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Rose Has Thorns Part 4 - The Darker World

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Part 4 The Darker World

“Light thinks it travels faster than anything and is stronger than anything, but it is wrong, it is always so very wrong. No matter how fast light travels, or how strong light gets, it finds the darkness has always gotten there first, it finds the darkness is always stronger and darker than its light pushes out, it will always be there, waiting for it, wanting it, and knowing that when light always goes out, darkness lives on forever” ~ Caliga

Softly she lay in the bath clear crystal water cascading over her nude flesh. Simple flicks of iridescent rainbow water droplets dappled her skin. White hair fell over her shoulders dampened by the moisture in the air of the fogged up window room. She could see the outside the trees swaying in the wind the sweet smell of summer and a warm day just slowed to waist it away in the bath not a care in the world. Was, was this what death felt like, like a child’s dream of sweets and in a place were the land and sky met off in the distance, true beauty here and now. She looked out as a girl, with long yellow hair down her shoulders the color of buttercream and her skin like a silken blanket. “lady Anaya we gave waited so long to at last see you. Oh, it brings me joy to have you home with us at last" home what was the word anymore her home, it was almost like she could not remember any other place than here.

“Yes it has been a long time coming haven’t it, this place is so nice do tell me about it, I am sure the story's do it no justice, and the last time, well I can't even remember it last time I was here. So do, tell me story’s of this place and allow my ears to enjoy the simple pleasures.” Anaya thought on how this place was so peaceful, so still, as the girl walked over beside the tub and got down on her knees her arms resting on the side of the tub as she humbly looked to the woman naked laying there.

“your father, our father, has watched you down on the world, he made all of this, for we are told of the days when you were still young and he watched as you walked for the first time your claws shimmering in the light, this place was were you were born a place of all starting and all finishing, but not many finish here, for the gates are locked never to be opened it is said they are bolted with magic and fury, the sky's themselves cannot open them till she comes home, till the true owner of this place comes home. The lands are fruitful and the trees they shimmer and your children wait for you to make them, many just waiting for your breath to give them live,the water is clean, none will harm you here all is pure and blessed by the grace of the holiest on high, he has changed since the past, he is no longer filled with greed and pain, but light and power, he relaxes up in the temple he need not be anything but free you may join him and shed your human skin here, we only placed you in it to seem more comfortable you will not have to have it once you go outside this room. No pain will lay to your body upon changing nothing you do will give pain to your body, it will just be here, you can just be here, everything will be yours without even asking, simply think on it and it shall be.” the girl was so happy with her words it was like every letter just made her get brighter and happier like there was nothing that could remove the grin and smile and light from her eyes.

