be willing to discuss an alliance. You are an Elven yourself, it would be an incredible experience to connect with my people as well."

AnarialLast Thursday at 8:23 PM
Ana listens as Sif speaks. She supposed she would leave it up to Ria to see her sister or not so she motions forward for one of the few servants that where left, “Please go see if Samuel is done with Ria, if so I would request them both, Samuel, for the sake of an Alliance and Ria to speak with her sister.” The servant would nod and head off towards Samuel’s private chambers in an attempt to gather them both. Once the servant had departed Ana would turn her attention back to Sif, “If you would like to rest I can have quarters made up for you and your men so you can rest a spell. Gather your strength and refresh yourself.”

Xaei (Iotah)Last Thursday at 8:25 PM
Phe gets drunk some more

AnayaLast Thursday at 8:57 PM
He let out a sigh gave a laugh and then walked his way up to were the throne room was. Fixing his black hair he walked up to the throne area going beside the thrones not bothering to sit down or move Ana, if he needed to react he was wanting to be standing already. His green eyes locked with Sifs hues as he wondered what stupid goblin grunt he would have to kill for letting her past the blockade “nice to see you again Sif much has changed i see” he said as he moved a arm to softly move behind his Ana, his hands gloved fully to not touch anyone he did not need to, even if sif, was only one of three people in this whole land, that was immune to him.

SifrellaLast Thursday at 9:11 PM
"I would appreciate that kind gesture my Lady. As genuine and welcoming as I remember." The bright smile remained on her face as her guards came up behind her, fortunately for them they had all three made it in decent time. Sif continued to ignore them just to make them more nervous, causing them to back away and give her her personal space. Diliria burst in from the left of Sif's side, coming within a few feet of her twin. She simply stood and stared over at her, face paler than usual while Sif's generally olive toned face calmly turned to look at her. "Diliria... missed me?" Ria sighed, her brows knitting slightly in discomfort but relaxing once she looked over to Ana. She chose to walk over and stand beside Sif, looking her up and down. She was radiant as ever, and it made Ria sick to her stomach. She much preferred the Sifrella that was weak to her will. "Hello Sif...good to see you travelled safely..." Swallowing hard, she matched Sif's hard stare. Just as a smirk rose to her lips, ready to whisper dark words to Ria, her gaze shifted to catch Samuel walking in. And in that moment, she got the answer to what she had been wondering since she left: what was real and what was not. Seeing him was like a shock to her system, having shut down all her feelings when she made the decision to leave with Ria, it was as if locking eyes with him unlocked all the locks and dropped the chains. Outwardly, Sif frowned, straightening and facing the throne again. "Samuel." She blinked once and looked down, then let out a sigh and looked back between Ana and Sam with a soft smile again. "Nothing has changed really. Nothing that matters. Ever changes." She shook her head slightly then took a hold of Ria's hand in her own and looked at it as if checking the value of a prized beast. "I hope my sister has been behaving, and you are treating her as she deserves."

AnarialLast Thursday at 9:23 PM
Ana watches as Ria comes into the room after Sif agrees to have chambers made up. She nods and as Samuel enters in Ana beckons for another servant to come forward, “Go and make up the chambers in the north wing for her and her men please, make sure they are clean and ready to have guests shortly.” The servant nods and quickly runs off as Samuel makes his way towards Ana. As Samuel takes place near her she straightens herself, holding herself higher and no longer seeming so confused and lost as when he left her a bit ago. After a moment she speaks up, “Forgive me for calling you forward, father, but Sifrella wishes to speak with us in regards to an alliance and I felt it would be out of place for words to be exchanged about it without you present.” She would leave her distaste for Samuel and her confusion on whether she hated him at the moment or not for private matters and in the presence of guests at least give him the respect he should seem to deserve. As Sif mentions treating Ria as she deserves Ana glances towards the two, “I have treated Ria as nothing less than a sister to me. She has been a trusted close friend and I would like to keep it as such.”

AnayaLast Thursday at 9:32 PM
Samuel's eyes did not leave Sif, he watched her every movement the shimmer to her eyes, how she looked to the floor even how she would breath and how her heart got a little faster but then calmed when she saw him, how her words came from her lips saying nothing had changed, how she was wrong, many things had changed even more so with her now having a castle and a state and how things ended back in iron, but he would not bring that up, yet. “an alliance? Between castles, what land and holdings do you have Siffrella? Did you gain your family's kingdom or did you gain another with marriage or due to the death of family” his eyes watched her closer as he leaned against Anas throne a towering figure his hand now moving to rest his gloved fingers on her shoulders. “yes when things like alliances are concerned it is best we are both present to go over them” Sams eyes moved down to sifs hand, he knew that look in her eyes that this is what belongs to me look in a hunters eyes, that look of this pray is mine, he held that look many times to see it on another was one he could see a mile away “Ria come up here to stand beside me for a moment ” he said calmly and almost nicely he gave no other words to why she needed to come up and stand at his flank, only that he wanted her to and that was all.

SifrellaLast Thursday at 9:48 PM
Raising a brow with a slight smirk was her response to Samuel asking of her holdings. What finally got to Sif was Samuel asking Ria to move. Her grip tightened on Ria's hand as an oh-so-slight jerk of her nose wrinkling gave away a small sneer. It was alright though, she would be keeping Diliria in her sights. Sif opened her hands, allowing Ria to remove her own. And she did so gladly yet hesitated to move to Samuel. Out of the two evils, she couldn't even choose one. The smart choice is what she decided on, out of the two, Samuel would hurt Ana or better still, he would kill Ria on sight and in repercussion, Sif would kill Ana. Or at least that was the way Ria thought. She moved to stand beside Samuel, walking with confidence and only looking at Sif again once she had turned around. Ria even tried her luck and smirked down at her twin, but soon that smirk was gone as she realized Sifrella had not taken her eyes off of Samuel the entire time. And her expression. Sif hardly tried to hide the glint of excitement in her eyes, enjoying the challenge and somehow had made a game of facing Samuel. She slowly parted her lips, darted her tongue out and looked back to Anarial. "Well, I was fortunate enough to be home at the right time to take my rightful place as Queen...." Sif shifted her weight to one hip, a relaxed stance as she used her hands to emphasize her words, eyes and fingertips dancing with a light spark of frost.
"Our Arctic Elven nation is the third largest and second strongest of the Elf nations. Before I took hold of our lands it was the fourth strongest, correct my dear sister?" She shot a quick cutting glance to Ria who stiffened and looked away, gauging Ana's reaction. Sif continued without waiting on a response from her, "It is only a matter of time before we are the strongest of them all, due to my connections with other beast races, our rise was simple. Most Elves do not venture far from home and reign..." She pointedly smiled brightly at Anarial, a sense of placed pride before looking back to Sam, "I simply took my place where I thought it would be best for everyone, yet my loyalties have not changed. Hence my offer for alliance here, the daughter and husband of Anaya, who saved me from my self-inflicted damnation."

AnarialLast Thursday at 9:53 PM
Ana’s face remained stone as Samuel took charge of the room and the tension in the room seemed to thicken. She didn’t like how Sif wanted to keep Ria to herself, she felt… she wasn’t sure what the emotion was but Ria was her’s and she didn’t plan on letting her go unless she wanted to go, which would break her heart, again. As Sif explains how she became a Queen Ana nods slightly but keeps her face plain and stone, almost as if they where playing cards and she had the winning hand, she knew Samuel would have the final say here and by the feel of the air about Samuel there was a personal matter or two to be had as well so it was best she keep herself quiet and let Samuel direct things for the moment.

AnayaLast Thursday at 10:02 PM
His eyes moved to watch as Sif gave thqt tense jerk to Rias hand, possessive little thing she was, it almost brought a smile to his lips, but his face stayed cold and without feeling. As she talked and Ria moved to his flank he took the other hand and placed it on Rias shoulder, a possessive gesture one hand on Ana and the other on Ria a sort of this is mine action he knew Sif would very much so understand his dominating actions “much power you have come into hand with, so i am guessing you can offer this alliance men and fighting power as well as trade from the north, what goods and trade roots can you open up for this castle, we don't have much in terms of wanting or needing to gain goods from the north but if you have something good to offer we can debate on it, will you be staying longer then just this evening or do you have something you are needing to get back to?” his look almost turned into a glare a sort of i want you gone look, but he was going to keep himself collected. His hand on Rias shoulder turned into more a griping fingers, she would know his fingers were there but it was not a hard grip just a don't pull away sort of hold on her.

SifrellaLast Thursday at 10:15 PM
Wrapping one arm around her waist and resting her opposite elbow in her palm, Sif tilted her head. The gentle smile remained on her lips but she made a point of letting her gaze rest on the hand that touched Ria. Another thing that truly caught her eye was Ria's actions. Ria rolled her eyes as Samuel laid his disgusting hand on her shoulder but her eyes shot to his other hand resting on Ana. Diliria attempted to subtly move a step to the side but the grip halted her motions instantly. She held her breath to keep from sighing, keeping her eyes on the ground. This interaction intrigued Sif, she straightened before looking back to Samuel to listen. Her expression had blanketed into an unreadable one, as if in deep thought. She let Sam wait for her answer as she glanced back to Anarial and stared at her for a moment. Slowly her smile brightened up again, only looking to Ana as if speaking directly to her. "As you know, my sister has a gift for enamoring the people, it is due to a special element that has been a long kept secret and tradition within the Regal families. I would be willing to share such a thing with my allies. But... if it does not fancy you I will be happy to return home... Diliria of course would be expected to follow if not come immediately. Her true home needs her." Sif looked to Sam again, as if she could see through his soul, past the glare, "As for how long I intend to stay... I have all the time in the world my Lord Samuel." Her smile was now completely gone, a soft glow to her eyes as the air surrounding her became rapidly cooler. Ria stiffened, feeling the change and gazed between Sif and Sam, wanting more than anything to be out of this tense situation but more honing into Sif's offer. She realized now that the only reason she had let Ria run was to recover the Elven secret tome.

