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Goodnight Rage

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1 Goodnight Rage on Thu Jan 04 2018, 18:21


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Rage followed the the singular direction given to him. It took him just over a day’s journey to reach a massive arena like dome. A single entrance before him with massive golden runes above the archway. The path hazy as if looking through a curtain of water. He took a deep breath and pushed his way in to see someone sitting on the other end in a large stone throne. Once inside the archway collapsed leaving no escape. Despite having no clear sign of lighting, there wasn’t a single shadow in which to hide in.

The other figure rose, standing just over 7 feet in height. His hair a deep blue that ceased its cascading flow at the male’s waist. Eyes glowing red pools like polished rubies. His muscular skin having long been kissed by the sun’s rays. Across the broad torso burned runes that glowed with the same crimson aura as Rage’s. They furthered their decent along his left arm.

“Zidourious, my grandson. I was worried you wouldn’t show. I am impressed, you are not as pathetic as I had figured you to be. Though this action alone is not enough to prove to me your worth. Not anymore...” The male’s voice was deep, ominous, and sang with and underlying tone of blood lust.

Rage scoffed, “Grandfather, I knew that was you. What do you want of me?!” Rage tensed his body.

“You are weak. You hide your family name, restrain from embracing your power, and more longer do you fight with purpose. You are worthless and unworthy to hold the name Remembrance. I am done letting you ruin our name. Today you will have your final challenge.” Zidourn took a deep breath and then exhaled. His own muscles bulged as his stance took one of battle, “Let me see you want to live.” He lifted his hand and beckoned for his grandson to come.

Rage bellowed and took off without hesitation. He launched his body and began slamming his fist viscously at his grandfather. The heavy thuds filled the dome as he swung hard into his torso. Each strike resonating with the mocking laughter of his grandfather who only glared down and watched him. Rage would leap back to see him still standing and laughing.

“That’s it? I give you the chance to open and you don’t even strike with an intent to kill? Pathetic. Can’t stop anyone if you want to hold back so much. How do you plan to protect that castle with such worthless attempts?” He shifted and launched himself forward. His right arm came with an obvious hook from the side. Rage scoffed and lifted his arms only to drop and began to vomit on the floor. His eyes falling to the left hand that he had struck with into his abdomen. “And to fall prey to such obvious tricks? You are not just a disgrace to me, but all warriors. That human blood...” he spun and smashed his foot into the back of Rage’s skull, forcing his face to bury into the earth, “Makes you a waste so meaningless that a sack of worm shit would be a better opponent for me.”

Rage rose up shaking and gagging. Mouthful of blood, bile, and rock fell from his mouth. The pain stinging through his entire body, “ did you...”

“Training, drive, and I fight with intent to kill. I have something to defend.” Zidourn spit at Rage’s body, “You clearly can not. Get up and die with some form of pride you disgusting human waste pot.”

“I..I fight..” his words were cut short as his mouth was filled with Zidourn’s kneecap. He was then thrown to the right with a sudden kick.

“Follow through...that was the first lesson I taught you, boy.” He shifted his body, “The second lesson...” the runes would begin to glow on his body as he focused his energy.

Rage looked up and began to try and mimic this, the runes of his arm glowing, “Runic art...Defensive wall.”

Zidourn smirked, “Runic Art: Siege Breaker” His body was a blur as he launched himself forward and sent four violent blows all aimed at the chest.

Rage felt them strike, his guard shattered after the first two as the final strikes slammed him back down into the earth. He coughed another mouthful of blood onto the ground. “I won’t..” he was flung across the ground with another strike.

Zidourn shook his hand as he finished backhanding the boy. “Live...the word you seek is live. I won’t let you sully the Remembrance line, nor endanger those people with your pathetic attempts to play warrior. I watched from a distance at your growth. You have no real purpose, no goal. You can fight what? Drunks and other powerless humans? I suppose among the weak, you are some what superior.” He walked up and lifted his grandson by his hair, “But when it always fall short. I am certain they are all sick of you now. I know I am...” he sneered, “One more shot...if you insult me die here.”

Rage balled his fist until his fingers tore into his flesh. He let out a yell and slammed it into Zidourn’s face with all he had. The runes flickering then fading on his arms as he tried to laugh at his hit. He felt the grip of his hair release, “I am not...” the words cut short as the hand was now crushing his throat. Zidourn’s eyes burned with anger.

“You are not my are not a warrior,” His own runes began to hum, “You are not alive...” he sent his fist into the boys chest. The thum filled the air with the sounds of cracking bones, “Waste of my time even killing you.” He dropped the broken body on the ground as he placed his foot on Rage’s skull, “I’ll make sure someone can find your broken corpse if they get an urge to even find you.”

Rage felt a tear on his check. He was too weak to make a single sound as he laid there. The cold heel of his grandfather’s boot the only thing he could feel, as well as the last as the foot shoved down. The popping sound filling the air as his blood sprayed out over the floor. “Perhaps the next time I have an offspring...the bloodline won’t be so disgusting.” Zidourn drug the excess blood from his boot onto the back of Rage’s corpse. “Farewell human, thanks for wasting my afternoon.” The arena collapsed around them as Zidourn left, leaving the corpse to rot where it lay...

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2 Re: Goodnight Rage on Sat Jan 06 2018, 15:08


Sadly, log, is accepted into the story line, we will miss the rpc Rage very much but it is a very well typed out death, and cant wait to see the next rpc you play with us hun.


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