Anaya nodded as she ran her fingers along her silken body. “ I do enjoy this body I may use it from time to time to be able to simply feel the skin of an older time, but, tell me, child, why can I not remember what was before this moment? I know I did not exist just now, there were actions before now that I can only partly dawn my mind to”
“Oh my lady the days before now do not matter, all your human struggles and pains are but a blink and no longer needed, you need not to hold onto anything here, what happened to you, who you knew, everything before now you need not cling to as it will cause you sorrow and pain, you need not that you only need bright and happy days simply to do the job the father on high has given to you, see all mortals as equals in the mind of the one holiest of all beings. Don't worry my lady, you won't need your memory of the land here, it will only inhibit you. We only want the best for you”
Anaya nodded her head, she understood the reasoning and really she could not debate it, it made sense and really she had no idea what she wanted to remember all she knew was something happened before now but really why care about it. It was the past anyway. She stood up from the bath and stepping out of the tub to have her foot come down on what felt soft but was warm and looked like a marble tile floor. Not a single crack everything was so clean and perfect. She let out a breath as she nodded her head.
“Alright, I will go see father then, I am sure we have much to talk about”
“as you wish my lady, and oh my lady your true self may not be the same as it was before, you will see” the girl then vanished as if she was not there at all leaving only a couple of white feathers scattered around here and there. Anaya gave a chuckle as she opened the door and then as if nothing had even happened at all she moved a foot and it was so clean, her body had become her true self, but it did not hurt, it just, as she did not even think about it and with another move her foot slammed into the ground claws digging into the dirt as she enjoyed feeling it. Everything felt so good like feeling the wind for the first time, the dirt for the first time, breathing for the first time the skin on her skin. She moved to open her wings as white feathers spread over her. Body as she looked at them, what was once hard was soft here, and she enjoyed it, she felt true and free and with her wings folded to her back she walked.
It felt like no time at all as she looked upon the temple walking up to the steps of it her body becoming human once more, that would take some getting used to. “Father? I have, I have come home” she called out as she looked over to see him standing there his back to her, he had white hair as she did, his body strong and muscled as he stood there. Slowly the man turned around his stabbing blue eyes looking at his daughter.
“My child” within seconds his arms were around her as he held her close to him in a tender embrace his fingers warping around her and weaving into her white hair as she put her head on his shoulder. He was warm, loving, he was everything she wanted, everything that she had ever wanted was right now, she let out a breath as she sunk into him “I missed you Anaya, my sweet girl it is good that you are here with me now”Anaya's arms stayed around him as she let out a breath softly holding her beloved father who clearly cared for her.
“Father, your love is sweet and brings joy to my heart, but you are not going to be staying alongside me, you have committed treason and should not be here in this kingdom. You got here on fowl means and are seen as guilty by the laws of the world Father, what was done is to be undone now that I rule here and you may return to the land mass you were given, to govern and rule and set the balance right again”
her father's arms stayed around her as she spoke and held him, he was not the dragon he used to be he had grown fat lazy and weak and he knew that she was stronger then he was. Anaya's voice was cold without emotion at all and she simply spoke without seeing to care, simply doing what she was there to do without fault or show of weakness. “Father you are to return to Valeria and govern man, protect humans, and guide ones that seek you out, you will hear their prayers to you, you shall still be a god among them, still stand with your people and do the job needed, all your powers will stay with you, but your wings will stay here with me” she moved her hands as she held him, her nails digging into his back as tears fell down his face but not a sound slipped from his lips. He did not say a word, did not do anything, he knew he would lose in battle so allowed this to happen without restraint at all.

Blue feathers started to slip from his skin as the wings as if magic its self hid something so large within such a small body as they moved and fell to the ground making not a sound, bright blue blood slid down his back as he fell weak in his daughters arms his old legs trembling not only due to weakness but out of fear of what happened next. “goodbye my father enjoy the world I left behind, you will be returned to the cave in which you left, on the dunes of were the world was made, on the spot were the dragon of ages abandoned the world he was sworn to protect due to his own greed. You are banished here forth from this kingdom” her words as law and justice as if a hammer smashed down onto his head pushing him down out of her arms and to his knees looking up at his daughter.
“no please, I do not belong down there anymore, I know not the world my daughter, please spare me”
“you have been judged, and you have been found guilty” then he was gone as if dropped down a hole that opened at his feet he was sent to plummet down to the world which he left behind thousands of years ago.

She let out a soft sigh as she looked at the world now empty of her father, it was hers now and now, it was time to place back what needed to be “i call forth the sky keeper, rise from the land of the dead and hear my words, I call you forth from the pit you have rested in for so long, I call you from death to life to be brought back to the place of which you belong, come to me my sky keeper, the ferryman that is to usher the lost and dead to the land of light and peace”

On the world down below the bones of the keeper, lost in the sands of the desert of ignoros started to move, they clicked, cracked, shifted, not caring for there age or fragility they seemed to live and breath once more, sand tumbling down there yellowed bones as a light white hue started to creep back into them like life being breathed back into life long dead. The bones soon mashed together clicking and cracking as the skeletal structure of a massive bird came into view. A bird, with no wings.

The birds head arched as it looked to the sky, moving the ends of its shoulders softly, flesh and muscle taking shape as the blue feathers at last smashed out of the skin and the whole being lifted off the ground hovering up into the air and then simply vanishing into nothingness leaving only sand and faded blue feathers were it once was hidden into the dirt and dunes. Anaya stood as she formed before her, a woman pale skin lightly kissed by the sun, ebony hair falling down her face in tight curls and bright sea blue eyes and lightly dappled features that brought everything in rather cute and Innocent looking, it was clear on how the Leviathan fell in love with such a flawless beauty, an image of innocence and crisp clean features. “so long have you fallen into the ground, so many had the chance to birth you back to life and gain such a reward onto the world they call home, but alas you did no crime yet payed the gravest price, your very life stolen from you in greed and self interest, a crime that has now been punished with service and exile, a merger price for what you payed but a price none the less. But now it is done and you live once more, you will be able to do the job set forth by the god overhead and bring the dead to the light-filled afterlife they deserve, we together will remove darkness from the land and keep its claws from the people of the worl....”

