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Second Featured Room

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1 Second Featured Room on Mon Mar 13 2017, 06:20

DeLaRose now has to it's credit two featured rooms on IMVU. The first was made by our own Admin Anaya, who developed most if not all of the furniture herself. The room is of course "The Iron Dynasty".
The second room, just accepted today, can be found listed under 'Fantasy' in the featured rooms window and is entitled "Merfolk of Valaria OOC and Recruiting" by DayaAutum. It features a room shell developed by Dallo and a couple items developed by Raven DeLaRose.
What makes the room special is that it is a type of room that is difficult to make well due to the lack of good underwater items. They simply don't take underwater scenes very seriously on IMVU and most of the rooms and furniture for it are cartoonish and more of a 'petting zoo' nature. It was difficult finding the good stuff that would match well and in the end I had to have a few things deved. This room was originally intended for serious RP representing an underwater abyss far below the surface but was instead used for OOC and Recruiting of Membership due to it's good imagery that stimulates the imagination, well placed quality items that inspire confidence in the RP as a whole, and relatively low KBS. All key factors for a good OOC and Recruiting Room.
The importance of making the room featured of course is that it gets it noticed more aiding in the attraction and recruitment of new members and adds just a little more prestige to our over all IMVU presence.

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2 Re: Second Featured Room on Fri Mar 17 2017, 13:03


the more rooms we have up the better

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