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The Valarian Merfolk Racial Bio

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1 The Valarian Merfolk Racial Bio on Mon Jan 01 2018, 11:16

Physical Description

Merfolk, being an aquatic race of half human half fish are measured in length, not in height. But their upper bodies can be compared to the size of the upper bodies of humans. Normally anything from five feet six inches to seven feet. Tails can vary in length, but a good way to consider it is how tall the merfolk would be with human legs and add 33% to that for a standard tail. A serpent type of tail can add up to 50% more length. For instance Vexylla would be six feet tall with human legs and has a standard length tail fin, so her total length is eight feet long. But she matches the standard perfectly for merfolk in this respect. Not all merfolk will as they are a varied race.
Their weight is heavier than average humans or elves and can weigh in on average from two hundred to four hundred pounds.

Valarian Merfolk can vary in appearance and fin configuration, however they all will have characteristics that conform to their type Blue Gold or Black. One should be able to easily identify a Valarian menfolks type.
Blue Merfolk will have tails that are 'cool' colors, green blue indigo or purple as the primary color. They are the only type that can have unnatural hair or skin color. Their hair and skin can often be subtle or misty shades of cool colors, but not load or acid colors. They will typically have more fins and scales on their upper bodies. Their heads will be smaller and more aquatically shaped in comparison. A player of a blue merfolk should strive to make their characters more exotic and mythical looking, even more primitive in certain ways. They are merfolk of the open oceans and should look the part.
Gold Merfolk by contrast are the most human looking. Their hair and eyes are fair colored while their skin is more bronzed. They spend their days in sunlight waters and on soft beaches. They will have fewer fins on their arms and back. Their tails are predominantly 'hot' colors, very bright and colorful, even tropical looking and often have multiple colors.
Black Merfolk are the most evil and predatory in appearance and certainly will look the part of an evil sea witch or warlock. Black are, even among Merfolk considered to be the closest to the Leviathan in nature and thus have a mystique about them befitting Merfolk from the very deepest parts of the sea. Their tails are either black or have dominant black markings, fins should resemble those of highly predatory or the most deadly of fish. Their skin is the palest among merfolk and can have black markings, especially around the eyes or lips. Their eyes are black or silver in color. They have all black hair and sometimes hard and strong black nails which some may grow rather long and even sharpen them on rocks.
All merfolk have eyes with slit pupils like a serpent and can grow long hair. Mermen may or may not crop their hair, Mermaids almost never cut their hair.

Merfolk as far as strength, speed and agility are the same as elves, given the fact that they swim all day extraordinarily physically fit elves, with a top swimming speed of forty miles per hour standard. This applies both for short sprints and long distances as well. The human body is when pushed through the water remarkably hydrodynamic and combined with their powerful tail this makes them a remarkable swimmer capable of reaching those speeds, much faster than most fish and second to but a rare few species such as the Mako Shark and Blue Marlin. The average merfolk can spring from the water to a maximum distance of fifteen feet from the water to their waist.
They like many aquatic species have lateral lines that run along there sides good for sensing changes in water pressure and vibrations.
There eyes have reflective crystals linking the walls like hammer head sharks and can see well even in the darkest of conditions. Their slit pupils are capable of adjusting from from such darkness to full sunlight or vice versa in one or two seconds. The jelly filling in their eyes has a special dye that when too much brilliant light enters becomes darker instantly preventing injury and pain from sudden changes from darkness to light that would otherwise blind them. This dye becomes transparent again just as instantly as the pupils adjust to bright light. There eye sight is exceptional, the optic nerves are not backwards as what we see in human eyes but are turned around giving them slightly better vision, given the size and pupils, than a hawk has.
Their ears are also well made by the gods and are very sensitive, but the bones within the ears do not injure the inner ear with sounds that would damage the ears of most species. The inner ear is made more elongated so that when hyper extended the bones do not push against the eardrum enough to puncture it or for that matter even cause discomfort. The elongated design puts a limit to how much volume can be heard by the merfolk however as the bones can not change the amplitudes in the inner ear enough to relay exceptionally high volumes well, it also means that extremely soft sounds are heard as being slightly louder than they really are. As a drawback merfolk can't judge volume quite as well as other races. They can however, with such hyper sensitivity detect sound degradation to an extent that they can use this data to pinpoint the distance a sound has traveled through either water or air. They can not however, tell as easily tell how big or powerful the source of the sound is quite as well as other races but will have a limited range in this regard. Their lateral lines however can compensate for this and give them a sense of it while underwater. The hyper sensitivity can allow for them to pinpoint direction far better. The ear canals are much wider than normal allowing for much greater and much faster adjustment to changes in pressure.
The Inner ear mechanism for balance wasn’t just evolved, it like much of the Merfolk's body was engineered. Normally aquatic life simply shrinks the inner ear to enable aquatic acrobatics but the adaptation goes far beyond most aquatic species and enables a Merfolk to keep their sense of balance and orientation while doing the most mind blowing and dizzying maneuvers that would cause even the most acrobatic of seals or dolphins to loose their dinner. All while enabling the same excellent balance of even elves while on land.
They have three sets of tubes for balance, a set like a human or elf's, a set like a dolphins or whales, and a third even smaller set that reacts even faster and is even more unlikely to get off balance or dizzy. These three sets all go through a separate part of the brain that combines all the signals from the three sets into one signal. When one set becomes ‘jumbled’ due to aquatic maneuvers, that part of the brain blocks the jumbled signal, and relays only information from perfect signals.
They can withstand the high pressures of the deepest abyss in the sea, and the light pressures of the atmosphere and adjust between them faster than they can physically be moved without discomfort or injury. They can also withstand the freezing temperatures of the arctic waters and the heat of the water around thermal vents.

