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The Wages of Evil. Merfolk of Valaria Story Line

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DayaAutum: -Laying back Vexylla shut her eyes for the transformation as her bones and flesh split and reformed. Her scale gave way to smooth pale skin streaked with black stripes like a barracuda as was her tail. Being mid-transformation she ignored the entertaining entrance of Fraudulenti, besides, another voice had captured what attention she had. It was the familiar voice of her grandmother Morgylla. “Vexylla my Granddaughter, I am pleased to see you but shouldn’t you be destroying that fool Herimok?” Morgylla spoke as she entered the room from the walkway. The attendant rummaged through a chest and found a black robe and sleek black boots made of the same silk as the robe. Vexylla looked and nodded to her legendary grandmother - Yes, but we have found something of more interest, it seems he expects to come into possession of the tablet of Nurrel. Hence we left and sought council with Leviathan and are off to Iron in search of it. Morgylla’s eyes narrowed and she stroked her chin with her fingers tipped in long black claws. “Leviathan knows I am here Vexylla, and that as confident as I am in your ability, training and experience, I would not let you head this. Anaya and her slave consort are not to be so easily overwhelmed, it is a dangerous mission.” Morgylla looks to her grand daughter and grins widely “I shall go with you!” her announcement of taking over the quest did not sit well with Vexylla. Her grandmother was a legend whom could send word and draw an army of tens of thousands all eager to go on quest with her, while Vexylla as hard as she trained and studied, as talented and cleaver as she was was looked upon much like her mother was, not the prodigy and legacy anyone would hope for save those who had been with her. She had not her grandmothers fame nor the confidence of the vast population who did not yet know her, who only remember the disappointment of her mother, uncles, and aunts. She had hoped that heading this might help her change a few minds. Still, Morgylla was right, she was needed on this quest. -Very well Grandmother, with me are Aregos and Fraudulenti, where is Fraudulenti?- During her transformation Vexylla had not paid heed to what had transpired save for her grandmothers presence. “I believe he, well,” Morgylla clasped her clawed hands together below her bosom “I believe he needed to clear himself of the local plant life”.
Dallo5013: ~ The attendant calmed down enough to notice that the guards were doing nothing more than laughing , for they had seen this happen before as it was an all too normal occurrence for this merman. Fraudulenti was a bit of a klutz when it came to swimming through all the cattails and water lilies, he always would swim way too close and the cattails and water lilies would get caught up in his wakes and he would become hopelessly tangled up in them and  would end up scaring the snot out of the attendants when he surfaced. Fraudulenti was under the water swimming around and around fighting with the plant life fussing to him self that he swore the plant life here was out to make a fool of him. Aegros was almost fully transformed and was in a lot of pain from her bones splitting and popping. As soon as her feet were formed she rolled over and bit a pillow for her back spines were slowly curling up and the fins and scales along her legs were retreating into her now smooth skin. Once the pain had lessened she noticed a voice she had not heard before. She swiftly rolled right back over to see standing before her the legendary Morgylla. She would s swiftly sit up but then fall right back over in pain unable to properly greet the Merfolk legend. When she fell back over the same attendant that took a robe to Vexylla would bring one over to Aegros as well. Aegros once fully transformed slowly starts to shimmy into the robe and listened to what Morgylla had to say. As impressive as having such a renowned mermaid among them was, and as much as going on a mission with  her might please her, she was not so sure that Morgylla should be taking over, after all Vexylla knows what is going on far more than Morgylla. However she would keep her mouth shut for she did not wish to be rude and would even stare at the water hoping that Fraudulenti would return and go to the pools end and would place her hand flat to the surface of the water and would pat it three times just to let Fraudulenti know that it was safe to come back up. Fraudulenti came almost instantly and pulled himself up out of the water not needing any help and slithered like a snake over to the far side of the room and plop down on the pillows.. He then noticed that he was on the wrong side of the room and the blood for his legs was on the opposing side. However he didn’t want to interrupt what was being said so he just waited. The attendant noticing what he had done brought a vile of blood over to him . He could feel the cold icy stare from Aegros’s eyes. Having already embarrassed her in front of Morgylla he knew if he spoke out of turn he was surly never going to hear the end of it so he just took the vile of blood and sprinkled it up on his fin. Once the transformation had begone he grunted and rolled over placing his face into the pillows so as not to disturb anyone. ~
