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It's Not Safe to go Into the Water

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1 It's Not Safe to go Into the Water on Tue Apr 11 2017, 06:28

It’s Not Safe to go in the Water

It has always been said by our scientists that during prehistoric times on earth when monsters roamed freely on land that one could not have retreated to the sea for safety, for in the dark depths there where monsters far worse and behemoths far more horrifying than those upon land. But if our oceans were were so much more dangerous than our land, then what can one make of Valaria which is three to six times the size of Earth, who’s ocean run over twice the fathoms of even the Challenger Deep and whose expanses run well over twice the miles of  even our greatest oceans?
What of such a vast ocean with a deeper darker abyss sustained and fed by plankton which needs not the sun to synthesis it’s proteins?
Life flourishes in that dark far beyond our wildest dreams and easily supports the monsters that terrify even a world accustomed to the Dragons that ravage it. Where even the mightiest, if they saw, would go mad with the horrors they saw, their minds unable to comprehend the magnitude of such beasts.

Welcome, to the Seas of Valaria. I shall be your hostess on a journey into the depths and darkness of Valaria and take you to it’s very underbelly, the ‘Hell’ of that world where the bones and souls of those deemed worthy of punishment lie forever never to return to the world with light and air above. Soon I shall be publishing a detailed description of the Seas of Valaria. .Sadly, for those of you with beloved characters on land, not all the horrors of the deep shall be confined to the water. I will be spreading the ‘love’ of the deep seas to all upon the Role Playing world of Valaria. While there is danger to be brought upon land proper balance between characters shall be maintained as the amphibious terrors are not controllable by anyone but equally dangerous to all.  The changes are to be considered ‘enviromental’. Summonable creatures for Merfolk shall remain the same unless due notice is given. I do not expect that any of the new creatures introduced in this expansion shall ever be summonable by Merfolk or anyone else.

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2 Re: It's Not Safe to go Into the Water on Thu Apr 27 2017, 22:07

My apologies for taking so long to post the seascape description, I have run into some modifications to consider, mostly in predators between 20 to 30 feet in length, which are medium sized and while they will add much needed variety, mystique, and a much needed step in the food chain to the Valarian Seas and while they may pose significant danger for average sized races should they find themselves stranded at sea, are of no significant shift in the balance of power. Therefore I will be allowing the Merfolk the ability to summon the medium sized additions giving greater variety and customization for Merfolk characters.
Predatory creatures of much larger size added in this description however will remain unsummonable and uncontrollable by anyone.
Please note that I did say added in this upcoming description as I will be listing creatures of more significant size already described in prior posts that are summonable.
Confused yet? I will be stating which creatures are summonable and by whom to make it easy
. If anyone has any questions regarding my reasoning and words please feel free to contact me.

Daya Autum

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