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White Raven, Name Your Price

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1 White Raven, Name Your Price on Tue Mar 17 2015, 16:30


All Our Story Line Logs In Book Format.  


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2 Re: White Raven, Name Your Price on Tue Mar 17 2015, 18:37



Lets Start This Off With A Bang, Chapter One

I could feel it, the cool metal in my finger tips the sweet feeling of how it was all going to end for him, the thoughts on how he pushed me to far how he used me for his own gain, used my name, my home and my order to gain himself a higher rank in the eyes of his worthless peers, it was time for him to go, time for him to see the world six feet under. my fingers slipped over that sleek trigger as I held the gun in my hands, it was so clean i had just oiled it, cleaned the barrel and make sure everything moved alright there was nothing that could go wrong this time. this was the second time i had tried to peg this fucker off last time someone got in the way but this time no one was around, it was him, in his hotel, with that woman he was fucking instead of me, she would see it all, his head pop off his shoulders like would would pop off a dandelion flower with there thumb, but in this case, it would be a over sized bullet right to the neck that would do all the popping, not a finger. lining up the shot there he was taking his pants off in the hotel window he never had any shame even if i had heels bigger then his dick. i don't know how she could stand him, never pleasing the woman first always having her give him head till he was almost there and then thrusting in two times to not even think about her needs and to leave her high and dry until next time only to be left with the same nothing. maybe it was cus he payed her to be pretty for him, gave her the cash offer every time she had to deal with him, he did not pay her for sex he payed her to stand him and his pencil dick.

I could see her too, perky breasts, full figure body ya I had all that, kinda if you remove the light muffin top and love handles, they were there I was not fake it was just how it was I don't understand how it was a bad thing I like my body. her brown flowing hair over top her breasts. she was a beautiful woman, beautiful and stupid all rolled into one he really new how to pick a slut to screw behind my back. well, it would be over in no time.

I pulled the Trigger and the gun made no sound at all, silent and clean as I watched in the scope as the bullet hit its mark and popped his head from his shoulders like a bottle cap. her screams would ring in the air as she ran from the apartment in only purple under garments scared out of her mind, I was pleased, a little too pleased as I started to pack up the sniper and fold it back into its case. I clipped the case I picked up the cell phone and held down the number 4 "Bruce make sure clean up crew comes to the Hilton Hotel on 4th and Blair i made a mess yet again, it is room 403 just look for the girl in purple screaming and running full tilt away"
"Yes Sir we will get right on it, no trace of the raven will be found. your car is already out front of the building"
"You are far too good for me Bruce thank you" and the clink of the phone as I hung up and flung the case over my shoulder, this was more pleasing than anything I had done this week. killed the cheating bastard of a lover, now I was single, time for a relaxing night in at the Hall, it was about time I had a drink.

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3 Re: White Raven, Name Your Price on Tue Dec 06 2016, 23:56



The doors slammed back and changed ageist the hard walls of the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion, a large elegant place with large paintings and statues, but so much dust it had not been cleaned in some time. Leaning against the wall Vanessa let out a sign as she cleaned her dark hair from her face and took off her skin tight outfit. Standing right at her side Bruce lifted an eyebrow and gave a half smirk as Vanessa punched his shoulder.

“mind your eyes to the floor, don't be a dick wad and look at tits you can't touch” she gave a laugh and tossed her coat over to him and over his arm and shoulder. He gave a chuckle lightly and as ordered put his eyes to the floor
“sorry sir, will not happen again, but they are rather nice to let you know”
“I know they are, new, ” she said out as she walked awa from her black bra pushing her breasts up to the point of almost spilling over. Getting to the bathroom she unties her hair as she started to hum to herself a tune from when her father was alive. Even if he was not blood the relation they had was not far off from magical. “dum de dummmm dum de dummm dum de dumde de dummm dum” she hummed to herself as she stepped into the warm waters relaxing after a job well done. Killed her cheating cum swallowing cunt of a husband, not gonna date again for a while. She thought to herself as a grin came over her lips and she let the water fall down her curves.

After the shower stepping onto the cold floor tiles, a shiver went up to her spine as she walked over to the mirror to take off the dirt and grit from the day, and brush out the bird's nest that was her hair. It was all windblown and a mass of tangles. Taking the brush she combed it through and got all looking as she wanted it, smooth and sleek, how she liked her guns, her men, and herself, to look. Taking her fingers she brushed on a light amount of blush and eye shadow and put on her false lashes tossing a robe around her hips and leaving her top bear.

It was always more empowering to just be yourself and she held no shame, and it was her fucking house so she could do what the fuck she wanted after all. And being an elite had its perks. Walking down to the main hall she plopped her topless wrapped self on the sofa and picked up a snipers magazine with some hot chick on the cover holding a gun between her legs. She let out a yawn as Bruce came over and looked at her. “can I get you a top Sir ” he said in that grunt like the voice he had.
“no that is fine Bruce I am happy here, any of the new members around?”
“not to my knowing but I could be wrong, do you want them to find you, topless Sir?”
“fuck if I care, can you get me a coke”
“yes Sir Will get you some coke just the way you like it”
“NO a COKE, the drink, and ya a bit of blow on the side would be fine too, but not much just enough Bruce” he gave a giggle at her response and then left her on the old style sofa with her book to relax and read.

She is our Leader, our Commander We call her Sir.

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