The Smackeral
Merfolk tails are extremely powerful, one strike from there tail can be devastating and break bones, knock unconscious or at the least stun and daze, and knock anything of it's feet for a distance that has a body weight up to 200% of the merfolk's body weight.

Merfolk bones while as strong as normal bones are a bit more flexible like one finds in marine life. They are not as brittle and while they are not necessarily stronger they can absorb far more shock.
Apart from the above specifications, their bodies are about as squishy as an elven body is, normal flesh but with bones that are a bit more flexible and shock resistant.

Merfolk may also change their tails to legs like those of a human or elves by sprinkling blood from the legs of any humanoid type land race that walks on two legs. There legs will be strong like their tails, coordination will depend largely upon how much time walking and running they have done with legs, however some things they will do exceptionally well to a level other races could never hope to achieve. Things requiring the simultaneous use of both legs such as jumping and landing with both feet they will do with a level of strength and coordination unobtainable by even the elves. Their legs will change back instantly if they get wet, at least eight ounces or one cup of water is needed. While changing back to fins and a tail is instant, transformation to legs is not and will take one or two minutes and the effect will last a minimum of twenty four hours and a maximum of thirty six hours. The effect can be refreshed simply adding a few more drops of blood. For which reason Merfolk often carry vials of blood around when walking on land.

Merfolk do not age or grow old. They sometimes however loose interest in life over tens of millennia of years. If they become too disinterested their minds start to die and they become more and more distant and inactive. Eventually they die leaving a perfectly functioning body behind with 'no one home'. When this happens the body does not normally become inhabitable by a spirit as the effects of having housed a cursed merfolk soul is still there. What happens is what is left follows bright lights instinctively, especially the sun during the day. When this happens they loose their natural instincts to eat or care for them selves but will follow the sun until their bodies are exhausted until they die, often washing up upon a distant shore. This is referred to by the Merfolk as 'Following the Sun'. When a Merfolk has entered this state, they are often followed by their mourning family and friends in a procession with much fanfare to bid them farewell.

A Merfolk's Mind

Merfolk can block telepathy whether physical or magical, they can not be controlled nor influenced. Their minds detect fear only subtly, fear to them is easily controlled and ignored. It is a very mild sensation they use as a sense for danger to alert them to be cautious, but never as a deterrent. Induced fear they sense differently, they are for the most part unaffected and only 'sense' that someone is trying to make them or others afraid.
Likewise darkness and temptations of the mind are sensed, but are easily dismissed.
Are able to see subtle signs in the expressions and eyes of other races, as well as read the energies given off by their souls. A merfolk can quickly see what is in the heart of others and have teachings and wisdom from the gods to determine good from evil. Can also sense Auras and their effects.
As a physical mental ability merfolk can see and feel magic and detect magic as well as se and feel magic being prepared and cast. Using this ability they are able to see the details of the magic.
Merfolk being created to assist the Leviathan were made not to fear certain things and are unaffected by fear inducing effects.
Merfolk have a sober mind, their minds are highly resistant to drugs and alcohol. Given their purpose, what else did you expect? You can't very well have Divinely Sanctioned punishers going about drunk now can you?

