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A Loss of One of Our Players

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1 A Loss of One of Our Players on Wed Feb 22 2017, 01:10


On the 16th of this month, a player with us took his own life in the real world. he was a very dear friend to a lot of us, to some he was a friend, to me he was a soul mate, his and my souls were on the same level, on the same path, but his ended to short. This is my story about him, my words about him and my feelings. if anyone else has stories or words to share, please do.

Six years ago I met a man that changed my world for the better, at first he was a stubborn pain in my backside but over time he started to grow on me, over the years as they went on a friendship had grown into something life changing, we would do everything together, sit on skype and eat dinner, talk for hours on end, I would help him when the world seemed darkest, he would help me when mine was the same, and in the end it always seemed to work out, he was my super man. We would role play together go on quests, beat up a mountain, dance together by torch light, and be dragons clawed hand in hand. It was as if we made our own fairy tail one page at a time. When real would pick up and he had to be gone for a while I would tell him no matter what I would be here when he got back, be here to hold his hand when times got hard and he felt like he had no place to turn to no place to go, I would be here, simply to be with him. Many days I would log into imvu just to wait and hop he would log in that day, and on the days he did log in I would wrap my arms around him and it felt like everything was good and right in the world. We had stories of me coming down to see him over in Wyoming or him coming over to Canada to see me and I would toss him in the snow and we would have snow cones by the water and laugh and be happy. I would tell him on all the things we would do and he would tell me on all the things there we could do, talking for hours about a life that just sounded like paradise. And then when he would have to go he would always say he would be back, that he never would leave, he would always come back to me, his black dragon queen with the heart of gold.  He logged in that morning, I talked to him for an hour, he was a mess but he told me not to worry, he told me he loved me that he always would then saying goodbye left that chat window. I never thought he really meant it, i never thought the man that was my rock would just fade away form me so simply and so suddenly. It feels like the world is shattered into a hundred tiny little bits and i don't know what to do, he made me feel like a queen every time his name would pop online, he was my best friend, a world away, and the man i gave my heart to. And he said i was the one he gave his to. I wish i could be at his service all the way over there on Friday, i wish i could his family and say how amazing he was, how he was raised right and changed the life of a girl miles away. I wish i could hear there story's from there lips of the funny memory's they had with him and i could tell them story's of the times we had together as really there are to many to count.  I wish i could have told him that morning to just be with me and forget the bad, i wish i could tell him so much more then i had already, i wish my last words were more then a i love you to. I wish i could tell him how amazing he was, that his words made my days brighter that i would always be there, that he was my everything, tell him how broken i would be if i lost him. I know he is up in heaven the dragon flying in the clouds flames on his wings and a heart of gold in his chest. At long being free and without sadness, without pain. And one day i will go see him, go see that stone they place in the ground wrap my arms around it and tell him “we did it Drax, we did it, i made it, i made it to see you like i promised i would”  i know he is at peace now, and i am happy he is free at last. He will never be fully gone, dragons never die, they live on in our hearts in our minds, and in our actions every day. Cody you are not gone, and this is not the end of the road, but the start of a new one, i will always be your dragon, and you will always be mine, and i will see you again one day, with that dorky grin and your eyes all lit up, i promise, we will meet again clawed hand in hand, wings beating in unity, hearts as one.

Love always

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2 Re: A Loss of One of Our Players on Wed Feb 22 2017, 10:58


I didnt have the pleasure to know him, however from what i have heard he was an amazing person and rp'er. My thoughts go to those who where close to him. If you need a shoulder to lean on in this hard time, I know i am not him. But i can be a friend and listen. Or in this case, read. -hugs to everyone.-

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3 Re: A Loss of One of Our Players on Sun Feb 26 2017, 05:30


Images from Cody (Drax) service held on 24.02.2017 as well as his obituary.

The blue rose that was placed atop his ashes was a request by me even if was not able to make it. due to Cody telling his family who I was to him they truly out of the kindness of their hearts did my request. The Blue Rose was the first thing i ever in rp gave to Drax, a blue rose to signify my never ending love for him.

Cody Lee Eatherton
May 14, 1990 - February 14, 2017
Service to be held:
10:00 a.m. Friday, February 24, 2017

Cody Lee Eatherton was born May 14, 1990, In Gillette Wy, to William (Bill) Eatherton and Merlene Cossitt. He attended school in Newcastle Wy. He attended Clearfield Job Corps in Utah, after completing the program he worked in Utah for several months before moving back to Wyoming.
Upon his arrival, back to Gillette, Wy, Cody worked for Badger Daylighting, and Charter Communications where he worked as a BBT Technician.

When Cody was 2 years old he went to live with his father and Grandma JoAnne Foertsch. He was raised in Newcastle Wy. Growing up Cody had many different animals, He had a favorite pet Goat. His most favorite fur Baby was his Boxer Rosy. Cody, was active in Track and Field and Swimming for the Newcastle Dogies. Cody enjoyed computers and Xbox, he loved Final Fantasy, Rome Total War, Arc Survival Revolved Dungeons and Dragons, He also played Magic the Gathering. His favorite music groups were Avenge Sevenfold, Cradle of Filfth.

He was a family man and loved his Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Sisters, Brother, Nephew, and Nieces.

Cody, 26, Gillette, passed away suddenly February 16, 2017, at his residence in Gillette Wy.
He was preceded in death by his Maternal Grandparents, Paternal Grandparents, and Three uncles.
Memorial Service will be 10:00 a.m. on Friday, February 24, 2017 at Family Life Church in Gillette, Wyoming with Pastor Donny Edwards officiating. Private family inurnment at a later date.
Memorial may be sent to Gillette Humane Society or Campbell County suicide Prevention coalition.

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