AnayaLast Thursday at 10:28 PM
“items and trinkets and magical artifacts we are not in strong need of as we have the stock hold from the Iron Dynasty at our whim, what we need is people more then anything, loyalty” that word he said strongly as he looked at her his grip on Rias shoulder getting slightly tighter. He could see that glimmer in Sifs eyes, a part of his black heart melted inside, there was still a part of him that, that cared for her more then he would admit but he was shoving that down, showing that way down, feelings in this sense were not needed “Ria is needed here, she is loyal to Ana and a good member of this castle, if matters of her state are needed she can rule from abroad to keep the alliance strong and stable, she can have her own personal white raven to keep in touch when you are not around as i am sure your castle and kingdom will be in need of your guidance and rulership. Now we will go over it in my study to talk in privet the three of u, Ana myself and Ria to convin if the alliance will be fruitful or not. Feel free to get a meal in the dinning hall Lady Sif, we are low on human staff but i am sure you and your guards can make due with the food offered by the single cook” he looked at both Ria and Ana “lets talk, guards see Lady sif to the dinning hall” he already knew that the timbers would keep an eye on them and hear everything they would say to one another even if it was whispers. The guards came from the sides and gave a bow to miss Sif and then pointed the way to the dinning hall “come my lady the food is rather good, there was a shipment of cod this morning a fish from the north you may enjoy” Sam let out a breath and once agein walked to his study and opened the door unlocking it for the girls to enter. One of the few sound prof rooms due to the books, witch was why he picked it for a study.

SifrellaLast Thursday at 10:36 PM
Sif nodded, still gazing towards Samuel, but knowing that her message was received by Ria. She listened to his terms, but said nothing in rejection nor confirmation. Her only movement was bowing her head slightly as he walked past her with Ria and Ana. Once they were gone, she dropped her arms and looked thoroughly annoyed and equally disappointed. Her guards stood surrounding her as she walked following the castle guards. She was silent for now. Ria on the other hand couldn't stop staring at Sif even as they passed her. A reaction, any reaction, any words would have been a comfort. Sif had been the silent type before, but after her change, she had only spoken her mind. Silent Sif was eerie. Ria half jerked her shoulder from his grasp once out of eyesight. She bit her tongue to hold back her comments on being touched by the filthy mongrel of a wyvern.

AnarialLast Thursday at 11:30 PM
Ana takes her queue as Samuel speaks to direct both Ria and her towards his study. She raises to her feet in silence, feeling the tension in the air she wished to not poke the beast, she already felt her crown barely rested on her head, Samuel could take it from her in a moments notice. She bows her head towards Sif as she passed her as a departing gesture and keeps pace with Samuel as they make their way towards his study, moving a step in step with him.

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17 Re: Times of Change on Sun Nov 18 2018, 17:31


Back in Samuel's Study

SifrellaLast Thursday at 10:38 PM
Ria walked closely to Anarial, wrapping one arm around her and laying her other hand to her arm. She looked at Sam's back, "What the hell was that!? I am not a token for you to play with, especially not with my sister. Could you not either bed her or kill her, this uncertainty is maddening." Ria sighed exasperatedly and even pouted, glancing over her shoulder as if she expected a wave of her sister's ice to flow in and commit her to a grave.

AnayaLast Thursday at 10:57 PM
Sams eyes snaped at Ria as within them there was rage, rage and pain "why does she want you dead, or worse" his fist hit hard on his desk as he looked at her his teeth griting "i cant kill her! she has a fucking castle a fucking army she has all your family has and wants your head on a pike, do you think i dont know the look in her eyes, do you think i put my claws on you to what Claim your worthless hide, i could toss you to her and she can have her poud of flesh, but my daughter, my queen likes you!" he angered could not bite his tounge fast enough as he grited his teeth and tryed to cool his temper "what changed, that is not the Sif that once played with me on the sand at the beach in the waves, WHAT FUCKING CHANGED DILRIA GOAN!"even with the sound proffing ones near the other side of that door could hear his rage, his anger and to ones that knew him the pain in his anger. "talk or i let her have you"

AnarialLast Thursday at 11:30 PM
As they arrive at Samuels claimed office Ana quickly makes her way into the chambers and stands near the front of the desk. She winces as she realizes how upset Samuel was and as he called her his queen a slight blush briefly covers her cheeks. As Samuels' fists slam against his desk it causes Ana to wince slightly well she jumps back a few steps but she quickly regains her composure and straightens herself, letting her soft eyes rest on Ria ’s waiting to hear the story that Samuel was requesting of her.

November 16, 2018
SifrellaLast Friday at 4:10 PM
Before she could stop herself, Ria was shouting back at him, "I BROKE HER!" She paused after the outburst, swallowing and avoiding Ana's gaze. She began slowly, looking away and simply staring at the wall. "I finally got her to come home with me, but what use is she to me all obsessed with you." She spat the word, 'you' and glared over at him. "My king wanted her back, I've been hunting her for decades and i find her having forgotten me?" Ria pointed to her chest and shook her head, "I don't think so... Our doctors had found a way to remove the gift from an Elf and what better way to test than on my traitor of a sister?" Slowly, her eyes welled up, her eyes dropping to the floor once again. "It's not my fault, i had no idea it would go wrong, and i couldn't stop him from taking her..." Ria had gotten lost in her thoughts of the past and revealed the one thing she shouldn't have. As if the rest she had said already wasn't bad enough. She stopped there, bringing her arms around her waist. "That beast i awoke destroyed the man i loved and took everything from me. I refuse to let her have everything."

AnayaLast Friday at 4:28 PM
Sams fist clentched on the table as he did not even look up "you single handly took Sif away from her home, then once you got her she put her trust in you and you used her as a test subject for what, your arogance, your wanting to be what the apple of her eye, cus she fell for me..." his eyes looked up and they no longer were green, they had changed black, dead black "no wonder she fucking wants you dead, no wonder she wants to take you home as a trophy to hang on the wall, there is no better place for you, you did that to your family, the only thing in the whole world you are ever to protec" his teeth grit back and forth as his black dead looking eyes looked at Ana "but she is your monster, if it was up to me i would hand her to Sif and be done with it, make the alliance with the capital and hand Ria over, then we wont have problumes with elven forces" he tryed hard to keep his cool, tryed to collect himself and his body stayed calm but his eyes stayed black as night "if we hand her over make the alliance and be done with it they can leave as fast as they came and we can get on with the day, if we do not hand her over and we refuse the alliance we wil have possible war on our hands with a elven army of large strangth, the Goan family is not a weak one and if Sif has killed a king she may have more armed forces then she lets on, and right now we dont have the foder to do it without myself really pulling strings. what do you wish to do Ana, i am in for the safe root"

November 17, 2018
AnarialYesterday at 3:09 PM
Ana frowns as Ria spoke of her sister and breaking her. She realized how hard of a decision she now faced and a sigh escapes her lips. She reaches her right hand down and taps it against the desk as she now tries to decide what step to take next in the dance with Sif and Ria because it was, in fact, her move. She moves to change her gaze from Ria to Samuel before she spoke, “I believe we should speak farther with Sif. I understand you wish her went and I will do my best to see her gone quickly. I believe there should be a solution that will see Ria punished for her crimes against her family and her people well allowing her to remain here to serve her post. Even if Ria must do it from a slave collar.” Her eyes flick towards Ria as she mentions the last part to catch her reaction. She was, in fact, trying to spare the girls life and what bit of friendship they had managed to grow. “I believe the best step forward is to speak with Sif without an audience about so that we can speak about the hard cold facts and the horrors that have happened rather than these masks that everyone seems to be wearing.”

SifrellaYesterday at 3:20 PM
Ria threw up her hand, showing the scar that the stone which took Sifs dragon soul had left. "I gave you what you wanted, the woman you wanted is yours now. The one i took was mine to have. She never belonged to you. " Ria bit her tongue as she noticed his black eyes, shifting her gaze to watch Ana. She bit her lip in anticipation. "Ana please understand... I needed my sister, you can't let her take me. She wont listen to reason and... Fine. I do feel guilty for what my husband took from her but i will never forgive her for killing him. I woukd say we are even if anything." Ria looked away as she could only keep telling herself what comforted her. She had made fatal mistakes in her selfishness. Destroyed more than one life. And her spite ran deep from the moment the twins were born. In her mind, Sif should have never existed. Twins were impossible for their kind, so Sof was born to be her toy. As Ana spoke, she kept her eyes to the ground until she mentioned the slave collar. Her eyes shot to hers, a shake of her head so slight as she stepped over and took a hold of both of her hands. "Lady Ana, I will do whatever it takes to regain your belief in me." With a glance to Samuel, she sneered, "Even if i have to deal with your father and bring my sister around...whatever it takes to remain by your side."

