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Rage's Journey

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1 Rage's Journey on Thu Apr 27 2017, 17:04


After a single strike from his queen Rage had simply rose up and left speaking only a single sentence aloud, "I must find it." With that he was out into the world. Blindly walking a path that his instincts pulled him through. He trudged for what felt like miles through forest and plains. Stopping only once he had reached a large oasis in the middle of nowhere. He gazed about with his crimson hues, his body lightly covered in perspiration. He knelt down sticking his hand into the water. 

  After pulling out a small palm full of the cool liquid and bringing it up to his lips he felt the ground tremble beneath him, forcing the water to slosh onto the dry ground and be absorbed instantaneously. He growled and rose up turning to see a massive horned creature thudding up to him, snorting as its enraged stare honed in on the berserker.  Rage made tight fist, "Be gone beast," he spat at the ground and turned back to the water sticking his head in now to enjoy the refreshing feel across his face as he inhaled mouthfuls and swallowed greedily. That was until he felt a sudden strike into his rear forcing him to topple into the small pond. He rose up drenched as the beast now dragged its front hoof along the dirt. Signifying its claim of dominance over the oasis. 

  Rage growled and charged with the beast until they both collided heavily, the impact causing a spiral of dust and dirt to dance away from them as the two held each other in place. The beast snorted and shoved again, impaling the warrior's side. Rage yelled in pain then twisted his whole body forcing the beast to flip and slam onto it's back. Rage jumped back ignoring the slow flow of crimson ichor from his wound. He spat at the ground as the beast shuffled to its feet clumsily. 

  For the next thirty minutes the two merely charged at one another over and over until finally the beast seemed worn down, though Rage was losing some stamina as well from the 'battle'. Seeing a weak point Rage charged forward and grabbed the beast and using all his power summoned himself a second wind and lifted the beast then suplexed it into the dirt with an extreme force. The horn of the best broke off and it limped away defeated and shamed. Rage let out a primal yell asserting his dominance of the area like any other animal, claimed his trophy then dragged onward again grumbling about the wasted time. 

  After another two days of eventless travel he stopped before a massive cave. Glowing around the edge of the entrance were brilliant vermillion runes that mimicked those along his arms. He looked down at the runes of his arms then up to the cave and took a deep breath and walked inside...

  The cave rumbled and large boulders collapsed now blocking the exit, torches of brilliant orange and yellow flames ignited along the walls revealing to him the path he needed to follow now to escape this cavern. He walked with caution, his hands kept in tight fist as he made careful peeks around the corners. Soon he found himself approaching a large room, a single wooden table and chair sat within. Upon the table was a stone pitcher and a goblet. He walked up and leaned sniffing the pitcher, it seemed to be just water. He backed up and examined the room, finding a door of old wood leading to the next hallway. He turned back to the water reaching out, "It has been a long journey...perhaps I should rest..." he stopped suddenly. Why did he have an urge to rest now, after feeling fine just moments before. He lept back and looked around again. Still nothing, "Devil water!" Without any reason or basis he kicked the table shattering it and the pitcher. 

  A voice sighed from the shadows, "That's no way to treat hospitality...young Remembrance." 

"Who is there?! Do you wish to battle?!?" He took a fighting stance and glanced around for the mysterious voice. 

"Dear brutes are all the same.No this is a trial...try..ul...You know what that is? A test of skill, yes? You get that." the voice sighed again, "It's...a bloodline thing..look..this was your only chance of reprieve broke my damn pitcher. So..go through the door, three test to be completed, in the stuff." the voice grumbled, "And as a word of advice...brute power is not all it takes to be a warrior of your family name. Some of your ancestors were actually very skilled tacticians and strategist. Though I doubt you can comprehend such words." 

Rage scoffed and sought the voice still, "Calling me stupid? Come on...I'll break you here and now." As he foolishly punched at the walls to try and 'lure out' the spirit the door opened and more torches ignited. After disappointment there was no chance to fight the one insulting him he shuffled along through the long corridor until reaching another room. 

On the opposite end were skeletons armored and slouched in chairs. Each one holding a bow. Along the path was various blocks and walls. "Trial one, even you should pass this one...Just...don't get hit. I know, 'I'm too tough for a puny arrow' but these are made special for your family. One little scratch...and your dead. Have fun." The archers flashed to life rising and immediately notching arrows then releasing a sudden volley. 

With little time to react, Rage dove behind a wall listening to the arrows strike around him. He held himself tight to the wall cursing the mysterious spirit under his breath. A moment of silence, shortly broken by the sound of bowstrings becoming tense then the rain of arrows again. 

While the volley struck at the walls he took quick rapid breaths then at first silence held his breath and jumped and rolled far as he could until the next wave was unleashed. He heard on zip past his ear causing him to slide over further from fear of being to exposed to these death arrows. "Why was I brought here. Is this some trick?" He huffed, if it were...was to late now to evade it. 