A Merfolk's Magic

The Merfolk of Valaria were created by the higher gods to assist the punisher of Valaria and even to be punishers themselves. As such their abilities to work and counter and control magic are second to none other than a lesser god, equal to any valid playable race or character as far as potency mastery and control are concerned. They channel their magic by simple intent, thought or will and need no runes or incantations or implements. They use their powers as easily as breathing with little or no outward signs which can make them rather dangerous in the right circumstances. The rules of preps in Role Play still apply as normal as do all other rules for Role Play.

Each Merfolk has counter spells, three of them each a separate ability. They are as follows.
-Counter Spell- Self explanatory, magic that counters a magical ability or spell.
-Redirect Spell- Redirects a spell or ability to a target of the menfolks choosing.
-Drain Spell- drains the magic from a spell or ability used. The merfolk may at the time of using this ability choose to retain this power for their own use, or dissipate the power without channeling it through themselves.
Barrier Spells
Each merfolk has three types of barrier spells that prevent damage from a generalized type of source. Tier One Merfolk can have no more than one barrier spell active that can protect from one attack or source of damage that falls under it's type. Tier Two Merfolk can have two barrier spells active that can protect against two attacks or sources of damage each that falls under that barrier spells type. Each barrier spell can last up to one hour RP time, or two turns in RP unless they protect against the maximum number of attacks at which time the barrier spell ends. For RP combat against another player it shall be two turns unless agreed upon to be an hour RP time before combat starts or the Judge, GM, or Moderator starts otherwise prior to combat. For general RP or combat against an NPC it is normally to be understood to be an hour RP time unless stated otherwise. These barriers are invisible and silent and can not be detected by means other than a form of detect magic. For combat with another player rules regarding preps apply according to the rules agreed upon prior to combat. Attacks that are united in some way shall count as a single attack. If attacks that fall under two types of damage are made, any barrier that protects against one of those types of damage may prevent the attack, also in the case of Tier Two Merfolk if two barriers are currently up that can protect against the attack, the first barrier cast shall be the one that takes the hit and only the first barrier cast. If damage can be and is defended sufficiently against by other means, the barrier takes no hits. Hits to a barrier are those attacks that would result in damage to the character the barrier is cast upon. Minor or insignificant damage such as but limited to scraps and bruises may be taken by the barrier or ignored by the barrier as judged by the player of the casting merfolk. It is advised to be remembered by the player that the barriers are magical and will protect against it's type of damage that is in some way potentially harmful, if the circumstance is such that a mere scratch might have ill effects or be taken advantage of it is perfectly legit to have the barrier protect against it and then in another instance when the same type of scratch has no potential ill effects to ignore the damage. A merfolk may cast these barriers upon any target and when cast upon another counts against their limit, a target may have as many barriers as the casting merfolk are able to cast upon them and may have barriers from multiple merfolk.
-Physical Protection Barrier- Protects against physical damage and poisons. If the merfolk is otherwise immune to the poison attack the barrier takes no hit from a purely poison attack.
-Magical Protection Barrier- Protects against magical damage or undesirable magical effects. A side effect of this barrier is that healing can not be done by magic from another character while the barrier holds. However, healing does not count against the number of attacks this barrier can withstand.
-Shock Protection Barrier- Protects against shock waves, pushback forces, winds and water currents, lightning and other forms of electricity, sound, vibrations, burning light, unwanted mental powers, and forms of energy that may cause harm that are not purely magical. As a side effect the target of this type of barrier can not benefit from air currents or water streams to include but not limited to the jet stream ability a merfolk may have or friendly telepathy or telekinesis upon their body.

