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Xaei and Relo's Side Story [ 18+ caution ]

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1 Xaei and Relo's Side Story [ 18+ caution ] on Sat Jun 09 2018, 13:39

Silencie: Xaei sighed heavily as she scrubbed the floor with a rough sponge and bucket of soap, reaching her hand she rubbed the back of her hand against her brow. "You missed a spot!" The cook screamed, punching his fist into a bowl of dough, making flour puff up into the air and land around the floor. Xaei snarled quietly, but said nothing, the dragoness couldn't afford to show her true nature. So, she continued on with her job and was dismissed sometime later, the sun was set and the moon high in the sky. "It must be late..." The dragoness stated, dusting off the flour from her dress and into the wind, a soft breeze blew by carrying it off. "I need to get out of here. I need..." Xaei didn't waste any time, she was off like a bolt and into the nearby woods. Once she reached a clearing and out of sight from anyone, she shifted into her true form, for the first time since she had grown, unable to control her emotions from doing otherwise while she cried. A loud roar erupted through the trees as a large white dragon extended its tail into the air, wings reaching high into the air and as she swung them downward a few times, her large clawed feet lifted up off the ground, slowly but surely she was up above the clouds. Freedom at last. Xaei sored through the sky, doing loops around mountains and tall buildings at the dead of night. It felt so nice being in the air, for the first time in her young life, with a mix of feelings, emotions and sensations… Maybe adult life will be fun after all. It felt so nice, the feel of the air rolling over her scales and wings. Xaei was flying for a while, until all of a sudden a thick fog appeared, making it very hard for her to see an inch in front of her face, so she turned down toward the ground and decided to find shelter until it has passed, finding herself a cave somewhere in some woods. The ground vibrated slightly under her feet as the large dragon walked into the darkness.

The vibrations created from the white dragon echoed through the cavernous home. Deep within the darkness of the cave twin ice blue eyes appeared, glowing dimly. A deep growl radiated towards the female dragon.  The massive creature took up most of the back of the cave it’s massive size seeming pressed at the back. A glint of silver glimmered in the fading light created from the entrance as it shifted and moved about. The glowing blue orbs scanning the creature that entered its lair. “LEAVE….” a deep rumbling voice echoed almost hissing and shaking the very walls of the cave. Relonikiv flexed the muscles of his twitching tail. There was a crunching the sound of bones as the lumbering shape moved forward. The dim lighting revealed the head of a large silver, along one side of his face was a large scar that had cracked the scales of the left side of his face, the left horn atop his head was shattered at the base and seemed to have been broken for a long time. His eyes stared at the white female dragon that entered noticing she was much smaller than himself. “This mine… Find your own…” The old dragon said grumpily. Its large icy eyes stared at her, his pupils narrowing to thin slits as the spikes on his griff vibrated from an even deeper growl.  

Silencie: Xaei carefully and quietly looked around the gave, but when she heard something moving, the dragon went completely still. Her pale purple eyes searched the darkness for whatever it might be, and caught the faint glint of something silver. It moved. Xaei began to back away slowly, a dragon in reverse wasn't entirely practical and her tail bumped into the rock wall a few times. 'Leave', a voice sent a chill down her spine all the way to the tip of her tail and wings. With a soft thud of her clawed feet she turned away, putting her head outside of the cave. Looking up at the sky the dragon whimpered, it was still very foggy and she could barely see above the trees. She couldn't be caught wandering the wilds either, she'd be hunted for sure. His next words sent another shiver down her spine, afraid more for the hunters beyond the cave than him, she turned back into the cave and lowered her body to the ground, tail turned against her side and wings folded in. Her snout rests on a rock, jaw slightly open as she spoke back. "Please, I just need somewhere to stay until the fog clears, then I will be gone. I swear." The moon, when it did appear through the clouds, which wasn't often, would shine off her white scales. "Please..." She begged again, trying to keep herself small. The dragoness understood from her mother how her kind could be, so remained as she was until he would say otherwise. His presence was an unquestionable one, even if she couldn't see him yet, except for the faint, occasional shine of silver.

The silver stared hard at the female. A thud of scale on stone sounded as he smacked his tail against the floor of the cave. The orbs of his eyes shifted over the creature standing at the edge of the cave before opening his wings as wide as he could and beat them kicking up a gust of wind towards the female. The effort was more of a stretch as he shifted folding his wings back once more and turning around in the cave turning away from her. He started lumbering off to the back of the cave again pushing past the entrance towards a larger enclave. A grumble emitted from the male the spiked whiskers along his jaw twitching and vibrating. “The dragon turned its eye back to the female his eye dimly glowing as it stared at her. “When the sun peaks the horizon….no later... or else…” Relo wasn’t keen to the idea of sharing a cave with another the thought placed him on edge making him feel more aggravated. The deeper part of the cavern was much larger and had a ledge that Relo clawed himself up to and began lounging. Placing his snout against the floor and he closed his eyes his massive shape outlined by the light drifting in from a hole above the slow dripping of water running over stalagmites filled the otherwise quiet cavern.

Silencie: Xaei shut her eyes as a gust of wind from the wave of his wings, sent dust up at her face, she didn't say anything nor move. As she heard what seemed to be him relaxing again, the dragoness opened her eyes to see him moving deeper into the cave. When he said she could stay, at least for the time being Xaei smiled, in a way that a dragon could. "Thank you." While keeping low, she walked further into the cave, while the cold didn't bother her it wasn't actually something she liked, much preferring the warmth despite being a Frost Dragon. Xaei kept a good distance, no matter what her dragon instincts were telling her. She had never been around a male before, and needless to say, not out loud of course, the dragoness was having odd feelings, like when she was squeezing the bumps on her chest. Xaei tried to stay back, but she was curious, that had not changed about her at all, and for a moment her thought went to her father, on if he would still give her a pet spider when she returned to the castle. The dragoness shakes her head and, trying to stay warm she lay not too far, but not too close to the exit, should he decide to get fed up of her before the agreed time, she curled up into a ball. She had walked in enough to see him now, he wasn't much different from her in colour, more shiny maybe and a whoooole lot bigger, while she only took up a small portion of the cave, he took up a lot. Intimidating was an understatement. After a moment of silence, she decided, probably stupidly, to speak again. "What is your name? Mine is Xaei." The Frost Dragon asked him, her voice given a slight echo from how deep the cave was.

With a gruff response the larger dragon turned his eyes towards the smaller narrowing its lids as if her question annoyed him. He huffed a burst of white air from his nostrils a scent caught his nostrils and begrudgingly he turned his head away. Pressing the front of his nose against the rock walls. Then turned his eyes back at the female seeing that she was sitting there staring at him with the same questioning look in her eyes as if she was waiting for his answer. “Relonikiv….” He said before shifting on his belly the scent he caught didn’t sit well with him. He looked at the female calling herself Xaei. He wasn’t familiar with the name or its origin, then again he was falling flat on his own names origin as well. He soon laid his head down and was starting to drift to sleep. At least he was when the deep scar on the left side of his face reaching over his eye pulsed with a searing pain. He let out a growl and a hiss, raising a clawed hand up to his face. Grabbing and covering the scar his tail lashed about as his back feet kicked back and dug at the ledge. The tantrum caused him to kick off the edge of his loft and land to the bed of the cave shaking the enclave with the weight of his fall as he let out a deafening roar his ice blue eyes had turned a deep red as if filled with a frenzy and rage as he writhed in his phantom pain.

Silencie: Xaei stared at him intently while waiting for him to answer her, her pale violet eyes looking over his face, to the scar over his eye. 'I wonder how he got that.' She said to herself, almost not hearing his reply during her trail of thought. "It is nice to meet you, Relonikiv." Things went quiet again, Xaei was unsure of what else to say, but the quiet made her feel more tense, than she already was. She let out a small, quiet huff when he appeared to be falling asleep. The dragoness wasn't at all tired, despite working. Maybe it was the excitement. Xaei jumped, quickly standing to her feet when he growled, and put his clawed hand on his face. Why? She didn't know where to look, between his tail that swung around, to the discomfort he seemed to show. Xaei felt the ground shaking beneath her feet and decided, perhaps all too brave, to walk closer to him. "It's okay." The dragoness said quietly, gradually getting closer to him until her small frame was stood near him, dodging his tail and wings all the while. She flinched when he let out a loud roar, only hearing ringing in her ears as she laid down beside him, her head rests on his, over his clawed hand that covered his eye. It must be the scar that she saw before, it was hurting him somehow and she didn't know what to do. "Calm down or the cave will fall around us." She said, quietly again trying not to anger him more. She panted heavily, that feeling growing more intense as she was now touching him, his body was warm and it was soothing, despite what was happening.