AnayaYesterday at 3:26 PM
"Sif and I have history she will not go alone around me. I will stay here get my papers done. You go talk with sif and deal with matters whatever root you pick I will account for be is nothing changes or I ready myself for war the choice is up to you and sif on what happens next Ria can go with you and be around sif or stay here safe with me. If sif trys anything look to a tree and say help I will be there in a instant. My ears will be hearing everything even if my body is not there. Do not let sif take you out of this castle for any reason Ana you are safe within the walls not outside of them" he moved and sat down at his desk he needed to get calm he needed to water out the anger in his heart the black in his green hues. He was unstable, extreamly unstable he let out a breath as he sat down on the chair as Ria spoke about the stone his black eyes looked at her, dead at her she was the one that ripped kadance from sifs body that anger flared his skin darkened as his human like teeth grew pointed "I change my fucking mind get that hog out of my gaze before I chain and kill it myself" he knew she would know the reason for his rage he would not need to explain it. His fist clenched tightly his nails now digging into his palms as a black slip like blood dripped from his hand. It smelled of slufer strong poison that was what made him. "Get out" he snarled

AnarialYesterday at 3:35 PM
Ana was getting to her feet as Ria seemed to make the situation worse and Ana could have strangled her for it but she lets out a deep sigh. She grips onto Ria’s arm and practically drags her out of Samuel’s room as she makes her way out of his office, aiming to get her out before she could farther provoke him.

SifrellaYesterday at 3:42 PM
Ria froze, having truly ticked off the king. Samuel was irritating, but she didn't want to rise his hackles more. Her unbridled outburst had dug her deeper. Being pulled from the room, she did not take her eyes off of him, lest he decide to cut her to ribbons in that moment.

AnayaYesterday at 4:57 PM
As Ana and Ria left he opened his hand that hr was clenthing, his fingers a dark black red with his own toxic blood and the table was starting to get acid burns along the top of it from his blood driping onto the wood. He could not help himself, he had so much on the mind as the timber behind him opened its mouth and sifs voice whispered out of it, his black eyes looked to the tree”"You... can hear me can you not Samuel my dear? If you wish to end this game in your favor, I suggest you handle me yourself... ” her voice made both his temper and his pain flare, but he stood there, he did not move, he stood there looking at the tree there in his study “after you talk and work things out with Ana i will meet you in the woods on the east side of the castle, alone” he moved and sat back at his desk, his head hiting down hard onto the partly melted wood. “why did you have to come back, why after everything, why after it all did you come back now, this could fuck everything up” he muttered into the wood as he let out a breath lifting back up his head. He pulled over some papers stamped them all without hardly looking and then placed them in the done pile to be shipped out. Then he sat there as he looked at the tree witch had stopped transmiting his message after he had said the word alone. “i wish news, how is the girl in iron castle doing, the one i have in my cell under the castle” the tree nodded its head as a moment of pause happened before it spoke “she is fine lord Samuel, she has been fed and at the moment she is sleeping on her cell bed, word is she will be shipped out with the slave party in the morning, then the goblin party will steal her and bring her here” Sam nodded as he looked back to the door “good, at least that part of the plan is happening as schedule”

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18 Re: Times of Change on Sun Nov 18 2018, 17:32



Back in The Main Hall and Dinning Hall

November 17, 2018
AnayaYesterday at 3:00 PM
The doors were flung open as her little red and gold sulked self walked in. Red hair lashes up in a tight bun it made her look all adult as she walked into the castle a good 18 year old body and geting hips that chould kill "father?" She called out not overly loud as three goblins walked along side the princess and one coming up behind her "sure he busy princess your father has lots plans" the one goblin said as he looked around at the empty room aside from the tree people the castle looked very good everything done as planned out. "Fine then I will get myself a meal I am starving my sister will not mind I am sure" she softly stated as she turned being able to sniff out the dining hall like a vulture to a dead carcass. She walked into the dining hall and instantly went to the food table grabbing a platter and loading it up with 90% meat and a small amount of fruit and no veggie.

SifrellaYesterday at 3:09 PM
Nails clicked atop the counter over and over in a rhythmic, almost mesmerizing beat. Cool eyes gazed across the faces of each of her guards as Sif let out a soft sigh. The guards awaited silently, stoic and eager. With a smile, she straightened, "Well. I suppose i can forgive, so your next orders will be what we discussed. Find the book. So that we may return home." She raised her brows and looked at each of them expectantly, when they did not move she chuckled. "Now?" The men flinched hen bowed deeply, their short light blue hair shifting as they marched off and dispersed. Sif rolled her neck, closing her eyes as she turned around, opening them as a young woman walked in. "Hm?" They fire of her hair and the sway in her walk commanded attention, but what made Sif smile was the ravenous appetite. "Well hello, I..." Suddenly Sifs eyes widened, stepping closer and placing a hand on her arm lightly, "Noki?" She took each of her arms gently and looked her up and down, "Is this really you? Ah dragons do age quite differently do they not young one..."

AnayaYesterday at 3:30 PM
As her arm was grabbed softly she turned around the goblin pointing his weapon at the woman "back from the princess" Noki looked at him "it is fine goblin that is a ki...ex knight that left iron a while ago been a couple months now you have been gone sir she looked at the females guards "you got guards now? Guards to guard the guard " she chuckled as she let out a breath "you have seen father right, I am sure he was happy to see you"
She gave a smile as her red hair fell in her face and she walked over to a table to put her plate down and eat a little. The girl was famished as she popednsome of the meat hunks in her mouth and chewed them a little before swallowing them down more like an animal then a princess. "Oh and ya we grow fast but I am still small when I go real me I guess. I just wanted a human form that people would not think was a child. I cant look older then this but I can get a littlemolder looking every month soon I will at least look like an adult. In one form"

SifrellaYesterday at 3:40 PM
A raised brow at the goblin and a scoff was the only answer she gave, licking her lips as she gazed down at the weapon before rolling her eyes and looking back to Noki. Her smile dropped instantly, "Well i was more interested in seeing him than he was i. But... My it is wonderful to see you still aliv... I mean lively. You are beautiful my girl." Sif ran a finger down her cheek before stepping back and letting her sit to eat. She herself grabbed a stem of grapes and leaned a hip to the table. "And how is your mother? I pray my lady Anaya is in good spirits?" Sif actually looked a bit eager for once, having always been good at hiding her emotions. It was evident in the tension in her shoulders that she wished to know her reaction to Sif leaving. Though she had wanted to return at least to see her, many things, mainly her twin, had preventrd such a privilege.

AnayaYesterday at 3:49 PM
"Mother, she is in her study most of the day that or in the bath with her Pearls she has been very absent as of lately fauning over the past and as she calls it brighter times. Since Ryu died and her adopted daughter bolted Mother has just been darker, there is even thought of her mind breaking a little. It is why I went with Father here at times... he makes me feel safer then she does" Noki grabbed another hunk of meat and swallowed it without chewing or any problume at all she was a giant reptile after all they were good at consuming almost anything whole. "And really he was not happy with seeing you. He was so upset when you left he sent a whole week in the woods would not talk to anyone. Fhen je spent much time in the basement with that new slave female, she never came back around I belive je took his anger out on her" she gave a chuckle clearly death or her races way of being did not seem to affect her anymore she was growing up that much was for sure.

SifrellaYesterday at 4:05 PM
Each word that fell from the young dragon's lips built a heavy weight that already dragged her heart into a deep hole. Her soul drowned in despair since the day she left, and broke that night with the Elven king. "Ah... I see... " She looked down, popping a grape into her mouth as Noki went on. Frustration built in her mind as she heard the sorrows that Sam endured. She brought a hand up to rub her shoulder, waving her hand and slightly interrupting Noki, "I'm sure he is simply surprised, but a slave girl you say. Interesting. " She tilted her head then looked over to Noki and smiled softly, out of everyone, sweet Noki was alright. And if it took a bit of pain, Sif would ensure that happiness. "Lady Sifrella, my Queen Ana would like an audience with you alone, she says the King will not be in attendance... " The meek voice of the maid, whos eyes shifted rapidly between the goblins and Sif. Sif glanced over and thought to herself. She only glanced over her shoulder then began laughing. "That's funny, the little Queen thinks she can talk me down does she? Hm. " Sif walks past the maid and steps up to one of the tree sentries. She wraps her arms around it and leans up on her tiptoes, whispering, "You... can hear me can you not Samuel my dear? If you wish to end this game in your favor, I suggest you handle me yourself... " Her eyes glowed, removing her arms from around the tree creature but leaving a thin sheet trail of ice on it. She turned around and sauntered back to the table, picking up a glass of wine. "Do tell the Queen that I will speak to her a bit later... Her dear sister is here and I'm sure she wouldn't want to keep her waiting. All alone. With me? " Sif smiled innocently having slowly moved to stand by Noki and rest a hand to Pat her head.

