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On a morning like any other...

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1 On a morning like any other... on Wed Nov 29 2017, 12:34

On a morning like any other, Relia woke to the sounds of heavy footsteps of the guards, and the clashing of swords not far from her bedroom window. She supposed it was the time of morning when they were on their typical patrol route through the castle, while the rest trained outside in the snow. When a knock came at her door, the young elf swiftly jumped out of bed and proceeded to throw on her nightgown just as fast. “C-Come in!”

Her father, accompanied by a maid walked into her chambers. “It’s very late my dear, are you feeling all right?” The king asked, having the maid set down a box on the end of Relia’s bed. “Is it? I suppose I just slept in… I was reading an interesting book, I am not sure at what time I eventually fell asleep.” Pausing a moment, the young girl’s eyes drifted to the box. “But I am fine father.” She offered the older man a reassuring smile. “Well, all the same. You must get dressed and I brought you a gift. See that you are dressed quickly and I will meet you in the throne room, there is someone you need to meet.” Before she could ask or say much else, her father and the maid were gone.

The dress was beautiful, so long that it trailed behind her. A soft red colour, the wrists and shoulders covered in a black fur that she assumed was bear. Warm too, with a few layers of cloth along with her typical underlay or mail. Not that she needed the warmth, but all the same it was a welcoming feeling, wearing a simple pair of black boots with it and her hair tied up in a loose bun. ‘Why would father give me something so formal?’ That usual curiosity in her had peeked her interest, to the throne room she went, greeting guards and servants on her way.

There were four people in the throne room, two guards, her father and a stranger she had never met before. A charming looking young man, well dressed too. Though he gave her an awkward, uneasy feeling that made her tummy turn. When Relia’s father spotted her and called to her, she took a deep breath and stepped forward. “Yes papa?” Greeting his familiar face with a smile, she walked to stand beside him. Who wasted no time in introducing the man. “This here is Hayrk Erlshade. A jarl within our kingdom.” The man bowed low, gracefully taking the princess’s hand into his own, to lay a soft kiss upon her knuckles. Which she awkwardly accepted.

Spending the afternoon and evening together, while her father loomed over them both, Relia still felt like something was off about the young man, maybe it was just his accent? Or simply because he was an unfamiliar face. Though even her father’s remained presence didn’t make her feel any better. When night came, Hayrk escorted her to her chambers, with that same gentle kiss he had given upon her hand when they first met. “Goodnight, Sir.” The young elf would bid her farewell with a light curtsey and they parted ways.

The next morning, the new guest was the first to greet her in the throne room, this time without the company of her father. ‘What was he planning?’ She thought mid-way an enlightening conversation about the Jarl’s hunting habits. “That’s very impressive.” Relia would say, to his boasting about how he killed a bear. The bear that just so happened to be the fur on the dress she had worn when they met, as he had now just informed her. ‘At least he is proud…’ The unimpressed princess said in the back of her mind. “Will you join me for a private supper?” He asked, which she would have to accept, Relia figured.

Before meeting with the Jarl, the daughter of the king took her father aside from an important meeting he was attending. “Why must I spend so much time with this… Hayrk… Father? He makes me feel so unsettled, awkward. I have to listen to him for hours talking about his hunting expeditions. It’s boring.” The king laughed at his daughter’s bluntness, she was for sure his. “Well, my little snowflake I brought him here because you are of age now… Eighteen… You have grown so quickly, and it is now the time that you fulfill your role as the princess of this kingdom.” He was met with silence, as Relia couldn’t think of what to say to that. She knew one day she would have to take up that duty, but in her own time, with someone she loved. “It has been two days, my darling. Give him some time, he will grow on you of that I have no doubt and you will be wed within the month.” - “But father!” She tried to protest, but the stern king held up his hand. She bit her tongue. “I will hear nothing more on this matter. It has already been arranged and is being organised as we speak.

