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Black House and Church Incident

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1 Black House and Church Incident on Fri May 12 2017, 22:10

The following is an excerpt of the great magi of the white cloud, formerly known as the sage of white cloud, as such many of the writings are out of date but give a detailed look into the Dragon Oath Keepers who were both banished by the Oligarchy.
A grey elf’s life was bound by many tenants and regulations, their taboos could mean certain death for even minor offences and every day it became harder and harder to figure out what exactly was the point of said society. The Matriarchy and Patriarchy simply examined subjects who could be of use to the society yet none were told of their goals. This annoyed some elves but they did not speak as it was a tenant to let the Oligarchy make its choices and the rest simply lived with them. There were exceptions though the Guardians for one were above many of the laid down tenants and taboos thus their training from birth was far different than that of the normal elves in the Grey culture. To begin with Guardians were selected from their blood pool or namely what percentage of their blood was that of the first born. Thus if one was at least halfblooded they were permitted entry into the basic training program which was used to weed out those who did not meet the standards of the normal level Guardians, such people were moved into the priesthood or homes of the higher bloods to be given a job or duty. Yet there were even oddities in this process for some were that of three quarters, such beings were rare enough on their own but if such a birth was found they would be moved not into the Guardians but the Oath Keepers, a hand of the Guardians. The rankings of the Oath Keepers and Guardians also varied heavily, while most Guardians were rated by numbers with one being the lowest that equated to petty theft, went all the way to 300 which usually were classified to a restraining and Oath keeper. The highest recorded Guardian was 180, the Oath keepers on the other hand were divided into strength levels; Human, Elf, Demon, Spirit, Dragon respectively were the five categories a Keeper could be classified, given the small number of keepers though very rarely was one rated human as that was pretty much a ticket out. Trev and Savat would be considered somewhere between Demon and Spirit in terms of strength as they very rarely showed their power to the maximum, for obvious reason of lacking challenge. Thus they trained their bodies in the ways they had been trained since younglings. These were beings that were taught none of the taboos or tenants but instead subjected to tests that would bring out their blood powers. This had consequences of course as many of the Oath Keepers had strange quirks to them and as such became harder to control. Two such cases were Savat and Trev, both of whom were expected to become Patriarchs in their own right but were so mentally destroyed after their training that both of them were more kept under lock and chains than being a bright new future as the Oligarchy had wanted. While many would be interested in the later given his departure the former of the two had a much darker experience that warped his mind into what it was today. First and for most the Oath Keepers training involved five steps that lasted roughly twenty to forty years, the first ten of it spent in what was called the Black Keep which was a hole in a mountain that was home to a first born lineage dragon and as such was thought to be a place where the aura of the old ones was kept in abundance. An interesting note of the Grey elves was their natural ability to see aura, as well the ability to preserve their bodies completely after death, as such certain specialties on a person would be turned into artifacts for future generations to use. Because of these two facts it was even more imperative to keep the Oath Keepers at the best of shape. Hence the Black Keep was used, yet the Keep had another name to those who survived it, the Void. While not exactly anything akin to legends it was pitch black in the Keep and for ten years you had to survive on the aura given by the cave, which unbeknownst to the Oligarchy was the previous home to the Orange Dragon of Madness, and as such tended to infect the minds of the young initiates with visions that would press their spirits to the limits. Savat was shown a horrific sight of his own body being slowly destroyed by dragons over and over with the aura being placed into him transferring the pain until he broke down. Because of this treatment Savat lost all belief in the Old Gods seeing them as nothing more than nuisances that shoved their noses into what was none of their business, as well he saw them as Dragons not gods. This created a heavy distinction between him and other Keepers as while skilled in his summoning arts he lacked purpose in his practices. As one of the future Magi put it “He cared more about disproving the god’s first creation than he did care about the society he lived in” Because of this sort of attitude he was paired with his complete opposite in the form of Trev. Of which the later mentioned developed a sort of lusting love of the old gods. He would sacrifice his blood and skin to the gods at the temple requiring the Patriarchy to make a special room just for him as to not be a bad example to others. Yet Trev was perturbed by these actions, if he was so devoted to the gods why were not others? Why hide from the gods that kept us safe and happy that only ask for our blood in return? He had grown slowly towards a dark reality of people being unworthy of blessings as he once had an incident in which a taboo led elf spat on the statue of an old god in front of Trev. It took 30 people to keep him from completing what he though was a penance for the man as the taboo elf had been rid of his eyes and tongue a Trev forced him to swallow each and every object not by force but by his voice. Trev’s stint in the keep had brought out a small skill called the demons voice. A voice that when used is very persuasive towards people’s emotions causing them to feel as though he was on their side despite his earlier actions. This was noted by the Oligarchy which placed on him the ring of bones which suppressed this voice of his in order to keep him from going to out of control. The Oath Keepers were required to wear special made masks when they were out on a task and as such it allowed for them to stay hidden no matter what actions they took. Yet the masks were special in their own way, each was made from a rather odd material that had a composition of metal yet was rather flexible to fit onto a person’s face and latch onto it which served three purposes. One when the Keeper died his mask would burn his facial features as well as latching on to stop his aura from flowing as a measure against readers. Second was for a rather odd reason, to complete the mission. As it were because of the masks aura manipulation design on the brain the subject would forget their missions at times and lose control of themselves based on their personalities. In such cases it was hard to stop a guardian from doing such rash things let alone an Oath Keeper who was trained for combat and not defense like their arms.  