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The White Goose Tavern.

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1 The White Goose Tavern. on Sun May 27 2018, 14:57

The White Goose Tavern


The tavern is family owned, a form of income for an old pack of Werewolves, whom reside in the forests around Iron and Galandor. For the past five generations, it has been run by the head of the family, with some even performing the roles of staff, if they wish it.
Most are welcome, with the exception of those that the Empress of Iron does not allow in her lands. A sanctuary for most, a momentary pitstop for the rest.
Surrounded by woodland, with roads going through and around, the inn is a hotspot for visitors who wish to rest their feet for a few nights, with stables to take care of their horses.

The Innkeeper is the Grandfather of the current pack leader, of Beluar Werewolves, an elder of the group whom is in his 60’s. He has an obvious scar across his left cheek, likely from a one that challenged him back in the day. - Markus Beluar

There is also a barkeeper, the brother of the pack leader. In his 40’s, he’s well known among the company that is kept in the tavern, for his fierce fighting skills. His body is covered in scars, yet still he stands, long dark hair and piercing yellow eyes, enough to send a chill down a grown man’s back. Also a guard for the tavern, dealing with any bar fights. - Richard Beluar

Two wenches, one is human (blonde hair) and another a wood elf (brown hair with long pointed ears). Both are beautiful in features and Richard has to give warning, from sexual assault often. Both women are in their mid-twenties and very good at their jobs, giving great service. The human has a wish to join the pack. - Genevieve Armond (human), Ruavia Thae (elf)

The cook is an older woman, mid 40’s and having an affair with the barkeeper. Not much can be said about her, she’s mainly in the kitchen when the tavern is open, and not seen by customers. What is known, is that she is human with somewhat dark brown, greying hair. - Sarah Crastor

Lastly, the “cleaner” whom is the grandson of the innkeeper, a young boy at the age of 13. He is a werewolf like his grandfather and uncle (bar keeper), however he has not yet come of age and cannot shift. He is the son and third successor of pack Beluar. - Daniel Beluar

Services offered are, rooms to stay in for visitors that wish to stay overnight, or a few. With chambers for families, couples or someone on their own. Each with their own reasonable price.

Family room *80 silver + 10 Silver per extra bed* - Couple *60 Silver* Single *40 Silver*

There is a reasonable sized range of beverages, from wine, ale, mead, tonics, whiskey, to vodka. The most expensive being whiskey at 20 silver, the cheapest being ale at 16 coppers.

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2 Re: The White Goose Tavern. on Tue May 29 2018, 00:33


Nickname: Lydi
Age: 136
Gender: Female
Race: Forest Faerie

Occupation: Wench

Marital status: Single
Spouse: N/A
Family: Far too many brothers and sisters to keep count, mother and father, and a lot of other family members.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Titania

Physical Description:
Lydi has long green hair, that she typically ties back in a single plat. Bright, big green eyes, long pointed ears and pink skin. Always accompanied by two green butterflies.

Likes: Making vines come up from underground to trip people up.
Dislikes: That she’s clumsy.
Language: Elven, Human, Faerie

* Speak with Plants - Lydi can question plants in 30 feet of her about events in the spell's area within the past day. She can also turn difficult terrain caused by plant growth into ordinary terrain and vice versa.
* Minior Nature Manipulation - Lydi can all upon the roots of trees underground, in a 30 feet radius.
* Creation - Lydi has used this ability to create two butterflies, typically green in colour, but when needed they can alert her to dangers.

* Two Butterflies - The two butterflies that accompany her, can change the colour of their wings.
Example; if she’s about to be attacked or being snuck up on, they will change red.

* Small dagger - Lydi has a small, silver dagger 5 inches long.
* Vines/Roots - She can use the roots and vines from nearby trees, either as a defence or weapon.


Not much can be said for Lydi, her past is very simple, living through the forest, protecting wildlife and keeping away from hunters. However, her childhood was a suffocation for her, with so many siblings and such a large family, it was hard to be herself. So, she set out to explore the world by herself, leaving her family.

She has since traveled through Valeria, sticking mostly to the Iron Dynasty. Until she happened upon a tavern, where she exchanged work for a room to stay in, being given a bed in the staff quarters.

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3 Re: The White Goose Tavern. on Tue Sep 04 2018, 12:44

[Two days after Xaei finds herself at the White Goose Tavern. Three days after she left the Iron Castle.]

