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What about the Story line?

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1 What about the Story line? on Sat Sep 21 2013, 05:30


Well i have had some ask me, well Anaya what story line do i read? there are so meny . well step one you can read the past story's if you want. you see the history is a vast one of 4 long years of role playing as the DeLaRose family, we have 3 large books that sometime or another i will be taking and redoing into a real world novel to get published i just have to get like 2 weeks to take all there info and mass parts and bind them all together and then go over it, get others to read the whole thing and see what they think and edit it and all that fun stuff, so as you can guess that part will take time. so what part do you read. well start with the Story's of Iron.

the chapters are marked from number one, to the bottom and then up. sadly it did an odd edit when i did them so chapter one is not at the bottom place it needs to be at, so i am utterly sorry for that. but start with that and work your way up the chapters to the one we are at now and it will bring you to the most up to date story line part.

i hope this helps all in there figuring out how to work this form. and please remember to see the mass amount of it you have to be a member and register with us. it is not hard and only takes a moment if you have a email you can do it no problem. but even not a member you can read our story line so have fun and enjoy yourselves.


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2 Re: What about the Story line? on Mon Mar 30 2015, 15:47

i cant wait to get into reading

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