Relo, through a haze of red stared at the female dragon feeling the white place her head against his own. There was that scent again he thought as he fidgeted and growled. He pulled himself away from the female and started pacing around the cave digging the side of his face along the cave wall. Rising on his hindquarters he reached for one of the stalagmites above gripping them with his foreclaws the griff of his jaw vibrating as he growled. With the moon the scar on his face would be more readily viewable it was as though something had torn away the scales of his face leaving a hideously disfiguring black scar just behind his eye as if some spell or much larger dragon had attacked him leaving a permanent mark that contrasted with the shine of his silver scales. He let go of the stalagmites and landed on his foreclaws with a thud as he stepped towards the female dragoness his vision red with agitation yet a deeper part of him reacted to the females scent overriding the bloodlust inducing pain.

Silencie: Xaei stumbled back a little as he pulled away from her, she laid on the middle of the cave and watched him cautiously, ears still ringing. She didn't say anything still, after all nothing stopped him from turning on her, even though she was certain he was angry because of the pain and not her being here. Xaei saw his scar again, more clearly as the moon shines down on it, and she frowned. It had to be the source of his agony. "I could-..." She began to say but he had stepped off from the wall again, the ground shook beneath her feet. Xaei made herself small again as he stepped toward her, she didn't want to take her eyes off of him, as he seemed to hunt her down. "I-I can go... Or... I could maybe... My ice breath, it might soothe it, maybe..." The dragoness said softly, her flesh felt warmer and she pants louder.

Relo stared at the female and his nostrils flared a huff of white frost like smoke flowing from his snout as he inched closer to the female. Her scent was what was odd, The pain he was feeling being only a side effect perhaps but the creature in front of him made him feel feral. A deep rumbling filled his throat the whiskers behind his jaw vibrating as he crouched low, like a beast stalking its prey readying to pounce. His eyes slitted shut and opened his jaw open slightly as the growl began radiating more. His eyes open and He jumps and pounces the female letting his foreclaws bound over her as he went to throw his weight against the smaller female. His claws would rake at the top of her shoulders to push her to the ground his large jaws coming close to her face as he looked down at her, his nostrils flaring as he sniffed her.

Silencie: Xaei became more noticeably scared the closer he got to her, the space between them getting shorter and shorter with every deep breath she took, and with no response to her offer the dragoness started to back away from him, in small slow movements, her hind legs feeling the floor as she did. He was stalking her, every sound he made she heard it echo through the cave and she ducked her head, snout dragging across the warm stone. Xaei became still once again as soon as he was in the air, her assumption was that he was trying to block off her exit, so she quickly looked for another, her eyes darting around the dark room. She cried out when he landed on her back, his larger size weighed her down, as she tried to pull out from under him, his claws rake against her shoulders and she growled. "G-Get off me!" Her tail reached and tried to swat at his back, with whatever strength she did have, but she wouldn't be surprised if he'd even flinch. Her head turned away him his, while he breathed in her scent, claws dig into the ground breaking the rock beneath her feet.

The Silver growled deeply the sound vibrating through his core and in to the smaller female. He pressed down with his foreclaws pinning her down as he wrapped his teeth around the back of her neck. The next instance would run a shock through her as between Relo’s hind legs something began to slip out the spike pressed forward as the male wrapped his tail around her whipping tail pulling it out of the way as instinct took over. He was far from gentle as he clamped down tightly on her as he thrust his hips forward pushing in the White’s soon to be deflowered virginity. As through his haze he roughly would start to mate with the female.

Silencie: Xaei's whole body tingled as she felt his growl through her body, her legs gave out beneath her but it didn't stop her from trying to get out from under him, her own claws scratching at the ground. The dragoness' body became tense again, and she went completely still feeling his teeth around the back of her neck, her life flashed before her eyes. This was it, all he had to do was clamp down and break it. Xaei started to cry, shifting slightly as she heard what she assumed was his hind legs moving, only to feel his tail wrap around hers and hold it away. The Frost Dragon's body lunged forward slightly, against his weight on her and she roared, the very sound shaking the walls and rock fell from the ceiling, breaking into tinier pieces on the ground upon contact, as he thrust his hips into her, the pain she felt reached through her entire body, as an opening in her lower body was torn, flesh tearing around his huge member. Xaei's body trembled, in fear and in pain, while his own pressed down on her.

Relo thrust his hips forward against the female's body, driving the girth of the spike between his legs further inside her before pulling out, racking and grinding her insides with his length. He continued to growl as he forcefully mated with her the pain in his eye made him let go of her neck and he roared pressing a clawed hand around where he had bitten her  pinning her down as he panted in pain. He was running off pure feral instinct at this point as he began to thrust against her animalistically and unceremoniously driving the spike deeper inside Xaei. The Silver Dragon let out a roar as he went shaking the cave walls and filling the enclave with the sounds of the rough feral mating ritual.

Silencie: The dragoness' body slid back and forth against the thrusting of his body, she roared again as she felt the spike dig deeper into her body, a bulge in her belly pressing into the ground. She cried, frozen tears cracked on her cheeks while she cried out, at this point Xaei didn't even care if hunters found them, if it would get him off of her, even for a moment for her to run away. There were moments of something, a feeling she felt while in her bedroom before she left the royal castle, when she had ended up in a puddle of something wet on the floor, but it quickly went away as the pain came right back. With her heavy breaths she smelt blood, her own and a scent that he gave off, it was strong and unlike anything she had ever sensed before, except for perhaps around her parents sometimes. It made her feel sick, as her eyes started to roll into the back of her head, her insides squeezing the hard spike as it wrecked her body. Xaei felt the ground shake beneath her feet again, the rock around the cracked and gave way, slowly breaking around them making the room smaller, she heard a large one break and fall somewhere behind her, 'He's going to trap us inside' she thought and started to panic, shifting more under him with nothing to show for her efforts.

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The large dragon did not mentally comprehend at that moment what was occurring around the two of them as his mind was blank and filled on the instinct to mate the female which had entered his cave scenting of that a woman ready to be mated. Relo had fought the thoughts but the moment the pain filled his mind it shut down all those barriers and he subsided back in on himself. As the Silver thrust his hips the scent of the females blood and sexual fluids filled his nostrils. He growled low and deep the base of his spike popping in and out of her sex slowly as he drove himself inside her instinctively before shoving it in deep and humping his hips against her own. His tail having released hers at this point was swishing madly behind him while his fore claws pressed in to her back. A deep growl continuing to flow out of his core with each thrust.

Silencie: Apparently his instincts were all that was in the males head, as he was completely ignoring the fact his home was falling apart around them. Xaei flinched and pressed back into him, as a large boulder fell and gropped near her head, narrowly missing it, but as she had moved back into him, she roared out louder than she had, her body sitting back deeper into the large spike, and it made her feel faint. Her body became heavy and she collapsed on the ground with a loud thud, though her claws remained dug into the stone ground. She had felt something in that moment, a rush of something through the pain and suddenly her torn entrance became very wet, the floor beneath her body was slippery and it made her move slightly with the firm thrusting of his hips, his claws digging into her shoulders were the only thing keeping her in place. Xaei shut her eyes tightly as the large rocks continued to fall around them, the moonlight appeared through a new hole in the roof, shining down on them both.

At the crash of the boulder landing close to both of their heads Relo’s mind snapped back his ice blue eyes staring at the falling apart of the cave her made his own and then he felt the warmth beneath him and his eyes widened. He pulled out of the smaller dragon and as the world crumbled around him he looked for an escape but the only exit was on through which she had appeared from his large frame  only being able to access that singular access point. He looked to the ceiling and grind his jaws shut as it to was to small for either of them to squeeze through. He looked back at the female that through his blind rage had violated was now laying on the ground in a pool of fluids from her body, His own he assumed would probably be mixed in with it not knowing for exactly how long his body acted of its own accord. But while he thought the cave continued to collapse around them and he did the only thing he could do at that moment which was place his larger body over hers and using his own body as a barrier. The pain of the slabs of rock smashing against him made him grit his teeth. He gently placed his claws around her head tucking her under himself his own head tucked underneath against his chest his eyes closed shut tightly as the cave fell in burying them both with his body taking most of if not all of the damage, busting his wings, crushing down against his tail. Each rock that hit him smashed apart and collected around them both rising up and burying them.