Silencie: If you had told the Princess of the Iron Dynasty, that she would be here a few days ago, she'd never believe you and return to playing with her favourite teddy. As was her life not too long ago, a young and innocent child, oblivious of the world between her tough past and her wonderful present. She had been blessed with a loving family, and now was the time to earn it, after receiving the gift of aging from her mother, for reasons she was yet to find out, as no sooner was the young girl now and adult, had she run from the castle by the instructions of a woman, whom was once her Nanny. After arriving at the White Goose Tavern, not far from the castle she was being raised in, Xaei quickly managed to secure herself a job. A bar wench as the cook joked, the old woman wise in her age but never missed a chance to make Xaei, feel as comfortable and at home as possible, which is what this place now was, with a small room up in the attic. "Xena, come take over the bar for me, I am going on my break." Richard, the son of the Innkeeper knocked Xaei out of her daydream, calling the name of the allias she had given them. Afterall, the princess wanted to keep a low profile, as much as she did from wanting to keep them from finding out, she was a dragon. Human forms were simple. "Yes, of course. Be sure to eat something this time." Saying softly with a smile, she nodded to the man as she passed him, taking his place behind the counter, that greeting many customers, common and not every day. Today was no different, with the sun shining and a cool breeze, welcoming weather indeed. The tavern was already reasonably packed, with a few usuals chatting in the back at their selected tables. One at the bar, drinking his way through his troubles and a bottle of scotch. Xaei started by cleaning the counter, just to keep her hands busy, while waiting for the next customer to expect her attention. She smiled and sighed happily, it might be a brief stop before the dragoness began her true journey, but it was indeed an enjoyable one.

LordxSinister: -The ruffian known only by a select few as Sin wandered into the small tavern his rough look giving some the need to stop and stare for a moment. It bothered him not as he glanced at the notice board for a moment seeing if any more jobs had come in. He gives a soft sigh not seeing any that interested him. He had once been a Knight. A brave warrior who had led legions into war and had returned victorious every time. His reputation as the deadly Knight had been far known across many Kingdoms and very few dared to threaten the Kingdom he had worked for. That had all changed though when he had fallen in love with a Princess. He had been caught with her and should have been given the death penalty. However, the King saw fit to strip him of his title and banish him from the Kingdom. Death would have been a lesser punishment. These days, Sin worked as a sword for hire. A bounty hunter and mercenary. He cared little for life much less anyone else's. He turns his head looking at the bar maid and walks to the counter slipping Six gold coins on the top "The usual please" Though he was polite, his voice was one who was lost and forsaken. He turns and heads to a table with a lone traveller sitting at it. Sin takes a seat and the traveller half scrambles from his stool to find another table. Sin snickers slightly and relaxes his eyes scanning each occupant in the room. Maybe work would come via word of mouth. If not, he was sure he could get himself into trouble tonight somehow. Maybe after the Ale had flown a bit and men started getting rowdy. That was always fun. He looks from his seat to the barmaid and emits another sigh. There was something about her that kept him coming back to this tavern specifically though he was not sure of what it was. Maybe they had met before or maybe it was a deep seated infatuation. It was not like he couldn't visit a whore house and get laid but Sin preferred not to do such things. He liked to keep as clean as possible though the blood stains on the only clothes he owned would not suggest so-

Silencie: It didn't take long for another regular to enter, as she was told by the owner while her own time here, had been short so far. This one seemed kind enough, and questions about the bloodstains on his clothes did tend to plague her mind, however he paid well and it was enough to keep her quiet, as was the insistence of the barkeeper, who usually held this post. The man's usual, as she was only new to knowing, would be a mug of ale which she began to prepare for him, the moment the male walked through the threshold and, as would be customary she waited for him to pick his seat, before delivering that beverage to his table, with her kind smile and one of the gold coins he had presented to her, in hand and was placed on the table as well. "Boss said you tip too much and pay too much in general. I can't accept anymore from you until you're caught up. So, what else can I get you? Sarah (the cook) has baked a very nice cherry pie that smells delicious, if you asked my suggestion." Xaei was casual, perhaps a bit informal with the male, but it was all in a job well done. If you could not be familiar with your regular customers, it wouldn't be a good business, after all. Another “wench” who worked in the tavern alongside Xaei, was topping up the other patron’s drinks and calmly placed a cloth in “Xena’s” hands while walking past her, the woman’s tray full of empty glasses while balanced perfectly. Genevieve, the young human girl who lived in the nearby village always greeted Xaei with kindness, it wasn’t long ago she was new herself after all. Xaei took to quickly cleaning the male’s table, which had been recently sat at, by a pie eater that tended to make plenty of mess.

