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You Looking for new Role players for Your Role play? Post Adds Here.

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Since this group is growing so much and possessing members from so many different role play groups as well as a mixture of veteran and beginners, I had a thought during one of my ramblings. I am sure that many here ( and more that will join in the future ) are heads of their own role play groups and are always looking for more members to enhance their ongoing story. Why not create a thread for them to make themselves known? I am offering, once again, some free advertising.

If you would like to make your role play known to others, feel free to do so here. Put the name, perhaps a group link or links to the public role play rooms and a description of your role play. Feel free to put down any information you would like in order to give a clear idea of what your role play is about and what kind of players you are looking for or feel would be suited for the storyline.

To help limit confusion and to keep this thread as tidy as possible, only post one advertisement per group. I think it would be suitable for the heads of the group to do so. If you feel that more information is needed, then simply edit the message. Do not post that your group is the best. The reason for this is that the statement is opinion based. I am sure everyone feels their group is the best so to post it is rather redundant. However, please feel free to be as creative as you like to help portray your role play.

Do not:

~Post that you are looking for a role play to join. Read what is available and then go and check them out and talk to them.

~Post anything negative about another group. Remember the rules of this manual. We will be civil to each other.

~Post questions to a particular group. If you read a group's description and wish to know more, then seek them out and have a sit down or leave them a private message if they allow. I really do not want this to get cluttered.

I feel that this thread would be beneficial to many who are always open for new members but if it is not taken advantage of, then I will simply delete it, no harm no foul. If anyone posting an advertisement has a question, feel free to leave it in the questions thread. Hope this helps you out and happy hunting. Have fun! ~Anaya

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