DayaAutum: -While Vexylla dressed in the silken robes and boots she took two large vials of blood, each had a chain and hung them from her neck, Morgylla continued while Fraudulenti re entered and began his transformation she relayed all that had happened at the island, and all that the Leviathan had told them. Morgylla listed intently and sitting down next to her answered “Yes I know of the tablet, it has been the ruin of more than one kingdom. Brave and good people have destroyed it many times thinking that they have rid the world of it’s plagues, but each time it simply respawned elsewhere a century latter far away to wreck havoc. Obviously Herimok has reason to think he can obtain it, and as foolish as he is, he would be competent enough to have good reason to think it is still close by and can obtain it. I know of the Iron Kingdom and was around when Anaya went there. It is full of slaves and prostitutes, and the merchants hear tales of murders and robberies of late.” Turning to Fraudulenti and Aregos she greets them “Greetings Fraudulenti and Aregos, I hope my plans to join you are acceptable? If so I think we should make ready to depart and get gold from the bank and hire a carriage as soon as possible.” Vexylla having finished dressing turns to her companions and patiently waits for their answer.-
Dallo5013: ~Aegros would stand up and shimmy her hips slightly so that the robe would drape over her properly and reached out towards the table to grasp for the vials of blood taking two of them into one hand and a chain into her free hand and strung the vials upon the chain wrapping the chain around her robe pulling it in close to her body. She also took two more over to Fraudulenti.He would take a bit longer to change and an attendant would toss a robe over him so that she would not see his bare body and give  him a pair of boots sized for him. These boot were shorter then most merman’s boots, for Fraudulenti had only four toes on his feet two toes on each foot so he needed a smaller boot to be able to walk properly on land. Shortly after he was fully transformed he would role over and would slide him self into the robe before wrapping the chain around his waist as well and then would slide the boots up on his feet. He looked to Vexylla and would speak before even thinking. ~ Fraudulent : Vexylla, did you notice that the altar where the heads were laid out on, it just occurred to me that they were laid in a star pattern. It almost seemed as if there was even some sort of gibberish written in all over the altar as well in the blood of the ones that were sacrificed. Sorry I should have mentioned this sooner. ~ He then looked around for his spear and would then look towards an attendant pointing to the pool where there was a floating pile of cattails that had his spear entangled in them. Another attendant walked over and knelt down to reach towards the spear trying to pull it to her by pulling on the cattails to drag it all to the edge where she could retrieve his spear. ~
DayaAutum : -Not hearing an answer from her companions for a time Vexylla intervened as she stood up and took her trident in hand. - I know your experience and knowledge would benefit our quest Grandmother, and either way we do need to make ready with all haste. I shall make a withdrawal from the bank and meet you by the docks. - Parting from her grandmother and companions Vexylla walks to the small dock of the reception building and takes the steps down to an elegant and slender boat where a ferryman awaited departing merfolk. An attendant hearing the conversation took an extra robe and boots similar to the ones Vexylla was already given and followed her with them and gave them to the ferryman for Vexylla to take on her journey. Such was the duty of such attendants, to provide these simple things all courtesy of the Royal family. Once Vexylla had taken a seat in the small craft the ferryman unhitched the mooring line and pushed off from the small dock and pushed the boat along with a long pole across the lake towards the main city as silently as the glowing sun. Morgylla looked to Aregos and Fraudulenti and instead of awkwardly awaiting a response from them began to plead her case citing who she would benefit them. “I have traveled to many such Empires in my time. While I have never met this Anaya, but I know of her, she is a gold dragon and while she takes her decadent pleasures she retains some sense of nature and holiness. She will have no love for this tablet or fallen gods and be glad for it to be in the Leviathans possession. All we need do is make our intentions known. We may be at odds with most dragons, but there is much common ground in this situation. However, proper diplomacy is needed, and having another who can cast lightning may present a, stronger presence and ensure her we able to safely transport the tablet. If, you accept my accompanying you, Vexylla will not take long at the bank and we should get going to the docks and find a suitable ferry with a carriage. Most merchants travel that way and they oft supply food and even armed guards ” Morgylla then waited patiently for them to respond to her.-
