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The Wages of Evil. Merfolk of Valaria Story Line

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The Wages of Evil, the opening setting.

The Wages of Evil. Merfolk of Valaria Story Line 11111110

“Like a skillful demon you have taken your nation down a path of evil so that you might devour your world to satiate your lusts. But you have brought yourself close to the kill, and the smell of fear and corruption have awoken a far more ancient lust that shall not be denied. For the hunt has begun, and we shall be satisfied.”
The words of Vexylla as she looked upon the fleets of the Upathian Islands and the plundering of the islands and it’s people.

For five centuries the peoples inhabiting the nation of islands called Upathia lived simply and happily. There was never want of anything, and life upon the islands was the sweetest dream. Two hundred and seventy three islands grouped close together upon the open sea creating a paradise on the surface of Valaria was their cherished home. Along their shores were the greatest concentration of fisherman the Merfolk could persuade to keep natures balance in history. But the Great Chief among them had been corrupted in his journey’s to lands beyond the pristine islands of Upathia. He saw kings and queens who lived in lavish castles and served decadent meals by slaves in chambers of wealth greater than all things of value in all of Upathia. They spoke of conquering, and power untold. He sat among them ashamed, and unworthy to be in the presence of such grandee. His own peoples but rats upon small mounds of dirt among worthless sprouts of trees. Some of those rats, his people, were surely consorting with the devils of the shores. He spent his short days conversing with the Royalty and Nobles, seeking their wisdom as to how to move a people to do his will, and he came up with a plan. A cleaver, dastardly, foolhardy plan. When he returned he gathered the elders and began his work of convincing them to encourage more children among the peoples. Traditions were altered and allowances paid, to make the next generation the largest the islands had ever known. His sons continued the policy, and built larger ships to fish from to feed a growing population. Experimenting with the construction of ships ever learning to make larger and larger ships. Soon they built grand trade ships, and ventured to explore the seas and seek more goods for a booming population to consume. Tales of piracy would worry the people, their sailors were children and siblings and parents to them. The goods the ships carried were desperately needed by the people. With craft the sons smiled and spoke comfortingly, they would train the sailors to be great warriors, and place other warriors upon the ships and none would dare to take their ships by force. Only with the support of a neighboring nation could mere pirates become a threat. They would be safe. Still the ships and small army fell short of becoming a power among the nations of great royalty the Chief had seen. That was now seven generations ago, and now the islands faced a true crisis. The population had grown to large for their islands and there would not be enough food. The fisherman who knew the local Merfolk all came up with an idea. They must return to the old ways of keeping their numbers constant, and the nation must be split and half led to a far away to a similar group of isles.  The idea however, was not well received by the new Chief. The Chief now was Herimok, and he was not about to let the people follow such advice, there was more food further out to sea. The Devils of the sea wish only to deny us food and lead us away to destroy us was his claim. Herimok with the largest work force the islands had ever known began feats of wonder, to build ships. More ships at any single island than had ever been harbored in all of Upathia. They would go far out to sea and dredge even to the sea floor with nets and return with never before seen bounties of fish. That was the answer, not this silly notion those fisherman came up with. It was obvious where they learned of islands no one had seen, and the devils of the sea were not to be trusted. So Herimok spoke to the people, so he commanded. For over time, the Chiefs had learned to manipulate the elders and had taken more and more authority. The workers did as the Chief commanded, and armed with ever growing skill and knowledge of ships and sails they stripped the islands of timbers built vast numbers of ships. The first of those ships did indeed go far out to sea, and dredged the very bottom of the oceans dragging their nets over coral reefs and taking vast amounts of the sea life. The return of these ships were met with joyous occasion as the people now were fed, but the act greatly distressed the Merfolk. They were among the gold and visited the coral reefs that protected the islands from storms and waves to manage them. They were not powerful or grand among the Merfolk and could but keep the sea life, and barely dispel magics. Nonetheless they swam to the ships and cut the nets. If those ships continued, schools of fishes that had lived and grown for almost a milenia would be lost, sea floors scraped clean of corals and homes of needed creatures and sea life in the area would surely become unbalanced. Ultimately, neither the local sea nor the Upathians would survive. The sabotage however did not go unnoticed, and was told among the islanders. Herimok was quick to seize upon the opportunity and rid the island of dissenting voices giving advice contrary to his ultimate plans of conquest and greatness.  “You see how the Merfolk are devils, I have told you so and now they try to starve us.” With such words he convinced the people, and with their praise set out to hunt the Merfolk who worked upon the coral reefs. They waited, and watched the rebellious fisherman who went out alone in small boats, boats not made by Herimok’s workers. When they went to sea, Herimok sent his warriors to take their families and bring them to a cave so that when the fisherman who knew the Merfolk returned from the sea they would find a home filled not with their beloved families, but with warriors who would bring them before Herimok. It did not take much more persuasion, the fisherman yielded to Herimoks will and the trap was set upon the coral reefs. There were but seven Gold Merfolk who visited the reefs surrounding Upathia then, and the fisherman arranged to meet them all together to discuss actions to convince the people to do as they had advised before. All seven of them fell to the arrows of Upathia’s warriors, their bodies brought and tied up be shown to the people of Upathia. An example of what happens to those who objected to Herimok’s plans. It was not long after that the captains of ships, men made captains by Herimok himself, returned warning that danger was abroad, for the pirates were given safe havens in nearby islands and were recruiting more numbers. Surely this was a threat to their ships. Herimok so subtle remarked how fortunate it was that those islands where the pirates were had everything that they needed, their choice so clear and easy. His plans for conquest, had begun to finally take shape. His people would become dependent upon the spoils of war, and he would succeed where his ancestor had failed. Unknown to him however, was that the village of the Merfolk he killed had sent other Merfolk to find them. His stripping of entire swaths of the sea that interfered with the balance of sea, the barren islands striped o trees and the ability to be fruitful and sustain life, the killing of seven of the villages Merfolk, and his fleet now being prepared and armed for war, had been discovered. Unknown to him, was that a call had gone out among the Merfolk asking for the most gifted among them to visit the ways of the Leviathan upon them.

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DayaAutum: - Schools of fish played in the oceans waters as the sun set casting brilliant colors of gold and deep reds across the sky highlighting their forms against the illuminated waters. Echoes of dolphins resounded through the waves with playful squeals. Through this display of ocean life against the golds and reds the Vexylla’s form swam, her own silhouette showing dark against the gold and red light from above. She had traveled for days from her village in the Abyss. Word had come of troubles, asking for aid. Her daughters now fully grown she left her village to what was sure to be another adventure for her. Below her was coral and plants, so close to the surface, they were on a continental shelf. Soon however the sea floor changed. The corals had been scraped, and where fish and crustations should be making there home there was nothing. The schools of fish had thinned, and she was in an area where the precious sea life seemed to have grabbed from the ocean by a giant hand. She slowed and looked at rows upon the sea floor where the damage had been scraped across the floor. Even the barnacles had been broken open. She hovered about, her black eyes with their slit pupils drawn to a thin tight line in the brighter light scanned the area. She had entered the waters where the Upathians had fished. She sped on towards the islands to investigate-

VareesaElaineFrost: Varylla sighed gently as she swam through the oceans waters while gazing about with her slitted silver hues. As she swam she noticed the lack of oceanic life which brought a snarl to the mermaids black lips. She too had entered into waters where the Upathians fished minutes behind her mother Vexylla. It was then with a grimace upon her face she set her black scaled tail to thrashing the waters propelling her on wards in pursuit of her mother Vexylla. As she sped on wards slowly closing the distance between her heroine mother and herself she would steel herself for the ruthless work she had to do knowing it was the Leviathans bidding and her duty. Silently she would speed after her mother while she consciously force herself to remain calm lest she unleash a monstrous storm unwillingly and give away the coming “surprise” to the greedy Upathians. They had upset the balance and now it was time to correct it. Silently Varylla would come abreast of her mother having pushed herself to the limit to catch her mother before casting a silent gaze towards her much loved mother. She knew she would probably be sternly told to go back to her village but she was curious and wanted to be as helpful as possible.

DayaAutum: -A stirring in the waters from behind rippled across the lateral lines that ran down Vexylla’s tail, she knew that she was being followed. The patterns and rhythms that of a Merfolk, and they were yet more familiar than that. Her daughter had followed her, and it was in fact time that she did begin her own career. Slowing her movements through the water she let Varylla catch up to her and turned her head to catch her pleading glance. Her black lips twisted, if the reports were true then she would most certainly know her darker nature, it would lead her on as it did Vexylla, and Morgylla before them both. She nodded as her lips twisted and tightened more and with a burst of speed she went on until the coral reefs loomed ahead silhouetted by the brilliant sunlight. Vexylla turned sharply towards the surface and spread her arms and fins out breaking her speed in the water and drifted just up to the surface and let her forehead and eyes break the surface of the water and turned about taking in the view above the water in all directions. Nothing was there, no ships, at least, not nearby. With a push of her fins and arms she moved herself to the mound of corals that broke the waters surface and climbed upon them and gazed upon the harbor before her. Water dripped from her skin and scales and she breathed the sea water from her lungs and took in air. The massive warships filled the harbor, and were being loaded with boxes and crates of what Vexylla did not know. But the islands! So many structures, and no trees. The evening breeze brought the stench of the peoples and their towns they had built. ‘So it is true’ She thought to her self. Then, a faint wisp of air brought from the center of town, so faint, but so unmistakable, it was of dead Merfolk. -

The Wages of Evil. Merfolk of Valaria Story Line Snap_3G7LMdII6p450697908
VareesaElaineFrost: Varylla would watch her mother with a critical eye as she used her fins and arms to kill her inertia and forward movement before mimicking her mother’s maneuver somewhat awkwardly. Though she was less efficient then her mother and created a subtle ripple in the surface above with the backwash of her motions. Silently Varylla would follow her mother’s lead and only brought her eyes and forehead above the water while silently trailing after her mother Vexylla. Though when she brought herself onto the corals she gasped at the sight that she was treated to before glancing at her mother as she caught the scent of her dead kin even if it was very faint which sent her poison barb’s flaring in anger which where loaded with a potent neurotoxin. As her poison barbs flared upwards in anger as dark expression would come over her face before she dove into the waters and sped towards one of the ships that was nearest to her. As she drew closer to the ship she would dive downwards before arcing back upwards aiming to leap from the water and yank one of the sailors off the vessel. If she where not stopped she would grab the closest sailor to the railing and pulling him off the vessel in a tight grip before plunging back into the water with a soft splash that was barely heard over the commotion of the dock workers stocking the warships. Of course the poor unfortunate sailor was too stunned that he had been ambushed to even yelp while he was dragged down to the bottom of the harbor and his death by the vengeful Varylla.

DayaAutum: -Her daughter was getting angered, Vexylla herself was angered as well but was experienced and knew that now was the time for reconisense and not action. Her eyes set upon the ships wondering what those crates carried and where hey were headed. They did not look like mere fishing vessels, they were not the usual For now, Vexylla wished to go unnoticed. Varylla plunging into the waters did not surprise her, she knew all to well she meant to be hasty in her actions. Vexylla slipped into the waters after her, speeding along under the waters surface after her and when she went down for a straight upwards leap Vexylla kept her course and spread her fins and arms breaking herself in the water just above her in a place where she could catch her daughter from behind. As Varylla sped upwards she reached out to catch her from behind and break her accent before she gave their presence away and spoiling an even better and far more productive surprise for the people. Vexylla would speak to her daughter under the surface of the water as the thuds and scraps of the loading of ships bowels vibrated from the wet wooden planks of it’s hull. - we must keep our presence secret for now, learn of them and where they are weakest. Then we strike, and use far more than tridents- Her words went through the water, above surface they would not be heard by humans and Vexylla knew this and was not afraid to speak, but her fingers and hands would desperately hope to hold Varylla from slipping above the surface to risk their being exposed to soon.-

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EsmereldaSolaris: Varylla would scowl as her mother Vexylla stopped her vengeance short though she struggled vehemently against her mother’s hold before stilling and sighing gently. “Your right Mother...Forgive my foolish actions.” After speaking Varylla would free herself from her mothers embrace and dive back down to the bottom of the harbor before starting to make her way towards the harbor exit. As her tail thrashed the waters behind her propelling her towards the harbor exit she would clearly be stewing in barely restrained anger with her poisoned barbed still flared upwards as a clear indicator of her seething anger. Once free of the harbor Varylla would bring herself to a stop before glancing back at the harbor with her silvered hues in silence before turning back to swimming towards the safety of deeper waters.

DayaAutum: -Her fingers tightened about her daughter as she struggled, never giving in to her stubbornness. Finally as anger yielded to sound judgment she loosened her grip and Varylla swam away out of the harbor leaving behind her the rush of water pressure given by her tail. Above the murmurings of those that were inspecting the crates and boxes being brought aboard the ship vibrated upon the water. Vexylla paused to listen “Just enough provisions for the trip there, plus three days. Food is getting scarce I suppose” “What else is new? Let’s hope the Captains are right about both the pirates and food there. What happens if we go and there are no pirates? Or no food?” “If there are no Pirates it’s because they are already out to sea, now do your job or I’ll report your questioning to Herimok! And don’t ask where we are going either, it’s secret” Vexylla remained and waited, but no other voices could be heard about what was happening. But she had heard enough and returned to the edge of the harbor where her daughter waited -They are preparing to go to war, supposedly about some pirates but I am unaware of any around whom they might be speaking of. They have no food for a return trip nor nets to fish with, which only leave them with one choice, to plunder. +Vexylla shakes head - They won’t tell where, but I think we should follow their fleet, and destroy them before they are halfway to their destination. We will take them by surprise only then revealing ourselves. But we will need a few others to do that… -

EsmereldaSolaris: Varylla would listen silently too her mother before nodding in agreement. Though she was reluctant to do so she knew her mother would know what best to do in this situation. However though her poisoned quills where slowly starting to settle back down against her tail for faster swimming as she began to calm down before speaking in a calm tone. “When do they leave? I’m eager to visit vengeance upon them and make them pay for their insolence.” After speaking Varylla would reach for her mother and smile wickedly. “I hope its soon I can’t wait to see what their faces as they die in horrid agony.” Silently Varylla would then turn away from her mother Vexylla before setting her tail thrashing against the water to propel her towards the drop off of the continental shelf.

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DayaAutum: - Her slitted eyes set upon her daughter as she touched her and she nodded, treading water effortlessly her long black silky hair floated freely in the water currents- I do not believe them to be much longer in their preparations, but that is a large fleet. The wood of hundreds of islands went into making it. Such a waste! These islands were among the better of the places upon the land once, but now they shall taste vengeance indeed. I shall stay here and spy what I can. Go and find what others have come Varylla, but return at the latest before dawn in case they plan to leave early on the marrow as it does not look they will leave today as they are still loading. - After her daughter swam off towards the drop Vexylla gently pushed down with her arms and slowly waved her tail bringing her head once again to the surface. Her dark eyes showing a slightly wider slit in her pupil as the night was falling and her eyes were adjusting to to darker and darker skies above. The reds and golds receding and the stars beginning to reveal themselves in the dimming twilight. -Like a skillful demon you have taken your nation down a path of evil so that you might devour your world to satiate your lusts. But you have brought yourself close to the kill, and the smell of fear and corruption have awoken a far more ancient lust that shall not be denied. For the hunt has begun, and we shall be satisfied- She gazed at the fleet in it’s grandeur scale, the size of the ships and the sheer number of them. The largest a hundred and twenty five feet long it rose thirty feet out the water to it’s highest deck. Vexylla ducked beneath the water and swam deep towards the harbor to listen to find out what she could.-

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ThorAutum: -Carrying his trident in his left hand as he swam, Zague swam for the Upathian coast. He had been in these waters once or twice, but it was long ago, but he remembered how to get there and what it looked like.
Sensing that he reached the waters, he stilled with a quick stop as he spread his arms wide to either side, increasing his drag, his jaw dropping at what he saw in front of him. Great swathes of the sea floor had been gouged away, no doubt as a result of dredging, that he swam to the surface to make sure that he was indeed where he thought. He silently wept for the ocean that would take a lifetime to restore to its original beauty, and it enraged him. Ducking back beneath the surface he swam closer, and in the direction of the harbor where he could already see a vast Armada of wooden ships by way of the sails cutting into the horizon of dusk. His eyes adjusted to the failing light and as he came into the harbor could see the silhouette of a mermaid. More and more of the figure came into view as he got closer, revealing curly hair and colors that of a black mermaid, and figured it to Vexylla as he had seen her once before. He slowed his tail as he came close, coming to a full stop a few strokes away.- "Has anyone else shown up yet, I came as soon as I heard." -He said in a gravely quiet tone that spoke of hardly checked anger.- "I am Zague."

DayaAutum: -The scraping and banging sounds of the crates and boxes in the wooden hulls had stopped as the sun set upon the islands, and the scuttle but of the workers had begun in earnest. Vexylla stayed beneath the waters in the twilight shadows of docks listening to their conversations to piece together what she could of their plans. Her fins and arms swaying in the ebb and flow of the waves and undertows along with the occasional lazy swaying of her tail. As Zague approached she bent her elbow and extended her forefinger to her black lips signaling him that they needed to be quite. Not that they would hear, but so she could easily hear them “Most ships are loaded, only fifteen need anything else and we have that done well before noon. They will set sail on time.” “ I didn’t think we would load a hundred ships in two days, what with ten days of food and all?” -Vexylla grins and cast a pleased look towards Zague hoping he understood the value of the information she had just heard. After a half hour of listening, she had heard enough and greeted the Merman -Greetings Zague, sorry for my asking for silence but we need more knowledge if we are to give them a proper introduction. I know know where they are headed and when, and how many of these ships will be going. They are not going fishing this time, it seems they have resolved to prey upon their own kind.-

ThorAutum: -He went silent as they listened in on them, taken aback by the size of the fleet, he didn't think it had been that many. So they would be leaving at high noon and she knew where their destination was. He hoped others would be coming soon, it would take time to decimate them he knew even if a Kracken was by their side, 100 ships... A little thought and he placed the number of crew to be well over 2000. He laughed at the thought.- "Then that means that they will be I'll prepared to face us aside from their number, but a few storms and some sharks should make it far more even and once they are in the water...they will have no hope." -How is the integrity of these ships, could we loosen the keel to make them weak but strong enough to not arouse suspicion? Once they set sail they will have nowhere to run, and with weakened ships we could bring them down to size rather quickly." -He swished his tail to remain in place, and as he spoke ran a hand through his hair to get it out of his eyes with his right hand.-

DayaAutum: -The murmurs from the ships workers continued above punctuated with occasional laughter and the thuds of their feet. The smell of burning tobacco penetrated the water and drops of a rum made from wild cane plants occasionally sprinkled upon the surface above them. Vexylla occasionally tilted her head as her hair drifted in the shores currents as she listened to both Zague and for hints that they might divulge yet more useful intelligence - I have over heard them say earlier that they will have three days food once they reach their destination. That leaves seven days food for the voyage. No doubts they plan on leaving the party no choice but to plunder those islands whether their suspicions of piracy are true or not. So if we strike just before the forth days travel it will be just over halfway between here and there. -Vexylla gives and evil twisted smile to Zague as she contemplates the choices such an action will leave them. We only need reduce them enough till they no longer have enough warriors to carry out their plans and they must turn back. Leaving us to take more ships at will. My plan is to halt their advances, and for them to return home empty handed with horrific tails of our deeds. No doubts with continued efforts we can wreck havoc upon them and they shall devour one another. -Vexylla nods with satisfaction at the hopeful outcome of her plans-

ThorAutum: -Zague listens to her as she speaks and nods at the plan.- "Very well. No doubt that they will leave a large trail, so I will be back before the attack and try to recruit some more help. Until then, be safe and hopefully be back in time for the fight." -He dips his head slightly and turns for the open ocean, intending to visit upon the closest blue and black villages.Looking back upon the fleet of ships he grimaces and his silver eyes flashed. He returned his head to the open sea and made a long husky thrust with his tail and a sweep with arms and a closing of his dark fins and pushed himself forward towards nearby settlements to seek out others to aid in what would be, a monumental task. Even for those with grand powers given to the Merfolk-

The Wages of Evil. Merfolk of Valaria Story Line Merman10

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dallo5013: ~The Mermaid Aquam Virilem had been swimming around the bottom of the sea looking for a Kracken beak in hopes she would find the worthy remains of one. However she was having no luck at all for the kracken hadn't been seen around these parts in quite some time and almost all of the seas floor had been picked clean. She was kinda stuck using her fathers old trident till she was able to make her very own spear . She lets out a deep sigh as she now would with a heavy heart swim towards her home . Her home was a small shelf close to the thermal vents upon the sea floor. It is a small shelf that over looks three thermal vents looking as if they had grown side ways out of the sea floor facing away from her home . Her home, like many f the merfolk was nothing more then a nice size hole in the shelf where her mother and the rest of the merfolk school in her village lived . The village was small consisting only of five elders, all women, and ten adult merfolk and twenty mer children. Thirty in all that were able to do any kind of gathering for food. Just out side of her home she spied a merman who looked to be a messenger on an errand of some importance. He had given one of the elders a message stating there was trouble and they needed the most gifted the village could offer . Aquam Virilem's father and mother looked around for her in hopes that she wasn't there. After all Aquam Virilem held such distain for the humans after what had happened she would be more then willing to aid the merfolk in any way she possibly could. Unbeknown to the mother and father Aquam Virilem was already inquiring more about the message. The elder was just about to answer when the four other elders spoke saying . We must speak on this matter before enlisting any of the village merfolk. Aquam Virilem sighed and just swam out side the Elders chambers waiting to hear what was going on. After growing impatient waiting for the elders to stop their bickering about the message, and wile her family wasn't looking she slipped around behind and placed her ear to the back of the rocks that hid the elders from sight . She tried ever so hard to hear what they were saying . The only things she was able to make out was the words Fleet and merfolk needed.That was all she needed to hear and she swam back around to her father's side hoping he wouldn't have noticed the new shimmer in her eyes as if something was brewing up in here. Her own little storm so to say. Just then the elders came out from their place and said among themselves ~Elder: we can only spare one and the best among us is Fraudulent so please fetch him to us so that we might confer with him ~ he had already been there awaiting after all he himself had noticed the messenger and had made his way to the elders place along with Aquam Virilem's mother . ~Fraudulenti: I am here ~ he said with all hast as if he knew something was wrong . he knew that only in times of great need would he be summoned by the elders like this . ~ Elder : take your self to the surface near Upathia and seek out A mermaid named Vexylla. She can give you more detail, but there is a lot of evil that is top side among the isles~ he nodded to them and swam off straight way towards the isles of Upathia. However little did he know that he had a tag along . He had made it about six miles away from the shelf before he even noticed that his daughter was tagging along behind him~Fraudulenti : go home back to your studies. You have not even made your rounds to all the villages yet, and will be of no use to me if you do not know the Leviathan teachings~ his daughter vehemently disobeyed her father saying to him in a rather forceful manner ~Aquam Virilem:I am not a child and I know the Leviathan's teachings. How many times do I have to hear them in this village and the next before I hear them once again from the Leviathan before I know what I have already been taught?  You will not stop me father !!~ with trident in hand she swam on ahead of her father looking for this Mermaid Vexylla. Aquam Virilem's father swam after her with the greatest of ease, so quick and agile he was  he was able to catch up with her quickly. After all he was the best and strongest swimmer in all of the three villages where he tended his children. With no trouble at all he swam up close to her and then spun him self around and with a mighty swing of his tail he wrapped his snake like tail around his daughter and flung her back down towards the sea floor about sixty feet back under the water away from the surface. He wile having had to swim to catch up with his daughter had noticed how the sea floor was scared up and the coral that once adorned the sea floor had been broken from what would seem to be a massive claw like thing. He knew all to well that this kind of markings can only be done by nets and logs dredging the sea floor. With his daughter in tail he would look her in her silver diamond shaped eyes and would ask her in a rather stern sounding voice ~Fraudulenti: do you even know where you are going? Or whom it is we are going to go meat up with? Child you mustn't be so headstrong all the time think before you swim off !! ~ he then thinking back to how proud of his daughter he really was he would let a smile slip over his lips. After all this was his first child . She was every bit as head strong as both he and her mother were. He then shook his head as if trying to get his mind back on track ~ Fraudulenti : well what say you. Do you have the faintest clue where you are going?~ she in an almost child like manner crossed her arms and looked down ashamed of herself . For she had sped off not even knowing which direction to go and might have cost them a days journey or even a weeks journey. She shook her head then answered saying in a solum sounding voice ~ Aquam Virilem: no ~ her father patted her on the head and would softly say in a stern sounding yet fatherly voice. ~ well you're heading in the right direction. However you must not breach the surface, not till I have had a chance look around. There is a reason we were called out here my child, and it will all be made known to us as soon as we meet up with Vexylla. She had gone on ahead of the other villages to scout out what had happened and will have all the details we need . So let us be on our way . ~ he then would hold up his hand as if telling her to stay a minute so he can go topside to take a look around. As he swam top side his head would ever so gracefully breach the surface of the water, so skillfully in fact that the water would not make a ripple, no not one. His head turns from side to side looking to see where they might. He noticed what would seem to have been islands but looked more like desert sands swept over the seas waters. He wondered indeed if they had come to the wrong place. As he was looking around he noticed a harbor with a massive fleet of large wooden ships. Thinking now to himself they must be in the right place he waves his hand to his daughter to have her breach the surface so that she might see all the ships. She with hast swam up yet making sure not to swim too fast after all she wanted to mimic her father's skillful breach of the waters surface. She seen how he was so skillful in breaching the surface she wanted ever so badly to do the same , but her skill was not the same yet as her fathers. Her head would pop up from the sea and would cause small ripples, but not enough to draw any kind of attention, after all they were no wears near close enough for any man to see or hear them. He then spoke to his daughter saying in a quiet manner ~Fraudulenti : I do believe we are in the right place ~ his eyes then would behold a mermaid's shadow in the water ahead, he noticed also that the mermaid must also be looking over the ships as if she had been waiting to act. This must be her. He then slipped back beneath the water not even making a ripple . Shortly there after his daughter as well would slide below the surface of the water and start to make her way over to the mermaid ahead of them. ~

KalistaZudara: Varylla would sigh gently as she swam back towards where she had left her Mother. As she swam onwards in silence she would cast a glance down at the scoured sea floor which caused her poison barbs to flare up once again in a clear show of anger. It didn’t take long before Varylla would slow her speeding form down as she neared her mother Vexylla. As Varylla neared her mother she would narrow her silver cat like eyes spotting another two merfolk with her mother. As she approached cautiously she would grab her spear from her back where it was strapped to for the time being before finally approaching her mother and the other two merfolk in silence. She would then glance between her mother and the others with a raised and confrontational brow as she spoke in a cold tone. “When do we begin the slaughter?” It was clear that Varylla would not be deterred from her need for retribution even if she had to do it alone thanks to her cold and icy tone. After speaking Varylla would regard the other two merfolk in silence before shrugging indifferently as she appraised them disdainfully while speaking again in that same cold tone. “You two get in my way and I will not hesitate to get pushy with you….So stay away from me.”

DayaAutum : - Below the surface of the harbor the vibrations of the approaching father and daughter rippled through the water and stimulated the nerves along Vexyllas lateral lines that ran down along her lower half. She turned from the harbor and with a swish of her tail and tightening of her fins propelled herself towards the source of the vibrations that she knew to have been menfolk of some sort. She sped along undetected by the Upathains on the docks under the waters surface as the sky was transforming from the black of night to dawns golden transformation. Passing the coral reefs she easily followed the vibrations until she came upon them and spread her fins and lowered her tail to brake her forward motion - Well met merfolk, I am glad that you have come. You have no doubt seen what has happened here along the sea floor? There is yet more, they have overpopulated themselves and exhausted the islands of life and are now preparing to devour their neighbors in conquest. Brace yourselves for the sights and smells of the islands ahead. They have slain merfolk, you can smell the death in the breezes. - Her black and silver fins slowly sway pushing against the gentle currents of the water keeping herself steady before them. The slit pupils of her silver eyes narrowing now as the night began to retreat from the light of dawn upon the waters. - I have learned through listening to their chatting upon the docks that they mean to depart for war at noon today. They will set sail with a hundred ships for a week to other isles, that can only be to the east of here, I know the only isles that match that distance. They claim the people there are harboring pirates and mean to make war upon them. I do not get the impression they care whether it is true or not whether they indeed harbor pirates. Their intent is to sustain themselves in their folly  by plundering. We shall rise against them midway, and destroy as many ships as we can till they are either forced to return and tell tales of horror by our hand or arrive at their destination unable to overcome their neighbors. That should slow their aggressions, and then we will set upon their fishing vessels till they surrender to our will.-Vexyllas eyes flashed with a desire to meet out the punishments upon them. Varylla's approach drew Vexyllas attention to her daughter. She could sense she was overly angered before she reached them.-We shall slaughter them indeed Varylla, but do save your aggressions for those to whom it is meet, these have come to do their part I assume and we will need them for we have a hundred ships to demolish and can not hope to accomplish all this on own and afterwards we shall turn our attention to their fishing vessels that have wrought the destruction we have seen coming in. Stay disciplined Varylla, remember a cleaver and sharp mind is far more formidable than blind lust. To do such a large undertaking as this fleet, we will need to organize our efforts. Think of the Orcas Varylla, and how their worth is thousands of times more than their size and strength with their teamwork and strategies. - Her arms fold in front of her and she looks steadily to her daughter. Her eyes held some pride in her courage and will, but she knew that she would need to hone her desires to be truly effective. She turns her dark slitted eyes to the other merfolk and unfolds her arms - Please, excuse my daughter. She means well and is devoted and true, she means no insult to you. But now is the time we must position ourselves to follow them before they leave the harbor. The sailors no doubt will be boarding and getting ready to set sail soon. - Vexylla looks to the couple and hopes that she was right, that they had indeed come to assist in their efforts as too few had come thus far as it was.-

Dallo5013 Whisper: ~Fraudulenti : the barbs that ran along his sides and down his spine would suddenly flair up as if to show he wasn't here for play and the mermaid that spoke to him in such a tone had best understand he was here for the same reason she was here. He then cast his gaze to his daughter whom had already started to take offense at what was told to her by Varylla, yet even she was not here to make war with her own kind but to deal with what ever had happened and was a bit curious about why the woman would be in such an angered state. She looked to her father as if to ask what was going on. Her father just pointed down. As her fathers hand moved down to point at the sea floor her eyes followed. Once her eyes beheld the scared sea flooring her barbs to would start to raise up . However she wasn't too much concerned with the flooring but more the sea life hat had lived here and she even once knew a merman she was quite fond of that used to swim these waters . Looking back to her father whom had now been conversing with the woman they had come there to aid, she swims in close so that she might better hear what was going on. Her father then would look back to his daughter saying . ~Fraudulenti :my child you are in danger here I do wish you would have gone home . ~she looked at her father not with anger in her eyes nor with any kind of childish manner. She merely looked upon him emotionless as if she was more then ready and was fully focused. Her father seeing the focus in her eyes and how the vibrations in the water of a rapid heart beet ,coming from his daughter had slowed to a steady beet , this was a clear sign that his daughter indeed knew what needed to be done, and she just might be ready for the battle ahead. He shook his head and then turned his eyes to back to the mermaid that had told them of what had happened. When he had first poked his head above wasn't close enough to smell the stanch but he was sure that should he ascend this time he would be more then able too . ~Aquam Virilem: lead the way and I understand . ~ The only words she had said. She no longer was interested in what the other daughter had said to them she was more interested in getting the job done and done right .~

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DayaAutum: -As Vexylla focused upon the two new arrivals, Varylla swam off to the coral reefs not far from them. The tide was low this morning and the coral rose to just break the surface of the water. As Vexylla spoke to the others she swam around a narrow bend and rose to the surface to take a look. Vexylla meanwhile observed the young Mermaid and her fathers reluctant agreement to her coming and noted - She can be kept from most of the danger I suppose, and if she has abilities we will need them. Our first task is this fleet, we follow it for three and a half days and strike them, destroying what we can of it to cripple it. Once out that far they will have over three days to go either to their destination or return home so we will have that much time to do what we can. -Vexylla still observing the youth titled her head in the water, her long black hair swaying in the mornings currents illuminated from behind by the golden dawns light. Her pale face and silted silver colored eyes shaded from the morning sun looked to her as she shifted the position of her trident - What is your name? Both of you? I am Vexylla, and the other mermaid was Varylla my daughter. -The sound of the water being penetrated violently rippled through the shores water. By the sounds, a form was drifting motionless in the currents. Vexylla spun and pushed off with all fins in a burst of speed around the curve of coral and saw her own daughter, drifting downwards lifeless in the water. From above, voices exclaiming in excitement and wonder penetrated the waters about the coral 'Did you see that! There was another, those lousy sympathizers didn't bring all of them!" "this one looked different, did you see it? So pale and the fins so dark with black markings, like a scorpion fish!" The scent of blood filled the eves and flows as a red stream oozed from between her breasts from a vastly fresh hole, and from the hole, the bolt of a Upathian cross bow bolt.

