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Combat, Armor , Heath, and Damage and How it Works. Must Read

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How Combat in DeLaRose works
Combat in DeLaRose role playgroup is not like other role plays, first lets state we athe re mostly a PvE role play this means we are player Vs Environment meaning NPCs
Wikipedia tells us:
Player versus environment, or PvE (also known as player versus monster, or PvM in some communities), is a term used the in online games, particularly MMORPGs, CORPGs, MUDs, and other online role-playing video games, to refer to fighting computer-controlled enemies[1]—in contrast to PvP (player versus player).
Usually, a PvE mode can be played alone, with human companions or with AI companions. The PvE mode may contain a storyline that is narrated as the player progresses through missions. It may also contain missions that may be done in any order. For example, Guild Wars narrates its story by displaying in-game cutscenes and dialogue with non-playable characters (NPCs). To enhance replayability, missions can often be completed many times. Characters playing in this mode are often protected against being killed by other players and/or having their possessions stolen. An example of a game where this is not the case is Eve Online, where players can be, and often are, ambushed by other human players player versus player while attempting to complete a quest. Some games, such as World of Warcraft, offer the player the choice of participating in open-world PvP combat or doing quests without PvP interruption through use of specialty servers and temporary player flags.

Here Ownership or an admin of the segment you are playing in, is the one being your computer, you must place your trust in them to properly play the storyline, we will do everything fairly in regards to your playing the game, if your admin or even if ownership does something you see as not fair you may submit a complaint form at any time to have this overlooked by the rest of the admin team.
During campaigns or quests it is a strict PvE set up, no other player can ambush you during this time to kill you wall you are hurt or attack you in a time were you are in combat with an NPC, this is seen as not fair to you and we do not allow this, In any way.  If a character does ambush you in this time that character will get disciplinary action and be by the glory of the gods removed from the playing ground in any way the admin or ownership sees fit.

So how does combat work?
Well, all combat is turn-based, so example Bob being the player and Wolf being the NPC controlled by game ownership.  The order will always be Player first, then NPCs in the order which they join the ground, in the case of 2 Bob and Wolf it would go as follows
Bob turn first
Wolf turn second

in the case of more then one NPC and more than one player, it will always be players first then NPCs
Bob turn first
Jim turns second
Wolf 1
Wolf 2
Bear 3
in the case of Bob and Jim having a surprise NPC come out of the bac, ground the NPC will be placed in the order depending on when it shows up,
Bob first
Jim second
Wolf 1
wolf 2
Wolf comes an out of a background that is its turn

next round

Wolf 1
wolf 2
Wolf 3 makes its move
Bear 4

then repeat
This can get confusing and we understand that so at any time if you need the order posted simply ask (can I get the Turn order) and it will be given to you by ownership or the admin being your computer.

How does hitting the enemy work
you will be fighting NPCs as stated over the head. This means you can automatically hit them, you do not as in PvP fighting have to attempt or make a move leaving the other person able to avoid it or take it, that being fairness, PVP will be explained later down this guide. So lets use our example man Bob and NPC wolf, turn order is Bob then Wolf, both are level 1 characters, you will see this in the NPV card that gets posted be it on the campaign details on the web page or on the discord NPC area, witch at any time you can also if you can't find it just ask the admin to show you the card. This will tell you how hard the enemy is and its level and some other details about it. Wolf is a level one it can use claws and a bite, this will be stated on its NPC card that it has said ability's, with claws it can do 2 slashes per round, and with bite, it has one bite per round. So let's get into fighting, this is how it all will look simplified
Bob, Bob goes with his blade and goes to take off the limb of the wolf
At this moment the computer(your admin or ownership) will do a dice roll in the admin segment so others can't see it off if the attack hits or not. It will always be a D20! Nothing else is ever used unless you get as a fail roll. That will be explained later. The D20 will be rolled, on each npc card you will see an AC marker this is armor class, for wolf, it is AC-10 meaning that D20 has to roll over 10 for you to hit the animal. The roll made is an 8 player misses
Admin now places in there post for wolf the reaction of what happens to the hit, so hit misses hitting the ground not the animal, the wolf springs to do 2 slashes with its claws aimed at the player's belly. Admin will roll a dice as said ALWAYS a D20, player one characters start out with an AC of 5 unless they have upgraded starting armor and gear, wolf roll is a 10 this hits, admin will state at the bottom of the attack there roll it is up to you to post the effect that is done in your post, so example wolf slashing your belly
Bob makes next move, system repeats