Dallo5013: Dallo5013: Aquam and the woman swam at a steady pace. The woman made sure to keep her eyes not only on where the young mermaid was swimming off too but would even keep her eyes up on what was at a slow pace following them. They had already put about thirty miles between the shadow and them selves, however the woman could still feel the waters trembling as if the shadow was relentlessly following them. As the fresh waters collided with the salty waters of the open sea the woman would start to slow down for she was finding it hard to adjust her form to be able to take the mixture of both salt and fresh waters. But that was not all that troubled her,the waters about them were trembling even more as if there was now more then one of these creatures following them . Suddenly the young mermaid stopped and turned back to the woman saying to her in an unsure voice like Aquam was concerned that the woman might get her self killed by this beast of the sea. o Aquam made ready her self as she spoke to the woman ~ Aquam : we are not a lone, there is something following us. I noticed that it had been following me for quit a ways. We must deal with this before we can go any further. Normally I would out swim the beast however given the relentlessness of this beast and now that I sense more than one it has to be dealt with before we go any further. ~ She stopped speaking then would dive about two feet lower and would scan the waters to see what advantages they might have. Aquam then rose from the water, the woman’s mind would wonder why the young mermaid would all of a sudden be so set on stopping these creatures from following them any further. The woman shook her head and would start to think clearly and only about the matter at hand when a wall of swirling water suddenly shot right up at them. Aquam was able to get out of the way of the water, however the woman was not so quick. She was hit right in the belly by the wall of swirling water. Now if this woman were a normal woman this would have knocked her out, however being she is no normal woman this water nearly caught her off guard. She felt a sudden vibration swimming right thru the water at her moving at about twenty miles per hour not giving her enough time to swim away. Being she is a shape shifter and water just so happens to be one of her elements she instinctively  shifted her form making her belly area turn into water as the beast to swam right through her. the woman kept her body split up and would form two of herself. One would swim up following the beast and the second would swim over to see if the young mermaid needed help. By this time the young mermaid was swimming right back at the woman slow enough so that the beast after her wouldn’t be lost. She then swam right past the second woman and up warts towards the first beast hoping that if the two of them were close enough to one an other they would start fighting and would ignore them . Right when she met up with the first woman swimming after the beast she called out to her telling her in an excited voice as she was leading the second beast right at the first one ~Aquam : woman get out of the way. Let me handle this you move now !~ The woman with out hesitation would suddenly dart off to the left letting the young mermaid take over. The first beast turned it’s head watching the woman swimming off in the opposite direction but wasn’t able to change directions as fast but instead kept swimming right at the young mermaid and within about twenty feet of the beast Aquam would do just as the woman had done and would suddenly dart off to the side making the beast that had been following her slam right face first into the other. Aquam would swim as fast as she could grabbing the first part of the woman and then the second part of her and would swim down as fast as she could. The woman unable to take the sudden changes in the pressure passed out. Aquam hadn’t noticed the woman passing out for sudden changes in pressure to her was nothing at all and for a moment she had forgotten that this was a land based creature. What was known as a shape-shifter or so Aquam had thought about the woman. And now from what had just transpired Aquam now knew the woman was not only a shape-shifter . This woman was more then what she seemed to be and this made Aquam hesitant to head towards the gold village. Aquam kept swimming down as far away from the creatures she knew to be Xiphactinus . She wondered why this woman was not screaming out in pain or why she wasn’t even bleeding from her ears from the pressure of the deep.Aquam hadn’t noticed that the woman was slowly starting to come around. The woman in her unconscious state would of her own accord adapt to the changes, even becoming more outwardly mermaid looking.The woman’s body would even become hole once more. About a half an hour later she would become fully conscious again. Aquam laid the woman on a shelf as she still wearing her blindfold turned her head side to side taking in the under water vibrations as if using the natural flow of the water to show her all that was around her. Aquam had no need for any sort of echo location because she was able to see under the water in the darkest of abysses. ~Aquam : what manner of woman are you? I am a mermaid what are you ?