PersphoneLuciano: -The mermaid circles around the harbor illuminated by the rising golden sun. Her long hair trailing behind her in long strands as she hears the voices of fellow mermaids within near he coral reefs. She was lost and she didn't know any of the merfolk on this side of the ocean and she was exhausted. The sent of blood was strong and she began to follow it her fin moving her as quickly as she could go. She stops quickly as she approaches the source of the blood and shyly darts behind a large bolder peeking out and watching the others cautiously as she determines whether she should approach them or not-
dallo5013: ~Fraudulenti's eyes narrowed as he saw the mermaid swimming off in such a hurry it caused him to give chase as his instincts were kicking in as if he knew all to well something bad had just happen and she was going to need his help. his daughter would swiftly follow after him only to be swatted in the face by her father's tall . he then would tell her ~ Fraudulent : child turn back now . you are too young for this . ~ Aquam rubbing her face would growl at her father then would once he was out of sight would swim after him. Not knowing what lay around the bend. She took her time trying to stay out of the way . how ever the closer she got the more the smell of mermaid blood was upon the water . the more the smell got to her making every barb stand up on her back and her fins shuttered as she as if driven by instinct now would swim faster after her father. Her father now right along the side of Vexylla as he proclaimed . -there is nothing we can do . . - With a heavy heart he would place one hand up on her shoulder and would nod to her . knowing all to well that deep inside of them both was an anger that none could explain. He knew that a mother is going to do what a mother is going to do and he was there to help her in any way posable. Mean while his daughter was about to scream from the shear shock of what she seen next ~

FiliaIsaSaton: -Alana could feel the water thrush against her as the ray she played on wiggles about thought opening her eyes the sea world looks blurred. There was not much to be seen though her scared covered eyes as she was blind enough as is. But she got by well, she has for so many years her eyes had never slowed her down. Stretching out and letting out a yawn as she rolled off her string rays back. “well I guess I should get up  ray ray “ She giggled a bit as she scratches under the chin of the ray. She was herself around her two friends the string ray and the dolphin were the closes of family she had. She never rested too close to her kind as she felt, with her blindness she did not belong but she could here thing in the water egos on the waves spoke of great uproar. she would turn to her ray as she saw his blurry image in the water he was right next to her but too her he was as clear as if her were miles away. The ray knew she could not see him well and he would talk to her in many ways. But this time he taped her forward with his tail. She did not normally swim in the group with the mermaids but she wondered what they were up to – all right let’s go

DayaAutum: -Vexylla coasted to her daughter as the Upathians above stepped about the coral reef just barely exposed in the low tide, one could listen to the vibrations emanating the coral and place three of them all along the edge. Presumably leaning oner the water, presumably gazing into the depths hoping to catch another glimpse of a merfolk or what became of the one that they had shot. Vexylla stretched out her arms toilet Varylla softly fall into them. Her eyes had drifted upwards in her head and she lay limp in her arms. Fraudulent hand softy rested upon her shoulder, she knew it was a kind gesture, but it did little to sooth her now. In a moment, one careless action of surfacing to close to the reefs before reassuring that they were still clear, combined with a most unfortunate event of the Upathians scouting them, or just wandering, and her daughter had been whit with one of their weapons. The deep tugged lightly upon Varylla's form, beckoning her body to the depths. As Vexylla was overcome with grief slowly rising to anger her daughters body slid from her arms to spiral down just at the edge and slip away to the darkness of the deep. SHe watched her daughter's descent and now, only anger was left to her. Her mind, telling her those who had seen her must not tell anyone else, and her heart urged the thought process onward to it's murderous conclusion. She sped past the others back around the narrow bend and leaped from the water plunging the fork of her trident into the back of the centermost Upathian sinking the forks through his chest till the back of the fork slammed hard into his back. Both he and Vexylla fell into the water before the other two and downward Vexylla swam fast beyond what they could see or their crossbows could penetrate. Ripping her trident from the Upathains back and letting him also descend into the abyss she looked hard to the others with flashing eyes -They must not warn anyone of our presence- The two above now looked back and forth on either side of them not sure from which side danger would come, crossbows at the ready, in a few moments they would guard a side each with a panicked gaze at the water as they slowly edged their way back along the coral reef to make a treacherous and slow, guarded journey to a sand bar, which they could walk along to shore. Meanwhile Vexylla prepared to use lightning -can anyone conjure a storm, to make this seem a natural event?-

PersphoneLuciano: -She watched as the mermaid that was bleeding slipped from the embrace of someone who obviously loved her. She could feel the anger roll off the female as she shot to the surface with fury. She didn't know these mermaids but they were still her people and she didn't like for any of her people to be harmed or killed by humans or any other creature who dared to threaten them. She quietly left the safety of her rock and followed the female mermaid to the surface careful not to draw too much attention to herself. She settled herself out of sight as she watched the female launch herself into the air with her trident then succeeded in piercing the Upathian in his chest. She cheered silently as she noticed that the female was out numbered so she through her hands in the air raising the water with her calling forth a tidal wave large and powerful enough to force everyone within striking range to be forced back into the sea. Pushing her hands forward the wave followed her silent command and struck the shore like with enough force everyone was knocked off their feet and captured by the retreating wave pulling them into the sea with it-

dallo5013~ as Vexylla starts to conger her lightning Fraudulenti would call out saying to her . -I can cause a storm the likes one would have never see coming. - He then would notice a great tidal wave springing up as if called by a mermaid. He merely smiles then he would then swim to the top of the water and would look to the sky and with a blink his eyes would become wide open as if drinking in all the suns rays and calling out to the water in the clouds asking them to take form. As his eyes were fixed up on the clouds, the sky darkens and the winds start to pick up causing the water to weave and sway. Bringing up small waves at first then a deep dark black like cloud starts to role in. The waves start to become even higher yet, crashing up over the corral shelf and almost over the sand bar. The clouds seem to role over on them selves as it the were brewing up a storms the likes of man have yet to have seen. However this is just a localized storm online about 3,000 feet in circumference. The waves now getting taller and more threatening. The men that were trying to make there way across the sand bar were now swept from the reef by the strange tidal wave he thought was caused by a merfolk. All the while the young mermaid Aquam was back waiting to see if she could help in any way. However with the pain of her fathers tail upon her cheek she knew to stay back lest she get in the way. The once retreated tide now would seem to billow up as if threatening to crash up over them all. After calling the storm up he would swim over to Vexylla and would say ~ the storm is all yours. I have to get my daughter out of here before she gets into to much trouble. However we will see you when it is time to take down the ships. Forgive our departure . ~Aquam Virilem seeing the heavy s storm blowing up knew all to well she had best listen to her father and so she waited on her father to return. Fraudulenti once he made it back to his daughter he touched her cheek and then grabbed her arm swimming off with her in all hast not even saying a word . ~

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DayaAutum : -the wave swept out from nowhere, the merman was right, it felt like a merfolk's doing and not a natural wave at all. SHe looked above and saw the distortion on the sky beyond in the waves swell as it swept over the coral reef. The reef stopped most of the wave but here and there it passed over and beyond the garden once so carefully tended by the gold and full of life but now was like a ghost town of sorts. She kept her flashing eyes to the men attempting to pass and nodded briefly as the merman said he would raise a storm. Keeping the power of the lighting spell at hand she swam around the bend in the coral reef after the wave to find the two Upathians knocked from the reef, one was pulling the other up as the other was unconscious. For a human he was an excellent swimmer, and very much alert and had kept his wits. As he surfaced for air pulling his last remaining companion with him she struck. Lightning came from the sky and landed atop his head and he was no more, more was his companion. The storm swept over the coral reef and would soon hit the island pass. The sailing of the chip would be delayed but by a couple hours at most. As no human would around the reefs now Vexylla was safe, and she surfaced and gazed upon the shore as she bobbed in the storms choppy waves with the torrential rain beating down upon the now violent seas and her head. The wave struck the shore cleansing it of people. The backwards retreat of the waves sweeping them into the ragging sea. They struggled to get every out of the water and head to shelter. SHe ducks into the water and heads to the other merfolk, her anger and grief still apparent upon her face. -We must be cautious, these men while foolish and weak, can still be dangerous -Her words falling apart as her thoughts came back to the fate of her daughter Varylla and she became overcome with the grief of what had happened.-

dallo5013: ~Fraudulenti and his daughter headed out to see about the ships. While they swam out his daughter asked the question he had been dreading she would ask him. However she is merfolk and she is here he can not not tell her ~Aquam Virilem: father . I know why Vexylla was ever so angry, but what are we doing here  and why are we after the ships. Father I understand these ships are up to no good, but why must we intervene at all. Sure they are looking for pirates or so called, but what is it your not telling me and what is that stench on the air? Father what is it? The air reeks of something rancid, tell me. ~ Her father turned to her and in a very sullen sounding voice answered saying . ~Fraudulenti : That is the rotting corpses of the menfolk. A few were caught by the humans and were killed and hung out to display them to word off or to deter any other menfolk that would come to these islands. So this is one reason we have come ~ with that said she would swallow hard and would shake her head shedding a single tear before growling out her distaste for the humans. She already didn't like humans much and this just was the icing on he cake. Her barbs on her spine and sides were fully perked up a sure sign that she was already ready to fight. However she kept her wits about her and would follow her father closely so as not to be a burden. Her father looking back to her would realize she is young but she seems to be ready but in his heart he wishes she was back home and it was her mother out here with him and not her ~

PersphoneLuciano: -watching as the sea captured at least 20 of the Upathians from the shore and dragging them to the sea, the mermaid felt the stir in the weather as the wind began to blow and clouds began to turn dark and the storm began to grow in intensity, the waves rocked and she knew that a fellow mermaid was helping she could feel it in her bones, like the magic from the sea rippled across the water and caressed her like a lovers touch. The mermaid watched the mayhem as she swam out of sight just happy to be of some help. The lightning crashed and she watched as the grieving female sought her revenge and succeeded as the rain fell she could taste her sorrow and she grieved with her-

dallo5013: ~ back in the Village where Fraudulenti and his daughter had came from , Aegros's barbs shudder as if someone was thinking about her. She had the most uneasy feeling, the kind of feeling that a mother mermaid gets when her baby is in danger. She grabbed her spear and was about to head out to were she knew that her daughter and her daughter's father had gone till one of the elders grabbed her saying to her in a  raspy sounding voice ~ Elder Fya : Now child where do you think you are going. Your daughter is with her father and he is one of the best this village has to offer. So stay out of his way, he has your daughter under his tail fins and will not let her get harmed.  So get back to the school and back to the other children and be not troubled for her safety, she is in the best of hands.~Aegros nods to Elder Flya and would put away her spear and reluctantly make her way back to the merchildren she had been teaching how to fish. Meanwhile in the coasts of Upathia the rains fell heavily upon the sea making it hard for any human to see out past the cost. A dense fog started to role in from the sudden shift in temperatures that came with a storm. As the fog rolled in Fraudulenti and his daughter would make there way over to a corral shelf to wait till Vexylla and the others were there. His daughter floated in the water holding onto her fathers tail fin just so that he knew she was there. Even though the fog was dense it would be nothing at all for a black merfolk to be able to see right through it, after all their eyes were highly developed, so much so they were able to see in the darkest of abyss. Fraudulenti kept his eyes on the ships and the small crew that was about the ships at this time. There were not many for the storm had sent most of them home to wait out the storm. However he knew all to well in the end they would become restless and would venture out soon enough and the merfolk would all be waiting for them. His daughter looked back and tugged on his tail as she had seen one of the merfolk coming their way ~

DayaAutum: -Vexylla swam underwater towards the others, she was full of grief and the excitement she felt earlier had left her. She was grieving and trying to gather herself together. under the vortex of rain hitting the water and choppy waves of the storm she came to them, her arms folded tight across her chest as if to press upon her aching heart and bowels. She paused about ten yards out and collected herself and then with a couple pushes of her tail fins she closed the distance between them - The mermaid slain today was my daughter I -She stopped for a moment not knowing how to continue, and then swallowed and continued- Those who saw her are no more, and with the storm they shall be counted no doubts as lost to the sea with no knowledge of our presence. We can continue as planned as the storm you brought will pass. - Her thoughts started to return to her now and her words came more quickly and easily - That wave could not have been natural, there is another merfolk among us who aided us, a Blue no less able to send waves upon the shore. I think with the time we have before the fleet moves out we should try and contact them, the Blue can be very shy after all.

PersphoneLuciano: -The mermaid watched as the grieving female ducked back into the safety of the sea wondering what her next move should be. She was alone and unfamiliar with this area and she needed to find shelter soon so she could rest a bit. Diving back into the sea she began to slowly watch the mermaid swim to the others being careful not to tail too close to be noticed. As if sensing her fear and apprehension a sleek bottlenose dolphin swam to her circling her as if studying her. He was young weighed about 350 pounds and was at least 8 1/2 feet long. His muscles corded as he swam around her then seeming to smile as he bumped her arm playfully pulling a smile from the wary blue mermaid as she gripped his dorsal fin and allowed him to pull her a bit closer to the other but sensing her need to stay out of sight used his body as her shield so she could listen as the grieving female explained about her daughters death and the understanding of the sorrow and grief that seemed to overwhelm her. She gasp softly as she realized that this female noticed she was near and curled herself beside the dolphin as he shielded her and watched the others with knowing eyes-

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FiliaIsaSaton: She wanted to find out what trouble was being carried on the waves but as she and the ray were swimming forward the dolphin block them both as she dolphin swam in front of then and made a loud sonic sound that would hurt Alana s ears she stop dead in her tracks. “ come on dal I just want to se….” she stop there see . hell she could not really see what was going on. In truth is was not like she would be much help anyway , at lest this is what she thought as she griped her spear. With a long sigh she turn and went back to her real like home . it was not much but it did protect her as did the ray and dolphin who have been at her side sense the death of her parents. She curled back up under the sea anaiame and the ray would swim under her body there she would lay back down and listen to the waters sing her to sleep. She could sill hear much going on miles away but, the dolphin was right it was no place for her at lest not yet she thought.

dallo5013: ~ Fraudulenti nodded TO Vexylla , by now the s storm had started to calm down slightly and the rains would seem to becoming down a bit less and less. The clouds circled reef up around about the coral reef where they were . it would seem that the eye of the storm was now right over head of the reef where he , his daughter and Vexylla ad been gathering . ~Fraudulenti: so how are we to go about talking with this mermaid this shy one . I am no good with dealing with shy anything . just ask my daughter . his daughter then would shake her head as if agreeing with him . however if my first mate was here she could charm the fins off of any merman or mermaid . she is soft spoken ~ before he would prattle on any further he remembered he was there for a mission not a swim down memory lane . Aquam kept her mouth shut after all she only wanted to know when the fight was going to start and if she was going to be of any use to them at all . as the two of the merfolk would speak among one an other something caught Aquam's eyes . she swam off but one 5 feet out from her father . she being 10 feet tall from top to bottom would be more then able to swim out 5 feet and still keep her bottom fin wrapped around her father so that he would know that she hadn't left . after all the last thing her father needed was a way ward child swimming off in the mist of an important decision . her eyes would befall a dolphin slowly swimming towards them . it seemed to have a small thing attached to it but she was unable to tell what the dolphin would be bringing this w ay . as the other talked among them selves the young mermaid looked a bit closer at the approaching dolphin . she didn't know what to make of it but her eyes for some reason just didn't want to leave sight of it . after all it seemed to be a young one and not too big . so what was it that was attached to it she would think to her self . her right hand out stretches to the dolphin which is still a ways off from her but for some reason she just feels the need to stretch out her hand to it . in some was she is being friendly and in other ways she is being curious about it . she slowly pulls back her hand because she is not sure if the dolphin is indeed coming this way or if it will swim right by them . however she also didn't want to scare if off if it was coming this way . her father then would notice his daughter was under the water and was only holding on by the end of her tail . he then swiftly pulls on her tail and would gruffly say to her ~Fraudulenti: have you not been listening to a word of what has been going on . child are you listening to me now !?

DayaAutum: -The sounds of the dolphin echoed through the corral reefs as the merman spoke to her and the vibrations of one with pressures picked up by her senses. - They are elusive to be certain, even to us. -She shakes her head momentarily closing her dark eyes as her fins subconsciously swayed keeping her steady in the ebb and flow of the reefs made harsher by the storm, even in it's eye. -They obviously have spotted us, there signs are everywhere, the wave, the dolphins, one or more is here and we could use their aid. We have one hundred ships to sink and they might have powerful whales or even Orcas they can call and if they can make waves in open water that will destroy more ships than even your storms will. I can use lightning and whirlpools and can summon what Kracken might be between us and the place that we will spring upon them. But one hundred ships, it is a lot. -Vexylla pauses and loosens her shoulders letting herself be rocked softly more by the currents as she relaxes and thinks to herself for a moment. I am not sure if we seek out these blue in time or not if they do not reveal themselves. They obviously have spotted us, and if they have not made themselves known yet they will evade us perhaps. There is another of our waters that went in search of others so let us hope that he returns soon, we will need all that we can spare for this task- Vexylla pauses and looks to the youth with a tilting of her head, her black hair weightless in the water drifting back with an ebb of the reefs stormy current. - What abilities do you have? You must be gifted to desire to follow your father here?

dallo5013: ~Aquam her eyes turn from her father to look up on the woman speaking to her . She nodded to her for yes indeed she did have her own powers and abilities however they pale in comparison to her father’s after all he him self is able to call forth a mighty storm as well summon a kracken . Were as she is only able to summon a box jelly fish and a deep sea shark . she really doesn’t like to talk about the fact she is able to sing for she is the only one in her village with the siren’s song ./ not even her mother could properly sing it . And the storms she was able to call forth were week in comparison to her father’s . Heck even her mother was much stronger then she was . But she was more headstrong then both her father and her mother put together .she just then realizes she hadn’t answered the woman yet and would then with a tremble to her voice would answer ~ um I um . I am overly head strong and bull headed at times . So I guess I just~ she pauses then would shake her head~ sorry I lie . I have the ability to summon storms as well as I sing . And the hearts of man and beast listen . I am able to summon a box jelly fish as well I am able you call to my aid a deep sea shark . ~she sighs and waits to hear all the laughing that should follow or so she would think . Just then her father would wide eyed look at her then would hug his daughter tightly saying . ~Fraudulenti: oh my goodness I knew your mother could sing ... ~coughs badly ~ but you can really ~skips over his wording wile he is hugging his daughter ~ sorry I know we are here to do a job but this is monumentous . You the only one in our village heck in my hold family . Not even your grandparents on both sides could sing . He then would try to compose him self once again and would put her back in the water and say in a stern voice ~ Fraudulenti: alright enough of this childish banter . We need to do something

DayaAutum: -Vexylla Listened to Aquam intently after waiting silently crossing her arms with her trident embraced within. As she confused her abilities a soft devious smile came across her naturally black lips, one could see the wheels in her head turning fast working a most delectably evil plot -My child, you are to become a powerful mermaid indeed then. The song is a powerful ability if used with cunning, and that is what we shall do. have you ever seen a fleet turn about when so called from behind? It is mayhem with ten ships as they crash into one another, but with a hundred? - Vexylla tilts her head back and laughs openly. WHen she recovers her self she unfolds her arms and drift closer to take Aquam's hands in hers- The box jelly fish are among the most powerful creatures of the sea child, one touch from them will punish wonderfully, and the serpentish shark from our waters is a fine creature. Your storms will grow as you learn to use you ability better I assure you. This we will do then. - Vexylla looks back forth between Aquam and Fraudulenti in turn, seeking to still hold Aquam's hands in her as the storm's eye passes and the waves once again pick up along with the torrential down pour of rain- We shall follow them for four days till they are just past the midpoint of their journey, and you, dear Aquam shall sing to lure them from behind. SUrely with so many ships they will do great damage to them selves from that alone, we shall summon our storms, and have whirlpools and lightning I can use. In the confusion that follows your singing we will catch them off guard and sink many, and call what creatures we have, for I can all a kracken as well as the hammer heads. - Vexyllas eyes begin to flash with blood lust as merfolk have when seeking to punish evil, and with rage still stinging her heart after the death of her daughter - In the time that remains before this storm passes and the ships take to the open sea, how shall we seek these blue merfolk out? There waves and whales will add to what we can do greatly if we can find them.

dallo5013: Fraudulenti: do my eyes lie to me or are there even more dolphins then last time ~ he would whisper to him self as he would hear the words spoken by Vexylla . All the wile Aquam would humbly nod to her . After all she learned in past that one should never become over confident in anything . There is always one stronger then you . And it is always best to keep a sharp eye out for what ever may come . She gripping her father’s old weapon would look look into the woman’s eyes . As it would appear lightning dancing over the lenses of the woman's eyes . Making the young mermaid feel a bit more excited then she should . Yet she kept her self under control. ~Aquam : there was something attached to a dolphin not to long go . I am not sure if it might have been one or not . However come what may I am sure we will be able ~ she stops talking as she hears what sounded like a crack of
. But this wasn’t from her father’s storm ~

DayaAutum: -Vexylla nods to the youth and letting her hands slip from Aquam's she looks to Fraudulenti with knowing eyes - So they are here indeed, and will likely follow us after they how many ships have left the harbor.- Her lips tighten upon her face as her eyes harden with the anticipation of venting her anger for her daughters death, but some of the excitement natural to merfolk engaging in such actions now returning and mixing with her grief and anger to a most dangerous and cruel concoction of motives and emotions. -Even the blue are not that shy once they see something like that, and we can certainly use their waves if they can send them at sea as well as shore.- By now the storm was almost over, but not before one of the ships, having been caught with it's hatches open had filed with water sunken to deep within the water rested it's hull upon a protruding rock. With the increase in weight as the rain pureed in, the keel shaped itself sending a sound not unlike thunder and with the ship breaking apart more snaps filled like the a thunders echo. It's contents and cargo spilling upon the floor of the harbor while above men shouted at the calamity as the masts tipped and parted. A sure sign the ship was lost. Vexylla quickly turned to the sound, the electricity of the storm reflecting in her wide wild eyes. Her smile broadened. -We shall be listening to many such sounds in a few days Aquam, As many as we can manage up to a hundred, well, ninety nine now. -The storm now was waning, and already the soldiers and workers were quickly moving to make up for lost time even as the captions shouted for them to start moving.-

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dallo5013: A woman comes running across the docks screaming her head off in a panic. ~ Village Woman 1: my son my son . He was just with me then that sound and now he is .. My son please ~ her keeps running as fast as she can to the remains of the ship that had been scuttled by the storm. As she is running as fast as her legs can carry her the harbor master takes off after her running as fast as he humanly could to catch up with the woman. As he is running after her he yells out to everyone with in sound of him ~Harbor Master : stop that woman !! Blast you men stop that woman before she dose something stupid. Six men get in front of the woman as the Harbor Master catches up with her. He places his hand up on her shoulder to stop her and give a swift yank on her to keep her from leaping over the open side after the ship . ~ Harbor Master . Woman get a hold of your self . ~ he then would say in a rather gruff sounding voice ~ woman you do well to stay out of the water the storm may be over but the waves have yet to die down . Village Woman 1: my son my son ~ she cried dropping to her knees ~ Village Woman 1 :we were just in the market place just after the storm had passed . He was going on and on about how he wanted to go out to see the ships. I told him over and over that the ships were just here for a short time and were being prepared to leave soon. He just wouldn’t listen. I take my eyes off of him just for a split second to haggle with the vender at the fruit stand and poof my son has vanished . Then comes a loud sound. I came as fast as I saw it was a ship going down . The very ship my son wanted to see the inside of . He had a fascination with that very ship. He had seen the inside of fishing ships even cargo ships. Yet he had never had the chance to see the inside of a tall ship. I told him and he would never see the inside of one should I have any say in the matter . Then like I said with out a second thought I was fussing at the vender at the fruit stand . Harbor Master : I assure you my lady that no young lad has crossed this dock ~ the fates must have been playing tricks on the man for just as he had said that to the woman his very own son came running over to him saying in a rather odd sounding voice . After all he was out of breath and was overly excited because the storm was over and the ships were about to leave and he was promised by his dad he could go on the voyage out. The Harbor Master then would stop talking and look at his son with his arms folded over his chest and tapping his left foot in a manner as if to say stop right there young man. His son stopped and looked up at his father with the biggest smile up on his face. His cheeks are to red with excitement and his eyes were just all a glow. He knew his dad was a very stern man and never lied to him ever. However his smile quickly faded from his lips and his head quickly dropped when he noticed his fathers demeanor . ~ Harbor Master’s First son Brighten: dad dad ~ she shimmed side to side . His hands cupped behind him as he looked down to the ground as if feeling like he was going to be disappointed in his father real fast . ~ Brighten : father you promised when next you come to Harbor you would sell out with you.  ~ the Harbor Master placed his own hand on his face and shock his head. He remembered ever so vividly telling his son that. With a deep sigh he would now look at his son with a sad look in his eyes. After all he had never broken a promise to any of his five children and to brake one to his oldest son was heart braking to say the lest. After all his son was only six and he had always promised that when he was around he would take him out on a fishing trip. But this wasn’t a fishing trip, he could take his son out on this trip.  He might not even come him home him self. ~ Harbor Master : son please  to me ~ he takes to one knee ~ son ~ just then he stopped remembering the woman that was trying to sneak away from him . ~Harbor Master : ~ woman do not try my patience. Your son is not here. However I was about to say no child crossed this dock but my son made me out to be a lier. ~ he chuckled ~ Harbor Master : now woman get on home before I call for the guards. Your son was not on that ship that went down ~ the woman started to cry even harder because the man would not listen to her at all. ~ son take this woman back to her home then you go home this is no place for you right now ~ the young lad stomps his foot and would shout ~ Brighten: You lier . You lier you said we would go you lier !!! ~ the child then would kick his dad right in his left shin so hard he would hurt the child’s foot and make his dad yell in pain as he fell over onto his side holding his shin. He in pain would grab for his son and would hug him chuckling hard and wincing all at the same time ~ Harbor Master : yes I am sorry son. I should not have made promises I didn’t know I was not going to be able to keep. Son this trip is not a fishing trip. We are going after some bad men and there will be a fight. I may not make it back alive son. And Lord forbid should you go with me and not come back your mother would hunt my after life. Son now take this woman home and you go home to your mother as well. And woman let me never catch you about my docks again or I will have you tossed in the brig. ~ the Harbor Master then slapped his son’s bottom lightly for him having kicked him in the shin. Then would hug him saying. In a soft voice ~ Harbor Master : tell your mother I love her and whisper my love to the twins as well, keep your sisters out of trouble. Your the man of the house should I not return son. ~ his son started to tear up hugging on tight to his dad then would take the woman’s hand, she had to tell him were it was as he had no idea where she lived in the first place. But a gentleman always sees a woman in need home. Once Brighten had gotten the woman home she noticed her front door was wide open. She the ran in and grabbed her bow that she kept at the front door and ran around the house as if ready to kill any robber that might still be in there. She called to the Harbor Master’s son saying in a panic ~ Village Woman 1 : ~ child get to safety there is a robber in my home ~ as the woman looked around she ran up stairs and around the small bend in the upstairs to find not a robber but her son fast asleep on the bed . Seems he had cried him self to sleep being his mother wouldn’t let him on the ship. She drops to her knees and would lay the gun down . The Harbor Master’s son hearing the woman crying like a big man came running to see if he could help her. He was so ready to fight he came in and yelled as if his small sounding voice would scare the robbers . Upon entering the room he fell right into the woman’s back and rolled off the side onto the floor the woman placed her hand over the child’s mouth saying in a tear filled overly happy sounding voice ~ Village Woman 1: my son is here this hole time sleeping . ~the Harbor Master’s son giggled and would get up dusting him self off . By this time the child of the woman’s had started to wake up all sleepy eyed was running his eyes and softly calling to his tear filled mother . ~ Woman’s child : mom are you back already were is the food . Don’t tell me we have to go back to get it ? ~ the child still overly sleepy laid his head back down the woman came over to him paying no more mind to the Harbor Master’s child as he had slipped out the door and left for his home . In the mean time back in the bay just out side the Harbor back out on the coral reef there the three mermaids contused their conversation about how they would manage to find these blue mermaids . ~Aquam : it would seem there was a child on that ship that was lost to the storm. ~ Aquam could hear the cries of the woman and how the man was treating her how he all tho gruff sounding and harsh towards the woman. Aquam could feel the man was doing her a kindness after all he knew in his heart that their was no child there other then his very own child . . Aquam wanted ever so much to swim off at a panic rater to save the youth from the ship but she felt nothing from he ship other then cargo falling over there was no vibrations int eh water of life fleeting or the feeling of the beating of a heavy heart weighted down by the water. No not a sound at all. Soon she settled down and would turn her attention back to Vexylla and would say in a soft manner ~Aquam : that was something the ship going down like that. This is the first ship I have seen ever taken down and from what the woman was crying out . It was a larger ship at that . ~ her father then would chuckle saying in a rather deep and proud almost evil sounding voice ~Fraudulenti: as Vexylla has said there are many more we must take down,  so my child, you will hear so many more ships succumbing to the water only to sink to our abyss.

DayaAutum: -The worries of Aquam about the child did not encourage Vexylla, especially after discovering she could sing the Sirens Song. She needed to add the disorientation and confusion to her plans to maximize the number of ships they could take down. It was a most unmermaid like response, and Vexylla could foresee Aquam possibly being a liability. Whether by lack of age or by what was, in her view highly irregularly misplaced feelings of sympathy, her desire for revenge and also to feel the rush of slaying the wicked were in possible jeopardy. Vexylla, with a slight hint of callous resolve and patience in her voice looked to Aquam with her fiery eyes still alight with her passions for vengeance and blood. - Indeed you will Aquam. Those who exercise control of these islands have forsaken the natural wisdom their ancestors once had. Your heard the woman crying for her child, but have you noticed the islands themselves? The lack of life upon it apart from these humans? The lack of fish in these waters? These people will starve, and in order to feed themselves now plan to devour other islands. This foolishness and evil will lead to many more mothers crying for their children Aquam, and the mothers themselves at the mercy of these men will not likely be a pretty sight. -Vexylla shifts her trident in her hands resting it upon her shoulders. and fixes her eyes more intently upon Aquam - What we are about to do is an evil thing, we are set to devour these ships and people while they are upon the sea. The man will not rerun to his son but most likely die in terrible pandemonium leaving his family to agonize over his disappearance. But such is our place Aquam, without our culling of these people their wickedness will spread. Tell me, is it better to slay them now and leave their islands and reefs to recover for a more worthy people, or watch as they devour their neighbors and themselves as well? - Vexylla pauses staring at Aquam hoping she understands what she is trying to tell her - You are about to see thousands perish Aquam, can you let yourself do what comes naturally to all merfolk? We were created to destroy evil, and evil Aquam, lives in the hearts and minds of ordinary folk. - Vexylla waits for Aquam to reason within herself and glances to her father, her silted eyes asking him if she might be ready for this.-

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PersphoneLuciano: -the young male dolphin began to move her closer to the others as they spoke of strategy against the human ships in their upcoming battle. She has spent many years away from home and was finally being sent to see the Leviathan. When the call came for help she had to come see what was happening. As she observed them she could understand why this village wanted to punish the local humans. Seriously, she watched a young mermaid die in her mother’s arms from an attack by humans, so she had to aid the mother in her quest for vengeance against the humans who attacked her daughter. Now she is contemplating on helping aid them in their battle against the humans and their ships. She could go see the Leviathan after the humans where dealt with. The young mermaid and her father reminded her so much of her own father. She missed him very much and she would see him soon enough. She would have some stories to tell her father when she returns home for a visit, she would like to see the look of shock on his face. She looked around and sent out a soft summons to the other dolphins nearby. Dolphins began to show up and surround her ready to aid her. She stroked the young male dolphin shielding her from the others as he nodded to her, she rose above the dolphins with her 8ft. height and serpent like tail. Her pale bluish green skin shimmered and her green serpent eyes focused on the others as she made her presence known- “Excuse me” -she put on her brave face and squared her shoulders and proudly exclaimed- “My name is Caprice but everyone just calls me Capri which I prefer anyway to Caprice” -the male dolphin next to her tapped her tail fin with his the tip of his nose to let her know she was rambling and she grimaced as she realized what was happening- “oh sorry” -she looked horrified on her first day in her new village as she collected her composure and smiled- “as I was explaining I am the daughter of Dawn and Raider from the blue village east of here. I have been in the gold village to the north and came when we got the call for aid. I can see the Kracken after I have helped here” -looking to the mermaid who lost her child- “I am truly sorry for your loss. I’m the one who aided you with the wave. I despise humans and they deserve what they got for taking your child from you in such a cruel manner” -she looked at the dolphins gathering around her- “my friends and I would like to aid you in your battle. There is a pod of Orca nearby that will aid us as well. I’m quite skilled and can be of some use if you wish my aid.” -she tightens her grip on her spear and balls her free hand into a fist- “I’m a hunter in my village and I’m extremely skilled with my spear and I never miss a target” -she considered the eyes that watched her and she didn’t falter as she waited for their answer-

dallo5013: ~ Fraudulenti let go of his daughter’s arm when he had noticed the blue mermaid lifting her self up out of the water just enough to be seen by them . ~ Fraudulenti : well my daughter it would seem you had your eyes up on someone hadn’t you . I do apologize . and Vexylla I am not sure my daughter should follow us into battle . However there is no place to leave her off at right now. But should there be a place along the journey were I can safely leave her off I will. So that we do not have to bother worrying about her slowing us down. The humans must pay . ~ how barbs were right now fully engaged and more then ready to impale any human. Just as his words would slip from his lips his daughter growled out yet would not say a word for she was not in the mood to speak to either of them right now her mind was more on what was going on and was more worried about how she was going to stay with them and not get her self dumped off on some shelf. As their attention turned to the blue mermaid Aquam Kept to her self and just listened to every word that was spoken and made a good mental note of the powers each one had and was sure she would be able to use each of these powers in some way to aid in fighting . Like if the blue would use the waves again she could ride one to use the crashing force of it to impale a human and what not . . She kept on thinking of all kinds of ways she could be of use all the wile in the back of her head the voice of her father telling Vexyla that she was going to be dumped off just upset her more . However she showed no emotions at all . ~

DayaAutum: -The breaking dawn was giving way to full day and the last of the supplies were being carried and loaded into the remaining fleet's ships. One cold could hear the questions and talk and stories about the ship that sank in the harbor along with comments about avoiding letting the other ships strike upon it as the set sail out the harbor. Vexylla lifted her dark slit pupil eyes to the sky and then to Capri as she came along, a welcoming smile came across her naturally black lips, but her eyes became of a doubtful expression as she noticed her youthful appearance. She had one child with them already, and not enough adults. She was however ready to make her voyage to the Leviathan, on the brink of adulthood. Vexylla was not certain of Aquam. While she had strong misgivings, too few had come. Aquam's Siren Song and Perci's Orca pod were desperately needed. After capri finished she paused and lowered her head closing her eyes for a moment contemplating. -You are brave Capri -Vexylla raised her head and set her eyes upon capri in the now much calmer waters as the rumble of the summoned storm could be heard in the distance and the sun shined upon the waters from a now clear sky. - You must know that I have misgivings about you joining us as you have not yet reached adulthood. But I can not lie, we desperately need what help we can get. You may come, but you as well as Aquam must stay far from the ships. She can sing the song of the Divine, and you can summon the Orcas both from a distance and keep one another out of trouble and harms way. Fraudulenti and myself will both see to it that you stay at a distance and safe. -SHe then looked to Fraudulenti to see what thoughts he may have on the matter and back to Capri to make sure that she understood-