AnayaYesterday at 5:08 PM
the large tree man in the dinning hall opened its mouth as sams voice whispered out of it “after you talk and work things out with Ana i will meet you in the woods on the east side of the castle, alone” it then shut its lips and went silent and back to watching and over seeing. Nokies eyes moved to look at the tree, she said not a word to it as she looked back at Sif "yes after you left the castle and Father had done well i dont really know what, he brought back a new girl, she was cute but she followed him all over the place and then he brought her to the door that leads down to the catacombs i am not alowed to go into and then i never saw her agein. to bad she was kinda nice she was ment to be i think my care taker or something but i think he liked her to much to leave her alone " she gave Sif a smile and gave a yawn "but seeing father is busy and you are needed i am going to go to the room sam said i could have and was made for me, i need a nice nap it was a long walk to get here from town. but i shall see you soon miss Sif. and Samuel really did feel pain when you left, his anger is just one way he shows that" she gave a smile agein andnodded her head "come on baby sitters lets go sleep" and with that she picked up her plate and left the dinning hall to go find that room she was told about.
In Anarials Office in the Castle

AnarialYesterday at 3:35 PM
Once they were out in the hall Ana would pause and look to Ria and shake her head before she released her arm and then before saying a word Ana turns on her bare heels and heads towards her own office on the other side of the castle. It was a bit of a walk and Ana didn’t intend to speak a word. She knew Ria was already feeling a lot and she didn’t want to make it worse. Once they reached her office she opens the door to her office that the overgrown nature thankfully hadn’t touched to much and much to her happy surprised her wolves, the gifts from her mother, where waiting inside for her. She drops to her knees for a moment and hugs both of them before she turns to one of the guards and final speaks, “Would you please inform the Queen Sif that I request a private meeting with her and that Samuel will not be present for it.” With that Ana makes her way to her desk and stands behind, sorting through a bit of the paper before motioning towards one of the chairs, “You can sit if you like Ria, you know you’re free to do as you please.”

SifrellaYesterday at 3:50 PM
Ria looked into Ana's eyes, hesitating. When she spun on her heel and tracked off, Ria followed closely, thinking on what to say. Once they reached her office and went inside, Ria stared at her back, even as she was showing affection to the beasts. She stood silently for a moment after Ana offered her a seat. "Ana... You cannot see her alone. She knows how i feel about you, she will use you against me! Let her simply speak to Samuel." Ria steooed forward and leaned over the desk, her hands planted on its surface and her voice lowering despite the trees being abke to hear regardless. " If we get them to speak to each other I'm sure i can bend her interest. My sister cried every night until the ceremony... And even after i sometimes catch her eyes with a broken longing. She will leave us alone!" Her eyes pleaded to Ana, a small smile playing on her lips as if she had the answers to all their problems.

AnarialYesterday at 4:11 PM
Ana listens as Ria pleases with her but she shakes her head once she finished speaking. “Ria I will speak with Sif. This is what Samuel wishes. This is what will happen. I will attempt to negotiate this as peacefully as I possibly can without disturbing Samuel. You will do best to keep from angering either of them farther.” Ana’s eyes flick towards Ria as she says the last part and she meant it. Ria seemed to have the world against and Ana was trying her best to balance it all out and make sure Ria came out alive on the other end. Ana glances towards the door and frowns a bit, “I wonder what's taking that guard so long.” After a bit, the guard comes back and reports that Noki was in the dining hall she nods and thinks for a moment, “Then I will go see my dear sister and then I will deal with this. Ria you are free to join me or go to your chambers but I think it wise you are not around your own sister or my father alone.” With that Ana moves towards the door to head off towards the dining hall.

SifrellaYesterday at 4:21 PM
Ria flinches, hating that she had put Ana in this situation added with her already stiff issues with Samuel. She simply searched her eyes then nodded, dropping her gaze. Once Ana had moved out, Yaima appeared, "It has... Begun... Get... The book.... Diliria Goan... " Ria clenched her fists, "I refuse to give it up, it is the only thing that sister of mine wants. You fix her, you said you would fix her. " Tear filled eyes looked over to the nature demon that plagued her about Sif. Ria turned away and went back to her room, searching through the pages of that book again.

AnarialYesterday at 11:06 PM
As Ana approached the dining hall she was told that Noki had relocated to the private chambers that were made up for her and Ana nods and pauses for a moment. She needed to decide whether she needed to deal with Ria and Sif or if she should go make her sister feel welcome. Ana leans against the wall and lets out a soft sigh and rubs her temple. So much had happened and now her world was upside down and what she thought to be the truth was a lie. She didn’t know what to feel or do anymore but she takes a deep breath and moves off to the castle kitchen which startles the kitchen staff because they were not used to seeing here there, “water… please…” was all she said and the staff quickly get the cleanest glass and the freshest water they can for her which she quickly downs before she sets the glass down and turns to the head cook, “I know we are low on staff but I want you to do your best to make a fest for tonight. We have another Queen staying with us tonight and my sister, a princess, staying with us. I want the best meats and veggies you can get brought in and made up. Bring up the best wine and lay it out by this evening, please. I will do my best to get you more stuff soon.” With that Ana turns on her heels as the cooks quickly head off to start prepping the fest that she requested, one she hopped Samuel would approve off. She heads off towards the dining hall and towards Sif, knowing this conversation had to happen. Once she was inside the dining hall she snaps her fingers, “Everyone leave us, please. Allow Sif and I some time alone.”

November 18, 2018
SifrellaToday at 12:27 PM
Sif smiled lightly as Samuel's voice came through, chuckling at the seriousness in his tone. She knew he wanted her gone, it spurned her fire to know he was resisting. Albeit a bit discouraging, but Noki's words revived her determination. She waved gently as Noki left, soon after being greeted by Anarial. "Ah, hello there..." A smirk played on her expression, watching everyone hustle from the room, aside from one of her guards that still remained at her side. She gave him a soft look and nodded so slightly it was barely seen. He bowed to her and backed away before turning, straightening and walking out past Ana. He met beside the other two guards who were glancing back, but they all went off to do as Sif had asked: find Ria, find the book. Sif slowly walked over to Ana, staring at her silently. She stopped a mere foot in front of her and tilted her head. "I see that Diliria decided to run and hide behind you tonight." Her face had a serious look to it but after stating that, the soft smile returned to her lips, and she straigtened her head, "Have you considered my offer dear sweet Queen of Stovania?" With a grin, she leaned in slightly, "I can make it worth your while, i am quite reasonable i assure you."

AnarialToday at 12:51 PM
Ana watches as Sif approached her once the room was cleared. After Sif spoke Ana shakes her head slightly and decides to jump straight to the point, “Ria has spoken of what she has done. Her actions against you. Ria does not wish to leave here there for I will do what I must to protect her. I understand she must face punishment for what she has done as well though. Ria has agreed to go into enslavement, here, in my castle to pay out her debit for her crimes. We can speak of this or not. I would rather avoid a war with you Sifrella, but your sister has asked for my protection.” Ana’s eyes stay directed towards Sif’s as she spoke. She meant it, she would protect Ria the best she could which is why she had already posted several guards outside of Ria’s room to keep anyone from entering until she went to get her. “You know me Sifrella, and you know I will protect those that I can, I always have.”

SifrellaToday at 1:02 PM
"Hm." Sif nodded, now no longer smiling. "I really had hoped we could agree on this. She has admitted her transgressions yet... Does she seem apologetic to you? Do you think she will suffer at all here with you? A slave, ha! Pathetic punishment for a devil such as her. " Sif chuckled and tossed her hair over her shoulder, "I do know you Ana. And I respect you and your family so I will not hurt Ria... At least not yet. " She looked around the dining hall, thinking to herself and seeming to drift off in thought. A sadness came to her eyes, "Did she tell you what they did to me? What she allowed that man to do to me? I'd doubt if she truly knew. " With a deep inhale she looked back to her, a smile back on her face and the sadness had faded to an emptiness in her eyes. "Well, I know her weakness regardless, though I let her alone for now, do not expect me to leave this place before she returns what she stole... And feels the same pain that she has given. I may not hurt her but I cannot promise nothing will happen to her. She knows what power I hold over her at this time. And what I am willing to do. "

AnarialToday at 1:13 PM
Ana frowns a bit as Sif speaks. After a few moments she speaks again, “Sif, bull crap aside what do you truly wish for out of your visit here. I know it is not just to drag Ria back home with you there is something more you seek. Speak and I will do my best to give you what you seek.” Ana meant it, she would do what it took to make Sif leave because an angry Samuel was not good for her right now. If Ria had something that belonged to Sif then she would do her best to make Ria hand it over or she may be forced to hand Ria over to appease to Sif and get Sif to leave. Either way, she knew as the Queen that war was the last thing her people needed after the way Samuel had done her not but a day before so she needed to find a way to appease Sif.

SifrellaToday at 1:33 PM
Sif gestures vaguely to Ana, palm up, "I know this look in your eyes Ana, but if you think you can get Ria to even admit that it exists..." She clicks her tongue and closes her hand, " well that's very unlikely. This item she stole... is a book." Sif smirks, knowing that even revealing that much was risking her entire nation but lighting a fire was just what she needed under Anarial. She could tell the tension and the state of the castle were not normal, she needed to assess the real nature of the situation. "It may be more sentimental in my eyes than necessary. It is important that i destroy it... or rather, heh, I just don't want Ria to have it." Waving her hand dismissively, Sif rolls her eyes, "Childish as it may be, it is the first step to breaking my sister... as for what I truly wish?" Letting her hands fall to her sides and sighing, she lifts her chin slightly and steps closer. One hand rises to brush across Ana's brow as Sif studies her face for a moment, "You are so very clever, it was not simply to take Ria to her rightful death... it was to lure out your father, Samuel. It is not so easy to catch the attention of a dragon nor is it easy to avoid it. And I knew simply showing up again would not be enough... but around you..." She tilted her head and smiled, placing her fingers under Ana's chin to lift her face to the light, "You are just the right trap."