LordxSinister: He looks up at the female as she brings him his drink and places the gold coin on the table. He takes her hand in his palm up and places the coin in her palm before closing her hand and letting it go. He did not speak much but his eyes said he would take offence if she refused his gesture any further. He knew the tavern struggled at times and the money he gave would help this family through the cold cruel winter ahead. There was a kindness in the male yet it would not be shown by normal means. This tavern was his resting place. Almost somewhere he could call home without actually having a home. Maybe better known as his base of operations. Either way, he needed to ensure it stayed open and the same family ran it. They knew his business and kept quiet about it which suited Sin just fine. He spoke in soft tones doing something he had never done before in all the times he had come here "Get me and yourself some of that pie and join me" He would say inviting the young barmaid to sit with him. There was a gasp from some in the room as usually Sin sat alone and hated to be bothered. Last one who had decided to bother Sin was one that got too familiar with the barmaid. He was found the next day face down in a ditch with a very suspicious dagger wound between his shoulder blades

Silencie: Xeai stared at him with a soft glare, but quietly accepted it regardless and would put it to the cause of the tavern, without her boss finding out later. She mouthed a silent "thank you" to him and stood straight once again. A small giggle escaped the woman's lips, after he'd asked her for the pie and requested she join him. Normally she'd respectfully decline, but this wasn't a normal man. Nodding the woman gave her smile and put the cloth she had been given, on the bar counter. "I do not know about you, but I am having cream with my pie." She said, before disappearing into the kitchen. The gold coin the male had given her, was placed on an unused part of the cooking surface, before tapping the busy woman on her shoulder. "Umm, so HE came in and has asked me to sit with him, to eat pie..." - "Say no more, my dear. Here you go," The elder woman said softly, Sarah had been the most welcoming of the family. Knowing "Xena" liked cream, two plates were handed to her, along with a small bowl of cream for the man Sarah new as "Sin". "I will let Richard know when he comes back from his break." - "Thank you." The break room was a small area behind the kitchen, used mainly for stock but also a quiet space. The next time the man saw her, was a short time later, balancing the two plates each having a slice of the freshly cooked cherry pie, one soaked in home made cream, and the other with the small bowl on it, making the cream optional, or rather the amount which would depend on how bad the day went. The chair next to the male was empty, but soon occupied by Xaei's rear after having put the plates on the table, forks pierced into the top. "Your pie, Sir." A smile, like always was given and she'd wait for him to take the first bite, before doing the same herself. A small trail of steam raised into the air from the soft centre.

LordxSinister: He gives a nod of thanks and picks up the fork in one hand as he transfers the cream from the bowl over his pie with his other. Using the side of the fork, he cuts into the pie then takes the chunk on his fork leading it to his mouth eating happily "Sarah has always been a good cook and knows how to satisfy a man's stomach" He continues to eat his cream smothered pie stopping every often for a sip of Ale that was locally brewed and a speciality of the Tavern. He smiles a rare smile knowing that he had been given the good stuff and not the watered down beer served to most the drunkards that came through these parts

Silencie: Xaei dived into her pie, eating like a lady through the pie and cream, the word delicious did not do it justice. Sarah gave her the task of collecting more cherries, for more pies in the near future so she'd have to make it a task to find the best place. Xaei licked the corner of her lips, a spot of cherry sauce before replying to the male. "She does indeed and she sends you her greetings. I shall be sure to pass on your compliments, it will brighten her day. Speaking of, how are you today? That is a lot of cream for a good one." She said with a small chuckle, before returning to the plate, cold pale lips making sure not to spill or drop a crumb. The cream was filling and she soon found herself unable to finish the remaining, so sat with her elbows on the table, chin resting in her palms.