~ The woman opened her mouth to speak yet was unable to for her body still needed to adjust her vocal cords. So she held up her left hand and made a jester to wait a minute till she could figure out how to talk again now that she was down so very low in the depth of the water. She had before been turning the water into oxygen then passing the oxygen over her vocal cords but now she needed to use a different method to talk. She shifted her vocal cords around and finally figured a method that would work and softly at first would speak trying to keep most of the souls in her from speaking as she would talk to the young mermaid ~Woman : I am a …..~a slight pause ~Well I am not sure if you would understand this but I am an undead doll. I was born a Pleistocene shape-shifter but then around, well lets just say I was an old woman when I was kidnapped by some dead doll hunters. A rogue group of reapers that instead of collecting the souls of the dead and dying took the living and removed their birth souls to place them into the body of a doll and use the birth body they would place in side of it a black hole,that is what the jewel is called, the souls black hole. It is a reapers jewel, the kind that is said to never fill and is only used to house the souls of the lost and dying. The dead doll hunters would then use the the newly acquired bodies as puppets. I………………..~ The woman stopped talking and would just shake her head. ~ Woman : It is in the past and nothing can be done about it, however I was able to make a life for my self. Being there is no way to reunite my birth soul with my birth body I will forever be a dead doll. I maintain my birth abilities and now as I gather the souls of the dead and dying I gain their voice making my voice louder and louder to the point that the slightest whisper can vibrate through the very depths of livings souls. It has no affect on mermaids, I will not ask why. ~The woman smiled saying ~ Woman : Forgive me, I have been rude to you . I have not even told you my name. I am Dallo Joy Winter Wulf, the Empress of the Land of Winters. My Empire is off to the farthest north of the main land.Far north be on the Iron Dynasty. ~ Aquam would then look at the woman and would ask in a voice that would have a bit of excitement to it, as if Dallo might know something she needs to know. ~ Aquam: Dallo do you know anything about a cursed tablet called Nurell's Tablet? ~Dallo would shake her head saying to her. ~ Dallo : Forgive me, I am not from around here and I would not have a clue what that would be.  I have only ever ventured this way a few times to look over the land to see what was about this side of the world and in the last village I was in they spoke of an end of the world. So while all were asleep I started walking out over the waters to see if such an end existed or if it were just an old wives tail. ~Aquam nodded her head saying to Dallo ~ I will not bow to you nor will I treat you above my self, for all are equal in my eyes save for those that should be killed. I will take you as far as the end of the world, but from there you travel on your own. I have other places to be. ~ as Aquam spoke Dallo noticed that the beast that were after us were still fighting above them. She could feel how the massive jaws would slam against one an other biting into the armored plaiting of the other. She could feel the vibrations of the two of them fighting and they didn’t seem to be alone, there was something else steadfastly approaching the two beast as they were fighting. This new beast seemed to have a long snake like body and to her it felt like it had a snake head. However this snake like thing once it was with in fifty yards of the fighting Xiphactinus  it turned and swam straight down into the abyss right towards the two of them. Aquam also noticed this thing, it was the old frilled shark that had gone missing for a wile. Dallo not knowing that it was a companion of Aquam would tap Aquam’s shoulder and tell her about it. Aquam just busted out laughing saying ~Aquam : Not everything in the sea is uncontrollable. Well there are a few creatures we mermaids are unable to control, but this one coming is friendly with me. He is a frilled shark.~ Meanwhile back at Rose Lake,Fraudulenti and Aegros by now were fully dressed and Fraudulenti was like always stumbling around being he only had four toes. They both turned to Morgylla answering her saying ~Fraudulenti : It is a good idea that you come along with us, after all you have had more time on land then any of us, and yes I am Aegros are able to cast lightening.This would be our primary advantage and as you have said it might prove an encouragement to this one known as Anaya to let us take the tablet. However I will presume nothing and will keep my wits about me. As for Aegros, I am sure she welcomes your aid on this journey . ~ As Fraudulenti spoke Aegros nodded her head and looked towards the attendants asking them for robes and boots to take along with them as they would start to make their way down to the docks awaiting for Vexylla to return so that they might be on their way.~
