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History of Braidwood

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1 History of Braidwood on Tue Apr 24 2018, 18:32

The Kingdom of Braidwood sits on and around Mt. Naruga, For generations the Kingdom has been led by the family who for the last few centuries had taken the name of the powerful volcano. Rank and Status in this society are easily distinguishable, Obsidian and Marble are the marks of High Society, those who posses even a sword made from the rock could be considered to hold high social standing, and be from a quite reputable lineage. 

Brimstone Keep sits on an overlook on the side of Mt. Naruga, with a perfect view of the Elven Kingdom with a magical barrier protecting visiting races and various artworks from the violent heat of the volcano, though this was not always the case, centuries before, King Filarion Naruga and those before him would not allow outsiders into the castle grounds, for what reasons none know, for they have been lost to the ages. For some time now, the kind and welcoming King Hethurin Naruga has held his rule over Braidwood, and just like the kings before him, has met visitors with welcoming arms, putting the artwork of the kingdom on display for all to see. 

Climbing 1,825 steps from the castle, a temple was constructed long ago, near the center of the volcano, when the First King Nylian Zinrora met with the fire elements: Annúngilel and Dinenil, making a pact with them to keep the Volcano Semi-Active, allowing for the colonization of the mountain, and in turn the elves would forever worship the sister's for their kind deeds.  Of course the deal was accepted and the Fire Elementals took up home in the temple that was constructed on a small Island of rocks.

It wasn't public knowledge that the Queen was having a vast variety of Miscarriages, but it was also never a secret. It took its toll on the Queen, loss after loss of children sat ill with the Fire Elf, and it turned her cold, reclusive, bitter. Hethurin knew a piece of how hard the loss weighed on his wife, he couldn't imagine how it felt to have to deal with such a thing for so long. He stormed into the Temple unannounced, nearly blatantly accusing the sisters of not upholding their end of the bargain to protect their people, but instead of smiting him for his trespassing, the sister's instead decided to take the high road, as king it was his duty to have a religious relationship with them so they knew how unruly the king could be when he was upset, and that he meant no harm by his intrusion. So they gave him the information that he required in order to lift the curse bestowed upon his family. 

It was then that Hethurin set out, to find the Necromancer, but he didn't seek him out himself, he sent scouts to find the one known as the "Grave Digger" Sephiria Zarkov, a notorious vampire lord that was often 'Cruel' at best, he offered her immunity should she decide to accept his summons. The King was pleasantly surprised when Zarkov stood in his throne room, and he was further surprised when he found how much the tale of the curse enraged her, he decided to spice it up with more detail in order to spark her anger even further.

It was not too terribly long before The Grave Digger had returned to the throne room, with a corpse, the corpse of the now frail Warlock. Zarkov had everything she could want after that. Her bounties erased, and her own manor in the Obsidian district of Braidwood; however, she made a mistake in falling for the sister of the King, the Queen witnessed Zarkov kiss Baralineth, and it enraged her, the act didn't sit well with King either, though he decided to look past it. It wasn't until Hethurin intercepted a message from Sephiria to Baralineth, a message that laid bare their secret relationship.

Royalty breeding with anything other than another Fire Elf was purely disgraceful, something that Hethurin could not, nay, would not stand for. He immediately took the message to his Queen, where the two would decide the fate of his older sister.

Lin was caught by her brother and his wife, the guards imprisoned her without trial for her crimes due to the severity of them, she sat in prison awaiting punishment, which came when the King and Queen's Elite Guard came and unlocked her cell, the Fire Elf Priestess was then escorted to the top of Mount Naruga where she found herself before the edge staring down into a sea of magma, a curse was placed upon her by the Queen, before her throat was cut, and her writhing body was kicked into the volcano. It was at this point that the curse had indeed been lifted, and that she was with child, the king and queen finally had an heir or heiress to the throne.

(End of Segment III)

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