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Story Line, Find Light in Darkness

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1 Story Line, Find Light in Darkness on Sat Mar 04 2017, 22:01



'We stayed here as always, sitting in the three suns gaze as simple eyes looked up to the sky, my brother played with his toes as mother did the washing and I watched them. Why can't I go there, why can't we just go, beyond the vast distance we called the Moana, the escape,  the vast distance we were able to touch, just never reached for. Picking up my little brother's hand I laced my fingers with him as I laid on my back running my fingers along my skin, it felt so soft in the morning for some reason so smooth and clean.  But I dreamed of going out there, leaving it all behind to see the world beyond, to see the Moana, the beyond, but would I be able to leave Jacob behind? I don't know.'

Planet Astapor
District 13
The reason for enlisting “need to get away from this world and explore.”  
Words from Enlistee “when I was a kid I wanted to see the sky, with my brother, mother, and father now dead I have nothing left here to hold me down, I wish to Enlist in the army and see the beyond and protect my planet”


Wrapping her fingers around the glazed over a lock of hair in her hand, slick with sweat she dropped it alongside the man laying on the sidewalk out cold and drooling. “I don't want your fucking charity” means she spat as she gave a good swift kick to man's ribs. Stupid people thought she was a beggar, but that was normal out here in East court 4. marketing planet, filled with slum's and ruled by the gangs. Night cross worked this area of the planet, you could tell there works from half-shaved heads and a black cross carved into each members arm. The man on the ground looked up his black eyes shimmering slightly.

“you know bell it was not charity. It was me being nice” he let out a cough as he rolled over getting up slowly and looking at the girl who had so nicely shown him that the ground was he was meant to be. “you make more of a stink here the ragers will have your neck Bell. You know they will come for you in due time your rent is due and you have yet to pay hell even the shit you owe me”

“I will pay the fucking Rent Cloder, I always pay it on time you know that now leave me be I have pig slop to clean up”
“stupid worthless girl, go clean the slop” he snapped as he picked up his walking stick grunted and dragged his husk of a body out of the ally. Gruglocks were a fickle race, their body very blob-like they don't really have legs but they do have arms and they resemble a being a lot like a slug with a mild to bad temper problem. But it was good he had gone on his way there were other things to tend to on this rock.

Isabella moved along the ally way back to the large redwood and metal door opening it up to be blasted in the face with the smell of pig shit and rotten corn feed. But it was a job even if it was legit the shitiest work on this side of the land mass.  Well, there was an another hog farm with a worse reputation but that place was known for killing its workers along with the pigs and mashing them all together in the grinders. But the people did not care anymore even if the rumors were common knowledge and people were still eating the meat that had human and other race blood mashed in it alongside the hog. People here were sick and diluted and far and few between were good and just people with no ill or greedy intents. Hell, even isabella had greedy intents she wanted to get off this dying rock. Wanted to see the stars once more. But for the time being she would be stuck here, the best friend a broom, and worst enemy a hogs ass hole.

Sweep, sweep shovel shit all day long, four thousand pigs pooping day in and day out, but once the day was over it was back to the second worst shit hole in her life, the apartment room more like cell, she slept in but the best part was the big window her rug was under. Had an amazing view of the sky and the stars and the moons of Astacor, was a truly beautiful view. But sitting here was not getting her up there, and sitting here was not getting the funds to get a ship, a crew of that ship, or anything else for that matter.  There was the word that cage fighting would pay out a large amount and she was a small girl, bets would be high, but she did not know how to fight other than simple boxing and even that was lacking. Maybe a trainer would help, but that was a thought for another day. Tomorrow would be brighter here on this stupid rock lug. But for now needed sleep, sleep, dreaming, dreaming of times before now.

sun capped waves crashing on the shore I watched him play there in the sand covering his toes, so Innocent and pure he was sitting on the shoreline waiting for the waves to crash into his toes and make him run back up the beach to me, back into my arms. Kyron was sweet and Innocent at that age, 6 years out of mother he was still growing fast and even at times braver than I was. But when it came to the sea he was a little tuna fish still not able to swim with the grownups. A simple giggle slipped from my lips as hi got up and walked up behind him “what are you up to Kyron?”