Other Basic Magical Abilities
-Detect magic- Apart from their mental ability to do the same they can magically detect magic
-Detect magic prep and or cast- Apart from their mental ability to do the same they can magically detect magic preps and or casts
-Cleanse Water- Will cleanse and purify water of poisons, disease, curses, molds, yeasts, undesirable embraces, harmful darkness, stagnation, strong foul odors, harmful or inhabilitating drugs or effects and other undesirable or harmful things. Merfolk may cleanse up to a ten foot cube of water at first tier, and a twenty foot cube at second tier. Simple water only, fresh or salt water only and target water must be within thirty feet of the casting merfolk. Merfolk also have an aura that cleanses the same ill affects in both water and air not to exceed an eight foots distance from them.
-Crush and Collapse- This ability is a counter against elements or things projected through the water such as a dragons breath attack or cast fire from a demon or other forces not water that may be undesirable for some reason. The counter works by using the water to either neutralize or force the element to implode upon itself whichever makes sense for what the attack or occurrence is. The ability is limited by the volume per second the mermaid may collapse and crush. A 10 foot cube every half second for a tier one merfolk, and a twenty foot cube every half second for a tier two merfolk.
It may also trigger their "Cleanse Water" ability provided the type of attack targeted in some way defiles the water in a harmful way as a reaction to "Crush and Collapse". The volume of the projection that can be cleansed by this triggered cleanse shall be what the casting merfolk is capable of "Crushing and Collapsing". This ability can not be done effectively against freezing types of attacks or occurrences since ice is also water, however it may tighten the "beam" and reduce the area effected.

Each Merfolk has the ability to influence the evolution of an aquatic animal. it will take no less than seven generations to achieve full results, but will advance in each generation. For more dramatic changes it will take many more generations to accomplish the desired effect.This ability applies to natural sea creatures only, with the exception that Blue Merfolk can also influence natural land creatures evolution should they be lured to live out at sea. Only Blue Merfolk have the latter exception.
Merfolk will unknowingly do this with diseases that have entered their bodies. Bacteria, fungus, viruses, all become subject to this ability and will become more and more harmless each time it multiplies until the seventh generation when it becomes completely harmless. Some merfolk have learned to do this in the bodies of other races to heal their diseases as well. The subject however must be willing and spend some time in a natural body of water daily for no less than an hour for at least a month's time lest the merfolk's influence over the evolution of the disease vanish and they become ill once more as the disease returns to it's normal state. This one month period must begin before the healing and end after the healing had rendered the disease harmless.

Apart from these abilities, each Merfolk may chose another two abilities from a list for their given type.
A Merfolk character can be made to have only one such ability, or none. it depends on the creator of the character and how they wish to construct their merfolk character.

For a Blue Merfolk
-Rogue Wave- a large wave up to fifty feet tall that can only be used out at sea and not along the shore.
-Tidal Wave- a large wave up to fifty feet tall that can only rise close to shore and crash at the shore.
-Jet Stream- a jet stream under the waters surface that be up to fifty feet wide and travel as far as from one continent to another at speeds up to two hundred miles an hour.
-Sirens Song- Can sing a song learned originally from the Leviathan about returning to the Divine and source of all life. This song will draw creatures of the land irresistibly to the source of the singer if heard by them.

For a Black Merfolk
-Whirlpool- either a large whirlpool up to one hundred feet across and can extend to the very bottom of the sea floor, or a water funnel much like a tornado of water that can rise fifty feet tall and be moved about at a pace of five miles an hour by the summoning merfolk or remain stationary.
-Storms- A violent storm not to exceed a tropical storms magnitude or windspeed. Not Hurricane level. Waves caused may not exceed thirteen feet in height. The direction the storm travels is determined by the Merfolk upon summoning. To alter course or end the storm requires a separate use of this ability.
-Lightning- Can either channel the static electricity in the atmosphere as natural lightening if it is available, or summon magical lightning upon a single target.
-Sirens Song- Can sing a song learned originally from the Leviathan about returning to the Divine and source of all life. This song will draw creatures of the land irresistibly to the source of the singer if heard by them.

For a Gold Merfolk
-Red Tide- Can summon a red tide that can stretch up to two miles across. The poisons are powerful and will kill any living thing it comes in contact with. The poisons this produces are not found anywhere else and therefore resistances can not be developed. It will kill everything that remains in contact with the red water for longer than one minute. Death will occur in thirty minutes. Side effects are necrosis of the flesh that begin within one minute. Has no effect on 'true' undead.
-Undertow- can control undertows.
-Sun Spot- Can control the air and clouds to form a magnifying lens of sorts that will focus the suns rays much like a giant magnifying glass causing temperatures up to two thousand seven hundred degrees ferinheight.
-Sirens Song- Can sing a song learned originally from the Leviathan about returning to the Divine and source of all life. This song will draw creatures of the land irresistibly to the source of the singer if heard by them.