PersphoneLuciano: -Capri bowed her head to the mermaid respectfully- "yes my friends and I will aid you. I know that my appearance gives you reason to doubt my abilities but i have been trained by some of the best and I may even surprise you. I know you are not one who surprises easy but I am just grateful for the chance to aid you all." -She looks to the young mermaid and offers her a pleasant smile- I know how it feels to have a father such as yours" -looks to her father- "no offense but my father was just as strict on me and just as protective. I was taught to hunt but I had to stay home when they attacked the humans. I had to leave my village in order to grow into the mermaid I am now. I only hope that when I see my father again I will make him proud" -she signs as she felt homesick for the first time since she left her village many years ago- "Soon I will see the Kracken and take my place among the adults but until then I am happy to aid any way that I can" -looks to the young mermaid- "Don't worry we can hang back and still cause plenty of damage. We can keep each other company while keeping each other safe" -she looks to the dolphins gathered around- "they will keep us hidden and safe"

dallo5013: ~ Fraudulenti he nodded to Vexyla knowing in his hast he would have left his daughter behind so she would be fully out of harms way but she is needed after all . After all she can do what no one in their village was able to do . Odd in the distance could be heard the Harbor Master calling out to his first mate telling him to get aboard for the storm had past and it was time to set sail ~ Harbor Master : all aboard time is a wasting . Lets get a move on I am sure there are other ships making their ready to take off . So lets not be left behind to land lovers !!!~ he yelled out like he was about to become a the leader of all the ships in the fleet . However this was far from true he was merely in a hurry to prove him self to the fleet . After all even thou this was his harbor he was not in charge he was not even second in charge he was just counted as one more ship made ready for the voyage. The only comfort he had w as the thought that his son was not coming along with them . One more the Harbor Master yelled to his crew to make ready . He then would head off ship to have a look at the sunken ship to see just how much lee way his ship had. After all that ship had sunk port side of his ship and this was going to be a tight swing. He was going to have to turn fast and hard left just to keep from hitting the bottom of their ship against the sunken vessel. As he stands off side of the Harbor he notices that one of the masts of the sunken ship seemed to have snapped clean off and was floating about his ship. Yet an other hazard he will have to deal with before he can make sail. Just then a call went out too all ships in the Harbor. The Fleet Master yells out and then following his yell every other captain would yell the same. Carrying the orders down the line to all ships with in the fleet. ~ Fleet Master : To the ready and all aboard . ~ shortly there after from the last ship > was the Harbor Master’s ship < to the Fleet Masters ship would all call out their readiness . ~ all in fleet: READY AND WILLING !!! ~ as the call was made and one by one the ships started to move Aquam straightened up her body allowing her self to sink below the waters making herself ready to give chase after them. She smiled at the blue mermaid as if to say thanks to her then would sink out of sight of any human. Sinking just far enough below the waters that her father would be able to see her but no human eyes would be able to see . ~

DayaAutum : -It was not long before the flag ship was moving. It's hull rose a full thirty five feet into the air at the aft and stern, and it's lowest point was twenty feet. It stretched a full seventy five feet in length. Twice as tall as twice and almost twice as long as the rest of the ships which rose twenty feet aft and stern and thirteen feet at the lowest. it was a most impressive ship. It slowly made it's way out of harbor followed closely by the next in line. The ships crossed water as smooth as glass from shores swept clean by the storm. Vexylla watched them until she looked to those that remained and nodded to them giving a signal that they all should dip beneath the surface of the water and then followed Aquam under the water herself. Below the surface, Vexylla could see the approaching hulls of the vessels. One of the dolphins came spying the flashy silvers of her scales stopping his nose before it and looked to her predator like fins before darting off. The pressures of the waters sending ripples stimulating her lateral lines and her ears detecting the sounds of the waters. She ignored them however letting her self sink to a depth where the flag ship would just pass over her head and awaited the others, pointing to the flag ship that there they would gather. It's decks were much higher in the waters and further from the surface. This would benefit them as it would reduce the chances they might be spotted.-

PersphoneLuciano: -Capri nodded a silent you’re welcome to the young mermaid as she swam down and centered herself amongst the dolphins. They swam with her catching up with the other young mermaid and shielding her with their long sleek muscle clad bodies. A female dolphin swam next to the young mermaid as she nuzzled her hand for her to grab her dorsal fin and allow her to pull her through the water faster. Capri grabbed hold of the male dolphin who has been with her for a while and reveled in the freedom of gliding through the water like a dolphin. The dolphins gave all the mermaids camouflage as they came upon the human ships. She watched as a young dolphin swam away from the mermaid whose tail resembled a barracuda and bit her lip to keep from laughing at the look of horror on the poor things face. All she could think to herself was ‘wait till the Orca’s arrive’ shaking her head in amusement. She watched as the mermaids began to gather underneath the flag ship as she sent a silent massage for the group of dolphins to halt and linger at a distance while she swam to meet with the other mermaids beneath the flag ship. The dolphins would provide enough distraction as the flag ship would provide them all cover. While she waited to receive orders, she sent out her call to the pod of Orca that would come and aid them. She smiled to herself at the unsuspecting carnage that was about to rain down on these humans. -

dallo5013: ~ One by one the ships took off out of the Harbor. This took a few hours for all of the ships to depart . The last ship would be the Harbor Master’s ship . It was still having a bit of trouble getting around the sunken ship. Unbeknown to the Harbor Master his ship had already run aground and was leaking . If he was to set sail from this ship he would surely sink, and sink it did . Before long a large crack was heard and with all hast all the crew started jumping ship. The Harbor Master growled out in his dismay saying in a loud clear voice ~ Harbor Master : abandon ship all hands abandon ship. We have run aground on that sunken ship and it’s mass has dun us in !!! Abandon ship !!! ~ with great dismay all the crew abandoned the ship save for the captain . He staid behind to make sure no one was left behind . Once the captain was sure there was no other men on board he leaped from the ship into the water were he swam to shore . Not a ship was left in the harbor that he could hope a ride with . Indeed they all had made it out into open waters were they started to one by one start to meet up with the other ships along they way. The first three of the closest islands had about 20 more ships that they were giving up to aid in the pirate hunt. In the mean time Aquam herself had started out after the ships following at a distance behind them till she was nudged by a female dolphin. She took hold of the dorsal fin of the dolphin and let it carry her on to the others swiftly with in no time at all catching up with them. She then would let loose of the dolphin and let the current of the flag ship pull her along with the momentum of the dolphin still pushing her up to the ship . There after she met up with the others . Were she would whisper to them telling them she noticed that one ship sunk having hit the already sunken ship. She giggled then stuck her tongue out at her father. She only did that because that made two ships her father had sunk with out even trying ~

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DayaAutum: -It had been almost three days since she followed the flag ship. Behind them stretched ninety seven more smaller ships than the flag ship. They had not developed a uniform formation but were a disorderly array that followed. Vexylla swam below the ship to it's stern and dug her nails into it's hull and slowed letting the ship outpace her dragging her nails across it's hull with an obnoxious sound, it was not too loud, perhaps only a couple of those on board would hear the sound. SHe had done so many times during the voyage out of boredom, and a will to torment those on board. From below her came the vibrations of a passing tuna, her lateral lines sensed the fast pace of the fish and she being hungry quickly turned about scanning the water. The telltale flashes of the tunas scales shimmered in the water and she darted towards it, her trident out in front. The tuna, a superb swimmer could not match her speed and she soon returned with the tuna in the prongs of her trident. She plucked the flesh apart and ate, it was a smaller tuna, but more than she alone could eat, and offered the tuna to the others. - In a few moments we shall begin, and it shall be a long task. Eat now while you can. - Taking the fish from the prongs she held it out for those who wished to eat. - Aquam, you and Capri shall go low and let the ships pass one hundred and fifty yards in from of you, We shall all prepare our abilities and summon our creatures. WHen they have collided into one another as they turn about, and inevitably pack together, we strike. Storms and whirlpools first, that shall take the main group. Capri shall send her tallest and most powerful wave at those who escaped the collision and sail freely towards Aquam. Now Aquam, once the ships turn about and are in disarray, stop singing, and if any ship gets within twenty yards of you dive fast. Same with you Capri. After we have stuck with waves and storms and vortexes we summon our creatures and lightning. Understood? -Vexylla plucks another piece of the flesh of the tuna and looks to the others for understanding of her plans, her fins swaying back and forth against the currents with an occasional swish of her tail to keep pace with the flag ship. The ship by comparison the merfolk was painfully slow.-

PersphoneLuciano: -Capri watched as everyone began to eat of the tuna offered by the lead mermaid. She was hungry as well and partook of the feast to get her energy up and prepare her mind and spirit for the task at hand. See look to see the dolphin pack was still around watching over them. She knew they had not eaten in the last three days and so she sent them a command to eat and return to provide her and Aquam the cover they would need soon. The male dolphin that seemed to lead the others nodded and turned to lead the group away from the ships to hunt for nourishment. They disappeared from her sight but she was worried because she knew they wouldn’t be far and would be back in time to keep them out of sight while the battle was being waged. She ate the tuna as she listened to the plans and she nodded to the given orders. Soon she was finished with her tuna and shortly after the group of dolphins had returned. The male dolphin leading sent her a signal that it was safe to come to them so they could provide the needed cover at the distance ordered for her and Aquam to stay back. She nodded and turned back to the other merfolk- “the dolphins are ready to provide Aquam and me cover. I think we should join them and follow at the distance ordered and be in position when time comes for us to do our part” -She waited to hear what the decision of the others would be before she moved forward-

Dallo5013: ~ A sudden shiver runs down Aegros’s spine as she in hunting for the morning meal for the young-lings in the school . She shakes her head and would look towards the grate abyss hoping in her heart that her first daughter would survive this ordeal . And then gripping her fist she would growl out in an even more violent sounding voice saying under her breath ~ Aegros : I will kill my first mate ,should my child be hurt in any way . ~ gritting her teeth now she looks down at the catch of the day and would softly giggle remembering the first fish her little Guppy ever caught . It was a blow fish a very poisonous fish . I almost had a heart attack seeing her about to take a bite of it . Good thing the fish blew up so big she couldn’t even bite into it . With a giggle now she would softly sigh wishing she was allowed to go to aid her daughter . After all she was no were near ready for anything like this . She didn’t even know if her daughter had developed any powers yet . Other then singing . Mean wile back at the ship Aquam and her father Fraudulenti both looked at one and other as if they both knew Aegros was thinking about them and was more then ticked off at them . A shiver ran down the both of their spines as the looked at one an other . Aquam and Fraudulenti then nodded to Vexylla and partook in the fish before Aquam looked over to Capri and nodding to her . Aquam still with fish in hand would start to lag behind as she was instructed to do . Her father and Vexylla went on ahead . Aquam turns to the pod of dolphins and would slowly swim to them all the wile nibbling on the fish she was offered . She then would turn back to the ships waiting till they would be out at the right distance . This only took about half an hour to do . Being the winds were well in their favor only because Aquam ‘s father was using his storm winds to hasten the speed of the ships just enough that it wouldn’t be noticeable by the humans but more then enough to get the ships out far enough out to sea that they could really cause some damage . Aquam once the ships were plenty far enough out from her and Capri ,Aquam would swim towards the surface of the water were she would take in a deep clear breath of salty air and would softly at first start to sing . Her mighty tail would thrash in the water bringing half of her body up out of the water so that she would be heard loud and clearly by as many ships as the wind would carry her voice too . Her voice soft and sweetly sang out before becoming louder and louder . Not by volume but by the eco through all the winds . Aquam was using her powers of storm to brew up a soft wind storm not the kind that brings rain and thunder but the kind that brings winds and is able to carry her voice about the waters . Carrying her song over the waves to the ears of all that would give listen to her . ~.

DayaAutum : -Sinking low Vexylla let the ships pass and swam through the water with her face to the surface. bending her neck forward she watched the ships as the waters above rippled with the increasing storm winds. With a turn of her head she could she the dolphins, Aquam, and Capri take there positions. SHe casually and carefully went out from the ships and positioned her self one hundred yards from Aquam Capri and the dolphins and twenty five yards from the ships before letting her tail drop and pushing towards the surface. She called upon her magic within her, preparing for the largest whirlpool she could summon, and called out to a kracken to come. Her call fell upon one. Smaller than most, and yet a three hundred foot behemoth of the deep. It's tentacles thick and nearly irresistible in strength measured two hunted and twenty feet in length, a young male brimming with aggression. The kracken sprang forth swimming to the surface pumping vast amounts of water through it's organs. It would arrive just at the right time for the attack should all go at least partially as planned with it's tentacles eager to wrap upon it targets to demonstrate it's strength for the merfolk. Vexylla, after calling the Kracken summoned also her magic to work lightning. She looked to Fraudulenti to see if her understood her positioning, she was at the perfect vantage point for wrecking devastation upon them, and also to intercept anything that might venture to close to the young mermaids. As she sought to catch the gaze of the father, the sweet haunting melody vibrated through the waters being carried by the wind. Her eyes flashed with both insatiable fury, the death of her daughter still fresh, and her excitement to see the destruction of so many darted to the ships awaiting their turning about in a chaotic cluster. Her heart raced and her skin itched and her ears longed to feel the vibrations and hear the sounds of their screams and the cracks and snaps of their wooden ships they entrusted their fragile lives with, so vulnerable in this environment these humans were. They should not have came.-

PersphoneLuciano:-the storm winds begun to increase in speed and as Capri and Aquam watch on from one hundred yards as ordered. The male dolphin swam around making sure that no human swam near. They would not allow them to breech the circle. If a human were to get within fifty feet of them the males would attack the humans. Each male weight an average of three hundred and fifty pounds, and when agitated they became aggressive and with one powerful attack with their tail fin alone would break bones and kill a human on contact. All the dolphins were already in an agitated state since they could hear the Orca’s cry in the distance. Orca’s predators and even though they were here to help aid against the humans, they were still creatures of instinct and preyed on dolphins. A gathering such as this would be like ringing the dinner bell at Thanksgiving. As Capri listened to the answering cry of the Orca’s as they approached, she heard Aquam singing the song of the siren and felt the vibrations of the water as the song carried out through the water and winds making sure the song reached as many of the human ears as possible. The storm above began to increase in intensity as the water became choppy splashing the ships with small but powerful waves to cause the ships to tilt from side to side and begin to fill with water. Using the storm just as she did early Capri raised her hands and calling upon her powers she summoned a huge wave. It rose fifty feet high and spread a distance of fifty feet wide. The storm giving Capri the much need boost of energy to move such a massive wave through the water. She pushed the wave forward with all the strength and determination she could muster and watched as the wave flew forward through the sea. It struck three ships with such force that they crashed into the neighboring ships. The three ships that were struck first were obliterated. Sinking to the depths of the sea joining the others in their final resting places. The three ships that got hit were struck hard enough that the haul of the ships cracked and they were taking on water. Within minutes they would split in half and sink to the bottom of the sea just like the rest of them. Smiling with pride Capri looked up and she could see the pod of Orca approaching. Right on time she thought to herself as she turned her attention back toward the destruction of the humans before her-

dallo5013: ~ Her voice danced over their ears bring with it thoughts of a joyous time back when times where free and hearts were not burdened down with hardships back when the grate lesser Gods would bless them with gifts of grate joy and happiness . All this over welling joyful thoughts would sink deep into their hearts beckoning them to turn about their ships and to come unto the location were with the sound was coming . The winds would play tricks on them bringing the song from all about them causing the ship’s men to become disoriented and the ship’s helmsmen would turn the ships all ways about trying to follow the song . All wile some of the men would even leap over board trying to catch the the wind for with to bottle up the song so that they would be able to keep it with them and it would lead them of so they would be miss led to think . All the wile Fraudulenti had moved out to a safe distance where he would be able to see Vexylla and would be able to see his daughter as well . He made sure to note even were abouts Capri would be he then would start to call up a violent storm once again . This time he did not hold back . It would seem the song his daughter sang has affected him as well . But not in the way it would affect others . It gave him a renewed faith in his daughter a certain pride in her . After all she was the only one in the village that could sing and he was over joyed to finely be able to hear her sing . Back in the Village Aquam ‘s mother started to get this feeling of enlightenment as if she was also about to hear her daughter’s song . The bond between her mother and father would seem to be a very strong one for both of her parents to be able to feel the effects of the song when so far away . Her mother would now go about the daily teachings with a smile up on her face as if even thou she knew nothing of what was going on she knew there was peace of mind for only in true peace of mind and the thoughts of being one with the Divine can one truly sing and be able to effect the hearts of men ..Fraudulenti would then call to the beast of the Abyss calling to him the grate saying in a unheard voice save only by that which he called unto . ~Fraudulenti : come now we are in need of your aid come now hear my call ~ in no time at all one small kracken and following up with the kracken would seem to be a dark substance . It would seem our kracken friend had brought up with it a massive pile of sea weed . This would be useful being it can be caught up in the storm and flung out like giant whips using the winds to lash the sea weed around to shred the sails of the boats . The young kracken almost as large as the one that Vexylla had summoned had just barely made it to Fraudulenti before before it noticed what it was supposed to do . And would then take off up wards to the surface . Lashing out it’s two hundred and fifty foot long tentacles out at the closest ship to it wild letting Fraudulenti use the sea weed that it had brought up with it . In the time it would take the kracken to start to wrap it’s tentacles up along the side of a ship Fraudulenti had already started to call up a water spout this was only possible by calling out the the winds to dance about in a tight circle over the surface of the water so that the up draft would bring the water up in a torrent funnel like shape . As the water spun up into the skies slowly and small at first still unseen by the men about the ships . Fraudulenti would feed into the funnels the sea weed . He was preparing to use the sea weed as whips . Aquam kept her eyes up on the ships , her father ,Vexylla and Capri making sure not to lose sight of any of them . Orca started to show up making Aquam feel a bit more safe . Her feeling of safeness was short lived when she saw the first ship split in two and sank into the waters below . The sounds of screaming men fell hard up on her ears almost causing her to stop singing . However she knew that this is what she was here for and she would not stop for nothing till all the humans were punished . If not all of them at lest as many as they were able to punish . ~

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DayaAutum : -The waters under the ship began to swirl adding to their turning about and disarray. In the center the water began to sink in a great depression of spiraling water. From the apex of this vortex an opening spread. It started small, as if a drain had opened up under the surface, and then spread at an alarming rate to a diameter of a hundred feet, the surrounding waters maven faster and faster as the opening grew and let the sea beneath five of the ships drop out from under them. Violent screams of over three thousand voices shattered and broke through the sounds of rushing water and disappeared in the great drainage as the ships just dropped within to eventually crash miles below the surface upon the bottom of the sea bumping off the sides of the whirlpool on the way down. Seven other ships close the edge of the hole were being sucked in to the vortex, aboard those ships pandemonium was setting in as those aboard were suddenly realizing the that horrific fate of the five ships that had dropped to their doom would soon be upon them. Men clamored about without orders or organization out of sheer desperation and panic. Vexylla Had placed the Vortex well as most of the ships not doomed by the vortex were blocked from Aquam and Capri. Only two of them had a path to her now without completely circumventing the Vortex. The Kracken now was almost at the surface, it had been summoned to destroy the ships and was speeding towards the largest target it had, which would be the flag ship. As it breached the surface it spread it's behemoth sized tentacles outward, they broke the surface surrounding the flag ship rising quickly into the air to dwarf the masts of the ships. Water ran down the sides and dripped from the tentacles pouring down like monsoon rain upon several of the ships. Two hundred and twenty five feet they rose, those on board the nearby ships watched in awe as if what they saw was not even real. Such tentacles belonged to squid and octopus and were small. Their minds unable to grasp the reality of what they were witnessing. The beak of the Kracken struck beneath the hull of the flag ship snapping it in two leaving the halves to roll on the brackens face. Above, high in the sky the tentacles began to writhe and feel about for what chips they could find. Two of them bumping into ships and wrapping around them squeezing till they shattered and splintered apart. With the ships being destroyed, those seeing this great monster of the deep were forced to recognize the reality of what they were looking at. Tricks of vision did not so easy shatter ships so easily and seeming effortlessly. Within the spiraling waters around the vortex, one of the ships fell into the great hole in the sea, as it went over the edge, it broke in two as it's hull was not made so strong as to support it's own weight in such conditions. One half fell in first, the aft. The stern soon followed admit the horrifying screams of peril-

PersphoneLuciano: yards -Capri watched as Vexylla created a massive whirlpool in the mist of the ships. Men screamed for mercy and begged for their lives as carnage increased all around them. Such fear and anguish was music to her ears. Ships swirled around caught in the pulling currents of the water and finally disappeared out of sight never to be seen again. When the Kracken appeared, she looked upon it in awe. She had never seen one so massive before and could do nothing but appreciate such a creature of lure as it rose out of the water ready to take apart ever ship in its path. Suddenly the two remaining ships that were damaged from the three ships destroyed by her wave began to move swiftly through the waters caught in a draft that was pulling their ships toward the swirling waters of the whirlpool. The cracks in the haul began to pulls apart and split. The sound of breaking wood snapping as the pressure of the current pulled apart the ships was audible. Men trying to hold on to the pieces as it pulled them toward their impending deaths was a sight to be seen. Men crying like woman pleading for their lives as the Kracken rose its large tentacles out of the water. The dolphins around her and Aquam became agitated and moved about keeping watch on the approaching Orca. The female Orca who lead them was a massive beast weighing 680 pounds. Her white and black pattern forming a unique pattern on her face. The black circling her eyes and covering her nose gave her the impression that she wore a masquerade mask. Odd how it seemed befitting for this occasion. She gave the call as she led her pod into battle avoiding the whirlpool and the currents as they suddenly disappeared out of sight. The dolphins stopped moving about as if anticipating an attack bracing themselves to defend if necessary. One of the ships close about 80 yards. from where her and Aquam watched suddenly began to capsize. Men began flying off the sides of the ship into the water as Orca caught them in their jaws and drew them into the water to feed upon their flesh. The ship completely toppled over the haul of the ship now the only thing to be seen, as the men became trapped underneath. The sea swallowed them drowning them as they sank to its depths. The sea turned red as the water filled with the blood of the unfortunate. 300 men aboard that ship leaving only 30 men left alive for the Orca to pick off once the returned to the surface. Capri just watched as the carnage raged on.-

dallo5013 : ~ Fraudulenti’s hands would wave in the air in a small circle as if telling his storm winds up to lift up the water spout and how to feed it making it stronger yet . Fraudulenti made 5 of these water spouts , each of witch were nearing F1 . Once they all reached the F1 status Fraudulenti then moved them out around the ships . He dose this to prevent the ships from being able to find their bearings in the water because as the spouts grow in strength they would become bigger and bigger and would make the waters around about them even more choppy .Aquam noticing the spouts that her father had created , got a bright idea on how she can stay back there and still help out . She kept singing and using her storm winds she pushed on her fathers one water spout . Pushing on it so hard that the spout laid over onto and across two ships . Now mind you the storm was only an F1 storm . However even being an F1 storm it was more then enough to do some lasting damage . It was able to rip up the sails and demolish the mass also tossing almost every member of the two ships it laid over on ,off of the ships up into the air where they would then be caught up into one of the many wind shifts before being flung over 6 hundred feet away from any ship in all directions .she then pulled back her winds so as not to get in the way but to be a help when she seen an opening . Her father seeing one of his spouts laying over across two ships tilted his head before realizing that his daughter had done that and not him . With a smile he would bring up a new spout to replace the one that had just rolled over onto two ships .. As the whirlpools would start to form he made good use of them and would start to move his spouts out and into a position where it would not only strengthen the whirlpools that Vexylla was creating but would also strengthen his own spouts as well . For the force of the two spinning in tandem was more then enough to jump the spouts from just being a F1 to a F2 and then up to an F3 in no time at all . Now that they were so strong Aquam was unable to lay them over any more so she her self would stay back and would call out to her sharks to come to aid them . With the mighty whirlpools Aquam knew it would be rather tricky for her sharks to get around them and with her father’s spouts even more tricky . However her call for the sharks to come and aid them had fallen on death ears it would seem for their wear no sharks around the abyss were in they were . She knows her voice is no longer being heard for the mayhem that is going on with the storms and whirlpools and all the men’s screaming is drowning out her song . So she growls to her self feeling as if she is of no more use to them . And being there were no sharks in the area she was out of luck and useless now . Or so it would seem Fraudulenti in the mean time was sucking the seaweed up into three of the water spouts and was flinging it out like razors cutting ships in peaces bit by bit . Like running them into a pulp grinder . The kind they would use to make paper with . As he would do so his Kracken made it’s way from ship to ship in like manner of the kracken that Vexylla had summoned . However this kracken was a bit smaller so yes a bit slower in destroying ships .Fraudulenti’s kracken seemed to love getting on top of the ship and just flinging everyone off of the ship one by one . It seemed to be looking for a person or group of persons like it had a vendetta or something . Almost like it was on the hunt. Fraudulenti’s kracken had tossed so many off into the water without killing them that Fraudulenti had to do something about it . He took a minute to think before slipping him self into the nearest water spout using it to toss him up into the air he would angle him self so that when he came back down into the water his spear would pierce one of the men then drag him down under the water were he would drown and . Fraudulenti then would slid the man from his spear and would arch his back so that the force of his dive would fling him back up into the water spout where he would dive out of it again . Repeating this till he was able to kill off all the men his kracken had left alive . He then noticed that there was a pod of Orcas in the area . Taking note of the sizes and speed . He thought to him self that this must be the work of Capri for no pod of this size would have dared to join in where there was a storm and so many ships . So surely Capri’s pods had arrived just in time . Back behind all the carnage Aquam was taking notice of the two ships that was about to approach them and how that Capri made short work of them . She knew then that she was way out of her league being even this mermaid >Capri< was far more experienced then ever she was . However she would not let this deter her none what so ever . She was going to help even if it meant she had to call the box jelly fish to aid them . ~

DayaAutum: -The remaining ships were caught with a monstrous vortex on one side, vexyllas kracken on the other, storms all about with dangerous funnels ripping through and Fraudulenti's kracken wrecking havoc as it seemed to search the ships for reasons unknown. Most of those on board were frantic for their lives. They had never faced such perils before, they had never seen such things and the carnage and death on such a scale in such a short amount of time was unhinging their minds. Most ships were damaged beyond salvaging and would soon descend beneath the violent sea. From the flag ship a lone warrior armed with a spear jumped from the ship and surrendering hope began to plunge the spear into the face of the kracken even as the remnants of the mighty flag ship rolled from off the kracken. The kracken moved the base of it's tentacle wiping where it felt the spear as one might swat a mosquito, crushing the warrior beneath it's folds. The warrior exploded and the remains were washed from the kracken to bloody the water with the carnage. The flesh sank beneath the waves where it would slowly descend to be eaten by various fish far below as it sank leaving only shattered bones to litter the sea floor for a watery grave. The kracken continued it's search for other ships and let its head breach the surface. It's huge eyes scanning the surface of the water and stretched forth it's monstrous tentacles towards various ships plucking them from the water and crushing them in coils of sea flesh with strength which was not to be denied by timbers and planks. A few ships remained undamaged and the captains regained their wits in the holocaust upon the sea the merfolk had summoned. Vexylla was in a fit of vengeance and bloodlust, her eyes shinned with pleasure at the massive pandemonium of death. She let loose with a lightning bolt upon the aft of a ship. A steak of light from the sky and the rear of the ship exploded with a mighty crash of thunder. The ship soon began to tip backwards and still being rocked by the storm, slowly descended in the violent waters. One ship however, was more courageous than the rest, and more cleaver. They had lowered dingies into the water and boarded them leaving their large vessel as a decoy hoping the smaller vessels would remain unnoticed. Such a ploy might have worked, had merfolk been made with human eyes. Vexylla summoned a school of hammerheads to feed upon those who survived. In the swirling waters, the six remaining ships caught within one by one met their fate falling to the bottom of the sea. From the ships the screams of those on board pierced the storms and faded as the ships crashed down the terrifying hole to the rocky sea floor. In her passion for the deaths of these Upathains, she willed for a few to survive. SHe wanted for those at the island to know what had happened here. The knowledge of it would work to shatter their hopes of satisfying themselves with the spoils of war and the fear of starvation as the fishing ships were destroyed would tear the fabric of the society apart. To die at sea in such a way, or starve was now the destiny for those who would follow Herimok. She dashed her head into the tumultuous waves and propelled her self through the water towards one of the dingies and leaped aboard, landing upon the tip of the stern of the boat. Only one of them were still armed and only had a dagger that he kept. Which he withdrew and held out towards her. Vexylla set the end of her trident upon the floor of the boat with a thud. -You aboard this dingy, shall live. I will let you go. - She paused and watched them give pause at her words. They were uncertain what to think. - I want for you to return and tell your countrymen what happened here. I want for you to know that you have trodden down a path foolishly. You had everything once! Your islands were a rare paradise upon Valaria. But now you do evilly. Who is your Ruler now? I want to know there name. - None took their eyes of off Vexylla, they were shaking, and terrified, and did not dare to move against her as her promise of life was their only real hope. The one with the dagger lowered it with shaking hands and said softly never taking his eyes off of Vexylla "Herimok" -Herimok, well I have a message for Herimok. Tell him he shall drink his own piss and eat his own flesh. - Vexylla Looking upon the other dingy pointed to it stretching out her arm -do you see the others? Watch them and see if they shall live - Another crack of lightening fell from the sky upon the small vessel. The force of the bolt shattering the wood sending shards of wood all about with deadly force. All aboard had several shivers pass into their bodies. The most fortunate died instantly. SHe lowered her arm and leaned backwards diving into the sea again.-

PersphoneLuciano: -The Orca’s resurfaced surround the thirty remaining men, swimming around them in a circle of menacing black and white patterns one blending into the other. The lead female lung forward first taking a struggling swimmer by his thigh with her teeth crunching through flesh and bone dragging the unwilling male beneath the waters. The rest followed suit lunging at the men attempting to swim trough the choppy waters as the storm continued to kicked up waves making it difficult for the men to keep their heads above water much less flee from hungry Orca. The dolphins began to circle around her and Aquam and she could tell that they were ready to flee at the first chance they got. Begin this close to a pod of feeding Orca was suicide, and they were not looking to be next on the menu. Capri patted the male dolphin whom she befriended and assured him things would be ok. He seemed to understand her as he nodded and swam around the makeshift perimeter making sure that it hadn’t been breached. When the Orca resurfaced once more, they joined the hammerhead sharks in a feeding frenzy. Death was all around. Bodies being ripped apart by screaming men still alive and wishing for a quick merciful death only to be granted a slow torturous one instead. Large razor sharp teeth tore into flesh and bone ripping limbs off those foolish enough to fight creatures in which out weighing them in pounds and muscles. The water was littered in debris from the ships, bodies of men lucky enough to drown, parts of the ones foolish enough to attempt to fight or flee. Blood coated the water and filled the air with a potent copper aroma that could be scented by any nose for at least 100 yards in any direction. Soon more creature of the sea would arrive following that scent like a beacon to the promise land only to join in on the feeding frenzy before there was nothing left to salvage. Capri noticed that between the Krakens, the whirlpool, the storm, sharks, and orca there was no longer any reason for her to stay around any longer. She needed to return to the gold village and report her where about before she made her way to see the Leviathan and taken her right of passage and joining the adult ranks. When she returned, she would be allowed to join in the battle with the adults instead of hanging back for safety. She gripped the male dolphins dorsal fin as he swam by and circled around Aquam to inform her that she was leaving- “Aquam with the battle under control there is no longer any need for me to remain her. I will leave you with a few dolphins to keep you cover and protection while your father remains engaged in battle. I must return to the gold village and report to them what has happened and where I have been this past week. I then must make my journey to see the Leviathan and take my place as an adult among our merfolks. It will be nice to be close to the action the next battle I engage in. Please let your father and Vexylla know that I enjoyed helping them. This has been an exciting experience and I hope to return to your village someday soon.” -she released the dolphin long enough to hug Aquam- “Stay encouraged, one day your father will no longer look upon you as a little one who needs constant protection and looking after. One day you will prove that you can hold your own with the best of them and he will be proud to include you among the most elite warriors of our kind.” -she hugged her once more before she gripped the male dolphins dorsal fin once more then began to swim away only to look back and shout- “take care Aquam I wish you the best” and with those words she fled with all but five of the dolphins that followed them to this place disappearing into the depths of the vast sea-

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dallo5013: ~Aquam as fast as she can would swim up to her father . She points out at a small ship that would appear to be getting away . Her father merely looks off at the small life boat and would shake his head saying to his daughter ~Fraudulenti: that one is left to go back as a witness to those that would dear to do evil upon our waters again . ~Aquam sighed then swam back towards the reefs . Her father saying nothing was still thinking and pondering to him self why it was that so many of his funnels had laid right over onto the ships . He looking towards his daughter could only smile thinking she is one crafty little thing after all . Using her winds to fall the funnels in just the right time like that . .Aquam hand’t even noticed her father smiling at her . She was more interested in getting to the reef .and moving at a steady pace of 40 not per hour Aquam and her father was soon to reach the reef . As soon as the swam up to the reef Aquam noticed the little boy from before yelling around at the towns people saying you all of them in a rather overly proud voice ~Harbor Master’s son: my Father was no coward he wasn’t he can’t help his ship sunk before the voyage even began . If that one ship hadn’t been caught by the waves !!!~ the child was then hushed up by his mother and was dragged back off to home where his father was sitting in house hiding from the mobs of people that keep following him around taunting him calling him a deserter and what not . Heck by this time even Herimok had gotten wind of what had happen with the HarborMaster’s ship and was out to make an example of the Harbor Master and his family . . Mean wile back at the reef Aquam and her father laid in wait for the rest of them to show up . ~

DayaAutum: -The ship Vexylla spared wasted little time in slipping past the destruction and gave the whirlpool a wide birth. Vexylla mean while left the ships to sink and the sharks to feast upon what survivors were left. They had the element of surprise, and the advantage of their prey knowing nothing of what they could do. They might only have this advantage for a little longer, till the survivors returned. SHe would not regret her choice of sparing them, for she was confident that their little ship would take five days or so to make it back leaving them days to devastate their coasts and ships before the true extent of their powers were known. Her hope being that about the time the Upathians began to realize on their own, the news of the lost fleet and confirmation of what they were up against would crush their hopes of defeating them. To maximize the time before the dingy arrived, speed was of the essence and she maintained a cruising speed of forty miles an hour. As she arrived back along the shores of Upathia, she raised her head half way out of the water and scanned the coral reefs before diving back into the water and swimming up to them. The memory of her daughters mistake still fresh in her mind and seeing the reef again, she became quitter than usual as the pain of the loss set in. She speed her fins and slowed to a halt before the others, her slitted dark silver eyes were somber and her words softer than normal. -We need to take full advantage of their ignorance while we can, and reduce their resources as much as we can. Shall we venture and see what targets we have among these isles?