Silencie: Xaei's body shakes as she feels his body pull back away from hers, suddenly his weight was no longer on her but she still couldn't move, her body hurt and her muscles ached. She watched as he looked around for an exit, but the space around them became smaller every second. Her body flinched and she tried to pull away as he lay on her again, she thought he was going to continue but nothing happened, while rocks fell around them she heard them hitting something. Him... His body bobbed against hers every time he was hit, while he protected her body with his, this sudden act of kindness confused her greatly, considering what had just happened. Relo felt heavier as time went on, while rocks fell on him until they were both buried under it all. Xaei struggled to breathe and started to panic, everything in this moment was her worst fears coming to life, trapped and in a confined space, it brought back all those awful memories before she found Anaya and Samuel. "Please get us out. Please!" She begged him, unable to move her own body anymore, the only plan she could come up with was using a blast of ice to break open the wall in front of her, but that would probably make things worse. Xaei cried out as a large rock from his head fell on to her clawed hand, when she pulled on her arm it hurt and she cried out again, he nor the collapsed cave was the only thing trapping her in.

The silver felt her struggling and heard her pleas for help. Relo dazed from the pain racking his entire body, listened as the crumbling cave slowly began to become silent. For a moment a few boulders crashed down deeper in the cavern but after that silence slowly surrounded them. The male groaned and started to flex his body pushing up against the weight above him. He reached up to the females hand and pushed the rock that had managed to catch her. He then pushed up enough to allow her to get free as he huffed and panted. Blood was seeping from broken bones in his wings and gashes in his back. His shattered horn had been further chipped and a large crack spread through another of his horns the fins of his whiskers along the top of his head and jaw were torn. “Go...get..out of here…” He said trying to breath. “Sorry..” and at that he pushed himself over and slumped against the rubble around them his massive frame having provided enough space to have moved most of the crumbled rock to the side. The silver closed his eyes breathing heavily and layed there the cave now no longer collapsing around the two of them. The hole in the ceiling having become significantly large enough for the female to escape the collapsed enclave.

Silencie: Xaei felt some freedom as his body moved up off hers, and she realised he was creating space, along with pushing the rock off her foot. The dragoness limped from the male, after he had laid off to the side and it gave her enough space to move around a little, evening opening up a larger gap in the ceiling. Xaei looked between it and him, who seemed to have given up on trying to get out as well. She took a moment to think about her options, before grabbing the rocks that lay around him in her jaw and she placed them off around the sides, slowly but surely uncovering him of all the debris. It wasn't enough though, as she saw how badly his wings were damaged. Xaei tucked her head under his, trying to lift him up but it didn't seem to do much good, unable to move his dead weight. "Relo, get up. You have to get out too." She looked around for other possible routes, only seeing one being the entrance she had come in from. "Here goes nothing..." Xaei muttered before taking a big, long breath and then she exhaled loudly, sending a bolt of freezing cold flame through the large rocks that prevented their escape, creating a large hole, bigger than the one she previously walked in through, blowing through the whole front of the cave, and she watched as it carried off through the trees, blowing them to pieces along the way until it eventually stopped several meters out. "Oops." Whispered the inexperienced dragoness and she turned toward Relo again, nudging her head gently against his. "Get up, you can leave now too."

Relo’s eyes stirred open feeling the female nudging at him trying to get him to move. His left eye as scarred and broken as the rest of his face stared at her. He watched as she moved rocks off him as though trying to free him from his entrapment. The Silver groaned and tilted his head watching her blast out large section of a wall. When she returned he simply gave her a look as he stared at her hearing her begging for him to move he closed his eyes and huffed. “Why are you helping me….after I harmed you...violated you…Leave me...I’ll be better off...” Relo ached all over and, was resigned to whatever fate would now befall him. “At least I’ll be able to die my way…” He opened a solitary eye and looked at her. “You...should go…”

Silencie: Xaei blinked at his question, why she was helping him confused her as well, for the most part anyway. She nudged her snout against his and then licked his cheek. "Because I cannot, in good conscience, leave you here to die. I know what it feels like, to be trapped in a place like this, waiting to die. I will not let you do that as well. I... I do not trust you, but... I will not leave you here alone either." She remained close to him and laid down, resting her foot while she gently licked his wounds. "I will stay with you, when you can move I will help you out." Xaei said softly and returned to licking his wounds, giving his head a gentle nudge with her own every now and then, to make sure he stayed awake.

Listening to females words the Silver huffed and turned looking towards the entrance she had made. His ice blue eyes glowing dimly slowly blinking. His back hurt and ached his wings were busted he knew it would be a while before he started flying again, not that it mattered. He had nowhere to go, and the cave he had made a home for himself of was in ruins. Even the skylight above them left a disfiguring scar of light on the ground close by. Every now and then he would feel the white nudging him which he responded grudgingly with a growl. He stared at her each time when she would go back to licking at his wounds. Huffing he turned his head away. “You should go home….” he growled irritatingly completely exhausted. “Let me sleep…”

Silencie: "And leave you here alone? To give up? No." Xaei persisted, shuffling her body closer to his as he had pulled his head away. She returned to licking his words, pressing her cheek to the ones that insisted on bleeding for longer than they should. Xaei growled softly as a few resisted, and she watched as his blood poured over his silver scales, turning them a deep red. "Wait here." It took her a moment and she laughed awkwardly. "I will be right back." Xaei said before limping out of the cave and down to the woods, where she grabbed a large bundle of twigs, from trees she had broke with her flame, into her mouth and then carried them back up to the cave, setting them down in a pile next to him. "If I turn into my... Human form... You will not attack me... Because I am going to help you. I need to cauterize your wounds, because your healing is not kicking in quick enough. Okay?" The dragoness asked him, nudging her head gently against his once more. "I am not letting you give up, not before I try everything to change your mind."

Relo heard her tell him to wait there and he wondered where was it he would go. His wing is felt broken and it hurt to move. He closed his eyes for a long while after the female left him. He was nearly asleep when he forced himself to open his eyes again. A small curse leaving his tongue as he felt her returning before he heard her and he groaned seeing her. He huffed a response about human forms and needing to cauterize the slower healing wounds. She wasn’t entirely wrong about his healing taking to long an after effect of something from his past which caused it he would have assumed if he cared to think about it. “Your too persistent….” he thought about it and then closed his eyes and figured if he let her do whatever she would eventually get bored and let him sleep. “Fine….just let me sleep after….”

Silencie: Xaei turned her head and huffed. "Maybe." Not likely. She blew gently on the pile of twigs and a small blue flame would light the twigs, giving the cave light so she was able to see what she was about to do, her human eyes not as in tune with the darkness as her dragon eyes were, and she was cold. Stepping back from him a bit, she'd shift into her human self, scales slowly peel away until she was left as a five foot, seven inches human, long white hair flowing down her black, a long white tail that hung from her tailbone, and small white horns atop her head. The fact that she was naked didn't at all phase her, and she walked up to him again. He was massive compared to her small frame, not to her surprise. She hadn't realised just how large he was, but then she was much bigger herself just a second ago. Xaei collapsed beside him, her body still feeling the toll of what he had done, large scratch marks on her shoulders and her left hand was bruised from the rock. "I have not done this before, unless you count setting my nanny's dress on fire..." Lifting her right hand, she created a blue flame in her palm, making it burn the highest temperature that she could, the dancing blue orb turning to white. "I am sorry if this hurts." Turning her head away, she pressed her hand firmly against the first wound, using the fire to burn his flesh.

The silver eyed the blue flames and then watched the female polymorph her shape. His eyes became pained noticing the scratches and bruises he had inflicted in his maddened state. He closed his eyes and listened to her speaking. He felt the heat the she was creating and let out a roar as the flametouched his wounds his tail thrashed against the floor smashing a few of the loose boulders on the ground behind him. He snapped his jaws shut and grit his teeth pain racking his body as he twisted against the flame in the female’s hand. He raised a fist in the air and brought it down hard on the stone flooring grinding it backwards. His large head whipped about and snapped at the white haired girl blasting her with the warmth of his breath “THAT HURTS!” He shouted and roared. He growled and pushed himself to his feet pulling away from the females flames and walking towards the exit.  Pacing his wings hanging limply at his sides bone and blood oozing slowly from the breaks. “There...should be a lake or river...nearby…. Yes?” he said poking his head out into the night air staring up at the stars. “You won’t let me sleep…May as well go…” He said begrudgingly his body sore and full of pain.