AnarialToday at 1:41 PM
As Sif explains about the book Ana had an are you serious comment in her head. All this over a book. But if that’s what it took then that’s what she would try to get for Sif to make Sif go away but as the conversation suddenly turned and Sif was touching her Ana’s soft silver hues looks up towards Sif but she remains quiet, listening to her. Why she would want Samuel’s attention was beyond her but she figured there had to be a reason, they seemed to have history and Ria had messed with it when she had vanished from the castle. As her head was then tilted upwards a bit farther she looks directly into Sif’s eyes a moment before she would pull away and then speak up finally, “I will do what I can to get Ria to give the book up. If she won’t give the book up I will speak to Samuel and if he agrees we will allow you and you’re guards to go through every area she has had access to an an attempt to find this book. I will not have a war on my hands over something like this.” She didn’t know what Sif meant about her being the perfect trap but she felt like their conversation had at least made a little headway in the issues at hand.

Sif stared at her for a moment in silence, then smiled brightly as if they had discussed nothing more than what's for dinner. "Wonderful! I will leave it in your capable hands my Lady. Ah yes I knew you would make a fantastic leader. Do keep it up won't you?" She turned and picked up the chalice she was drinking from a moment ago and took a seat near the head of the table, "This is going to be a lovely visit, I can tell."

After a moment Ana bows her head towards Sif and turns on her heels to head out the door and off towards Ria. Something about that conversation with Sif was unsettling and she was on high alert now. As she approaches Ria’s chambers she motions the guards out of her way before she knocks on the door and opens it a bit of the way, “Ria dear, I need to speak with you.” She was hoping Ria was still in her room since this is where the guards where and this is where she would be the safest.

SifrellaToday at 4:14 PM
A stack of papers hit the wall, scattering in piles. Books flew across the room, being tossed one way and the next. "Where are they, where have i put them, what did i do with them?!" Ria screams in frustration as she picks up the Elven Experiment tome again, flipping the pages. Her heart raced as she realized the entire section on the ceremony done to Sifrella was missing. She sat in the middle of the mess she had created until she heard a familiar voice on the other side of the door. 'So this is indeed the personal chambers of Diliria Goan . Very well.' Footsteps retreated after a moment, but the guards outside her door remained, none having been attacked. That did not sit well with her. They knew where she would be now but did not force their way in. Why did her sister toy with her, waiting and waiting until Ria broke. But she wouldn't. Once she found the ceremony, she had a plan of her own. Ria was lost in thought for a long while then nearly jumped out of her shell when Ana's voice reached her ears. Hopping up in a rush, leading her to trip and trample a few things before she reached the door. She swung open the door and looked past to Anarial, seeming flushed despite her extremely pale tone. "Are you hurt? Did she leave? Are you coming to take me to her? Where is she?"

AnarialToday at 4:47 PM
As Ria came to the door Ana could see how trashed the room was and she knew Ria had been looking for the tome. Ana lets out a sigh and pats Ria’s shoulder gently. “Calm yourself, Sif states that she wants a tome you have, she will go away once she has it. She is not coming for you I made it clear that as long as you are here and asking for my protection you have it Ria. You are safe as long as you are here.” Ana left out the part of unless you upset Samuel farther but she knew Ria knew that much. Ana glances at the mess before looking to Ria again, “If there is something in the time you need we will make copies before handing it over but Sif wants that tome and refuses to leave without it. I assume from the state of things you have been looking for it and there's a chance you’ve already located it.” Ana raises a brow as she looks towards Ria again.

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Outside in the Forest

AnayaToday at 2:08 PM
Samuel walked outside as he headed off to the place on the east side of the woods, a nice little clearing wa placed out here when he first came here, he had a old tent and camp set up here in this clearing. he stood there waiting, at least this time he was waiting on her and his chest wa not cut open half his heart on a platter. but the pain and the memorys still brought him back to that horrible day back to the pain that stung so deep it drove him into figureing out necromancy. he looked around at the clearing, some of his Timbers were placed between the trees and they looked exactly like trees so it was not easy to tell they were alive, they did not even breath so they jut stayed lifeless to watch. he leaned up ageinst a large tree and waited wondering if she would show up or stand him up agein.

SifrellaToday at 2:26 PM
"Have I kept you waiting again... Lord Samuel." Her voice came through as an echo before her body was seen. Sif's hair and eyes seemed to glow in the rising light. She had changed, and now wore a sleek gown, it was more as if she wore a single strip of cloth that wrapped around her neck, breasts, and hips, falling between her legs so gently that it sway with each breath she took. It was of a soft silver-blue color and shined in the dim light. Having twisted and tied her hair back in a striking braid that revealed her entire face, every emotion in her eyes was readily visible. She stopped her slow steps just at the edge of the clearing, her fingers comfortable and loosely laced in front of her, and her eyes meeting his once he would look over at her.

AnayaToday at 2:37 PM
He let out a breath as his dark black with slight green sparked eyes looked over at her, as soon as he sat her a little of the green in his eyes faded and more black over took it, he held so much rage within him due to her, due to her actions it was a struggle to just keep his head on right with her around. “no, it was not long this time, why did you call me out sif, what do you want” she did not even smell the same, the sif he loved was gone, changed, it was not that girl on the beach that day that shy little thing that held so much innocence and beauty that would never dream of having the garments on its body that were on it in this moment. She was not the same not even near the same and there was a plot a foot that only part of it involved Ria the other part involved him, him and that sultry gown he could not seem to take his eyes from, in both wanting and in rage.

SifrellaToday at 2:45 PM
Sif remained where she stood, partially in the shadows as she sighed. Her gaze trailed from his face to his feet where he stood then back up again. She did not plaster the smile she had been wearing the entire day, only looking over at him in silence for a moment before slowly walking out and over to him. Her movements were fluid, a thin print of ice in every step she took as if she didn't bother attempting to regulate her power. She said nothing, only sauntering over to him, slightly fumbling with her fingers as she did. Once close, she slowly reached a hand out to his face to touch his cheek. "What do... I want..."

AnayaToday at 2:51 PM
He stood there, he had nothing on his his lower robes and a couple leather straps over his bulky and muscled chest his dark eyes looked down at her as she reached up and touched his face, one could see the fluster in his dark hues as he looked at her his hand moving and reaching around her waist line to hold her in his arms another time, even if that time was fleeting, his eyes were slightly softer he could snap her in half but he could not even bring that thought to his mind as he let out a breath “yes, sif, what do you want from me” his voice was soft, almost injured sounding like she was a weapon that could stop his heart, that gaze she had just had magic over him and he knew it. His eyes flickered that rage still there, a fighting force within him. Come on Sam remember that pain don't give into this, she is using you, you don't know for fucking what but you are being used. His internal compass tried to scream at him but it ran on deaf ears for the time being his hand around her waist line rn up that area of skin that was not covered, the moonlight making her hair shimmer as he looked at her. “you did not come here to get some stupid trinket from Ria or kill her, if that was so you would have just done it already, why are you really here”

SifrellaToday at 3:08 PM
Her eyes searched his before laying on the hand that touched his cheek. Before she could register, tears were silently falling from her eyes. After all of this time, she could touch him, he was there, and touching her in return. Regardless of her fear, regardless of the former Elf King's touch, she felt safe. She moved her hand down to his chest, resting her forehead right beside her hand. Taking a deep breath but holding it, she looked back up at him. The instant Ria's name left his mouth, she furrowed her brows. Suddenly being jerked back to reality brought a small pain to her chest. Her expression changed, and she began to pull away from him. "Yes, Diliria of course." Her shoulders drew back as her eyes grew cold once again and a small smile played at her lips, "Lord Samuel, you know I could never lie to the King of good Iron. And just like your daughter, you are so very clever. Yet... you are not." Sif smirked and sighed, "Ah the trinket is as important as Ria's death, but I cannot let it be so easy for you now can I? If you truly wish me to be on my way, I'd suggest you be extra sweet to me while i visit. If I retain what I need from Ria and serve my justice... my way..."
Her eyes floated around the space as she began to casually walk the area, noticing perhaps one or two of the trees was not a normal one and that they were not, in fact, alone. "I promise to leave within a week's time." She turned back to him, raising her brows in expectancy. She had simple plans that had evolved due to the information she found out about Samuel and the woman she assumed he would replace her with. In truth, she was not the same, having that part of her taken left her half of who she really was. And she intended to get it back, for more than what involved Samuel. Sifrella was an incomplete creature, unpredictable, and even ruthless. What began as protecting the future of her species, became a selfish desire to regain everything she lost... except her purity which could not be returned, even by the murder of her assailant.