dallo5013:~Aquam swam around the reef in a bit of a rush for no reason at all she was just at a loss of what to do wile she was waiting on Vexylla to join them . ~Fraudulenti : Guppy my child stop that right now . You make a pest of your self acting in such a manner .~Aquam then replays to her father in a gruff sounding voice ~ Aquam Fathers I am not a guppy any more gees . I grow tired of waiting ~ just as she spoke Vexylla showed up startling her . Almost causing her to leap out of the water . ~ Aquam : your just in time . My father was about to bore me to death ~ she snickered before swimming up to the reef and pushing her self up on a nice thick shelf were she could look out over the waters of the harbor . Where she could still hear the people of the harbor yelling saying to one an other how the Harbor Master was just a no good for nothing coward and should be dealt with meal wile back at the Harbor Master’s home , he and his family are making ready a small ship that they had hidden away in a small out cropping just out side of the village . . They had set up a for false leads . So that should any one go to their home they would come up on a few items . One being a bow and arrow with a note saying on it . Off to fetch more horse hair for my bow be back in a few days . This would make any man that read the letter think they were heading off to the west to the farthest village were there are many horses .on the neighboring island . And yet an other item they would find giving them a false idea that he was heading over to the north shore for this was a broken fishing net and it had a box next to it that one would hold their new weaving tools in . And one would have to go to the north shore just to be able to find the last of the reads that are used to make netting . In the mean time there was on last item that would be used as a decoy . There was a doll that was to be a gift to Lord Herimok daughter . However the doll looked as if it was not yet finished the dress and hair were missing . So one looking at the doll would think that the family must have gone off to the village of the far shore to find the doll maker and ask for some hair and clothing befitting of Lord Herimok’s daughter’s feast . After all there was a tag on the doll saying gift for Lord Herimok’s daughters up and coming birthday . Wile any one would be distracted by all these items the Harbor Master and his family would son be departing in a small ship so small in fact that it would be nearly imposable for any large ship to see ~

DayaAutum: -Vexylla treaded water easily with her short rigid fins, hardy a movement of her tail. SHe gazed at Aquam with her dark silver eyes and raised a brow. Leaning back slightly her long black hair swayed in the eddies of the water. - Bored? You should be always on the lookout here Aquam. My, my own daughter - Her brows tightened and she breathed deeply closing her eyes before reopening them. -Please be careful Aquam, and always watch. We, for the moment can outmatch them easily enough, but our life is still fragile and all it will take is but a single spear. - SHe exhales and turns her gaze to Fraudulenti - We must find those fishermen if we can. If they killed the Merfolk who revealed themselves to those fishermen, it is possible that they betrayed them, or it is possible they did not and are willing to tell us what we need to know. -Her eyes scan the isle, and just at the edge of her view of the island, was the Harbor Masters hidden ship. Her eyes were sharp enough to make out the man made shapes bobbing under the brush, it's movements through the spaces between branches and foliage. Her eyes lock upon it and she nods raising her arm from the water. Her finger, hand, wrist and elbow straight as can be. Before droplets of sea water dripped from the spins of the fins pun her arm she spoke of the small boat - There! that must be one of their boats, and it is as I was hoping, loaded, perhaps prepared to make an escape. I think it worth our time to wait for that boats owner to return to it. What we learn, will make our efforts that much more productive. - She slid beneath the waters and retracted her arm to her side as she wiggled through the water like a fish or serpent speeding towards the small boat not too close to the surface so no human would detect her presence as she approached the isle.-

dallo5013: ~ Fraudulenti looks at his daughter and motions for her to follow but to stay under the water out of sight . Wile the three of them were making there way over to the ship just out of sight they could hear the Harbor Master and his family franticly getting aboard the ship ~ Harbor Master . Come now we must be on our way before those blood thirsty villagers get here . You know they are not going to be fooled for too long !! Lets get on the way now ~ the Harbor Master shakes the boat side to side to loosen it from the shore and would walk it out into the sea with his family now safely aboard the small ship .~ ugh first they go and kill such lovely mermaids then they want to blame all their miss haps on the sea pirates when in fact it is just they are too dang lazy to work for them selves ~just as the Harbor Master spoke these words he leaped into the boat and started rowing out to sea out of the sight of the docks and all other ships ~

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FiliaIsaSaton: Alana had woken again her eyes open to see the blur world around her she thought about the noises she has heard and still wondered for where they had come form “ I think we will hunt where I heard the sounds” she said to the ray and dolphin. Weather they replied or not was not a care to her as they were not pet but they and her benefited to hunt together and so a bond was built. In a way they had become a pack or school or group how ever you want to put a mer , dolphin and ray living and hunting together. So in this way Alana cared little if they fallowed or not but she also could hear their fins beat the water behind her. After all her hearing was mush better then her sight as it has made up for the week sight. She swam on as she tail swayed threw the water the two fallowing she as she listen to the sounds of the water around her it was like a picture to her she could hear all going on and she hear merfolk close by. Alana stopped almost right below them as she could hear the waving of their tails above her “ I wonder “ she said as she started to fallow the sounds that rippled down to her “ lets check it out “ this time she did not let the dolphin stand in her way as she swam straight up to where the sounds were coming from -

DayaAutum: -Vexylla swam steadily for the boat along the sea floor scoured from the nets of life. The rumblings of the harbor master vibrated through the waters and Vexylla listened, slowing her swimming taking in what was said. When he had finished her eyes widened and her heart leapt as she realized that, whether this was indeed a fisherman or not, whomever was making a run for it was certainly the break she needed. Someone eager to get away, and they could certainly guarantee their escape and also provide them with the location of choice isles to flee to as of yet unknown to the Upathians. WIth a swish of her tail she speed hastily towards the boat as t made it's way out to sea. Vexylla detected no Upathians following them. The Harbor Master had been successful in evading detection. She curved her course of swimming to intercept the Harbor Masters boat and soon swam under it and in front of it's bow. She raised her head and spun herself as she pushed upward reaching as she broke the surface of the water. It was a cloudy and dark day, the water choppy but no waves of any significant size. Her left hand wrapped over the sides of the boat and the Harbor Masters son gasped "Father!" and he pointed towards Vexylla as she raised her head and shoulders above the bow of the boat and set her elbows on the brim of their boat. SHe gazed at the family and smiled, perhaps not the friendliest of smiles, her true pleasure inn the meeting was the discovery of the weakest points of those she sought to slaughter. -Well met traveling family. DO you seek safe travel and a fair isle away from the troubles these people make? You are wise to flee, I can help you with these things. - Vexylla continued with her odd sort of smile and hoisted herself up further and set her trident upon the bow of the ship swaying her tail to push along with the ship. She gazed upon them with friendly albeit eyes of malice not dangerous to them -

dallo5013: ~ Just as the Harbor Master’s son gasped and pointed to what would seem to be a hand and springing up the finger of a woman. The Harbor Master’s wife suddenly stood up in the ship and was knocked off balance falling over backwards into the water . however not too far would she sink for Fraudulenti and his daughter was right beneath the boat a waiting word from Vexylla. Fraudulenti swam as fast as he heard the woman hitting the water and wrapped his arms around her upon catching her. Swimming straight away back up to the side of the boat were he would toss her back into the boat as if making it look like the sea them self spit her out making sure to hide him self back under the boat wile Vexylla would continue to offer them safe passage. The Harbor Master seeing his wife fall over board then being spit back out of the water would him self stumble to the other side close to Vexylla. Once regaining his stance would sit down and look to her sighing a solemn sigh the kind of a hopeless man. His wife then albeit it soaking wet would look towards the mermaid and would smile saying .~ what ever help you can offer us we would greatly welcome it for w are running for our lives. All over something that could not have been helped in the first place . ~ the woman went on to explain all what had happen and how the ship that sank before even getting out into open water was ended the Harbor Master’s ship and now that Herimok knows about it he is after blood thinking that the Harbor Master had been some kind of coward when in fact he was a very kind and gentle man ~

FiliaIsaSaton: Swimming up to the what sounded she could hear four no three in the water and then a boat maybe she was not sure of this as her eye did not see well. Her spear would reach out as it taped a small fin that seem young and not yet full grown. This one was lower and not above the water so Alana swam up beside her. “ what are you doing ?” Alana abruptly said to what she figured was a child. She would let out a low pitch sound that gave her more of a picture of whats going on. Alana could not see color and with her eyes all was but a bur in darkness.” are those your parents “ Alana would ask the child as her ray and dolphin caught up with her, both seeming to be unhappy about being so close to surfaces. She herself could not believe she was so close to the surface, after all she did not have any trust for man and yet here she was right near the surface of the water and near a boat at that. Her ray and dolphin both seem upset at this, after all they ate better when hunting together so her safe was important to them. But they could not control her any more then she could control them. This did not mean they would not be on guard as they watched her every move and those around her while she swam near the other mer who she decided must be a child.

DayaAutum: -The choppy waters beat upon the boat and sprayed Vexylla as she watched the families reactions. Her thick black lips broadening their smile making it more friendly upon her pale face as they reacted to her presence. Her eyes broadened when the wife was tossed back up, surely Fraudulenti could have been a bit more hospitable even if it did mean revealing himself. Nonetheless she listened patiently as they explained their situation and her face warmed up to them. The situation was perfect, better than she had dared hoped. - It seems destiny has smiled upon you Harbor Master, you kept excellent faith and through no fault of your own, have escaped the fate of that fleet, and discovered that Herimok is not one worthy of your loyalty nor those that follow him. The fleet you were to set sail with is now at the bottom of the sea and the isles you flee doomed. There are isles due east as you follow the setting sun. They are uninhabited and pristine, the reefs surrounding them full of fish and the trees of those isles swarm with foul. There are lakes on the larger isles also where geese and duck abound, you and your family will do well there and best of all, Herimok knows nothing of those isles and will never find you there. -Vexylla lifted her trident from the wooden surface of the boats brim and pointed to the east where the isles lay and holding it yet in her hand placed her finger tips upon the boats brim with the trident pinned under her hand - Do you know who we merfolk are? What it is that we do? We not only care for the sea, we were sent by the mightiest of gods to carry on the work of the Leviathan, to find evil and destroy it. Herimok and those that follow him have attained our full attention for this purpose. He has indeed gone evil as I am sure that you now realize. Perhaps we can help each other? Surely we can grant safe passage, and you have knowledge we need. May I come aboard Harbor Master?

dallo5013: ~ This once famous and endearingly good looking  and well mannered Harbor Master, now a shell of his former self  just sat there thinking about how his life went so wrong so fast. How in just one moment he was a Harbor Master and in the next he was going down with his ship and swimming to shore only to met with the hostility of the villagers accusing him of scuttling his ship just so he would not have to go out after the Pirates. All that he had once called home was now no more for off in the distance he could see smoke rising up from were his humble home once stood. His eyes seemingly almost look to sink back into his head and his once firm jaw line would seem to with in minutes start to age as if he was becoming a withering old man just at the thoughts of all his worldly goods were now burning. With a sigh a sad but grateful smile would whisper over his lips for he was indeed grateful that his family was very much alive.  With this renewed peace in his heart he would then turn his attention to the mermaid that sat there up on the bow of the ship and then look to his son whom at this point was all smiles and giggles for he had always wanted to meet a mermaid and now having his chance to he was all at an awe. He had only heard stories of such creatures in the sea and heard that they were all just made up, that there was no such thing as merfolk that lived in the sea. But right here before his eyes a woman of the sea was. The child was fully without words. In the mean time under the boat were Fraudulenti and his daughter Aquam . Aquam was attentively listening to all the of what was being said, how the Harbor Masters wife would tell them just how all the villagers turned on the Harbor Master just because the storm had sunk a ship way too close to the Harbor Master’s ship and when the Harbor Master had tried to get out around the sunken ship the mast of the sunken ship plunged into the Harbor Master’s ship causing it to sink along with all the goods up on it. The goods were in fact later retrieved by some divers, children just wanting to make a nuisance of them selves. None the less almost everything was saved from the sunken ships. So why all the villagers got mad was just because they needed someone to be a scape goat, after all all the villagers have been under so much stress because of Lord Herimok and his greed. The Harbor Master’s wife then would look to her husband then back to her child and would try ever so hard to fight back her tears for the reality of the mater was slowly starting to sink in. She then turned to look back to were her home once stood where she could see smoke puffing up over the tops of the trees. She then dropped to her knees crying her heart out for she just realized she hadn’t even had time to save her grandmothers wedding ring. The Harbor Master walks over to his wife and places one hand up on her right shoulder and would just look to her saying in a soft yet calm sounding voice ~ my dear we will make a new life . and yes we greatly welcome all the help you can offer us and in return we will offer you what it is you are in need of. He  looks over the edge of the boat wondering to himself if there was indeed more around about the small ship and if this one was speaking of more then one mermaid that would be willing to aid them in their escape. He knew all too well that the sea never gives up any one that easily let alone that quickly.  ~ It is as my wife has told you . we now have nothing at all all because of the Lord Herimok’s greed. If it had not been for his greed this island would be a lush green island like it once was, there would have been more then enough for every one. But no this greedy Lord has taken and taxed all he can and blames it all on Pirates and their misdeeds when no one has seen any in these waters in years. ~  As the Harbor Master spoke the fog started to role in rather thick almost blanketing the whole body of the sea. This fog was mixed in with the black soot of the burning fields and home of the Harbor Master. Cold winds blew the smoke and soot out over the water mixing them with the fog creating an almost black fog which was very good for the Harbor Master and his family for even though they were still with in sight of the island, the island was unseen meaning they would be unseen as well, hidden by the black devil fog. Just then from out of no wears Aquam felt something poke at her fin. She swung around looking about to see what it was that had touched her. Her heart leaped out of her chest so to say from the sudden surprise of another mermaid swinging up to her. She tried to keep her self in check but would hug the new mermaid then would whisper in her ear ~ you gave me a fright. I am Aquam and yes the merman is my father but Vexylla is a friend of ours . ~Aquam then would let loos of the mermaid and would giggle ever so childish before shaking her head and regaining her composer saying.  ~ what brings you here if you don’t mind my asking?  ~just then she would notice that the Harbor Master had stopped talking and she had missed out on the last few things he had said. Shortly after Aquam tuned her head back to what had been said there swam right by her a dolphin and a stingray. She didn’t even notice them. The Harbor Master then slaps him self and shakes his head saying ~ Were are my manners? Please do come aboard and make your self at home. For if your words ring true enough then yes as I have said we can make a deal. We are all more then willing to help in any way possible. ~ the Harbor Master’s son looked at his father and saying nothing but just smiling from ear to ear for he was just over over whelmed with joy that his father was letting the mermaid come aboard. The Harbor Master’s wife's tears slowing now would look at the mermaid and would say in a soft voice ~ Oh my yes were are our manners. I am sorry we do not have any tea made to offer you. ~ Aboard a boat with little more then the cloths on their back there wouldn’t be even a stitch of food so this was going to be a hard journey to say the lest but they hadn’t even thought about that while talking with the mermaid ~

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DayaAutum: -Vexyllas smile stretched upon her face and she nodded with appreciation. Carefully and awkwardly she pulled herself into the boat by rolling over it's side and letting her tail and fins fall to the bottom of the boat. She sits up gazing upon the Upathians and tilts her head at the mention of tea. -Oh I have never had tea anyway, and I know that you have not had any chance of preparing for guests according to your customs. It doesn't matter I am of the sea and things are a bit different in the sea. - Her arm rolls to the side and Vexylla sets her trident of Kracken beak upon the inside of the boats hull and clasps her hands together setting them upon her lap - Under the circumstances it is I who should be offering you things to drink and food. It does not appear like you were able to properly prepare for a journey and the islands I would recommend are judging by the speed of this vessel about eight days from here. - Turning her attention to the waters she speaks clearly to Aquam and Fraudulenti leaning over the side and griping the edge of the boat her lips almost smack against the waters - Is there fish around? Anything to help sustain this family? we should provide them with enough to at least make the journey- Turning back to the family she recovers and sits facing them -Forgive me but I am not alone there are others, I simply did not wish to alarm you with more than myself. Have you fresh water? You can not drink from the sea. We can find fish for you to eat if you need for the journey, and once you arrive at the isles you will find food aplenty there, both from the sea and the land. Now we will make sure none follow you except those who might be friendly with you. But I need to know of how many more fleets there are, the state of things, and most importantly, how can I find Herimok. Does he venture out to sea? ANd where are other ships, anything you can tell me.

dallo5013: ~ the Harbor Master’s son watched Vexylla as she placed her trident against the side of the boat . he ever so wanted to ask what it was and what it was used for but he kept his mouth shut for he knew his father and mother were talking with the mermaid . as Vexylla spoke the Harbor Master looked to his wife and shook his head before saying in a rather sad sounding voice ~ Na, we have not a morsel to eat nor do we have water to drink . we were in such a hurry to leave we had not time to even think .his wife then spoke up saying ~ my husband and I are most grateful for your offer and we welcome all the help you can offer . ~ the Harbor Master then looked over the side of the boat as Vexylla was speaking to those under the sea . just as she would pull her head back and tell them there were more with her a young mermaid leap over the boat just showing off . this was Aquam . then a male mermaid would yell out ~ Fraudulenti : GUPPY STOP THAT ~ Aquam turns around and swam up to the boat smiling from ear to ear . the child up on the boat was in awww of the childish antic of Aquam . Fraudulenti then answered Vexylla saying ~ there is a small school of fish just south of here about one mile.

DayaAutum: -Vexylla lets out a soft sigh. She had thought that the boat looked hurried and food would be not difficult even with the depletion of marine life raved by Herimok's fleets, but no fresh water would be difficult and venturing back to land would be most unwise for any of them. She spots The Harbor Masters son eyeing her trident and takes it lifting it up horizontally in a manner obviously non aggressive and holds it out for him to see. - It is my trident, I made this from the beak of a Kracken, you know what squids are? Well Kracken are much like them but many times larger than even your largest ships. There beaks are strong and hard. I use my trident for fishing mostly - SHe smiles to him and rolls the trident for him to see until Aquam breaks the surface. Vexylla shifts her face and gaze to her quickly and breaths with some relief and sets the Trident aside as before - Well some good news then. Would you and your father hunt for them? I fear a school here will be lost anyway so bring back what you can while I guard them and learn what I can of Herimok - SHe looks to the Harbor master and wife and shakes her head again - It is foolish to return to the isle now for water, for any of us. I believe that you alter your food with fire, I do not know if you can do that so well on this small boat. I eat fish raw, if absolutely necessary you can as well it will nourish you till you get to land where you can prepare your food as is your custom. But, I have no easy solution for water. If you are not afraid I can summon a Kracken that I mentioned earlier to guard you on your way. None would have a hope of getting past a Kracken even if Herimok sent every ship he had the sailors would only shake in terror at the sight of one let alone be able to contend with it. They are large, I do not believe that you have seen one for yourself. No Upathian has except for the fleet that has perished. Can you make the trip without water? -Vexylla was a mermaid, like a fish she absorbed water and had no knowledge of exactly how often those upon land consumed water. SHe gazed at them with curiosity. -As for Herimok, does he venture to sea? How might we catch him? If we can capture him this war will end quickly and definitively. How many other ships are there and what is the state of the people? What can you tell me? -Vexylla asked again, she was eager, and as she spoke her eyes flashed with blood lust.-

dallo5013: ~aquam looks up at the young child and would reach out and grab ahold of the child’s right shoe and would playfully tug on it wondering what that was and why did it smell like rotting fish . Fraudulenti looks over across the ship at his daughter and would shake his head thinking to him self once a guppy all ways a guppy . he then would using his tail would wrap it around Aquam from under the boat it’s self and would pull her under the water as if showing that even an adult can be a bit playful. He then would swish his tail around as Aquam peeks her head back up from the other side of the boat and would giggle saying ~ Aquam : father not fair . and I just wanted to know what that was and why it smelt of rotten fish ? ~ she wile speaking was pointing at the Harbor Master’s son’s shoes ~Fraudulenti :back to the matter at hand . Guppy go and round up the school the way your mother taught you and keep them there till we are able to bring the boat to the school . ~Fraudulenti then looks to Vexylla and the Harbor Master saying in his most polite voice ~Fraudulenti I have sent my daughter on ahead of us . ~ as he spoke Aquam was almost 1 fourth of the way there already .in the mean wile back at Fraudulenti ‘s village word gets back to the village about how things are going and how there was a tragedy how one of the young mermaids that had gone on the journey to fight had been wounded badly if not killed . all the elders gathered together and would be speaking of the goings on and who the remaining mermaids were now back at the reef looking for a way to spy on the islands . Unknown to them Aquam’s mother had been listening to the elders speaking this hold time and was so enraged that she left with out warning saying to her self that is Fraudulenti let anything happen to her daughter she was going to rip his head from his shoulders and put it on her trident and cook it over a thermal vent. She swam as fast as the tides would allow her to swim making her way as fast as can be to the reefs. All the wile over and over in her head she pictured an arrow piercing her very own daughters chest and her sinking to the deepest abyss with out even getting to say good buy to her mother . she growls the sound of which would be so defining it would startle even the most hardened of shelled creatures. Along the way three Massive squids hearing Aegros ((Aquam’s mother )) anger and heart broken groaning came to her and swam along beside her because they had a feeling there was going to be danger and they would be needed. She did not greet them nor did she slow her pace at all she just kept swimming as if her life depended on it . swimming at about 40 mph she would reach the reefs in about a days time from her village . back at the boat Fraudulenti sneezed . then a cold shiver ran down his back as if he felt impending danger coming for him . almost like he knew his first mate was on a rampage and he was the one she was seeking . he tried hard to shake that feeling off . in the mean time the boat had drifted out of the devil’s fog and was heading out in to clear waters now .the island was no longer in sight of the humans just open waters was all they could see .the Harbor Master looked to Vexylla and would answer saying ~ we as humans need water daily. We can only go with out water for about three days and we are able to eat raw fish however we shy away from it because of fear of scurvy and other diseases.  Now as for this Herimok he tends to stay in his keep and lets all his men to his dirty work for him. However there is his daughter’s birthday coming up with in a a few months . so in the time of her birthday he will be out on open waters traveling to his daughter’s island he had picked out just for her. It is a island that he takes her to every year were she gets to swim in the lakes that are almost silver in color and there are gardens all about . the place is so wonderful looking it is almost heaven on earth ~wile they talked Aquam made it to the school and was not rounding them up waiting on he boat to arrive so she could flick a few fish into it ~

DayaAutum : -Raising her arm straight out Vexylla points in the direction Aquam swam knowing she was headed for the school. - There if you can follow her we can solve the need for food. Set sail after her and if we are lucky we might run into an unfriendly ship where we might relieve them of their fresh water. Fear nothing I think we can handle any attempting to capture you for evil means quite well as the island is still rather unaware of the extent of our powers and will be woefully unprepared. - She lowers her arm and grins to the Harbor Master - I do believe that is exactly what we needed to know. Pity the birthday isn't for a few months yet however, we could make short work of this as I have something rather special planned for him. I am going to summon the Kracken, you will see him and there will be little doubt that it is the kracken for he is rather large. Do not be alarmed all he will do is guard you and keep other vessels far apart from you so that none can follow you or be of the least concern to you. -Vexylla tilts her head and looks back and forth among the family with her slitted eyes - This might be quite an experience for you - WIth no outward signs and through mere thought and will she summoned a kracken. Below in the seas depths, a young Kracken, a female and very young despite Vexylla's use of masculine pronouns, left the gorge it rested in and began to swim towards the tiny vessel heeding the call to guard the boat. It was young, and small for a kracken about three hundred feet in length. It's head pushing the water with it's tentacles straight out in front, it sped towards the boat to follow it silently. -

dallo5013: ~ Aquam now out of sigh and at the school of fish rounding them up by swimming around them and using her tail to bad and slap at the waters causing bubbles in the water making it hard for the fish to even move or even swim for the force of her swimming and slapping at the waters having them stunned and disoriented. Back at the boat the Harbor Master would pull up the sell up the mast and would let the wind start to move the boat in the direction that Aquam had set off in . . just for a bit more help Fraudulenti called up a small wind. Just enough that it would steadily push the boat along, yet not enough to cause any alarm . heck the wind would only seem as if it were nothing more then a normal wind the ocean would carry . once the Harbor Master had the sell up and the wind were blowing steady enough he would look back to Vexylla saying ~ I am concerned with the talk of a kracken for my family’s sake please keep it at a safe distance . for I wish not my family to startle and fall in the waters unawares . ~ Fraudulenti keeps his head up out of the water following the ship and would answer the Harbor Master saying . Aquam is my daughter and I would fight for my child's life so I do understand your concern. However please understand we will not let the smallest of danger befall you. I know you have no what is the word I am looking for . um I am trying to say you have no cause to trust us however you also have no cause to dis trust us as well .~ shortly after Fraudulenti started to speak he noticed a sound in the water coming from back at the reef . it was his first Mate and she was more then half way there she must have picked up speed at some point and was not turning her direction towards them and seemed to be with greater anger she did swim towards them . it was in their favor that she was still half a day away but the feeling of her anger reached Fraudulenti in no time at all . ~

DayaAutum: -The wind began to blow through Vexyllas drying long black hair tugging at it gently. She scanned the horizons for any sign of an Upathian ship. It was true she wished to satiate her own desires for bringing death and carnage upon them, but she had a more practical reason. The human family she was with in the boat were innocent, and she had traded assistance for information and they needed water which the ships she hoped to see would doubtless have aboard. -Krackens are rather intelligent creatures, he will know your chip is fragile and will not come close enough to disturb it. - She turns from the Horizon and fixes her dark silver eyes upon the Harbor Master - What I am most concerned with for you is water. But we will see to that some how. -Vexylla pauses and tilts her head looking back and forth among the small family. It crossed her mind that Aquam was right, there feet did resemble rotting meat as far the scent was concerned. - I am Vexylla, may I ask your names? - As she spoke the kracken arrived and swam beneath the boat. The water swelled as the behemoth of the sea passed under them. Her form was long and it took time for it fully pass. The creature did not harm the boat and passed under safely only causing a mild swell. Nonetheless it was a most impressive sight, perhaps alarming to any who have never seen the likes of a kracken. - Do not be alarmed, he will not harm you but is merely letting us know he is has arrived and will now be searching the area for any danger. They are actually playful things you know, they are rather gentle despite their size and strength.

dallo5013: ~ the three giant squid that traveled with Aegros noticed the feeling of a small kracken showing up not too far from them only about half a d ay out . and they had noticed that Aegros was now swimming right towards the place were the kracken had arrived. The squid paused for they might have had a bit of worried that it was indeed going to be a battle how ever the feeling to them of the mannerisms of the kracken was more calm giving the three giant squid even more reasons to question why this mermaid was so angry in the first place and why her heart was so distraught. It would seem that Aegros up on getting a feeling of her first mate and not of her daughter had made her even more angry and her pace would seem to have hasten even more like the water it’s self was now just air and Aegros was flying through it leaping from the water faster then she had ever swam before . back at the boat the Harbor Master would look to his wife then back at Vexylla and answer her with a smile ~ yes yes how rude of me . I am Harbor Master Brick young . and this is my beloved wife Sue Young and my son Brick Jr. . . oh and about the island that Herimok takes his daughter to every birthday . there is a man on the island the call the Blessed Silver Unicorn . ~

DayaAutum : -The swelling of the water settles upon the sea around the boat as the kracken descended avoiding the school and Aquam as she corralled the fish. Vexylla wondered at the Harbor Master and his family as they didn't react to the kracken. It was for the best as they were not alarmed at it. - Well Met Harbor Master Brick, and sue Young and Brick junior. -Vexylla set get gaze upon each as she said there names and paused before speaking to the Harbor master again. - The Blessed Silver Unicorn? That is an odd name for a human. This isle must be the last where trees still live. That should not be hard to identify. Is there anything we should know about this Blessed Silver Unicorn? Is he a mage of some sort? - ahead the water was disrupted by the fish Aquam was herding. Some jumped from the troubled water. Hearing the fish jump Vexylla turned and looked beyond the stern of the boat to the circles of disturbed waters.- I believe we have arrived at the school of fish and your nourishment for the next ten days until you can hunt and gather at the isles. Below the surface, the kracken had detected another vessel. A fishing vessel of the Upathians dragging it's nets along the sea floor. It swam purposefully into the nets and wrapped a single tentacle around them hooking the claws within the cusps of it into the ropes and pulled upon them. The ship above heaved and tilted as the sailors scrambled not knowing the cause as of yet why the nets were pulling them. If caught on a rock they did not pull against the ship so quickly. They did however realize that something, was pulling upon them dangerously and scrambled to cut the ropes. WIth the lines cut the ship violently righted itself in the water. The kracken let loose of the nets letting them fall to the sea floor and stretched out it's tentacles towards the ship which while as of yet out of sight of the small boat, was not far from discovering them if left unchecked. -

dallo5013: TheHarbor Master then notices the rise and fall of the ship as if something large swam right under it. His eyes leave Vexylla’s and would look up on the waters to behold what an amazing sight as the kracken had half way swam past the boat and was almost fully out in front of the boat. Their boat was but a fly on one of it’s tentacles so it would feel like to look up on such a beast . his son noticing the shin in his fathers eye. Would swiftly toss himself over to his side and hang his head over the boat wanting to get a glimpse of this beast . However being his head was so close to the water he didn’t see a thing because the water distorted his vision .~ father what is it . I c an’t see a thing ~ his father laughed saying ~ my son well laying over the boat like that you will see nothing but water. Come hither son and look out about son . then you will see what it is that has cot my sight . ~ just then his mother stood up in the boat causing the boat to rock she stumbled slightly .Fraudulenti noticed her stumbling and would dip him self back under the water as if saying he didn’t wish to have to save her again but he would if it need be. Just then the Harbor Master reached out his hand and grabbed his wife by the hand pulling her abruptly to him . she fell into his arms and wrapped her arms around his waist holding on tightly almost in a panic of sorts . this was only because she had never been out to sea . heck the island they were living on was where she w as born . the Harbor Master smiles at his wife saying .~ no need to stress love. I am here and we are safe. No need indeed . ~he then turned his head back to Vexylla and would continue on telling her about this Blessed Unicorn man ~ he is called the blessed Unicorn man because his unGodly talent to train horses to do almost anything he would so desire them to do . once he had a horse walking up right on it’s hooves like a man even sitting at a table . well of corse the table was built big enough for a horse to set at Herimok him self hired the man to just train horses for all that the main landers would need and not just any kind of horses these are the rare Calypso they are half Morgan and half Clydesdale. There horses are well prized all over the main lands so once a week Herimok sends out his best breeders to go and collect five of the best so that he can sell them to fund his  builders. After all each horse would fetch a life’s wages and their weigh in gold . and the Blessed Unicorn is the best trainer breeder in all the lands heck there should be a ship heading to the island this very night . it will have to travel just north of those three islands to the our right . ~ he pointed over the waters to what would seem to him nothing more then tree ripples in the water. However even thou these ripples seemed to be ever so small they were in fact three sister islands that were close enough together of each other that there wear bridges built crossing between them to connect them and just to the of it would be a black dot. The ship was right on time just out of sight of the Harbor Master but he knew that black dot from any wear.  He had run ins with that ship before and the nasty Captain Ramanoth Raven .~ Abroad that ship will be a Captain that I if I were you would steer clear of. For he boast killing six mermaids. However none of these as been proven. He could just be blowing off steam but he even boast that not too long ago he him self were shooting off arrows at the sea and killed three dolphins with out even trying . he told us that there was a black island where the pirates were hiding and he was testing the waters around there when he killed the dolphins ~ just then the Harbor Master stopped talking and pointed now at the kracken leaving their side going out at a distance were he could not see it . Fraudulenti looked at the Harbor Master and would say ~ it is tending to something necessary . ~ as Fraudulenti spoke Aquam s tarted slapping the water causing fish to leap up out of the water all around the boat . causing the boat to move into the middle of the school of fish right over it and fish from all sides of the boat would leap up some even falling into the boat the Harbor Master’s son would hold out his hands as if trying to catch rain drops but but instead trying to catch fish as many as he could. The Harbor Master’s wife took the him of her apron and held it out to catch the falling fish ~ oh my well look here it is raining fish.

