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From Within the Mind

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1 From Within the Mind on Fri Nov 03 2017, 19:24


Rage sat in silence as his mind focused itself on his purpose. As the runes of his body began to shift to allow his body to heal, his mind found a way to occupy the spirit of the warrior. He began to question the bindings on his hands and wrist. Why were they present, he knew he did not always have them, but when did he put them on. Why could he not remove or destroy them? His mind raced backwards of his life.

First he saw himself as a mere child, his arms free and his runes still forming. Five down each arm and signs of a new one growing on each wrist. Slurred voices, distorted as part of him tried to prevent the memory, " Remembrance...greatness." He could faintly make the image of his father, behind him another more massive shadow. He felt a harsh glare and could remember a single word uttered by the large man, 'Doubtful'.

The images blurred again. It was night, cold, dark, wet...A thunderstorm...the sounds muffled to him, but the flash illuminating two figures. First his father, an even six feet, brilliant crimson runes down his left arm with glowing vermilion eyes. His pupils expanding in the flash of lighting. "No...father, he isn't ready for inheritance. He is still so young.." his father pleaded to the large man from the first memory. His eyes full of sadness, "Silence, Ryoku. That boy is weak, just like you. Allowing either of you to breath so long was a luxury." The 'grandfather's ' voice was dark and heartless. "Your ancestors were superior once, and to think you were born and destroyed that legacy. Even the scum of our people knew their place." the grandfather turned to Rage and glared down to him. He stood just over seven feet, his runes the same as him and his father, although his covered the left arm and torso. " both know nothing of it. You want to be a warrior boy? Want to truly make me happy?"
  The young Rage nodded his head to the figure, "I..I want to be the strongest."
 The grandfather laughed, "Then as your grandfather, I will help you. But know this Zidourious...once you start this can not go back. Even if you turn your head...your life is set." the thunder flashed as Grandfather reached out and snapped Ryoku's neck mercilessly. Rage dropped to his knees and screamed in a melody of sorrow and pain as his arms were flooded with his runes. They burned, filling the darkness with a red aura. The grandfather laughed and walked away as the memory faded off and began speeding again.

  He remembered this day, this was the week before he arrived to Iron..the town...he lived here now. His name of Rage already cemented into his life. His old name had been hidden. His hands still unwrapped. He walked through the was running...why...

He seen himself standing in the center of the town, raiders...They were trying to take what little they had. Rage watched as he fought, his runes steadily growing brighter. Especially the rune on the back of each hand. What was going on with his runes...he moved himself to watch closer. His left arm swung out striking a man in the chest, the armor cracked and his body dropped as he began to puke. The red energy still lingering around his crippled body. Rage had struck with his own aura...the did it. He looked as he would leap into the air, the runes on his right arm matched the intensity his hand. He watched waiting to see the energy pass again but was stunned when he saw the true result....

The fist struck at the earth, his power now rapidly expanding. He lost control of the rune and the wave tore through the small town. His body broken from having sunk into the shattered earth, along with the small town...the raiders and the innocent..the power he had foolishly craved as a child, going unused and feared so intently breaking from him and killing those he wished to protect. He watched himself as his mind snapped in that moment, The runes glowing once more and making themselves into the bandages he now always wore, their power sealing as his frail mind could not cope with these actions.

His mind now settled as he stood in his own darkness. "I...I killed all of them.." [i]You can never go back...Never go back...[/i]Rage looked at his hands in his mind, the bandages burning away, "I will have to learn to control this...My goal...He will have to die to my hands." his mind began to create the image of his grandfather again so he could stare at him, "To prove he is no longer useful or needed, to show him I am the strongest..." his mind whispered a single word over and over as he slipped from this meditation, Inheritance...

His eyes opened, "My inheritance..." Rage rose and walked out of the room....

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posted and added into active story line - solidified by Anaya

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