DayaAutum: -The attendants upon hearing the conversation were not idle but quietly rummaged through the chests and procured extra robes and boots for the three Merfolk and tucked them in three separate bags of the same silken cloth and stood waiting to hand them to other ferrymen of whichever boat or boats the Merfolk chose to depart upon. Morgylla was pleased with Fraudulenti’s answer and smiled. She seemed a warmer and even perhaps a more passionate version of Vexylla, they appeared so similar, only her black markings were broader on her tail and face leaving less of the silver scales and pale flesh to show in between. She picked up her trident, and a rare one it was. It had four prongs each tipped with a dragon claw, and each dragon claw from a different and obviously very large dragon for only the very tip of each claw was needed for a single prong. Her trident was a testament to her prowess as it was obvious all claws were from dragons that she had killed. “Excellent” She said smiling at them both “Shall we be on our way?” With that she walked down the stairs to a dock with the grace and coordination of an elf having spent much time walking and entered a small boat with enough seating for them all. Likewise as with Vexylla an attendant handed the robe and boots to the ferry woman and the other attendants should Aregos and Fraudulenti enter the same craft hand their bags of extra attire to the ferry woman as well. Once it was known to shove off the ferry woman did so and they traversed the lake seemingly effortlessly till they came to a dock at the other end. The city before them was colorful and elegant, and rather bohemian with all the artists and scholars. Morgylla left the boat and made her way through the city to the docks leaving her hood off her head and hanging behind her “Once upon the mainland we do not wish to make it obvious that we are Merfolk, not until we meet Anaya shall we take down our hoods but keep them pulled even over our faces. Hiding our identities from Anaya will not be a gesture that inspires trust. Besides she will likely be able to catch our scent and our being merfolk is part of our credentials, but no one else need know.” She strode out to the docks leaving Fraudulenti and Aregos behind and called to a harbour master and spoke with him at some length before returning. It appears we are in luck, a ferry that caters to the very well to do and even the Royal family at times is available for hire. It comes with a fine carriage with seating for six, food, and two armed guards. It can be ready within the hour. Now, where is Vexylla?”-
Dallo5013: ~Fraudulenti and Aegros followed close to Morgylla and took their seats in the boat. Upon making it to the other side, the two of them waited in the boat for Morgylla’s return. Upon her return from talking with the harbor master they both stood up and stepped from the boat to greet Morgylla and nod to her saying ~Fraudulenti : Well as soon as Vexylla shows up we can be on our way .
DayaAutum: -A troll walked towards the docks carrying six bags, and ahead of him was Vexylla. It did not take long for Morgylla to notice her granddaughter being followed by such a troll. In other areas Trolls were dirty, smelly, and foul things but in Rose lake things were very different for Trolls, or least those Trolls who were citizens. This troll was clean, stood and walked straight, and was well dressed, and he even smelled good. “Merfolk give bad folks a good bashing, me proud to help merfolk on their way” the troll spoke as the two trod along. “Well it seems that we have found her” Morgylla after pointing out her grand daughter and the troll to her new companions went to greet Vexylla and informed her of the ferry she was to hire and together they went down the length of the dock. The ferry was not long in arriving, the owners were eager to be hired for such a long, and for them lucrative journey. The ferry was a broad sail ship with a very shallow draft for traveling up river, and very refined. Even the canvas used to cover the carriage was fancifully dyed and embroidered in elegant and colorful patterns typical of the artistry of Rose Lake. Horses were not present, but were held in reserve upriver where the ferry itself would dock. The deck’s railings and fixtures were carved and painted and inlaid with scenes of the sea and natural scenes in between dazzling designs and boarders. Vexylla followed by the troll and Morgylla went to the ferry and were met by the captain and two armed guards who were also to be the drivers for the carriage and settled on the price for the journey. Vexylla reaching in of the bags the troll carried took out the down payment and gave each, the captain and the two carriage drivers and guards their first payment and nodded to the troll who boarded with the bags and placed them inside the passenger cabin and left. “So grand daughter, we together will go out together, along with your companions. Aregos, Fraudulenti, did you know that we two have never went on a quest together until now? In fact, she is my first offspring to be strong enough to go on such thing.” Morgylla was beaming as she spoke and the two of them boarded the ferry and entered the cabin. Once Aregos and Fraudulenti boarded, the ferry would take them up a river mainland to dock, and the carriage would take them to the capitol of Iron.-

