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Greetings and welcome, only go forth if you are over 18 years of age, if not please turn back now. if you are over the age of 18 feel free to view and register for the fourm. thank you so much for coming to see us if this is not your first time here please log in.
Welcome Everyone Feel Free to Register Post and Partake We Are friendly Please Fill out the Rules as Soon as You Join After Please Read and Sign the Policies You May Then Browse at Your Leisure If You Need any Help Please Contact Anaya the Admin or Any Moderators it is Our Job To Help You

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Rules for Visitors/Explorers

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1 Rules for Visitors/Explorers on Sat Feb 09 2013, 02:28


Rules for New Comers.

DeLaRose Role play and Any other Role play linked to us are PRIVATE RPs. We who live here think of it as home. We will therefore expect visitors to act accordingly. If they do not, then they will be asked to leave (ejected and/or banned depending on what rule is broken or how badly it is broken).
As first-time visitor or explorer, you may explore the Rps as much as you like, within the rules that apply to you.
However, if you wish to play here, please read rules that apply to game players and Ask the Admin((Anaya)) if you are able to play in the RPs. First-Time Visitors must adhere to the following rules:

Any breach of the terms of service as current by IMVU Inc is a breach of Rp rules, this includes for example harassment, scamming and Bashing.
if you wish to read the IMVU TOS the link is below.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The following are not allowed to visit the Rp:
  • Children Avatars (under 18);
    Comic and ‘Cartoonish’ Avatars;
    Oversized Avatars;

Note for DeLaRose Rp: Please wear a medieval or similar outfit or ones that will match the fantasy Rp. If you are low on creds or do not have any please tell the Admin ((Anaya)) and she will A help you out on getting some. Or B allow you to look the way you are until some are able to be bought for you.
Thank you for understanding.

Please ALWAYS be RESPECTFUL and POLITE. If you are harassing, ruining Roleplay, being disrespectful to other people, sexually harassing someone, using racial slurs or doing anything that violates the rules and regulations set out by IMVU you will either be ejected, suspended or banned from our Rps.
This includes:
  • No – Shouting
    No – Playing music without asking
    No – Use of gestures
    No – Sexual comments out of character
    No – Fights
    No – Profanity
    No – OOC chat, unless you use (( )) or are in an OOC room.
    No – Race or breed bashing.

  • No – Voice boxes
    No – Pets without asking first
    No – Shields
    No – Power boxes
    No – Triggers
    No – Magic boxes
    No – Excessive KBs
    No – Music boxes
    No – Weapons with Trigger actions, unless you ask first
    No – Other similar triggered attachments

Please keep attachments to a minimum in general and comply if asked to remove something. This greatly reduces Rp issues (lag) and is consistent with IMVU Standards.

Sexual themes are included in these role-plays However, only registered players are allowed to participate in such activities. If you are new to the Role play DO NOT have sexual actives with other players till you pass a week long testing time. And gain your membership fully

Sorry. Flying is not allowed for New members unless you ask the Admin first as it is part of your Rp if you gain your membership you will be granted flying if it is in your Rpcs Bio and construction to be able to fly.
Humans cant fly even if you gain membership you still will not be able to fly. Sorry it is life

Thank you

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2 Re: Rules for Visitors/Explorers on Sat Mar 28 2015, 03:21

read and signed

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3 Re: Rules for Visitors/Explorers on Tue Jul 28 2015, 00:59

Read and understood for use and enforcement

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4 Re: Rules for Visitors/Explorers on Mon Mar 14 2016, 16:05

Read and understood.

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5 Re: Rules for Visitors/Explorers on Wed Nov 23 2016, 05:33

Read and understood.

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6 Re: Rules for Visitors/Explorers on Thu Jan 12 2017, 14:25


Read and Understood

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