Silencie: Xaei had to move herself as he thrashed around, trying her best to keep her flame covered hand against his wound. "It would not hurt so much if you stopped moving!" She shouted back, and huffed when he pulled away, letting the flame burn away the blood on her hand. Xaei glared at him. "I do not know, this is your home, not mine." The dragoness watched as he poked his head out of the cave and she followed behind him, yet kept her distance. At least he was no longer giving up, maybe. She got want she wanted, and that was for him to leave, it was just as well as her cautorizing his wounds, would have probably made the cave collapse all over again. Xaei could both smell and hear running water and she headed in that direction, with a disgruntled dragon following behind her, as she seemed to lead the way. There was indeed a river nearby, quite a large and deep one too, though she wasn't sure what he was going to do with it. Xaei decided to give up on helping him, for now at least and walked into the river, the water was cold and it made her shiver. "So you are out of the cave. Are you going to stop being so mean now?" She asked, her back turned to him and she scooped up some water in her palm, splashing her shoulders with it trying to get over the low temperature.

The silver let out a throaty sigh as he followed the small girl. His nose caught scent of water running and then heard it. Relo watched the female for a minute before lumbering off his footsteps echoing and causing the ground to quack with each step. As he moved further away from the female, the sound of the male would fade from her earshot not that he had gone very far but that he had changed his shape. His silver scales peeled away revealing a dark ashen skinned male standing just over seven feet. His hair fell around his bloody shoulders and was covered in scars. The scar over his left eye seemed slightly less worse in his human form but was by far worse than the other wounds on his body. His back was covered in blood which continued to bleed slowly he had groaned as he fell in to the river and let the coldness wash over his beaten body. He floated on the surface of the river letting it slowly carry his broken body. His wounds were not healing as quickly as they normally should, but the coldness of the river did stop his blood loss. “What...came over me…” He said to himself thinking back to what happened to the cave and what he found himself doing to the female. “The cave is one thing… one of my fits would have…..but to do that… She” He whispered as he continued to drift downstream his body heading slowly back towards the female.

Silencie: Xaei said nothing as she heard him walk away, didn't even look in his direction, but when he was out of earshot she looked for him for a brief moment, and saw him disappear through the trees. "Good riddance then..." She muttered to herself, though might not have meant it. The dragoness gave up and pulled her body under the water, for only a second until she jumped out of it again, she cried and shivered more. "I need clothes. Or fire." Xaei sat on the edge of the river, the grass tickled her bare skin as it swayed with the wind. A short while had passed before she saw something floating down the river, a person who looked just as battered and bruised as she did. Relo. Xaei glared at him as she watched him. "Ugh." Standing she walked quickly into the water, arms swinging at her sides and she splashed water at him. "What is your problem! I should be mad at you! Not the other way around, why am I not mad at you! I tried to help you and you still don't give a damn. You just go off in a strop." Arms crossed over her chest, she continued to glare at him, her body temperature had heated up enough that the water around her became warm, and she didn't even realise.

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Relo turned his head when he started to hear splashing so that half his face was bathed in the water his ice blue eyes stared at the girl running out to where he had drifted in the river. Putting his feet down to the bed of the river to stop his drifting before standing to his full height. Watching her as she complained at him for his behavior. His eyes scanned her body noticing she was freezing and yet as she complained the water itself seemed to warm up around the two of them. When she started splashing him with water he started to chuckle and then full belt laugh at the woman’s complaints. He doubled over placing a hand over his abs letting the laughter roll through him. He couldn’t explain where it came from nor did he understand why. He didn’t know if it was har mannerisms, or her words, or the fact that she was completely upset that she was trying so hard and yet he showed her nothing but irritation. “Sorry… hehe… but you act like you have never met another dragon before. Hehe” he said chuckling and placed a hand under the water cupping it and splashing her in return “I just don’t take to others kindness… I have been betrayed and disfigured for it…” He said raising his hand to the left side of his face. “Especially from other dragons….”

Silencie: Xaei snarled as he laughed at her, the scene he made was completely embarrassing and her cheeks turned a bright red. "It's not that funny." She flinched when he splashed water at her, and she pulled away, turning her back to him. "My mother is a dragon. The dragon and she is very loving and gentle." That was the child in her talking, as it was all she had ever known her mother to be. She had been in this adult body for no more than a week, and she was already very much confused at the mannerism of adults. Xaei huffed loudly, exhaling smoke. "The only kindness you have shown me was protecting me in that cave, as it fell around us, because you..! ..." She trailed off, what was it, even? Xaei didn't know. "You hurt me. Stabbed me with... Whatever it was. But... There was that feeling too, and I don't understand it! I still feel it. I want more and I do not understand why!" She slammed her hands down against the water, hers that had since healed caused her no discomfort anymore at least.

The dark ashen skinned male stared at the female and then tilted his head. He walked over to the river's edge the stinging cold of the rivers water having washed his wounds and froze the blood in his veins enough to prevent further. He then sat naked on the edge and looked at the female. “You mean to tell me… you have...never met any other dragon but your mother… You sound like a pampered princess…” He breathed in deeply and exhaled his body wasn't in danger as much as it displeased him but if it kept the woman from freaking out on him about it he was sure from how she was acting that she had never actually been taught the ways of life. “Where do you come from that dragons are not taught the basics of their instincts while even as an egg?” Then again he thought his mother was a strange beast and perverse as well. He watched the female as she threw her own fit and he sighed closing his eyes. He laid back in the grass his back slightly stinging and causing him to wince in pain. When the pain subsided he stared up at the dark blue sky his eyes dimly glowing despite being in human form, scanning the stars and night sky. “Sorry...that my body while in that state of aggression…” He trailed off not knowing how to fully finish that sentence. From her reaction and words he did not know if she comprehended what mating was let alone what the act entailed.

Silencie: Xaei felt ashamed when he called her a pampered princess, was that what she was turning into? She stepped back, deeper into the water up to her neck. "I had parents, but I never knew them. I... Was sold, as an egg I was told. Up until recently, I was... A slave... I had never met another like me, until I met my new mother who took me in, she's the Queen of Iron... I do not want to be pampered, I just... Want to enjoy life, the way I have not been able to." Realizing she had said to much she turned her back to him once more, as he was now sat in front of her on the bank. "I do not know where I come from, only where I am. My mother did something to me, that gave me this body. I do not know why she did it, but I do not hate her for it. It made me realize that I need to earn what I have been given, so I ventured out on my own, to work and live. At least for a while... I was on my way, somewhere, from working in a tavern when a fog came in. Then I found you..." Xaei combed back her wet hair from over her shoulders, then climbed out of the water, sitting on the bank also but kept a few feet between them. "Are you still hurting?"

Raising a hand up and looking at his palms, Relo sighed listening to the girl’s story. His ears perked up a bit when she mentioned that her body had been given to her. He sat up kicking up to a seated position he looked at the woman. His ice blue eyes scanning her deeply. He stayed silent till she asked him if he still hurt and shook his head, his jet black hair flowing back and forth from the motion. “No...a little. It will heal with time...though I do not believe I will be flying for a while. I can still feel a twinge of pain from that.” He looked at her again and narrowed his eyes. “You say...your new mother gave that body to you….What do you mean by that? He asked skeptical not entirely sure what she meant.

: Xaei smiled slightly and leaned back, her hands pressed into the grass as she propped herself up. "I can stay with you until you are healed enough. With hunters all over the place, I can't leave you unprotected, not that I would be much help, I suspect... If you will allow me to." She muttered the last part, looking to him from the corner of her pale violet eyes. "I suppose that is how I should say it... I was eating a bean and next thing I knew, I woke up like this." Xaei huffed loudly and laid down, squirming slightly. Her left hand reached down between her thighs, rubbing against her cold flesh. "I do not much like this body, I feel weird..." She went quiet for a moment before turning her head toward him. "Relo, why do you not like other dragons? My mother said we are supposed to be territorial, but I do not want to be. I want to know people like me..."

The male turned his eyes towards the river and lowered his head his hair falling forward obscuring his face. He chuckled at the comment about hunters but didn’t press it not denying her the freedom to accompany him or not seeing how stubborn she could be as it was.. He thought about what she said and through the corner of his vision saw how she touched herself and he closed his eyes. Relo sighed when she asked him about his dislike for others of their kind. “It isn’t that i do not like. My moth….” he trailed of break the sentence off halfway through a word. He raised his left hand to the same side of his face. His fingers tracing the scar. “I am sure you saw the scar…. Another dragon marked me with it…. And their blood runs in my veins. The pain of the scar….and the blood…” he trailed off again as he thought back to what happened in the cave he closed his eyes, pulled his knees up to his chest placing his arms on his knees and then buried his eyes against his arms. “I end up doing things I later regret…. So I avoid people...and avoid other dragons. Not out of dislike… or of hate.” The silver raised his head a bit peering out over his arms towards the water. He didn’t expect the girl to understand much of what he said, sometimes he wondered if it mattered why he showed distaste towards others. He figured there was nothing else to talk about and it had been a while since someone ever spoke to him about anything.