AnayaToday at 3:26 PM
As she put her head to his chest it was like his hard outside got warm, that cold side he wanted to keep on the outside just broke but then her voice, her pulling back him, her distance from him, that change that it was not her anymore moment. He looked at her his eyes flicking back to green, he did not have anger in his chest right now he held.....pitty, pity to do with her now being that beautiful flower anymore, she was not his beautiful flower anymore, she was not his sif anymore, that part left, be it with Kadance being riped from her or what Ria had done to her whatever it was, she was not that
person anymore and he was not going to fight for something that she walked away from. “you want me to kill Ria or drag her back to you, get Ana to give her to you so you can give your own kind of punishment and give the trinket to you. You are only here to use me to get what you want, and at the same time toy with my heart i split in half for you” he leaned down and looked at her, his green eyes looking into her frozen hues “dont you remember that day, i waited in the woods for you to come under that tree so i could give my whole life to you, i lifted the scales on my chest for you and you, you never came. I stood there in the rain waiting that whole night, you want to use me for your own gain, i get that” he placed a clawed hand to her cheek as one could see the pain in his eyes “if that is what you want me to do tell me, and i might do as you want, but i don't doe you this offer due to a love i still have for you Sif, i do it so you leave and you leave Ana alone and never come back, i have plans here and plans with her and i am not going to have you fucking them up by toying with my love and my heart, and i wont have you harming her to get something out of me” his hand around her hip line got tighter, she did try to pull out but he pulled her back she was going to hear his words clear as day and she was not going to ignore them or push them off like some ice queen out for blood. She was going to feel his pain, and her his words, and it was up to her on what move she would make in there newly made game of tug a war.

SifrellaToday at 3:49 PM
Her smile remained, small yet still there as he spoke. She simply reveled in being in front of him now. After ages of not being able to even think of him without breaking, it was a gift in disguise. It was amusing, his distrust in her, his suspicion over what she would do. That power over him drove her, and she would continue poking the dragon until he became hers. An entire new goal only deepened as he prodded her to take whatever it is she wanted and leave. She smirked as he mentioned leaving Ana alone and toying with his love, truly ignoring most of what he said and only looking into his eyes. Her eyes softened again as he held tight , not even flinching as his claw grazed her cheek. "You may feel pain seeing me, but I have felt nothing but pain since leaving you alone that night. I have no other regrets in my life. Were I to die in this moment by your hands, I would regret nothing at all... except perhaps one thing. I hope you have confidence in your plans my love, for I make no promises on who will get hurt and who will not." Sif dragged her hands up his chest to embrace his cheek, leaning up on her tiptoes closer to his face until her lips touched his. On contact, the ground around them would freeze in an instant, slowly spreading from where her bare feet touched the dirt.

AnayaToday at 4:04 PM
His lips hit hers and he melted, that feeling of cold, that embrace, it was....her his arms wrapped around her hips her waist line as he pushed back into her kiss he missed that, he missed everything, he wanted her back in his life, he wanted her there, but he knew he was just a pawn in it all, were her words even the truth did she want something she did not say, he needed to stop thinking, he needed to just be himself he needed to stop this kiss, he needed to stop it, push her away Samuel, push her to the ground and walk back to the castle, go do it you stupid fool! His arms just got tighter around her hips, his nails slightly pushing on her skin a sting to his touch he knew she was immune to, his kiss of death she was immune to, a normal person would be dead already why could he not just shove her off, he was weak he was weak to this, to her, and, he knew it, he could be as harsh as he wanted but she had that trump card and she just played it. The kiss lasted longer then he should have let it but his grip got stronger and he pulled her body from his own, her lips from his own even if it felt like every voice in his brain was saying not to, but he had to “I am not your love, i am no ones love, i hope the pain you feel for that night haunts you as it does me, i have plans and you wont get in my way and i wont harm you unless you harm Ana, you will not die by my hands.
But you can die by your own forcing mine i will get your stupid trinket and get Ria for you” he let her go as he took a step back “Sif, what we had is dead, it died when i had to put that half my my heart back in my chest and walk out of the rain to lay beside a woman i cant stand” his eyes were black again it was clear as day that did a large reaction and that his mind was spinning. You stupid fool she was in your arms you could bed her here on the grass, and she would do it, she is going to do anything to get you under her claw, you could take anything you wanted, just do it, she is a fucking elf you moron break it! His mind roared at him as he only could hear the one voice in there telling him not to, the right voice telling him he could not fuck up his plans “if that is all you want to go over i believe our meeting here is done, unless there was something else you wished words about”

SifrellaToday at 4:25 PM
Dazed a bit after he pushed her away, she stared up at him with eyes that had become as blue as the midday sky. That color rapidly faded back to the cool blue they usually were as he uttered those words 'I am not your love'. She pursed her lips and lost the loving look in her gaze, letting her hands fall as he stepped back from her. "I almost gave everything to have you Samuel. If you think I will not do so again, you are mistaken." Her body stiffened as she turned away from him, glancing over her shoulder once again, "We are done here Lord Samuel, but not done for good. Have a lovely night." If not for having her back turned, Samuel may have caught the shattered look in her eyes, the look that she quickly sheltered under the soft smile she wore. She cascaded back from where she came, the ice melting from where they shared the brief embrace.

AnayaToday at 4:39 PM
he watched her go, a emptyness in his heart, as he placed his hand to his chest “i already gave everything for you” he said softly not even knowing if she could hear him. He knew this was not the end, this was far from it, clearly he could not be rid of this pain but that was what love was right, pain, pain wrapped up in a bow and covered in gold paint but in the end it all turned to shit, gold covered shit. He moved and slammed his fist into a tree, the tree started to scream as it melted and burned to nothing but slop in the darkened grass. She was out of view now but he wqas sure she could hear the smashing and the screaming of the tree and he did not care. Hell the whole land could hear it and he would not care. His breaths panted as he hit his knees on the dirt. His fingers griping into the grass as it all around him started to melt and wither and turn black. Nothing would grow on this spot ever agein, his hate was filling the ground his pain. But no tears fell from his eyes, he had given all of the tears he had. (unholy blight 20 foot ring) he did not even know what to do, go back to the castle, go back to something, go check on the wall even if he knew it was fine...he had to get his stones back and man up to this he needed to get tings done, get that book, deal with Ria, do something to make Sif go away he needed her to leave before he was to pulled into this game of love and toys. Before sif gained the whole if i cant have you no one can and went after
Ana.....Ana she was in the centre of it all that poor child in the centre of it all and did not know anything about it. This was not part of the plan, it was never part of the plan, Sif was gone her coming back the next day after his raid was not to happen. Why did this happen, why now, he had other things to get done, he did not have all the time in the world to get it done and now this was a cog he could not control, what if he just killed that thought would break him just thinking about it.....what if Alastor did it, what if someone that was not him did it.....why was he thinking this, stop it you cant plot her to die still love her....... he looked up as his black eyes looked at the sky. “why do you curse us all so much, why do you place things in my way you just enjoy watching us squirm, you are just a human watching ants burn!” he yelled at the sky in rage and slammed his fists into the dirt before on shaking legs standing up. “you are a wyvern, you are a greater red
wyvern, you have taken hundreds of thousands of lives, young old it does not matter you are a tyrent, you are death you are the red death, you can make acid rain from the sky,, no buts you just can, get off your ass and walk” he talked to himself as he picked his head up and walked, one foot in front of the other to get back to the castle, it would be evening by the time he would get back anyway.

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20 Re: Times of Change on Mon Nov 19 2018, 17:50


SifrellaToday at 4:58 PM
Running a hand through her hair to make some semblance of class and order, she clears her throat. A light laugh escapes her as she rolls her eyes. "Sif is becoming more and more like me after all, she claims i have some tome only because she knows she can torture me if i don't give it to her. Ana, the thing i was looking for in here has nothing to do with her..." Ria's smile falters slightly as Ana raised a brow at her, stumbling over her words as she continues, "Even if i did! I can't let her get it back. My lady please understand if I don't fix her before its too late she..." Ria takes Ana by the hand and looks at her with gentle eyes, lowering her tone, "She will hurt you... I just know it... Samuel already has me on his murder list but Sif is smarter than she looks. She will find a way to get to me by getting to you. Don't go near her alone... seven hells don't even sleep alone."

AnarialToday at 5:32 PM
Ana sighs softly and shakes her head as Ria spoke. "Ria my dear, if you have the tome it will be easier to hand it over, I have said I will allow her to search your chambers if you don't. I have to think of my people as well as your well being Ria and I can't let everyone be hurt of a tome." As Ria keeps going and starts to beg her to not be alone Ana shakes her head before she speaks up again, "Ria my dear, you need not worry about me. Sif will not hurt me, I will be fine." She reaches out with her right hand and gently cups Ria's cheek as she looks to her, "The faster we get Sif to leave the faster we can get this castle back to normal."

SifrellaToday at 6:41 PM
Ria bit her lip and looked down, frustration evident in her stiff shoulders. "V... very well my Lady..." As Ana touches her cheek, she looks back to her, relaxing slightly. "And I shall do whatever I can to have her leave peacefully." Ria turns and grabs the book from the mess and tentatively hands it over, holding on to it for a moment longer before letting go. Knowing that the parts that really mattered concerning Sif were missing, she felt let stress giving it back. If she could find the missing parts, she could return what she had broken from Sif. The ceremony had taken what made her Sif, it shattered her personality in an attempt to take her will to fight and control her power.