“da fish are geeing big Isa, looks ats them out dare in the sea, big waves keep them trapped in the water, are we trapped on land like the fish ares in the seas?” his question was so cryptic I did not know how to respond, maybe we were just like the fish out there unable to leave the water, we were unable to leave the land it was almost the same. But wen I went to respond to him he was about ten or so feet away standing in the water and walking slowly out to sea.

“Kyron don't go out there! It is dangerous, you will get swept up” i called out as he turned around and looked at me running back right away as i called “oh you silly boy don't go out there, the undercurrent will rip you away from me then trap you under there with the fishes, and we don't want that, little boys can't breath like the fish can” I poked his cheek then turned around looking over behind us at the trees so bright and lush, the green leaves on the trees making me smile at how beautiful our lands were, even if it was all locked in the ocean waves, trapped in the seas strangle like embrace. It was so.....going gray, the trees were starting to fade fall apart and bleed...the trees were, it was normal, a flash or something, shocking for sure. Grabbing Kyron's arm I looked down at him.

His face was torn off the corner as if it had been piled back, blood running down the cracks in his skin as his one eye was missing and there was a hole gaping in his chest, what was going on, my brother, he was falling apart, his left arm was gone and I was holding a bone hand, no skin over it blood on my fingers. “what's wrong isa? What's wrong with ru?” he said as I rubbed my eyes and he was back to normal.

“nothing Ko nothing at all, it is ok I think I am just coming down with something. Let's go see mother and father back at the village they can give me some sweet waters and I am sure this head spinning will go away”

I hardly finished my sentence and we were standing there, centre of town, the palm trees were on fire and Kyron was no place to be found, where was he were was everyone there was so much screaming but I could not see anyone, no it was just the mind playing tricks like before this is a lie, this is not happening.  Rubbing my eyes I opened them once more and it was all still there, nothing changed back, nothing was back to how it was all nice and green this was black and on fire and screaming and blood on the ground. It was not changing back, I ran into the village screaming for mother and father but no one came out, they must be at the house I must go to the house, where is everyone there is so much screaming but no one to be seen. Where was the sun or the sky, it was not night there was no moon, where was the moon and stars, where was the breeze were was the smell of fruit and happiness, all that was here was burning lives and shattered hopes, souls, and dreams. I looked out of the fog that had started to roll in there was momma, standing there her back to me. “mom! MOM!!” I screamed she did not get closer, she stayed there like a stone sculpture made by Oana the craftier, just there, standing, and I could hear crying, I stopped running I stood there as she turned around holding Kyron in her arms as his head hung down like a broken bobble head doll. He was gone and she was crying her eyes out there.  My brother was dead and he looked how he did in that flash, parts of his body burned, a massive hole a gape in his chest, his hair burnt off half his head, his left arm nothing but bone and his eye missing, his face had been burned and half was piling from him, I could not look anymore I was crying as well but I could not seem to scream or look away, frozen like momma was watching everything happen.

I watched my mother pick up a shard of bamboo and hold it to her face, tears streaming down her cheeks as I screamed and called out for her but no sound came out. And in that moment the people of the town started to show up, laying on the ground around us screaming burnt and crying, hundreds of people our whole village dying around me and I could not scream out a single help or word to try to talk to them. But I was burning too, my feet were so hot, it hurt so much. I watched momma sit there on her knees on the ground holding my dead brother as a man dressed in some sort of gear came up behind her. I could hear his voice clear as day “stupid whore can't even put herself to kill herself, shut up you crying widow and get on with it” he barked at her as his boot came up pushing into the back of her head and kicking her forward into the ground forcing that shard of bamboo to plunge into her face and pop out the other side.

Waking up cold sweat ran down her face as the thump and sharp pain of smashing her head into the top bunk hit isabella with surprise. "momma?" she said softly before realizing it was back in the shit apartment and out of the nightmare memory flashbacks. with a breath it was about time to start the morning, had to get into work as soon as possible or it would be lashings and the blood pens to clean.

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