Silencie: Xaei sat up once more, turning her body to him as she put herself on her hip, one arm kept her propped up and she listened to him. The scar over his eye seemed to be a big issue for him, and she wondered if her mother might be able to help with it, that may be to soon to say, however as he was only just beginning to open up to her. "If you are worried about hurting me again, I trust that you won't." Xaei shuffled in closer to him, maybe it was to prove a point but she braved her fears of him regardless. Her free hand reached for his face, fingers outstretched to brush against his far cheek if he did not pull away. "Please let me help you. I do not need to understand what happened, I forgive you for it. I might be naive, I suppose I will need your help to teach me these things, because I cannot go home yet. I am not ready to go home."

Sitting there with her scent close to him he stared at her feeling her fingers touch his face. He stared at her with those dim glowing blue circles. He started reaching up to touch her when he shied away. Her touch made him feel nervous. “You are naive to so easily forgive me….I took your womanhood by force….and mated with you out of rage.” Relo’s ears perked up as he heard a twig snapping in the distance. His head snapped in the direction of the sound and his eyes pierced the veil darkness of the trees. He saw several armed men approaching and he made a curse “Xaei...stay quiet and stay with me…. I’d tell you to fly away but they would spot you…” Relo stood slowly planting his feet in the soft dirt as he rose before pulling her up close to him. Both of them naked the best course of action if he was alone would have been to morph back to normal But as injured as he was his scales would offer just as much protection as a fishnet as the cave in had torn many of his scales and he needed to rest and heal more for them to return. “What a time to have thrown a damn fit Relo…” he muttered to himself as he led them slowly back towards the cave. Outside the cave were the what looked like burlap sacks. He began rummaging through a few of them and pulled on some of the armor and clothing he found. He then found a long green shirt or dress and gave it to Xaei. He stepped over to the remains of a few fallen knights that may or may not have once tried to enter his cave only to be choked and frozen to death from the silver dragons breath. He then stepped over again and moved a series of rocks revealing a hole. He stuck his hand in and pulled back revealing a collar and a dagger both sporting a brilliant purple gem. He wrapped the collar around his neck and it seemed to hum gently. The dagger seemed to respond as he placed it on a belt around his back. He turned to Xaei and held out his hand “You want to be free? Then it’s time to go.”

Silencie: Xaei didn't understand what he meant, but she wasn't about to admit that, not yet anyway as he had just let her touch him. Though she was familiar with the term 'mated', having heard something similar before as a child. Her fingertips gently touched his cheek and she smiled slightly, tucking his hair behind his ear. "I know, and I hate you for it. Though, it felt good at times and I do not understand why." Xaei drew back her hand when she heard something in the distance. She remained quiet, just like she had said and she stood with him, as he pulled her closer she felt warm, her naked body pressed up against his. She panted heavily, those feelings she had around him were coming back. Xaei squirmed, trying her best to stay quiet as she whimpered softly. She followed him as he walked back to the cave, it was just as they left it and in a state of complete destruction. It had to be hunters, they were the only thing that could scare a dragon like him. Despite how her body felt, she tried to remain close to him, and listened to whatever he said or told her to do, quickly throwing on the long shirt he had given her over her head, it hung loosely around her thighs, the sleeves long and over her hands. Xaei watched while he prepared himself, with his own clothes and something to what she could tell was a weapon. "What are we going to do about those?" The dragoness asked him quietly, pointing in the direction where the sound of footsteps, that were getting closer, coming from. Xaei looked down at his hand that he offered to her, and with slight hesitation she reached out and grabbed it.

Relo grabbed her hand and began running in the opposite direction of the hunters pulling her along with him. He wanted to avoid fighting being as beat up as he was and the fact he wasn’t entirely sure she could fend against the hunter’s either if what she told him was any indication she may not have full understanding of her bodies abilities. The Silver’s eyes would scan back towards the cave and spotted the men that were hunting them a growl filled his lips as he tore right into the woods his boots stomping hard. He turned around and looked at Xaei then looked at the river. He didn’t have time and hooked his arms around and under her lifting her up and carrying her across the river. His clothes were soaked but the cold didn’t phase him any. “There….should be...another cave but it’s a bit far get to it….will be a little difficult...for the hunters at least.” He whispered to her as he ran continuing to carry her in his arms. He had longer legs and his stride carried him much further than hers so carrying her seemed more logical. His body screamed how ever at all the extra weight from her to the armor and weapons. But he didn’t care he wanted to put as much distance between himself and the hunters. It wasn't fear that drove him if he was alone he would have fought but something in him compelled him to move out and get the two of them away from there.

Silencie: Xaei yelped softly as he pulled her forward and she found herself running, behind him at arms length as he was that much faster than her, she even stumbled on occasion. How was he still able to go on like this. When they arrived at a river, she looked back at him with a confused expression, did he expect her to swim? She didn't know how to. "I-Umm..." Relo answered her question as he picked her up into his arms, this didn't help with how her body felt. Xaei remained quiet and leaned into him, almost cuddling into his warm chest while he walked through the water. "Why can we not just hide somewhere? We look like humans, I need only shift out of my horns and tail. It will just look like we are two people, spending time in the woods." She tried to think rationally, coming up with any idea that didn't mean him exhausting himself. "We could even hide in the trees, or something...." Was the only other thought she had to offer, and frowned disappointed with herself that she couldn't give him more help. "I can run, put me down."

He stopped and pressed his back against one of the trees. He was breathing heavily as he looked at her then up at the trees. Sure he thought we could climb one of the trees. His scar started to hurt but he hit his head back against the tree and then shook himself. He set her down and he started stripping infront of her. “Take these and go that way” he said pointing towards a cliff and a thick grouping of trees, handing her each item  including the violet collar and dagger. “You will find a lagoon with a waterfall….behind the falls is a cave…..I tend to use it to store items and such. Only a dragon can reach the cave.” As he got naked and started walking back he looked at the woman again his body starting to scale over and grow in size. “I’ll be back soon….I’m gonna try and lure them in another direction.” As he returned to his full size and began peeking over the tops of the trees he leaned his head down and nudged her. “Go ill be there shortly.” and with that he lumbered off limping his wings folded tightly against his back as he weaved in and out of the trees heading back the way they came from. His plan was simple. Rub against trees and create a path leading in the opposite direction for the hunters to follow change in to a large animal like a bear or moose and canter back to the lagoon.

Silencie: Xaei stood with a confused expression as he started to strip from all of his clothing, handing her each item which she would carry in her arms. "What are you going to do?" She whispered after he'd given her instructions, to find another cave." Xaei didn't like this plan, but he wasn't giving her any choice, as he had soon shifted into the form she was most familiar with. "You better come back." Her small body jolted slightly as he nudged his head against her, she quickly reached and touched the back of his head, her fingers gently gliding against his scales. That was their parting moment, at least for now. Xaei watched him go off through the trees, his damaged body disappearing into the distance, though she could still hear him and expected the hunters could too. The dragoness didn't wait around any longer and ran through the trees, her feet became muddy as she ran through wet puddles, jumped over fallen broken logs and weaved around pushes, her bare skin catching on a few sharp twigs. Eventually, she found a lagoon which she hoped was the one Relo spoke of, and looped around the waterfall to find a cave. Xaei put down his clothes and walked back to the edge of the lagoon, sitting next to the volume of water, clinging tightly to the shirt he had given her. It smelt of him, she bites her bottom lip.

Now that Relo managed to place some distance between himself and Xaei he went to work. He wasn’t planning on dying even though his whole body felt better off dead, some weird part of his psyche made him feel he needed to come back to the girl and make sure she was safe. His blue eyes piercing the veil of darkness cast by the trees he lumbered through he started spotting the men and their mounts there were roughly six of them, two of which each had a lance roughly ten feet in length. The four others had crossbows and from what he saw each had a nasty set of bolts to go with them. He growled and started his work breaking trees and making as much noise as possible. The shouting of men filled the air and a bolt whizzed past the Silvers gleaming hide another chipped hard against his horns which agitated the dragon.  If he wasn’t feeling so weakened he would have let loose his breath attack but the trauma and the pulsing throb of his wounds made the effort difficult and they weren’t close enough for him to catch them all in its effective range. The men were fanning out and attempting to circle him as he lumbered away running as fast as his injuries allowed. Fighting wasn’t one of his favorite things to be doing at a time like this “I should be resting, sleeping even….Damn it all…” Relo felt several bolts pierce his left side and he let loose a roar. A second later one of the cavalry men with the lances pierced his right side with another roar loosed he turned on the human who was trying to pull the lance free for another stab. Relo turned and grabbed the man in his jaws his teeth clamping shut around the creatures midsection and instantly turned to dust in the silver’s mouth. The other lance wielder became weary of this and backed off to join his crossbow friends. The dragon turned his silver eyes back and looked at them intensely. His breath was ragged and his sight was blurry he had lost a lot of blood he reasoned.  “Be taking more than a few hunters to take me down…” he said as a crossbow bolt whizzes by, another hits him in the shoulder a third hits and lodges in to his crown of horns. A fourth strikes right and deflects off his scar causing him intense pain. He loses a roar twitches letting his eyes roll back and then collapses, letting out a deep groaning growl. The men begin to approach cautiously their readying another set of bolts. The cavalier with the lance trots up on his mare and aims the weapon towards the dragons skull as if intending to impale the silver through. Relo dimly saw the men getting closer and then just as the men were within fifty feet of him he reared up his long neck and let loose a torrent of cold frigid air the men began to choke and grasp at their necks trying to find air as they slowly froze to death. The silver released the attack till he could release no more of the suffocating frost due to exhaustion. Ragged and tired the dragon stared at the men kneeling and clutching their throats frozen in place. He turned and began lumbering off Heading slowly back to the lagoon and waterfall cave. He limped full of fresh wounds that would become scars later.