I know it can be complex even more so when you are more then one on one, but take time and breath, all can be explained if asking, if at any time you have questions ask the ownership or admin of your segment, they are there to help you


Armor class and you
How does AC affect you and what does it even mean?
Wikipedia tells us

In some role-playing games, armor class (abbreviated AC) is a derived statistic that indicates how difficult it is to land a successful blow on a character with an attack. It represents either a character's protective equipment, ability to dodge attacks, size or a combination of the above.

In earlier versions of Dungeons & Dragons, a lower AC indicated that a creature was more difficult to hit. In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, an unarmored human had an AC of 10, and armor lowered a character's armor class. Powerful creatures would usually have an armor class lower than 0.

In the third edition, D&D, the armor class system was effectively reversed. An unarmored human still had an AC of 10, but wearing additional armor and/or wielding a shield increased armor class. Thus, a creature with an AC of 0 in the second edition would have an armor class of 20 in the third edition, and vice versa. This system persists into the fifth edition rules. A wide range of factors affects armor class in both systems, including a character's dexterity, use of various combat techniques (such as forms of parrying), and the quality and material composition of the armor worn.

How it is with us
Ac is used the same here as it is in DnD 3ed edition and up, the more Ac you have the harder you are to hit, example
New level one fighter starts with a 5Ac he has no armor on and only basic gear he is super squishy and any roll higher than 5 can hit him if he strips that basic gear off he will drop to 0 Ac meaning he holds no Ac at all.
boss monster is a dragon, it has a strong hide and is fitted with custom plate gear, it has an AC of 19 you have to roll a 20 or higher (some weapons have additions to hits, example greatsword +3 so you roll a 19 and you add 3)

DeLaRose keeps everything as simple as we can but at the same time we understand to some this can be complex, even more so on our next point, what if a monsters AC is over 20? you are rolling a 20 sided dice to hit it, your dice cant roll over 20!
sometimes you don't have to roll over 20, some weapons or abilities give you additions to hits, so the example
Bob has a super ring on his finger, he got it cus he killed a dragon once upon a time, he is a lier, he found it in a hole on the beach lol. but it helps him in getting a better hit, something the ring does by magic gives Bob the ability to really sink his swings. it adds a nice +5 to his hits to really send his hits home.
so Bob is up against a boss monster with a 21 AC his D20 cant roll more then 20 but if he rolls an 18 and then automatically his ring gives him +5 on top of it, that makes his role, not an 18 it makes it a  23 he sinks his hit and makes contact!

See it is simple once you get the hang of it so here are the ACs of the classes starting out with base gear without gear you have an AC of 0
Barbarian/Fighter: AC 7
Bard: AC 3
Cleric/Priest: AC 4
Druid/Nature: AC 5
Monk: AC 4
Paladin: AC 8
Ranger/Archer: AC 5
Rogue/Assassin: AC 5
Warlock/Demon: AC 5
Wizard/Sorcerer: AC 3

Some classes are harder to hit as they can come into the game with plate armor or harder armor for the base, things like mages and nature casters and bard you have cloth, everything can hit you, you knew you would be squishy.

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Health and your Character

Here we try to keep things as simple as possible so you don't have to remember a whole ton of things at one time. we know it is already a lot to take in any way so a basic run down of things.

Basic health system idea
health starts at 20 points at level 1, fighters start with 27, it goes up by 20s after that max player level being 20 at 400 hp
Very light = 2 points
Light damage = 5 points
Med damage = 20 points
Heavy = 40 points
Very Heavy = 80 points
Massive = 100 points
Death = no matter how strong you are, you die

Death affects = some ability's have “take a death effect” example holy smite against a undead is take a death effect, unless the player has “active death ward” it takes death
if hit by damage and dropped to 0 or under you are out cold, the next hit no matter the damage after that will kill target

If you get it at this point it is ok to stop reading and get to play, it is rather simple legitly that is it. now we will go more in depth for some players who don't get it.