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Dallo5013: A little over three weeks had past since Brick the Harbor Master and his family had seen the mermaids. The mermaid's Kraken had been right by the boat this whole time. They could see the Kraken’s one large eye as it once in a while would pear up at the boat and then roll over back under the surface of the water. Sinking just out of the site of the family. By now night had fallen once again and this was a night not unlike all the other nights out on the sea. It was pitch black with fog slowly starting to roll in around the boat. This had proven to be a new night indeed. For a soft bump was felt. It felt like the bottom of the boat had brushed up on something. This didn’t feel like the normal bumping of the Kraken against the hull of their boat. No, this time it was more of a drug out the bump. Then came a wisp upward as if the water had waved up over a hump of sorts. You would think that the family would be up on their feet rushing around to see what had happen. However they were fast asleep in the lowest part of the small boat, and they had become overly used to small bumps in the night. After all the Kraken had done so many times to set the minds of the family at ease. Letting them know the word of the mermaids is golden. And will always ring true .By morning the boat had washed up on shore. The young Brick Jr. was the first to wake sleepily would wipe his eyes in a small circular movement. Till his eyes were able to open. The boat rocked slightly causing the young lad to be tossed off his balance and even fell overboard into the shallow waters were small crabs would pinch at the child and cuddle fish would swiftly swim away from him leaving a black ink in the shallow waters, just enough ink to stain the child ’s shirt. Once he had landed in the water he started to flail his arms around in a full-on panic movements. His feet would also flail around all the while he was in no more than a foot of water. Once the boy spit out the water from his mouth and was able to gasp for air he yelled out twice. Causing his mother and father in a hurry to roll overboard in the direction of their son’s voice. Neither of them even took the time to open their eyes. They just rolled overboard just as fast as they heard their son’s voice. Once the two of them landed in such shallow water they both stood up and wiped their eyes clean and then looked for their son who was still in full-on panic mode, failing his arms and feet around. His mother was the first to run over to him where she then knelt down by him and took his left hand into her own and just as his mother’s hand took a hold of his hand. He almost instantly would clam down and open his eyes. His mother then whispered to him ~Sue: My child, stand up. We have made it to land. ~She then let go of his hand and stood up hastily Yelling to brick her husband ~ Sue: did you hear me. We made it to land ~ Her voice was so high pitched and full of joy that one would think she was trying to let the whole world know they made it to land. Or was she trying to let the mermaids that saved their lives known. She was so happy to once more be on land she hadn’t even notice that the Kraken that had been protecting them this whole way had left in the night. Brick the once Harbor Master, upon seeing that his son was fully alright and was just a bit stained up from the cuddle fish squirting ink on his shirt. He would turn to do like he always had. He would gather up the ropes of the boat and would call out to his son to come help him pull the boat ashore. He then would remind his wife to go and find as much branches and brush to cover the boat with. Doing this had become a habit to them. For the place, they had escaped, had not been kind to them. The Harbor Master’s main boat had sunk in the Harbor and the entire island was blaming him for it sinking. The Harbor Master knew it wasn’t their fault that they were so frightened of what Harmon would do to them for losing even one boat. That the whole island where they once lived had turned against them overnight and sought Brick’s whole family’s blood so out of need the family learned fast how to hide away their smallest boat and made ready to leave. It was only by chance that the family ran into the mermaids, which saved them. Now Brick Yung ’s family will forever be in debt to the mermaids for saving their lives. ~Brick Jr: Father Monster! Come fast. ~ His voice no longer in full o panic mode but now in a full-on excited mode. As he ran about the shores ripping off his shoes and tossing them onto the dry grass not too far from the shore .The young lad would giggle as the sand squished between his toes and would even be sticking to the bottom of his pants. His mother and father just when about gathering the things necessary to cover the boat. They knew their son was in a new place and was overly happy so they didn’t push him to help out. However Brick (the dad) work on pulling the boat over to an overhanging tree. The tree’s roots spread out like a basket making an almost perfect spot for the boat to be nestled into. It had plenty space for him to tie the boat to and even enough roots that weaving the branches and leaves in, would be a simple task and in no time at all Sue had found enough branches and leaves to do just that. While she worked on weaving each branch and palm leaf in making