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Silencie: Waiting was agonizing, Xaei didn't know if he was coming back, or if he was going to make it back alive. She didn't sit for long and began pacing the bank of the lagoon, though she didn't hear any fighting the smell of blood eventually reached her nose. "Relo..." Her feet told her to stay put, but her mind told her otherwise and she began to follow the smell, but she didn't get far as a man came into view, as well as a dog on a chain. He studied her, and as he saw she was wearing nothing but Relo's shirt, the look on his face turned from determination to lust. The male licked his lips while the dog barked at her, a sure indication to his master that she was a dragon. "Well, well. What have we here. Another prize. Do not worry, your mate will be trapped soon, and you'll be together in death, but not before our men have a little fun with you." Xaei started to back away. "Shhh, you will only make it harder on yourself." The hunter tugged back on the dog's chain, which whimpered against the tightening of its collar. "Stay away, I do not want to harm you." The man chuckled. "Harm me? I have been trained to hunt your kind. Good luck deary." He advanced on Xaei and she backed away more. "Stay back! I will not warn you again!" He didn't and the dragoness had to avoid the snapping jaws of the dog, while the hunter closed the space between them. Xaei didn't waste much time, emotions getting the better of her, fear controlling her every move. Turning her back to him, the dragoness shifted into her true form once more, and no sooner had she done so, was the hunter squished and flattened into the ground with the base of her tail, he didn't even had time to blink. The dog's chain was trappe, pulling on the male's limp arm as it cried. Xaei didn't do much else, but hid amongst herself as she curled into the smallest ball she could, wings covering her head as she wished for Relo's swift return.

The silver had reached the lagoon and took notice of scuffle that was on the ground a dead man and a barking crying dog. He stepped over to the yelping mutt and that seemed to be trapped and with a swift movement brought its claw down hard on the smaller creature crushing it instantly. Relo was agitated his scar hurt, his body hurt, His wings were folded and barely mending. He took a step forward and dropped in to the cool water of the lagoon his massive frame causing the level to rise as he floated there. The water was refreshing and his wounds didn’t ache as much as he tried to numb himself with the cold. He swam over to the waterfall and reached up climbing the slippery ledges digging his claws in as he made his way to the mouth of the cave. As he struggled the lance in his side dinged against a rock and he growled reaching back and pulled it out.The silver finally climbed himself in and collapsed at the foot of the cave entrance panting before pushing himself in further dragging his body. “Xaei?” he croaked out in a haggard breath. “Where are you….are you ok..” he said wondering why he cared so much for her when he just met the dragoness. He slumped down and panted hard as he tried to rest.

Silencie: The dog had finally stopped barking and Xaei had heard movement, heavy footsteps and eventually the sound of moving water, but she didn't move just yet. She was stuck in place, unable to move her body while panting heavily. She had just killed someone, it was different from the time she killed someone out of hunger, this time she had actually fear for her life and it brought back the trauma she had endured, before finding her new family. But she needed to know if it was him, if Relo was okay and she eventually got up, having been hidden in the trees for the time being. Xaei walked back the short distance to the lagoon, though didn't see him immediately she definitely smelt blood and the water had turned a faint red. The dragoness made the climb up into the cave, and saw Relo with plenty more wounds to add to his collection. Xaei sighed in frustration and walked up to him, her feet sounding with a thud against the rock. "When are you going to learn to take better care of yourself?" She asked, rhetorically of course, for as long as he would allow her, she was going to stay by his side, and to herself vowed to keep him out of trouble, or at least make an attempt at it. The dragoness nudged her snout against his gently, nuzzling him before sitting down beside him, her cool body laying against his, but she was careful of his wounds. She found one, nearest to her and licked it clean. "Are they all dead?" Though part of her new the question, as she doubt he would have returned if they weren't, however she felt safer hearing it from him.

The male turned his head feeling some one enter the cave his eyes caught her whitescales hearing her words he  would laugh if the effort wasn’t painful. Feeling her press her snout against his, he returned the tenderness. He reached down and started pulling out the bolts in his flank growling lightly at the pain jolting through. Hearing her question he nodded “all dead…” He looked at her seeing if she had any wounds. He craned his neck and pressed the top of his crown against hers closing his eyes. “Sorry again… I left you alone and you could have gotten hurt. I should have seen the stray hunter….” he then moved his head and rested it against the stone his breathing tapering off and returning slowly to normal. His wounds stopped bleeding but from taking the brunt of the cave in and the hunters weapons he needed to rest. “I suppose… I won’t have a problem with you staying with me…” he muttered closing his eyes and wrapping his tail around hers. He forced his wings to extend to their full length so that they could heal more effectively. But it also acted as a means to cover the white dragoness. Both as a means to comfort as well as protect her the former he did consciously but the latter he didn’t realize was more instinctive.

Silencie: Xaei smiled in the way that a dragon could when he confirmed her assumption, but at what cost? He was hurt, badly. She flinched when he pulled bolts from his flesh. "You did what you had to do." The dragoness, a slow rumble deep in her throat as she murmured softly. "I delt with it. See, not entirely helpless. My tormenting of my nanny helped prepare me." She smirked, showing her sharpy pearly teeth. Xaei returned to licking his wounds as he appeared to relax, and was happy when he said she could stay with him, though would not tease him with a response and remained quiet on that subject. Her head laid near his as he wrapped his tail around hers, her body became warmer and she nuzzled her snout against his once more. "Rest. I will bite the head off of anyone who dares come here." Her small frame laid against his, though she was very cautious of his wounds and she was grateful that he laid his wing over her. Every now and then, her pale violet eyes looked over him, to make sure he was body comfy and healing well enough, her cold body would hopefully be a comfort him also, like the water had helped him before.

Relo would open his eyes and see her watching him every now and then. He opened his maw wide letting out a yawn. Hearing her swearing a vow he chuckled. “I doubt any more will come here….and only a dragon can reach this...that or something with claws.” he said yawning once more after. His body reverberated as he fell asleep dreams filled his mind and none too pleasant as it plagued his sleep many nights. One in which, his own mother, tried to take a bite out of his face but instead leaving him hideously scarred. His eyes shot open after that and then thought he heard a sound. He wrapped his tail around Xaei and pulled her closer to his massive frame as he eyed the entrance for a long while with nothing having occurred, he sighed. Craning his neck around and pressing his face against the smaller white. Before slowly pushing himself up to his feet and looking around the cave.

Silencie: Xaei gave a soft laugh. "I will hold you to that." She eventually relaxed with him, watching him sleep and eventually did the same. The dragoness didn't wake to his sudden alert, nor when he pulled her closer, however she did cuddle into him, his warm body was the perfect comfort. Though, she did wake up to the sound of his heavy footsteps walking around the cave, the ground softly vibrating under her. Xaei raised her head and looked around the cave, before standing also and she leaned sleepily against him. "What is wrong?" The dragoness' tail brushed through the cold waterfall and it sent a shiver up her spine, waking her up completely. Xaei groaned and laid down, putting her head against the warm stone while she watched him, curious as she was she remained quiet, studying his movements, how he looked around, learning off him without even realising. Xaei smiled to herself. "You need to rest, Relo..." She muttered, though doubt it would convince him of the fact.