What else could she say to that? Her father of all people, had given her a command, but as a king and not as the man who raised her. Relia contemplated her choices on her way to meet with the Jarl. Surely he did not want this either? While they ate their supper together, it was an awkward silence for most of the afternoon, with the occasional (like always) boring conversation about hunts and the like from Hayrk. Before he could say much else, Relia blurted, “are you aware of what my father is planning with the two of us?” She was met with silence for a short while, just when she was about to wish it would last, he finally responded. “I am aware, yes. I was not all too keen on the idea at first, marrying someone I had never met. It seemed daunting, but then I saw you… In that dress, wearing the fur that I had killed for you… You looked… Magical, for the lack of a better word…” She was taken aback by his reply and even found herself blushing a little. “But are you okay with this? In a month we are to be married! And I know nothing about you. No one can learn that much, or fall in love with a person in a month…” Relia trailed off and stared down at her plate of food, that she had hardly touched. Feeling a hand upon hers, she looked up to see his face hovering far too close to hers. “Princess, I understand your caution and I cannot blame you, but this marriage is that of political reasons, not love. So you have nothing to concern yourself with.You will make the perfect wife and we will have perfect children.” The Jarl sat back and continued eating his food.

Relia was left dumbfounded by what he had said, having finished her meal in silence and for the rest of their evening spent together. After telling Hayrk that she needed some fresh air, he had elected to join her outside in the cold, though he regretted it and complained all the time, however out here in the snow she was able to drown out his consistent blabber, listening to the surrounding scenery, watching the delicate snowflakes fall around her. Relia was rudely awoken from her pleasant silence by a tug on her arm. “Princess, can we go back inside? It is freezing cold out here and I have slipped twice already.” Slipped? She hadn’t realised and had to hold back a laugh. “Very well.”

Inside once again, the Jarl ran straight for the fireplace set upon the middle of the great hall, where her father was also. Hayrk complained to her father about having to entertain the idea of spending time outside. This was Galandor, if he was going to marry her, he would have to get used to it, Relia thought with a roll of her eyes, which was caught by her father and he glared at her. With a heavy sigh, she curtseyed to her father. “I am going to retire for the night. Farewell, father, Hayrk.” With the encouragement of her father, the Jarl joined Relia on the short walk to her chambers. “Goodnight princess.” The same boring routine of a kiss on her hand, simply made the young elf even more tired than she already was. “Goodnight.” She’d say and they parted ways once again.

No sooner had Relia began undressing to get into her nightgown, did she hear a knock at the door. “Yes?” Assuming it must be a maid, but when she turned to see who was standing in the doorway, she saw Hayrk standing there with a horrid look in his eyes. With a fixated look of desire he stepped forward. “My lord, you must get out of my room this instant!” Just as she was prepared to scream he clasped his hand over her mouth. “Shut up.” He ordered and proceeded to try undress her, while she fought back and tried to scream through his hand. In her panic, she felt ice form in her hand and suddenly he became still, uttering a small groan before falling onto the floor. Stunned in place, Relia’s eyes looked to her hands to see two large spikes (one in each hand) covered in red. “No… No… No…”

A guard outside having heard the commotion ran into the princess’s chambers, sword drawn and on alert. “Princess, what is it?!” He began to ask, the man’s eyes soon turning down to the body on the floor, while she tried to stop the bleed. “I am sorry! It was an accident! I didn’t mean to do it!” She pleaded with the Jarl, trying to wake him up. The guard stepped forward and put to fingers to the man’s neck. No heartbeat. “It is okay princess, get yourself dressed and I will deal with this.” He proceeded to call in more guards, commanding one to fetch the king.

The father comforted his daughter, hiding her eyes from the sight while the body was dealt with, eventually managing to find out what had happened, only for her to break down in tears. The king strongly regretted his decision and it took a long time for Relia to forgive, for the situation that her father had placed upon her. Nightmares haunted her sleep for many weeks and she had remained in her chambers of the majority of the next few months. Finally, one night Relia walked out into the quiet halls and into the heavy storm, sitting in the snow just beyond the castle gates. Come morning, her father found her inside a perfectly crafted dome, just like she had done many times as a young child and would sit with her a while. In the cold, in silence and all would be well again.

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