"Not a trick, trial. Didn't I say this already? Family line ordeal. All the Remembrance are called when it's their time. No one died yet, so relax and just do it room by room. I mean, if you one will laugh at you about it. Cause your alone...get it." The spirit laughed and Rage growled lunging at the next silence and diving along until stumbling to the other end. The skeletons all collapsed and the door opened, "Ho ho...I thought you was going to die for a second. Well, door two awaits big guy. It's another easy one, don't worry." 

Rage looked about the room and spit at the undead archers that now lay lifeless and wandered down to the next large room, nothing was inside. Just vast emptiness. The entrance sealed and the door flashed, "What is this?"

The spirit laughed again, "It's another not fighting thing...umm..survival this time. Naturally you should be able to handle a little bit of poisonous gas...if its within a certain strength...but I'm going to fill this room...just...don't inhale for like...I don't know...ten minutes seems fair." 

Before Rage could speak the room began to fill with a green smoke. He quickly held his breath and looked around. There had to be some trick. He folded his arms and kept himself calm to maintain control of himself. If he let his anger out here, he could easily get himself killed. Not the best plan for now, then again...did his Queen think him dead already? What of the others...

He noticed something out the corner of his eye, a small crack along the wall. He rushed over and noticing the gas being pulled in, pushed his lips to the corner and took a quick puff of fresh air. This should buy him time. The poison suddenly dissipated, "Right...air hole. So you do have a brain. Well...that's one and two then. Three should be what you wanted. Hurry along, they don't like to wait." 

The door collapsed and lead to another large room immediately. He slowly entered only to have his entrance barred once more. The room illuminated revealing two figures on the other end, One in all black, the other all white. Both had an eye patch on opposite eyes and the one that shown a glowing amber color.  The two studied Rage and then without warning lunged forward, the one in black struck high causing Rage to throw up his arms to deflect the blow only to have his feet kicked aside and forcing him to fall backwards. He tried to catch himself but only saw the first one moving around to send a blow into his mouth with a full forced kick. As Rage flipped along the air he heard laughing just as he slammed into the stone floor. "The hell..."

The two spoke in unison, "Final trial. We test your worthiness. It was said by the first of your kin, if one can not battle against unfair odds, then they are not worth existence, let alone the family legacy." The two lunged again striking from each side. Rage through up his arms and grasped their fist only to feel each of them kick him in the abdomen then strike his jaw throwing him back into the ground, "Fight or die, those are the only options here." 

Rage coughed, "How..." he rose up slowly to look them over, "You can't be that strong." The two only shrugged at his comment then began unleashing a flurry of strikes keeping Rage on defense as he tried to study the movements. He noticed one small trait of their strikes and before he could exploit it found himself slammed into the wall, creating a small hole within it from his connection.

He slumped down into the floor, "You won't win, I'll find your weakness." He carefully rose up, cracking his bones and readying himself again, "First...I just need to take out one of you." 

The two tilted their heads, "Such a weak plan for a weak decedent. Clearly you only inherited a little strength and a name. After are nothing." The two came again causing Rage to react and bend himself backwards and striking out to make cheap shots at the groins of his attackers. Both took to their knees cursing his deceit in attacking there. He flipped his body up and spun sending a single kick to the one in white, forcing him to slam into his 'twin'. 

Upon the two connecting to one another they were instantly repelled and flung across to opposite ends. Rage laughed, "You can't touch. You are not as strong as you played. You use your repulsion to strike me." The berserker cracked his neck as his aura began to flow around his feet, "I noticed when you both attack, you never come more than a thumb's length to each other. Such cautious precision to not overlap, thought I'd see why." he turned to the one in white, "Though to be honest, I thought you cancelled out other power, not repelled each others. This however, is just as useful if not more so." he would blitz at the one in white who tried to scurry up. The twin of black went to help his cohort but stopped suddenly once he saw Rage holding him by the collar of his robes.

"Drop him, no need to be to brash." The black spoke alone as the white shook his head. 

"Fight or die." With that Rage tossed the white twin slightly then before he would catch himself and fully escape to his brother, Rage kicked him again sending the two for a fatal collision again, this time as the Twin of white flew at Rage he struck out with his arm, bashing him into the floor, a small pool of blood forming where his head lay. "Now...just you." 

He ran at the other and swung to find it just vanish and looked around seeing the other had left as well. "Wow..that no one else actually tried to kill the final test, just out last it...dear gods kid. You got some issues, you know what, take them. Family crafted gauntlets, right by the exit. Just...just go. And for the sake of all the not carry on the family name. Not unless their mother can I don't know...use reason?" 

A flash consumed Rage leaving him by a cave exit and a pair of gauntlets, one deep onyx in color the other like a pearl. He lifted them up and felt a power inside them pulse in reaction to his runes. He didn't understand them but felt some kind of energy. For now he would just carry them, until he knew more. He connected them to his belt, thinking perhaps some mage at the castle could better explain them to him. He looked around for something else,  "That's it?" He had no response and walked outside blinking and then yelled, "This isn't where I came in at...where...where am I?!" He roared viciously realizing he had another task of finding home without any clues of his location. 

[[ Anaya, hope you enjoyed and that it met expectations. ]]

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2 Re: Rage's Journey on Mon Nov 13 2017, 14:57


took me long enough, added and validated into story line - solidified by Anaya

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