sure not to leave any of the boats visible. The other two would now look around for a place to set up a makeshift shelter for the night and even would start gathering stones and putting them around in a circle so they could make a fire pit. Now we all know just how long the attention span of a child is well there went Brick Jr ran right off into the woods. Not too far his father could still see him but far enough that his mother would call out to him ~ Sue: Jr get your tail back here on the double. You help your father gathering wood to make a shelter. ~ By this time she had finished up her work on covering the boat and was not pulling on a small tree holding it over till her husband had tied it off. This was going to be the start of a lean-to, for the shelter. She then once the line was tied off and was safe for her to let go of the small tree .s he head out right away to gather even more branches and leaves. This time she would weave the leaves in to panels before tying them to the branches. Then Brick Sr. (the dad) would a fix them to the back and side of the lean-to. Making a nice shelter for all of them. They even took the time to make a shelf bed. Meaning a bed that was up off of the sand so that the little crabs and ants would not get too them too fast at night. And this would even allow the warmth of the fire to blow in under them to keep them warm all night. Now that they have a shelter and the boat covered up they look around and wonder what is missing. ~Sue: fire pit, check, boat covered, check, shelter check, and um what are we missing? ~Their son would run over to the boat and would climb in. he starts to rummage around and would once he had found what it he was looking for would run back to them. He had brought back to his mother and fathers a pot to boil water in. ~Jr.: we need water. And food ~ his father would bust out laughing saying ~ Brick (the dad): leave it to our son to think of his belly. And yes son yes we need water and food. However we need firewood first silly boy. ~ His son fell over in true anime fashion. Leaving his mother and father standing there laughing hard. The day was almost fully over by the time they had gotten the shelter done. They had just a very little daylight left to gather wood for the fire. So in a group effort they did so and would make a fire before calling it a night. After all they still had some provisions still left over from what the mermaids had provided for them. So they were good for the night. In the meantime in the time it had taken Aegros, Vexylla and Fraudulenti to make it to Rose Lake, Aquam had already made it to the end of the world. Well, that is what the Upathians called it. Aquam coming not to a stop she would motion to the woman she had come to know now as Dallo, motioning to her to swim up towards the surface of the water. Now Dallo still having her blindfold on didn’t see what Aquam was motioning but the vibrations of the water let her know that Aquam’s hands were moving in an upward movement. This let Dallo now to start to swim up. Dallo this whole time had been using echolocation only to see everything around her. Now this kind of echolocation was not the kind using sound but the kind using the subtle vibrations of the water and how it would interact with her aura. Dallo keeps her aura spread out all around her in a 500-foot radius making it easy for her to feel anything approaching within 500 feet. Once Dallo had breached the surface of the water she would gently bob there in the water waiting on Aquam to join her. Aquam had been looking around for a moment to see if what she had sensed was heading their way. And it was. In fact it would be upon them within at least 20 to 30 minutes. So Aquam now in a rush would speak to Dallo saying ~ Dallo you can walk up on the surface of the water. So do so now and look out over the glassy surface and you will see why the Upathians call this the end of the world. ~ Aquam in her hast had forgotten that Dallo seemed to be blind or so the blindfold would make many thing. However for some unknown reason Aquam would blurt out ~ Aquam: Dallo if you are to see anything at all you need to remove that blindfold. ~ Dallo busted out laughing then would in true Dallo fashion she using her aura would lift her self up out of the water and would shift her form once more into her two legged form. Her feet once formed would hover dangling just the tips of her toes over the surface of the water. She then would pull from her face the blindfold and would open her eyes. However the sun being so bright would cause Dallo to have to shade her eyes using her left hand. As she shaded her eyes from the bright sun she would notice how the water seemed to come to what would seem to be an end, this only happening because of the sudden drop of the seafloor and the shiny pearl like coral reflecting the sky, making it seam that if one should go any further they would drop off the end of the world. Dallo then would sink slightly back into the water and would smile saying in a manner of one that was in Ah of what they had just seen. ~ Dallo: that is amazing how the light and coral along with the sea dropping so suddenly like that along with the mixing of the waters would cause such an amazing illusion. Even the silver schools of