Starting health
when you start in any game you have a set number of HP at level one, every player other than tank players start out with 20 points, Fighters start out with 27 this is only due for the fact they are meant to be the tank of the party, so they take damage that other players just can't, they also can get armor and gear that can up there health so even at level 20 you can have more than 400 max health.
but for the normal nonfighter characters you start with 20 health. health goes up as you level as such
Level 1 = 20
Level 2 = 40
Level 3 = 60
Level 4 = 80
Level 5 = 100
Level 6 = 120
And so on to you get to level 20 at 400 HP

so every enemy, npc, even a falling apple from a tree has damage behind it if it happens to smash into your character. depending on the character it smashes into will be the amount of damage it shows on them. an apple falling from a top tree branch may break a level one character's arm, but it will not even dent a level 10.
Damage is recorded super simple, with, very light, light, medium, heavy, very heavy and massive damage, then as always there is death effects that are a form of damage, let's explain them all.

Very light damage
Very light damage is 2 damage points to a player, it is caused by things like
-foot sized small rats
-harmless animals
-normal children of weak races
-normal slaves of weak races
things that cause non-harmful damage

this damage other than to a level one really means very little it is meant to be not harmful and just for fun as even a level one has to get hut a whole bunch of times before it really makes an impact.

Light Damage
Light damage is 5 points of damage to a player's HP and is made for level one players, enemies of there level and between level 1 to 3 give light to med damage, their damage is meant to take a couple hits but still start to show after a while, a level one player at 20 can take 4 solid hits before they go to 0 and if they are at an animal or beast at there level the NPC will most of the time flat line before the player does.

Medium damage
to a new player this amount of damage is to much and if seeing a monster that looks to be a harder hitter it is advised to flee from combat and gain a safe distance if able, all characters can flee from battle there is no roll for this you just post running the F away and you do just that, you just can't go back that way as the monster is there, so you will have to come back when higher level able to beat said monster or figure out another way around and try to avoid it. but note that the whole area will be that level and if you cant fight the small monsters you can't fight the boss as all bosses are harder then normal monsters.
med/medium damage is 20 points a hit. one hit for level one players 2 hits for level 2 players and so on

Heavy Damage
Heavy damage is 40 points a hit, it is set mid-ranged range/high players the hits are hard but the rewards are so so sweet.

Very Heavy Damage
A very heavy hit dealing 80 damage per hit to the player, this is made for higher level players with hit points in the hundreds. not to be taken lightly the beasts that hit this hard as most of the time they have abilities some only dream off to go with there earth-shattering hits.

Massive Damage
100 points a hit, it is made to even take down top-level players four solid hits will take down a level 20 player five will take down your tank, the abilitys the monsters have are not for a single player to be able to handle. partys are made for the bossed of this size and working as a team is also very useful.

Death Effects
things can kill you in only a look, a snap of there fingers and you just take a death effect, a being made to kill you can do it, you are a vampire, an undead or a demon a holy smite may harm others and give heavy damage but to you-you take a death for it if you are stuck, what can cause instant death to players?
- The gods and acts of the gods
- A monster or being of lesser god level
- A being that is made to kill your race or alignment their abilities may cause one to take death and die.

can you be able to have more than one death? YES you can gain items that give you a extra life, they are not easy to get but some items, as well as magical trees when you learn high enough example necromancy, has the ability that you slit your arm draw a ring on the ground in your blood and bind your spirit to that location, then upon death you act as if you die but then reform there with all dear items and things you had on you and no death taken.
or you get an item that has one extra life attached to it, so if you die you after one minute of being "dead" pop back up full health, the paladin gets one extra life when they get their knighthood as well.


This is how health and life work in DeLaRose roleplay group, note it is up to the segment owner of the roleplay you are in to read over this and uphold it in their segment or do something else so it is always good to ask if they use the standard health and damage markers.

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