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1 Roleplay Posts on Tue Feb 27 2018, 22:19

Posts that are performed within the RP rooms of Galandor are to be posted here!

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2 Re: Roleplay Posts on Tue Feb 27 2018, 22:19

An empty castle seemed befitting of this young Princess, now completely covered with jagged sculptures of ice, snow covering the wooden panelled floor and the curtains frozen in time, covered in a blanket of white. This would be the young elfs home now, after Queen Anaya had sent her home, only for Relia to find she had been abandoned by everyone, her kingdom and most importantly her family. Was it her fault they left? A question that has been going on through her mind for the past five days now, that would soon be answered.

Unsure of how long ago her parents had gone, to wherever as she had no clue, Relia decided to venture into her mother and father’s room, an adventure she had not taken yet. The chambers had obviously been disturbed, though only slightly and there was a faint, unfamiliar scent which barely hung in the air, so some days old she had determined but paid it no mind. Her mother’s desk caught her eye, a draw pulled open ajar.

A short rummage through it, Relia found a pendant silver pendant in the shape on a snowflake, with a note, in rough handwriting.

“To whomsoever should find my daughter, please know that I tried to take care of her, but my sickness was too much for me. Her name is Relia and I want her to have this.

Thank you.

Shi'Lara Haell”

Naturally so, this upset Relia. Not only had those she knew to be her parents, they also kept from her, the name of her real mother. Though Relia knew she was adopted, Johunn and Isleen told her they knew nothing of her parents. With eyes filled with tears, the young princess reached the chain of the necklace around the back of her neck, securing it in place. The silver snowflake weighed heavy on her heart.

It was only when Relia heard a shuffle from beyond the chamber door, did she finally stand from her statue-like demeanor. “Who is there?” She asked, her tears frozen on her cheeks and her hands froze as they clenched into fists. The door soon after creaked open slowly, to reveal a young man dressed in white. “Queen Anaya sent me ahead of you, please… I mean no harm.” - “You might not, I cannot say the same for myself.” The young princess was angry and walked slowly toward the male, backing him out of the room and down the corridor.

“I’m here to express peace, Your Highness. Merely to make sure that this place was safe.” With a heavy sigh, Relia rolled her eyes. “You mean, to find out for yourself the appearance of my Kingdom? So that you can report back to the Queen, what a sorry state this place is in. Do not think me naive.” The male kept a distance from her, though apart of him seemed to know it would not do him much good. They had walked so much, both of them found themselves in the royal hall, and Relia even ushered him over to the throne room.

Avoiding her mother and father’s chair, the young princess remained standing, scanning the area with a icy gaze. “You have searched around here, did you find anything of note?” Relia would say calmly, her right hand reached and gripped the silver snowflake. “Umm, well for the most part it was left as if the people just simply vanished, all their belongings remained, food left as if only just prepared, the only things missing were things like armour, sword, shields and the like. And this…” Cautiously walking forward, he placed a bag down upon the ground in front of her and while bowed produced a crumpled up note from his pocket.

“Should you find this treasure, tell the Princess Relia that her father is sorry he failed her and he hopes she finds what she seeks.” Relia read out loud. A moment of silence passed before she would simply let out a low laugh. “Is that it? No, where they went. Nothing, about my birth parents. Just, ‘I am sorry’. Pathetic. What is in the bag?” The frost elf lifted her gaze from the note, to the male. “Money, Princess.” - “Money? Well, consider that your payment for your troubles. And please, upon your return to your kingdom, pass on an invitation to your Queen. I would like to make an alliance with her, should she be interested.” Narrowing her icy eyes at him, Relia leant forward slightly after tearing up the note, the piece of paper scattered on the floor around her floor length dress. “Spend it wisely.”

And she disappeared down the nearest hallway.

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