fish swimming around low in the water letting the sun reflect off of their scales in such a manner that it would seem to be the bubbling up of falling water at the bottom of a massive water fall. Surely this is the end of the world, and the start of the new. Thank you for showing me such an amazing sight. Aquam would then place her hands upon Dallo and would say ~ Aquam: shift your form back and swim away now before it is too late ~Aquam pulls on Dallo pulling her back into the water fully. Then would push her away from her saying in a shaky yet sad sounding voice. A tear even started to form out of the corner of Aquam’s left eye as she pushed on Dallo. Dallo did as the young mermaid had asked her to do she shifted her form back once more into the golden mermaid shape with a red streak running for its spine. However she noticed that Aquam was in more of a hurry to get right of her not because of safety issue but for something sadder. Just as Dallo was once again fully in her mermaid form three new mermaids swam up. All three of them were crying and morning. Before long more and more would swim upwards. Following the elder. This elder as he swam his swimming was labored and was unbalanced. He swayed with every movement of the ocean and his hands were outstretched as if reaching for what light they could reach for. The merman's eyes had glazed over and his once slitted pupils were now fully white and round. All that he could see was the light coming from the sun and his mind was now fully gone. All he could do was reach for the sun. His body moved of it’s own accord twitching and trying to swim. All the other mermaids around him mourned, crying softly as he swam off chasing the sun. One of the youngest mermaids was crying so hard she reached out for whatever/whomever was closest to her and that so happened to be Aquam. The young one wrapped her arms around Aquam and planted her face right between Aquam’s bosoms. Dallo looked to Aquam and then slowly shifted forms once again this time she shifted forms into that of water. And slowly drifted away. Dallo her self had even started to cry. For she knew all to well what was happening. This was a funeral for that elderly merman. She didn’t fully understand why he was swimming off towards the sun and why they were letting him do so. But it was not for her to question. It was not right for her to even be there. Dallo in her own way wished the best for the remaining family members of the dearly departed. She wished she could have done something to help. However Dallo didn’t know enough about mermaids to be able to help in anyway. Aquam had not even noticed that Dallo left. She was to busy morning the passing of the elder she had come to the gold village looking for. She knew it was he, for he was the only gold merman with a sapphire cross marking on his left shoulder. Aquam’s father said that this elder was the one that taught him about Rose Lake and even how to first walk on land. Aquam with a heavy heart softly comforted the young mermaid child and with tears in her eyes watched as the merman swam off following the sun. None of the village would leave till the last of them no longer could see him. Then one by one they would limply sink beneath the surface of the water. Aquam was the last of them to leave because the young mermaid child refused to stop crying and looking for her grandfather. She knew it was his time to follow the sun. But she was so young and didn’t want him to go yet. She even wanted to chase after him but she clung to Aquam and every time she felt the need to swim after her grandfather she would again hide her face in Aquam’s bosom and cry even louder hoping her cries would bring her grandfather back to her. But even at her young age she knew it wouldn’t. After a few hours of crying and yelling the young mermaid finally grew quiet. For she had worn her self out and had fallen asleep in Aquam’s arms. Aquam then slowly sank below the surface of the water. Slowly she made her way down to the gold village below them. Where the young mermaid’s mother was waiting on her. She knew Aquam and knew her daughter was in good hands. Aquam swam down to the young mermaid’s mother and slowly placed the child in her mothers arms and saying nothing she just wrapped her arms around the two of them .the mother said in a soft voice ~ Mermaid Mother: we will start up classes in the morning please head over to your aunt’s home. She is waiting on you. We have been waiting for about 20 years you know young Aquam. It is about time you come for your glasses. Now go. ~Aquam nodded and headed right over to her Aunt MaleWind WarWinds so-called twin from another mother. More like that were very close. And even in some ways looked alike save for the fact that MaleWind is a gold mermaid and WarWind is a black mermaid. Other then that they acted almost the same from the first time they met. So from the first time they met they were called twins by all the villages. They even went to all the same villages at the same time learning and even when to see the great Leviathan at the same time. This is one of the reasons Aegros and Fraudulenti wanted this Gold village to be the very first Village that Aquam would travel too and learn from.

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