The silver looked over towards Xaei and if he could make a frown he would be at that moment. He stepped over and nudged her to move deeper into the cavern. “Your body is cold yet you shiver at the cold. Your indeed strange.” as he nudged her he once more picked up her scent and and shook it from his mind. “You give off a scent…. Yet you do not understand what happened at the other cave? Nor what I did to you?” He asked quizzically thinking back to their conversation before the hunters showed up. He had meant to ask her but there had been no time. He recalled her saying she was naive but he didn’t know the extent and since his nightmares would keep him from getting back to sleep and his wounds had healed a bit from the short rest he figured he would find out more about the female he inadvertently had an incomplete mating with. He laid down again after pulling her further back away from the falls and laid next to her wrapping his tail around her protectively and holded his wing over her, staring at her.

Silencie: Xaei giggled and shrugged her large shoulders. "I do not like the cold. I had been cold all my life, then I lived in a castle with very thick, warm bed sheets and I had never felt anything like it." She huffed softly as he nudged her back deeper into the cave. "What scent do I give off? Do I smell bad?" She asked, sniffing herself, her snout pressing against her scales. There was a different smell, she supposed and she whined. "I need another bath." She followed in slowly as he guided her to the depth of the cave. "You stabbed me?" She asked him, a confused look on her face, her head had tilted to the side like a dog would. Xaei laid down once more with him after he had, her body leaning gently against his and she laid her head down on the ground. Her pale violet eyes stared at the waterfall, his paranoia had become her own now as well. It took her a moment for her to realise he was staring at her, but when she did, Xaei nudged her head closer to his, so the tips of the snouts were touching and she grinned sheepishly, showing her sharp teeth again. "What is it? Should I go for a bath now?"

Relo blinked at her and pressed his snout back against hers. “I did not...stab you. Well….I did but a way intended for harm...erm” in his mind he started wondering how sheltered of a princess this dragoness must have been. He watched her curiously “And no you do not smell’s a…. It’s hard to explain….” he said trying to comfort the female. He didn’t know how or why the girls scent made him react the way it did. Typically he just attacked the closest thing resembling life before causing himself harm and then passing out “Did...your mother not tell you of what happens when two dragons mate?” he asked bluntly, his eyes looking at her with a dim glow. He tilted his head like her and wrapped his tail around hers pulling her closer.

Silencie: The dragoness was even more confused, stabbed but not? She couldn't make sense of it. "Well it did hurt." Xaei smiled slightly when he said she didn't smell terrible, that was something at least and it eased her thoughts a little, though there was an unfamiliar scent about her, once she had known from around the adults of her family on occasion, she was brought back to the memory of a guard and a maid, who had just walked out of a closet, who smelt of something similar. Adults are weird. Xaei cuddled into him once more as his tail pulled her closer, her front clawed hand reached and scratched at the side of her neck. "Mate..? No. I may have been too young, I suppose. My old masters talked about trying to find another dragon to mate me with, to make more dragons but they never did find another one. I do not know why they would want to make more dragons, when there are hunters that sell us all the time." She'd put her hand back down again and poked his cheek with her snout. "Why? What is it?"

The male snorted and the side of his not scarred twitched back as he tried to smile at her naivety. “When...a female has their first mating it tends to hurt….from what I have heard… but the body gets accustomed.” He then rolled to his side and exposed his underbelly. “ when two dragons mate and become one to create hatchlings….” He stretched his forearms and hind legs before laying back down on his belly he raised his head and looked down at her. “What the other cave… what I was doing to you...was a forced mating….not..something im proud of… I have gone without a mate for all my life, never found one. Was always on the run or hiding. Your...scent...triggered a primal need when I had my fit. Which is my only excuse for what I did. And I am sorry.” Relo closed his eyes and turned his head aside so that his snout faced the wall away from her. He didn’t know how to reconcile the error and so he kept falling back to it and bringing it up.

Silencie: Xaei listened to him intently, as he tried to explain things to her, she understood for the most part and felt more foolish, the more he explained. "Become one..." She repeated quietly, as she watched him, smiling as he stretched. "So we are one now?" The dragoness asked him, the thought gave her funny feeling in her tummy. "Did it hurt because it was forceful?" Xaei shuffled her body closer to his when he turned away from her, her smaller head resting on top of his. "I understand. I have never been like that with anyone either. You don't need to keep saying you are sorry. I want to do it again, but I do not want it to hurt. If we are one then that would make sense, wouldn't it?" Her tail reached over him and she poked the tip of it gently against his cheek, with a small giggle, trying to lighten his mood and lift his guilt. "If my scent triggered it then it is my fault, though I cannot control it. I... Get weird feelings when I am around you too. I think that is why I want more." Xaei muttered the last part softly, even if it was the only two of them for who knows how many miles.

Relo raised a claw and scratched at the underside of his chin. “I do not think that counts as a mating and it probably hurt because it was forceful, but also because of difference in size perhaps…..” He turned his head towards her and looked down at her. He thought about what she was saying and after all the bad things he’s gone through in escaping his past and fighting off hunters losing one of his caves due to a fit. And this female possibly a third smaller than himself was reciprocative to the idea of mating he started to wonder if his luck was turning. “Traditionally... mating is done in the air….but....” He looks back at his torn wings and flapped them painfully before folding them in. “I won’t be flying for a few days…” He then stood on all fours and paced around her nudging his snout against hers. “I won’t turn you down… though i can't promise it won't hurt a little at first.”

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Silencie: Xaei couldn't help but giggle, as she looked him over, their difference in size was very much an understatement. "Perhaps." Was all she could say between her laughter. The dragoness gave a deep sigh of contemptment. "In the air? That does not sound very practical, but it sounds fun." She tried to imagine it in her head, and if a dragon could blush she would be, though her body temperature raised a bit. Xaei watched as he paced around her, head following where it could reach unless he was behind her. "I do not think you would hurt me intentionally, and I hope you do not wreck the gave again. I really like this one, and I do want to have a bath in the lagoon. It is a pretty scene." She said, and quite innocently so as she wasn't really paying much attention to his pacing, while she rambled on about his chosen scenery, having forgotten what they were talking about doing. Xaei laid her head down against the ground and watched the waterfall intently. "Are we really safe here?" She muttered, not wanting to put him in harm's way again, as at this point he seemed to do anything to protect her. The thought made her smile.

The silver looked back at the entrance to the cave and then paced once more around the female stepping up behind and over her. He gently pressed his underbelly against her back and craned his neck down and pressed his head against hers. “Yes we are safer here, and I do not believe the cave will collapse this time…” His nostrils flared as he inhaled her scent nudging against her. His tail coiled around hers gently. He then raised his head up and brought it to the back of her neck where he gently nipped her scales. He raised his head and looked down at her and watched the light from the water reflect on her white scales. As naive as she was, he couldn't help feel responsible for having placed her in harm's way, but for her to admit having odd feelings and the fact she was the first to cause his body to react so instinctively while under one of his own mental fits. A part of him reasoned that perhaps it was a little bit of fate that brought her to his other cave.

Silencie: Xaei shifted slightly as he stood over her, feeling his warm body press against hers and she closed her eyes, her cheek rubs against his. "You believe it won't?" She tried not to laugh and nuzzled his cheek against his again, as his head nudged against hers. As his tail wraps around hers, her own did the same. The dragoness' head lowered to the ground as he nipped at the back of her neck, the sensation tickled her and sent a shiver down her spine, all the way to the tip of her tail, her body warms up more. "I want to stay here for a while, at the very least until you heal." Xaei hummed happily, her body wriggling under his slightly, while she recalled a recently memory, of when he was over her like this before.

The male thrummed deeply feeling her body wriggling and seeming to reciprocate to his presence over her. “Then stay here with me. I will...take care of you.” He asked hesitantly. Why did he want her to stay? Was it guilt? Was it worry? He couldn't fathom why he asked something like that having been alone wandering and hiding away from everything trying to keep himself from losing control. He didn’t understand and yet. He did not care either. He leaned in against her and curled himself around her smaller body his arms laying next to hers and clasping her claws with his as he nudged his snout against hers humming in tune with her humming.

Silencie: The dragoness' head tilted slightly, and she gave a small laugh. "I want to, very much so." She took his next words to heart, and wouldn't doubt for a second that he'd break that promise. Relo had kept her safe so far, after all. Maybe not all adults are confusing. Xaei smiled as he began to hum along with her, after clasping his claws through hers. She nuzzled her snout against his also, her head leaned back slightly as she stretched her neck, and gently she licked above his cheek, over the scar on his eye. He had a past, so did she and it seemed to give them an unspoken connection. Xaei smiled and nuzzled her cheek against his once more.