DayaAutum: -The families reaction caught Vexyllas attention and she smiled to the wife and spoke comfortingly - Do not be afraid. It will only protect you and keep you from harm. Let it's size and power be a comfort to you as it's power will only guarantee your safety and not endanger you- Vexylla then listened politely to the Harbor Master. She saw in the energies of his spirit and soul no evil, but that of strong conviction and conscience. She grinned with pleasure as he spoke of how she was warned not trifle with this captain. His testimony of him being nasty and wicked enticed her desire for punishment. -The Kracken is no doubt after a different ship. I shall have him return when he is done and take care of this captain myself. He is too close to you for my comfort. If you had disagreements with him before he surely will not hesitate to do you harm now. Do not fear Harbor Master Brick. He shall not the opportunity allowed to get me in sights of one of his arrows and that ship shall soon disappear from your sight forever. -With that Vexylla leaned over the side of the boat and slipped into the water, summoning what hammer heads might be in the area. Across the water a crack and crunching could be heard followed by faint screams as the kracken wrapped it's tentacles about the fishing boat and crushed it without hesitation. Under the water Vexylla sensed the cracking and crushing as she swam under the cargo ship dragging her long hard nails across it's hull. The construction was overlapping boards, much as earth's ships were built before canons made the need for port holes to be put in the sides for cannons. Her nails found what she was looking for. A place where the boards were butted together and she stabbed at it with the but end of her trident forking it's point in-between the boards and pried one loose. She forced it apart and began to strip it away from the hull prying it off with her trident. The strip was long and ran some twenty feet and produced a space several inches wide. Looking inside the hull vexylla could see the framework and flooring the upathians built for cargo. It would take a long time before they would be able to uncover the gapping crack she had made. Already the ship was sinking lower into the sea and listing. Vexylla could hear the men shouting. Vexylla assumed they would soon be lowering small dingies into the water and sank below to call lighting upon any dingies she saw contact the surface of the water. Her plan to slay the men from underneath as they inevitably would be in the water. The hammer heads when they arrived would have a feast. One dingy was lowered and she let loose letting the lightening strike the small boat. Shivers from the small boat went everywhere as the boat split apart in many pieces from the bolt. The second dingy set int he water and again Vexylla summoned the lightning from the sky to shatter the small boat and leave those on ship to prepare to enter the water as she waited under the ships steadily lowering hull. -

dallo5013: From a distance the sound of lighting could be heard and the ship that the HarborMaster had been talking seemed to start to lisp in the water . taking on water. The mighty boat started to lean over to the right side were the hold was in the bottom and then started to role over as so many of these kind of boats would do when they took on too much water . with in no time the boat was on it’s side bobbing. The men aboard were yelling and scrambling to try to right the boat. The used the masts bottom runner to push at the water to no avail. Many of the man had already started to give up and were leaping into dingies one of which had no more then touched the water when it was struck by lighting from seemingly out of no wears. The captain him self was shouting orders to the men to fight to save the boat . when in fact it was already too late by the time the boat and turned to it’s side there was no saving it . it would lisp there and bob for a wile before succumbing to the depths . inch by inch . in the mean time the men that were on the boat that had gotten struck by lighting were screaming for their lives as if they were surrounded shark like school. While back at the small boat with the Harbor Master and his family on it Aquam’s father had sunk below the water and was telling Aquam about her mother heading this w ay and how she was in a frightful mood so she had best be on her best behavior lest her mother have his head on a pike so to say ~ just as the fish had stopped falling the Harbor Master looked over the edge and asked them ~um will none of you go to aid the female called Vexylla ?~ Aquam giggles and poked her head up and answered . ~ nope she is a big girl she can handle one ship all by her self, trust and believe. That woman is just playing around with that ship by now ~ wile Aquam was speaking her mother indeed showed up and leaped over the boat and tackled Aquam’s father right back into the water . . sure his head was only peeking up from out of the water only about just up to his ears . but once she tackled him back down you could hear his groaning in pain. Just then Aquam looks around and giggles before screaming out ~ Mother Don’t kill him !!!-

DayaAutum: -Far below the ship the hammer heads arrived circling around just below Vexylla, their movements becoming more and more aggressive and agitated as the scent of blood from the wounded permeated the water. Their jaws gaped open in anticipation awaiting the summon to attack and their eyes rolled back as some darted upwards only to retreat until the time to attack came. Vexylla was becoming agitated herself, the ship was being used to stay out of the water still and her eyes did not find the captain, but her ears detected him above the sideways ship slowly lowering. She summoned lightening again this time, upon the main ship itself. The light flashed around the ship and violent waves of sound and vibrations streaked through the waters as the ship fragmented apart. Two of the masts flew off the ship and landed on either side of the ship. The aft section began to bend away from the stern and the ship cracked and snapped apart as the stern slowly defended through the waters leaving the stern behind. Now only the very tip of the stern remained above water as the frantic shouts of the sailors vibrated through the waters. The sharks circled faster in a frenzy as of yet undetected by the sailors. Vexylla breathed in water heavily and quickly in her own anticipation as the stern began to fully submerge in the waters. Then she head the caption summoning the sailors around him. his hands empty waving to and fro and his feet kicked back and forth in the sea as he treaded water. She summoned the sharks, now was the time. Her tail pushed hard against the sea and she held her trident with the sharp pommel out in front. Straight up towards the captain she swam at full speed holding her trident close the her body for an impact with the captions underside that would skewer him like a boar as he was commanding his men in a speech telling them to remain calm. All about Vexylla the hammer heads picked their targets and opened their jaws wide to strike hard upon the sailors.-

dallo5013: ~Aquam yelled again ~ Mother ~ wile Aquam was chasing her mother and father deep into the water just under the boat . the three Squid that came with Aquam’s mother were back keeping out of sight . just because they now no longer felt they were needed but would stick around just incase. In the mean time the Harbor Master still holding onto his wife looked over at his son with a bit of a scared look up on his face . the Harbor Master’s wife suddenly reached out her hand to her son grabbing at his shoulder to pull him into their embrace. Holding now tightly to the mast of the ship not fully understanding why the mermaid was attacking someone of her own kind. All the wile back at the ship that the kracken was doing fine work on there was three barrels of fresh water floating there among the debris and back at the ship that was now sliced in half just sinking like a rock in the ebb and flow of the water. The captain was rallying his solders around him and even smirked when he seen the three horse trainers clinging to what cargo that had freed it’s self . ~ Captain ; gather around me now and lets not be a fearing what the great sea has for we have lived through worse . ~ he would continue on to tell them about his exploits and how he single handed killed a whale and eight mermaids. One of the solders said under his breath > oh these stories are just get more and more elaborate . < the solder then said out loud ~ First Solder : Captain sir we need to be gathering what we can so we can tie it together and get out of this accursed water. ~ wile that solder was talking eleven men were standing up on the debris of the boat that was sill afloat and yelled out to the captain ~men on debris: sir look around we are cursed we need to get out of these waters and the islands are but a leg behind us !!!

DayaAutum: -The captain was about to respond, he had opened his mouth, but only to let out a painfully gurgled scream as he rose three feet out of the water as Vexylla and her trident slammed into him. The end of her weapon going under his jaw and piercing his face. Only Vexylla's hair came to the surface for but an instant before she with drew pulling her trident and the captain with her into the depths. All around the hammer heads struck the thighs and legs of the men bitting down hard upon them ripping flesh from bone and sometimes taking the bones of the legs with them. They were great hammer heads, measuring twenty five feet long on average. The surface exploded with screams of terror as the water seemed to boil and turned reads the men bled out. Vexylla steadying herself in the red water below the surface slid her trident free of the captain and let him go. Her trident had slid along the neck bones and with the force of her impact had shattered a vertebrae in his neck. The air in his lungs bubbled from his mouth and rose through the red water towards the surface. Looking upwards she saw one sailor thrashing about yet unharmed and swam under him. she turned upwards swirling her tail and directing her body with the other fins. SHe lunged her trident under him to pierce into his stomach, the center prong having razor barbs that would slice open her abdomen and she would swim by below him to leave him to bleed out and seek her next victim never surfacing to allow a sailor a chance at knowing where she was and who she would strike next. The sharks by nature bit into their prey and leave them to die before finishing them off, they had no summons to do differently as the strategy perfected by nature seemed to Vexylla to be the best route and leave the prey little or no chance at resistance-

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dallo5013: The Harbor Master and his Wife held each other ever so close wile squeezing their son between the two of them trying to make seance of what just happened and why the new mermaid was so vigorously attacking the other adult merman. After a few minutes Aquam’s mother let loose of her first mate and spun around in the water to wrap her arms around Aquam hugging her ever so tightly before looking her over to make sure there was not even one scale out of place and also looking at her first mate with the most evil of stares. She looks up and noticing the boat, she grows and grips her trident about to poke a hole in the bottom of the boat before Aquam stopped her saying ~Aquam Mother don’t you dare, we are giving them safe passage! They are helping us out and you have them so scared right now it is not funny. - Aquam’s mother then sighs before making her way around the bow of the boat and slowly she peeks her head up then sinks back below the waters shaking her head as if agreeing with what her daughter said about having scared them half out of their wits. In the mean wile back at the sunken boat there were three floating barrels of fresh water just floating there, this being the boat that the Kracken had just sunk. There was not a soul left alive just those barrels of water. Aquam grabbed her mothers arm and swam off to fetch the barrels of water. Her father would pop up out of the water and would start to explain what was going on with the mermaid that attacked him . ~Fraudulenti: the mermaid that attacked me is my first mate Aegros. She only attacked me because she was worried about our child Aquam. She had received word I am assuming of one of our kind being very badly hurt or killed. She thought it was our child and came for my head. Well her and Aquam are out after the cargo they can sense is floating on the water from that ship the kracken had sunk. They are searching for fresh water and they should be back shortly .~ In the mean while her three Squid will protect us should anything come up . ~back at the ship that Vexylla had attacked blood curdling screams were all that could be heard as sharks every wear attacked the sailors that were in the water. There were four rather large crates that had been netted together where Herimok's three horse trainers were huddled up together on top holding each other tightly. Each one of them holding the other man’s mouth quiet so that just maybe they not be seen or heard by this devil that attacked their ship. The only thing their minds can think is wanting to live and why oh why did they have to go out this time! Why couldn’t they have just traveled a little later on instead? They all shuttered thinking the same thing. Herimok would have killed them in far worse ways than they dared to think if they were late. Tomorrow was the day they were to be gathering the horses Herimok had paid for. While they laid there up on the crates six men stood atop a large piece of debris of the boat and noticed that  a chest had popped up from the water, it would seem that the Captain had been holding out on them. One of the men let the crate float close to them upon the shattered timbers and when it was close enough he bent over using a stick would hook the chest and pull it up to them. Inside the chest was the Captain’s prized bows and arrows, the so called mermaid killers. They handed the bows and arrows out among themselves and said to one another ~ Sailor #8: men we fight to the death !!~ with that said they started to shoot the arrows at whatever would surface. .One of the men saw just below the waters the mermaid Vexylla working at freeing the captain from her trident. He took a shot but missed and instead of hitting the mermaid he hit the captain right in the chest just above the heart. Even though the man was an expert marksman on land water was a whole different subject. For water bends and refracts light making it hard to really see where the target would be. Instead of having the mermaid right were he wanted he had the captain instead. This shot would still be considered a kindness for he put the Captain out of his misery ~

DayaAutum: - The sailor Vexylla had sliced open groaned in agony among the terrified screaming, to him it seemed that all the mayhem was now moving in slow motion and sound was no more. He slowly passed away with his bowels bouncing upon the waves before him. The arrows the sailors who had taken the bows penetrated the waters dragging a trail of bubbles behind them. Vexylla steadied herself in the water looking to the source. The voices of the men traveled through the salty water from above debris that still floated. She paused considering the level of threat from such attacks, the sharks would no doubts finish the sailors but she was unwilling to let a chance that an arrow might wound one of the sharks, or herself, go unchecked while she was perfectly capable of preventing such a danger. She dove deeper into the water and under the debris of ship and went up seizing it under thee water below and griped it hard. Then downward she plunged pulling the debris to a forty degree angle where she could pull upon it no more. SHe then pushed the debris upward adding much momentum to it's return till she nearly came to the surface and let loose of the debris. The men above staggered and struggled to keep their footing, and when Vexylla let loose, the debris flipped over along with the men. Vexylla wasted no time but charged one of the men under the water. Her tail thrust against the sea and she held her trident out in front of her to impale the sailor before her as he tried to climb back upon the debris and escape the sharks he found himself among. The trident's prongs would pierce hard into his abdomen slicing the organs, it's barbs hooking his innards as Vexylla dove deeper into the water pulling her trident behind her. The four of the men scrambled for the debris of ship they had slipped off of, one of them caught by an attacking hammer head that bite into his calf and dove into the water pulling him below the surface so hard he could not hold onto his bow nor arrows. The blood from his leg flowed leaving a dark red trail in the sea. The last man had hit his head upon the debris and was unconscious in the water. He floated in a sea stained red with the blood of his fellows until one of the sharks easily took him. A second shark came also seeing an easy prey and the two shredded him apart.-

dallo5013: Salty tears fell into the bloody sea. The only lives left among all the carnage were that of the three cowardly trainers trying so desperately to not be noticed as they huddled upon the crates. Laying up on the only safe wreckage of the ship of four crates netted together. Inside of the crates were nothing of any worth to a mermaid for it were only silks and rugs for payment for the horses they were to pick up. However now there would be no trade for the ship and crew were no more save for the trainers. The last four others had met their fate at the jaws of Vexylla's Hammer Heads. The trainers had watched them as they were ripped asunder in the bloody water. Back at the small boat that held the Harbor Master and his family Aquam and her mother had returned with the three barrels of water . They tied them off to the side of the boat and tapped them  saying ~ Aquam: yep sounds like good fresh water in there and we saw not a crack in the barrels so it should be safe to drink still . ~ the Harbor Master and his wife would nod and slowly sit down breathing with a sigh of relief with the need for fresh water met. They felt much better now that the mermaid that was Aquam’s mother had settled down. In fact when they saw her beauty the hole ship seemed to blush. Her long flowing black hair and pail skin and haunting silver slitted yes were for some reason were very lovely to them. Before they found her to be frightening but as she smiled at them calmly they could only see her beauty . ~

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PersphoneLuciano: -Capri swam with her male dolphin companion all the way to the north village of the gold merfolk she has been living with for her final training. Soon she would make her trip to see the Leviathan himself and complete her transition into adulthood. Entering the center of the village where her trainer would be holding a session she was bumped by a fellow mermaid who circled her with a group of her friends. With her arms crossed over her chest she eyed Capri with contempt and aggression- ~the other mermaid~ “so little miss perfect finally decides to come back and put in some work like the rest of us huh?” ~Capri~ “I have a good reason for not being here and I don’t have to explain myself to you Katri” ~Katri~ “You should have never come back everyone thought you were dead you know.” –the male dolphin kept a watchful eye on the group as the trainer and a group of merfolk approached them from behind. Capri’s frustration and fatigue began to show on her face as she exhaled a deep breath and crossed her arms over her chest mocking the group in front of her. Capri flips her long green hair over her right shoulder and glares at the group- ~Capri~ “Well I’m sorry to burst your mystical bubble, but the fact is I’m here and while you were here twiddling your thumbs I was actually doing something worthwhile for a change.” –the trainer and the others swam up and broke up the circle around Capri. The trainer gives Capri a once over noticing her exhaustion and fatigue. ~Trainer~ “Capri where in the sea have you been?” -Capri looked around at the whole village whose eyes were now glued on her- ~Capri~ “I was helping a neighboring village punish those who most definitely deserved it” ~Trainer with a deep sigh of relief looks at Capri with proud eyes~ “How did you fair?” -Capri smiled at her trainer and relaxed as she explained- ~Capri~ “When I arrived, a merwoman has just lost her daughter and slaughtered the men responsible for her child’s death, and then I aided her in her attack by producing my largest wave ever. You should have seen it.” –Katri and her friends snicker as the trainer gave them a look that made them all hush quickly” ~Capri with a shrug of her shoulders~ “believe me or not I know what happened and after I helped the grieving mother I followed her to her village and aided them in an attack on a fleet of ships. I’m talking at least 100 ships and I called forth the dolphins and Orca’s and another amazing wave and you should have seen the Kracken that the mother produced. I mean it was the biggest creature I have ever seen in my life” –The trainer clapped and hugged Capri- ~Trainer~ “I can imagine what you have been through and what went on, it seems to me that you are more than ready to make your journey to see the Leviathan and join the adult ranks. You have obviously been making adult decisions and they have done you well” –the trainer points to the male dolphin circling them all from a distance- ~Trainer points to the dolphin~ “Looks to me like you already have a traveling companion to see you safely there. You should go rest and when you wake make your journey and complete your transition. Afterward you may choose to return here or go home. You may even decide to return to the village you left from either way the choice will be yours to make. Just know that whatever your decision I am behind you every step of the way” –Katri and frowns and squares her shoulders– ~Katri~ “so that’s it? She disappears and gets a pat on the back, praised, and rewarded?” ~Trainer~ “It’s called taking the initiative, you should try and learn that skill Katri it might actually come in handy for you one day.” -Capri smiled hugged her trainer back and smirked at Katri and her followers as she swam to her cozy cave and rested her eyes for a few hours before she began her journey to see the Leviathan. She woke to the male dolphin nuzzling her chin trying to wake her. She yawned and sat up stretching her arms and smiling at her new companion. “If we are going to be spending so much time together I think we should come up with a name for you” –she placed her hand on her chin tapping her cheek with the tip of her index finger thinking of a name for the male dolphin- “I’m going to call you Demetri I don’t know why but you look like a Demetri to me” – the male dolphins swam around happily in circles causing Capri to laugh as she pat his back and followed him out the cave to make the journey to the Leviathan. Capri and Demetri swam for a full day before they made their way to the gorge surround by rocky cliffs in the floor of the abyss. The abyss was dark and cold. She shivered as she heard the brooding noises of the Leviathan. His voice could be heard all around her as it echoed off the rocky cliffs- ~Leviathan~ “Caprice, daughter of Dawn and Raider, you have finally completed your training and have come to me for my blessing to join the adult ranks.” –Capri looked around trying to pinpoint the location of the Leviathan. She should’ve known he would already know who she was and what she was seeking from him. He is after all the Great Punisher. She could not see him but she could feel him all around her. She knew he could see deep inside their soul and know everything about them, still it was something to be in awe of- ~Leviathan~ “Yes, young Caprice, I have been keeping my eye on you as of late. You have surpassed many of the young ones your age. You will make a valuable addition to the adult ranks. Your skills are impressive and your control is focused. You will make a great hunter and a superb fighter. –the Leviathan’s voice boomed around her as she beamed with his praises- ~Leviathan~ “Don’t be arrogant child. You lack a backbone. You let others dictate your feelings. You are too timid be thankful I haven’t called you spineless. You have much to learn still but you have completed your journey from child to adult. You have proven that you can take care of yourself and be relied on and depended upon in a crisis. You will master skills that will aid you in punishing the evil scum that plaques this world.” –Capri squared her shoulders and raised her head high. She felt like crying under the Great Punisher’s scrutiny but she refused to show any more weaknesses in front of him and embarrass herself any further. Coughing a little to clear her throat she spoke calmly- ~Capri~ “I will do as you command” –the Leviathan’s voice shook the rocks of the cliffs as he spoke once more.- ~Leviathan~ “I do not command free will nor do I wish too. I have enough to brood about. This world is filled with much evil and you will be ridding the world of them soon enough. Now go forth with my blessing and take your place among the adults. You need to be prepared Caprice there are many different types of evil in this world and all evil doers must be punished at all cost understood?” - his voice faded as if he was further away from her now- ~Capri~ I shall make all evil doers pay with their lives for the evil they spread throughout this world” –she bowed her head and swam away from the rocky cliff’s as she heard his voice boom from deep within the gorge- ~Leviathan~ One day you shall be among my best punishers Caprice remember that” –she smiled to herself as she met up with Demetri and swam north toward the black village in which she felt a strong since of belonging with them and she knew she would do well learning to be the punisher that the Leviathan envisioned her to be-

DayaAutum: -The bows and arrows of the boastful captain floated harmlessly in the swaying blood stained sea, bobbing with the waves. Vexylla swam under them and grasped them from below. Her long hard and razor like black nails stretching over them from under the salty red water as her finger encircled them and then squeezed to a firm hold as she surfaced from the water. Her silver grey eyes set upon the pieces. SHe had seen them used and was more than casually curious about them. SHe wanted to know their power, and limitations. She gathered several arrows that drifted about her and then fit one into the bow as she had seen done, pulling the string back to her cheek. She could see how to aim, it was so obvious, so she thought. She released the string and she cried out as the string glided over the skin of her forearm and the arrow shot very low and skidded upon the surface of the water. She grasped her stinging forearm and gathered another arrow notting it to the bow and glanced for a target, she would accommodate for the arrows fall this time! The cries of the hoarse trainers sounded pitifully over the waves and Vexylla looked to them setting her sights upon them taking aim at the centermost of them steadying herself in the waves. SHe was rather accustomed to the sea and was amazingly steady in the water, keeping herself from rising and falling with the waves as she took aim and released her next arrow. This time, she held it not so close to her forearm that the string dragged along her arm and the arrow sailed and struck the wet wooden surface beneath the centermost horse trainer. SHe fitted her next arrow and took another shot this time, the arrow would sail true. This time it was headed directly between the eyes of the centermost trainer.-

dallo5013: ~ As the first trainer saw the mermaid was trying to use their weapons he looked to were the first of the arrows had fallen and slapped the trainer in the middle of them both asking in a rather frightful manner . ~Trainer one : What is it you have done to bring this about . ~ just as the trainer had said About the next arrow found it’s target, right between the eyes of the middle trainer killing him straight away. Both of the remaining trainers screamed out in horror before leaping up onto their feet causing the crate they were up on to lose it’s balance. The crate was tossed to the front where they both flew off of it into the water. Screaming and thrashing around now they were at wits end and were going crazy trying to get back up on the crates. With every pull and twist of their bodies the crates would turn over in the water. In a panic they fought each other as the second trainer which Vexylla had killed slipped into the water and being his body was dead already, the water quickly swallowed him up and they screamed out as they say with no hesitations of the water at all it took him under. Still panicking the men fought each other trying with desperation to climb up one an other trying to get out of the water. One stepping up on the others shoulders causing him to sink under the water as if standing up on the other would give him a leg up. Neither would even think of the others safety only of their own lives and how they were sitting ducks so to say. In the mean time back at the boat with the Harbor Master and his wife, Aquam and her mother had been sitting along the sides of the boat wile Aquam’s father was sunken under the ship looking after the three giant Squid that Aquam’s mother had brought with her. Aquam’s father was staying under the water so that he would be out of the way after all at a moment’s notice his first mate could fly off the handle at him all over again and he didn’t want anything to startle the Harbor Master and his family again . ~

PersphoneLuciano: -Capri and Demetri swam back toward the black village in which she left no to long ago after helping them rid the waters of a fleet of ships. This time there would be no staying behind or back for her. She was in the adult ranks now and could be in the mist of the action now. As they approached the scent of blood caught their noses. Demetri became agitated and swam around her screeching and thrashing as he looked about for danger. With this much blood in the water, it would attract many dangerous creatures; Demetri was not interested in becoming their next meal. Capri on the other hand, was curious as to what could have happened to cause the stench of blood to be so strong and intense. She began to follow the scent, her barbs protruded from her tail and her spear held tightly in her grip as she followed the trail. Demetri began following behind her cautiously and agitated. Blood coated the surface of the water for smiles as she noticed pieces of ships and dead bodies and body parts littering the ocean floor. Capri watched as the sea creatures began to feast on the morsels that the surface had provided them. Laughing Capri had a sense that this was no ordinary disaster as Demetri swam about taking in the carnage same as she was. Capri swam until she heard the splash of something hitting the water. She dashed through the water around the debris to get a glimpse of what had hit the water, when she noticed the unmistakable barracuda markings of Vexylla. Curious she swam upward and peek through the surface of the water only to see two men screaming for their lives, Vexylla with a bow and arrow pointed straight at them,  complete and total chaos. Demetri took a peek only to shake his head from side to side and dash back down below the surface- “you are such a chicken Demetri!” –she shouted so he could hear her-

KainFatalis: -Ever wandering one foot followed another bringing the man along his travels to lands both new and old, the man been to many places far and wide, crossing the seas and even exploring new continents bringing him to Valeria. Having been traveling along the mainland for quite the duration the man had decided to head south to the ocean, he didn't care for the heat but from his previous experience in the area there was a fine variety of creatures to be seen, not to mention with all the rumors of ships being sent to the ocean floor had spread to many taverns, more and more spoke about it the more south he got. The notion of searching for artifacts had captured his curiosity to direct his travels, in preparation he brought several of his masks with him. The man's masks each held a soul or creature sealed within it, it was a specialty of the Fatalis clan to turn their enemies abilities into their own gain. A rather morbid looking mask hung from the back of the man's belt, the wound-like design seemed to always hold the appearance of fresh blood, the other three masks were in the pack hanging from the back of his belting. One had a draconic appearance and contained a spirit that took the form of a dragon, another was similar in appearance but was made from a sea serpent from this very area when the man had visited many years prior. The last of his masks that he brought with was a rather simple grey one with a large black X covering it. All of his masks held different abilities, whether that was a power or appearance alteration varied. There was yet one more mask, however this one could be formed at will along with a long mane down the man's back, this is the man's personal mask, within the Fatalis clan masks were worn constantly and as a child one was constructed as a representation of one's true nature and soul. // Contrary to the man's normal attire, to deal with the heat most of his torso was bare featuring a short vest with his guild crest upon the back. Rune and spell type markings covered his body, this was the written spell for sealing entities into masks, this allowed him to seal quickly if needed contrary to the means of capturing the enemy and performing a long ritual sealing process. Long silver hair was tied back into a pony tail and swayed like a tail as he moved. Nearing the beach type area he looked for a good jumping point and wandered to where he could find a cliff-like area with minimal rocks at the bottom. Pulling out his sea serpent mask, a variety of metal dust and blades stashed in his bag were secured along with the blades that lined the inside of his vest before taking a breath and throwing himself off the cliff and placed the mask on his face. The moment contact was made the man's form began to contort and shift as his legs merged together and elongated, the runes disappearing and replacing with scales. Plunging into the water just as his gills had formed the man took a moment to assess the take over, making sure he maintained control over the serpent within the mask. Silver hair now a ghastly mix of silver and teal his full length was approximately twelve feet long from head to tail tip, his scales was mostly blue and black. Giving a few more moments to get acclimated, Kain had begun to move through the water, noting his maintained agility. Trying to recall where some of the ship wrecks were he began to make his way towards a small cluster of islands he had spotted up on the cliff, while he moved he briefly tested his own abilities to see what he could still use with this mask on and was pleased to find he was still able to use his lightning abilities. Keeping alert the man would continue towards the islands, also keeping an eye out for any wreckage.-

DayaAutum: -The remaining two trainers struggled senselessly it seemed to Vexylla, but then what would make sense? SHe simply knotted another bow and took aim once more. They were no more than three yards from her and she swam backwards in the sea to gain more distance. Perhaps nine yards now. There constant movement made it harder for her to aim, especially as she distanced herself. She was learning the advantages and disadvantages of the bow quickly. Her fingers let the arrow slip and it flew missing the head of the trainer, but did lodge in his abdomen. It was a fine bow, but Vexylla knew she could never keep it as it would only rot in the watery sea. She swam behind the last trainer under the waves as he panicked and struggled against the dying trainer Vexylla had just shot. SHe came up behind him hands raised and covered his eyes, dragging her nails and dug deep into his sockets severing the optic nerve and removing the tasty treats she bit into them leaving the trainers to the sharks. it mattered not to her if they understood why or not. She gathered the arrows and bows and rummaged the crates for supplies. it did not take her long to gather a few barrels of fresh water and others of grains and fruits. A familiar pressure and frequency of swimming fins vibrated through the waters as she gathered what she would take. She called out to Capri as she would be the only one bringing in a dolphin to such blood and shark infested waters- It is good that you have returned. We have supplies to bring to someone in need who can help us in knowing our next target and they are eager to escape the insanity of these islands. -She binds the barrels and turns scanning the surface of the blood stained sea hoping Capri would soon surface. SHe held the bows and arrows still even as the dying breaths of the trainers gasped not far away. -You missed a fascinating punishment just now Capri, one a human warned me not to seek out, but as you can see these fools are ill prepared.

dallo5013: ~ Fraudulenti surfaced and hopped up into the boat with the Harbor Master and his family in it . he looked over to his first mate ((mate in this instant meaning lover )) Aegros , and would ask her ~Fraudulenti :Aegros ~paused a few minutes ~Fraudulenti : do you feel that . it would seem Vexylla had found a new friend to bring back with her and the vibrations in the water would tell they are bringing back with them something as well . ~ with those words Aquam in her childish manner would leap off the side of the boat and swim towards the vibrations knowing all too well that vexylla had done away with the ship by now and would need a bit of help in dragging things back . so with out a second thought Aquam was off . her father said not a word to her after all he trusted his daughter only because he knew she was heading right in the direction of Vexylla and the other mermaid that he felt with her . however Aquam’s mother looked at Fraudulenti with concern in her eyes . as if to say your just going to let her wonder off like that . she wanting to leap into the water after her daughter would instead look at Fraudulenti and growl . hoping he was right to trust her . it only took Aquam about 20 minutes to catch up with Vexylla and the other . once upon them Aquam let out a squeal and then leaped out of the water only to land right by Capri . where she then would wrap her tail around her ever so tightly and drag her under the water hugging her . ~ Aquam : wow welcome back !! you made it all the way home and to the Leviathan already . wow your good . ~ she then snickered saying . my mother tracked me down and is right now snarling at my father so just a heads up she is mean !!!

PersphoneLuciano: -Capri swam to Vexylla side as she helped her gather the crates from the blood coated waters- “I can see that I missed a lot here today. I wish that I had gotten here sooner but the trip to see the Leviathan took longer than I had expected. Trust me Demetri wishes we were anywhere else than here right now.” –Capri could sense the growing agitation in Demetri as he swam around them vigorously- “I bet these people had no idea what was in store for them did they?” –she said as she gathered the crate and tied them all together with the net so she could carry them all at one time. Suddenly she felt the vibrations of the water sensing the approach of another mermaid when she was dragged underwater and pulled into a tight hug. Capri laughed releasing the net holding the crates to hug Aquam back and smile warmly- “Well I have Demetri traveling with me so it helps to shorten the trip, when I can ride instead of swim on my own” –she shakes her head as she looked about for him- “speaking of which, it’s not like Demetri to disappear when he is in dangerous waters.” –she dove deeper into the water to look for him but didn’t see him. She swam back up to rejoin Aquam grabbing the net that held the crates placing it into Aquam’s hand- “here, do me a favor and help Vexylla gather supplies. I have to find Demetri, I am always bringing him into dangerous waters but he usually stays close. It’s not like him to disappear like this, something is wrong and I know it” –she hugged Aquam once more- “I wish I could meet your mother but from the sound of it now wouldn’t be a good time, so I can stand to wait until she is in a better mood anyway. It was great seeing you again and don’t worry I’m coming right back. No way am I missing out on the next chance to teach evil doers a lesson. Let Vexylla know I’ll return soon, but I have to find Demetri” –she swam off a distance before turning to give Aquam a wave before diving into the depths of the sea to find her friend Demetri-

KainFatalis: -Continuing on his travels through the depths he tested his speed and ability to maneuver, curious how underwater combat would go in this form. His original battle with the sea serpent was fought in the form taken while wearing his dragon mask, for how often he had worked with it the movements of that form had become natural to him. This form was much different than what he was used to, luckily this type of mask's ability was referred to as possession, it made the body and abilities feel natural. Swimming closer to the ocean floor he would glance over any wreckage he came across, occasionally finding a couple coins here or there but what he was really in search for was artifacts that became lost when the transporting ship was brought down. Continuing on his way the man grew closer and closer to the cluster of islands, shapes were slowly becoming more visible in the distance, whenever light hit his scales or hair a faint blue glow reflected. Slowing his movements the man's head tilted to the side, curious of what was going on in the distance, still remaining aware of his surroundings and maintaining his caution. Tail flicking about as he waited, a shackle was noticeably bound towards the end of his tail, contrary to how the shackle converted in his other forms taken there was no chain.-

dallo5013: ~ Aquam nodded to Capri and took ahold of the netting ~ Aquam : sure go take care of your friend . and I hope he hasn’t ran into any of the beasts around these bloody waters . ~ with that said she looked to Vexylla and swam over to her telling her want had just happen and why Capri had to leave so soon but she was going to be right back as soon as she had found her companion . in the mean time back at the ship Aquam’s mother and father were sitting talking to the Harbor Master about his family and about how they came about being caught up in all this mess . ~

DayaAutum: -Swimming with the load through the blood stained sea she hands a rope to Capri to help haul the cargo the distance to the harbor masters boat letting it slip from her pale fingers and long sharp dagger like nails and began to swim with the load as she takes the rope to help her- No they did not. And a lesson to you Capri, it matters not if they understand, it is the choice they made. We simply grant them their wish for destruction -SHe swam until Aquam arrived and replaced Capri in assisting her drag the load. Arriving back the cargo they pull drags behind at the surface cleansed of the red of the sea it came from. Surfacing Vexylla grabs the side of the boat and places the captains arrows in the boat. Her naturally black lips curl into a mischievous smile as her eyes set upon the Harbor Master.- We have some fresh water and more food for you. I believe that these were the weapons you warned me that this captain was so proficient with? May they bring you and your family better fortune than their last owner. I am confident that you shall put them to infinitely better use feeding and protecting your family. They seem well made, I tried them you know, they do work well enough despite failing those sailors woefully.- Swaying her tail she gives herself a push against the water and bring herself to sit upon the side of the boat. The shadow of the kracken darkened the water off to the side, her silver eyes glanced to see it's return. You now have food, water, even tools to start a new life upon fair isles. Learn from the past Harbor Master, you are the Chief now. Guide your family and whomever comes to your isles as friends to wise ways. I can not teach you, but I feel that you shall do well. Wouldn't you Say Fraudulenti? -Vexylla changed her gaze to him smiling wryly. -The big bad captain was not as formidable as he portrayed himself, but beware we need to keep our techniques cleaver and never allow them the chance to strike us. Capri has returned, as an adult -Her silver eyes narrowed, giving Fraudulenti a signal not to mention the Leviathan. She knew he would understand-

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dallo5013: ~ Back at the boat with the Harbor Master and his family on it, Aquam’s mother was talking to the family about how they came to meet up with Aquam and her first Mate Fraudulenti and asking how the Harbor Master and his wife had met and how it is that humans mate for life and why. She seemed to have a lot of odd questions to ask, but when she saw that some of her questions were a bit awkward to the Harbor Master and his wife she stopped asking and would just sit there awaiting an answer from then. ~ Harbor Master : well um to answer your first question um well we um ~ just as he was about to answer the question Vexylla and Aquam swam up too the edge of the boat and climbed up onto it’s deck pulling along with them the supplies. Vexylla then interrupted unknowingly by placing the bow and arrows in the boat and even telling the Harbor Master about how she came about them. The Harbor Master quite relieved for the interruption examined the bow and then smiled with great satisfaction for the bow she had laid into the boat was no doubt the bow of the great "merfolk hunter" or so called "merfolk hunter". He knew this because on the part of the bow were one would string it up there were carved into it a mermaid and a noose around it’s tail were the string would fall. Down in the middle of the bow there was three rings, those rings were the so called account of three mermaids killed at one time . ~ Harbor Master : Oh wow you did it you really did it. you are truly one amazing woman ~ with that said Aquam swam up and draped her self over the side of the boat very playfully acting like she was worn out for bringing such a heavy crate of fruit back. When in face she was just being silly and just hanging off the side of the boat. The son of the Harbor Master seeing the young mermaid hanging off the side of the boat the way she was,  quickly with out thought for anything leapt up and wrapped his arms around Aquam’s shoulders and pulled her into the boat. He stumbled back falling onto his bottom with Aquam in his arms. Aquam using what was left of the water that still clung to her tail would splash the young boy and giggle looking up at him. ~ Brick Jr: oh my sorry, you just looked like you needed some help. ~ now with them all in the boat the boat started to lag down low in the water. Fraudulenti seeing the boat start to lag in the water would slowly slide off back into the water so as to take some weight off of the boat. Soon after Aquam’s mother would follow slowly so as not to raise any alarms. Once the two slipped back into the water the Harbor Master’s wife Sue started to ask ~ Sue: um is there something wrong ? ~ She then stopped talking,  the word wrong became a soft whisper when she noticed the reason they had gotten back into the water. She just softly nodded and smiled as if to thank them for their kind deed~

