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Setting of The White Raven

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1 Setting of The White Raven on Tue Apr 15 2014, 00:50


The White Raven Assassin Guild, Setting.

"Why did you name it White Raven?" the boy asked her as she stood there before him. "well my dear it is named that for no one would suspect one so pure and one so white" -Vanessa W Fox

The White Raven Assassins Foundation was formed in 1984 by a man named Charles W Fox, he was a great man with many ideas but his prize was his wife Marina. they got wed on December 16, 1987, and together they came up with the idea to build a business together as a family.

But that summer came disaster and their ideas took a turn for the worst. Martina was alone one night and a cop came by, looking around and doing his rounds like normal. she got the knock on the door and came to it swiftly in her nightgown. the cop turned evil and saw only greed as he beat the woman with his nightstick and raped her body as she lay there bleeding. when Charles got home it was a horrifying scene, she had crawled to the phone but due to the massive bleeding she could not make it and the blood trail went from the front door to the other room and kitchen. it was that day that the wise and good man made up his mind to never follow the law again for it was toxic, and in that loss the White Raven was born.

Over the years the business had grown to points even the law could not stop, it was a mass amount of thieves, smugglers, and assassins with only one goal in life, to outsmart, outdo and beat the law every chance they got, and that is what they did, and they did it better than anyone could ever dream. they had their hands in every pot in the country, the government, the cop stations and every other law force around, nothing could get in there way anymore, they were the top dogs now.

But before Charles was to die he had to pick an heir to the company having no children as he never remarried after the loss of his beloved, he made the choice to adopt a child. once at the adoption agency with his forged papers he saw the perfect girl. A brown haired young woman stuck out from the crowd of other children, Vanessa, and soon Charles adopted the girl and made her to the be heir.

She had to get her training in fast, there was a lot to learn in a short time for a dying and ageing man. Weeks turned into months and months turned into years and when the girl hit the age of 25 she was already out doing killings, smuggling over exotic animals and weaponry and had taken down 2 large government offices and stolen countless articles from museums and gem shops all over the City.

The year of her Adopted Fathers death she had become his most prized possession, his gem and she meant more to him than anything he had ever owned or laid eyes on. that year he gave her the honour of owning the family name and she was seen truly as his child, it was a day she remembered the rest of her life as she was now, Vanessa William Fox. By the end of that year came Charles passing, he died of a bullet the way he knew he was going to go, he knew this day would come so he did not try to stop it from happening and simply let death meet him like a friend and he went willingly, but the assassin that shot him down new of this and new of the fact Charals let him kill him, and from that day the same assassin is waiting, watching for Vanessa to be in a clear shot, to take the thrill he lost out on her.

Government, Weather.

Both are the same as the united states of the modern day world. Weather is the same as the Miami area of the US and is most of the time warm and nice. other then that it is the same as modern day. White Raven holds more power at times then the government.

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