LordxSinister: He finishes his own pie before he speaks again but this time keeping his voice so only she could hear him "I ran into the old King today on a hunting trip. I have a chance at reclaiming my title with a few extras thrown in. Seems the old bugger missed me and war is threatening his Kingdom again. Though nothing comes without a price does it Princess?" He knew his question would cause a reaction so he places a hand on hers calmingly his eyes meeting hers in a manner that said everything was ok. "I had a feeling it was you Princess but was not sure until now. It seems I am to watch over you for a while and ensure your safety in times to come. I am as non pleased as you are about this but he is still my King as he reminded me today. Plus Twenty sword points held toward my body"

Silencie: Xaei's head tilted to the side slightly, while she listened to his hushed words. "That sounds wonderf-..." Her body went rigid as she'd become noticeably tense. "How did you...?" Her father, Samuel; King and Emperor of the Iron Dynasty. Cheeks a bright red, Xaei swallowed a lump of air in her throat and sighed softly. "What are you going to do now that you have found me? I cannot go back. Mother did this to me for a reason. I did not want to wait around to find out why. I'm learning the world on my own..." She rambled, ranted while panting a bead of sweat rolled down her brow. This was one way to wash down some tasty pie. "I will not go back, not yet." She added, firmly but hushed so no one but him heard her. Xaei looked around at the room, an extra precaution to make sure no one was listening in on their conversation. "Why did my father send you to watch over me? I've survived this long on my own."

LordxSinister: He holds her hands in his still looking into her eyes "Is there somewhere private we can talk? Too many ears in here and what I have to say cannot be heard by any"

Silencie: Xaei looked down at her hand in his then nodded softly. "I will let Sarah know I have to head out for a moment, but I cannot stay gone for long." Standing, she took her hand from his and disappeared for a short time into the kitchen, explaining quickly to the old woman that she had to leave for a short while, explained with who and the woman understood. "Just be careful." She said lastly before Xaei left, walking past Sin ushering him to follow with a short wave of her hand. Outside it was warm, the setting sun didn't change that as was typical for Summer. Not far from the Tavern was the forest, a secluded area away from anyone who didn't need to hear the conversation, that was about to happen. Leaning against a tree, she waited for the male to join her, arms folded across her chest and a scorn upon her face, fidgeting with unease.

LordxSinister: He follows Xaei into the secluded clearing all the while his eyes scanning the trees above and all around them. He walks to her form and stands just in front of her before speaking in a hushed tone "War is always threatening but the King is worried about this one. Worried enough to find me and ensure your safety. He knows I was close to you before and knows I will protect you no matter what. I will ensure your safety in the tavern without you having to go back if that is your wish." A tear forms in his eye which he quickly wipes away hoping she didn't see "Damn night flies huh?"

Silencie: With a shrug Xaei looked away. "My father enjoys a good war but he loves his family more, and I respect that. I am not ready to go back yet. A few days ago I was a kid, mother feeds me a potion and suddenly..." She gestured to her breasts. "I'm not used to be an adult yet, and I feel until that time, I am not ready to be at home. I love my mother and father, I do not want to be away from home, I need to be. If you being here, puts them at ease then I will respect that." She looked to him with a saddened expression and sighed heavily. "Yeah, night flies..." Xaei said softly, wiping a tear away from the corners of her own eyes. "They know you here, so I do not want anything to change. I do not want them knowing you are here for me. They are good people, kind. Helping me figure out the world, the messed up way that it is." Rubbing the back of her neck with a hand, Xaei looked off through the trees.

LordxSinister: "Well it looks like the stables are going to be my permanent bed for a while" He speaks as he gently wipes the tears from her eyes "Our time was brief but did you forget me?"

Silencie: The dragoness laughed half-heartedly as he wiped away her tears. "A lot has happened. You do not exactly let people in." She said, speaking on personal matters. Another soft sigh rolled off her cold, pale lips and she shrugged off the tense feeling. "I would not ask you to stay in the stables. We have spare rooms, I am sure Richard would give you one for a time. Or maybe in the kitchen." She joked with a soft glare in his direction, walking around him with hands clasped behind her back. "My father trusted you enough to find my and take care of me, the least I could do is give you a comfortable bed to set yourself up on. Just.. No killing anyone, please... I see enough of that around my parents. I remember what you are capable of, just not here."