DayaAutum: -The men Vexylla had spared from the hundred ships sent to invade and conquer by Herimok had not fared well since leaving the scene of battle, or rather the scene of the massacre as it were. They were all pale faced about what they had done, despite being burned under the hot sun with no shelter and tattered clothing. In the middle of them lay the dead body of their comrade, or rather, what was left of him. He had died in the night, and whether it was of natural causes none of the men were sure. He had in fact died of natural causes but it was all to suspicious and they had three more days to go and all of them wondered which one of them might be next, and whether it would in fact be at the hands of another desperate for more meat or exposure and thirst that killed them. The state of their dignity and pride, and also their sanity, was not presentable to a community by any stretch of the imagination. Vexylla it would seem, had judged the situation rather well if her intent was to crush the Upathians hopes and pride in becoming a conquering people that would sweep the islands and shores to become a true power among the nations of Valaria. They were terrified beyond measure by what they saw, the whirlpools that devoured so many ships, the monstrous kracken a behemoth no Upathian had ever seen before, capsizing waves rising with no warning, the sea below filled with man eating predators having a feeding frenzy, lightning falling from the sky to demolish their ships, and that mermaid was unlike any of the merfolk they had seen before. So predatory and dark in appearance wielding powers no Upathian dared to dream possible with such ease. It all combined into hours of horror and terror that left them forever changed and traumatized. Now they faced a final indignity that would rob them of whatever pride and self esteem they had left, to eat one another, even to kill off their brethren to save themselves in the most treacherous manner. They left proud and strong, the pride of their islands but should they return they would return despicable depraved madmen meant only to send an illness of the soul among the Upathians. Vexylla had spared them only so that they might be a poison when they return. In contrast hope was restored to the harbor master Brik and his wife Sue and their son. Vexylla grinned with satisfaction as Brik looked over the bow she had given him and recognized it. There was no sign of remorse for killing so many, the merfolk heart and soul such a strange thing. Always hoping for the world to seek good and find it, capable of great sacrifice and devotion to that end and yet, so unrepentantly murderous. -yes he and his crew are forever gone, taken by the sea. I trust that you believe me now that when I say that none shall follow I am able to accomplish this. As for the island, while warfare may be, interesting it would be best to simply cut the head from the snake so to speak and wait to see if it grows another in hopes that it does not and the destruction can then end. Is there anything more you can tell us of Herimok? How he might be lured? - Vexylla looked to the harbor master with silver eyes and slit pupil as she set the pommel of her black trident made of kracken beak upon the deck of the ship and held the shaft between her hands and long black stiletto dagger nails.

dallo5013: ~The Harbor Master smiled and would in a cheerful sounding voice ~Harbor Master : yes yes I remember now ~ his mind w as over flowing with joy at the thought of his family’s true safety was fully realized and with his heart now fully set at easy she looked to his wife and would say in a rather proud sounding voice ~ oh yea remember my wife. Back when you were in market with Herimok's wife and daughter. I think it was none other then last year . ~ she clapped her hands together in agreement as if she fully remembered what the Harbor Master was talking about and started to tell Vexylla all about what had happen that day ~ Sue  the Harbor Master’s wife : yes yes I do. Let me think it was last year on his daughters birthday. I remember I had to make a dress for my daughter. I was in the market place gathering material to make it. Well I call her my daughter but she is really my niece, you remember Joyce right love ~ the Harbor Master nodded and Sue continued to tell of what happened ~ well I digress. Joyce is my younger sister and she has three children. One of which is a daughter and she called me her second mommy when ever she was around. So anyways as I was saying, my sister’s daughter Matty her birthday falls two days before Herimok's daughters does so I was out in the market ~ she shakes her head giggling overly excited she finds her self talking around in circles. Gathering her thoughts and taking a deep breath she would giggle before starting up again ~ okay anyways Herimok's wife was in the market place at the same time. She was looking for a dress maker and when she had saw the type of dress I was about to make for my sister’s daughter she asked me if I know of a doll maker that could make that same dress so I told her yes and she from that day on had been going to the doll maker’s house every year for the last year and said she would make it a regular occurrence to go there being her daughter loved the doll the doll Master maker made for them. oh my I hope I am making sense ~ her husband just started to laugh ~ HarborMaster : please forgive my wife she tends to ramble when she is happy ~ wile the wife when on to give more details of that day back at the only surviving boat of the massacred fleet a man looked over the hellish looking crew that was left. They were covered with sun boils and all of them starving. One man still with a bit of wit left started to talk about needing food and that the dead that laid among then should become their food. He made sure to look every one over to see which one would first agree with him. One by one over the span of an hour or so with much bickering and dismay they started to let their starvation start to take their mind over and with shaking quivering hands they would slowly move towards the dead body that laid in the middle of them . the man with the knife would suddenly stab the body and would show that he held the power in the boat and would be the first to partake. He did that so that no one on the boat would become stronger them him, that he would be insured to get the most of the meat. However he didn’t expect the desperation of all the men to back fire on him. Instead of them backing down they came upon him and started biting at his arm that held the knife. With what little strength he had in him he tried his hardest to fight them off, one he kicked into the water. That man franticly screams and claws at the boat to pull himself back into the boat. However when he returned to the boat he was missing one leg, for a hammer head shark that was in the area had with out warning and no remorse eaten his leg before he could even feel it. His mind was so on edges that he couldn’t feel anything at all. But once he saw his leg was missing he let out the most blood curdling scream only to be killed by the man that was fighting the rest of them off with the knife. Once the man had killed the legless man the others started to back away and then said among themselves now there is food enough for us all. With that said they started ravenously eating their dead. ~

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DayaAutum : -Vexylla was well pleased that the family was rejoicing in their change of fortunes. It was better after all, for those upon land to turn from insanity and find a new life rather than become the menfolks latest killing spree. More boring to be certain, but better. Their conversation however failed to yield what she and the other merfolk needed most. Intelligence. If they could kill Herimok before the survivors of the massacre arrived upon their shore, it would be devastating, so devastating that perhaps, more might join this good natured family in their escape from peril. To end an evil Empire in such a short time would surely spread far and wide across the sea, despite the fact that they were without any truly significant powers beyond their numbers and feats of naval engineering. Vexylla rolled her trident between her hands absentmindedly as she tried to comprehend why this meeting with the mate of Herimok was of any importance. WHen they had paused, and such was a polite time to interject she spoke - I am afraid I do not understand. Brik, Sue, can you explain how this will aid us in ending the current madness that sweeps the islands? - Vexylla's eyes were eager, one might confuse such eagerness for mercy for the rest of the population, which while desirable was not in earnest the desire which showed eagerness in her inhuman eyes. Rather her eagerness was to perform a most cruel and heartless punishment upon the one who masterminded the change from paradise dwellers to full blown warmongering peoples such as was common upon Valaria. Vexylla's current persons under punishment were in full cannibal mode now. One sailor, was eyeing the others, looking for a sign that they were willing to help him overpower the one with the dagger. He found two and he rolled his eyes towards the man with the dagger and back to them, hoping for a signal. The man with the dagger raised a blood stained hand and pointed to him who rolled his eyes. "Why are you rolling your eyes? You want to take this dagger from me don't you? Don't you! I will kill you I will before I see you make one more gesture like that again? " -The man who gestured with his eyes for a moment was dumbfounded, he took his chances and was caught. But he thought quickly and answered him. "No one wants any more killing. we have maybe two three at the most days before we make it back. We've eaten enough, and have enough for all till then and we'll just dump the bodies before we go ashore. We ate some hard bread on our way back, no one's going to say anything different. No one needs to know. Were all in the clear now we are, no need for any more killing." He shook his head as he spoke of no more killing and slowly edged closer towards the man with the knife, who was in his view, the last obstacle to his survival now. -Now listen, were just going to take that dagger. No, we won't harm you. We got all the meat we need, no need to hurt anyone. It's just, we don't know if we can trust you. Just let me take it now and we will all be home safe and sound and what happened after the attack, no one is going to say." He got closer and the man with the knife waited for just the right time. He almost let him take the knife but at the last moment he screamed" liar!" and plunged the knife right into his heart. He moved fast and drove it right in. The man reaching for the knife, he simply was not fast enough. But as he gasped hard and his eyes rolled into the back of his head the others, fearing a similar fate rushed upon him and buried him under their own bodies. All of them trying to find the knife, and him, underneath them all, now trying to kill them before they could take the knife.-

dallo5013 : ~ the Harbor Master’s wife stops talking and looks to her husband as if to say you tell her why we are telling her all this. The Harbor Master then would nod to his wife and would start to speak saying ~Harbor Master: the reason we speak of all of this is because. It would mean that Herimok and his wife would be out on sea a two weeks before his daughters birthday because it takes about a week from our island the island were we live to get to the main land were the doll maker lives in the village on the lining harbor of the main land. There are three other islands that are closer to the main island but even if they were to live up on one of those islands it would still take them about six days to get to the main land even from the closest of the islands. That gives you about one month to stake out the islands and to come up with a plan on how to take the ship he and his family will be in. ~ the Harbor Master looks back to his wife and she starts to nod before continuing what she was saying ~ Sue: "You see Herimok wants everyone to think his family is well to do so they make sure that they are all well dressed and have all the finest of things. In so doing they even every year make sure to get only the finest of things for their daughter. She is very spoiled and with her being so spoiled she tends to spread to all her friends about the islands her wealth thus making everyone about them think that Herimok is indeed well to do and all. So just think about it the best doll maker in all the lands would make the best dolls and being Herimok has to keep his daughter well spoiled not out of love but more out of the need to keep his look of high status, would go every year and get an even greater and more expensive looking doll for his daughter every year like clock work. Thus giving you a well known time line when to strike."

DayaAutum : -The explanation did little to excite Vexylla. It was an opportunity that was one month away. The trouble with merfolk is that they are not always patient. Especially those who were born with high expectations, and especially Vexylla, who had not only inherited the legacy of Morgylla, but her over active desire to kill those deemed evil as well. Besides, her gift to Upathia would be arriving in a few days and she was hoping it's arrival would be coupled with crippling devastation. But if the leader himself was not to be captured she would go for their fleets. - Perhaps, with that opportunity we shall catch him. But it is, a month away and we are in need of pressing our advantage of them being unaware of what they are dealing with as of yet. WHere are their fleets? What might cripple them if devastated?- Her eyes began to flash again and her slit pupils contracted as she gazed steadily upon the Harbor Master. -You were the Harbor Master, you must know where the fleet is kept, where the most choice targets are to cripple their ability to wag war is. Where there warriors are stationed, their barracks. What can you tell us? - Vexylla had every intent upon discovering their largest concentration of both ships and warriors. Both would be depleted by the time that boat, even now would arrive. But exactly how many would remain upon it's arrival, was certainly in question. Under a pile of seven bodies, upon a small boat, was a dagger being fought over as a matter of life and death. Currently it was in the hands of it's original owner. He pushed it upwards into the mass of bodies and heard a cry of anguish. He twisted his blade to ensure that whomever that cry came from, would no longer be a threat. The blade was not in someones stomach as he hoped and supposed but rather in a thigh, but his twisting would prove to be deadly as it severed the main artery in the leg. He could feel the hot blood  pour over his hand and wrist. He retracted and the blade lay just below his ribs, and upon his ribs he felt the wild expanding and retracting of another chest. He attempted to turn the blade towards that chest while struggling against the mass to keep his knife. A hand grabbed his fore arm and pulled hard. With all his might he pulled back against them, desperate for his life to retain possession of his dagger, but his struggled proved his demise. He freed his arm from the offender, and plunged the blade under his own ribs. It ripped open his diaphragm and he could hardly breath. His end, had come. There was no living through such a stab wound and he knew it. He lay dying, and he had killed one of six. But yet two others, unknown to him had been sliced with deadly blows. Their blood even now soaked the wooden hull beneath him along with own that now flowed into theirs. A new hand fumbled with the dagger and with only two others left, found little trouble in lifting it from the pile of bodies. The knifes new owner rose from the pile and backed against the side of the boat. The other two rose also, sensing the changes and looked fearfully at the dagger as it's current owner gazed from the knife to the others and back again. Slowly he held the knife over the side of the boat and looked to the others who swallowed hard nodding. He dropped the blood-soaked knife over the side and it slide into the water to never threaten the sailors again.-

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dallo5013: ~ As time passed by, silently and with out a warning, it would soon be nightfall. The Harbor Master looked up out over the waters to take in the view ~Harbor Master ~ Oh! look what a lovely sun set. I have many days out at sea and have often thought how it would be to bring you, especially at a time like this ~ He looks back to his wife with a very loving look in his eyes. He would in a romantic jester reach out his hand to his beloved wife motioning for her to come join him. She looked up at him with a shy yet cute smile and would slowly stand up and make her way across the small boat to her love were they would stand next to the mast holding onto one and other just looking out into the horizon with the sun slowly setting in the west giving way to the light of the stars above. As the night air started to chill a fog started to role in blanketing the surface of the water. Aquam and her family would all move them selves into the ocean were they would slide beneath the water and would each of them would rest their bodies up on one of the giant Squids. One of the Squids, the one holding Aquam, would slowly role over playfully dumping Aquam off of itself. Aquam’s mother and father just snickered at the two of them. Aquam playfully trying to climb back up on the Squid over and over again till at last the Squid becomes rather sleepy itself and would settle down into sleep pattern where it would freely float beneath the waters only moving slightly letting it’s tentacles ebb and sway with the under water currents. The Harbor Master would watch as Aquam’s family made their way into the water. His wife looks at him with wonder in her eyes as if asking where will they sleep. She knows that they are not human so she would not fully understand how the water’s cold would affect them but in her own manner she would not ask for she didn’t wish to pry into their business. The gentle rocking of the sea has already put their son Brick jr. to sleep. Sue herself was starting to feel as if she could fall asleep as well. The Harbor Master would look to Vexylla and would smile saying ~ Harbor Master : the night is going to be rather cold . ~ he then points out over the water at the fog that is still rolling in around them seeming to dance up into billers waving up over the water pooling in around the boat till there is not even a sight of the water any more, only the droves of fog around about then. The only light shining in now was the moons light for the fog has even managed to choke out the starlight. The harbor Master now turns to his wife and starts to rub her shoulders trying to keep her warm ~ Harbor Master : please my love let us go and lay by our son so our body heat can keep us all warm for the night. She nods to him and with out a word they make their way over to their son. Their son was wide awake starring up at the moon and even looking over at Vexylla. He was in awe of her haunting beauty. In the moon light her scale seemed to gleam like diamonds and the salmon pink in her scales looked like pearl dust as is she bathed in the finest of waters were the pearl dust floated all around. The young lads eyes then would gaze into Vexylla’s eyes. He would find him self blushing slightly for her eyes seemed that even the skies have blessed them for they had kidded each eye with a single silver diamond star upon them. It was rather strange how one so frighting in the day would in the night sky look so hauntingly lovely. The young lad thought to himself. All the while he started to feel a big uncomfortable for his body was starting to shiver in the cold night air. With his mother and father gathering in around him he more then gladly snuggled into them. Wrapping his arms around them he finally is able to brake his gaze off of Vexylla and now would smile at his mother which was looking up on him giggling saying her her sweet soft voice ~Harbor Master’s wife : we have not slept this close since you were a baby ~ she stroked his hair and then settled in for the night. In no time at all they had all fallen asleep. While down in the water Aquam and the Squid she was laying up on were also fast asleep. Aquam’s mother on the other hand hadn’t fallen asleep yet, only Aquam and her father slept. Aquam's mother decided to poke her head up and look up at the stars . ~

DayaAutum: -The setting sun attracted Vexylla's attention and turned to the brilliant array of golden colors as they shown in her silvery inhuman eyes. -Do remember to set you sails every day towards the setting sun and in eight days, perhaps less now you shall come upon the isles we spoke of. They are very much like the Upathian isles once were, but uninhabited. With luck, which I believe you shall have, others shall follow and you will then be their chief. Remember Herimok Brik, not to follow his ways. Learn from his mistakes. - Vexylla only smiles as Brik foretold of the coldness of the sea - Does the sea feel so cold to you at night? We are of the sea, it is our home and to us it is not so. Even now it feels a bit warm. There are waters that can run much cooler, and they feel but refreshing to us. - She waited until they had all started to settle down for the night before she bade them farewell and leaned back over the side of the boat slipping into the night sea with a quite splash. Under the water the final rays of the setting sun bathed the merfolk in pinks and oranges. -We have some work to do. We must find what fleets remain and destroy them, tonight! - Vexylla gazes off to her side where Aquam rested half asleep and back to Fraudulenti and the mother. I have little doubt the harbors will hard for us to find at night since we can openly swim along the surface. Humans will not be able to see us well in the water even if we break the surface. Not only that but they will not be looking for us. - She gazes towards the giant squid, they were not as large as krackens, they could go where ships could go and they were certainly strong enough to put a hole in the bottom to let the ships sink in the night. Gesturing towards them with her trident she asks - Are there more of this breed that can be summoned? We should undo the wooden planks at the bottom of what ships we find and they, unlike kracken can easily swim where they dock ships. -She looks back to Aquam's mother with eager eyes and a mischievous smile of naturally black lips - let us be like what they on land call thieves, and sabotage as much as we can before taking our rest and leave them dumbfounded in the morning. While they all gather to wonder at their little boats in the day, we strike and show them our power.-

dallo5013: ~Aegros ,Aquam’s mother’s eyes peered up into the night’s sky entranced by the moon. Under the water silver lights start to appear as angler fish came out hunting their prey and food. Schools of silver fish were swimming around the boat as the boat like had some plankton on the bottom of it The boat had taken on a full under belly of plankton and alga from being stored away for so long covered under brush. The silver fish swam around it because their favorite food surly would find this boat a a delight-full find. In the mean time Aegros would not once take her gaze off of the moon, it seemed as if she were praying. She was however not at all praying but rather cursing the dragon for taking the sky Deity from them and for inciting such evils in the world. She remembers back when she was small and had made her way to all the villages and she remembered all the stories they had told about the dragon and how he had killed the Sky Keeper. She remembered how she her self felt so angry back then as a child hearing such things. Over time her anger had waned for she hadn’t reason to hold such feelings, until now when all the evil now would start to pool over into her beloved ocean making her once again curse the dragon and wish she herself could one day be like the grandmother of Vexylla, the famous dragon slayer Morgylla. She then would look over to Vexylla and smile the smile of blood lust for she her self once more wished nothing more then to defeat all that would being evil to her ocean and would cause her daughter to have to fight in such a manner. The very thought of her own blood having to be out here even before completing her training was in it’s self maddening to her. She so wanted to just leap out of the water and grab the moon as if she were grabbing at the dragon’s throat with her very own hands. However she would maintain her peace just biding her time till she herself would be able to join in the carnage that is surly to follow when Vexylla would find her prey. The Squid that Aegros had once laid up on was starting to feel the emotions of Aegros and was it’s self starting to become excited as if able to feel the need to fight coming from Aegros. The more Aegros cursed the sky the more excited the squid became. Aegros turned to the Squid and nodded just to say we will have our time and we will wage our own war for all the evils that man does. Aegros then notices Vexylla moving into the water and would swim up to her and after hearing what she had in store Aegros smiled ever so brightly and would tap her squid saying to it to go wake the sleep headed family of her’s they had work to do. With this said the squid swam off and started turning the others over to force them all to wake up. Ever so silently they all woke up and started to make their ways over to Vexylla . Aquam giggled and would hug her mother. Aquam would grip her father’s trident and would say to herself 'yes back to the war' Aquam’s father yawned then nodded saying out loud yet not loud enough to be heard ~ lets do this . best they loos their ships in the night then to be able to fight in the day . right ?

DayaAutum : A quick thrust threw the water, not one with bubbles and pushing of water. Just a smooth fast efficient spring that seemed instantaneous and Vexylla's trident had speared and angler fish and it's barbs kept the fish upon it's prongs. Vexylla brought the fish and prongs before her. The fish squirmed and wiggles but for a short time and died quickly. With her very long dagger like nails she tore apart the flesh of the angler fish and ate as Fraudulenti expressed his agreement to go sabotage the ships - I am not so certain that their ships are able to fight us, but with fewer ships they can not send out for the aid of mercenaries and mages who would be more problematic for us, I think it's only logical that the larger isles would be the ones to hold harbors large enough for their fleets. It would be more practical to have fewer harbors than many. Much easier to organize that way. Any soldiers would likely not be far from the harbors and any barracks should be near the largest of them. Two of the largest isles are the one before us and an isle just beyond it. We should strike a different harbor tonight I believe. Aegros? Can you summon any more of the squid? - Vexylla ripped apart the last of the angler fish and ate it gazing to Aegros as the final hues of reds faded in the water behind her giving way to the black of night. -can they rip the hulls of the ships from under the water? It would take us too much time I think to do it all ourselves, Can they do that for us? I do not think that there is another kracken I can summon and even if there were they might be to big to go into the harbor without alarming the whole of Upathia. - Her fins tightened and thrust her upward and her tail swayed pushing her along as she cruised just below the surface. The night was foggy and dark, humans would not be able to see her as she followed the coast around the isle. She passed by the docks of the current harbor. The mast of Brik's ship still stood from under the water as if in testament to his choice of moving to a distant isle and abandoning the evil ways Herimok had laid for all of Upathia. This harbor was mostly emptied and waited in anticipation for the return of the fleet laden with stolen goods and soldiers telling tales of the glories and triumphs of war. Under her, the floor of the sea was strangely vacant. Not much escaped the hungry peoples of Upathia these days. Clams and oysters which should be in abundance were sparse and rare. Voices from the docks were few, but loud as they cheered and bemoaned the outcome of games played to pass the night amid the torchlights keeping vigil for the return of a fleet that would never come. They awaited only the return of three hopelessly crushed and traumatized shells of men. Swimming on Vexylla passed the isle on one side and the lifeless coral reefs upon the other till the next isle, slightly larger than the one she was passing came into view and she sped on towards it and what she hoped was it's harbor.

dallo5013: ~ Aegros then would look back to Vexylla after her squid has woken up her family and would answer her question saying in a soft voice so as not to wake the sleeping Harbor Master and his family ~ yes I am sure there are about thirteen more of these squid around these parts. This is around about the time they come close to the surface to gather their favorite food, I passed their feeding grounds on the way here. I saw about ten there so with mine yes we should be able to make quite a dent in the shipping yards.~ With that said Aegros swam down deep into he water so deep in fact that the ocean stopped fighting against her form and the pressure of the ocean became equalized with the weight of her body thus causing her to be able to stay in one place with out the need to move. She now would look about the ocean floor before starting her summoning, calling out to the squid with in the area. Her calls were accompanied by a voice so deep that the very sounds would vibrate threw the waters spreading out over miles till the sound would fall up on not only the ten squid she had passed but now there were fifteen there fighting among their selves for what little food was about the area. With in now time at all Aegros swam to catch up with Vexylla to let her know that her call had been heard and there was more then enough squid on their way. ~ Aegros : we should have about fifteen in no time at all ~ the squid that heard the call were varying in size and strength some of which were nothing more then children them selves but still were rather big more then enough to cause some damage ~ Aegros and yes they should be more then able to cause damage to the ships . all the need to is sink their claws into the ships bottoms and then latch their beaks on the ships their tentacles can then pull anything apart. Knowing these squid they will not stop pulling till either the ships pull apart of their tentacles fall apart ~ Aegros then turned her head back to look at her daughter and asked Vexylla Aegros : has my child been giving you any troubles and has she been helping out . or have you had to keep her in line ?

DayaAutum : -While Aegros was away calling upon he squid Vexylla approached the island before her. it was certainly taller than the other with much higher and what would be impressive hills, but much like all Upathia was now depleted of trees and the hill sides would show severe erosion. As she approached, not one but two harbors appeared before her. One had many masts pointing to a dark sky in the dense fog and the sounds of hulls and their echoing resonance as the gentle waves of the harbor slapped against the wooden sides. The other, like the one she had passed on her way, the very one they had visited before following the fleet, was emptied and also had waiting torches for a fleet that would never return. Vexylla paused as she treaded water and spied upon the harbors, Aegros had returned by then and her head shifted abruptly to her as she inquired about her daughter -No, she has been of no trouble and in fact has been rather helpful. When does she come of age and see the Leviathan? - Her am raised from the sea and a pointed finger straightened towards the harbor that had ships, her long hard nail shinning in the pale white glow of the moon as it pointed to the harbor.- There! can you hear the water against the hulls or see the masts? We are in luck Aegros, and if our luck holds none shall know how or why those ships sank. By noon tomorrow the docks will be crowded with nothing but the elite of this isle trying desperately to find someone to blame. Humans! Always looking to blame one and shame one another only to remain ignorant of their true problems. -Vexylla ducked under the water and from her hips swayed sending ripples and waves down her tail to push her speedily through the sea towards the harbor that had the ships. As she approached only the sounds of a few snoring penetrated the water from above. Once a clunk followed by a grunt and a lazy exhale, and then more snoring. Before her the bottoms of sixty ships lay bare bearing the weight of the structures above.-

dallo5013: ~ Aegros swimming after Vexylla motions to her three squid that were with her from the start to join up with Vexylla so they as well would arrive at the harbor at the same time. Aegros on the other hand looks back at her daughter and first mate just for one moment and with a renewed passion and appetite for destruction welling up in her heart she her self out of the shear desire to protect her beloved family would in all hast start to swim away from the others and in now time at all would catch back up to Vexylla. She as she was side by side of Vexylla would answer her saying .~Aegros: my child should have became an adult already for she is of her twentieth year of her name day but has never yet been to the villages for her training nor has she been to the Leviathan, for unforeseen circumstances kept her away from us for so long. Ten of her years she was with the human whose life she had saved and for those ten years we watched her from a distant as she grew ever so strongly. ~ with a sigh she turns her head back to look up on her daughter and would say ~Aegros: she took care of that man till he was overwhelmed with sickness. It was then she learned the true meaning of the sirens song. With hope in her heart she sang to him so in his last days he would have that peace she so longed for him to have. However my child has not fully woken up into her adulthood, and this will not happen till all this matter is over and she is more then ready to travel to the other villages. Oh! listen to me prattling on. Yes yes as I was saying fifteen more squid should be arriving soon and my three here now will be more then able ~she pauses to look at Vexylla feeling now that she might have been talking too much . ~ Aegros: anyways yes I am sure we should be more then able to take down the ships ahead of us. Fraudulenti and Aquam can linger behind to keep an eye out as you and I do the dead, after all you and I are well capable of taking care of so few ships. ~ Fraudulenti hearing his name sped off up closer to them and would shake his head saying in a stern sounding voice ~ Fraudulenti : There is no way you will keep us behind. For Aquam will not stand for it. Trust me when I say that child will call forth hell if she has too just to be able to help out. After all when we were taking on that fleet and I had called up several storms and water spouts around and about the ships. It was Aquam that laid the water spouts over onto the ships crushing them merely by using the winds of her storm powers. So my dear Aegros you will not be able to get her to stay back. If she so desires to help then let her, she is our child after all. She has your head strong ways and my brut strength also. She will be much better then I was at her age when she is fully of age you know. ~ with that said Aegros grins after all he knows all too well just how stubborn his daughter was when just a little guppy
DayaAutum: -Vexylla holds her peace as Aegros tries to convince her to leave Fraudulenti and Aquam behind, she pauses in the water just under the surface gazing more at the torchlights and shadows above them - This mission requires only the Squid as they can pull the planks from the hulls much faster than we can. Have them come silently and softly Aegros as wish to do this undetected for now -Turning from the torchlights she swishes her fins lazily against the ebb and flow of the night time harbor currents and gazes at the other merfolk with a twisted smile of thick soft black lips and raised eyebrows. - It seems those who watch the harbor are fast asleep - Vexylla pauses for them to listen to the snoring upon the docks above the waters surface and at a particularly obnoxious snore she nods - If we can keep the sinking of these ships unknown till dawn when the harbor watchers awaken it will be such an event and calamity that the whole town shall come to argue over what happened. Especially those who lead them, and we can let loose upon them in sight of all. They will be unprepared, likely unarmed, and it will be a horror they will never forget. Apart from destroying half the village that supports and works these docks it will show them two things I wish for them to know. We can sink ships, and they can see the very powers those survivors will testify of. The horror of us will spread through the isles like wildfire - Vexylla's eyes gleamed brightly- We sink whatever ship goes out and the isles shall tear themselves apart I believe. Now, Aegros those hulls must be broken, without too much noise. There are sixty in total if I have counted right so each Squid must tear at least three.

dallo5013: ~ One by one the other squid started showing up. Some of then were rather small, however small they were still more then a match for the ships for the smallest among them would be around twenty feet in length. Before long there were six squid with twelve more to come. ~Aegros: Alright you lot to the next ship. You ~ She points to the largest of the three that had showed up saying to it ~ Aegros : You please this way . ~ She led the squid over to what would seem to be the flag ship, after all it was the only ship to have flags draping over the sides and it certainly seemed to be the one that would be surely the ship with the most importance among them all. She would say once again to the squid ~ Take care to make sure this ship sinks tonight. I want nothing of it showing above water by morning ~ Fraudulenti in the mean time had noticed that one squid was having trouble pulling at some of the boards. The board looked as if it were well stuck and would not budge at all. To aid the squid Fraudulenti swam over and wedged his trident's pointed end into the seam of the board and would start to push back till with some effort the board pops loose. The squid taking ahold of the board is jutted back from the force of the board finally letting go. Fraudulenti then helps free the squid of the board before getting back to work making short work of that ship. Aquam herself has been bouncing back and forth between ships helping all the squid she thought needed help and would even in the same manner of her father would use her father’s old trident to wedge in and help pop free some boards. In no time one more ship slowly takes to the sea floor. Aegros having hear the words of Vexylla would nod. She her self was now swam back to the side of Vexylla . ~Aegros : yes indeed there will be a sight to behold. When all the slumbering awake to see their ships having been filed by the water . They will sing songs for ages to come how the ocean one fair night in all it’s glory swallowed up all of the harbors ships ~ as she was talking to Vexylla the sounds of snoring fell up on Aegros”s ears . she snickered slightly for the sound of the snoring was not unlike he beast the land dwellers called a bore . ~Aegros : Take heart the sound of braking boards will not be heard for the sea is dense and the water will muffle the sound as well. We can ask Aquam to use her storm powers to dull the sound from traveling over the surface of the waters merely by asking the wind to whistle a soft and soothing whistle. The sound of which will be only a natural lullaby to the humans

DayaAutum: - Just under the water, beneath the snores and docks swam Vexylla, her fins ever so slowly swaying against the dark water under the dense fog to slowly push her on her way as she listened and watched the slumbering harbor watchers carefully as the ships sank. Once a spurt of water gushed from the hull of a ship and Vexylla reached from under the water to grasp a wooden rod making up the dock a watcher slept on. Ready to thrust herself out of the water to slap him across the head with her powerful tail should he awaken. However as he snored on, Vexylla relaxed her grip and her hands and long black sharp nails slide beneath the harbor under the fog at the foot of the dock. The ships slowly sank for the most part. With each creak and groan that did erupt from a ship Vexylla's heart stopped and she listened for any sign of anyone awakening. As the last ship was torn and listing as it settled to sink in the harbor Vexylla swam to Fraudulenti hoping Aquam and Aegros would be there, or soon be there. - Excellent! Now we must ourselves rest, and in the morning return to this harbor to seize upon what opportunity presents itself to us. Hopefully Capri will have returned from chasing her dolphin, she has power of the waves of the shore, much more effective then storms and whirlpools in this situation I think, but let find ourselves a place to sleep for now, for in the morning, with or without Capri and her waves, we shall bring death and horror.

dallo5013: ~It would seem that in no time at all, all of the squid have arrived and were being directed by Aegros to the ships they were to sink. Aquam still was swimming about like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to help out in anyway possible until her mother had called for her to come to her ~Aegros : Aquam my dear daughter come here. We would that the men on the docks not hear the sounds of their ships sinking so be a dear and call a soft wind to whistle a lullaby to them so that all the can hear is the soft breezes of the ocean ~ Aquam nods to her mother and would swim up to the surface of the harbor. She not needing to go above the water to make her call would stay just below the surface of the water and would bring up the palms of her hands level with the waters surface were she would then start to concentrate on what she was asking for. For her heart had to feel what it was she wished the wind to do in order for the wind to obey . Aquam quieted her soul and talking In a soft subtle breathing pattern would start to make a call to the wind asking for a voice to be heard like one whispering them to slumber. As she made her wishes to the wind a soft subtle wind started to pick up blowing over the waters bringing up soft soft playful sprays of water singing out to the slumbering men. The songs of night and peaceful slumbers all to the human ear would be nothing more then the wind whistling over the waters. Aquam’s father met up with Vexylla after making his last patrol around the ships then after Aegros had gotten all the squid in place doing their jobs she nodded to Vexylla and would softly yawn in agreement with the idea of rest. She looks up to where her daughter was and would answer Vexylla saying ~Aegros: I will rest when my daughter’s song ends.

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DayaAutum: -Vexylla wasted no time in swimming to the bottom of the harbor. Approaching the flag ship she steadies herself in the water before the entrance to the cabin. Her fins spread out and waver against her momentum and the currents along the harbors floor as her silver eyes scan the carved doorway. If the flags that adorned the ship were not evidence enough of the importance of this ship, the care and intricacy of the workmanship well above and beyond what any of the other ships had was. Shinning in the dim water was the polished brass handle, floating closer to the door Vexylla wrapped her fingers about the shiny brass and fidgeted with it until she discovered how it opened and thrust the door open. The surrounding water and sediments swirled with the door as it swung upon it's hinges to reveal the captains chambers. In she swam, and floating in the currents inside the room, was a map. And upon that map, the location of every harbor and what ship docked there, every military barracks, every storehouse, every armory, every detail and piece of intelligence Vexylla could have ever hoped for was clearly printed upon this large and floating parchment. Her slender white fingers with her long black dagger fingernails clutched at the parchment spreading it out. Her eyes growing wide and her heart beat faster. Not only did it list what was where and how much, but what mission it was to be used for. -Fraudulenti! Aegros! Come and see this! Come quickly! We are not to attack the people, not yet!