A Merfolk's Soul

The soul has always been a mystery, containing both darkness and light, and the free will to choose between them. It is the very essence of our being and what makes us, us. Each soul is unique, and precious, and all related and bound to one another. To make a soul to follow the Leviathan, to be able to judge souls and mete out punishment sanctioned by the Divine however, is impossible. For what soul can condemn another and be innocent? The Merfolk soul is very different indeed. It is not made of darkness and light, but what instead, manifests it and magnifies it within. Each Merfolk soul can only find peace when the darkness and light balance according to Divine will. The Merfolk soul itself is immune to either the corruptions of darkness or the effect of being blinded by Divine light. Because they do not have the Divine spark, they do not have the inner will to 'return home' as others do. They seek not to ascend, but rather that their world 'harmonize' with the Divine. Their soul, so different from other creations is not related, and therefore does not have the normal connection or empathies with normal beings, only to other Merfolk and the Gods. To them, the lives of other beings are a fantastic garden. A wondrous tapestry woven and created by the gods. One they must tend to, and assure that it goes well and according to the Divine pattern. For them, 'hell' is a world that the lives and souls sway from their god given destinies and fail to become what the Divine had in mind for them, their conscience instead of feeling guilty for the death of another, which their soul does not have the normal connection with, is guilty instead for allowing evil to disrupt this Divine pattern which is always seen by them in their very souls. The Merfolk, seeking only to harmonize rather than ascend, are naturally cooperative with each other to a degree uncommon among other races. That harmonization, is both inwards and outwards. This is why it is unacceptable that any Merfolk be under another's authority. They were created to follow their own will, for that will to be subject to another would be another disharmony with Divine will. The Leviathan knew this about them, and why he only seeks to teach and guide, never to rule over them. It is also why Merfolk never worship any God or Goddess. They have their nature given to them by the Gods, to follow that nature is the tribute they pay.
The essences of a Merfolk soul are highly destructive , they agree with nothing else created. They are of a different nature, magnifying any imperfection and destroying it. It will also unbalance the very elements and essences of that which it comes in contact with, creating imperfections that will cause it's destruction and rip it apart. Only the highest Gods that created the Merfolk have the ability and wisdom to deal with a Merfolk soul, and they made but one vessel capable of containing it, and that vessel is their bodies. Upon death, the Merfolk soul returns to the Divine for reincarnation as another Merfolk.
he Gods that created the Merfolk also cursed them. This curse makes them violent and bloodthirsty towards what disagrees with their inner nature. The curse combined with the very nature of the merfolk soul work hand in hand to make them the perfect punishers of evil. Guilty in their hearts not for murder or lack of sympathy, but for complacency against evil within their world.
That same curse while it will not destroy the Merfolk as it was made not to destroy or punish them, will destroy that which is not Merfolk. What touches the soul, becomes cursed. Hence, one should not drain them of their energies lest the curse fall upon them. Touching a Merfolk, nor being effected by it's magic, can relay the curse. Only that which captures, or devours the soul, or inhabit the body, or drain a Merfolk,s magic life force or spirit can one be affected. The very essences of a Merfolk soul can do this without the curse. There is a reason they were made thus, the Gods feared what may happen should the essences and natures of a Merfolk become subject to mortals, their nature and essences too destructive, hence they took extreme measures to assure that Merfolk would be contained, and that they should never interbreed with other races.
The Merfolk soul is a wild thing, carefully crafted to achieve the ends of the Gods who created them. Made not to be tampered with or corrupted by any. When you review how a Merfolk lives, and how they act, the nature of their soul reveals much about why they are the way they are. Why they feel beholden to none, why they are let loose upon the world so freely, why they are so malevolent and desire to do such violence against evil with such pleasure and yet, would give all that sadistic pleasure up and rather that they would not have evil to punish at all.
The Merfolk themselves are not a story of individuals running about free of normal constraints. Rather, it is a story of the end results of our own choices personified, the personification of the results of our own doing.