“NO YOU WILL NOT!” a swift backhand hit Anaya right in the face as she was sent flying backward smashing into a stone pillar, it splintering and wedging its self into her back. A simple black skinned hand ran along the sky keepers face, the girl just stood there unable to move as a force held her in place
“It is funny how you are still bound by time up here Anaya, did you really think you could come up here and change our plans, change the future for us and outshine our blissful black. We are the reason you came here. Don't you remember” her words held malice, so much malice, at long last, she could give what she had wanted to for so many years. Caliga took a breath as her darkness moved along her skin as she was there before Anaya, Anaya getting up from the pillar to heal her bloody back, what would have been seconds felt like a forever as the single tissue bits molded together. Caliga was slowing time so healing would hold no effect. “don't you want to remember Anaya, the sins you committed, the innocence you snuffed out of the world wall we could do NOTHING to save them!” a massive shadow spike stabbed out of the ground and impaled the holy dragon in the jaw forcing blood to bubble up her lips and splash onto her gown. Anaya could not scream, she could not speak, she hardly could move every movement slowed down to such a state that she was not moving at all and she did not have the power next to this, she could not fight this off, Caliga had most of the world behind it and Anaya only had a select few and she knew it. Her red eyes looked into that of her now enraged torturer only able to hear Caligas words and do whatever the god wanted. “you have killed nations, you alone have burned whole races down to the ash, you have slaughtered your own family your own people, you are the cause of why the one you loved is dead, you killed your own son and left them all to die as they called out for you, you have ignored the ones praying to you, you have turned a blind eye, what god is that, what dragon is that!” she slammed another black spike into the woman's side, it goes in and up into her rib cage and out the top of her shoulder. Another one stabbing into the other side the same going into the rib cage and out the other shoulder crossing in the middle.
“you have been found guilty by your own rules, you are nothing but a hypocrite dragon of light and justice, we have watched you and now you will pay the price for your deeds, not a soul will come here to the sky, your own keeper will now be mine to usher souls down to Ulon were souls belong wall you sit here and rot in a pit of your own making, ruined by your own laws Anaya, holy dragon of a pile of dirt turned black in my image” a smile came over the woman's face as her black wings reached out and a chill came over the air “enjoy the show, watch your world go black”

The sun that hung that day got colder, a black sheet started to creep across it, a solar eclipse that would never end, words whispered into the minds of every living thing, words that would shake a planet, words that placed fear in the hearts of even the other gods. “the day has come to pick a side, light is over, only darkness walks on the land, may my children rise to walk this world with the living, half of the planets will die, the weak will wither and fade, all children will be free, this world will be remade in darkness” as the words ended it was like there was this emptiness that crept into every pour of a person and into there very souls like the happiness had been drained from the hearts of all living things and sadness touched the world. The ground turned dark and from the shadows spewed monsters upon the land, beings all sizes and all power levels, small and large, black bodied monsters in the form of beast, man, abomination, everything, some did not even hold shape, just rolling black masses that attached to the living to consume them. And then, others started to crawl forth the Kinn, monsters that stood twelve feet or higher at the shoulder, glowed there respected colors and were nothing but black tendriled monstrosity's walking the world to do Caliga's bidding.
Shades clinging to the heels of there greaters hoping around to snap up any that were seen as weaklings needing to be set free and grab a hold of any child within range.
Sinners with claws dripping ready to hunt and kill,
Vessers books in hand walking to take in the disciples of Caliga as they ran in fear from everything and into the black hands of an enemy they did not understand.
The Reapers collecting souls, blue soul orbs hovering around them like blinking lights as many died and fed the growing hoard ]
Hulking Ursas slamming clawed fists into the ground as the quadrupedal abominations lumbered around smashing building like siege engines opening doors for the Sinners to go in as the knights of a destructive army hell-bent on taking what they saw as there own.
And Standing at the head were the Fates of it all, Two woman holding large books with silver decal, silver chains dangled down there sides and down there dresses. Giving orders and instructing the troops to go from town to town on the path that would lead them to a successful future.
And on one spot, consuming what was once Firedoor was the main figurehead, a glowing bright purple Prime turning the ground its self into darkness and consummating all that was in the landmass, no one would live here again, no plants would grow, all would turn to darkness, trees would change as the Prime would warp the world by simply existing, and in the centre grew the castle that it would sit in, that Caliga its self would manifest in and 'live' in, here would be the home base, here is were the army's would be there strongest, here darkness would rule, here would grow city's of nothing but Caliga's minions, all Kinn, darkness, and mortal disciples would rest here.

