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Land Information

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The Wind whispers to the Wolf "Be careful of the night, the storm be strong" the Wolf looks back and whispers to the wind "I am the Storm"

Galandor Peak is the coldest city on Valaria. The temperature never rises above 32 degrees F and can get as low as 40 degrees below zero F. The weather is snowy daily, and the city is prone to blizzards and high winds. The city is locked in an unending winter which makes this city a place one would want to keep away from if they do not like frozzen winters and still super cold summers. The city gets about 400 feet of snow yearly and that is during drier years. The lack of forests around the city makes it about 20 degrees colder although there are some small forests lining the city and within the city.

Galandor Peak is located right above The Northern Reaches and right below the Northern Wastes. Galandor Peak has very little water as everything is frozen but if you dig for it you can find clean and fresh water under the ice. The land is mostly flat with a few hills scattered around the Reaches and Wastes. The city is completely flat and sparingly wooded.

Holds Of Galandor Peak
Please note, a Hold is a locathion within the city limets that is a segment of the castle land. Example Frostfawn is the animal care hold witch can also be viewed as a stable it is to the side of the town with barns and grassy areas around it. All holds are inside of the citys outer wall. Holds are all ruled over by there captins and the main rulers of Galandor

The city of Galandor Peak is divided into s different Holds and the city's defence group known as Icewatch. All are equally respected although Icewatch gets a few more privileges. Each group has their speciality set and unique history. A Hold is a large house that all people in the Hold live in together, the leader of a Hold is known as a Jarl Even though all Holds are a smaller part of Galandor Peak, each has a history that differs from the others. All the Holds house only Fighters except for special cases, such as skilled visitors or priests needing housing. These people are considered guests of the Father because of their closeness with the Gods. These guests stay with the hold that most closely matches their skills.
Holds are very protective of the skills and work that they specialize in and practice them exclusively. Each Hold is careful to not encroach on each others trade and upset the careful balance between the Holds. Anytime one Hold is seen to be crossing the line it is brought before The ruling Chif by the others for judgement and retribution. The individual members of Holds get along with each other very well while that balance is being respected, but if the balance is thrown off tension is felt immediately throughout the city.

The Holds of Galandor Peak:

Frostfawn- This is the Hold of Galandor Peak that deals with Animal Husbandry also known as the Stable Hold. It is said that these Fighters have a special kinship with their animals. Each member is known to have at least one animal that they treat as though they were family. When The Chif told the original Frostfawn members to establish their Hold, they wanted to live in the forest where their animals were the most comfortable. Their Hold is deep in the Galandor Peak woods and is very large to hold all the members and their animals. Frostfawn will never claim to own animals. They believe that their animals are their family and treat them as such. If one ever calls a Frostfawn's animal their "pet," they get very upset. The specialities of Frostfawn are Animal Husbandry, Bird Keeping, Falconry, Horsemanship, Hunting, Riding, Tracking, Trapping, and Wilderness Survival.

Skyglow- The members of Skyglow are masters of the visual arts. The founders of Skyglow wanted to settle where the sky glowed the brightest. They searched until they found the perfect spot. They settled where the sky was clear and the land was free of anything that would obstruct their view of the Aurora that constantly shined in the winter sky. While under these beautiful lights, the Skyglow members felt inspired to create art. They began to sculpt, paint, draw, and do any kind of art they could create. Soon Galandor Peak was full of their art and the best of it was created by a man named Pavic, the first leader of Skyglow. No Skyglow member has reached his level of artistry. All Skyglow members respect him and his art deeply, but all try to surpass his mastery of the arts. They excel in Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Pottery, Sewing, and Weaving. The goal of most people in this hold is to have their art displayed in the rulers Palace. Other places where one can see art by people from Skyglow are The Sculpture Yard and The Temple of Everwinter (both in Galandor Peak). All art that is not shown off in these places are either kept by the artist, donated to another Hold, or sold. The current Jarl of the Skyglow is Vannis Skyglow but she died.

Snowsong- The masters of music in Galandor Peak. Before they founded their Hold, they searched for the land where the winds blew through the trees in such a way where it sounded like music. Due to this constant musical muse, they became inspired to create music They excel in Singing, Musical Composition, Carving, Writing, and Poetry. They make their own instruments and often teach others to play music. Their skill at carving instruments soon led to a love of carving wood crafts in general and some Snowsong members carve beautiful masks and furniture.

Winterflame- The cooks, bakers, and all other culinary artists reside in Winterflame Hold. They are called Winterflame because, when they founded their hold, one always knew which one it was due to the members cooking over roaring flames. Most members work at the Luminary Commons, the Crystal Cavern, or the Market Place. Winterflames also are skilled gardeners. The water in Galandor Peak is not good for gardening under regular circumstances, but Winterflames use Stormgems. These Stormgems create heat that is warm and powerful enough to make their crops grow. Their specialities include Brewing, Cooking, Farming, Food Preservation, Herbalism, Gardening, and Vinting.