Dallo5013: Aegros waited for her daughter’s storm to finally die down letting the wind take it’s natural path of blowing. Slowing from a steady whistling to a soft gently breeze once again . A cold wind followed sweeping the harbor and blowing across the shores and even blowing out one of the torches that had been lit upon the the shore line and on the docks as a beckon for any returning ships. A return that is now to an empty harbor. Aquam now with a soft yawn would sink below the waters again down to where her mother had been waiting for her .~Aquam : Mother, I have been meaning to ask, and um um well ~ she stumbles over her words as she would try to come up with a way to ask her mother why she was there ~Aquam : Why have you come? ~ She then in an almost anime fashion would wave her hands around all sporadic like saying ~ Not that I am not happy to have you here or anything mother. I was just wondering if the elders sent you?~Aquam's mother just giggled and shook her head no ~Aegros: I came because I had heard that one of the mermaids that were in this fight had gotten hurt and I was scared when they said it was a young one ~Aquam nodded to her mother and then looked around for where Vexylla had gone off to. ~ Aquam : Where did Vexylla go? ~Fraudulenti now having moved over to where Aquam and her mother were looks around too and asking ~ Fraudulenti well it would appear she has gone into a ship? ~ He said with a questioning tone to his voice. Shortly there after asking that they all heard Vexylla calling out to them from inside the flagged draped ship. One by one they started to swim to the ship looking around to find where she was at. They found her inside of an ornately carved door, in the captain's chamber waving about a large piece of parchment.~

DayaAutum:-Spreading the parchment over the wall Vexylla holds it in place with her pale hands, the fins on her forearms spread out and poking against the soaked parchment. She smiles with with her naturally black lips revealing a set of almost perfect ivory teeth beneath the smooth black lips. Her silver eyes set upon them as she turned her head sharply towards them. -This, this! Reveals everything about the Upathians. Locations of ships, barracks, supplies, armories, weaponry, and more importantly, where each ship and unit of soldiers is to go next. My fellow merfolk, we now have them by their necks!- her head tilts and she turns her face gesturing for them to come as she readjusts her hands upon the parchment making sure that they can easily gather around and see it. - We just wiped out the fleet they were to send to the islands they intended to attack, there they were to resupply and go further to invade their allies while the larger fleet laid in wait at sea to counter attack any attempt at a rescue from their allies. That is why it is so much larger than this fleet. All that is left, is the fleet left for defense in case they went instead to attack Upathia! half of that fleet is now at sea to the north of the islands while the other half is in reserve in a harbor here -Vexylla uses her index finger and dagger nail to pinpoint the location of the last harbored fleet. Each half is forty ships. and at each harbor, a complex of barracks, so close to the shore - Dragging her nail across the parchment she indicates the barracks and then drags her nail to armories and supply buildings just behind each barracks complex- All so neat and well organized, so well gathered together. They thought of all that would make it efficient so as to defend against an attack from ships.. but not us! They gathered all their resources together for us for a most convenient attack. -Vexylla looks to them with excitement and blood lust. Her lips spread mischievously and give way to frantic and diabolical laughter as she removes her hands to her waist letting the parchment to float freely within the cabin-

Dallo5013: ~ Aquam looked at the symbols and lines on the parchment and would just nod. She has never seen a scroll let alone a map before so she would only understand it by way of what Vexylla was telling and showing. She nodded again as her mother would elbow her saying ~ Aegros: and this is one of the reasons you need to continue your travels to the villages. There is a gold village that could have taught you all about maps and coastline ports and docks. ~ Aquam looked at her mother and growled then nodded with a sigh knowing that her mother was right. .Her father then spoke up saying as he would point to a spot on the map and ask ~ Fraudulenti: So if we are here now and our target is here, I think it would take us about two hours to get there at our top speed .~ He then notices that one of the targets are close enough to water’s edge that he and Aquam could use a bit of wind to erode the shores away just enough that the hole building would slide right into the sea as if a natural land slide had taken place~ Look at this Vexylla. This building is so close to the shore we could easily sway the waters using our storm abilities to move the sand and the rest of the lands from under it making it look like the land just gave way from under it!- he gazed back to Vexylla with raised brows that pointed down in the center in a mischievious manner.

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DayaAutum: -Her long black nail scratched across the parchment to where the buildings in question were indicated and her silver eyes set upon it as her slit pupil widens as she focused. She nods shaking her head and her hair sways in the water. Turning to Fraudulenti she smiles and taps her nail upon the map -That looks to be a building set upon a hillside. The symbols indicate that it contains their armory and supplies for missions for all ships in the harbor. The Barracks is also indicated so we may get lucky and wipe out not only the resources needed for a war and venture but their sailors and warriors as well. It is as I said, well positioned for defense against a human army as it would be nigh impossible to easily attack. Also it enables their warriors to come from a close by and advantageous position. But against us, it is rather, -Vexylla grins broadly and her naturally black lips twist is sadistic pleasure and her eyes light up devilishly- Rather stupid to place it thus. They never expected we were any more than half fish peoples with ideas contrary to what this Herimok has told his people to lead them down an evil path. While it is night, all will be asleep. Let us collapse this building and devastate the last fleet of ships in harbor. -Vexylla spreads her hands out to edges of the parchment map stretching it upon the cabin wall and searches it with her silvery eyes- Do you see where Herimok might be housed? That would be our main prize and one I very much wish to locate. taking away their beloved leader would the most devastating blow to this evil the islands now suffers upon it's soils.

dallo5013: ~ Off in the distance in the middle of the cost line town there was a soft sound. Not many would be able to hear it but as for mermaids they would be able to hear it all too easily for their hearing is rather good and the water tends to carry sound through it quiet well. The soft sound once again Came from the distance, this time a bit closer to the water. The sound seemed to come closer and closer. Finally the sound was loud enough to be able to be heard clearly. It was the sound of bells ringing to be followed by a voice calling out . ~ Town Cryer : Half past the hour and all is well !!!~ The man makes his way over to the docks were he would proceed to walk along the docks and would relight some of the torches that had blown out. He hadn’t noticed a thing due to the fog, not even noticing that the once proud lead ships were no longer at the docks. Also, he was overly used to ships coming and going in the night so one or more ships not being in the harbor would not raise any flags in his mind as of yet. He just continues to make his rounds letting every one know the time before he would return to his home to go in for the rest of the night. Not a man on the dock would even bother to stir for they knew it was only the Town Cryer out making his rounds. As the cryer made his way back to the center of town, one of the dock guards falls out of his chair he had been leaning back on and would stand up suddenly in a straight manner and would be saluting to the air saying out loud ~ Sleeping Guard : Sir yes sir no I wasn’t sleeping I was just resting my eyes . ~ He then would open his eyes first the left then the right eye and would look around. Seeing no one in sight he would breath a sigh of relief and then take his seat once more making him self ready to fall right back off to sleep. He didn’t even notice that the flag ship he was supposed to be watching over was no longer there, just the top most part of the mast at an angle hidden in the fog. Under the water where no human eye could see, in the now sunken flag ship Fraudulenti would nod to Vexylla as he him self would look for an icon that would mark out a family crest or something that might indicate some one of importance. He notices in the lower left hand there was a small map that told what all the icons meant and that a family crest would be underlined with a line and a circle at either end. Fraudulenti points to it and would say . ~Fraudulenti: It is rather small and this would be what we need to find how ever when looking at this map I see six of them. It would seem these are family crests, but which one would be the one we are looking for? ~ He then would proceed to say ~ and as close as the buildings are it would be almost nothing at all for merfolk such as us to make quick work of it tonight. ~ he then would look back to the map and would wonder what and were or how they would find the right house that would have Herimok ~

DayaAutum: Those buildings look like they are on a hillside overlooking the water, that should make such an event quite interesting. Especially if Herimok's willing goons are in them when it falls. -Her voice became a delighted poem of dreams of death and violence- I can almost her the screams now Fraudulenti, and the laments of the those witness to their induction to widowhood. Such can be done without alerting them to our presence as well. Can you imagine their thoughts as suddenly the fears set in the darkest places of their minds by all of these events and the arrival of the survivors and their tales which they would most certainly not believe overtake their foolish minds when we reveal ourselves? They shall realize all too late that they have fallen into such a trap like fools following in Herimok's arrogance. -Vexylla traces her long black claws of nails over the parchment to a space of water surrounded by islands that seemed to be foreboding uninhabited wastelands. Her head tilts leaving her long black hair to ebb and flow in the dark water of the harbor filling the cabin. Her slit pupil silver eyes glaze over in the darkness as her mind grasps a memory, a clue as to what is really in the empty space of blue upon the map. her glazed eyes again focus, matching the details of her memory with the map. Her silvery eyes widen with realization. -I remember this place -Her finger taps lightly and menacingly upon the empty blue of the map several times as she pauses - This is no expanse of sea here I remember correctly. There are three or four islands there and it is oft foggy. I have been to them before and I believe they might be in this space. Look surrounding and facing there the islands only are uninhabited wastelands, treacherous places no one would want to go according to the map that would be close enough to see those islands. Do you remember what the Harbor Master Brick said? He did not know where Herimok stayed. -Vexylla's heart raced as her mind became more certain of her fogy thoughts and suspicions. SHe gazed wide eyed at the her company, the family of black merfolk, each in turn. - He hides from his own people, this map would not have have his location marked. Perhaps we should not be searching for what is on the map, but rather, for what is not on the map to find the scoundrels lair. -Vexylla's inhuman eyes drew close to the empty blue she had pointed out as her head drifted closer in the dark flooded cabin and she focused intently in wonder. -But what I am most curious of, and greatly wish to see, is whether or not Herimok has other things kept secret on those islands. Most rulers when they lead a people into war and evil encase themselves in fortresses, it is well known where they are. But this wayward governor of his people keeps his lair secret. -Vexylla slowly drifts away from the map, leaving it to float in the water against the wall. She looks to the others with a questioning look on her face. -Why? We have yet three days until the survivors arrive, I think very much we should spend some of that time when it is night to investigate. -Over the harbor, one could not really see the masts of the ships that settled in the shallowest waters that stood from below the waters surface. The fog was thick and hid the masts in darkness and obscurity rather well. One mast however, was leaning over the dock. many of the masts were leaning, but this one leaned right over the dock Earlier in the day a sailor had used a bucket to hoist tools up to attend to the sails and rigging, odds and ends needed for the work he did. When the captain dismissed him he had been eager to leave and enjoy a night of frolicking and neglected to return his tools. They now hung precariously from the yard arm. The bucket swayed to and fro in the gentle breeze, until it swayed one to many times and it's handle slipped over the end of the yard arm and the bucket fell crashing down upon the docks with a startling sound that rang an unintended alarm through the docks. One of the guards stood up fast having been awoken by the racket and looked with wide red eyes towards the source of such a ruckus. Now fully awake, having been so startled at the bucket's crash upon the dock. He scanned the dock, and through the fog saw the broken bucket and it's contents strew upon the dock. His eyes rose to where the bucket must have came from. Upwards he looked to the yard arm hanging over the dock at a very irregular angle threw the dense fog. His eyes followed the yard arm to the mast and down the mast to where it poked out of the water. As the breeze rolled across the harbor, a rare, and wide clearing in the fog passed by revealed the thin outlines of irregularly leaning masts in the shallowest places, and a very, very, alarming empty water surface. As the breeze continued the dense fog swept back in covering the impossible vision he had seen. The guard looked about him in a panic at his follow Upathians as they slumbered peacefully and unaware. He feared for his future, even his life as there was no explanation he would be able to give to save his neck. What would become of his family? He remembered the fisherman who had been friendly with those sea devils the merfolk. No one had seen them since and while no one spoke of it in the recesses of everyones mind was the fear of what had become of them, of what Herimok might truly be capable of. His crime was as bad as theirs was, or worse. AT the least the fisherman never let a whole fleet perish on their watch. As he panicked, his mind raced for a way to escape blame. Some reason he had to leave when the fleet was still there above water as they should be, and entrust his fellows, and how upon his return he discovered the fleet had sunken in the harbor.

dallo5013: ~As vexylla pointed to an empty spot on the map Aegros nodded her head then spoke up sating to them both ~Aegros : My sister RawrWind used to tell me about a vanishing island once. She would say that there were so many sulfur springs there the waters would create fog to cover the island and ever it is said that the fog would spread out over the water for miles . . and that the only time the island would ever be visible is when the air around the island were heated up to the same temperature as the water, which almost never happens. So many ships have been lost when passing that island because the merfolk around there dislike any trying to gain access to the sulfur springs and their healing waters. It is strange that the other two islands around there are not on this map. I my self have never been to those islands but~ before she could say anything else Aquam spoke up and would almost push her mother out of the way ~ Aquam : There right there! I remember that island, it is one of the islands I stayed on when I was little. If you look out from it you can see the three Islands that are not marked on this Map . ~ Aquam pointed to a small island that was on the map and would then drag the first finger on her right hand over across the map to the center where Vexylla had already been pointing and then would nod ~ Aegros: my father and mother have both been to this place. There is a big water fall at the back side of it. I used to swim there when no one was looking~ She pauses not really wanting to talk about her past as a young child. She just shook her head and then looked back to her mother ~Aquam : This Mother tell me you haven’t forgotten ~ Her mother would shake her head then nod as if she did forget but now remembered. ~Aegros : Yes that is your island there and this not on the map yes I remember now. My squid should be done now with the ships. We should be heading off to do the rest of what we have planed. ~ She with a certain salaam look now in her eyes swam out side of the ship and would look for her squid. Fraudulenti just shook his head before saying . ~Fraudulenti: That is a sore subject we do not talk about much.~ While Fraudulenti, Aquam and Vexylla were still in the ship and Aegros were all about what the squid were doing, back at the Harbor Master’s small boat they were fast asleep snuggled up to one an other. The Harbor Master was by now starting to dream. He dreamed about a magical place were the lands were covered in pools of life giving waters and the water was so hot you were only able to lay in it for about five minutes before succumbing to it’s heat. The sun reflected off of water droplets that seemed to fill the air. In the center of the land there was a great pool with one massive statue. This statue was all red and on the inside of it there seemed to be water but red. There were not a soul on the island, not even he was permitted to set foot on the land. It would seem in his dream the island would forbid any to venture onto it. The Harbor Master rolled over in his sleep almost waking himself from his peaceful slumber. As he rolled his wife did wake up and mearly looked to her husband and smiled before looking over to her son and giggling as he was talking in his sleep saying over and over again >no no Aquam that is my fish not yours, share < his mother giggled for her son’s words were so clear she could almost here every word. She thought to herself how much that young mermaid had made an impression on her son and how much he was looking forwards to seeing her again. She then looked at the stars and would think about the last time she had been on a ship. She had never been out to sea on a small fishing boat, only in a lake when she was just a child. She snickered then thinking about how her father tossed her into the lake and told her to swim, however there had been a drought that year and the lake was so shallow that she was able to just stand up in the water. So she did and walked her way back to shore leaving her father in the boat. She still to this day can’t remember how her father got that boat out to the middle of the lake in such shallow but he did. As she was daydreaming a strange sound caught her ear. She rolled over and looked over the edge of the boat. There was a small nocking sound under the boat. She didn’t know what to think. Just then she noticed a flesh like thing passing under the boat, pink like one of the squids the fishermen brought from the sea but it stretched on all sides as far as she could see in the dark under the water, then something that looked like a giant eye would look back at her from under the boat. Startled and terrified she jumped back siting in the boat, her heart racing and pounding. So many thoughts were running through her head. What ever could that be? She then remembered the Kracken. Vexylla did say something about making sure they would have safe passage to the islands. Surely this had to be the kracken there to protect them as she had promised. The Harbor Masters wife just smiled, lightly laughed and settled down. She then kneeled over the edge of the boat to wave to the Kracken thanking it for watching over them. With a renewed sense of safety she snuggled back up to her family and once again fall off to sleep. Under the boat, the kracken trolled through the water. It's fifteen foot wide eyes catching soft rays of light as it watched and waited, it's skin sensing the vibrations in the water for any threat to it's charge. Between it's tentacles it's massive beak lazily on occasions nocked together making the sound that the Harbor Master's wife had heard.~

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dallo5013: ~As Vexylla pointed to an empty spot on the map Aegros nodded her head then spoke up sating to them both ~Aegros : My sister RawrWind used to tell me about a vanishing island once. She would say that there were so many sulfur springs there the waters would create fog to cover the island and ever it is said that the fog would spread out over the water for miles . . and that the only time the island would ever be visible is when the air around the island were heated up to the same temperature as the water, which almost never happens. So many ships have been lost when passing that island because the merfolk around there dislike any trying to gain access to the sulfur springs and their healing waters. It is strange that the other two islands around there are not on this map. I my self have never been to those islands but~ before she could say anything else Aquam spoke up and would almost push her mother out of the way ~ Aquam : There right there! I remember that island, it is one of the islands I stayed on when I was little. If you look out from it you can see the three Islands that are not marked on this Map . ~ Aquam pointed to a small island that was on the map and would then drag the first finger on her right hand over across the map to the center where Vexylla had already been pointing and then would nod ~ Aegros: my father and mother have both been to this place. There is a big water fall at the back side of it. I used to swim there when no one was looking~ She pauses not really wanting to talk about her past as a young child. She just shook her head and then looked back to her mother ~Aquam : This Mother tell me you haven’t forgotten ~ Her mother would shake her head then nod as if she did forget but now remembered. ~Aegros : Yes that is your island there and this not on the map yes I remember now. My squid should be done now with the ships. We should be heading off to do the rest of what we have planed. ~ She with a certain salaam look now in her eyes swam out side of the ship and would look for her squid. Fraudulenti just shook his head before saying . ~Fraudulenti: That is a sore subject we do not talk about much.~ While Fraudulenti, Aquam and Vexylla were still in the ship and Aegros were all about what the squid were doing, back at the Harbor Master’s small boat they were fast asleep snuggled up to one an other. The Harbor Master was by now starting to dream. He dreamed about a magical place were the lands were covered in pools of life giving waters and the water was so hot you were only able to lay in it for about five minutes before succumbing to it’s heat. The sun reflected off of water droplets that seemed to fill the air. In the center of the land there was a great pool with one massive statue. This statue was all red and on the inside of it there seemed to be water but red. There were not a soul on the island, not even he was permitted to set foot on the land. It would seem in his dream the island would forbid any to venture onto it. The Harbor Master rolled over in his sleep almost waking himself from his peaceful slumber. As he rolled his wife did wake up and nearly looked to her husband and smiled before looking over to her son and giggling as he was talking in his sleep saying over and over again >no no Aquam that is my fish not yours, share < his mother giggled for her son’s words were so clear she could almost here every word. She thought to herself how much that young mermaid had made an impression on her son and how much he was looking forwards to seeing her again. She then looked at the stars and would think about the last time she had been on a ship. She had never been out to sea on a small fishing boat, only in a lake when she was just a child. She snickered then thinking about how her father tossed her into the lake and told her to swim, however there had been a drought that year and the lake was so shallow that she was able to just stand up in the water. So she did and walked her way back to shore leaving her father in the boat. She still to this day can’t remember how her father got that boat out to the middle of the lake in such shallow but he did. As she was daydreaming a strange sound caught her ear. She rolled over and looked over the edge of the boat. There was a small knocking sound under the boat. She didn’t know what to think. Just then she noticed a flesh like thing passing under the boat, pink like one of the squids the fishermen brought from the sea but it stretched on all sides as far as she could see in the dark under the water, then something that looked like a giant eye would look back at her from under the boat. Startled and terrified she jumped back siting in the boat, her heart racing and pounding. So many thoughts were running through her head. What ever could that be? She then remembered the kraken. Vexylla did say something about making sure they would have safe passage to the islands. Surely this had to be the kraken there to protect them as she had promised. The Harbor Masters wife just smiled, lightly laughed and settled down. She then nealed over the edge of the boat to wave to the kraken thanking it for watching over them. With a renewed sense of safety she snuggled back up to her family and once again fall off to sleep. Under the boat, the kraken trolled through the water. It's fifteen foot wide eyes catching soft rays of light as it watched and waited, it's skin sensing the vibrations in the water for any threat to it's charge. Between it's tentacles it's massive beak lazily on occasions knocked together making the sound that the Harbor Master's wife had heard.~

DayaAutum: -Rather than roll the map back up Vexylla simply removed her hands from it leaving the newly drenched parchment to roll in the movements of the water. There was little use of parchment maps for the Merfolk as they would simply deteriorate> Her purpose was to study it for whatever intelligence she glean from it and leave it to perish in the shallows of the harbor. She listened carefully to what the other Merfolk had said about the islands, but her mind was far more centered on exactly what she might find there. As of this moment, there was the perfect distraction with the destruction of the fleet in the harbor. Herimok and whatever goons he most surely have would be rather busy today, possibly leaving the islands unattended for her to explore and discover what secrets they hid. The last harbor while important to deal the final blow to the island nations power was obviously important, it was a known quantity, and the Upathians had yet to discover what they would be facing at sea while they knew all to well how to deal with the fleet whether in the harbor or at sea. What lay wait at the missing islands however, was unknown. - I think for this morning, we should leave the fleet be, we are capable of handling it whether docked in harbor or at sea it makes no difference. Who will go with me to these islands to explore them? Day will break soon and while Herimok and those loyal to them are dealing with the mystery of the sinking of their ships it will leave those islands less watched, giving us the opportunity to explore them. - Her silver eyes dart between the members of the party as she explained her reasoning to them. Her fins slowly swaying and steadying her in the waters of the harbor. The morning sun was now breaking giving a red glow to the waters above them that peeked through the portholes of the sunken cabin and giving a red luster to the sliver scales of her tail -

dallo5013: ~ a sound catches the ear of Aquam causing her to turn her head away from what her mother had been speaking about . Aquam tilted her right ear towards the brink of the water ,as if trying to make out what had caused such a noise . she even wondered if her mother and father had heard it . just then her mother stopped talking about her sister and looked towards Aquam . asking her ~Aegros : you hear that too didn't’t you . ?~ Aquam nodded and then looked at her father before turning her attention back to Vexylla . In the mean wile back at the boat with the only survivors of the massacre , the servery starts to chant to him self over and over again ~ they only come in the night . they only come in the night ~ he would look only at the water . never blinking not even once for his mind was so far gone that all he could do is chant to him self over and over again ~ they only come at night ~ his body was so sun burnt and blistered from the hot rays of the sun and redden by the salty air to the point that parts of his flesh had bubbled up and other parts of his flesh had even curled over rolling back . a part of his body was even so badly damaged that his bones were showing . How this man is still alive is be on be leaf. The man’s boat was no more then three days from the nearest island . by now he should be able to see some reminiscence of the island . however he is too affixed on the water . and his mind numbing changing ~ they only come out at night ~the fog slowly creeps in around the boat making the man become more and more disturbed . for the faces of the one mermaid still hunts his vision . and now that the fog has encompassed his boat . with every turn of his head he can see her face and the wind comes to his ears as if whispering her words to him over and over again . no matter how many times he tries to close his eyes . he can’t for the fear wells up in him so much that he can do nothing his body betrays him haunting him over and over again playing the last moments over and over again in his mind . all the screams of his mates he can still hear as if it is happening all over again . the fog in it’s evil ways would dance up around him encompassing him in it . here in the fog shadows dance around as they taunt him taking on the forms of his lost mates . the wind howls out their cries . back at the sunken ship Aquam nods to Vexylla and then would say softly ~ yes we should be on our way . something has fallen from one of the ships and has caused a stir or so one of the man’s voices seems to be in a bit of a panic . he keeps pacing back and forth making up plans and lies of sorts .

DayaAutum : -As the sound reverberated through the water Vexylla's’s sliver eyes with their slitted pupils eyes roll towards the surface peering casually through the red rays of light that came in from above. - As interesting as listening to the guards trying to make up excuses to save their skins might be, yes let us go. - Vexylla's eyes rolled back to the party and she leans back in the water and flips her tail pushing against the water. Her arm and dorsal fins align and stiffen with the new thrust giving her the correct direction, and with careful adjustments of her arms she spins herself in the water till her back is towards the surface and swims out the door of the sunken cabin leaving the parchment maps to twist and roll in her wake. She swam though the harbor and reefs void of fish as the faint glow of red given by the sun to the sea brightened to a brilliant orange. Vexylla swam on to the mysterious islands till she came upon the three mysterious islands rose from the sea floor before her. Above her, past the surface of the sea fog hung thickly in the air shrouding the islands but below the salty water the rising sea floor was not hidden. She left off pushing to and fro with her tail and steadied herself in the water, and would say to Aquam and Aregos should they have followed her. -Is it just myself, or is there a feeling of dread that looms before us? I do not know about the rest of you, but that center island gives me the most chill, and is likely the most well hid among them. Shall we start our search there? We will need blood for legs. - Vibrating before them, was the thunk of a foot upon wooden planks. Vexylla pushed herself through the water towards the sound and promise of blood for her to gain legs that she might walk the island.-

dallo5013:~Aegros nods to Vexylla and would shortly there after follow her . keeping with in not more then a few feet of her . Aquam her self had as well swam off following Vexylla . as for Fraudulenti he had found him self a bit tangled up when a fishermen’s net had been caught up in the wake of the three mermaids swimming off in such a rush . Fraudulenti makes no attempt to call out for them because he is more then capable of freeing him self . he need only wait till the water would settle around about him so that the net would stop moving . then he would be able to slide from under it . however if he were to panic like so many young mermaids would have done he would only have tangled him self up even more . so in his wisdom and old age so to say . aka meaning he had fallen in this kind of trap before and knew all too well how to free him self . however in the time it would take him to free him self the others had made it to the islands and Aegros suddenly stopped . like something had gotten a hold of her . something caused shivers to sweep over her spine ~ Aergos : yes the middle island seems to have some hold over it . something I have not an idea of ~ Aquam would swim right into her mother for she wasn't even paying attention to her . and hadn't noticed that she had stopped . she was only thinking about the sharp coral and jagged rocks that were so close to the surface around about the two close islands . ~

DayaAutum : -Swimming on ahead of Aquam and Argeos, Vexylla listened for sounds as she approached a wooden dock. All was silent, and then, a thump upon the dock and two feet slipped in the water from the side of the dock as whomever was there took a seat. Vexylla swam to the opposing side of the dock and gazing under the wooden structure and between the posts standing in the water she could see two feel lazily swaying in the water in the morning light, now turning yellow. She paused, her fins softly opposing the waves to steady herself and she listened carefully ignoring the crash of Aquam into her mother. Despite the fact that the owner of those feet had made things all to easy, she had to focus. She softly swam under the dock and reached forward with her hands towards the ankles and wrapped her fingers around them tightly. No sooner had she locked unto her prey than she swam down and back under the dock with a hard push of her tail hauling the person from the dock into the water swiftly. Gurgled arguments came out in bubbles to never be heard by anyone on land. Vexylla dragged them down fast and released them only to compress her tail and slam it hard on her victims head. They were too confused by their sudden submersion, it had not even registered that something had dragged them under when Vexylla struck her blow. The victims body went limp. Before Vexylla was a young cruel looking woman in dark robes drifting unconscious in the current. Blood taken from her legs would be the regent needed to temporarily transform their fins to legs. Vexylla's hands were quick to seize upon the woman's head and she gripped her in her arms bending her neck wrenching it side to side till the breaking of her necks bones crackled in the water and her head bent in such an unnatural way it became obvious she would never wake up from the sudden morning nap Vexylla's tail had visited upon her head. Grasping her hair Vexylla swam about under the water watching and listening to see if any others were about, or if the woman she had killed was alone. Not seeing anyone she turned towards Aquam and Aregos drawing her dagger- I hope that the two of you have at least done well walking during your education. Aquam, if you have not yet done so, you may wish to remain.

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Dallo5013: ~As the waters around Fraudulenti started to calm, the net slowly sank to the floor of the sunken ship . Fraudulenti would lower his body down following the pace of the net. Once the net was flush with the floor he then would move him self to the edge of the net lifting up the weighted ends of the net slowly so as not to cause any unneeded movements of the water. Moving as gracefully as he could till he was fully free of the net. Mean while back at the island where Vexylla had just killed a woman ,Aegros would turn to look at her daughter and would say to her in a soft tone of voice ~Aegros : you have not yet walked up on land have you ? ~Aquam looked at her mother and nodded for she had never walked up on dry land and was not interested in doing so. However she knew that it was something she must do sooner or later. After all she her self had always wanted to go to Rose Island to visit it’s temples and for her to be able to do that she would have to walk on land . Nodding to her mother proclaiming in a not so boastful manner ,~ Aquam: no better time like the present to learn right mother . I will keep back out of the way till I am familiar with walking then I will catch up with the two of you ~ Aquam’s mother was proud of her daughter for answering in such an adult manner and would nod before turning her head back to Vexylla. Fraudulenti had just freed him self and he could plainly feel the panic setting in. The night watchmen was in such a panic he was even now contemplating on killing him self. He at one point even drew his knife from it’s sheath and held it up in the air before making like he would plung it into his chest . However he chickened out shortly there after. Fraudulenti would just shake his head and would take off swimming his fastest in the direction his family and Vexylla had went. He knew were they were going and would be able to catch up with them with in the hour . Wile back at the island a sudden disturbance was felt as a frilled shark had swum right up to Aquam and bumped right into her belly . The shark startled her at first, then  the shark started to push on Aquam pushing her away from the island . Aquam had no idea why this old shark would do such a thing and had no control over him .She tried to swim away from he shark but the shark was not having it . It wrapped itself around the young mermaid and pulled her with all it’s might down to an opening in the coral . Aquam yelled out to her mother . ~ Aquam : go with Vexylla I will catch up with you mother .~ with that said the frilled shark dragged Aquam out of sight ~
DayaAutum: -Aquam’s detainment by the frilled shark was met with Vexylla’s raising of an eyebrow. Of course the island would be a dangerous place so the intrusion while somewhat understandable was in her mind ridiculous. Merfolk oft went to such places to do their work. It was needed and any creatures needed to respect such things. When Aquam was out of sight she turned to her mother still with the questioning expression upon her face. -You really should have her learn to not be so dissuaded by the fish, our existence and theirs depends on our actions you know. - With a sigh she went to shore and dragged her tail and the woman she had taken upon land. Her dagger made from the claw of a kraken slit the woman's leg and filled a small vile with the blood for use latter. Taking the dagger she dipped it into the blood and wiped the blood upon her tail and laid back closing her eyes waiting for the transformation to take place. It was never comfortable for her and took a Minuit longer than normal. There she waited for Aquam’s mother leaving the dagger upon the woman’s body for her to use.
Dallo5013: Aergos followed Vexylla up onto the shore and laid there on the opposite side of the woman . she would then role her self over onto her side and with her free hand she took the dagger and dipped it into the dead woman’s blood then slathered the blood upon her tail and grunt as the transformation took hold rather fast and painfully  as she then would just lay back rolling to her back as her back fins would vanish off from her back. Her scales started to fold and release themselves from her tail leaving only flesh behind. Her flesh ripped down the center dividing into two perfectly shaped legs . The the legs grew the bones within them welded together till there was only three bones for the legs and a pair of sets of foot bones. Once her legs were fully formed and the pain had lessened she rolled to look at Vexylla but before she could say anything Fraudulenti would appear. He was swimming at a pace that would easily glide him right up onto the shore right by her side. ~ Fraudulenti : legs alright, I’m on my way. ~ He then placed his hand in the dead woman's blood and then in a clumsily manner slather the blood on his legs and waited till his legs were fully formed . He didn’t bother to ask about Aquam for he saw the shark dragging her away on his approach.The shark which dragged Aquam away had pulled her down into a tunnel under the island . This tunnel led right in to an underground pool where the waters there were rather cooler then the waters out side of and it almost seemed as if these waters were not salty but were fresh waters as if this island was volcanic at one point in time and this was a left over cave from an old eruption. Aquam looked around and would nod to the shark and the shark then would swim around the pool as Aquam would stay below the waters . She noticed some sort of dock on the edge of the pool. She didn’t understand how or what the dock would be fore but she was not going to do anything hastily having been taught better by her mother. Her eyes looked over the lay out of the cave . The only thing she noticed was that the entrance were she had came in would be the only way in so for there to be a dock here it would mean that this island had ….. she didn’t want to think of anything else she only imagined that she needed to tell Vexylla about this . She turned to the shark and then would nod pointing to the tunnel again as if saying we are going now . The shark turned around and started to swim back down but there came a swell of water surging into the tunnel causing the hole cave to flood pushing Aquam back and up away from the tunnel trapping her in the now flooding cave. ~
DayaAutum: -Aquam’s mother’s arrival was more or less ignored by Vexylla as she was in mid transformation. Her bones of her tail were joining together to form the leg and foot bones, or at least one set, making her tail stretch and quiver in an unusual manner. Then came the splitting of the bones into two. Vexylla breathed deeply from the discomfort and pain as the bones one by one popped in two lengthwise, she kept her eyes closed and you could her the pop from beneath her scaled flesh. After the bones had split her flesh began to part and the scales withdrew revealing pale skin like what was upon her upper body and face, although her stripped pattern remained upon her legs. When the transformation had completed she wiggled her feet and slowly and cautiously arose to stand and look about the island. A foul stench of death and decaying flesh accosted her nostrils and she drew her hand with long hard black dagger nails to her nose in hopes of lessening the offending rancid odour. - It would seem that we would do well if we wish to discover Herimok's deep secrets that we need but to follow the smell.- Vexylla gazing into the fog and listening saw not heard anyone else. It seemed to her, and rightly so that the woman was a lone lookout there to only send other Upathians away and report who had dared to visit the island.
Dallo5013: ~Fraudulenti in his dramatic fashion would drop his face to the beach and would grunt and growl as the pain seemed to be overwhelming to him . With in almost no time his fins had ripped apart and was now two limbs and were knitting them selves together as the bones would pop and crack so loud it would sound like trees breaking asunder. His lower back fins would slowly curl up and would fuse together with his left leg as what was once a fanned out lower fin it would now be curling up into what would be only described as the first toe . In the mean time Aergos was almost fully transformed and was now wrapping a peace of cloth from the dead woman’s clothing around her self to use as covering and would even cut enough for Fraudulenti to use once he was done changing .~