She looked to Anaya sitting there eyes wide as she watched the world set ablaze by black fire and an empty dead sun, time started to move as Anaya could breathe again as she let tears fall down her face “why would you do this to them, why would you do it to the people I am to protect!” Anaya screamed as she cried her tears falling down onto the beautiful ground that was the sky lands. “why would you do something so horrible, you will kill hundreds of thousands, what is the reason the point, why does it even for you this is pointless and rash”
“why do it you ask, as it is what darkness has always wanted, a world with no limits, with no you on the ground no one can protect the people, no one can stop what will happen and as soon as your little trinket in your castle is smashed they will not even have a place to hide anymore, it will all be leveled, your daughter saved due to her age but forced to watch the world as she is helpless to do anything, a heart turned so dark she will beg to us to grant her wishes, giving her soul to us as payment to save the people you left her with. Your eldest son will know how it all ends, he knows how we work, he knows our ranks, he will run with aid into the mouth of our stronghold to be met with fire and death and even if he makes the wise choice to not do such a thing he will only be able to watch and adapt to a world that will do nothing but hunt and want to kill him. Your eldest daughter has such a wonderful part to play, she will birth my own child, a mortal being made of flesh and bone that will later become my host body upon your world once everything is clean and there is no way to turn back the clock, I will merge Ulon with your planets core, and your planet will become the new homeworld for the Kinn and Ulons soul pool, what is it the humans on earth say, they will truly be living in hell” she could not help but laugh as she looked to Anaya leaning down to softly bringing her hand up to Anaya's face to lightly pat her cheek. Caliga's firm flawless body pressed into the blood-covered body of the other goddess she had brought to her knees with little to none of her true power.

Boldly She pushed her breasts into Anaya as her lips met with Anaya's in a warm yet sickening embrace as her black wings moved to wrap around them both, as her lips softly came from Anaya's a line of saliva dripping between them and the gut-turning smell of vanilla hitting the dragons nose making her bowls turn “now, you are going to be our pet and do everything we tell you to, you will respond to the prayers given, you will act the part, but all your granting will only bring us power, and you holy light are to fool your own followers having them give their souls to us with every granting you do.” Caliga pressed her lips into Anaya once more as her hand violently was shoved down to grab Anaya's sensitive undercarriage, fingers slipping into holes Anaya did not wish to be touched. Fingers thrusting in and out hard and cruel as the dragon tried to pull away but was still speared on the sharp spikes that were impaled in her rib cage and torso.
“I will not lie to my people!” Anaya yelled as tears ran down her face, feelings welling inside of her heart as she was being assaulted both in her mind and on and in her body.
“really, lets see how many tears we can force you to have, lets make you feel” black tendrils moved from Caliga's body there tips round and solid as she ran them along Anaya's face slowly, forcing them to slither over the woman's lips and into her mouth to be yanked out and then ran along her side to the hole in which the shadow spikes were spearing her. Not only one but both tendrils slowly sunk into the wounds alongside the spears moving slowly in and out of the holes that the spears had made.
Anaya screamed as the pain was too much for her body to take, not only were their fingers shoved deep into her sex but there were thrusting tentacles being painfully inserted and retracted over and over into the fresh wounds made, she was being raped, and assaulted both mentally and physically, and on top of it all how could pain hurt this much, she had faced pain but this, this was something else, it all felt like she was on fire from the inside the fingers the tendrils all felt like hot pokers being jabbed inside her body.