The feeling of her tongue licking his cheek stung a little but it was not pain he felt just a cold soothing sensation that radiated through his scar. He flicked his tongue back at her letting it run across her snout a sense of arousal fell over him as he took in her taste and her scent. The feeling caused his sex to spike and poke her gently. He nuzzled against her and continued to hum slowly setting his hind legs out to either side. He didn’t think he needed to voice himself to make his intentions known the feeling was there the scent and the arousal the need and instinct to mate with the female.

Silencie: Xaei's snout wiggled and she smiled as he licked it, a purr sounded low in her throat while her hind legs lifted her back up a little, making it arch. She felt his own body move over her and she gasps softly, feeling something poke against her. Instincts took over her, her adult body acting of its own accord for the first time and the dragoness leaned into the male, the purr in her throat became louder, while her claws scratch against the ground. Her body wanted more, begging for it silently as the scent that came with her being this way, became more potent.

The silver felt her reaction and did as instinct bid of him he pressed the spike of his rod in. He pushed the widening girth inside her sex feeling it spread her open. He made a small growl as he pushed himself inside her and nudged her with his snout. His tail curled tightly around hers and slowly began thrusting his hind quarters pushing with his back legs as he rooted his spike deeply inside her.

Silencie: Xaei gasps loudly feeling the spike slide into her, her body moving back into his as it danced on her hind legs, squirming under him. She felt all of it, from her skin tearing to the ribbed texture of his spike, as she stretched around him, a wetness dripping from her warm folds. The dragoness growled also, her cold skin felt like it was on fire to her, while she panted softly and nuzzled her head against his. Xaei didn't know what to do, as his body began to thrust into hers so she mostly remained still, though her hips tried to lean into his, moving slightly on her hind legs still. The dragoness arched her back more as he pressed the spike into her deeply, she growled louder while her tight entrance tried to become more accustomed to his large size. Xaei jumped and her body became completely still, head turned swiftly from his and pale violet gazed fixed on the entrance, through the waterfall. "Did you hear that?" She muttered between her soft growls, her front legs pressed her body closer into his.

Relo continued thrusting his hips forward feeling their bodies connecting. The ridges grinding deep inside her rubbing against the warm inner folds of her sex. When she stopped and stared at the entrance his hips pushed against her and he stopped listening to the sounds of the water crashing on the rocks. He stares ice blue eyes unwavering and slitted. A deep grumble within his throat as he stretched his neck out and let his eyes stare through the running water before curling back in against Xaei’s body. “I do not hear anything my dear.”

Silencie: Xaei's long tongue hangs from her mouth, her mind soon brought back to him, hind legs quivering as he thrusts into her, her soaked walls squeezing him tightly. She growled softly again, and every time his body moves into hers, the dragoness' own began to rock slightly into his, her underbelly sliding against the ground softly. Every now and then, her eyes looked back to the waterfall, while she wasn't convinced she was just hearing things. Xaei's body jolted into his and she whimpered softly, when she heard the loud groan of thunder outside. Her head turned into his and she looked away from the exit, her body didn't care as it still instinctively moved into his, the sound of rain started to echo through the cave against the running water, a bright light lit up the inside with a loud clash, and the rumble of thunder came again.

The scarred silver started thrusting again when the thunder rolled through he placed a claw on her shoulder and wrapped his fingers around the muscle. Driving his hips forward as he filled her with the girth of his spike. The ridges grinding hard inside her scraping through as his body moved to claim and mate her. It was different this time he thought the feeling of bloodlust no longer there yet the instinct was stronger making it harder to resist not driving in deeper to stab at her deepest places of pleasure.

Silencie: The dragoness' front of her body leant forward, shoulders pressing into the ground gently, as his hand pressed down against her upper back, her back had arched more and she lifts her rear into his hips. Xaei pants louder between her growls, feeling his spike reach deep and stretch her open, she cried out as a build up of something, pleasure? Started to build up in her tummy, butterflies? The claws of her hind legs dig into the stone, her body begging for more but trembled occasionally from the sound of the thunder. Xaei's head laid down against the ground once more, she purred loudly as her growls became louder, her sex tightening around his.

Relo growled and panted roughly as he pushed his hips against her the length of his spike inching in and out of his mate’s smaller frame as he made her his own. He could feel her purr radiating through him. Each thrust digging and grinding against her tight walls and making him growl. The full length was buried in her and the best he could do was hump against her as he became entwined with her sex his spike grinding and thrusting minutely in quick thrusting jerks. He placed his jaw against her snout and let his tongue hang out and wrap around hers.

Silencie: Xaei whimpered softly as he seemed to be stuck inside it and it only made her walls tighten around him more, the short but fast thrusts made her growl louder and pant heavier. The dragoness' hind legs begin to shake, as they struggled to keep her rear up, her body bouncing slightly between his and the ground. Xaei exhaled and a small cloud of smoke blew from her parted lips, covering the ground in front of her in ice, and she nuzzled her head against his. Her body had been claimed by him and soon she was going to give him all she had, her exposed sex twitching against his hard spike.

The feeling of her tightening around his sex made him growl as he thrust and pulled against her, the action grinding and rubbing harder as he popped out and pushed in again. Each repeated motion bringing him closer to the edge. He could feel her twitching with each thrust he pressed himself deeply again and humped against her grinding and rubbing the ridges inside her folds. His tail curling tightly around hers and gently pulling with each thrust. The sounds of their mating drowned in the sound of the rain and thunder outside the cave.

Silencie: The dragoness' hips tugged back involuntarily against his when he pulled on his hips, making her body bounce on his spike. Xaei roared as he'd hump his hips into hers once more, her head leaned back and she nuzzled her cheek against his. She was defeated by the pleasure she felt, juices dripping from her sex as she bounced on the knot around the base of his spike. Her pale violet eyes were disappearing into the back of her head, when she let out a long and louder growl, her hind legs were shaking uncontrollably when she suddenly soaks his ridged length, the only somewhat familiar sensation that she had felt only twice before, but this was so much more. Her claws scrape against the stone, as her rear slowly lowers to the ground.

A bolt of lightning struck outside the cave as Relo let loose a roar pushing himself inside her. He jerked inside her harder, the knot of his spike rubbing constantly popping in and out of her sex. He felt her body shaking and the feeling of her climax caused his own. A throbbing filled the smaller dragons sex as Relo pushed himself deep inside her, he roared again as he released himself. The feeling of fluids flowing from him in to her as he pumped his hips and grinded himself against her. He leaned his head down and panted against her nudging and nuzzling against her cheek. He licked her nose and cheek.

Silencie: Xaei yelped when the bolt struck the ground and her body jolted slightly against his again. The dragoness cried out with another loud roar, as his knot slides in and out of her. Her body would continue to shake as the pleasure continued to flow into her, suddenly a full feeling would overcome her as something warm poured and overfilled her sex. Xaei's tight walls squeezed and wrapped around him tightly, holding his spike while her throbbing walls massaged him, draining him of every last drop. She purred softly as he nudged his head against hers, her own cheek nuzzling his, while her body laid down against the ground, a feeling of exhaustion had become of her.

Relo nuzzled her again before pulling himself free with a pop. He laid down next to her and nudged his snout against her own a deep rumbling purr filling him as he wrapped himself around her protectively draping his wings over her like a cover. He looked at her with ice blue eyes and his expression softened as much as it could for a dragon. “My storm flower…” he whispered softly nudging her gently.

Silencie: Xaei gasps softly as his hips pulled back from hers, and she smiled as he laid down next to her. Her snout nuzzled softly against his as she purrs, snuggling onto his side as he draped his wing over her. Xaei stared into Relo's eyes, and gently licked the scar before laying her head near his once more. She giggled softly at the nickname he gave her, while a storm did indeed rage on beyond the waterfall, the smell of rain and sex filled her nostrils. "My..." Xaei licked his cheek softly. "Gentle giant." She smirked, referring to their obvious size difference, though it made her feel that much safer to be around him. Xaei laid in as close to him as she could, every now and then her body quivered when the sound of thunder was louder.

He held her close and nuzzled her  pulling her close. “Tis just the thunder my dearest one. It can not harm us in here.” he closed his eyes looking once more at the entrance to the cave before circling his neck around her resting his head beside hers. Pressing his body against hers. As he closed his eyes he took one last look at her and fell deeply asleep nestling close to her and purring deeply.

Silencie: Xaei's tail wrapped around Relo's once more, as she cuddled into him when he pulled her closer. "Okay." She closed her eyes as well, nuzzling her snout against the curve of his neck and she sighed deeply in comfort. Her cheek nuzzled gently against hers, and though her body was aching she felt so comfortable leaning into his warm body. Xaei smiled while she slept, the sound of the thunder gradually faded into nothing, as she focused on his loud breathing, it sent her into a deep sleep and she purred also, a dream eventually fell upon her mind.

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