LordxSinister: He holds his hand up for silence as he listens then speaks in a stern tone "Run, get back to the Tavern. Do not look back, do not stop for anything. Go. Now" As he speaks, he pulls Two secluded daggers from his belt facing the direction he had heard the noises coming from which were now steadily getting louder

Silencie: Her words, her request would be short lived apparently as he gave her warning, but Xaei didn't dispute and did as he told her, returning quickly back to the tavern, making sure she shut the door behind her. Slightly out of breath, Richard looked at her with a concerned look. "I am fine, he asked for the recipe of Sarah's cherry pie, had to respectfully decline. I know it is a family secret." Richard would not press the matter, but gave a smirk and poured the young woman a glass of water, Xaei looked like she needed it, and sure enough gulped it down. She caught her breath, sighing softly. Curious of what was going on beyond in the woods, but knew better to peak and returned to her tasks, of cleaning up tables and topping off mugs of ale.

LordxSinister: The beast that crashed through the trees and faced Sin was one he recognised but never thought he would see this far from the mountains. The troll that stood in front of Sin was easily a good 5ft taller and probably more wider. Sin stanced himself ready to attack as the troll looked angry. The troll went to kick Sin out of the way but Sin was able to dodge the kick whilst spinning and slicing across the ankle with his dagger. Not a deep cut but enough to tell the troll he was no easy meal. The troll winced in pain and responded by bringing his fist down to the top of Sin's head. Sin crossed his hands above his head deflecting most of the blow but it was enough to send him to the floor where a sharp stick speared through his left shoulder. Sin cursed and rolled back to his feet paying no mind to his injury as he charged at the troll moving to the side at the last second slamming a dagger into the upper thigh of the troll causing it to fall to its knee. in an instant, Sin would have his other dagger at the trolls throat "Speak troll or die. Why are you here" the troll responds in an almost childlike voice "Please mister. Troll village gone. Troll only want food for family. No kill troll. Troll sorry he scared mister." Sin relaxes a little and retrieves his dagger from the trolls leg placing them both back in his belt "What happened to your village troll?" Sin asks "Troll village taken by invaders. Many troll taken as slaves to fight in human army. Troll no wants to fight. Troll want only peace and love of family" Sin nods understandingly "I have task for troll. Troll will guard these woods and keep humans out unless human is me or human travels with me. In return, you may hunt as much food as you need for your family Is that understood?" The troll nods his head happily "Yes mister. Troll grateful mister spared troll life. Troll and family owe great debt to mister. Troll will do task set" Sin nods and walks from the forest back to the tavern the pain in his shoulder worsening with each step. He opens the door then collapses agains it sliding down before simply saying "Ouch"

Silencie: A while had passed, patrons were asked to remain inside at the Innkeepers discretion, after a warning given to him from Xaei, and they all received a free drink for their patience. Not much else could be done, except wait and hope for the best. Xaei struggled to keep the frost dragon within her at bay, a human she had to continue to be to avoid unwanted questions. Finally Sin reappeared but seemed to be hurt, as he collapsed against the door. The dragoness was about to rush forward, to him to make sure that he was okay, however the Princess had to keep up appearances so she let Richard rush forward, aiding Sin to make sure that he was okay. Instead of showing too much concern, Xaei distracted herself by collecting a mug of Ale for the male, and presented it to him. "Take it easy." She said quietly.

LordxSinister: He downs the Ale then makes his way to go to the stables to rest after seeing to his wound. He reaches the stables and pulls out his pouches. He lights a small fire and rests an Iron arrow head in the fire letting it heat up steadily. He removes his shirt and discards it in the rubbish pile before taking the heated arrow head and pressing it to the wound. A sizzle of cooking skin is heard and a sight wince from Sin as the wound is sealed. Once done, he places the items back in the puch and lays back in the hay closing his eyes

Silencie: The Princess sighed heavily, whatever it was that made Sin tell her to return to the tavern, it seemed to be sorted now and things were calm again, those that were asked to remain had left to go home, the sun now mostly set and it would be time to shut up shop soon. Xaei saw off Sin who headed to the stables, the room she had offered him was declined, she supposed. Maybe another time. An apology was shared from her to Richard, but he wouldn't hold it over her and said there was nothing to be sorry for, and even told her to have a lay in, the stress seemed to show on her. Shutting the door to her chambers, one of the small rooms in the tavern, Xaei shed her human form, showing only to her the white horns and tail that she'd been hiding all this time and retired for the night, sleep came easy but not without haunting thoughts.

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