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Land Information

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The Wind whispers to the Wolf "Be careful of the night, the storm be strong" the Wolf looks back and whispers to the wind "I am the Storm"

Galandor Peak is the coldest city on Valaria. The temperature never rises above 32 degrees F and can get as low as 40 degrees below zero F. The weather is snowy daily, and the city is prone to blizzards and high winds. The city is locked in an unending winter which makes this city a place one would want to keep away from if they do not like frozzen winters and still super cold summers. The city gets about 400 feet of snow yearly and that is during drier years. The lack of forests around the city makes it about 20 degrees colder although there are some small forests lining the city and within the city.

Galandor Peak is located right above The Northern Reaches and right below the Northern Wastes. Galandor Peak has very little water as everything is frozen but if you dig for it you can find clean and fresh water under the ice. The land is mostly flat with a few hills scattered around the Reaches and Wastes. The city is completely flat and sparingly wooded.

Culture and Government

Galandor Peak is run by Mora a magical woman seen to many as a deity and The Jarl of the Castle are in charge of their respective areas and if there are issues within the lands they are settled by them. Each Jarl is elected and serve as long as they are active in their job. Once they retire from their job in town they give up their position as leader. People as old as 85 and people as young as 17 have become leaders. It all depends on their personal skills and how well they can lead their grounds. Leaders can be relieved of their positions if they are doing an inadequate job. This rarely happens and most leaders take their jobs very seriously. In some situations, particularly when the city is in turmoil or going through difficult times, Mora will promote someone to the rank of Jarl in the event of incompetency or death of a previous leader instead of waiting for an election. All is ruled over other than Mora by the leaders or High Jarl of the castle/keep.

Mora is a woman seen by many as a goddess, she was the first one to be the founder of Galandor Peak and they say it was the night that she lost her mate was the night the snow on the peek went red bringing it its nick name, The Crimson Peak.
Mora stands five foot four and has snow-white hair and dead white eyes, she is always in white and always looking her best be it in furs or satin she forever holds a class that others just cant get to.

Icewatch is not a Hold but instead contains people of all Holds who want to serve to protect Galandor Peak. Icewatch is made up of Fighters and theirĀ KelvicĀ mounts. Joining Icewatch is very difficult and not to be taken lightly. Those who join Icewatch are expected to choose a Kelvic mount to bond and work with until the death of one separates them. These mounts are all Dire Polar bears due to that fact that Mora knows the secret to choosing Kelvic species. Icewatch is used for protection, wilderness control, guest transport, and other needs around the city. They are Mora's army and most of them have at least two of her marks after a few years in the service. Each person in Icewatch has a mount and the bondmates tend to get extremely close like family.

Major Holidays
The Departure and Homecoming of Mora- Every winter Mora leaves Galandor Peak to spread the cold of Winter throughout the rest of Valaria. At the end of Fall and at the beginning of Spring there are celebrations for Mora. The entire city is lit up and alive in Mora's honor. All of the holds participate in making the celebration the best and happiest time for Mora. Mora hates to leave the Fighters and the Fighters hate to see her go, so they see The Departure, as it is called, as one last celebration before she departs. The Homecoming is a much bigger and brighter celebration. The Fighters rejoice in the happiness that Mora will be with them for another three seasons

Locations of Interest
To Be Filled In By Rulers

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To be done
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