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Black House and Church Incident

Fri May 12 2017, 22:10 by Darkvoidoflight

The following is an excerpt of the great magi of the white cloud, formerly known as the sage of white cloud, as such many of the writings are out of date but give a detailed look into the Dragon Oath Keepers who were both banished by the Oligarchy.
A grey elf’s life was bound by many tenants and regulations, their taboos could mean certain death for even minor offences and every day it became harder and harder to figure out what exactly was the point of said society. The Matriarchy …

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Rage's Journey

Thu Apr 27 2017, 17:04 by Zidourn

After a single strike from his queen Rage had simply rose up and left speaking only a single sentence aloud, "I must find it." With that he was out into the world. Blindly walking a path that his instincts pulled him through. He trudged for what felt like miles through forest and plains. Stopping only once he had reached a large oasis in the middle of nowhere. He gazed about with his crimson hues, his body lightly covered in perspiration. He knelt down sticking his hand into …

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Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire

Thu Apr 20 2017, 12:35 by Anaya

Spring Rains Fire, The third Iron Dynasty Segment

DivinexCB: -Everest sat in her gloomy Kingdom, unaccompanied, bored to death as she had no guests for the past two weeks. Her thoughts sprouted around that tiny head of hers, thus causing her to have massive throbbing headaches. Everest was under quite a lot of stress lately, not hearing from her children at all, not knowing if they …

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-Campaign- Journey to Gain a Teleportation Stone

Wed Jan 11 2017, 03:11 by Anaya

Campaign Details
The Journey to Find The Stone of Telaportathion

Time to take: Estimated 6 months
Bag capability's: 35 pounds
Items you Must Bring:
-Vile of unknown blood
-small pocket book
-2 matches
-an apple
-Loss paper
-1 healing tonic
-1 tonic of greater stamina

Items you can Pick to Bring with(pick no more than 6)
-Weather forecast for 1 month
-War Hammer
-A small reptile
-4 Healing tonic
-Flintlock pistol and 12 small steel balls
-Book on …

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World Maps, Valeria Rose Has Thorns Part 2

Mon Nov 21 2016, 06:42 by Anaya

Main Map ~ Rose Has Thorns Part Two


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