The Original Merfolk, the White
When the Gods first created the Valarian Merfolk Race, they were not born. They had no mothers who spent their pregnancy term in waters to develop their child into one of the three types. They were created by the Gods not as the powerful creatures of the sea who would aid the Leviathan in his duties, but rather they were created as the seed that would give birth to the Merfolk who would be. They are neither Gold nor Black nor Blue, but white. They have all of the abilities of all the types, but in a rather diminished fashion. At best they can summon two foot waves, focus the sun to be just a little brighter in a spot, make the waters turn a little instead of the powerful vortexes of a Black, call a small light flash in the sky but not bring down lightning, all abilities Merfolk may have they have but in a rather non dangerous form. Some of them however are extraordinarily powerful Sirens, and basic abilities like barriers and detecting and dispelling magic are as strong as Merfolk born today. No White Merfolk may obtain Tier Two, all White have Banishing and Binding abilities.
Appearance wise their fins are pearl white, as is their hair and eyes. Their fins are simple long and elegant and they have white markings all over their upper bodies. They are thin and frail looking, but are 5% stronger and faster than the average merfolk. They are cautious about their inner desires to punish evil, rarely if ever doing so, and extremely slow to be aroused to punish evil. However, once set in motion they become implacable and will not rest nor think about anything else until the evil that finally did provoke them is utterly vanquished. There are only a few White Merfolk in existence today, all of them in danger of 'Following the Sun'. Most occupy themselves with teaching and recording history to keep their minds occupied in an effort to stay the effects of their minds drifting away. A few others roam the seas like ghosts living almost like hermits.
To Play a White Merfolk one must first gain permission from Daya Autum as there are a limited number in existence. Also, one must demonstrate complete knowledge of all Valarian Merfolk Lore and Role Play.

Creature summoning

A Merfolk may also summon up to two species of aquatic animals from the prospective waters associated with their specific type, Blue Black or Gold.
The exception being that only Blue may summon mammals, and that Black may summon any apex predator with the exception of Orcas as they are mammals which only the Blue can summon.
The bestiary is the same as Earths, any animal that has not gone extinct within the last one hundred years may be chosen by a merfolk provided it meets with the above requirements.
To this list we add the kracken, a beast only a Black Merfolk may be able to summon should it be chosen as one of the two creatures.
In the future other creatures not found in real life may be added to the list. Below is the description of such creatures a Merfolk may also summon not found in Earths oceans.

-Sea Serpents
Sea Serpents come in two sizes, fifteen feet long and forty feet long. The two sizes are two very similar but different species. Both wander around the edges of coral reefs devouring the predators that come to feed from the abundance of food coral reefs offer. They will set out across the open sea going from one coral reef to another in search of sharks or other predators along the coral reefs. As coral reef dwellers, they are summonable by Gold Merfolk, each size counts as a separate summonable animal.
The fifteen foot variety typically come in matting pairs who share food equally and will aid one another without question even if it means certain doom. Both male and female will chase away those of the same sex laying sole claim for matting rights. The forty foot variety are strictly loners and mate rarely, combined with a higher demand for food, they are also far more rare than their smaller cousins. All sea serpents procreate by laying hard and strong as rock eggs along the walls of continental shelfs and abandoning them. Upon hatching sea serpents will fight to the death leaving the strongest to survive, the smaller then to find a mate and the larger to roam alone. Should they encounter one another on open water they typically ignore each other, unless they happen to attack the same prey (or ship) then they will fight. If they happen upon each other at a coral reef they will often yield to the more powerful sea serpent or matting pair of sea serpents. The outcome between a lone forty foot sea serpent and a matting pair of fifteen foot sea serpents is not predictable.
Both varieties were evolved in order to lower the number of predators feeding from the coral reefs who wander in from the open waters. Sea serpents of both varieties can come in many different shades of blue, grey, silver, black, and white. Some may even change between two or more of these colors at will. They are intelligent hunters who strike at their prey from below with a set of long razor sharp teeth , eighteen inches for a fifteen foot long sea serpent, three and a half foot long for a forty foot sea serpent. After sinking their sabre like teeth into their prey they will wrap their bodies around their prey to crush and devour them. Sea serpents have been known to attack ships thinking they are a large predator. Upon discovery that the ship is made of wood they will eat what sailors they happen to find and then leave not caring for the ship. Sea serpents are not related to the Leviathan and are simple animals with no magical powers.