AnarialToday at 7:43 PM
Ana’s fingers curl around the book as Ria hands it over and she glances at it. As Ria releases it she would drop her hand with the book to her side before she speaks up, “Ria. For your own protection, I don’t want you moving about the castle alone, I want you with these guards at all times unless you are with me or Samuel. I know having babysitters is annoying but it is the only way I can make sure nothing happens to you. Tonight I have a fest or the best fest that I can have been thrown together since your sister and my own are here. I would like you to attend if you will but I will not make you, I can always have food and wine sent up to you.” Ana reaches up and gently cups Ria’s cheek again before she would turn to head off towards Samuels office to deliver the tome to him. She figured he may know what this time was about and if they should be handing it over to Sif. Once she gets to his office she would pause and frown at the closed door but knock anyway just incase he was hiding inside the office.

AnayaToday at 7:52 PM
Samuel was not in his office and the door was locked with the sign on the door saying "out" but nothing else. but there was a bang of the castle main doors as he had walked back inside, from outside. he could see her at his door and gave a chuckle as he walked up behind her without makeing a single sound. he moved his hand and moved it over the girls shoulder and pointed to the note "i was out" he said softly into her ear as he stayed behind her. he had a smile seeing her, maybe she was the only thing that made sense right now, his plan, his plan was what was rooting him to the ground and she was the core of it. he moved his hand around the door to unlock it with the sky he had removed from his neck and he pushed it open his office was a mess, there was books and papers flung all over the place it was a disaster it looked like he had fully fliped the room in anger and god knows what other feelings he had. "it is a mess i got a little, upset" but he kept open for her to alow her to walk in.

In Samuels Study/Office

AnarialYesterday at 8:01 PM
Ana raises a brow as she sees Samuels office was also a bit of a mess, “Seems everyone is creating messes today… however…” with that Ana raises the tome up and steps into Samuels office, not wanting to discuss the tome in front of possible wondering ears and eyes. Ana would walk up to Samuels messy desk and sets it down before she steps back and waits for him to close the door behind himself. “Ria handed it over without a fight, I’m not sure why but I feel there is more to this then either of them is letting on. I dislike it. Ria is in her chambers under guard for the moment, I am unaware of where Sif is but I am sure I can have her located if needed though I am sure you know where everyone is. Sif explained to me that this tome is what she wanted from Ria and I told her I’d get it. She laughed and said enslaving Ria was a joke of a punishment and I am running low on ideas on how to spare Ria’s life from Sif. I understand you cannot stand the girl but for my sake, I ask you to help me on this, she is the only friend I have managed to gain since I was sent here and I was heartbroken when she left me the first time. I cried myself to sleep many nights. I would hate to lose her again though, for the sake of my people if I must I must and I understand this, I do not wish war upon these lands.” Ana had grown a lot since Samuel’s visit. She had grown a lot since she was sent here and it was showing more and more as the days went by. Ana lets out a soft sigh after she speaks, and drops her arms to her sides as she looks towards Samuel to await his decision.

AnayaYesterday at 8:35 PM
Sam did not want to even look at the book, the door shut behind them with a click, he moved and wrapped his arms around Ana making sure to not touch her skin with his own and just held her in silence, dead silence, it was almost creepy, na it was creepy, he let out a breath like the world was on his shoulders “alright then” he let her go out of his embrace and then moved  to pick back up the book from his desk. He leaned on the desk facing her as he opened the pages and looked over it “hmmm it is said in here that this book is some experimental way to banish a elf and remove there magical
ability. But” he ran his finger down the internal spine were some of the pages were removed, the small rips in the paper leaving a divit down the middle, as well as the corner numbers did not match up and some of the words at the end of the page, jut skipped right over to things on the other page. “you are missing part of this book and it seems and this does not tell you how do do anything, just has the basics on history and who made up the ideas but that most cases failed. It gives no details on how it is even done from what i see” he flipped a couple pages back and forth, there were some messed up images elves pined down into large chairs it looks old and even had little foot notes doodles into the sides in some persons ink. He shut the book and let out a sigh, “and there is one other thing, Ana, Sif met me in the woods alone, if you are not going to give her Ria we may have to do....i may have to deal with Sif. Sif wants Ria to come back home with her, i am guessing to kill the girl for her crimes, witch her crimes in all truth are worth more then just being a slave, her crimes are treason to a crown, trying to kill a royal for years, getting that royal raped, and then that royal killing some king due to Rias actions, and now that royal being sif wants her to pay for her crimes, one of witch is  murder to a king. If she is not given over Sif is going to stay here, and...” he let out another sign “i belive she is going to try to hurt you to make me kill Ria or drag the girl to her in chain” he left out the part were Sif showed intent on harming Ana cus she loved him, even if they gave Ria over and Sif killed her that would not mean she was going to keep her word and leave, and she made no promise to stop coming after him or Ana even after Ria was dead and hers. “this book is something larger to them then we know of, and this is there family affair, we have to let them h
hash it out, if it was dragons we could toss them in a pit and have them fight to the death for winner” he moved to her and went to pick up her....he paused before his hand could touch hers noticing he had no gloves on, pulling his hand back and  wiped some of the hair form his eye witch were still very dark. “i feel this is a choice that is going to hurt you more then anyone, but Ria is going to have to be given to Sif Ana, this was not something i planed for”

AnarialYesterday at 9:23 PM
As Samuel spoke of having to give Ria up Ana keep herself strong, she had to. She couldn’t be weak any longer, not even in private. And the more Samuel spoke the more she realized that her most trust friend was about to be ripped away from her. She inhales deeply before she speaks once Samuel had finished, “Samuel… It is my decision and I will protect Ria… if Sif chooses to attack then she chooses to start a war and that is on her. I do not believe she will harm me for she had love in her heart for you and mother.” Ana may have grown stronger but she still tried her best to see the good in people no matter who they were and that was going to be her downfall. “I say we give Ria a chance to cough over the missing pages, if she doesn’t we allow Sif to search for them, give the tome to Sif and let her be on her way and out of our hair so we can return to resolving the other issues at hand…” she paused for a second as she eyed Samuel, “such as staff and food.” Ana’s white braided hair was fuzzing up due to the humidity and her skin shimmered slightly due to the sweat on her tanned skin. She lets out a soft sigh, why was everyone convinced that Sif would hurt her? She was a big girl, she could watch after herself.

AnayaYesterday at 9:42 PM
Sam watched her and could not help but smile "you know you are a elf right and not a dragon" he gave a chuckle as he looked at her and held out the book for her to take "alright then we shall take this book to sif and see if it is enough, the book and slavery for Ria and kicking sif off our lands, and if we have war then we have war and we will deal with that when it comes to pass" he looked to the doors "guard, go get sif and tell her to go to the main hall, i am sure she is someplace in the castle, we have come to terms about her alliance and terms, Ria is to be fetched as well and brought to the main hall. and have someone cheak on my daughter in the second guest room on the second floor, be sure she stays in her chamber room and is under guard"  Sam knew a guard had taken post outside the door and he would go on his way to get things done. he turned his eyes back to Ana "so we are under agreement, ria stays here under slavery sif gets her book, Ria will have to give the missing pages. and if sif does not expect the terms of this that is up to her, and she is to be out of the castle before two days time, she can spend one night here and enjoy the dinner but that is all, then she will have to take a inn room in town and leave the castle be agreed?"

AnarialYesterday at 9:52 PM
“You know my Mother is a Dragon and she would expect me to act fiercely not as a coward right?” was her response to his comment about her not being a dragon. Ana nods after Samuel spoke farther, “I can agree to this so long as Sif does. Ria will have no choice but to or I guess we have to hand her over to Sif as well, as much as it pains me to say that.” She was happy Samuel saw things the same way as she did and she didn’t have to fight with him. “I shall retire to my chambers for a bit to refresh for tonight's fest. I will meet everyone in the hall in a half hours time.” So long as Samuel had nothing else to say Ana would give a bit of a curtsy to Samuel as a farewell and make her way to the door and slip it open before she’d slip off towards her chambers.

"we will see how it goes, i will need to get dressed aswell to be ready for your feast and not be in fighters garments" he nodded to her as she gave her little curtsy and then headed out the door . after she was gone he leaned back into his chair  behind his desk "ok timber tell me everything that has been said around the castle" and then as he leaned back he shut his eyes to try to relax just for a moment so the tree could tell him everything like he had a radio on.

