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RP potential of AQW

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1 RP potential of AQW on Mon Feb 26 2018, 13:13


Overall the game is a normal RPG where you are a character that is treated like the only one by the NPCs and yet you can gather friends to you.

Internal quest RP: 7/10, While the quests are decent at keeping context in place they also sometimes use typing shorthand which breaks immersion.

External non-quest RP: 5/10, No regulation whatsoever on RP aside from language. There are no rules and the size of posts is about a single line on a standard document. 

PvP RP: 6/10, Many of the classes are imbalanced related to the others, but there is always a way to counter another class.

Overall RP rating: 6/10, While I can certainly see this is a nice way to RP I cannot condone using it unless you just want something to do while you RP.

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