-The Kracken.
The Kracken is neither Squid nor Octopus but a cross between the two, having the head of a squid and the propulsion of an octopus as well but advanced. It uses four chambers that draw in water from four separate intakes and squirt them out the same orarifice in a cycle that generates a smooth continuos stream. It has eight tentacles of equal size and shape linked on one side with the suction cups filled with hook like pincers to grab ahold. it's head and tentacle ratio is three to one with the head being the shorter in length. It's body can rival the Leviathan in size and can measure over eight hundred feet in length, but can be as small as one hundred feet in length fully matured as an adult.
These animals are the crowing achievement of the Black Merfolk's hand in evolving sea creatures. They were originally a tiny cephalopod smaller than a grain of rice used by the leviathan to eat away at organic material in areas no other animal could. It is immune to magic, including those of lesser gods, and it's ink retards both magic and fire instantly. They were in primordial times the Leviathans nano bots of sorts working in areas where he used his most powerful magics that would have killed anything else. After the Leviathan had finished his work he left the tiny krackens to themselves having finished his use for them. They were then discovered by the Black Merfolk, who saw in them incredible potential. There was a need for a behemoth sized predators with the Blues evolving whales, and with the Leviathan retreating to his deep gorges a need for a creature capable of bringing down the mightiest of creatures, potentially even fallen lesser gods. These kracken were ideal if not for there diminutive size. They began to evolve them larger and larger over hundreds and hundreds of generations eventually to be the behemoths and terror of the seas they became.
Highly intelligent like most cephalopods and with strength that simply is not be denied, and with beaks as strong as steel kept razor sharp by microscopic plates within their beaks harder than the rest of the beak leaving the rest of the beak to wear away with use so that the beaks stay razor sharp much like a rats tooth, the Kracken undeniably gave the merfolk the sheer muscle needed through the ages to keep the sea under there control.
The Kracken instinctively are fond of merfolk having been so radically changed by them, and may even attempt to play with any merfolk, gently wrapping the ends of there tentacles around the waist and pulling them about.

Second Tier

Below are the abilities gained in the earned second their.
To earn second tier one must first have completed a bio to the satisfaction of Daya. Afterwards, the Role Play quests and earning of second tier may begin. Upon completion of earning second tier one must update their bio before using second tier in Role Play. For details in earning the second tier abilities see Daya.

The water cleansing ability increases from a ten foot cube to a twenty foot cube. This not only greatly increases the amount of water a merfolk can cleanse but will also increase the rate at which 'Crush and Collapse' can be done as well. The cleansing aura however remains at eight feet maximum distance, only the used ability is effected.

These abilities earned in the second tier are water based, and can be done with up to four hundred cubic feet of water (20 x 20 Block) and up to one hundred yards away from the casting merfolk. Target water must be simple water or salt water. No water based liquids or drinks or things containing water.

Water hardening- can make water like a hard gel and control it to entrap or squeeze potentially to death. Only one spell can be active at any one time, and hardened water may not form complex shapes, snake like lengths and blobs only.

Water cooling- can cool or freeze water, only one piece at a time and simple shapes only

Water heating- can heat or boil water

Second tier physical advancement choices. May choose only one upon gaining second tier.

-jump 10 feet higher
-immunity to poisons
-five miles an hour increase in swim speed
-five percent greater strength
-poison barbs

banishing and Binding Abilities
One may also do a quest to learn banishments and bindings. Like second tier, one must complete a bio to the satisfaction of Daya before beginning this quest and upon completion of quest and approval update their bio before using abilities in Role Play. The Quest to earn these abilities are posted as "The Leviathans Quest"

Enhanced Chosen Abilities
When one has done both the Leviathan's Quest and earned Second Tier, their chosen abilities get a bump.

-Lightning may target up to five
-Storms may produce twenty foot waves
-Funnels become strong enough to topple stone structures and tear through flesh and can go up to a mile inland.
-Tidal and rouge waves may be up to seventy feet
-Jet streams may be up to two hundred and fifty miles per hour
-Sun Focusing may be used upon moon and starlight at night to achieve a two inch beam reaching fifteen hundred degrees.
-Red Tide may be made into a fog with a second post. Fog will last a half hour, or one turn in combat posting and may move in at five miles per hour. May cover an area seventy feet by thirty feet and rise no more than thirty feet high. One breath may be deadly with the same symptoms as the tide itself.
-Undertows become strong enough to sink small boats.

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