Caliga's fingers moved faster as she pushed her naked body into Anaya, the woman's golden gown melting off her as if acid was eating it, the dragon's skin feeling the burn of acid on her body even if nothing was there. Anaya screamed more “Make it stop!” she yelled as all Caliga did was made as she placed her free hand on Anaya's chest and pushed her back the spears ripping the holes in the woman's sides wider as the tendrils got thicker to fill the holes moving faster to rip the wounds open with each thrust.
“we will not finish with you till we finish ourselves” Caliga hissed as another thick tendril moved to loop around the once mighty empress and dragon ruler to run up against her backside. With brute force and no warning, it plunged its self into Anaya's backside ripping the skin open and causing her to bleed and scream for mercy knowing she would get none. Caliga trusted in harder, faster till the tentacles were to swell and feel as if they were ready to burst, Anaya's screams and tears cried out and ran like a river sobbing and mixing with her own blood upon the ground. Caliga burst to fill Anaya both inside and covering her naked burning body on the outside. A liquid that resembled a man's seed but burned like acid to the bone. Anaya fell to the ground on her side curled and bleeding, one of her legs severed due to the brutality of the whole event, half of her intestinal track laying on the ground beside her, if you turned on the right angle you could see the woman's beating heart form the hole in her side and the broken shattered ribs. Even one of Anaya's beautiful red eyes had popped from her socket hanging from a thread from her face.
“look at you, covered like some trash gutter whore, who would have thought to become a god would be well, so sticky, now, do we have to go round two and take the other leg or will you do as you are told.” From the shattered woman on the ground came a muffled weak moan out of the words,

“Yes, Mother of Darkness” Anaya had been broken, beaten, and now left to heal with no idea how long that would take from this damage done by another god. Caliga moved to lean down and softly pull up the dragons shattered and dripping face to kiss her lips one more time before harshly dropping Anaya's face back down into the blood-soaked ground with a pluck.
“good, now we will leave you here to clean up and over think your actions, wall we take your cute little bird” Caliga walked to the sky keeper, frozen there being forced to watch the whole ordeal that just happened, frozen in spot unable to help as one god lay claim over another in a horror show of dominance, brutality, and power.
With a snap of her fingers on the sky, keeper formed a blue navel jacket and a sort of ship mans pirate hat both in matching shades of blue. The sky keeper now broken from her time lock looked at the clothing that had replaced a beautiful crystal gown that Anaya had given her. “what is this f...for” the sky keeper questioned with a slight stutter to her words as she walked beside Caliga.
“we were told a story one about a group of kids that saw this overall look of one of balance and of a boatman, as that is what you are so we deem it fitting that you have it on to be the ferryman, or well we guess in your case the passenger pigeon you will now bring the dead to Ulon, we do hope we make ourselves clear”
“you make everything clear my lady, I will not fight at all, I will do as instructed, loyalty without question” she did not want to end up like the woman still partly drooling in her own blood and whatever that white liquid was on the ground over behind them.
“good girl, now let's go watch our new world be formed shall we”

And with that they both vanished, leaving Anaya there to heal, and leaving the world to make do with all that was happening to it.

Out of Game Notes
things that have changed
- you now have no sun, it has gone black as if a solar eclipse has happened but is not ending
- plants and animals are dieing
-where there once was smaller monsters, example the dead woods there are now eating the zombies and monsters, replacing them with black shadow monsters
- large black beasts explained and described in the story line segment are taking over towns, if you are in a town you will see this happening, it is advised to run
- castles are being attacked, other then iron
- Iron holds holy wards still protecting it, the beasts are raming the walls of the wards trying to get in to raid the building, everyone inside the building is safe, for now
-all followers of Caliga feel intense pleasure and happiness, you all gain 20 HP on top of what you have, and the ability Shadow walk, three times per day you can shadow jump from one in view shadow to another, example you see a window, you see a shadow cast from a chair you can bypass the wall and jump to that shadow.
please add that to bio cards
- Anyone that follows Anaya feels dread and despair like a wave of sadness washes over them, you lose 10 HP and are saddened for one day, this effect will cause magical spells to not work and cause you to feel loss and dread when facing enemy's, you have a 30% chance of all attack rolls failing. when you attack roll for a hit i roll a D3 if i get a 3 you miss regardless of your roll
npcs that have now gone missing,
-Miss everdeen
-the shoe peddler in the ally
this has really freaked out the other guy in the ally
- the blacksmiths assistant
-clod from the tavern
-some of the castle staff
- the castle is destroyed
in stovania
-Anas horse
- the trees are being distroyed one at a time by darkness monsters
- Eveh Bhila tavern keeper
- 30% of your castle staff has gone missing
- the elven city is on fire you can see it burning in the distance
-the ground around the elven city is going black and over time black large buildings will grow and replace elven ones
all map changes will be updated

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