DayaAutum: -Still holding her nose Vexylla gazed back at Fraudulenti and thought to herself that had anyone been around surely the noise from him would alert them to their presence. She gazed into the fog, merfolk eyes were far superior to human eyes, so were their ears and Vexylla was well aware of this. She saw and heard no one and proceeded clumsily towards the stench through the fog along a path trodden and worn by human feet. The island was small, and Vexylla could sense the presence of the sea in front of her by as much distance as was behind her when she came upon a clearing, and the obvious source of the foul odour. Through the fog Vexylla made out an altar covered in blood and human heads arranged neatly upon it as an offering. Besides the altar the mutilated and decaying remains of human bodies in pieces. The heads upon the altar forming ghastly and horrific expressions of agony.Her sense of magic could also see a circle about the altar, and her mind, being that of a merfolk, could detect the nature of this magic circle. It was one of raising dead to attack those not anointed who should enter the circle. Buried in the ground were bodies now decomposed to skeletons for this purpose. Herimok's intent was that none would be able to see the altar without penetrating this circle and activating the trap, however, Herimok was unfamiliar with the vision of a merfolk, and Vexylla could see well enough outside this perimeter. On the other side of the altar was a pillar, and on the side of the pillar was a hole carved into it like a shelf. Above the shelf the words “The tablet of Nerull, read and despair”. Vexylla looked back to see if her companions had followed her, ready to stop them should they get too close to the perimeter not noticing the circle Herimok had placed there.-
Dallo5013: ~Aegros and Fraudulenti were stumbling up the path as quiet as can be. Aegros she herself had noticed a faint red glowing barrier and the growing stench of rotting flesh was growing more and more foul as they drew closer and closer until they would stop right behind Vexylla . Fraudulenti with out making a sound would point to the glow heading out around the outer perimeter of the alter and how there was something more gloomy about this place . Aegros nodded to Fraudulenti and then would even point to the severed heads upon the altar . She also noticed that Vexylla herself seemed to have noticed all they were seeing and was even ready to tell them to stay back. They could tell she had something on her mind. Back at the cave Aquam was being sucked up to the top of, she noticed that the water that was being sucked into the cave was much cooler then what was in the cave when she came in . She then realized that this must be the breath of the cave, meaning, as the walls of the cave were to heat up causing the water to warm in the cave it causes the air in the cave to vanish thus creating a suction pulling in the water from out of the sea till it would fill the cave . Aquam also knew that once the cave were full it would have to escape some were so she would look now for a vent of some sort that could either lead her back to the sea or get her into a world of hurt ~
DayaAutum: -Vexylla’s breath became more frequent and deep and she gazed to her two companions with a wild and worried look in her eyes- I know little of the tablet of Nerull, other than it was written by the god Nerull to enslave those who dwell upon land, but something went wrong with it and it drives any who read it insane. - Carefully gazing back to the pillar with the empty shelf she continues- This is beyond what we know how to deal with, we need to seek council with the Leviathan about this.
Dallo5013: ~Aquam still trapped in the cave , being pressed against the ceiling would notice a hole in the far left side of the cave . Motioning to her shark she then started pulling herself along the ceiling till she had reached the opening of the hole . The water pressure there was so much greater than on the other side of the cave, so much so that it sucked the shark and her almost instantly into it . Aquam just clung to her shark as they were spiraled out into what would seem to be a lake over looking the island. Not quite at the top of the island but not quite at it’s middle either but somewhere in between. This Lake over looking the island gave way to an elegant looking water fall that fell into a cove that stretched out back to the sea . Aquam took the time to look around the lake to see if there were anything in the lake she could take back to the others . Alas there was not a thing worth taking so she would turn her attention to what was over the side of the ledge taking note of the water fall would make sure not to get too close to it for she was not yet ready to go back into the sea . She wanted to see what was over the edge and so she pulled her self up by one of the many vines and plant life that were struggling to live on this island . As she looked over the edge the smell of rotting flesh would waft up and grace her nose with it’s stench . The stench was so bad she almost instantly puked , as she would now be looking over the edge of the ledge she would notice off in the distance a body of a woman laying there wearing a white cloth . This was the same woman that Vexylla had killed not too long ago . Her eyes would then follow the only path that would seem to be on this island . She her saw father then her mother and a little further down the path she spotted Vexylla . Aquam’s eyes would also notice why the three down on the path were not moving any closer. It was  because of an aura of some sort of magic spell . The malevolent  red aura was even apparent to her from way up there were she was . Aquam’s eyes would drift off back to the woman then something would catch her eye. She looked further down the path were she seen an altar covered in blood and heads placed up on it . She even noticed the rotting bodies lain about and pikes with heads up on them . As her eyes moved to view even more of the of the island she would notice something that would be hidden from then down there for it was further back behind a tall standing rock that stood about twenty feet tall and stood back from the altar about ten feet and was almost as wide as the altar . So Vexylla and her parents would not be able to see it, but Aquam being up so high had a full view of the island and was able to see what was hiding behind the large rock . It looked to be some sort of glass vial. But this was no normal one it was almost the same height of the rock behind it. This glass structure looked to be made in the shape of some sort of God or divine entity, or rather an unholy one. Aquam not knowing all the God’s forms or even what they all were about would only know that this was something filled with some sort of red substance . This substance she would figure was the blood of so many slain and she then looked down a bit closer to the glass and would almost puke again for she would see eyes rolling around in the vial. Then with all hast she pulled back from the ledge but not before noticing that laid around the glass statue were the same clothing that that woman had on. She then thought to her self that the woman that Vexylla had killed must have been one of the next to be sacrificed there at that altar. So in the end Vexylla had done a kindness to the woman in taking her life before those that worship here on this island had done to her unspeakable things. Aquam now would look to the water fall and then look around for the shark. She noticed the shark and waved to it motioning the shark to go. They both then swam off diving into the grotto as she would fall she placed her hands out in front of her and once upon entering the water blow she would arch her hands up so that the slight curve of her hands would cause her entire body to follow up wards from the shear momentum of the fall. Once her body had made it back to the surface of the water she would look to make sure her shark was okay and finding the frilled predator she then made her way back around the island to were her mother and father had made their way up onto the shore and would pull her self out of the sea once more to lay down by the dead woman and would stay there waiting on her mother and father to return . She even looked to the woman and would say to her . -This day you have been visited upon by a kindness . ~
DayaAutum: -Vexylla after taking a final look about the alter motioned for the others to follow her back out to sea and trod along the way that they had come, her steps while still not as graceful as the Upathians who had been here before were starting to get better. -We had best find Aquam and her shark and be on our way. We must drag the woman’s body with us and let it be eaten lest Herimok know that someone had been here.- making her way to sea she ran to it, her legs returning instantly to her fins and tail as if the water were washing away a confectioners frosting to reveal her scales. Having been returned to normal made her feel better, with a single swish of her tail she thrust herself back to the shore just in reach of the woman’s body and gripping it tight with both of her pale hands dug her long sharp black claws into it’s garments and flesh and dragged it into the sea as the waves receded back across the blood stained sand letting the undertow drag her and the dead body along under the surface of the water.-
Dallo5013: As the others were slowly starting to join her and Vexylla had already made her way back into the water she turned around and flopped herself back into the water as well were she made her way over to Vexylla. ~ Aquam: Vexylla, please stop for a moment. I have something I need to tell you. The shark that pulled me away, he took me ~ as she started to tell what had happen to her and how the shark had taken her into a hidden cave and how the breath of the island had pulled her up to a lake over looking the island, her mother and father would finally join them in the sea and would say to her ~Aegros: slow down and start from the beginning. ~ Aquam would nod and then would take the time to explain every thing that had happened from her being dragged into a hidden cave that seemed to have a dock in it. But why a dock would be in a cave that had no entrances she didn’t understand.She then would even explain how the breath of the island spewed her out into a lake just above the red aura of the evil spell and would tell them about the glass statue of some sort of God and that it was filled with blood and eyes. She then rolled over and placed her first finger to her lips wondering if she had missed anything .She nodded and said ~Aquam:oh yes there was also lain about around the statues the clothing just like what that woman was wearing . I am sure Vexylla that she was to be the next to be slain there at that altar.
DayaAutum: -Holding the dead body in her clutching hands Vexylla slowed her swimming and steadied herself in the undercurrents countering the current a bit with fluttering fins and allowing herself to be taken slowly in order to listen to Aquam. She listened patiently to her and only spoke after she had finished, even after her parents had joined them and the tale was told to them also - She had no panic about her when I took her, if she was to be sacrificed she did not know or was a willing sacrifice. Either way her disappearance will only add more confusion to the situation for Herimok. What the glass and it’s contents were for I can not say, it may have been an offering or perhaps part of the spell for the altars defenses I have no way of knowing now. -Shaking her head and lowering her eyes she continues - What we saw was an empty shelf for a rather dangerous artifact I know little about, we must return to the Leviathan for guidance on the matter. -Vexylla looks back up to her companions and begins to pull the dead body out to sea - The artifact is called the Tablet of Nerull, and it deals with enslaving the peoples of the land by nefarious means. How it actually works I do not know or how to deal with it and anyone who is able to have it read to them who might learn it’s dark secrets I do not know either. Something went wrong with it’s use and has made humans and other land races insane. -Letting loose with one of her hands she turns herself about and begins to swim dragging the body along until a dark silhouette of a tiger shark crossed her path ahead and turned interested in the scent of blood. She let it loose as the shark approached leaving it to be devoured and thus should any remains wash upon shore it would appear the woman had been taken out to sea and devoured, covering the truth that Vexylla had visited the island and killed her herself. She did not wish for Herimok to discover that she had discovered his secret, at least not yet.- Aquam you have not yet gone to see the Leviathan, is there any reason that you should be with held from doing so now?
Dallo5013: ~ Aquam’s eyes would widen when he heard what Vexylla had just asked her about the Leviathan . She wanting to shake her head no but would instead do the adult thing and would answer in a soft yet clear voice saying ~ Aquam : I have not finished my training . In fact I have never been to the other villages to learn of them . So before I can go to see the Leviathan I must first finish up my training . ~ She then looked to her mother and father and say ~ Aquam : Before you can say anything, I have realized on this journey just how little I really know and I am willing to do what is right. I shall go and finish my learning. Mother and father should you have a reason to call for me I will be at the Gold  village first. ~Aquam’s mother and father would nod to her and would reach out as if they wanted to hug her but Aquam had already taken her leave and swam off as fast as she could towards the gold village she knew was close. She was determined to become a proper adult and do it right, then she would be of use to her family ~
DayaAutum: Well then, at your age and with what you have seen and how you have behaved, minus the shark’s strange dominance over your actions of course, I would imagine the remaining villages will move you along quickly. -Vexylla watched as the tiger shark made quick work of the woman’s dead body. It tore off piece after piece eating it quickly, it was a free meal. Soon however other sharks smelling the blood and being left with nothing in the area after the Upathians scouring of the sea with their nets were greedy for the body and swam in looking for the nourishment their bodies craved and devoured any pieces left. There would be nothing that would wash ashore, Vexylla had skillfully and with knowledge of the sea and the current situation seen to it that the woman would vanish without a trace. - Fraudulenti, I trust that you have her villages in mind? Perhaps we shall go on and then leave her to finish her education? - Vexylla after seeing the hungered frenzy had already begun her direction towards the gorges of the Leviathan not wishing to loose precious time. Soon the survivors of the battle they had waged would find the shore of the Upathians and the tales of the demise of their mighty fleet would go over well, perhaps with disbelief and the execution of the survivors as deserters, perhaps with horror and shock. But either way, Vexylla’s plan of a shift defeat of the Upathians to bring them to their knees complete with humiliation and total upbraiding would have to wait for the vital words of the Leviathan as to the new discovery of Herimok’s having a place set for the mysterious tablet before she would continue. This tablet meant something, something more important than what she was doing, and new plans must be made with more knowledge than she currently had.-
Dallo5013: Fraudulenti: Yes she knows and I know witch villages she will go to. We have spoken of these villages many times and she knows the way there because in her time away from home she has been by each village . yet never going in because of ,~ he pauses and would just node to Vexylla. There were still some things that he would not speak about rather he would just look to Aegros and then back to Vexylla before speaking again . ~Fraudulenti: Yes lets start out on our way .
DayaAutum: -Not sure of what might have kept Aquam from her education Vexylla looked as though she were gazing upon a crazy person, but did not push the issue and simply let it go saying -Well then, we shall part ways here then. Aquam I trust you are on your way then and we will most likely meet again soon? Surely the past few days have impressed upon you the importance of it. For now I will bid you farewell. -As she spoke she stretched forth her hands to grasp Aquam’s hands and squeeze them in a farewell gesture before releasing them and turned to her parents - We should leave now, the sooner we discover the meaning of Herimok’s shelf for this tablet the sooner we can be back to address the issue and continue our dealing with him. Farewell Aquam. - Taking her leave she swam apart from them and paused allowing Aquam and her parents to part ways before swimming off with them to see the Leviathan and god of the sea. Unbeknownst to them however, along there way, giant predators not under merfolk control searched for signs of prey. The Anomalocaridid of Valaria swam silently and invisibly in the dark depths-
Dallo5013: ~Aquam nodded to Vexylla then took her hand before letting loose of it and turning to her father and mother said. ~Aquam; yes Take care and be safe with this said she took off leaving her mother with Vexylla or at least more or less to catch up with Vexylla. As it would stand they were quite a long ways away from the first village that Aquam was to visit. Now as she headed to the Village of Nyi the Golden village the Upathians call the shelf at the end of the world just off the main lands out were the fresh water and salt water would form a divide. This is where the Upathians would fear to travel for as the waters meet there what would seem to be a fall or a sudden drop that would form . However, this is just an illusion created by the light reflecting off of the salt and the coral that have created a nice shiny under reef. This reef is mainly made up of brain coral and shine pearl that came from giant clames . In the mean time back with Aegros and Fraudulenti , they now would make their way over to Vexylla not even feeling or even knowing what was below the deep depths of the water. They had not a clue might be in store for them all they knew was they had to go to the Leviathan and that was all that was on their minds right now . They knew all too well that Aquam was able to take care of herself even thou they would every now and then look back to watch their daughter swimming away from them yet again . ~
DayaAutum: -As Fraudulenti and Aegros caught up to Vexylla she uncoiled her tail and with a single push of the large fin pushed herself speedily through the water. It was her intent on making the journey as quick as possible. Relatively speaking, the gorges of the Leviathan were a short span in comparison to the vast stretches of water that comprises the seas of Valaria. It was, relatively speaking, a mere four hundred miles making it a ten hour journey at top speed. Provided they took no rests or bothered to catch their dinner. Vexylla was hoping to return in little more than a day with proper knowledge and strategies for a Nerull Tablet wielding Herimok. Upon passing over the edge of the continental shelf, Vexylla dived hard into the darkness, her eyes adapting to the sea green luminous waters lighted by the plankton of Valaria’s depths that only those with the best of dark vision could see or know. Over fissures and crags, valleys and hills she swam with endurance any athlete would think impossible. Ahead however, loomed the Anomalocaridid loomed. The creature was camouflaged well, but it’s one flaw was that while it could match color and texture perfectly, it had no bioluminescence. It appeared to Vexylla that a shadow had slipped behind a massive rock rising from the sea floor. The lack of light gave away the silhouette of the Anomalocaridid, a sign all merfolk knew well. Uncertain if she had indeed seen a silhouette of the vulnerable creature or not, she slowed and pointed to the outcropping rock. -I thought I saw a Anomalocaridid, perhaps not -Vexylla shakes her head.- look sharp, we need to go up and make certain no others get close.
Dallo5013: ~ As Aegros and Fraudulenti passed over the continental shelf, they took one last look back to watch Aquam vanish from sight. They then turned and swam as fast as they could and would catch up with Vexylla in no time at all. Just then they stopped and would look around they too had seen something that would look like a shadow that ever so slightly had slide from their view. They looked now to Vexylla and would nod before pointing over to the left and behind them. There it would seem that there was more then one shadow. This could be the fading light just leaving a faint hint of a shadow, but they knew all to well that that’s not what it was so they would look to Vexylla saying to her ~ Fraudulenti : It would seem there is something were you pointed however I think it best we not stick around to find out for Aegros has seen two other shadows not too far from the first one . ~ Aegros then would shiver as if she felt something walking over her grave so to say . ~Aegros : Moving on now please, and fast! ~ They knew that these predators were not as fast as them but they were more then capable of sneaking up on them so the less time they spent around unfamiliar shadows the better .~
DayaAutum: -Vexylla gazes white her dark eyes to the left and behind turning her head carefully admist her swirling black hair. It was not unknown for these monsters of the deep to hunt in small numbers, chasing prey that would sense one to go into a different direction and right towards another unaware due to their fear of what was behind them. It was also the reason that they were second to no predator in the deepest depths other than thee mighty Kraken and the Leviathan himself. Attack one, and another will get the jump on you, and no one ever knows how many there are. The combination of stealth and traveling in small packs of unknown positions and numbers proved to be a lethal and indomitable combination. Vexylla searches to the right and scanned the depths, all was a perfect and clear sea green with no shadows. She raised her hand and stretched her forefinger with it’s wicked sharp and long black claw of a nail to the right and nodded her head in that direction to indicate which direction to go and swam for it, at about the speed of thirty miles an hour. Faster than the Anomalocaridid could swim, and hopefully slow enough to thoroughly scan what was ahead.Her fins waving in curls like a serpent with little to and fro of her tail to minimize disturbance of water to move as silently as possible at that speed. It was obvious that she had no intent on combating these behemoths and wisely preferred to avoid them.-
Dallo5013: ~Aegros and Fraudulenti swiftly followed Vexylla as fast as they could . making sure to keep a close pace. Not too close but close enough that they would feel the vibrations of her tail movements . They used the vibrations of her tail movements to guide them as their eyes would look about the sea to make sure they were not being followed and to make sure that they as well would not fall into a trap laid by those Anomalocaridid.As they made there way they three alone. Aquam herself was making her way to the gold village that her father had told her so many times about. However, she noticed that the frilled shark that had showed her the cave had been following her, it seemed to be on guard as if it felt something odd about the waters. Aquam waved to the shark calling it to join her at a closer pace, and for good reason. She knew there was a school or gathering of wandering weed jelly fish not too far from where they were swimming towards so she wanted the shark to stay close to her so it would not be affected by the wandering weed jelly fish’s sting. After all she knew the underwater rivers well and was more then capable of leading the old shark though them safely ~
DayaAutum: -Vexylla gave the Anomalocaridid a wide berth before veering again towards the Leviathan. The detour would cost them hours and it was possible that they would have to be careful upon their return so as to avoid the Anomalocaridid’s maneuvers. There was little sense in going around to warn villages as doing so has lead to the only deaths of merfolk by these creatures in history. The silent predators of the deep have never been successful in attacking villages, only those who swam around to warn others were ever caught by them and so the practice was abandoned. It was an odd lesson the Leviathan through this creature taught the merfolk. Keep cool, and do not endanger oneself over a fear that is naught. Vexylla swam for many hours, and day tuned to night without notice in the dark sea green depths of Valaria. Finally the gorges where the Leviathan has lurked since primordial times loomed ahead like black rivers of darkness along sandy sea floor. Vexylla followed a large gorge searching for tell tale signs of the god of the sea until a rush of water swept over her pushed by water being displaced on a massive scale as the Leviathan’s coils stirred like the hills changing their shape within the gorges. Enormous back scales the size of small islands rose to softly illuminated by the sea green light of Valaria’s sea green plankton. Ahead, a mass many times larger than the Anomalocaridid they skirted rose from the black gorges and bone white sabers spread within below snake eyes the size of a bus. The Leviathan had stirred, and raised it’s head to greet them. “So, what brings the granddaughter of Morgylla and her party to see me? Even you Vexylla would not have vanquished Herimok and his followers of manipulated worms so quickly. Aeregos and Fraudulenti I see that you have joined her as well. Surely something of great interest has transpired to detour such merfolk from their prey?” The Leviathan spread his massive saber teeth into a grin larger than an enormous castle at them-
Dallo5013: ~ Fraudulenti swam right into the back of Aegros as she had stopped swimming. She looked now up on the Leviathan and would nod to him before turning to slap Fraudulenti for not watching were he was going. She would not speak to the Leviathan because it was only proper that Vexylla tell him what has transpired and how they must seek his wisdom. That and her thoughts had turned now to her daughter wondering when she would make it to see the Leviathan. She then shakes her head and smiles a sweet smile and would look up to the Leviathan waiting on Vexylla to speak. In the mean time Fraudulenti was groaning from having been slapped once again right in front of the Leviathan to his embarrassment. He remembered the first time he came to meet with the Leviathan and how in his first meeting Aegros had slapped him right in the face that time too. All because his eyes were not paying any attention to what was ahead of him but was looking on all of the Leviathan. Once again Fraudulenti was in awe of the size of the Leviathan . How his body was beyond one’s sight. Meaning not even a merfolk would be able to see the full size of him, now once again in a shameful manner he would turn his eyes to the Leviathan and would open his mouth saying in as humble a manner as he could ~ Fraudulenti : we have come here because of ~ before he could say anything more he felt a strong gaze staring him down.A gaze that would send his soul shivering. He knew all to well that Aegros was ever so displeased with him so he just smiled in a childish manner knowing all to well he was not going to hear the end of this.
DayaAutum: -As the Leviathan spoke Vexylla slowed her speed and steadied herself in the water with her fins waving in small furls against the currents and lowering her trident to her side. -We were indeed making war upon the Upathians and even now they are doomed beyond salvation without knowledge of their demise, but we have found an alter of blood sacrifice to an unknown god, and a pillar with a shelf inscribed for the tablet of Nurrel. This is far beyond my knowledge and wisdom Leviathan as I know naught but that it was created to enslave the land dwellers to Nurell but something went wrong with it and it now drives those who read it to incurable insanity. - The leviathan’s enormous eyes narrowed and his grin of saber teeth widened when Vexylla mentioned the pillar made for the tablet of Nurell. “So!” The Leviathan roared with a dark glee. “Herimok expects to obtain the tablet of Nurell. “ The Leviathan chuckled and waves of water rushed past the three merfolk as he recoiled his titanic body savoring an opportunity. “The tablet of Nurell has been destroyed many times, only to spawn again in an unknown location. I have longed to take possession of it that I might antagonize the traitorous fallen gods by tempting them to retrieve it from my Lair, or even much more gloriously tamp them to come to me so that I might destroy them! Now, we finally have an opportunity to seize it for that purpose. This is far more important than the foolhardy Upathians, if you are willing to embark on a more glorious quest I shall send heliocoprons to ensure that no ship either leaves or returns from Upathia and you three shall search for the tablet and bring it to me.” The Leviathan lowered his voice and let his maw return to more familiar grimace before telling them the nature and history of the tablet of Nurell. “The tablet was written by Nurell and contains his flawed wisdom and many lies. It speaks of how mankind and the elves and all humanoids are meant to become slaves and gives advice and magic as to how to enslave them, if one will become a slave themselves to fallen gods. But the creatures the tablet speaks of enslaving were never meant for such things, and their minds reject such notions but the tablet works powerful magic to force their minds to accept what they read as absolute truth. The end result is total insanity. It was one of Nurell's greatest dimwitted failures, but also one of his most diabolical and dangerous creations. One may learn it’s advice and magics if one but listens to another read it, they will not go completely insane and learn it’s secrets but the reader shall go utterly mad. It is a rectangular tablet of gray color and appears to be written in a language none can understand, but is readable. It is but a foot tall and eight inches across but has many words speaking folly. That is what you must seek. Those at Rose Lake have heard that such a tablet was found in lands claimed by a gold dragon named Anaya. Surely this dragon must know of it’s whereabouts as it is far too likely it was not destroyed or else it would have not have had a shelf made for it or be expected so close to it's last location. Rather it would  not have spawned yet and be unknown to Herimok. If you are willing, you must not seek to punish or destroy, only the tablet matters and such things will only reduce your chances of success. Anaya keeps a slave who calls himself King who truly would be a prime kill for any merfolk but you must not do so, nor to any, especially Anaya herself as she being a gold I need not tell you that she can do what we can not. Are you are willing to lay aside your desire to follow the ways of a punisher and go to Rose Lake and secure transportation to Iron Castle and begin your search?” The Leviathan grinned broadly as he waited for their response.-

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Dallo5013: ~ Aquam having traveled almost half way to the gold village suddenly stops. Something has caught her eyes, it was a woman dressed in only a shimmering long black robe and was walking on the water out in the middle of the sea. This was something that is never seen, nor ever heard of. Aquam started to fear that she was losing her mind and began to wonder if she was soon to follow the sun or if this was truly a woman walking upon the water.Aquam swam closer to the woman and noticed that the woman wore a blindfold over her eyes and had a strange aura flowing from her. As she got closer to the woman she could notice not a breath did the woman take and the heart that beet with in the woman’s chest didn’t seem to be her own .There was even in the woman a preasons of unborn children held there from what would seem to be a spell of sorts. The woman’s hair was long ,silver and black flowing down to meet with the water. Aquam swam up till she was able to be face to face with the woman and treaded water with her head tilted side to side making sure to stay arms length away from the woman . The woman smiled and spoke in a soft voice ~Woman : greetings young one, Daughter of the sea. Will you allow this old woman to pass ?~ Aquam looks at the woman and would wonder why and how she would walk up on the water so freely ~ Aquam : how is it you would come to ask me for passage when you already walk so freely up on the waters . ~ Aquam would then look to the woman’s feet and then back to her face. By now Aquam had noticed that the voice of this woman was not quite right for it was not the voice of one, but the voice of many. Aquam could feel the subtle vibrations of many voices speaking all at once.Also there was a strange power behind the woman’s voice . The woman nodded to the young mermaid as if she knew that this daughter of the sea could see everything and then in her soft voice spoke ~ Woman: Daughter of the sea, I will not say fear me not, for all that is unknown can cause harm to you and I am not fully of the sea nor am I fully of the land. I have left my land for a time being so that Sallace might sweep over my land freely and divide the Empire according to it’s plan. So again Daughter of the sea I ask,  Might I have passage in your waters? ~Aquam’s voice now would have a slight uneasy quiver to the sound of it. She feared that a woman with such a soft voice that can make her uneasy and is able to walk up on the waters so freely and speak with a wisdom of the ages would surely not need her permission to treed these waters. ~ Aquam: You walk upon the water. What is to stop you from swimming?~ The woman stands there not saying a word as Aquam would speak to her. ~ Aquam: Seeing how you walk upon water, what manner of being are you and why would you leave your land to Sallace?  Should you not try to protect your land from such a thing? ~ The woman smiled answering in the same manner with a soft humble sounding voice ~ Woman : My land is safe and Sallace is the name of my second in command. He is well capable of taking good care of my homes. ~Aquam : It would appear I have miss spoken. ~ she nods to the woman out of respect then would say ~ In your form the sea would not be kind to you and your swim would be a long one and the depths are rot with dangers, so much so that you would do wise to take to the air instead.` The woman merely would smile then would drop her robe in what would seem to be slow motion. The body of the woman would shift forms into that of what would almost resemble a mermaid. However this would be the woman’s design. For she had once seen a fish of gold color with red streaks down it’s spine and and the fins of this fish were so fine they were transparent. So this woman had shifted her body to match that fish save for the upper half of her body, that she left in the form of a woman so she would almost pass for a mermaid. Aquam’s eyes widened as the woman would fall into the water only to swim down for about a distance with in a short span of time then turn about and swim so fast she would leap from the water showing off to the young mermaid. The woman once landing back in the water would in the same manner as Aquam would rise her self up from the water and would then speak to her ~ Woman: One last time I will ask of you daughter of the sea, might I have passage through your waters? ~The woman would look up on the young mermaid not with her eyes but with her thoughts, wondering to her self, does not this young mermaid know the true nature of their souls, that not even the reapers such as her self dare to reap a soul so tainted, one so poisoned that has been cursed so that only the body of the mermaid is capable of housing such a soul. The souls of the mermaid are so purely cursed that that should even a reaper try to touch the soul they would succumb to it’s curse almost instantly.This woman was no fool, she would not touch her soul. She had learned some things over the years but she didn’t fully understand why every mermaid she had run into had such a soul and she was not about to ask for it might be one of their closely guarded secrets. She would keep her thoughts to her self for now. Aquam with wide eyes looked the woman over and in awe would nod to her before saying in a clear sounding voice ~ Aquam : If the sea welcomes you so freely them I as well will, just go on your way and follow me not. ~ The woman would grinning said to her . ~Woman : I travel to what is known as the end of the world. I want to see for myself should there be such an end to the world. ~ Aquam would laugh and would say with a smirk ~ then to the end of the world you shall travel . I head that way my self. ~ She then sighs and would swim off not saying an other word knowing, as did all merfolk that the world was a circle without an end . As Aquam swam off the woman would nod and then float face down in the water for a short span of time, for she noticed that the water in the area was disturbed. There was something lurking just below them and was in fact following Aquam as she swam away. The woman swiftly swam off after her catching up in no time at all, all the while the frilled shark that had been swimming with Aquam had vanished and Aquam hadn’t even noticed it’s disappearance . Mean wile back at the Leviathan Aegros and Faudulenti just nod listening to that the great Leviathan had to say. As the Leviathan would speak of going to Rose Lake, Aegros would think to herself how she would have liked to have taken her daughter to see Rose lake, however, this would not be a social call. They were going there to gain passage upon land and there would be clothing as well ~

DayaAutum: -No response came from Vexylla for a few moments, she was deep in thought reasoning what the Leviathan had said until finally she answered- The dangers of this Anaya and the land and people she holds sway over I trust Rose Lake will brief us upon our arrival and we make our destination known, but this tablet, is it indeed so simple? You have been our teacher and ally since our for-bearers arrived from the gods themselves. What else should we know? - The body of the Leviathan relaxed, and below them they could feel the rumblings like a distant great earthquake. “There is little to tell Vexylla, the tablet is corrupt, and flawed, and yet it holds the keys to summoning the magic of Nurrel focusing upon enslaving the creatures above to him but at the price I have told you. You, being merfolk are of a different sort and not subject to it’s persuasions, nonetheless it is dangerous item for if those you go to realize it’s power they might lust after what it can do and seek to obtain it. The only other intelligence I can offer is that it was one of Noapte’s Autums who obtained it while there. The Monarch herself so I have heard. I find it difficult to believe that she would simply leave it for the King to tamper with, but may have reached an agreement with Anaya who being a gold dragon would disdain it greatly and thus be motivated to keep it safe. All these things I have little doubt Rose Lakes inhabitants will tell you and they may have at least some more detail. What became of it and where it is now, is for you to discover.” -Vexylla nods and replies simply -I shall go to Anaya and her Iron and if able, retrieve this Tablet of Nerull and bring it to you.- The Leviathan blinks and his enormous eyes shift to Fraudulenti and Aregos “and you, will you accompany her?”

Dallo5013: ~Fraudulenti and Aergos would look to the great Leviathan and would nod before speaking, both at the same time as if they were in one mind knowing the others thoughts ~both : We will go to Rose lake and then make our way as you have instructed us to do . ~ they both then look at one an other with an unspoken understanding that the journey that they are about to embark upon will be fraught with dangers and they might not return to the sea for quite some time. Both of their minds slightly drift off to their daughter Aquam and how she would fair with her studies.As Aegros thought upon her daughter she softly sighed knowing she is her father’s daughter and kinda wondering if she will make the same mistakes he did. Fraudulenti would smile his childish grin and would then place his hand up on Aegros’s shoulder before speaking ~Fraudulenti: Lets be on our way, the sooner we get this done the faster we can bring Herimok down. ~Aegros nodes then would say ~ Aegros: Why such a man would exist is beyond my understanding, yet of this one thing I am sure, we must do all in our powers to stop him and if that means in the process we are able to aid in the distraction of the God slayer himself then so be it. Lets go . ~ she with a new renewed determination would turn and make ready to swim off in the direction of Rose lake. In the mean time back with Aquam and the woman they made there way to the end of the world, so to say. Yet there followed behind them a large creature deep below the water. The woman had been keeping a close eye out for it. As for the frilled shark there is still no sign of it and Aquam has finally noticed that it was no longer with them . She paused for but one short moment to scan the waters looking for the shark before shaking her head and swimming on towards the end of the world. ~

DayaAutum: -Rose Lake was not far off and Vexylla was swift to follow them as they made their way. Night turned to morning and as they ascended towards the surface the sun’s yellows and oranges illuminated the crystal waters of the sea and the sandy sea floor rose sharply with bedrock crags and corals of all types and many clams. The delicacies of Rose Lakes cuisine flourished. Soon the entrance to Silver lake shinned in the bright morning suns rays and Vexylla swam through the tunnel and emerged in the peaceful lake swimming through the cat tails and lily pads until the marble building appeared before her. She swam through it’s under water entrance and emerged in the pool in the center of one end of the marble building to be greeted by the attendant who setting a book aside got up from a carved wooden bench and reached out to Vexylla, Aregos and Fraudulenti to assist them from the pool. “Greetings merfolk, welcome to Rose Lake. Let me help you up and give to you vial for your tails.” Vexylla allowed her to pull her out and to pillows and cushions set upon the floor for the purpose of having merfolk set upon them while they trans form. Vials were already set upon a table next to the pillows and she reached over and took one to sprinkle the blood upon her tail as the attendant reached out to assist her companions.-

Dallo5013: ~Aegros following closely to Vexylla would be the second one to emerge from the water only to be aided by one other attendant helping to pull her from the water. Once she was upon the soft pillows that were laid about the floor just for the mermaids to lap up on, she would herself take from the table a vile and sprinkle it’s blood up on her fins. She then laid back and almost instantly the blood would take affect causing her some discomfort as her bones would shift and split inside her tail, pulling and popping almost load enough that the attendant would be able to hear. She dropped her head back and spread her arms out as the pain increased, yet not a sound would she make. Some time later Fraudulenti would find his way to the entrance. However, once he started to lift from the waters he startled the two attendants there because his body was covered in cattails and water lilys. He was such a tangled mess that he would resemble some sort of water monster. One of the attendant screamed out calling for the guards who, realizing what had transpired at a glance only laughed. Fraudulenti then screamed out in panic as he dived back into the water for safety ~Fraudulenti : Not again!!!!!

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