A Couple Hours Later

SifrellaToday at 10:12 AM
Her breath was held, fists coenched tight as she was finally lead into the main hall. Ria was stiff as an ice statue until she entered and sae it empty. She felt almost lightheaded at the relief. A glance behind her and the guard was still there, watching her closely. She had to give up the tome, pray that damned wyvern didnt keep it, and still had no clue where the rest of it was. Diliria took a single step forward but was jerked backwards by a tight grip of her hair. "Ah! What!?" She was pulled abruptly, her back coming in contact with the soft front of her sister, Sifrella, who had wrapped her twin's hair around her hand. Her other hand slid across Ria's stomach, holding her tight to herself. Sif spoke low in her ear as the guard gave a shout, "Ria dear sister, how nice to get my hands on you this once." Sif ran her hand up to Ria's chin and gripped it to turn her head unnaturally towards her. "You know what the ritual calls for, you gave your blood to taint mine so i will have to take all of yours in order to be sure i get the ceremony correct..." The guard grabbed Sif by the arm, attempting to pull her off but his hand froze up instantly as he touched her. In addition to that, something snapped in Sif.
She pushed Ria to the floor and spun on the guard, kicking him in the chest so hard that he hit the back wall and slid down unconscious. Hyperventilating, sudddenly the room began to drop in temperature rapidly, Sif's eyes lighting up like the moon and her ice uncontrollably spreading from where she stood. It crept along the floor, within minutes the entire dining hall may resemble a snow capped mountain. Ria looked up at her, staring in awe until the panic finally hit her. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around her sister, but even to another ice elf, the frost began to cover her arms. She squeezed her eyes shut, finally feeling guilty as she had never seen anything like it before. The blank stare as nightmarish memories flashed inside if Sifrellas head. (Think Kida from Atlantis if youve seen it lol)
AnayaToday at 2:09 PM
“That is enough Sif, this is ment to be a meeting then feast not an ice ball”  his voice was stern as his heat started to rise and his bright green eyes flickered  as the ice on the floor started to melt as the room got hotter, he knew both the ice elves would struggle wall he melted the room but hey sucked to be them. He had spent sometime thinking in hi office in his solace and he had come to terms with he needed to be himself, not what others wanted him to be, he was not going to be Sifs lover and pawn, he was not going to be Anas good guy, and most of all he was not going to be Anaya's slave and breeding stock, he was going to be Samuel, he was going to be Nokis father, Anas step father, he was going to be the emperor he was crowned as. He walked in his arm around Noki as she was at his flank, his arm around her shoulder as she looked around. The Main hall was decorated with red and golden flags with the green eye on them, as well as flags that were green with no mark upon them. He would have to fix that and get Ana to give her castle a symbol so at least she had something to place on her flags. He walked over to Ria knowing the heat would get worse the closer he got to both of them, sifs hand clearly still attached to the girls hair “let Ria go Sif, you would not want to make this meeting go a stray now do we” sam said sternly Noki reaching out to take Rias hand in her own “come over here Ria, lesser evil” Noki's voice was pressing as she pulled on Rias hand hoping she would not see her Fathers rage here in the halls, she saw it once and that town stood no chance she did not want to ee it here in sutch a small place and seeing humans elves and the like melt was never a pleasant thing to witness. Samuel gave a sigh as he watched more of the ice around the room melt
and clear up the carpets getting wet and sloppy, and his boots and black leather pants were getting the same, he had changed into such a nice suit like garb to and now the bottoms of his pants would be ruined and same with Nokis princess gown, it was bright red with golden trim, decorated with rubes and small black gem stones just to bring a nicer border to it all, she looked like a proper princess today and the glow in her face with it on and a shimmer in the golden horns that were grown out the top of her head. She wanted to look nice and Sam enjoyed what to the normal eye looked like his young arm candy.

SifrellaToday at 3:22 PM
Ria slipped to the floor, landing on her ass as the heat suddenly hit her, it made her feel sick the way the temperature changed so swiftly. Despite her distress she still managed the classic glare over at Samuel, wincing as he got closer. "Damnit Samuel are you trying to kill her!" Ria paused, thinking to herself for a moment, did she not want her sister gone by any means necessary? Her life was meaningless if she wasnt her personal toy. Her eyes refocused on Noki's hand, reaching out to grab it and pull herself up, the hold on her hair easily being dropped as Sif gasped and turned to look at the source of the voice. Her eyes were glazed over but also refocused as the heat got to her. It took slightly longer for it to really affect her but after a moment, her power completely died down, her breathing finally slowing down. "No one... Touch me..." She took a deep breath and looked down at her hands, frost tipped her fingers but that was all that was left of the ice she had inadvertently created. Her eyes met Samuel's then Noki's before finally landing on Ria, who stared back at her with a blanketed expression. "I..." By the time Samuel had gotten closer, she had her wits about her again. For a moment, her eyes held remorse and regret, a timidness returning to her posture as she fiddled eith her fingers and dropped her head just enough for her hair to fall in her eyes. "Apologies, I must have gotten a bit carried away." Her shoulders straightened and she lifted her head again, a soft smile playing at her lips, "Do reduce that temper of yours King Samuel, you'll roast us before long... Now did this wench of a sister give you what is mine?"

AnayaToday at 3:38 PM
Samuel droped the tempature, his heat died down as fast as it went up, like water broke the heat wave, his eyes looked at Sif, they were cold, very cold and even that timidness did not seem to affect him “yes i have the book you wished, it is found to be missing pages but i have been informed that Ria will be getting the pages as fast as possible” his eyes looked at Ria with that glare that said you WILL do this. He then looked back to sif handing out the book. “after Ria gets your pages and gives them to you she WILL be staying here with us at this castle to live out her punishment in slavery when she came here she gave her life in service to Ana and the DeLaRose name to be the slave master here, be her in chain or not in chain her words by crown law till hold true, her life belongs to this castle and not to your family or self. If there is a problem with this and your vendetta with her i shall personally meet your army's with my own upon the battle field and we will settle this ordeal with war and a war with me is a war with the Iron Fist and the dragons that rule it” Noki looked at her father, and then her eyes looked back at Sif, Sif had made her father give the threat of war as the emperor of the lands  clearly he was done with offices, games and paper work he was getting things settled. Noki stood up tall and proud a she was at her fathers side and felt like a million bucks, her hand tightly on his own as she stayed at his flank tight against his body. Sam looked down to his daughter for a second, he could feel her grip on his hand get tighter as she was unsteady and had not been around talk of this nature before but she would have to get used to it if she was to be queen one day and she surely would if his plan came to pass and went well. His eyes looked back to sif as he moved his arm out of Nokis hand and around her shoulder pulling her close to him, her arms around his waist line tenderly. “i do hope this is understandable Sif, a it is not negotiable ”

SifrellaToday at 4:01 PM
Ria shook where she stood as she caught glimpse of Sam's glare. She shifted her gaze to Sif who had raised a brow at her as if she could sense Ria did not know where the rest was. She glared darkly as just behind Sif in the hall, stood Yaima, the damned creature held the fanned out pages that were missing. Sif narrowed her eyes then turned slightly as if she was going to follow Ria's line of sight and see what she was looking at. "I WILL FIND IT SIF..." Her sudden shout had Sif looking back at her, even more suspicion in her eyes, and the tree spirit creature Yaima had disappeared again. Ria knew she would have to do something she didnt wish to do in order to get those pages. Sif on thr other hand simply moved her gaze back to Sam and took the book with one hand. As he spoke, she stared right at him, watching and analyzing his expression and movements. Her glance landed on Noki and remained there as the book in her hand froze up solid and even more ice covered it in layers until it was a solid brick in her palm. With a smirk, she slammed it to the ground, shattering it in a million pieces. Finally looking back to Samuel, a wild look i her eye, she spoke, "Diliria, you should know better. And King Samuel..." For an instant, so brief, she grinned and it seemed as if she would wage the deaths of her entire kingdom if only to spite this one. But the crazed flare in her eyes quickly died as she nodded once, "It will do. But it only extends my stay, for i will not... Be going anywhere... Without the experiment." There was also the issue of draining Ria's blood, a reminder on that only being a look Sif gave her. Ria looked away, knowing she was fighting a losing battle and frustrated as all hell about it. "I'm sure we can avoid all that senseless violence and i will be on my way very soon isnt that right dear Ria?" Without waiting on am answer, she smiled up at Sam.

AnayaToday at 4:15 PM
Sams exprethion did not change, even as she crashed the book frozzen solid into the ground and had that wild temper in her eyes, it did not phaze him or his mind, her inoccence, her anger, nothing form her would get under his skin, not anymore.  he did not move or look away he would kill her himself if she was going to be a pain, and his body laungage said it all loud and clear,   he wa not going to have anyone comanding in his kingdom. "you have two days time to be here, if you are not gone or leaveing in that amout of pages with or without the pages you seek you will be removed with force, or met with vilonce from my own hand. Ria will not be joining you and if you try to harm her  or Ana to spite me wall at this castle without her open concent to it i will handle you personaly as well" his green eyes looked at her, his gaze that of death his eyes a bright green as Noki clung to his hip her arms around his waist line and her horns just under the cape that adorned his back. she looked at him, then at sif, then at Ria and then back at her father, she did not know the details but she was starting to put the puzzle together kinda. "Dad...can we ta...." "Later Noki" was all he snaped back cuting her off as he nodded and shrunk a little "ok Father"

SifrellaToday at 4:35 PM
"Hm." She laughed lightly,  closing her eyes then slowly opening them again,  in succession her nose twitched in a sneer then her lips twitched in a smirk.  One would think the elf had lost her mind. She looked to Ria,  taking a slow deep breath that she let out through her nose. Ria in turn tested her sisters patience and temper by crossing her arms and smiling sweetly at her,  tilting her head in expectancy. Sif's eyes cut to Sam again as he said he would handle her himself. She saw the murderous intent in his eyes, the lack of anything of the man she knew laying there. Her tongue darted between her lips and her eyes began to glow slightly.  Dim yet obviously riled.  Instead of agreeing,  she stepped up to him,  close enough to look up at him. "I wonder what you expect... What kind of woman do you think I've become? " She smiled and chuckled to herself before walking past him,  "I'm not Anaya you know. " She spat the words out laced with venom and turned back to look at him,  "I will do whatever you wish of me Sa... King Samuel. Shall we have dinner? I have so missed meals with my sister. "

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