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White Raven Character Bio's

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1 White Raven Character Bio's on Tue Mar 17 2015, 19:22

~Added By Anaya~

For Everyone To Use And To Add On To Miss Rage's Topic, Here Is The Bio Outline.

Full Name:
Age: ((How old is the character total?))
Age appearing: ((How old does your character look?))
Status: ((Are you an Emperor, Empress, King, Queen, Advisor?))
Occupation: ((This would include your responsibilities within your Empire/Kingdom/Roleplay.))
Embrace: ((Do you suffer from a disease such as Lycanthropy, Vampirism? And when did this occur in your characters timeline?))
Elements: ((If applies))
Orientation: ((Sexual orientation of your character. This will help us to better understand if a woman is hitting on a woman or vice versa))
Marital Status: ((Of the character. Do not name spouse here, if married. If Divorced or single, that is ok too.))
Current Marital Status: ((If differs from above, such as if Divorced or Single. If divorced or single, are you seeing someone?))

Allignment: ((Are you good, evil, neutral?))
Deity: ((If applies. If not, leave blank, or say none. Give a brief description of who your deity is if not a common deity.))


-Physical Description-
Weight: ((Optional for women, as I know they do not always like to add this.))
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Distinguishing Marks: ((Tattoos or scars?))
Appearance: ((Under your description of your characters Appearance feel free to add a Picture of your Character.))

-Other Traits-
Dislikes/Peeves: ((Character's Dislikes and Peeves. Not your personal Dislikes or Peeves.))
Common Spoken Languages: ((English, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc...))
Uncommon Spoken Languages: ((Drow, Elvish, Dwarvish, Draconic, etc...))

Physical: ((physical abilities such as martial arts, shape-shifting, etc... Here is where you would describe each of your abilities at length. If you are a shape-shifter, please sub categorize your forms under Shape-shifting.))
Mental: ((Mind-reading? Though that one had better not be in a biography.. Telepathy would be better. Dreamwalker?))
Spiritual: ((From where is your magic derived? Is it Divine or Arcane? That would go here.))
Auras: ((Do you carry any aura around you? What for?))

Weapons/Armor: ((Please state if the weapon or armor is not derived of your race and the reason for such so that I do not question this List each weapon, ammunition, armor. Where you got it, or if you made it, etc...))

Personality: ((Be as descriptive as possible.))

((List any special defenses your race uses. Does your character carry a special artifact or trinket for protection? Where was it received, or made?))

((List your characters weaknesses. And "???" Does not count. ALL creatures have at least one weakness. This is not your characters passions/vices...))

((If your race is an uncommon race, give a short synopsis of the society. Is it Matriarchal, Patriarchal? How well does the society function? Where is the race founded?))

Character History:
((This section is the most important. It gives a better idea of the trials and successes of your character. Be as detailed as possible. Include any event you find important. Tell as much as possible about you so that others will best know how to interact with you.))

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2 Ashe Fallon Rage's Bio on Thu Mar 19 2015, 22:42

NAME: Ashe Fallon Rage
AGE: 25
Shortname/Nickname:  Ashe or Rage
SPECIES: Human/Witch/Firestarter/Empath
Gender:  Female
Orientation: Bi-Sexual  
Marital Status: Single
Current Marital Status: Single
Age appearing: Ashe has always come across as much younger, she uses that to her advantage in most cases.
Status: Most useful as a spy.



EYES: Amber (but wears green contacts)
HEIGHT: 5’4"
WEIGHT: 135 lbs
Appearance: Short curvy figure, very attractive to most, still has a young girl appearance due to her freckles, but a definite looker.


SIBLINGS:  A twin sister named Cinder. Taken at birth and adopted out.. Ashe searches for her to this day.
PARENTS: Deceased
OTHER RELATIVES: None available.

{ Other Facts }

Common Spoken Languages: English.

Distinguishing Marks:
Appearance: Short curvy figure, very attractive to most, still has a young girl appearance due to her freckles, but a definite looker.

Allignment: She has always had a pretty amazing life, traveling around the world and taking care of herself since she was old enough to run away from her foster home, and recently found out she was adopted and has a twin somewhere, so she feels slightly jilted and out for blood.



1. Fire

2. Dust manipulation

3. Manipulation: The complex of non-spatial elements in the individual that enables them to be aware of their world and experiences, to perceive, and to feel; the faculty of conscious awareness’

Weapons: Two swords made of black glass that forms into a bow

Specific Styles/Techniques:  Ashe possesses a high degree of skill that rivals, or even surpasses, that of most. She seems to have a strong command over fire Dust, she makes extensive use of flame-based abilities without difficulty. Her primary technique seems to be a highly forceful blast of flame, which is powerful enough to block and knock back debris.

Ashe's capabilities also include summoning pillars of fire that erupt from the ground, as well as a powerful blocking technique, easily capable of withstanding bullets. This blocking technique may be Aura based, but this is unconfirmed.

Noticeably, some of her abilities emit a high-pitched whistling sound when cast. Her eyes seem to glow brighter whenever she uses her abilities. This could be attributed due to her use of Dust-related abilities.

She is also adept at piloting, being able to fly.

Ashe has shown to be quite stealthy as well, and also possesses enhanced speed, strength, and endurance.

Of note was her ability to wield and manipulate Dust in battle, transforming a cloud of dust she’d previously dispensed into several shards of ice which she would proceed to launch as projectiles. She is even able to conjure a Dust-based pair of dual black glass sword constructs and then seamlessly transform them into a bow with a series of black glass arrows ready to fire. She is also capable of triggering this ability to change dust-imbued clothes, as shown by her instantly changing into a dress for the dance. Asheis also seen to be skilled enough in infiltrating places without ever getting caught and using the advantages given to herself to blend in, escaping her pursuers and using the dance to instantly lose them.




Calm, Collected, Ambitious, and giving to Most. An Overseer/Nurturer of sorts to the Young and Elderly.. Has Artemis Syndrome, Wants to be a  Protector.


Imperious, Doesn’t tolerate failure, Secretive, and Withdrawn..


COLORS: Red & White.
SMELLS: Strawberries, Freshly cut trees, and Fresh Ashes, & Lavender..
FOOD: Ashe enjoys spicy foods, and very tender and sweet things.. She has quite the sweet tooth.
FRUITS: Strawberries, Kiwi, Grapes, and Watermelon.

Killed due to walking from base and taking up a task to kill a senator in a nuclear waste zone. without thinking left and took task resulting in death as the task given was only a lie to weed out assassins.

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