Third was to open up the Keepers mind, in this sense an Oath Keeper had certain key words placed into them in order to force them into completing the mission without hesitation or worries. In Trev’s case it turned him into a sociopath making him toy with anyone who got into his way mentally with his cursed rituals while on a task, in Savant’s case it turned him into a psychopath as he had a bad habit of killing his targets or even a dragon in one instance that caused both him and Trev to be sidelined for a long time. Part of this decision was to keep an eye on the two as the higher up of the two factions were now concerned with the boys. Yet there decision was cemented on the night of black hollow eve. Somehow both Savat and Trev had gotten their hands on their masks and not knowing why they had them put them on. As such their missions had not been made so they simply acted upon their wants stemming from their twisted personalities. Savat went to the Temple of the original dragons where many elves and travelers went to pray to the old gods and simply stood there and watched for a few hours. When a young priest came to inquire as to his business there, the boy apparently was not a grey elf, Savat proceeded to slaughter the entire church leaving their bodies mutilated and sliced into multiple pieces on the alters of the Dragons of old in order to desecrate them. When the Guardians finally arrived they found Savat carving out a young boy eyes from his head while he was alive. This lead the Guardians to try and take him down as three of them were killed before Savat was restrained. Trev on the other hand created a far worse crime; while many had been told their parents committed a taboo and were executed for said crime the truth was much more sickening. Unlike Savat who specialized in slaughtering Trev was apt when it came to torture, both mental and physical. As such he used his ritual spells in odd ways to play mind games with his victims. In this case he found his original family which he felt had left him for nothing more than petty reasons as opposed to a great love for the church, we have no knowledge on where he receive this information, prompted to turn his entire house into a murder carnival forcing his own family to kill one another in order to not deal with any more of Trev torture. Not much is known of what occurred within the house but many of the wounds on the bodies were self-inflicted meaning that somehow Trev had been able to force others to hurt themselves. The only testimonial we have is a raving servant of the house that would keep talking about how she didn’t want to go into the box again. Now the servant was almost six feet tall making it hard to believe that she would be able to fit in any box. Yet her bones had been crushed in multiple ways and in odd places almost as if having been shoved into a small place, yet examination of Trev showed no signs of blood on his hands, or any movements at all as when they reached the house they had found that Trev was having trouble moving due to sitting down in the same place for so long that his bones had set a bit. Because of these incidents there was mass panic among the Oligarchy as they had no idea what to do with the two men. Both were quite young in age as they had not even reached 160 yet as such would have been bad practice to kill them. The incident in the house could be dealt with in time but Savat’s crimes were open to the public, he was not subtle like Trev about what he was doing thus making it neigh impossible to fix this issue. The best course of action they could take was to banish Trev, as they were fearful of his new psychological anomalies. These anomalies had been brought out after the lie he was told about his home, perhaps to save face on the part of the Oligarchy, as such Trev began to believe that he had been punished by the gods for some reason or another and needed to be punished more and more in increasingly brutal ways that culminated in his one day searing off his flesh while praying in the matriarchy convent. Savat on the other hand was a harder punishment; they could not get rid of him like Trev as his killing nature was not as hidden as Trev’s sociopathic tendencies. So the higher ups decided to put him into the keep once more to see if that would help them. It did not, it only brought more issues in the future as it was later found out that Savat had kept the body of a dragon which was considered sacrilege to the Grey Elves, and even worse had made weapons from them as well as objects. This sacrilege was only worsened by the fact of Savat wielding the objects without malice nor care, seeming to want to have it be a replacement for his Oath Keeper mask. This was rejected of course as it disgusted most people to see that white mask, even with their stance on death dragon bones were sacred. Yet not much is known about what happened to the rest of the body of the dragon as only the lower jaw bone was used for the mask Savat wears daily. Nor much is known about how the dragon was killed as it was simply discovered by a spirit that Savat and Trev had been standing over the body of a dead dragon holstering their weapons after carnage of a battle. We never saw what weapons they were using as spirits do not condone violence, at least those of pure nature, otherwise we can only go on the words of what the two said which was not much as their masks had been used during the battle. Anywho both men are quite dangerous, yet I feel as though I can’t select who is the one to be more cautious about, the loud one with a snake or the quiet one with a demon. Both cause the Oligarchy to be afraid yet this old sage only sees them as children to be helped, for what good it will do in the end we have no idea.

–Sage of the White Cloud

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2 Re: Black House and Church Incident on Fri May 12 2017, 22:11

Amended (scribbled in sloppily) : Spirits help me, found traces of the incident of the Black house, so much death mothers killing their children, fathers killing their wives, children killing each other yet he sits there like it’s a game, singing those damn – (the rest of the script is illegible as the person who put in the post script bled out onto the paper)

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