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Ranking List

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So we know each other ooc jobs and placements, in rp some players do not hold the same jobs or roles as they would oocly. so example myself in rp my toon/rpc is a fighter and is growing in rank, but oocly I am the owner, leader and a governing body that helps deem if things are being upheld in a strict and logical sense and the rp is flowing smoothly, I am the person that tells you no change that, or you did wrong here is how to fix it, as well as one that can train others, and over all the person that runs the show, this is my ooc job not my ic job. so to start we will list out who players are oocly not icly, so you the other players can see other people's rank in the ooc community of this role play group and know your own. if there is ever a problem here or you wish to have your rank upgraded or changed please talk to me and it can be done.

Here There Is a Pecking Order, Know Your Spot In It.

Rank List for The Vostra Role Play

Leader Ranks
Mother of the King=
Father of the King=
Mother of the Queen=
Father of the Queen=

*Ruleing Partys*
Consort =
Next in Charge Under Ruler =
Royal Scribe=
Adviser to The Crown =

Family to Rulers
Royal Children=
Other Family=


Grand Diplomat
High Priest
Royal Enforcer


Lesser Roles

Royal Guard Placements
Guard Placements

Empire Members
Empire Servants
Towns People


Past Dead Royal Family Members and Common People

Royal Peoples
 Queen - Sephiria Zarkov -Dead-

Royal Children:
NimphilaLucaria -Dead-

Common People


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