Whitevine- This hold is known for being the medical Hold. These caring Fighters work either at the Whitevine Healing Center, the Icewatch Barracks, or out of Whitevine Hold if they feel the need. Many of these medical workers have masks Usually the Fighters who are born to Whitevine are peaceful due their duty to healing and medicine. Those who are not usually join Icewatch and use their knowledge in Medicine for the protection of the city. The expertise of the Whitevine Hold lies in Medicine, Herbalism, and Massage.

Coolwater- The Coolwater Hold specializes in all things having to do with the water. They are boaters, fishers, and masters at navigating the sea. Their most sought after skills are Fishing, Sea Navigation, and Sailing. They also are very good at astronomy because they use the stars to navigate in the sea. When Coolwater was founded, the members wanted to live where the water flowed cool enough for the sea animals that they wanted to hunt and fish for.

Galandor Peak was founded by Mora and the Fighters. Mora, the Goddess Winter needed a place to live when she was done with her Winter stroll through Valaria. Her constant presence in the city made it the frozen place that it is now, but Mora protected her Fighters whom she considers her children. She gives each of them some of her power in the form of a snowflake-shaped mark, which made them almost as resistant as Mora herself to the snow. The Fighters consider themselves the children of Mora and the Aurora that constantly hovers over Galandor Peak in the night sky. As history shows, Galandor Peak has always been a peaceful city. Icewatch and Mora have always kept it this way to protect the north. Everything in Galandor Peak went on as if they were the only people on the planet and as far as the Fighters knew, they were. No one had searched farther than the Northern Reaches and Coolwater never attempted a venture to the other cities. The Fighters were happy and Mora was happy, there was no reason to explore.

In 457 AV, Captain Kenabelle Wright and her crew arrived at the Port of Galandor Peak and the Fighters met outsiders for the first time. With the outsiders they brought in a virus, a virus that altered the land and killed everything that gave breath turning into the dreaded undead. Captain Kamabelle in fact was a liar and turned out to be a toxic litch that ruled over the land for hundreds of years after making his army.
Rule was later given to his disciple as he was fading but the plot to mass a undead army that would swarm the land was still ever rising and ever present.

Once word got to the dragon of the Iron Capital that undead was rising in the north to a unstable level matters needed to be taken. She massed a golden army under her name and started the march to the northern reaches of Galandor, its red with skull flag flapping in the wind as the flames of the dragon pounded down on the ice covered land turning what was there into nothing but ash and water. Waiter levels rising due to melting flooded a large amount of the land under Galandor making what was land into part of the sea for a short amount of time before the water receded leaving homes flooded and water logged and many dead and lost.

This turn of events crushed Galandor and took the undead down to nothing but also hit the crown hard costing them much in coin and men as the undead took there tole on all party’s. It was a war to be remembered and will be remembered for thousands of years to come.

Culture and Government

Galandor Peak is run by Mora, Icewatch, and the Jarl of the seven Holds. The Jarl of the seven Holds are in charge of their respective Holds and if there are issues within the Hold are settled by them. Each Jarl is elected and serve as long as they are active in their job. Once they retire from their job in town they give up their position as leader. People as old as 85 and people as young as 17 have become leaders. It all depends on their personal skills and how well they can lead their Hold. Leaders can be relieved of their positions if they are doing an inadequate job. This rarely happens and most leaders take their jobs very seriously. In some situations, particularly when the city is in turmoil or going through difficult times, Mora will promote someone to the rank of Jarl in the event of incompetency or death of a previous leader instead of waiting for an election. All is ruled over other then Mora by the leaders or High Jarl of the castle/keep.

Icewatch is not a Hold but instead contains people of all Holds who want to serve to protect Galandor Peak. Icewatch is made up of Fighters and their Kelvic mounts. Joining Icewatch is very difficult and not to be taken lightly. Those who join Icewatch are expected to choose a Kelvic mount to bond and work with until the death of one separates them. These mounts are all Dire Polar bears due to that fact that Mora knows the secret to choosing Kelvic species. Icewatch is used for protection, wilderness control, guest transport, and other needs around the city. They are Mora's army and most of them have at least two of her marks after a few years in the service. Each person in Icewatch has a mount and the bondmates tend to get extremely close like family.

Major Holidays
The Departure and Homecoming of Mora- Every winter Mora leaves Galandor Peak to spread the cold of Winter throughout the rest of Valaria. At the end of Fall and at the beginning of Spring there are celebrations for Mora. The entire city is lit up and alive in Mora's honor. All of the holds participate in making the celebration the best and happiest time for Mora. Mora hates to leave the Fighters and the Fighters hate to see her go, so they see The Departure, as it is called, as one last celebration before she departs. The Homecoming is a much bigger and brighter celebration. The Fighters rejoice in the happiness that Mora will be with them for another three seasons

Locations of Interest
To Be Filled In By Rulers

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